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Chloe Headcanons

Some During/Post-Redemption thoughts with the implications of superhero shenanigans: 

  • Chloe only uses her ‘mean girl’ voice when she encounters another mean human being.
    • During Lycee she once saw Rose being yelled at by a customer at her part-time flower shop job. She didn’t hesitate to step in and put that customer in their place. 
  • She hates getting praise for doing the right thing. 
    • One time during Lycee she found a crowd gathering around an upset Alya. After dispersing the crowd Marinette tried to thank her, but she merely responded with: “What are you talking about? I was just wanted to get the perfect angle for this instagram picture of my nails.” 
  • Unless she’s Bee. 
    • “Oh you’re most welcome random citizen who is most certainly not my best friend!” - Actual quote after narrowly saving Sabrina from a nasty fall. 
  • Chloe over-compensates for her past actions. 
    • At first she tried to buy everyone she had wronged a large expensive gift as a way of apologizing. It shocks her when Alix throws away a $200 pair of skates without batting an eyelash.
      • What really gets her, though, is when Rose politely refuses to accept the gift. When Chloe asks her why, she takes her aside and explains why gifts wont guarantee forgiveness. 
  • Eventually Chloe gets better at showing everyone how sorry she is and most of them forgive her on some level.
    • During the last month of Lycee Chloe invites all of girls from her college homeroom for a sleepover. At first it only seems that a few people are going to show up, but eventually everyone comes around. All is not forgotten, though, as seen through some of the dares that Alix throws her way… but they’re all getting there. 
      • And of course Chloe never lets Alix live down the only dare that she has ever turned down. It becomes legendary, but what happens at a sleepover stays at a sleepover so none of the guys ever find out. Though Kim is still perplexed as to what it was. 
  • Halfway through Lycee she discovers who Ladybug is on accident.
    • It absolutely wrecks her to know that she used to terrorize Ladybug.
      • She won’t admit to Marinette that she knows until they’re almost out of Lycee because she fears the day when she realizes that her beloved teammate is actually her used-to-be bully. 
    • She starts to “passively” help Marinette.
      • Tardy excuses, notes for missed classes that they share (and a few times mysteriously for ones they don’t), ordering extravagant orders from the shop and leaving overly generous tips…There was even one time when Marinette ‘randomly’ received an invitation to an high profile event to give her the opportunity to network. 
    • There are a few times when she slips off her haughty act and intervenes in earnest. 
      • At the beginning of their final year Ladybug is brought under the media’s critical eye following a battle turned sour. A non-miraculous wielding enemy showed up on Paris’ doorstep and her Miraculous cure was unable to fix the damage. No one was killed, thankfully, but many blame her. 
        • One day, all of the guilt becomes too much for Marinette to handle and she breaks down in the middle of class without provocation. Chloe, being one of the few who know the whole story, whisks Marinette to the bathroom and stations Sabrina in the hallway to stop everyone from entering. 
        • Once there, Chloe helps Marinette put herself back together enough to make it home. She then escorts her home and doesn’t leave her side until the next day. 
          • Chloe never explicitly states that she knows or who she is, but it doesn’t take much for Marinette to put the pieces together. 
  • Chloe and Sabrina remain best friends throughout it all. Though, as the years go on, their circle widens considerably. 
    • This isn’t to say that they don’t go through some of their own rough patches… They just learn how to handle them better as the years go by. 
    • Oddly enough Nino is the first person to enter their circle. He and Sabrina start hanging out when their “totally not a superhero” best friends go off to save the world. They, of course, don’t tell anyone that they know… but they totally know and do what they can as civilians to help their buds… and also to give their friends heart attacks.
      • Also Nino is low-key trying to be wingman to Sabrina, but Chloe is just a bit too dense to figure it out.  


  • Heather Chandler, the almighty. She is a mythic bitch“ 
  • “Regina George is flawless.” “One time she met John Stamos on a plane, and he told her she was pretty.”
  • “You are an awful person.” “Maybe. But I’m rich and I’m pretty, so it doesn’t really matter.”
Secret Project Hype Is GO!

April 17th, 1:13AM EDT

Words: 5022 / ??,???

Chapters: 2 / 20ish

Random Quote:

Whatever this means to John is lost on Scott, but he doesn’t miss the way his brother’s eyes widen slightly. John takes the tablet and starts to skim through its contents. Scott watches as his brother sits back in his chair, lapsing into what seems like a fairly troubled silence as he reads the provided report. For lack of another likely opportunity, Scott takes advantage of the distraction to steal his brother’s pastry. Penelope takes another sip of tea. And a long minute of silence creeps by, as John does what he does best.

April 18th, 12:54AM EDT

Words: 5971 / ??,???

Chapters: 2 / 20ish

Random Quote:

“I don’t think we should do this.”

Scott scoffs and just about rolls his eyes clean out of his head. “Really? Funny, that hasn’t been even remotely evident in the way you’re carrying on. Not at all. Nope. Would not have guessed.”

April 19th, 8:24AM EDT

Words: 7500/ ??,???

Chapters: 3 / 20ish

Random Quote:

It’s probably for the best they’re not dependent on Penelope for a ride out to the manor. Scott can only imagine it would be an awkward tableau, the three of them in the back of FAB1. And he misses driving, to the point that landing TB1 at Heathrow and renting last year’s Aston Martin—in a gleaming cobalt blue, with a leather interior and the sort of horsepower that feels comparable to a jet engine, even if he knows better—had seemed like an entirely justifiable luxury. It lies in wait, one of Scott’s only natural predators, by the curb outside the tearoom. Raindrops glisten on its jewel-toned paint job and despite everything, the sight of it is enough to pick Scott’s spirits up, just a little.

“This is all mine and you don’t get to drive it,” he informs his brother, as is required by the time-honoured tradition of elder siblings lording their possessions over their younger.

April 19th, 2:33AM EDT

Words: 8814/ ??,???

Chapters: 4 / 20ish

Random Quote:

It’s an ugly enough thought that it makes him feel a little bit sick inside, almost dizzy, like a sudden attack of vertigo. Although, in fairness, it’s hard to say how much of that is down to the gravity of the situation—and not just plain old, actual gravity, up to its usual malicious tricks. He’s only been down for a couple days. The nausea might just be some latent jet lag, the result of jumping halfway across the world from the island, when Scott insisted they should to pay a visit to Penelope. Well, now he knows what that had been about, at least. Theoretically, he shouldn’t be jet-lagged. TB5 runs on the same timezone as England, GMT, Coordinated Universal Time. Theoretically this is his own timezone. Practically, he’s been awake for something like a full twenty-four hours, and hasn’t eaten much more than a chicken salad sandwich in the past eight of those. Realistically, there are plenty of reasons for the way he feels ill.

April 20th, 3:09AM EDT

Words: 10101/ ??,???

Chapters: 4 / 20ish

Random Quote: 

Eventually, playing the courteous host in Penelope’s stead, Parker returns to ask if John would perhaps care for a drink. When the answer is a wearily affirmative “Yes, please” Parker seems to take it as an indication that this should be a double, and comes back bearing a highball glass filled with ice, vodka, and just enough tonic water to suggest that the latter was an afterthought. And a wedge of lime.

This is probably unwise.

April 23rd, 12:25AM EDT

Words: 11299/ ??,???

Chapters: 4 / 20ish

Random Quote:

John glowers at his brother, and if Scott got their father’s voice, then John has echoes of their mother’s, that don’t-make-me-come-up-there, you’re-pushing-it-buster, put-your-brother-DOWN type of tone that warns away from the danger zone. “You really have to fucking stop that.”

Scott shrugs. It’s that same flippancy again, the sort that the eldest employs when he wants to get under John’s skin in particular. Gordon does it too, but Scott’s definitively the expert. “Whistling in the dark, John.”

Glaringly offensive disregard for the gravity of the situation, Scott.”

April 30th, 2:35AM EDT

Words: 13,321/ ??,???

Chapters: 5 / 20ish

Random Quote:

John’s never gone so far as to call Scott stupid, exactly. It’s possibly a little bit telling that he hasn’t, actually. Ever. That he’s always been very, very deliberate about never actually putting the words in that specific order.

Instead it’s always, “Don’t do anything stupid, Scott” or “Abort your landing or crash your Thunderbird, Scott, up to you” or the ever popular “Just making absolutely sure you’re aware of the mountain you’re about to fly into, Scott.”

Of course you’re not stupid, Scott.

But then—

You sure do a lot of really fucking stupid things, though, is what it is, Scott.

May 1st, 2:20AM EDT

Words: 14,847/ ??,???

Chapters: 6 / 20ish

Random Quote:

Scott yawns in answer, though after only nine hours in flight after a full night’s sleep, John imagines this is boredom and not tiredness. “Nothing to report. Nine hours of auto pilot. Alan’s lucky I know he can actually fly, or I’d be really, really unimpressed with him right about now. His ‘bird does most of the work.”

“Well, so does mine,” John comments, making an idle defense of his little brother and feeling a prickle of homesickness for his station. “And so does yours, for that matter. Al’s only seventeen, it’s still pretty impressive that he flies a rocketship in the first place.”

Scott scoffs at this and folds his arms across his chest. “I’m only twenty-eight, no one’s ever impressed with me.”

Because it’s an opportunity he’s rarely ever afforded, John’s not gentle as he cuffs his big brother in the back of the head. He pushes nimbly out of range as Scott automatically reaches back to swat at him. “Right, nobody. Never. No one’s ever the least bit impressed by Scott Tracy, fourth richest billionaire in the world, and the richest under thirty; leader of International Rescue, pilot of Thunderbird One, and heir apparent to Tracy Industries.”

May 2nd, 3:53AM EDT

Words: 16,628/ ??,???

Chapters: 6 / 20ish

Random Quote:

Scott’s still drifting lazily nearby as John wonders aloud, “Have you ever figured out if he’s just fucking with us? With the names thing?”

Scott scoffs. “I’ve given the old bastard a list of our names every single time we’ve seen him, it just doesn’t stick.”

John’s not convinced. “I mean…we’re named after the Mercury Seven, though. I don’t know how he could fail to parse that, the man’s a career astronaut.”

“He called me Virgil the last time I saw him. Consistently.”

The notion of anyone mixing up Scott and Virgil is a pretty compelling point in favour of John’s argument, in John’s opinion.

May 3rd, 3:43AM EDT

Words: 17,444/ ??,???

Chapters: 7 / 20ish

Random Quote:

Sometimes, and these past few days especially, Scott wonders if John Tracy might not get a little bit lost in Thunderbird Five. Thunderbird Five is unfailingly cool and detached and professional, hard to surprise and harder still to unsettle. Thunderbird Five has the entire Earth at his fingertips, takes it in and understands it at the barest glance, can reach down out of the heavens themselves and changes the course of the world beneath him. Sometimes even Scott manages to forget that there’s a person behind that persona, and that that person is his nerdy, introverted little brother, who’s allergic to penicillin and who freckles within five minutes when exposed to sunlight; who built his first telescope when he was fourteen, and has a bookshelf full of dog-eared, vintage sci-fi, gathering dust in the bedroom he almost never occupies.

h e a t h e n s - deadshot // park jimin

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[Authorizing…] [Authorized] [File #4074]

Click for theme // Park Jimin //

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File #4074; [Authorized]

Official Name: Park Jimin

DOB: October 13 1995

Age: 20

NGI: Deadshot

Date Obtained: December 29 2015

[Doctor Evaluation Given by Institution]

Dr. Edward Hendricks’s Commentary Outline On Patient:

“The patient is quiet, for the most part. Seems to be the most sane of the group. Keeps to himself, though he does tend to socialize quite a bit with [Jeon Jungkook {El Diablo}] and other crew members. Passes time by playing chess or watching the television. Healthy, for the most part. Eats his meals, works out in rec gym. Random bursts of depression- I believe the patient has no will to live, though he will not amount to committing suicide.”

Outline Will Continue Thusly as Taken by Dr. Edward Hendricks;

Patient’s Habits: Reading, writing, often seen quoting poetry. Likes to advance skill set/ “How-to” books

Patient’s Abilities (as observed by Dr. Edward Hendricks): Specific Skillset of Martial Arts and Krav Maga, never misses shot, shooting (with any type of weapon; i.e. crossbow, handheld, concealed carry), Runs at 35 mph, Agility, Male Escape, Artist, Gadgets, Leadership, Marksmanship, Power Suit, Stamina, Super Sight, Tracking Unnamed, Combat Weapons Master

Patient’s Choice of Weapon (as seen by observed videos): Any type of automatic or manual fireheld

Physical Appearance: Tan-ish skin (enjoys spending time outside in the sunlight), Tattoo on lower collarbone

  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Ethnicity: South Korean
  • Languages Spoken: Korean, English, Japanese

Personality: Quiet (mostly), enjoys reading, enjoys writing, enjoys shooting. Tends to spend time alone, though likes to be with others [El Diablo], extremely intelligent

Accomplishments: Masters Degree in Linguistics at Busan University of Applied Learnings, Bachelors Degree in English at Busan University of Applied Learnings

Criminal Record: Assassination of Park Jyeong, Assassination of 20+ Unnamed, Attempted Assassination of Others, Breaking and Entry, Attempted Assassination of Lim Jaebum (Alias: Batman)


Bullet after bullet ripped through the air. They tore through the human-shaped dummy on the other side of the range, planting ragged holes in the dummy’s two eyes. Smoke billowed from the barrel of the .44 Magnum Revolver, held in the steady, bronzed hands of the man on the other end. Park Jimin glanced down at his gun before placing the safety on and setting it down onto the marble counter.

“Nice shot,” a friend of his, Lim Jaebum, commented with a false smile. He stood in the range beside him, dressed as if he’d just come from a gala- which he most likely had. The man seemed irked at his very presence, though Jimin bitterly wondered why he’d come at all if he disliked him so much.

Ever since Jaebum and BamBam (a sidekick of his) disappeared for months at a time, Jimin had taken over the city of Gotham as its favorite vigilante. Upon their return, Jimin had felt that they knew of his true intentions- neither of the “superheros” had really liked him since their signature signal had been changed from a bat to a target. Jimin was careful around the man- he couldn’t let himself be caught now, could he?

“Could be better,” Jimin returned easily. He slid the .44 into the holster hidden in the side of his jeans and covered it with his t-shirt. “Was there something you needed?”

Jaebum’s dark eyes roamed over Jimin’s. Jimin could remember, on many accounts (after being forced into being partners), of seeing those same eyes behind a black mask. It irked him- the way this man flaunted about so casually, with the entire city of Gotham wrapped around his finger.

Jimin would change that.

“Nope,” Jaebum shrugged, leaned up against the wall.

“Where’s your sidekick?” Jimin enunciated the ‘k”’s, attempting (and failing) to leave the bitter tones out of his voice. He crossed his leather-clad arms over his chest and raised one eyebrow expectantly.

“Home,” Jaebum pushed himself off the counter. “See you soon, Deadshot.” He cast a glance back at Jimin over his shoulder, before disappearing out the door. Jimin glared where he’d stood and gripped the counter. He knew what it was- intimidation. Jaebum was scared of him. Scared that Jimin would strip his title of Gotham’s Hero, that Jimin would succeed in being the best criminal mastermind of Gotham City.

“I’ll get you,” Jimin whispered to himself, a rotten smirk on his face, “Batman.”


It was months later when Park Jimin was being dragged into a S.W.A.T. car. He shouted profanities at the bat-clad man and his infamous, scrawny sidekick whose pink-striped hair was unmistakable. “I won’t be gone for long, Lim Jaebum! Everyone will know who you are!” He screamed furiously. Angry veins throbbed in the side of his neck, his throat expanding and nearly sore from all the yelling he’d done in the past minute.

Handcuffs were being clasped around his wrist, a sudden cold that made him shriek all the more. Then, as soon as he’d begun screaming, he fell silent, thrown into the back of the military van with so little of warning. Collapsed face first, he made to sit up, blood from his previous fight trickling down his nose. Strong, dark eyes lifted to meet the similar ones of a man stood across the street. With red hair in his eyes, Jimin stared at the spot where Gotham’s Hero stood, a tiny smile curling at the edges of his red-stained lips. Crimson spilled from them, which he spat onto the floor of the vehicle. Slowly, he tilted his head, the smile becoming a grin- a grin so wide it spread across the entirety of his face, flashing his dirtied teeth and bleeding tongue.

As the door’s slid shut, Deadshot’s left eye began to glow the color of his hair, before darkness enveloped him.

Members of the Suicide Squad: 

Deadshot // Park Jimin

Harley Quinn // Kim Taehyung

Captain Boomerang // Kim Seokjin

Jeon Jungkook // El Diablo


In a new interview, Daft’s Thomas Bangalter says that West consulted with the dynamic duo just as he was beginning work on Yeezus, and that the ideas they came up with laid the foundation for his arty, aggressive album.

“We were the first people that Kanye came to,” Bangalter revealed. “He really responded positively to those ideas we were throwing out to him. And then he ran with it and built the record, working with a lot of other producers and based on maybe some of the initial directions that we had laid out together.”

It makes sense, then, that the first three songs on Yeezus — “On Sight,” “I Am a God” and “Skinhead” — were all produced by Daft Punk. And, though Kanye has been adamant about pushing hip-hop into the future, it turns out that one of his album’s most memorable tracks was actually rescued from the robots’ Random Access Memories scrap heap.

“The first track we did was ‘Black Skinhead,’” Bangalter explained. “The drums we had recorded earlier during the recording of our album, so we had those. It was a great twist of pushing the envelope.”

—  Vibe Magazine
History has little coherence when analyzed in terms of individuals or even nations. But when seen in terms of the institutions developed by different civilizations and races, the outline of a logical development emerges. Though there is still a large random element, the broad general theme of human history is that each race has developed the institutions appropriate to secure survival in its particular environment. This, then, is the most significant feature of human races: not that their members differ in physical appearance but that their society’s institutions differ because of slight differences in social behavior.
—  Nicholas Wade, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History

Most important feelings

Does anyone ever feels ‘something is coming?’ Truth be told, I am having visions and receiving some sort of signals that something big is about to happen in my life. This is a kind of coded message in form of repeated numbers following a definite pattern, like 11:11, 11:23, 1:08, 3:45. And then there’s always an event or a random voice i hear in the external world seems to be an answer to the question storming inside my head, in the world of my mind. And not just this, horroscopes, planets, astrologers, all of them talking about the same thing can’t be a co-incidence. All of a sudden, I have come to realize there are no co-incidences.

And all of this is because of a a simple realization. Imagination is more important than knowledge. How does it fits here? I am a writer, simple enough. Anyone who writes is a writer. But my dream, my desire, the realization that i am born to achieve great accomplishments in writing, a natural attraction with books, it has bought me at the verge of a miraculous creation.

Yes, I have a great story to tell. And I cant tell you anything about it except the fact that I can’t tell you anything about it. It is, as of now (7th October 2017), a 100,000 word story yet still needs more words to end.

And it started out as a short story, of a boy who wants to die is saved by a ghost.

I think this is the second most important feeling in the world. To be able to feel grand in a way that has never felt so real, and so possible. So easily, as if it is all a play. Writing is fun, and i can do it every second for the rest of my life (the only condition is an endless supply of tasty fast food, shakes and packets of classic).

So, what is the most important feeling?

It is this. The target date to publish my book was, and as I have decided, is, and will be, 9th october. There’s a lot remaining to write, and there’s a lot to polish.

But, deal is deal. 9th october, 09:09 PM, I’ll finish my story and put it live.

But, why?????

Why won’t i give it anymore time?

Simple. Because i have already wasted a lot of my time, almost a year. Just because i lacked a routine, my year was watsed. And so was the previous one, and before the previous one was also taken away by ignorance and utmost stupidity. And i have been doing it till today. But no more. I have sufficient time to finish my story and put it out.

I have felt worthless for years. And my story, it will find my worth again, and also my place in the world. I am sure that place has light, and there, i can sleep in peace. So, let’s get going.

theheirofslytherinlives  asked:

Captain Canary + movies

I love this. Because Leonard Snart is canonically the biggest nerd you will ever meet, and I have so many headcanons about this. XD

  • Within a couple of weeks of joining the Waverider crew, they start having movie nights. They don’t tell the others, although sometimes, Mick tags along.
  • Sara’s favorites are action movies, although Leonard isn’t sure why, because she spends the whole of every movie criticizing the characters’ fighting techniques. 
  • Leonard watches literally every kind of movie, and can quote most of them by heart. 
  • When he discovers that she hasn’t seen the Princess Bride, he absolutely insists that they watch it immediately, even though they just got back to the Waverider after a long day, it’s two in the morning, and Sara just wants to sleep.
  • He makes her watch it again, because she falls asleep on his shoulder ten minutes in.
  • Sometimes, they test each other, throwing out random movie quotes to see if the other can identify them.
  • Leonard always wins. Always.
  • They both love Disney movies, although it takes them an age to admit it.
  • The first one they watch together is Frozen, when he admits that he actually hasn’t seen it. She calls him Elsa for a week after.
  • And repeatedly asks him if he wants to build a snowman.
  • “Unless it involves icing the man who wrote that song, no, I do not.”
  • Cheesy Christmas movies aren’t either of their favorites, but sometimes, when they’re both missing their sisters, they’ll put on the sappiest one they can find, and remember watching them with Laurel and Lisa, respectively.
  • That doesn’t happen often.
  • They watch the first six Star Wars movies together, even though they’ve both seen them before, and while they don’t really acknowledge the parallel, neither of them are quite willing to watch the seventh, either. (They DO agree that Mick is Chewbacca. He’s okay with that.)
  • Len totally, 100% tells her he loves her using movie quotes, long before he’s ready to say the actual words. 
  • “As you wish,” he murmurs the first time, and it takes her a moment to register the words, but when she does, she nearly drops the knife she’s sharpening.
  • The first time she tells him she loves him, the actual words, he struggles for a moment, but in the end, settles for a quiet, “I know,” and a look that pleads with her to understand.
  • Of course, she does. 
  • She doesn’t stop telling him she loves him, and he never stops saying “I know.”
  • The first time he actually tells her he loves her, he’s shaking, but sure, and she’s so, so proud.
  • She still says “I know,” in response. (Though it’s quickly followed by a kiss, and an “I love you, too.”)

    Bonus: They raise their children right, on Disney, Princess Bride, and Star Wars. 
  • And they live happily ever after.

Send me a ship, friendship, or character, and a prompt, and I’ll try to get you some headcanons!

I wish I had the words to say how much I miss you, but I don’t. It’s only the second day without you and it’s already so hard. No good morning or good night texts, no little sentiments to get me through the day. No asking you random silly questions or listening to how your day went. I can’t even send you a picture of this beautiful Christmas tree I put up. Most of all, though, I just want to know that you’re okay, that you had a good day.
—  Damn it, James

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I've been pathetically writing these bts one-shots (I need a life jeez) so I was wondering if you could do a long reaction where they stumbled across their s/o's writing pieces from years before they met? (Oh wow that sounds creepy, I'm really creepy okay bye sorry for the creepy request)

If they ever found this blog I’d die xP

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin would wonder how well you’d written them as characters in your stories before you’d met them, as not only would that show how good a writer you were by keeping personalities separate and consistent for multiple characters, but it also showed what a great judge of character you were. Plus, it would let him know if he was “everything you’d dreamed of,” which might be something he ended up teasing you about, but only because he loved it so much.

Yoongi really wanted to know why you chose to write about them; what was so special about them when there were plenty of other talented bands to choose from? He wasn’t really expecting much of an answer, knowing you would either shy away from the truth or just shrug away his question, but if you told him it was because he - or the group as a whole - had inspired or comforted you, he’d huff about you being cheesy but wouldn’t be able to fight his blush.

Hoseok would read aloud whatever you’d written while sitting in front of you, preferably with the other boys around. And the boys all found it hilarious, either because the story itself was funny or - more often than not - you’d portrayed one of the boys perfectly and they were now teasing said boy because of it, which led to a lot of laughing from you as well. Hoseok would get teased the most, as he was the one reading his own parts, which made it all the more funny.

Namjoon would tease you whenever he got the chance, but his teasing never really worked in his favor; occasionally, he would start quoting or recreating your old stories, trying to embarrass you or make you flustered. But all it did was allow you to tease him right back; he must have spent quite a lot of time reading your stories if he could quote them at any random time, and you didn’t hesitate to point that at out to him, which would normally shut him up pretty quickly.

Jimin would want to know which of the boys was your favorite to write about, or which one you’d written best or the most for. And yeah, he’d be really happy - and a bit cocky - if you wrote about him the most, but he really was just curious about it; he wanted to know what personality you found was easiest to write for. Though, if you had written more about one of the other boys, he either wouldn’t tell them or he’d glare every time they tried to tease him.

Taehyung would want to know if you were still writing about them, genuinely curious as to when and why you’d stopped or why he couldn’t find more current writings. He’d also ask if you ever wrote about other things back then, or if you wrote about other things now, and he’d beg and plead to read whatever you made the mistake of telling him about. If it was another band, he’d act a bit jealous, but he’d ultimately end up telling you he loved whatever you wrote.

Jungkook was going to act like he thought your writing was weird, which he might have thought briefly at first before reading the stories and realizing how incredible your writing was. And when he told you that you were weird, he seemed serious, and you thought he was up until you walked into the room one day to find him hunched over his phone, reading one of your old stories with a shy smile on his lips that opened to release a shout when you tapped on his shoulder.

[SCENARIO] Seventeen As Pokemon Go! Players (Part 2)

Because the game has recently been available in Singapore (and got the both of us embarrassingly hooked), here’s our take on the boys as Pokemon Go players, including their starters and their respective teams.

(also known as Seventeen as quotes i’ve heard from actual PG players around me)

Also, terribly sorry for the lack of updates, but a Mingyu and Vernon drabble each will be up soon, so look forward to it :D


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Team: Valor
Starter: Squirtle

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  • squealing every time his phone vibrates with a new pokemon like he doesn’t even care if he encounters 30 pidgeys he’d catch them all
  • makes the noises and cries of the pokemon from the anime whenever they appear on his phone
  • doesn’t look where hes going though, and wanders off to the most random places
  • sc: “why is there a slap mark on your face?!” dk: “they said that theres an electabuzz in that room.” sc: “gdi that’s the ladies room?!” dk: “yeah… they didn’t take that too well.”


Team: Instinct
Starter: Bulbasaur (bc he loves wonwoo imw)

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  • honestly doesn’t like pokemon very much and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about, so he’s only in it because everyone else is into it
  • gets REALLY upset when wonwoo chose mystic over instinct and pouted for two hours.
  • mg: “so how do i catch this? with the pokeball?” ww: “yeah you’ve got to toss it.” mg: “like this? *throws the fucking phone*” ww: “ yeah you nailed it.”
  • bumps into something every 10 seconds looking for that eevee (and trips over seokmin’s humidifier every single time)


Team: Mystic
Starter: Pikachu

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  • okay he has a pikachu too because Jun told him the secrets on getting that as a starter bc jun loves him
  • “pokemon is just for kids” he says as he secretly owns all the eeveelutions
  • joins mystic just to spite mingyu
  • doesn’t want the others to know that he’s secretly hooked so he makes ridiculous excuses up to go find pokemon. “bye guys i’m taking the dog out for a walk” “ok but we don’t have a dog?” MH: *lifts a leash with chan attached on the collar* “can i go now?”


Team: Valor
Starter: Charmander

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  • picture him finding a rapidash while walking and gets so excited he starts asking random strangers to help him get photos of him ‘sitting on it’
  • catching all the pokemon and naming the unflattering ones after his members (names his jynx yoon jeonghan)
  • *catches a mr mime in his room* “hoshi hyung what is your twin brother doing in my trashcan?”
  • is a terrible battler but doesn’t want to admit it, basically blames it on his pokemon but its not the pokemon’s fault he used a CP 10 weedle to challenge jun’s kangaskhan though


Team: Valor
Starter: Squirtle

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  • like jeonghan, he’s probably too tired/lazy to leave the dorms to catch them pokes so he spends actual cash to buy lure modules to put at the nearest pokestop
  • update: no one leaves the house now
  • “wait what do you mean you can revive pokemon? I’ve just been releasing them back to willow once they died.”
  • actually assembles a successful contraption with a bike that helps him hatch pokemon without physically moving wow he really doesn’t want the others to leave the dorms does he.


Team: Instinct
Starter: Charmander

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  • “sorry coups hyung im announcing my official withdrawal from seventeen to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a pokemon mast-” “-leave”
  • so proud of himself after he manages to catch the high CP Pinsir that bailed on him twice, comes home to see Jihoon with a Nidoking and D:
  • this child would be so psyched once the game releases like he’d call his mom to bring out his trading card collection so that he can show his hyungs his holographic psyduck card
  • probably cares the least about battling and tbh only really wants to complete the pokedex

[PART 1] | [PART 2]

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not everyone ships destiel you know. i don't see why everyone is getting upset over dean and some girl, he's been with other girls before in the show.

Yes, darling, I am very well aware of the fact that not everyone ships Destiel, and I am totally okay with it.

But I can’t say I’m okay with the writers making Dean suddenly have some random love-interest.  They say that Dean having romantic feelings for Cas is out of character, but I feel like Dean randomly being in love with some waitress is even more out of character (especially now that he is a freakin’ demon, like, what the hell???).  It just kinda’ makes me get this weird, uneasy feeling in my stomach.

What really gets to me the most, though, is that they are saying that Dean having feelings for Cas, and I quote, ‘Isn’t what the show is about.’  When Dean has, as you said, been with other woman on the show before. 

 It’s like they are just saying that Dean having feelings for Cas isn’t what the shows about because the show isn’t about Dean being into dudes, it’s, apparently, about Dean being into woman.  I also feel like they are trying too hard to protect Dean’s masculinity.  

Just because Dean is in love with Cas (which may or may not be the case) doesn’t mean he’s gay, or bi-sexual, or anything else.  I mean, if someone freakin’ saved me from hell, died for me more than once, and looked at me the way Cas looks at Dean, I would be in love with them too-regardless their gender and regardless if I happened to be straight or not.

 I have nothing against the actress who is playing the part, by the way,  I’m just peeved at the whole situation.

Anyways, I’m not annoyed that Dean’s ‘love-interest’ isn’t going to be Cas, I’m annoyed because it just doesn’t make sense.  

NO. No no no. I don’t want to screw you. I just love you. When did who you want to screw become the whole game? Since when is the person you want to screw the only person you get to love? It’s so stupid, Tiny! I mean, Jesus, who even gives a fuck about sex?! People act like it’s the most important thing humans do, but come on. How can our sentient fucking lives revolve around something slugs can do. I mean, who you want to screw and whether you screw them? Those are important questions, I guess. But they’re not that important. You know what’s important? Who would you die for? Who do you wake up at five forty-five in the morning for even though you don’t even know why he needs you? Whose drunken nose would you pick?!

-John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

imagine the wizarding equivalent of anglophiles/weaboos though like purebloods who had lived their whole life shielded from all muggle culture becoming obsessed with muggles and muggleborns and asking all these random questions and trying to string together “muggle” sentences that made no sense

and the muggleborn students are really weirded out at first but then they decided they might as well have fun with this so they give the purebloods the most ridiculous advice and tell them outrageously wrong information

after a few months half of slytherin house is walking around trying to quote shakespeare and wearing t shirts that say random phrases like “eggplant mixer” on them and trying to demonstrate how cool and relevant they are

joss probably just used a giant spinning wheel to plan aou now that i think about it, using it to pick things for him like “which avenger gets the most random and ultimately pointless storyline” or “which avenger gets natasha as a love interest”

Thoughts on TW 4x06

So, we’re now halfway through the season and i got to say that i’m liking what i see. I know a lot of people have expressed their disappointment with TW lately, but for all of you still enjoying it - here’re my inital reactions to the episode 4x06 “Orphaned”

and for those wondering but can’t be bothered to read on, I thought the episode was good. Not the best this season, but still good

first off…. SCOTT - wtf you doing?!

What can I say? I’m not a Scott hater, i’m really not. I’d love to see Scott grown into his potential. But if you’re one of those who can’t bear to read anything regarding scott that isn’t wrapped in flowers and sunshine, then feel free to skip to the next heading.

When on earth is he going to learn? He keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over (history repeating being a theme, but he’s so far the only character to repeat his own mistakes. the others tend to repeat others’ mistakes and learn from their own).

Firstly - the money. Yes this is blood money and given his normally very black and white morals, the fact that scott takes it speaks volumes. I can understand the temptation. we know his family (and others) are in financial trouble, but still - this reeks of foreshadowing to more potenionally shady decisions down the line. the meta group have been talking about a dark arc for a long time, and it looks like we’re seeing the start here.

also he is tampering with evidence when he breaks into the lockers. that could potentially screw up the investigation. in this case both suspects died, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was a shit thing to do.

scott makes mistakes, all the character does. but scott is the one that never gets called out on it or sufferes any real consequences. and he often gets painted as the hero and gets credit even if he’s not the one who deserves it (the whole alpha pack rumor being a fine example of this). and before anyone angrily points it out - yes stiles seems to share in the temptation and i will not be making any excuses for him either, but at least stiles has always been more openly grey in his morals, so it’s not equally as out of character. Still i will reserve judgment on this money issue until we see what they end up doing with it. for all we know it might be pooled into the deadpool derek suggest they set up for the hunters? (as seen in the mid-season trailer)

Blood money aside, why oh why scott do you keep on going along with the bad guy’s plan? you did it with deucalion and that didn’t turn out so good. and now garrett comes along, kidnaps Liam to make scott stop the prison transport to free violet, and he readily tags along. Scotty my boy, you had options here. why didn’t you even consider any of them?

  • You could’ve asked for help from your pack! stiles would be all over that shit, and now that you actually have the sheriff in the know and he will be overseeing the transport, why not use the opportunity to create a trap for Garrett? Hell, even informing his FBI dad would be a better option than blindly following garrett’s lead.
  • and for christ sake! scott, you’re an alpha werewolf! we’ve heard you howl before to signal your pack. why oh why not roar for Liam? it’s worth at least a try. or get Derek and Malia to help - they could try to track him while you lure Garrett into a trap. Instead Liam actually ends up saving himself.

this is just inexcusable and the worst part is i don’t know why he does is this way. is it because he truly sees himself as the only person who can solve the situation (messiah complex much?) or does he not trust his pack/friends? When Chris shows up he readily accepts the help, but then again scott has alwasy been prone to trust the hunters over his friends/kind. i’m kind of baffled, and if anyone has a good explanation i’d like to hear it :)

in conclusion, scott’s snowballing down a slippery slope towards darker times, and the worst part is he doesn’t even realize it himself. once again he declares that no one will die and he makes it his responsibility. Someone - i think it was stilesederek that pointed out that the line “I’m not letting anyone else die” is almost a direct quote from Anakin in Star Wars - and we all know how badly that ended…. (and scott hasn’t even seen star wars - he definitely should!)

so that is the rant part over and done with - and now….

Random thoughts about the rest neatly listed in bullet points even though most of them sort of blend into each other…

  • Parrish | i just want to say i loved the trio of parrish/stilinski/martin!!!! As for Parrish the theories are many with regards to what the F**K he is - the mid-season trailer seems to indicate he will have no trouble surviving a car fire. others have done great meta on this, so i’ll leave that be. This episode however leads to the question of whether he’s genuinely in the dark about his supernatural abilities or just a really, really good actor. His reaction to the deadpool was funny and convincing (i’m still chortling over the line “Maybe i’ll kill myself” - unless that is cruel foreshadowing of parrish sacrificing himself…. nope, no will not think about that).
  • No matter, parrish is clearly intrigued by Lydia. i sense there’s a connection or correlation between their gifts. call it a hunch..
  • And Stiles has given him his stamp of approval - remember he has a very perceptive eye for evil and for the moment parrish seems to be “good” or at least on our side.
  • Also I’m digging the Lydia/Stiles detective duo/friendship. They’ve come a long way, and although i don’t hate stydia, i honestly didn’t read anything other than friendship and respect between them. The scene where stiles comforted lydia was beautiful.
  • I loved that Lydia managed to use her gift this time (even is the name she found was Derek’s - more on that later). I also wonder what was up with her bleeding ear. and did you notice that neither parrish nor stiles seemed to be affected by meredith’s scream, although we know other supernaturals like werewolves do. clearly they are not anything with enhanced hearing…
  • The third list | I honestly didn’t think we would get the third part of the list this episode. I thought it would have more build up and possibly lead to a more shocking reveal such as Stiles being on it. Now we have all the names on the table (supposedly) and it wasn’t really any surprises there. we expected noshiko, liam and malia to be on it and they were along with meredith.
  • Funny detail tho is Malia was listed as Malia Hale. I still think it’s a possibility Liam could be the real Hale. so the question we should be asking ourselves is: who would know that malia is suspected to be a hale? the list isn’t actually that long, and the most likely candidates seem to be Deucalion (he’s got history with the hales) and Deaton (scott tells him everything and he was the hale emissary). feel free to add on. 
  • Speaking of Deaton - was it foreshadowing or just a red herring when the scene cut from Meredith saying “the benefactor” and the next one speaking was Deaton saying “Hello there.”
  • we need to talk about sterek. There wasn’t any more direct interaction besides the sneak peek that we’d already seen. but it was snarky and i’m also positve stiles picked up on derek not being as strong as he used to, and maybe even the healing slower thing. he’ll piece it together (and so will peter).But the scene where lydia “banshees” the last cypher key and it’s derek - the way the reaction is sole focused on stiles is telling. also his look - so intense, clearly emotions are being surpressed and he looks determined to prevent it. wait a sec i have to gif it….

  • Malia - once again she’s pointing people in the right direction. this is like her thing, and this time it’s derek that is given the right prompts to find the remains of satomi’s pack. but is it like her gift to the pack, or is there some motive behind it? I like the character, but like braeden i don’t really trust her yet.
  • With regars to satomi - derek informs us that she’s a bitten werewolf and one the oldest alive. and if it’s the same one as in the internment camp during WW2 then we seriously need to go another round on this werewolf aging thing.
  • The orphans - as predicted violet and garrett met their demise this episode. and on that note i couldn’t help but notice that they made a point out of agent mccall questioning violet about the thermowire - because apparantly that’s been used in “a string of murders.” as far as we know she’s only killed demarco, cut of that blonde werewolf’s hand and tried to behead brett and scott. it there’s a string of murders in other states, than that indicates 1) this is not just a local problem and b) might there be more lists? i’m intrigued….
  • there’s a theory floating around about striped clothing indicating possession. last week malia was wearing stripes. this week it’s mason.
  • and lastly Peter and Kate. what a terrifying duo. and it’s becoming more and more clear that they have history. they way they talk and the things they know about each other suggests this. peter wants power and i’m thinking this is mainly in the form of being an alpha again. which suggests either from scott or satomi (assuming she’s now the alpha of that pack). how and why they will help each other both terrifies me and makes my head hurt, so i’ll leave that for another day when i’m feeling slightly more clearheaded.
  • Next week will be the bottle episode with the outbreak at the school and it looks like all our friends will be infected. coach is clearly already down for the count, and seeing as also stiles seems to be collapsing in the promo it will affect both supernatural creatures and humans. i think this was the same thing that killed satomi’s pack this episode. i’ve already talked about that, braeden and draeden in this post.

 that’s it for now.

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send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

shops for groceries

I feel like their diet is like seventy-five percent take out food so they pretty much only go grocery shopping when they have a specific meal in mind and then they only buy the ingredients for that one meal so long story short neither of them have any idea how to successfully shop for groceries

kills the spiders

neither. simmons thinks they’re cool and fitz just refuses to go into the room for like three days

comes home drunk at 3am

I doubt they make it home they probably just crash at skye’s house or something because it’s closer

makes breakfast

breakfast what is breakfast ain’t nobody got time for that. fitz usually makes tea or coffee and then they rush out the door because they are perpetually late for being early

remembers to feed the fish

both. which has lead to over feeding on more than one occasion, including an entire tank of discus lost to a nitrate overload /cries

decorates the apartment

their moms probably ok like fitzsimmons didn’t even care because they figured they’d just be moving again in a month (the life of shield scientists yo) and then one time their moms happen to come to visit at the same time and they were just like “this will never do” so they went on an ikea adventure and fitzsimmons were bored five year olds the whole time

initiates duets

if they’re alone together then either of them?? but not really duets more like quoting random song lyrics in tune at the weirdest times. if skye is there, though, then her and jemma will start blaring music and trying to get fitz to sing along (in which case he is embarrassed because it’s one thing to sing in front of simmons and it’s another to sing in front of skye)

falls asleep first

depends on who has the most work to do b/c they both hate to go to bed and leave projects unfinished