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Elucien bedsharing part 2/2

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part 1  //  ao3  

When he speaks again, it’s a low rumble in his chest. “If you keep doing that, dove, neither of us is going to get any sleep.”

Heat coils in Elain’s stomach. “I’m not tired.”

Lucien stills for a moment, and then one of his hands comes to trail up her arm, knuckles skimming against her skin and raising goosebumps. Her heart drums in her chest, afraid he’ll stop her or draw back, but she presses a kiss to the bit of his chest exposed by the deep V of his shirt collar.

He makes a faint humming noise. “Wicked little thing, aren’t you.”

Elain flushes a little. “I don’t mean to be.” She’s glad they’re not making eye contact or she’d never have the courage to say, “I just… want to touch you.”

All of the oxygen seems to go out of the room, the way it does when fire ignites in a burst and eats it up. The fingers on her upper arm stop, and for a beat Elain thinks she’s made a mistake.

“You can touch me all you like,” Lucien says coolly.

Arousal courses through her at his answer and Elain bites back a noise. Lucien’s fingers come up to grip her chin, tilt her head up towards his.

His gaze flickers over her. “As long as I get to touch you too.”

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kurosmind’s lovely Inquisitor Fael, sharing an intimate morning with his beloved Dorian, before their lives force them apart again…

Thank you for commissioning me! ♡

DAY 3223

Jalsa, Mumbai                       Jan 24,  2017                      Tue  11:08 pm

Many attract their attention to ‘DEEWAR’ the film which has just celebrated 42 years of its release .. media wishes to do interviews, others wish to organize an evening of the film … many others wish it to be screened again for a cinema viewing, not digital or through the net ..

And I look back on a rare ‘look back’ to spend sometime on the events during its making and after. In the early part of the day the sentiments were higher and of a strength that pushed me to express all immediately, as though if it did not happen, then the memory would fail and a great many detailing would be lost ..

‘Deewar’ was an after thought. Many great moments in life eventually turn out to be living with that stigma of an after thought. But this is genuine and true. I had already started and shot for a week, on another film, under the Production of Yash Chopra, being directed by his very senior and respected Editor - Pran ji - no not the artist - Pran the editor. On an evening quite by accident, Salim saheb and Javed saheb and I were at my place where they spoke of another script, which they felt should be made. They narrated it to me and I felt it was most dynamic. They did not tell be the detailed narration, just a few early scenes and the climax in the temple - vividly describing the injured Vijay stumbling over the overhead temple bells and falling into the arms of his Mother ! They also felt, Salim-Javed that the film should be directed by Yash Chopra, and urged me to make a call to him. I did and told Yash ji that he should hear the script I had just been narrated. He acknowledged the fact, but did tell me that once the current shooting of the film on the floor was over then he could think of listening to the one I was referring to. I told him to hear the script, and maybe he would want to make this first. He agreed, and we went across to his residence, then an apartment in Pali Hill.

Javed Saheb narrated the entire script, a rarity in those days, and after a few scenes would proudly declare ..” yeh aapke 10 hafte ho gaye”, then move on to a few more scenes and declare ..”aur yeh ho gaye 15 hafte” .. and so on till we reached 50 weeks !!!

The result .. Yash ji scrapped the one we were shooting for earlier, and began work on the script which had been titled ‘DEEWAR’ ..

There are so many stories linked to the film and its making that it would take me several BLOGS to cover all that I wish to say, or not say .. there are times when you wish to keep some for yourself and not disclose all .. but truly this film remains as vividly as possible in memory, for some strange reason .. the ones I may have done last year may not have the same descriptive value.

The awkwardly made blue dock workers shirt, which was far too long in length, on the first day of shoot, and the sudden idea in my mind to tie a knot to make it shorter .. the draping of a rope around the neck .. the action scene in the godown shot inside a studio at RajKamal studio, where Yash Chopra had a 1 mini room office cum production cum accounts cum dress storage space .. the action scene shot form a 2-10 pm shift because I was shooting a million miles away near China creek for another action sequence .. Shetty master was the fight director, Father of Rohit Shetty the famous and successful director of today .. no doubles used .. and the exterior shot at the actual docks of the city .. me getting all psyched in using the much heard and heralded Stanislavsky acting technology of ‘method acting’, by running round the entire docks in order to show the exhaustion on the face after the fight inside .. !! Try acting Mr B, is what Lawrence Olivier may have suggested to me, had he been there , as he did when he was enacting a scene with Dustin Hoffman in a Hollywood film, and Dustin had to run in from a distance it, to show fatigue. He did the method bit, ran several blocks to get the look and as soon as he reached the location of the shot, collapsed in a heap, prompting Sir Olivier to make that famous remark .. !!!

The climax of the film was shot at night at Ballard Estate, among those iconic structures and galleries of the ancient architectural buildings of the location, finishing each night by early morning and then Shashi ji Yash ji and I would drive close by to Tardeo to eat our breakfast, at one of the most delicious, egg parathas of the world. I would depart for the airport, because, I was shooting simultaneously in Bangalore for ‘Sholay’ .. !! So it was ‘Sholay’ in Bangalore in the day and ‘Deewar’ at night in Bombay then. Sleep .. in the aircraft and that was it ..  7 days of this travel and work .. !! fascinating na ..??

Ahhh … so much more to describe .. but on another occasion .. yes ..?

42 years .. gone by .. 42 !!

My love 

Amitabh Bachchan  

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I just want Finn to meet Luke and his voice keeps cracking because it's not only a legendary figure, but the father of his girl. Like, Luke can play like a stern figure at first or even just go, "You okay there, son?" and Finn is like, "oH I'M FiNe! YoUR DAUghter is pReTTY greAT fOr somEONE raisED bY SaNd!"

I desperately need Finn and Luke screen time tbh

Finnrey moment I’d kill for: Finn being all nervous (think before escaping on the TIE Fighter and talking to himself nervous) to meet living myth Luke Skywalker, introduced to him as his girlfriend’s father, only to have Luke laugh and pat his shoulder and be the kindest soul he’s ever met uwu

Singing To Tiny Dancer - BriaMaria  [Archive of Our Own]

Rating: Explicit
Paring: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Words: 22.7k

“Yes!” Harry punched a fist into the air. He laughed at the confusion that wrinkled the little space between Louis’ brows.
“You’re flirting with me,” Harry smiled, letting his dimples pop.
Louis’ face went blank for two seconds and then he rolled his eyes, one side of his mouth lifting. “Am not.”
“You soooo are,” Harry sang out, poking him in the shoulder. “You like me.”
“I was simply showing you how to actually bring… what did you call it? Your A-game.” Harry adopted a patronizing expression, sure it would piss him off. “And you did great. Really.”

“Oi, fuck off,” Louis said, but he was actually laughing now. Outright. It was gorgeous and Harry wanted to live in this moment forever. It was the very best one he’d experienced. He wanted to always remember the image of Louis’ crinkled eyes, the sound of his breathy giggles, the smell of citrus that radiated off him as he swayed in his amusement. And Louis didn’t even know his name.

Or … When everything gets to be a bit too much for A-list actor Louis Tomlinson, he runs back to the town he had never really called home and the boy who was the only one he did.



More GIFS!!! haahahaha (just downloaded a new app to make gifs, now I’m addicted. lol) When Kara threw her clothes to Mon El.. haahahahhaijustlostit 😂😂
This episode is amazing! Not only for Karamel but also for Sanvers and Winn&James.. THANK YOU KEVIN SMITH and the Supergirl team! GREAT JOB!! 👏👏
Sums up my every favorite Karamel moments from Supergirl 2x09 “Supergirl Lives” 😍 What’s yours?

PS: And you better take her to Paris City for a real honeymoon, Mon El!

You know, I think it just pushed me. Anytime as a performer and you’re in a live situation and you’re dealing with that sort of backlash, you know it’s gonna trigger emotions. But I think, like anybody who is dedicated and wants to get better at their craft and wants to be the very best in the business, they’re gonna use that as motivation. And that’s what I did. I took that moment, as some people look at it as a negative, but not me. I mean, at the end of the day, X amount of thousands of people are screaming, booing at the top of their lungs and I’m the center of attention. I must be doing something right.
—  Roman Reigns on the negative response to his Royal Rumble win.

Who wrote this Flash episode? I want to send them all the flowers and awards because it’s already my favorite ever. Westallen is perfect. Barry was being smart. Killervibe was cute.

And there is that moment of proof that these two have known eachother all their lives. Seriously the Westallen is spectacular.

“To the one who thought that oblivion would bring me peace of mind.

The moment our eyes met, I knew that you too retained your memories.

Hence, in this life, we’ll have to live in each of our happy endings.

And ignore this tragedy.

That we won’t need an excuse to see each other. 

Entitled with our own dearest names. 

So we could greet each other when we accidentally run into each other.

With our love always being the solution. 

I pray that we could meet like that.

I’m just happy that I saw your face.

Please live a long and happy life.


— Goblin 토깨비

Truthful Tuesday

@ohhelloholly wrote this post about small things in the face of the Big Important Issues we’re currently dealing with.  I wanted to add my two cents.

I think the small, normal, everyday things of life are important.  Actually, I think they are crucial to our humanity.  We cannot spend all our time focusing on the Big Important Issues.  We cannot ignore them, of course.  There is much to fight for right now.  There always has been, but it seems the sleeping giant has been awoken and now everyone is realizing the work ahead of us.

But we still have to live.  We have to earn a living, cook dinner, laugh, fall in love, and all the other things that make this life worth living.  Otherwise, what is the point of making the world a better place, if we don’t take a moment to record who we are and what we’ve done in the short time we’re here.

What I’m saying is this: there is room for all of it.  A photo of your lunch is not trivial in the face of the fight for equality.  There is room for all of it.  So don’t stop posting what you love, what brings you joy, what you want to share with others.  Keep doing that.  The positive energy it creates in the world around us is essential for continuing the good fight.

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Do you think Kuzon could have played a role in helping some of the air nomads escape the from the air temples during the raids, and then helping them seek shelter in the fire nation? It would be cool if he was still alive 100 years later like Bumi, and maybe Aang could have reunited with him. Or if Kuzon was dead, he could be remembered as a hero among the surviving air benders living secretly in the fire nation.

I definitely think that is possible. I think it would have been cool too if he was still alive, like Bumi. It wouldn’t surprise me if Kuzon had something to do with some of the Air Nomads escaping and finding refuge in the Fire Nation. And that may have been why it was so symbolically important for Zuko to join in The Western Air Temple. I think Zuko joining the group was supposed to be a lot more of a touching moment and that Aang’s conversation about Kuzon with him in The Blue Spirit was going to probably be more significant than it wound up being in canon. The way it happened in canon was a total let-down for me.

According to this old article I dug up, Bryke told people at Comic-Con before Book 3 that we would learn a little bit more about Kuzon. Which obviously never happened. Aang used his name but we learned nothing about him. And we all know that The Headband replaced an entire episode that was going to be about Kuzon and Aang, and it was made so that the Kataang ending wouldn’t feel as forced. I hate that because The Headband is my least favorite episode, and I always wanted to learn more about Kuzon. I think Aang’s scene talking about him in The Blue Spirit was one of the best moments in the series and it had a strong effect on Zuko, too.

One of the ideas that Ehasz had for Book 4 was that “Fire cannot exist without air.” Book 4 was going to go deeper into the relationship of Aang and Zuko, how the elements depend on each and Zuko’s connection with Kuzon, too. One of the things I was always dissatisfied with was that there was barely any development to Aang and Zuko’s friendship, even though the entire series basically showed how their stories ran parallel to each other. Ehasz wanted Aang and Zuko to become much closer as friends than there was time to show. Which is sad.

Has a bad day turned into a bad week? Are you still reliving that bad day or a bad moment? Talk to God about your painful moments. Share those unresolved feelings with Him.

We were never supposed to live our life tangled up in one bad day. As we ask God to help us move forward, we’ll not only find a listening ear but also help resolving the issues.

And that one bad day can take its rightful place in our thoughts and in our lives.

Heavenly Father, help me offer mercy to others, just as You’ve shown me mercy. I’ve held on to these feelings for far too long. I don’t want to be defined by one day, but live every day fully.
- Suzanne Eller, Proverbs 31 Ministries

Episode Review: "Setting up a deal with that pile of crazy." [S02E12]

So… Blindspot rode into town with a biker gang this week. How’d that rev your engine??

Y: Oh boy, I loved this episode so so much! Such a rush! Not a single boring moment and it went by so quickly! I kept checking my watch begging the time to stop because I did not want it to end. I could be biased because I love Roman and I love undercover episodes, but then again, it was truly such a great episode!

L: Wheee! That was a wild ride, and I loved every minute of it. They took the new storylines that I’m excited about (cough, Roman, cough) and tackled them with that exciting season one feel. (Also, I might have immediately watched it again. It was that good.)

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royai reincarnation au!

Ugh, I tried REALLY hard to make this only three sentences (you can tell by the first two that are absurdly long run-ons), but then I finished the third one and was like, “Um, no, I need an actual conclusion.” [sigh]

give me a pairing and an au and i’ll (try to) write a 3 sentence fic

He saw her die in their first life together and the second, third, and fourth until he stopped counting, always remembering their past lives together the moment her last breath shuddered out of her body and her soul escaped, a gentle whisper in his ear, Come and find me.

And so he found her, again and again, the urge to make things right so powerful that it was almost overwhelming and he could never understand why until the very end, when it all came to together, when it all came crashing down, when he had no time left to do such a thing, sometimes before they even were able to truly know each other.

Until one day, he sees her walking across the street with her dog, stumbling with the broken heel of her shoe, and spots a car recklessly careening in her direction. Before he even knows what’s happening, there is a voice in his head screaming, “You have to save her!” and he finds himself leaping into the street, knocking her and jerking her dog out of the way of the car.

They both land on the ground painfully, her trapped underneath him and blinking up at him with alert, shocked, beautiful eyes, him laying over top of her protectively and trying not to cringe at the road burn on the heels of his palms, her dog yelping excitedly and his leash tangling around them.

“You saved my life,” she says breathlessly and it’s like he knows her name by just hearing her voice.

A crooked grin fights its way onto his face, but all he can say is, “Uh, hi, sorry for ruining your dress. I’m Roy.”

When she smiles shyly at him, like she knew his name already, it strikes him as the kind of smile he’d like to kiss, even though he swears he’s only just met her. But nothing about her feels like a stranger to him, not even the feel of his weight over her, and that’s terrifying enough for him to almost skitter away. “Riza. And thank you.”

It feels kind of strange to think that he should be the one thanking her, but he doesn’t know why he thinks that – not yet

“I like it when you sleep, for you are the most beautiful creature I have laid my eyes on, yet you are utterly so unaware of it. Your quiet little snores get me ecstatic for that is one step closer to seeing your face in the morning. Oh how I love seeing your face in the morning. The soundless morning awoken by our vibrant love as if the world was waiting on us. Waking up next to you is like having your first kiss, exciting yet completely terrifying, but darling that moment is what I live for.”