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The Forest Floors - Stiles Stilinski

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Summary: No one was there to save (Y/N), and when Stiles finds out he doesn’t want to leave her alone again.

“(Y/N), you’re going to have to talk to him eventually you realise.” Scott asks me after I bumped into him while trying to avoid Stiles. 

“Huh? What are you talking about? Is there a full moon coming up because you sure have been saying some weird things lately” I laughed trying to fool Scott. “Well, anyway! It was nice seeing you but I have a class to get to.” Just before I could leave Scott puts his hand on my shoulder and I flinch in pain. He looks at me confused before carrying on.

“Yeah, I know. We have Bio. Which is this way.” He points the opposite way to which I was walking. 

“Silly me. Thanks Scott!” I say before scurrying off to class.

I was sitting in my seat when Stiles and Scott walked in together. Stiles waved and I pretended I didn’t see him. He was about to come and talk to me but was cut off by our teacher. Thank you lord. We sat and endured a double period of talking about neurons and their impacts and roles in the body. The whole time I could see Scott and Stiles whispering to one another and looking at me out the corner of my eye. I knew Scott could hear how fast my heart was beating and I could tell how worried he was about me. I kept tugging on my sleeves trying to make sure no one could see the marks. I felt my throat tighten as I remembered what had happened only a few nights ago. While Lydia was in the hands of Jennifer, I was trapped with Deucaleon. He was torturing me; digging and dragging his nails along my arms and shoulders. I eventually blacked out, only to awaken in the middle of the forest. I felt weak, unable to move. I called Stiles but his answer was “I can’t talk. Lydia’s hurt.” He hung up and didn’t answer my call afterwards. I dialled Derek and heard him answer, but before I could say anything, everything once again went black. I then woke up with Derek next to me, asleep on a chair. He had helped heal me. He was the only one there for me. 

The bell rang and I snapped out of my daydream, realising my cheeks were damp. I quickly got up and rushed out of the class ready to go home. Just before I could get into my car I felt someone grab my shoulder rougher than Scott had earlier, and I cried out in pain, flinching away. 

“Woah, what’s wrong?” Stiles asks as he throws his hands back confused and scared. 

“Nothing.” I murmur before trying to get into the car but Stiles holds the door closed. 

“Why won’t you talk to me? Or any of us for that reason.” 

“Because I don’t want to waste my time.” 

“Whats that supposed to mean?” 

“Forget I ever said anything.” I try to get in the car again but Stiles kept the door closer firmly. “Fine, I’ll walk.” I turn around and start to walk off before Stiles puts his other arm on the other side of me, trapping me. I feel how close he is and his breath on my neck. I could almost start crying just at how oblivious he is to what this is doing to me. “Please.” I whimper, not looking at him. 

“Whats happened to you? Why are you pushing me away? I can’t deal with this, (Y/N).” I scoffed. He looked at me unconsciously pulling down my sleeves and slowly grabbed my arm gently. I close my eyes as he lifted the sweater’s sleeves up, not wanting to be reminded of how lonely and cold I was, laying on the forest ground hoping that someone would come and save me. I heard Stiles intake a sharp breath and trace my wounds slowly. “Does it hurt?” I nod and pull my arm away, opening my eyes. I saw Stiles’ eye welled up with tears. “Why didn’t you tell me? We’re meant to tell each other everything.”

“I tried to. But you had bigger things to deal with.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“I called you. I thought I was about to die, and instead of calling my Derek, who’s taken me in to live with him, I called you first.”

“Whe- oh, (Y/N). I didn’t know.” I stood still, my head to the floor. “We had just saved Lydia from being killed by Jennifer. That was all I was focused on” 

“Yeah, well there you go. While Jennifer had Lydia, Deucalion had me. I think he was expecting one of you guys to come after me but… jokes on him I guess.” I force a laugh and Stiles shakes his head, angry with the situation. 

“Deucalion? Far out, you’re coming with me.” Stiles said and grabbed my hand, dragging me over to Scott’s bike before explaining everything to him. They both asked questions and when they saw how much it was getting to me Stiles said he’d drive me to Dereks. He said to forget about my car for tonight and he’d take me to school tomorrow. 

“Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.” Stiles says once I sit on the bed and he stands by the door awkwardly. I take off my sweater leaving me in my singlet and all my wounds are visible besides my shoulders which Derek had bandaged up. I turn over and lay under the sheets letting out a sigh. I hear my door close and assume Stiles just left until i feel the bed dip and arms wrap around my waist. “I wont leave you lonely a second time”. 

YOI Fanfiction Wednesday

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containts nsfw = ///

An interview with Viktor Nikiforov - @victuri-doubleb 

World’s most eligible bachelor NOW ENGAGED! 

Follow Victor Nikiforov’s epic journey in finding his one true love, starting from a drunken request to love on ice. For the first time, he shares his life changing moments with the world, his heart revealed. A history maker. 

In the Shadow of a King - @pencil-amateur

Takes place mostly during/ after episode 11 and before episode 12.
“JJ’s younger brother is bad at dealing with his inferiority complex”

Kiss and Tell - @bee-sauce///

Yuri doesn’t have student loans even though he went to college in America.
Yuri knows how to pole dance.

Victor fails to put two and two together until Phichit reveals the reason behind both.

Sacrifices vs decisions - @ victuri-doubleb ///

Victor and Yuri are preparing for the Grand Prix series. As Victor teaches and advices Yuri day by day, he notices, that no matter what, the state Yuri is in right now, he will not be able to win. Yuris performance is perfect yet it is still lacking something…this something…will Victor be able to discover it and how will it influence Yuris performance? Will everything turn out well, or will Victor and Yuri have to face a situation, neither of them did expect to happen. Will it put them both for a choice, whether to go on and risk everything, or to be satisfied with how things are and try their best to make sure things won’t become worse…

Slacking Off - @nooowestayandgetcaught///

In which Yuuri raws Viktor under the mistletoe. (A lot of mistletoe. A whole ceiling’s worth.)

Take Me into Your Loving Arms - @simply-emily24///

It’s all been happening so fast. Yuuri breezed through the Four Continents and the World Championships, staking his claim on gold for both events. It’s the night of the exhibition gala and he and Viktor have quite the surprise planned for the audience. 

Two L-words - @simply-emily24///

It’s happening.  They have the rings.  They have the programmes down.

And right now, they just need to do something to calm Yuuri’s nerves before the big night.

You Wear Your Best Apology - @simply-emily24///

Fame and glory aren’t meant to live forever.  As the winds of springs sweeps through, the former champion and his coach are easily forgotten, replaced by the next young things.

Then why is Yuuri trying so hard to hold onto it?

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The first time Nishinoya asked him out, Asahi’s insecurity made him question why somebody so optimistic would want somebody like him. Nishinoya decided to take this opportunity to help Asahi understand his reasons before he made his second attempt.

Asahi kept finding new notes long after they started dating and kept every single one as a reminder.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just binge read your blog and I love the way you write. Like everyone is so in character and some of them are so funny or really sad *cough*jumin angst*cough*. Do you think you guys could do the RFA finding MC's old fanfics? Either her account or the ones on her computer? You don't have to, but I think it could be funny. Thanks for all you do! seriously, you are one of my fave mm blogs

Thank you! We’re flattered. Enjoy these:) 


  • You let him borrow your computer while his was being fixed
  • He was looking for a folder he saved there a few months ago
  • There was named “FF” which he thought it was the acronym for his most recent play “Fairy Fly” (we can’t name anything pls dont judge)
  • He was looking for his script so he opened it
  • What he found was a bunch of titles which sounded oddly familiar
  • Most of them were dated from three years ago….so curiosity got the better of him
  • He found himself surprisingly addicted
  • He’s half way through it…when he recognizes himself being described
  • You had written about a musical he was in
  • Thinking he was home alone, he started reading it in his dramatic voices
  • You hear it from the other room, and you think the dialogue sounds familiar
  • “I didn’t know you wrote fanfiction about me, babe!”
  • “I…didn’t know I would ever actually meet you. I kind of forgot about those…”
  • You’re mortified for the next few days as he keeps teasing you about it


  • He had found an old SD card lying around
  • It looked like the one he lost years ago, so he decided to check out the contents
  • He thought it would be some photos from high school
  • But instead, there was a bunch of word docs
  • He opened them and found a bunch of stories about various games
  • He was half way through, cracking up at how BAD they were
  • The characters were all mixed up and it was mostly crack fics
  • After pretty much reading them all, he takes the SD card and returns it to you
  • All he says is that he found it and figured it was yours
  • You breathe in relief
  • “This must be where I put all my fanfics from when I was in middle school. It would be horrible if anyone read them.” 
  • Yoosung can’t stop himself from giggling
  • “Yoosung, you did not!” 
  • “I did….I never saw that side of you before…”
  • He can’t stop laughing and you can’t stop hitting him


  • She had a break from work, so she decided to log into Zen’s fanclub forums
  • She noticed some young new fan recommended a fanfic author
  • Jaehee clicked on the link
  • She noticed most of the fics were from years ago, but she tried reading through some anyway
  • When she meets with you next, she starts sharing
  • She’s hardcore roasting all the fics about how they were out of character and didn’t capture Zen’s characters correctly
  • When you finally ask the pen name, she gives it
  • You laugh nervously “That…that was my old account.” 
  • There’s just a moment of silence
  • Jaehee clears her throat, “It had potential!”
  • “Thanks….”
  • She tried to encourage you to write again since you now had more experience
  • “Jaehee…my latest update was a week ago.”
  • She makes herself your new Beta reader


  • He mentioned that he recently met an actor from this show
  • You casually mention how you used to write fanfiction for that show when you were younger
  • He’s curious and asks if he can see some
  • You agree, thinking he’s going to scan over it
  • But he prints it all out and reads it…like he would a normal book
  • He didn’t realize he was about to get hit with some really bad angst
  • At one point, he forgot it was you who wrote it and kept texting you about it
  • “Yeah….I know, Jumin. I wrote it.”
  • “Oh…right…”
  • To your horror, he sends the link to your account in the chat room
  • Thankfully, he didn’t say it was you who wrote it, so you’re still somewhat anonymous
  • But you still end up getting some texts from Jaehee who figured it out
  • He encourages you to write some of your own stuff as well
  • He would help you get published if you ever wanted to start a career from your talent


  • You ask him to help back up your old laptop’s hard-drive
  • So, he has your computer for the day
  • As he was transferring files, he came across your fanfiction folder
  • He looked up some lines of text and found your account online
  • At first, he read it as a joke and would comment after every chapter
  • But he actually got really sucked into it
  • You started noticing something was up when he would be unusually protective about his recent browser history
  • Also…he commented under the name “thathackerdude”
  • Real subtle there
  • It all came out when he got to the end of one of them…and found you never finished updating
  • He breaks open your door
  • “I demand to know if they died or not! MC, don’t keep secrets from me!”
  • As a small act of revenge, you refuse to give him the rough drafts for the end of that fic 

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Here’s the second and last part of the summary of Your Name AU. Special thanks to the awesome @littleststarfighter who is a great enabler and who has reminded me of the existence of this AU… This is the first AU I’ve ever outlined the entire thing OMG… this is a sheer miracle… this has never happened before. Also lots of thanks to @willemdafoe who beta-read this mess. Apparently I do not know how to summarize things? 

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Friendly reminder, that ...

… Rhys dreamt about Feyre, sent her stars, Feyre received it and painted it on her drawer, Rhys risked himself to go out and met Feyre, he saved her from the lower faes, he meant it literally when he said: ‘There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Thank you for finding her for me!’, she thought that he was the most beautiful man she ever saw and he thought that she was the most beautiful woman, he was the one who kept her from falling apart in Under the Mountain and helped her as much as he could, he fell in love with her, when she threw that bone at Amarantha, he fought against Amarantha not caring about his own life, he kept her alive and persuaded every High Lord to make her immortal, he felt the mating bond snap in place and chose to go for her sake, he would have let her live in happiness being married to another man even tho she was his mate, he teached her how to read and write, he took her to Night Court when the tool literally locked her up, he never expected anything from her, he let her heal and helped her, she went into fucking badass mode and saved him, he helped her to control her powers, he let her made her own choices, he loves her, she loves him, chapter 55 exists, she is fucking HIGH LADY OF THE NIGHT COURT AND THEY ALREADY DID THE MATING CEREMONY and that Sarah J. Maas gave us this amazing story and this wonderful couple.

fartimagines  asked:

How would the RFA members + V + Saeran react when someone was flirty/hitting on MC and the person went a little too far and MC beats the shit out of them before they can save her?? Please and thank you!!! 🙇🙇🙇

I did something sort of similar to this over here! So I’ll just do the ones that I didn’t do in that last reaction. 


  • you were going to be late for Zen’s recent play
    • but it was okay because you already went to the opening night
    • he just likes having you there for support and sometimes they add small things in
  • the compromise was that you could miss his performance as long as you show up for the wrap party
  • again you were kind of late because of traffic
  • he texts you and calls you every ten minutes asking where you are
  • he feels instant relief when you responded that you were finally in the theater
  • you walk into the party, trying to find you beautiful marshmallow
  • but some guy walks up to you
    • you recognize him as one of the extras
    • introduces himself and starts flirting with you
  • doesn’t reek of booze but you can tell he’s had a few drinks
  • you try to excuse yourself but he’s pretty insistent that Zen would just find you
  • Zen is on the other side of the room looking through the crowd until he sees you being cornered by one of the extras
  • he pushes through the crowd, eyes focused on you
  • suddenly he freezes when you jab his jaw, hook your elbow to man’s cheek, kicks him until he lands on his backside
  • Zen is just (╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾)
  • when you see him you brush yourself off and head over to Zen
    • walking on the asshole who tried to grope you of course
  • he’s just at a loss for words
  • “I–I didn’t think you to be the…th–the fighting type”
  • “ha HA ( ᓄ★ З★ )ᓄ finger guns!”


  • got to plan another RFA party in 2 weeks  (╥﹏╥)
  • things are a little chaotic at the moment
  • in comes God 707 to the rescue!
  • offers to help you with some stuff like handling the guest list and catering
  • you got to reward him somehow so you bring him with you to pick out desserts (✧ω✧)
    • Seven is very pleased
  • wow a high-end bakery no less!
    • Jaehee must have recommended it
  • while Seven is gawking at the cakes, you’re talking to the head baker
  • he’s a really good people person! wow!
    • great eye-contact, never really leaves your face!
      • hmm…
    • tight handshake…long one though
    • …huh he’s really close to you like you can feel his breath on your neck
  • did he just SMELL you!?
  • ok scratch that this guy is kind of a creep :/
  • while Seven is taking pictures on his phone, he accidently switches his camera
    • sees the baker REALLY close to you
    • rage level: 25%
    • he’s leaning into you to whisper something 
    • rage level: 68%
    • his hand slides around your waste
    • RAGE LEVEL: 200%
  • Seven whips around about to give this baker a piece of his mind 
  • but he’s already on the ground—limbs twisted and you pinning him down in a half-nelson
  • (⊙ □ ⊙) !!! how did you do that so fast!?
    • your rage level is OVER 9000
    • you weren’t going to take NO shit
  • you manage to negotiate and get a few free desserts!
  • after seeing this Seven is extra lovey to you
    • “Ooo did you know I love you, my dearest star? Hehe…you love me too right???”
    • (⌐■_■) b ~★


  • it’s been two weeks since V’s surgery!!!
    • and it’s amazing to finally see you with his own two eyes!
  • it was great timing because V’s next gallery was in Paris  
  • (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
    • hot dog!
  • you stayed by his side to guide him around and to direct him to potential buyers
  • this one rich guy was into one his photos and was discussing with V on the ones he wants to buy ^o^
  • while he was distracted, you decide to sneak off to grab yourself a glass of wine
  • then this guy approaches you to show you some photos 
    • some tall fancy french dude with a beard -_-
  • you brushed up on your French in anticipation of this trip, but you didn’t really want to be around the guy so you just spoke English
    • of course he knew English so you had no choice but to hear what he had so say
  • haha he thinks he can convince you that he’s V
    • he’s in for a pleasant surprise then ^^;;;
  • as V was finishing up with the deal, he goes to look for you to tell you about the great sell
  • while he scanned the crowd, he spots you with this other man
    • some tall, french man with a trimmed beard   ( ¬ ヘ ¬ )
  • V wasn’t really the jealous type 
  • but when he saw this guy start playing with your hair, he feels a tight knot in his stomach
    • he HAD to stop this
  • as he’s walking through the crowd his eyes are locked on you
  • he skips a step when your grab onto the man’s wrist and twisted it
  • (;;;*_*) never thought you would be so bold
  • he approaches the two of you and you release your grip
  • he introduces himself and the douche bag leaves with his tail between his legs


  • sweet precious gumdrop takes you to get your first tattoo ^^
  • you’ve been flirting with the idea for about two years and now you’re sure what you want to get
  • you won’t forget that moment when you told him and his pupils dilated
  • goes with you to get another tattoo for shits and giggles
    • plans on getting a tattoo of your eye on his opposite bicep
  • it wasn’t that bad actually!
    • only a bit painful but having your boo by your side made the pain go away
  • decides to celebrate by going out for some tea
  • while you two were waiting for your tea, he excuses himself to head to the restroom
  • when he comes back, some guy is sitting really close to you
    • the fact that he’s sitting close to you is a real problem
    •  ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶
  • Unknown is about to give this guy the deathliest stare known to mankind
  • but you kind of beat him to the punch
    • the guy’s arm is twisted to his back and you have his face pressed against the table
  • this is why Unknown likes you
    • plus you’re the sweetest thing next to apple pie
  • when you let the guy go and send him on his merry way, Unknown takes his seat and holds your hand
  • “I worked myself up too much, my tattoo hurts!”  (╥﹏╥)
  • the tea in your belly makes it feel so much better
Practice Makes Perfect - Kai Parker Smut

“I have a proposal.” I slammed my books down on the table, sliding into a chair in front of Kai. My knees touched his and I smiled, taking off my scarf and grabbing my bag to find my mirror and reapply my lipstick.

“What do you want now, Barbie™?” Kai sighed. He held his coffee cup in his hands, his hair messy, dark circles under his eyes. I loved it. He must’ve been up all night writing the essay he hadn’t finished.

“I was thinking that I could give you oral.” I said. Kai’s eyes widened and he almost spit out his coffee, coughing loudly and causing attention to turn to us. I sighed, rolling my eyes.

“Anyway, I owe you for saving my life and I need to know how to do it since I’m planning on giving Tyler a blow job tonight, which I can’t screw up. That would be embarrassing.” I said, taking out my study materials, twirling the gel pen in my hand.

Kai was shocked obviously, breathing in shakily. “And this is your way of paying me back?” he questioned. I swear, if he rejected me, I’d move to Sri Lanka and raise elephants.

“Before you say anything, I have a list of rules.” I gave him a piece of paper. “If you agree with the terms and conditions, come to my dorm in twenty minutes.” I said, grabbing my stuff, hurrying away.

I meandered the hallways and finally found my dorm, sinking on my bed, I sat up and contemplated going topless just in case Kai wasn’t already aroused at the thought of me sucking him off. I decided that it was inappropriate.

What kind of friend would he be if he rejected my offer? I’m great. I didn’t really talk to any other boys besides Kai, Tyler, and my therapist.

I’d just let him guide me, no exposed skin or anything, anyway. I didn’t want him using this against me someday, which was one of the rules.

Kai opened the door. “Please don’t make this awkward. Sit down.” I ordered him. He chewed on his lip as he sat beside me. “Okay, tell me if I do anything wrong.” I said.

“Sure.” He agreed cooly, taken aback as I kissed him, putting my hand on his thigh.

He brought his hand up to my neck and I grabbed it, pulling away for a second to say “don’t touch me.”

I unbuckled his belt, I finally pulled away from his pink mouth and got on my knees in between his legs. “Can I talk?” He swallowed.

“Not unless you’re telling me something crucial.” I said, helping him drag his pants to his ankles. I almost laughed out loud at his themed superman boxers.

I took his penis out of it’s constraints. “Oh god,” he breathed out as I wrapped my hand around him. “Can I touch you now?” He asked shakily.

“No.” I said softly, exploring my hands over his cock.

“But I - I can guide you.” He bit his lip. His chest was moving up and down slowly. “Fuck.” He groaned as I swiped my thumb over the head.

“Watch your language.” I said. He half opened his eyes, his hands clenched in my newly washed sheets. “Is now a good time for me to use my mouth?” I asked, fluttering my eyes up at him.

“Yes, please.” He nodded, watching my every move nervously.

“Okay, tell me if I do something wrong.” I said softly, leaning up over him. I rubbed my lips together, smoothing my lipstick out.

I finally wrapped my mouth over the tip of his dick and his hips jerked up involuntarily. “Kai!” I pulled away. He was panting.

“You’re taking too damn long!” He said, flustered. He frowned, his jaw all clenched up.

“Okay, can you be patient? It’s my first time and I can easily replace you.” I glared, proceeding with my actions. I stuck my tongue out as I slowly took him into my mouth, the foreign taste of his fluids on my tongue.

“God dammit - shit - fuck.” He groaned, holding his jazz hands in the air as I took him in as far as I could, stopping momentarily.

My eyes began to water as I swallowed, taking him in further until my eyes blurred. I stopped until my nose was touching him. He clenched his stomach and I reached up to pull his shirt up and watch his abs.

I pulled away slowly, a tear rolling down my cheek. I took him into my mouth again, running my hand up to feel his heart beat under his shirt.

I made sure I drew in as I let go, taking a deep breath. “Am I doing good so far?” I asked, my voice a bit deeper, feeling excited myself.

“You’re doing amazing, baby.” He bit his lip. He put his hand in my hair. I would’ve been upset since I took so long doing it this morning. But I let him touch me, tingles flowing down my back.

“Great.” I smiled, kissing the tip of his penis. “You can – how do you say it – fuck my mouth.” I said, blushing.

“Oh my god.” He breathed out. I opened my mouth and took him in again. He bobbed my head up and down slowly, guiding my mouth with his hands in my hair. “Oh, baby.” He said shakily.

“Mhmmmmmm.” I hummed, running my hands up around his back. He thrusted his hips up against me, my eyes getting glossy as he pushed me down onto him.

“Fuck!” Kai yelled in frustration, pushing me down faster, lifting his hips up. “Please don’t stop.” He cried through clenched teeth.

I made sure I siphoned him further into my mouth. “Mmm!” I moaned, feeling his muscles tense as he stopped moving and breathing.

He took his hands away so I could freely pull away. But I didn’t and he warned me “I’m coming!” I looked up at him as he squeezed his eyes closed and threw his head back.

“Ohhh…” He growled, letting go in my mouth as his breathing slowed down. I pulled away, my jaw aching as I stuck my tongue out, licking away the string of semen from my mouth to his dick after swallowing the rest.

I totally didn’t have to do that, I knew, but I loved over achievement. And the fantastic, satistying feeling I got when I saw Kai’s face.

I wiped my chin of saliva and he pulled me up by my arms, kissing me passionately. I kissed him back, letting him put his hand on my neck.

“I hope you’re happy that you’ve ruined my whole life.” He pulled away.

“The feeling is mutual.” I said. “But you can make up for it.” My eyes glimmered.


What would your superpower be?

Mads Mikkelsen: I’m very dedicated to the things I do. I’m very persistent and dedicated – if that could be your power, I’m not sure.

What would you do if you were your ultimate superhero for just one week?

MM: Do we have time to save the world? Make everybody happy? I’m not sure. Selfishly I’ll go really fast from A to B and watch all the football games in the world!

What would your costume be like?

MM: You know, I’m very pleased with the costume I’m wearing in Doctor Strange. That’s perfect, I’ll take that one. Orange – kung fu colours.

What city would you protect if you had to protect one?

MM: This is tough stuff. You’d have to find a big city and put everyone in there, right? But right now I think we should maybe go down and protect Mosul, which is taking place, there’s a big war going down there.

Would you have a sidekick?

MM: I think it would be pretty cool if my kids were super kids. Put them in there!

Who would be your superhero best mate?

MM: I guess I have to say Superman. He can do anything, right? He comes in handy. (x)

Random Omegaverse Starters/Prompts

This is my first time doing anything like this. Please if you don’t think any of these are good, feel free to tell me and I will fix them or try again. Thank you loves. <3

  1. - Omega accidentally getting the wrong dry cleaning after trying it on and having to find the Alpha that it belongs too by the information the dry cleaners give them and the scent still left on the clothes. 
  2. - “Hey! You didn’t have to save me ya’know. Just because I’m an Omega doesn’t mean I’m weak! I could handle myself.”
  3. - Alpha asks a friend or a random Omega to be their plus one to a family event so their traditional family doesn’t even them lip for still being single. 
  4. - Alpha is out and about when they catch the scent of an Omega in heat. When they trail it and find the Omega, they’re surrounded by unwanted Alphas. Knight in shining armor comes to the rescue. 
  5. - “I don’t know you and you don’t know me, but my heat is about to start and I could really use some help right now.”
  6. - Omega helping an Alpha pick out clothes at the store for a new outfit. 
  7. - “This is not a place for a tiny Omega to be this late at night.”
  8. - Omega goes to an Alpha, who doesn’t look too menacing, and clings on them to get away from another creepy Alpha/Beta. 
  9. - Beta friend setting up friends on a date. 
  10. - “God, you smell ridiculously good.” 
  11. - “I smelled you from across the room and I gotta say, you have the best scent in the history of scents.”
  12. - Alpha randomly hugging an Omega that doesn’t have a jacket on outside as it starts snowing. 
  13. - Alpha or Omega scenting an Alpha/Omega on the bus or train, stuttering and blushing as soon as they are caught red handed. 
  14. - Drunk one nightstand with accidental bonding or mating marks. 
  15. - Alpha goes into rut and the closest Omega comes to save them before they cause any damage. 
  16. - Omega following the scent of an Alpha unconsciously and snaps out of the daze when he bumps into his or her back. 
  17. - Omega trying to get some heavy things out of their car and Alpha comes to help before they blow out their back. 
  18. - Omega gets a sperm donor and pregnant, and curiously contacts the father/mother to tell them they are welcomed in the pup(s) life(lives). 
  19. - “I’m stressed out, I gotta nest and cuddle. Please come over?” 
  20. - “I tried to recreate that dessert you made that one time, and now I have something that looks like oatmeal and not cake batter. Send help?” 
  21. - Alpha finding an Omega crying and automatically offers to comfort them and fight the reason that they are crying. 
  22. - Alpha bumping into an old Omega crush from school, then stammers as they try to ask them about life. 
  23. - “You’re not like other Omegas, are you?” 
  24. - “I love you, screw an arrange bonding!” 
  25. - “I want you to be the father/mother of my pups, and no one else.” 
  26. - Alpha courting the Omega, but not doing it in a romantic way. So they start gifting the Omega toothpaste and socks. 
  27. - Omega taking it upon themselves to court an available Alpha. Getting the attention of the Alpha with no problem whatsoever. 
  28. - “An actual puppy is just practice for a real pup!”
  29. - Alpha’s parents arrange their bonding to an Omega. 
  30. - Omega asking an Alpha to take them home from a party because they are scared by how many people are there. 
  31. - “I need a heir, I know you will be a wonder mother/father. Please help me make a baby.” 
  32. - Omega is a doctor and Alpha is a nurse. They always get made fun of by their peers, until they find each other sad in the break room. 
  33. - “Why do you have a fake bonding mark?” 
  34. - “My ex-boyfriend is here, please scent me before he tries to do something towards me.” 
  35. - Alpha asks friends out to eat, Beta friend tells everyone to stay home, but the Omega so Alpha/Omega can have an impromptu date. 
  36. - Alpha is a single parent and needs to hire an Omega nanny to help them out with their Omega/Beta child. 
  37. - “You’ll make an amazing mate one day, I know I’d be honored to be bonded to you.”
  38. - Omega trying to flirt with an Alpha, but getting too nervous and run away. Only to have the Alpha chase after them to make sure they are okay. 
  39. - Alpha goes feral for whatever reason, Omega steps in to calm them down before they are tranquilized and taken away. 
  40. Pregnant widowed Omega calls a friend or service to have an Alpha come comfort them since their previous mate is dead. 

Again, tell me if you like these or think if these are dumb. I need to know to fix them and make them less shitty. 

I hope you do like them though. Thank you loves. 

Accidental Meeting

Summary:  Steve disappears and the reader is left picking up the pieces.  Will you forgive him when he pops back into your life

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1320

Warnings: cursing, cliffhanger (there will be a part 3) 

A/N:  This is the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written.  I’m not sorry. 

Accidental Date Not So Accidental Meeting

Originally posted by bowie28

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browntiger15  asked:

Well I'm certainly a fan of mermaid AU's. Even wrote one for Kalluraweek. Tho if yer not a fan of that kinda thing I could request something else.

did someone say mermaIDS 

I couldn’t decide on who to make the mermaid so i went with boTH

allura is the princess of the mermaids and keith is the hot headed outcast that saved the princess once and now they have secret meetings in a kelp forest so no one can find them and see them smoochin uwu

I don’t think I find Logan as heartbreaking as a lot of other people do. Or at least not in the same way.

Like, it sucks that Logan and Charles are in this world where mutants are all but gone. It sucks that they’re old, and breaking down, and that they can’t do a fraction of the good for Laura and then for her friends that they could once have done.

But. Though the world is shit, the last thing Charles and Logan ever do is help another of their kind. The last thing they ever do is save another young mutant, one of the first in 20-odd years, help to get her to her friends, and then across the border, to a hopefully-better future. The last thing they ever do is something that matters.

If you have to go out, isn’t that way to do it?

What a beautiful, meaningful, and ultimately hopeful ending - and a beginning, too.

‘Stardust’ sentence meme

Send one to my muse for their reaction

  • “You know when I said I knew little about love? That wasn’t true. I know a lot about love.”
  • “What do stars do? They shine.”
  • “You want to grow up and get over yourself.”
  • “Wait! How do I know you can be trusted?”
  • “Have you not got it into your thick head yet? I’m not walking anywhere!”
  • “You seriously think I could kill anyone?”
  • “Do I look like I’m your mother?!”
  • “Honey… you’re wearing a bathrobe.”
  • “But of course! Nothing says “romance” like the gift of a kidnapped injured woman!”
  • “You saved my life. Thank you.”
  • “Ending up with my heart cut out - that will serve me right, will it?”
  • “Look at me, I’m unarmed. Please!”
  • “You could search to the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful.”
  • “Hold me tight and think of home.”
  • “They’re going to kill us, aren’t they?”
  • “I think I love you.”
  • “Why would I want this? It’s just a measly handful of stardust.”
  • “How do you know my… Who are you?”
  • “Has excessive begging or pleading ever persuaded me to spare the life of a traitor?”
  • “Can I see it? Is it beautiful?”
  • “I don’t deal with time wasters.”
  • “I could never have imagined an adventure this big in order to wish for it.”
  • “Are you all right? Do you want some help?”
  • “I think you’re in my bath.”
  • “My heart… It feels like my chest can barely contain it. Like it doesn’t belong to me any more. It belongs to you.”
  • “You’d better be telling the truth, you two-faced dog.”
  • “There is someone following your tracks.”
  • “Do you see anything non-human? No. And you know why? Because it’s a field!”
  • “You look like the wrong end of a dog.”
  • “Don’t you ever sleep?”
  • “I’m not being silly. I’d do it. For you, I’d do anything.”
  • “Oh, please, you’re not annoyed at that whole murder thing, are you?”

Note: This would have been out earlier, but I couldn’t think of a title to save my life…so, sorry for that haha


  1. Hey there! I ADORE your writing! I was wondering if I could request a prompt: Daveed x reader, and the reader is a long time fan of Daveed’s and they bump into each other randomly on the street one day and Daveed can’t hide his attraction to the fan?
  2. Hello! Can you do a Daveed x Reader where they meet after the show and the reader is a huge fan. After meeting the reader Daveed instantly feels something for the her. He freaks out and keeps seeing the reader at various places in NYC and slowly falls more in love with her. Once he gets enough courage to ask her out he can’t find her and goes all over NYC until he finds her at a Ham4Ham. While he is rapping with Lin he sees her and stops during it to ask her out. Super cute and fluffy :333

Word Count: 2337

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warning: None

“Iced coffee with an extra shot for Y/N?” The barista shouted out from behind the counter.

Your ears perked up at the sound of your name and your feet carried you over to the counter.

“Thank you.” You smiled at the barista as you picked up your drink and walked out of the coffee shop.

It was a warm, sunny Saturday in New York City with lots of life buzzing in the streets. There was never a day in NYC where the streets were quiet. It was the city that never slept. You had lived in the city for two years and had gotten used to its lively manner.

You walked down the street, casually drinking your coffee, when suddenly, someone crashed into you, knocking your coffee to the ground. Luckily, none of it spilled on you, but you were still disappointed that you now had no coffee.

“Shit, my bad. Are you okay?” You heard a surprisingly familiar voice say to you.

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So I thought I would make this post because my bag has helped me survive night shift/nursing in general. I bought this cosmetics bag at Target, it was a little expensive but I’m sure you could find a similar one for cheaper. I put it in my nursing bag and bring it to work every night.

So what’s in it?

It has three sections - 

1. Medications - I get tension headaches so I added Excedrin. You could keep Benadryl, Advil, Tylenol, Prevacid, etc. Just get the small bottles.

2. Boxes - BandAids have been so useful. I slam my hand on things or snag my arm on the door all the time. Midol for obvious reasons. Don’t laugh at the Imodium, I literally saved a preceptor one time because she got suddenly sick with diarrhea and pharmacy didn’t have any medications they could give her.  I also keep assorted packs of meds like my Claritin. I put my feminine products in this compartment. These flossers are also a life saver. After I eat lunch I feel like I have food in my teeth, so these babies are the bomb.

3. Hygiene - Mints for after lunch breath, chapstick for every reason ever, makeup remover/facial cleanser wipes (you never know when you will get something nasty on your face), hand moisturizer, dry shampoo, deodorant. I also have a small contact case and contact solution for contact emergencies. On the other side of this middle pocket I have a couple of small bills ($5 and $1) just in case I forget my card and need food.

Other things you could add - nail file, small toothbrush and toothpaste, extra hair ties, powder, hairspray, neosporin, hydrocortisone cream, etc, etc.

Life is easy when you keep your standards high so you don’t have to please anyone but yourself. Know your goals and your path, otherwise you’ll end up on someone else’s. On that note, I used to think that following people I love through their own hell was a part of my path of being a healer. I guess the hardest part of my path is knowing I can’t save everyone by taking these detours into darkness, because one day, I could blindly follow someone into the dark and never find my way back.
—  Chaosandadream
Sleep (Bucky x Reader)

Word count:1200

(kk dudes i have officially slept 6 hours in the past two days but this is the only inspiration i have. i have to thank the grammerly extension bc it saved my life like 26 times thanks)

           Bucky woke with a start, sitting up quickly in bed and looking at the empty space next to him. Even in the dark, he could see your side of the bed, made and untouched since you had left. He reached for his phone, quickly finding your number and pressing the call button. Even though it was 2 o’clock in the morning, he tried calling you anyway. After a couple of rings, it cut straight to voicemail, and Bucky could feel his blood go cold.

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Percy would absolutely put his own feelings away out of a desire to protect Vex. This is what he does. He has been mindful of her and her happiness this entire time. He comforts her when she’s upset, makes a fool out of himself to make her laugh. He gets up in the middle of the night to keep her company despite having one of the worst days of his life. He gives her the means to stand up to her father and does it hoping it will help her understand that she is worth so much more than she realizes.


They’re fighting a pit fiend in the City of Brass and Vex has fallen unconscious twice, once literally crashing to the ground at his feet, and once going limp behind him as he is desperately trying to pull her to safety. She nearly dies, again, and Percy finds himself reliving some of his worst memories. When it is all over and Vex thanks him for saving her, kissing his cheek, I’m convinced it was all Percy could do not to pull her to him and let the sound of her breathing, the pounding of her heart, reassure him that she was still alive, that everything was okay.

He’s aching to hold her, but he doesn’t let himself because he’s got enough of his wits about him to remember that he still looks like her brother and anything of the sort would only serve to make her uncomfortable.

And Percival de Rolo puts Vex’ahlia first, always.