these are the least blurry photos i got


Ah yea forgot to upload these! Or I don’t think I put any up at least? Some of them are a bit blurry but I’m not really bothered.

Visited the fox/wildlife sanctuary in early April for my uni project, I mentioned it in my blog and I did take lots of photos! They had some birds in as well but I got tons of fox photos hahah SO PRETTY and also awesome references!! 

I’m still so excited that I got to see a fox this close! 

The reason this fox was wearing a collar is because he’s been blind since he was born so he’s staying as a “pet” since he can’t be released in the wild. Had to be very calm and quiet near him but he seemed to get used to me quite soon and let me closer.

The first photo is quite funny, he was resting like a cat haha! My personal favourite is the second one on the second to last row :D such a sweet face! Can’t really tell he’s blind.

Also feel free to use these as refs if you’d like but do not use them as stock photos please!



So I managed to swing a seat for Mark, Bob, and Wade’s panel, and RIGHT AFTER THAT I just BARELY made the cut to get into their autograph line before they roped it off for good.

Five hours later, I finally got to get my FNAF poster signed by ‘em, and talk for a teensy weensy bit (the enforcers emphasized the importance of us keeping things short and sweet so everyone had a chance to say hi and so poor Mark Bob and Wade could get some rest)

In hopes of being more time efficient, I set my phone camera to snap a picture through voice activation.

It worked perfectly fine in line… But when I got to Mark it decided to stop working.

After several failed attempts to tell the camera to work, Mark sorta looked down at me and bellowed “You’re a LIAR!!!” (he was QUITE hammy over the weekend) before wildly swinging the phone around and snapping photos manually, insisting that worked just fine.

The first four pics are when he was whipping the phone around and I was laughing pretty hard. The last one’s the only clear one of the bunch but at least there’s a fun story to go along with the blurry ones!

So thanks for the laughs Mark, and thanks for sticking around to see everyone and keeping morale up during those 5 hours!


This is the finished dragon mask that I made to wear at Oz Comic-Con :D 
Quite happy with how it turned out, not bad for a first try. And now I have a few ideas for what I can do differently if I want to try again. Like having more foam padding under the eyes inside, because it was comfy to wear at first, but I noticed that it was starting to cut in under my eye after a while of wearing it. Aside from that it sit pretty well on.
Next job it to work out how to fit my old glasses lenses into it so I can actually see. I can see well enough without to not bump into things, and make sure I go home with the right group of people but it makes trying to actually look at something a bit of a pain. 

There is a cloak thing and a tail that goes with it, but I gotta get some less blurry photos first. And I may already have plans to remake them somewhat, because for the cloak at least, it ended up being a lot more awkward to wear than I’d expected. 

But now that all that’s done, at least until I start tweaking things for Armageddon in october (because it would seem I am incapable of letting things be) I actually have time to get back to work on everything that got put on hold. 

Apologies for both the photo quality and the state of my kitchen -.-
Mask itself was cast with Smooth-On 300 resin, horns were foam/paper mache/paperclay/willpower. Everything painted with acrylics, and one disaster with spray paint that shall not be repeated or spoken of ever again. 


I was so shaky at the gym that all the photos were blurry, so this is as good as it gets. Today was a day.

Worked 7am-6pm, ran 2 miles, got stuck at trains for more than 20 minutes, ate a massive dinner but stayed within decent macros, and even did a bunch of grading and cut laminations before bed.

Solid Monday at least.

I’ve started this post about a dozen times and nothing seems quite right. I’ve had plans over the years and many of them have gotten pushed aside, changed, lost, found, made, unmade, and a few have actually come to pass. One year ago things went mostly as planned and we officially embarked on the next phase of our wonderful existence together when we got married in our wacky little string of events that stretched out the wedding celebration across almost every season of last year. It was unconventional and quirky, like us.

This picture was from the night we got engaged and while it is a bit blurry it is one of my favorites. That night went a little wonky on us too. There was construction at Columbus Circle where you got on one knee and said a bunch of loving words, many of which neither of us can remember, but the spirit of which lives with us every day, wherever each of us may be.

So today isn’t going quite as planned. I had wonderful ideas about a beautiful photo album of our first year together. I wanted to give you a beautiful card filled with just the right words. I wanted to at least be in the same city and give you a real hug and kiss. I wanted to celebrate with you and eat our cake that mom so painstakingly stored in her freezer until we took it home about a week ago. But those plans will have to wait. 

For those who haven’t heard, I am in NOLA again after mom had some complications from her cataract surgery. So anniversary plans are postponed. Rick has lovingly adopted my mom as his own and has taken the fact that I am away, once again, in stride. He is amazing. He is rock. He is my quiet strength. He is all heart. He has my heart. He is love packaged as a bear hug.

We had to change our original wedding date so I guess it is fitting that we now have to shift our anniversary celebration. Every day is a celebration with you, Rick. As you said, it’s just a date on the calendar. Happy Anniversary today and everyday! I love you! <3