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Me: So who’s ready for some Shance?

Also me: But kiesh, don’t you have a lot of unfinished stuff, why the hell do you start another one?

Me: I don’t know man, blame Shance 

So uhhh… consider this: Shance Singer!AU

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anonymous asked:

I saw that you were taking emergency asks and i know you’re busy. Well i have a stutter and a lot of the people at my school make fun of me and think I’m faking is for attention. I also have depression and anxiety so that doesn’t really help the way that i deal with it. How would the paladins deal with an s/o with a stutter or other speech impediment? It’s really nice to take emergency asks, thank you♥️ don’t overwork yourself

Oh boo, I’m sorry people suck ass and make fun of you :/ also shout out to that depression and anxiety, always where it ain’t got no business being. But I hope this helps!


  • you’d think he’d be an endless fountain of patience but I think he’d have the toughest time at first
    • but not like angrily or anything. he’d just finish the word you’re stuck on for you. or keep guessing until he gets it.
    • he thinks he’s helping
  • you’d probably have to tell him outright if that upsets you or amps up your anxiety so that you stutter even worse
    • then he’s like ‘oh, shit’
    • he won’t do it again, he swears. he’s gonna let you work it out and do what you need to do to finish your word
    • even if it still kinda bothers him a little bit
    • he’ll get used to it. promise. it’ll just take him a bit.
  • tells you all the time though that he likes the sound of your voice


  • with a family as big as his, i’m sure there’s at least one person he knows who has a stutter or grew up with one
  • always gives you the time you need, or asks you to just stop, calm down, breathe, and start again
    • he get’s how frustrating it can be but he’ll always give you the time you need
  • if you get really stuck on a word he’ll suggest an alternative, but won’t finish your sentence for you
  • your stutter doesn’t bother him one bit. he thinks it’s rather endearing.


  • Thinks it’s kinda cute when you stutter
  • Does not think so when you’re trying to tell him something while you’re like, in the middle of battle
    • “Just spit it out already!”
    • Keith….you do not understand how much your s/o canNOT do that rn
    • you butt
  • Outside of battle though he’s a lot like Lance, in his own way
    • “Just breathe. You’re getting yourself worked up. You need to calm down.”
    • *heavy sigh* “I’m sorry, I’m not helping…You’ve got this, just…breathe with me…and you’ll get it.”
  • won’t baby you about your stutter but he also won’t let you beat yourself up over it.
    • “So you’ve got a stutter, I don’t care. It’s a part of you and I love you, so shut up and kiss me.”
    • romantic~


  • the true fountain of endless patience and kindness
    • he doesn’t mind your stutter one bit and while he can usually predict what you’re gonna say, he’ll still give you the time you need to say it
    • he doesn’t want you to ever feel self-conscious about it when he’s around
  • also he really encourages you to just talk about random things when it’s just the two of you
    • like just chatting while helping him bake or while helping with an engineering project of his
    • gives you a big ole smooch when you two have an entire conversation without a stutter!
    • “Look at you go baby! I’m so proud!!!”
  • But if you ever wanted him to, he’s pretty sure he could make you one of those anti-stuttering devices that hook around your ear
    • only if you want one though. he doesn’t want to push the idea that you’ve got something that needs fixing.
    • he truly loves you the way you are


  • not gonna lie, i’d think the first thing she would do would be to mention having Hunk (or her) make an anti-stutter device
    • which most likely will seem rude as hell
    • sorry, but i think out of all the paladins she would probably be the worst
    • at first, of course
  • it takes her a while to understand why and how stutters happen but once she understands, she’s all support
    • “It’s just how y/n is. Don’t worry about it. They’re mine and that’s all that matters.”
    • has you read her things when she’s too lazy, because it helps you and also she likes the sound of your voice
  • 10/10 would zap anyone who makes fun of you

God I feel so upset about Mercy. Blizzard is like you “know who need a rework, Mercy”, but like no one asked for it, on one was complaining about her. She was a well balanced healer. Now they’ve gone and changed her and they can’t get her right so they keep trying to change her and fix her, but it’s just making her more useless. Her rez if a death sentence now. You use it and you die. Why have they done this to her, she was fine.


I started this Matsu bust in June? or something? I felt pretty crappy this week and doing nitpicky work always makes me feel better. Especially if it involves Matsu.

(More busts here :))

I wish I knew how to make my own music or had a friend that makes music so I can put it in my animations. Not only that but knowing voice actors would be great too. Ugh that would be so fun to do! Maybe in the future~ Now I just gotta settle for royalty free music I find online lmaoo


“Here.” Andy tossed me a pin.
“What’s-” I missed again and quickly chased it down.
“You want in or not?”
“Uh y-yeah I do.”
“Cool. We’d usually meetup a lot to practice but tournament starts next week, so there’s no time. We get real serious so if you don’t think-”
“N-No I-I’m in.”
“You need the cash or what?”
“S-Something like that.” I felt my face heat up and she threw herself on the sofa.
“Well anyway, once tournament starts we mostly play at our own homes, but if we can all swing it we meet here.”

“There are five of us Hana.”
“Who are the other two?”
“These smug ass kids who use to chill with us at school. One of them graduated, anyway you’ll see them later probably.”
“Me and Wolfe are the captains, so anything you need to talk about, find us okay?”
“Yeah, okay.”

after i had to go fill out paperwork for the new job today and ferry had an interview somewhere else, we stopped somewhere for food, then to bath & body works since i was  o u t  of lotion

and they apparently rebranded the aromatherapy series and got rid of the blackcurrant vanilla?? aka the only one that was worth a damn (to me)???

i grabbed the new ‘comfort’ vanilla patchouli to try, but 8′(

anonymous asked:

hi! do u know how to make handwriting headers? i've seen some on twitter where seventeen's handwriting (answering fans questions at fansigns) is against a white background and i was wondering how to make one. i love ur blog btw!!!! <3

i hope… headers like these are what you mean, right? 

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