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10 reasons to stan ToppDogg like only a trash can would do.

1- Instagram

Can you name a better feeling then going to sleep peacefully, after a good stalking session? Probably not, right? And surely the best way to stalk our favorite k-pop group and our bias, having an Instagram account is the key. Close-ups of their flawless face, heart felt captions and pictures of our bias everyday life are all reunited in one single application which is: Instagram. But, what happens when our idols don’t have Instagram? That’s right, we cry. But, no more

“crying myself to sleep”

with ToppDogg since THEY ALL HAVE AN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. How cool is that?

A-tom: @8eomatom
Yano: @yfyanoseo
P-Goon: @pppppgoon
Xero: @xerozh
Hansol: @paradise930615
Nakta: @Kinda_syc
Hojoon: @thehjjxxn
B-Joo: @bbangjooo
Sangdo: @ssddrr
(He’s not in ToppDogg anymore but make sure to follow him too) Kidoh: @kidohgangdol

2- Jawlines sharper than a saber

I don’t think you are ready for this sight. The first picture is mainly the reason why I started loving Xero like there’s no tomorrow, how can a jawline this sharp exist?

Do I need to say anything more? 

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3- More for your money

You might have realized it with the Instagram accounts but I’ll say it again. ToppDogg has a total of 9 MEMBERS. Which means… 9 reason why your life is a mess. 9 reasons why you are going to hell. 9 reasons why you’ll go to sleep at 4 in the morning instead of 10 pm. Here’s some picture/ gif of some of those members.


I have that photocard lol I’m so happy (Nakta)

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4- The vocal line is no joke

This performance of Hojoon signing Justin Bieber’s “love yourself” is the reason why I decided to do this post. His voice is like honey gently spread on a toast: Heavenly. I’ll like it here. There’s also some clips of the members, the cuteness of this video is off the roof send help.

5- They are messier then my bedroom

Seriously I could link any compilations of “ToppDogg funny moments” but one that made me laugh ‘till I cried. Here’s the link. I’m telling you it’s the funniest thing on earth mark my words. But if you put 9 best friends with girl’s clothes in a room, a mess is guaranteed.  

6- Diversity of genre in their songs

ToppDogg’s firstly a hip-hop group. But when they came out with their song “Cigarette” they left all ToppKlass shook. They went from “If I came across them in a dark alley, I fucking run” style to “I can’t wait for you to meet my parents”. Only true kings can do that. With their latest album first street, they surprised ToppKlass again with a more accessible style that anyone can enjoy. This album is perfect for studying and for summer with its refreshing vibe. Give it a shot! My all time favorite songs will always be “The Beat” when I party and “Rainy day” when I’m feeling a bit more relaxed during gloomy weather. Link to the album here.

7- Breaking gender roles

Hansol surprised us all with a cover of P!nk’s “slut like you”. Sexy dance moves, lipstick and pretty boys/girls, all we need for a gender breaking cover. Hansol really did something great with this. Props to him! Here it is.

8- A-Tom’s hairstyle are total goals

He is so pretty, so is his hair. Doubting me? Look at all this hair goals and come back to me. 

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How pretty can he get? CALM DOWN

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He has a better hairstyle then me wtf.

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Let me live boy

9- Reality shows

The best way to gain supporters, viewers and fans is by giving them what they want: TOPPDOGG BEING EXTRA. Reality shows are the best for this. They are not big enough to go on shows like weekly idol and such but they did a lot of “mini-reality shows” that can easily be found on YouTube. What I like the most about all those reality shows is the way they express idols true colors and the true friendship behind the group. It’s heart-warming to see them being themselves with their friends. You can also find A-Tom on Produce 101 season 2! Let’s vote for him and give him all the love he deserves. Here’s a gif of slutty A-Tom just for you.

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10- Hard working beans

Despite the lack of recognition, they always put ToppKlass first and provide us with quality albums filled with their love for their fans. They never stop giving their 110% in every comeback and I truly hope to see them again in the future with great songs, like they always do. ToppDogg Hwaiting! BUY THEIR ALBUMS YOU FOOLS. 

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fanfic idea- I’m a fan au (winteriron)

bucky’s a fan of iron man. that’s it. that’s the plot.

warning: ooc-ness. like, probably massive. 

bucky wasn’t much of a social media person. considering he was actually on the run, having a social media kinda negates his aim to hide from the world, from hydra and from captain america. but, he does, in occasion, allowed himself a few moments of surfing the internet for information. considering how so many shield files were leaked into the internet, he thought he should know them too. perhaps, they can also jog his memories, especially the ones on captain america.

it wasn’t like he didn’t know the avengers before. they were included in his mission briefing, despite only encountering the black widow from the list. the falcon guy wasn’t in the files, but sam wilson had been listed as a friend, though he had been listed as inconsequential. there are others too, sorted by strength and weaknesses, from their danger level to potential of being a hindrace. 

Tony Stark was one of hydra’s potential hindrace, though he was also one of the few hydra would love to try and recruit. Tony stark’s name appeared often, usually as potential to be recruited to hydra’s way. Only after iron man first appeared he was also added to the list of hindraces.

the internet painted him in various ways. some hated him, others hailed him as their hero, both for his work as iron man or for his invention after he stopped making weapons. then, there was the shield files on him. plenty was already redacted, but bucky could read between the lines. the name ten rings was also familiar, not quite hydra, but they also once had dealings with hydra. bucky knew how people like them operate. and, it wasn’t a secret tony stark  that come home with something extra in his chest.

Somehow, bucky felt something like a connection, like this man might understand what he went through. he went through torture for 70 years, and people might think Stark’s 3 months of captivity was nothing against his decades, but bucky knew torture was torture. It didn’t matter how long the torture went. It was damaging, and  the scars wouldn’t ever completely healed. there was also the article that exposed how crates stark’s weapons had been in the black market, and how they were also used for bad things, outside of stark’s control. while it has been exposed that stark’s business partner, stane (familiar face, did hydra also had a deal with him?) was culprit behind those blackmarket dealings, stark still took responsibility for it because yes, they were his weapon, they were his resposibility, and so that he didn’t know what was happening wasn’t a good enough excuse when it was his job to know as the creator of said weapons and the one with his name on the door and on those weapons. 

(he didn’t know, it wasn’t his fault. it was other people pulling their fingers on the triggers.

but, it was his creation, born of his mind and ideas. so, he had to make it right.)

there was an unfamiliar feeling in his chest, something warm that almost choked him.

(I didn’t know, nothing more than missions. one at a time, a gun to be used for their sake. They gave me orders, and I can’t think of anything else but fulfilling them.

but, it was my body, myself and my hands. how do i make it right?)

this guy, this public figure he had never met but through files and articles, might understand him better than anyone else in the world. And this guy, instead of letting stane take all the blame, he took the responsibily he didn’t have to take and tried to right things in whatever way he could.

that thought made him a little bit less lonely, and gave him a little bit of hope. it was an inspiration for him, to try doing what he could to right his wrongs. (only, he didn’t know yet what it was. he needed time to figure them out, to figure himself out. he needed-)

he thought he could start by eliminating hydra, one head at a time.

after the thought settled in his head, somehow he always find time to check the news on either iron man or tony stark or stark industries. when tony stark’s name was mentioned, he would always stop and listen to the conversation. if the people he overheard was talking about how awesome the newest starkpad was, bucky would feel longing to have one too, and also to feel proud that yeah, tony stark is awesome. If they were talking about tony’s latest blunder, bucky would feel annoyed and glared at the group until they cease their talking and dispersed. if tony was a topic on tv, he would stop and watch until the show was over. he would smile when tony stark joked, or feel that strange pride when he talked about his newest archievement. he’d frown and glare if the host became a bit too pushy.

he also started collecting magazines where tony stark had an appearance in. he collected all the iron man paranephilia he could afford, the little ones he could bring with him at all times and kept save in his bag. as a guy in hiding and one of the best spies in the world, he knew having a constant thing like collecting certain things was a bad thing in spying 101, but he couldn’t help it. somehow, along the way, tony stark became his idol.

all in all, he became tony stark’s fan. he wouldn’t say he was a number one fan, but it certainly felt like he was teetering on that edge. bucky reflected that the fact he wasn’t going to risk his location to either captain america, what remained of shield, and hydra was the only thing stopping him from stalking the man himself.

being in hiding was often boring, the need to stay under the radar stopping him from trying any activities that might get him noticed. but, this….’fanboying’ over tony stark was often enough to keep him happy. reading through stark’s more serious interview gave him something to aim for, something to look forward to. he didn’t know what it is yet, but as long as he could find it–

the news of tony stark’s death hit him hard. he watched, like million other people in the world, as tony stark’s malibu mansion was destroyed to the ground. 

bucky thought he also cried, but he wasn’t so sure. he was too busy trying to breathe.

tony stark was his connection to the world, even though the man himself didn’t know it. the fact that tony stark exist in his world was the only one constant thing that he could hold on to, through his days of running and nightmares and memories. the world felt wrong, incomplete, if he’s dead.

When pepper potts gave her statement to media and said tony stark wasn’t dead, just missing, there was a big relief in his chest and he started his investigation as of where tony stark might end up. 

(there was a thought at the back of his mind, why there was no one looking for him but stark industries. where is the captain america, isn’t tony stark a teammate, a friend? the steve rogers in his memory would be the first guy to offer help, to helm the search party for the missing stark. the exploded house should certainly be enough incentive. but, last he heard, captain america was still on the way of  searching bucky, who haven’t had anything exploded near him except for what he meant to explode.)

In the end, tony stark saved himself and war machine, and they also saved the president.  or, stark had argued pepper potts was the true hero, him and rhodey just saved the president.

(bucky felt himself grinning, happy for no other reason than my idol is so awesome. it was a stupid thing to be happy about, when he was pretty sure tony stark barely knew he existed. but, but–)

Sokovia and ultron wasn’t tony stark’s fault. Bucky knew this, even though all he had was a video conference, broadcasted worldwide. There was only tony, sitting there at the head as he was questioned, one question after another.

(where are the other avengers, where are his friends?)

(maybe they weren’t allowed to attend)

there was colonel rhodes who sat by his side, lips pursed yet he kept himself silent as tony stark answered the inquiries. 

somehow, all the blame fell on him.

But, bucky was trained to read expression. even through the bad quality of the video, he could see how much colonel rhodes didn’t agree. Then, there was also the disappearance of the hulk, of Dr. Banner. There was a connection in that, and bucky didn’t believe for a moment tony stark could even create something as sinister as ultron.

(his bias was showing, he realized. It was perfectly possible, the man was brilliant. there was doubt, of what if? so, he got a bit too close, a bit too reckless)

Sokovia accords was a step into the direction bucky wanted to head. There was a thought, a fantasy, of working together with iron man. but, he had a memory that kept that fantasy, simply that, a fantasy.

He remembered a car, swerving away from the main road. He remember himself, his hand around someone’s throat. He remembered a man with familiar face, asking–

Sergeant Barnes?”

oh, I killed his parents’

when that memory came, he wished he could forget again. It was, by his own definition, was one of the worst night in his life.

oh no, oh god, I killed his parents! f–’

It was a surprise to see his own face breadcasted on tv, in front of a building he never even got near before, seconds before that bulding exploded and went up in flames. he realized, if is face was already up in all possible media, there was probably someone waiting for him in the room he rented. maybe CIA. worse, maybe one of the avenger, maybe even captain america or black widow. Worst, (and maybe best, thought it also made him break out in cold sweat) it will be tony stark himself, iron man.

It was steve, and damn, he was relentless. there was a slight worry for the cops that was sent after him, the ones steve seemed to have no problems hitting and throwing and wait, no dammit steve they were following orders, oh god I hope they don’t have broken bones or concussion, dammit steve they’re not germans. also, he was suprised when a man dressed like a black cat was also chasing him, dammit, now who’s this guy.

bucky ran towards a more populated area, hoping it would slow steve down and also his other pursuer, but instead seriously, why the hell did you destroy a tunnel, oh god there was a kid in that car and in that car and I passed a schoolbus just now – maybe I should stop, but –

Then, before he knew it, there was the gleaming silver of the war machine suit, and –

and –

The red and gold was much shinier up close. Busky thought the suit might be bulky, since was machine was so much so. But, it was sleek, designed to fit and the gleam and the smooth movement and –

a part of his brain went oh god, it’s iron man, it’s god damn iron man, live and right in front of me and the suit is so awesome and there was another that went oh no, it’s iron man, and he’s right here to capture me because they thought I bombed a UN building with people in it.

He didn’t know what expression he had on his face, but he hoped it reflected more of his second thought instead of his first thought, because even his scrambled brain knew it wasn’t appropriate.

While in the cell, he tried to properly assess his situation. he thought, maybe this is it, this is his chance. This could be the start of him rebuilding himself. This could be him to start taking responsibility. not on the bombing, though, because that one definitely not him, and he already have enough blood in his hand without adding the ones he definitely didn’t do.

Only, there was a man with the words on his lips. There was panic, desperation for the man to stop, before his mind went blank and the winter soldier emerged.

There was an order.

And his purpose of being was to carry that order.

The people with guns and uniform were easy to put down. easiest. Then, a big blond guy tried to stop him. he was harder to handle than the rest, stronger, more durable. 


but, he managed to put him down. He then encountered a red-haired woman who was tenacious in trying to stop him, but technique-wise, he was better, faster, stronger.  People kept trying to stop him.

inconvenience are to be eliminated.

another one, why do they keep coming, and he aimed his gun at the new one, expecting this one to be a faster kill because in the back of his mind, this one is regular human, unarmored, unprotected. his head is out in the open, not behind a mask of red-and-gold –

there was a shock when the bullet met resistence, failing to fire but the unmistakable sound of the gun being fired. the backlash when his bullet exploded in the gauntleted hand, the sudden pressure on his hand, a red-and-gold gauntlet that appeared out of nowhere and a face –

(eyes widened in surprise, face only inches from the muzzle of the gun, expression of shock, apprehension, fear and determination and –)

That shock broke something in his brain, something that held down the words that forced him to comply. It must be, because the thought that came was no way the thought of the soldier’s

oh god, his eyes are really brown. Nothing ever said he had such brown eyes. oh no, stop staring, bring your hand down dammit don’t shoot him.’

His programming forced him to keep fighting, but that little bit of window of consciousness managed to get himself to head for escape instead of eliminate.

In the end, steve caught him.

(tenacious, stubborn, don’t you realize I’m not the man you remember, stevie?)

might as well stop running.

(if there was a bit of hope to see tony stark again, no one had to know but himself)

Only, only….

Everything went to hell

(Tony stark would listen. he always did, even when the person he was listening didn’t deserve to be listened to. He would listen, if only to give a counter-argument. He would listen, because weren’t you guys friend?

Why is no one listening, can’t any of you see what he’s trying to tell you?)

Then, the video –

(I’m sorry, I’m sorry, oh god, I can’t stop attacking, please, I’m sorry. I’m trying to do right. I am. 

I was –)

But, in the end of the fight, even as he walked away from his idol, from the one person that would have understood, there was a feeling that told him, to turn around, this steve rogers wasn’t the one you remember.

Steve rogers wasn’t a person who lied. He lied, only for things that didn’t matter to him. He lied, only if the lie would allow him to do what he thought was what he had to do.

Steve rogers was a guy who wouldn’t keep a secret that wasn’t his to keep. He was the guy who would tell you if he caught your dad cheating, then he’ll keep it because it was your secret to tell.

This guy, he didn’t know this guy.

But, he could barely move without support, and Steve’s grip on his remaining arm was a bit too tight.

He couldn’t turn back.

He wanted to turn back.

When he felt he could move on his own again, he was miles away. Wakanda welcomed him as steve went again to fetch his friend.

(tony stark wasn’t a friend to him, was he? even after everything the man had done…)

For once, he wanted to do something right. Tony was big on responsibility, and he had to own up to his. At the very least, he needed to cease from becoming a danger. He needed –

(I’m sorry, I hurt you so much.)

When he asked to be frozen again because of the danger of the words, of his conditioning, there was another thought that he kept to himself. A little hope, that by keeping himself frozen, that he lessened one cause of pain for the man that might never will know James Bucky Barnes, the man whose very existance helped bucky to be a little less lonely without even knowing it.

As the ice spread around him, his last thought was I hope no one touched my bag.

A/n: It didn’t make much sense, I had fun writing it anyway.  I’m afraid bucky probably came across as one of those creepy fans, but I did try making him not creepy. So many nonsense, I think. But, it was ejoyable, so meh. 

And, I did try making this a fluff. I think I failed. Epically. :D

gothkirby  asked:

Hi I saw your latest animatic and I think it's really cool of you to put that together! But I was kinda curious about what you meant about feeling cynical for the animatic community, and would love to hear your thoughts further. You can reply privately if you don't feel like publicly talking, or ignore this if you don't want to answer. Have a nice day and your style is amazing!

Yeah sure I don’t mind expanding on it. From what I’ve seen since starting to make animatics, your popularity is determined by not mainly your quality but what you’re animating about. Musical animatics blew up overnight and while it’s expanding outward to more than just Hamilton and Heathers, those two are still the big leagues that can guarantee you being noticed by more than just a handful of people who like looking at OCs and such. I didn’t get noticed until I made Heathers content, and while I absolutely love the people who watch my videos, I know that if I hadn’t decided to dip my toe into something that big not a lot of people would have given me a second glance. 

It’s also that people can get chased off by their fanbase. They can lose inspiration in something that maybe just a few weeks prior they were absolutely passionate and enthusiastic about, all because of harsh criticizing comments or overzealous praise. I’ve seen people get brutally thrashed at for having their art resemble Galactibun’s. She herself got so much attention that she deleted her original channel. There’s other reasons, I know that, but it’s just really alarming to see how quickly a fanbase and a community can turn on it’s head about one or two people.

There’s always a mob mentality. People compare your work to someone else’s, ask you really obvious questions that insult your intelligence, remark on things about your style that you were greatly proud of but now wonder if they’re right. 

For me, I can’t personally handle stuff like that. Getting told that I draw women ‘too thick’ or that Deacon, my OC, heavily resembles other fandom characters? At first I brushed it off because it was one or two people, but now I get an overwhelming amount of those comments. That my eyebrows that I draw are too large, that people can’t tell if my characters are boys are girls or vice versa. I’ve had several people tell me in private that I shouldn’t put suicide or cutting implications in an animatic about a severely depressed and mentally unstable person, while I myself have similar disabilities. There was one person who I still think about from time to time who told me that they didn’t “personally find animatics that imply depression to be attractive”. Like, I’m not doing it for you, I’m doing it for myself. 

I lose sleep over wondering what kind of content I can make to make sure people don’t forget about me, that I’m still current, that a few months down the road I’ll still be confident in my art enough to do stuff with it.

So I get pessimistic about finishing projects. Meant To Be Yours was the biggest hit of my channel and honestly? I’m not too fond of it because it got an even balance between positive and negative reviews. People traced it for themselves, bribed me to trace over it and then put it on their channels. 

The oasis that I found in animatics slowly provided me poison fruit and a snake that whispers to me that maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead. But I won’t, because that means the negative views win out, but I’m still going to stand by the fact that the community’s a fucking war zone. 

Luckily people like you who take the time to tell me that you like my work and that you enjoy what I do keeps me motivated. So thank you for taking the time to ask this, and I hope that my rant kind of… I guess maybe answered your question?

frederickworryfree  asked:

It's difficult to see someone purposely, indirectly insult you. It's always your fault your insecurity, not his. That's his way to stay sour and bitter and feel good about it I guess. We don't even need to be in that relationship to notice that out.

Tell me about it. It really does hurt. It’s particularly hard to see someone do that who was supposed to be your best friend for 9 years. I wish he would just leave me alone at this point. The once super kind guy I knew many years ago has now transformed into ‘Mr Microdose’ one of the biggest bullies I know. Those paying attention know the reason for this. You can see his method in action over the years totally slandering and trying to intimidate anyone who disagrees with him (or rejects him), now he is using this tactic on me as well. He takes any and every opportunity to belittle, insult, humiliate and degrade me, what a great role model!! Also using this ‘poor me Im a completely innocent puppydog’ approach in his videos which so many are easily sucked in by. 😐As you can see I never mention him or make videos about him because I’ve actually MOVED ON and am happy! Now I feel somewhat forced to make this post. 

He has been getting a lot of heat lately for his sugar mountain sprite recommendations and as a result contacts me requesting that I support him (direct quote on my phone) “Make 3 positive videos about me and I will take my vids down.” I was floored. Hang on….Like WHAT? This is the guy who has spent the last 6 mths trying to destroy my life with hundreds of bullshit Tumblr posts, several slanderous videos that were covered by worldwide media, constant lies to mutual friends and HE wants ME to make supportive videos for him?!? Like whaaaat?! 😩I even spoke on the phone with him about it and he didn’t seem to get it… I’m just not sure what reality Harley lives in anymore. It’s just not sane behaviour. 

Back in June when I convinced him we should break up (Ness can confirm this as we moved out together & she lived with us for months prior) I really wanted and TRIED to maintain a friendship with him. I still have all text messages saved from that time confirming this but Harley couldn’t handle me getting close to Robin even though he was boasting about sleeping with several young girls at the same time (not underage). He became very jealous and bitter, even then i STILL tried to be there for him as a friend. Then back in Aus he conveniently got his stuff from my house and then started abusing me online straight afterwards. 🙈

Recently since hanging out with his new girlfriend Tori he has gotten a lot better because his focus has shifted off slandering me. Tori seems like a real sweet girl too and he seems happier in himself which is nice. I hope she stays true to herself & her own needs no matter what pressure she recieves from him. Anyway unfortunately a leopard doesn’t change their spots and his old behaviour came back with him trying to claim he “made me” (srs ffs more like the other way around!) and that he created raw till 4 and that I forced Robin to get a vasectomy… ALL RUBBISH of course and thankfully switched on people reading his posts can see/feel that. I do give him credit for the small cycling section in the book which he pressured me to include. He has taught me a lot about cycling and I’m always grateful for that.

Its hurts me to see him be so nasty when he speaks of Robin. It’s just really low. Harley doesn’t like to be spoken about like that so why does he do it to others? It’s important to add that Harley has never EVER been close friends with Robin but continues to say he was (hey it makes his story sound better right?) ;) Makes us *sound* like really bad people. Manipulate the truth no matter how much so it works to serve your agenda, this is Harley’s method. Robin actually laughed out loud when he heard the ‘good friends’ claim. Harley did NOT introduce me to Robin geezuz.  As like 200 + attendees Robin just came to *our festival to meet cool like-minded people. I’m so glad he did or I would not have met him and can I tell you I love him so much, he is a top quality person who is kind to everyone he meets (ask anyone at the festival) so seeing nasty lies about him hurts a lot but he is tough and smart people see through it. 

Even though some thought i was crazy doing it up until recently I allowed Harley to stay on my website (yes the name & site was created by me), the website I have paid thousands for over the years to design and maintain, not one cent contributed from Harley. He wasn’t even the first member after me. Sure he has contributed on the forum and that’s been really awesome (& i will leave those posts up) *However* he cannot surely think he is allowed to slander me all over the internet while I continue to sell his books on my site?? CRAZY and I’m not going to do it anymore. Even after his slanderous videos i STILL allowed him to stay on but no way im over it I’m not going to be used anymore. 

I have no problem in saying that he can be a great motivator and does have a lot of good advice to give. He even has a tattoo that says “PMAR” Positive Mental Attitude *REGARDLESS*…. Why isn’t he living that? Why doesn’t he walk his talk? I just wish so much that he would drop this hateful blaming victim mentality & focus fully on being that motivating person that he can be! 

Harley’s latest threats below