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How can you tell when an INTJ likes/dislikes you?

the first thing you should understand is that when we are assholes, it usually has nothing to do with you. we’re sorry. some of us are working on being better. you’re probably cool.

if we’re comfortable around you, we’ll generally talk a lot more, open up to you about our interests, and turn up the sarcasm about 500% (although if we know something bothers you, we’ll adapt and defend you). if you can get us ranting about something we’re passionate about, that’s a bonding moment. (like right now this anon and I are totally bonding.)

if we see you as someone we want to be involved with in the future in any significant way - romantically, career wise, as a roommate, etc. - questions go from being a way to keep the conversation alive to being an interview. if you feel like an INTJ is bombarding you with questions about how you operate, your opinions on serious topics, or what you want for your life, that’s a very good sign. ESPECIALLY if they use that as a springboard for debate. that often means they want the interview to go in your favor, so they’re willing to pursue the topic you disagree on until you come to some kind of understanding. and/or we think you have a lot to learn and we actively want you to be better.

under normal circumstances though, a better sign of friendship is if we ask you about something you mentioned a long time ago. that doesn’t come naturally unless we see you as being an important part of our life, or at least a very interesting one.

also, TJs in general can be very blunt about positive things, although we’ll disguise it as something less emotional. like, we’ll show affection by trash talking your enemies, or treating our high opinion of you as obvious objective reality, or nonchalantly mentioning the fact that we’re best friends because it was relevant to the conversation.

there are a lot more things too, like seeking you out when our social battery is low, or taking the time to mentor you in something you show interest in, or literally seeking you out at all

as for how to tell when an INTJ dislikes you, that can be harder. some of them will make absolutely no secret of it. others want to avoid the consequences of drama, so they’ll put their best face on and try to treat you like everyone else. passive aggressiveness is totally a thing though. if you have some major disagreement and it just happens to keep coming up, it’s probably a message. however, if it’s in the context of an otherwise normal friendship, that message is probably just “I wish you would understand this is wrong” and not “I actually dislike you.”

if you consistently and knowingly attack things we care about, and we never address the issue and also don’t seek you out when our friendship is no longer convenient… well, the odds are not in your favor. same if we spend a lot of time talking with you but are never able to relax.

but almost anything else I could say is going to have major exceptions. because so many niceties are learned behavior, we’re unfortunately going to have a lot of times when we distance ourselves from our friends just because we’re having an off day - actually, that’s probably true for everyone. one word answers could just mean we haven’t connected yet. angry sounding debates could be attempts to fix things. lack of dealing with an issue could be a lack of confidence in dealing with it. long breaks in contact happen to the best of friendships. stuff happens.

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reader is the best friend of dva and has a crush on hanzo and she dont wanna tell him .... so dva go say it to hanzo .. I let you chose whats going on next huhu

“What the hell, Hana! You’ve got to be kidding me, don’t tell me you’re not cheating! There’s absolutely no way you could be the Traitor six times in a row and actually win every single round!” you exclaimed loudly as your friend managed to kill you while playing Trouble in Terrorist Town once again.
“It’s not cheating! You’re just a noob, that’s it!”
You pouted. It couldn’t be, you were usually really good at games like these! You were about to give her another piece of your mind but her next words made you stop dead in your tracks.
“Or are you possibly too distracted? Thinking of your favorite Shimada again?” Hana flashed you a cheeky grin and you really felt the urge to throw your bottle of Mountain Dew at her. You noticed the heat rising to your face as you quickly told her that that was definitely not the case. But of course, she wouldn’t buy it.
“You know what? You’ve been avoiding this topic for months now. When are you finally gonna tell him?”
“Well, how about never?” Yes, never sounded like a very good option. 

Ever since you joined Overwatch about one year ago, the archer had intrigued you. It’s been a long time but you just couldn’t find the courage to confess your feelings to him. He seemed quite distant at times, even unapproachable so you were convinced he would only reject you. Or just ignore you completely. 
So far, only Hana knew about your crush and she used it to her advantage, blackmailing you with that information whenever she got the chance. Nevertheless, she did her best to support and encourage you but it was never enough.

“If you don’t get your shit together, I will confess your feelings to him for you.”
“You wouldn’t dare!” You stared at her in disbelief. She would definitely be capable of betraying you like this and even though she only meant well you wanted her to immediately abandon that idea. You’d rather not have him knowing about this at all.

“Okay, let’s make a deal. If you manage to beat me in Mortal Kombat, I will not tell him. If you lose, I’ll go and find him the instant your health drops to zero.”
She had to be kidding. There was barely any video game that you were able to beat Hana at. What kind of a deal was that?
“This is useless, you’re gonna win anyways…”
“You’re admitting your defeat? Okay then.”
Before you could stop her, she had left the room and headed towards the headquarters’ cafeteria to find a certain someone. 

You didn’t follow her. The last thing you wanted now was to see his reaction. You were scared. Well, there was a tiny chance that he might actually reciprocate your feelings but it was way too small to make the situation any more comfortable.
In order to calm your nerves, you decided to sit on the roof of one of the many houses in a small town nearby. It was already nighttime, the streets were entirely empty and left you to be alone with your thoughts. It was so peaceful. Way more peaceful than the clutter in your mind. 
You tried to relax, to meditate and calm your racing heart. You knew you’d have to face him sooner or later; you’d have to go on missions together at some point. But for now, it seemed smarter to prolong this conflict, give him some time to think about what Hana had said.

You actually managed to let go of all your worries for a while until footsteps from behind startled you.
“I apologize, I did not mean to alarm you.”
Of course, it had to be Hanzo, who else? You silently cursed your luck. How did he know you would be up here and why would he even seek you out? Couldn`t this humiliation have waited until tomorrow?
“Would you mind if I joined you?” he inquired, his voice barely above a whisper, afraid to disturb the peaceful atmosphere under the moonlight.
Your mind screamed Just leave! while your heart desperately wanted him to stay by your side the whole night.
“No, not at all.”

You’ve sat in complete silence for several minutes, not daring to say a word or even look at him. That was until he let out a loud, slightly nervous sounding breath.
“Hana Song started a conversation with me earlier and informed me that apparently, you have developed some kind of romantic feelings for me. Is that the truth?”
Well, at least he got straight to the point. However, this seemed to be turning into an interrogation. Couldn’t he just reject you and leave again?
“Listen Hanzo, can we please just get this over with?”
His expression turned into one of confusion, his forehead slightly scrunched up. 
“Aren’t confessions supposed to be romantic and take quite some time?”
Did you just understand him correctly?
“Wait, hold up. What kind of confession?”
“It was my original plan to confess to you but I must have been mistaken about your feelings for me”, he muttered more to himself than anyone else. Your eyes widened and the thoughts inside your head went on a rampage once again.
He liked you back.
You quickly pushed the thought that he might simply confess to hating you all the way back into the rearmost corner of your brain. 
“No! I mean, just take all the time you need, make it as romantic as you want!”
You could swear your face must have taken on the color of a ripe tomato now. The man sitting next to you let out a small chuckle, the most beautiful sound you have ever heard, and nodded.
“Very well then. But I must ask you to finally look at me.”

You took a deep breath and made a ninety-degree turn to look at him, eventually gathering the courage to study his dark brown eyes. His sincere, soft gaze made your heart skip a beat. 
“It’s surprisingly hard to put these feelings into words, however, let me tell you that I genuinely enjoy your presence, your warm and optimistic aura. It would be an honor if you’d be willing to occupy more of your time with me.”
You couldn’t help but grin like a Cheshire cat. Things got even better when he suddenly took one of your hands into his own, pressing a tender kiss to its back. All you could do was stare at him as he stood up and left you alone with your thoughts for now. 
It took you a solid five minutes to return to reality, suddenly realizing what had just happened. 
Your crush liked you back. Hanzo actually shared your feelings! Before you could control yourself you let out a small squealing noise as you stared at the back of your hand. This was the reality! Containing your excitement was difficult after what just happened and unbeknownst to you, a certain Shimada brother was still around the corner to listen to your small outburst of happiness, grinning to himself.

You barely managed to sleep that night, your thoughts continuing to race with excitement. Therefore, the next morning started off roughly. Or rather, it didn’t really start off at all. After hours of desperately attempting to get at least a tiny bit of sleep, you finally got up around lunch. In the cafeteria, you were immediately greeted by a familiar face.
“Sooo, how’d it go?” Your best friend sent you a suggestive smirk and you could only roll your eyes, deciding to leave her in the dark for now. 
“Okay, I guess. How about I eat properly and get some caffeine into my system before I tell you everything?”
“Hmph, fine. It’s totally acceptable to make your wingman -no, wingwoman- wait!”
You smiled softly to yourself as you started digging into your food. However, you were soon interrupted as another person took a seat at your table opposite to you. Hanzo.
Hana quickly voiced her obvious confusion.
“What the…are you okay, Hanzo? You never eat with anyone else, so- oh. Oh, I see how it is.” 

Ignis x Reader Fic: Next To You

I’ve been taking a hiatus writing fics, but after reading so many others and obsessively playing the game (I’ve gotten quite good at fishing. Caught the Vespar Gar and the MF-ing Leige!), the bug bit like like a fish to a lure.

Anyway, here’s a thing for you to read. If it’s popular/demanded enough, I’ll continue writing it. This was my first stab at writing a reader fic, so the (Y/N) here is female, but feel free to change it to whatever you want in your head ^_^;

Also tagging @chocobro-daydreams and @chocobrodreamteam, hoping I’d get some kinda reblog or something ^_^;;;

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9

Ignis sighed heavily into his highball glass of whiskey; wine wouldn’t cut it after today. The light-brown haired man picked up his glass and sipped from it, letting the peaty, hot spirit coat his the insides of his mouth and throat. His attention then turned to the opening of the door, seeing a familiar face.

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Bob: We get our scripts and that’s what we do. No one’s really pushing like an agenda. And I’m assuming you mean like romantically and that kind of dynamic? So that’s not something that crops up in conversation when you’re doing the job. You have what’s on the page and you try to do it as truthfully as you can, and whether that’s where Jason and the writers are taking it, that’s their decision.

Also Bob:

Me at Bob:

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did you ever talk about why you prefer jane x michael over jane x rafael?

Well basically this: (I wrote it before Michael died lmao, can you hear my heart break)

Anyway, because they were empowering with each other and just knew each other so well and were able to have the best kiss ever and sweaty palms and all but then also meaningful conversations and the proposal ugh just breaks my heart every time.

I don’t dislike Rafael, I just don’t find them romantically compatible. And the CW just always seems to push this kind of relationships on us and say that love should be hard and painful so I was happy when they didn’t do that, except I played myself lol. Although I will say that I feel like the writer realized this and is trying to reinvent their relationship so we’ll see how that goes.

Kane & Abby: Love Making

My thoughts on the upcoming Kabby love scene. (Pre-Season 4 Speculation)

Similar to last year’s trailer revealing their first kiss, this year we’re also shown a snippet of another iconic moment between them - their first love scene. Hopefully, what brief seconds we’ve seen is only a taste of what we’ll actually get and nothing too major has been spoiled except for the fact that it is happening. Additionally, we will hopefully be blessed with a wealth of other Kabby moments this season we’re not expecting. Just like last year, revealing their kiss is a way to further affirm to audiences that the nature of their relationship has evolved into something romantic. A small snippet of their love scene has been shown, but there is still much more to see. Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg for them this season…


Below are two shots of the same scene from two different trailers. These shots are definitely from the same scene as they’re far too similar to be separate. The lighting comes from the same sources (candlelight on one side and daylight perhaps on the other) and they’re in the same position (her slightly above him, supposedly sitting in his lap while he reclines on something). I can’t wait to find out the context of the scene. How they got there, why they’re in a room alone, how this started and how it ended up there.

I definitely think this could be a post-love making moment. Their hair is already fairly messy and their clothes are already largely removed (I’m assuming Kane is shirtless and Abby has on a tank top/bra). That being said, I hope we do get to see the ‘before’. This scene will be a huge step for them and deserves its due spotlight. They are a major canon relationship and pretty much every other couple on this show has had a love scene (with far less development beforehand), so they are deserving of the same treatment, if not more so. I suppose we might not get to see them in the middle of the action but perhaps the start and end of it e.g. the first moments of kissing and removal of clothing and then later cut to them afterwards as we see them in these trailer shots. I’d certainly rather have that than just an implied love scene with the aftermath being the only thing we get to witness.

I think the second shot is right after the kiss in the first shot. Abby looks to be leaning away slightly, watching him adoringly while he’s still reveling in the wake of the kiss which, I believe, is the reason behind his blissful expression. He’s so wrapped up in her - so overwhelmed by her love and affection and their emotions are completely laid bare to each other. He’s not accustomed to reciprocated affection and this is all going to be largely new to him as they try to give each other the love they know the other deserves.

At the very bottom of the second shot - eclipsing the bottom of Abby’s hand - we can just barely see the blurred, rounded edge of what I believe is Kane’s bare shoulder which bobs out of the frame as he moves. The shot doesn’t allow us to see if Abby’s still wearing the ring on her finger, but we can see the chain around her neck. The rings could be addressed in this scene or, perhaps, take place later in the season as the potential removal of them doesn’t seem to be a pre-requisite for their love scene. That is, unless they have talked about it at this point and the choice is not to remove them at all. I have high hopes that the rings will be addressed in some capacity this season as their relationship and the resurgence of Jake’s memory will demand some kind of conversation about it.


It’s difficult to decipher much of the background in these shots, but what little we can see looks most indicative of Polis. There is clearly candlelight accentuating them in this scene. It’s an iconic feature of Polis as well as a staple of love scenes on this show as almost all have taken place in the fittingly romantic light. In the second shot we see a more simplistic grey background with what looks to be four square black alcoves behind Kane’s head which, again, seems more like an architectural feature found exclusively in Polis. I hope we can see more romantic moments between them back in Arkadia and Kane’s room specifically, but, for this scene, they are definitely in some room in the Polis tower.


I’ve been confused about the potential timeline for this scene as I always assumed they’d be heading back to Arkadia by the end of 4x01, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case. I’m assuming it’ll take place sometime within the first three episodes or, at most, within the first five. We’ll see how everything plays out…

My previous theory - long before the trailer came out - was that it could possibly take place in 4x11, aka the episode Ian directed. It’d be a unique opportunity for him to helm it and potentially one of the reasons that episode was selected for him. Although that’s unlikely now, there’s a chance Ian could still have directed another powerful, romantic scene between him and Paige in his episode.

Premiere Theory
This may already be the accepted mentality, but I’ll address it once more: I don’t think this scene will take place in the premiere, nor do I think it’d be an ideal time for it. I think a potential bandaging scene (which I go into more detail here) is much more likely to occur and is a more plausible choice as an opening scene for their relationship. I think there is plenty of possibility for some more necessary development between them and build up towards this scene that the premiere episode would not allow. I actually think it’d be a fairly disappointing decision, as the scene wouldn’t be given the time and spotlight it deserves. Here are some other reasons:

  • Both Abby and Kane have cuts/bruises in 3x16. Abby has cuts over her right eyebrow, cheek, lips and bruises around her neck and Kane has a cut above his left eyebrow and right cheek. These wounds can be plainly seen in the 4x01 promo pics. In the footage for their love scene however, their faces are completely clear. They may fade quickly, but certainly not in the span of one episode. Seeing how those fade should be indicative of when this scene might take place. 
  • A lot of Ian’s comments at SDCC seemed very suggestive of this event based on teases such as: “do I take my clothes off?”, “Jason did say I should start working out” and more, but I don’t think it’s from reading the premiere script but, rather, just from knowing that a love scene will take place this season, as it wouldn’t be hard to assume that kind of scene is imminent for him and Paige on top of already being hinted to him by Jason. He’s expecting it and looking out for it as he reads each new script not because he had already read it.
  • Ian also teased that 4x01 will be very busy and without respite, and, if that’s the case, I don’t see a slow, romantic love scene fitting in well with the initial chaos that will no doubt be an immediate matter to handle. Also, if there are truly important things to be done, I can’t see them putting themselves above their people and spending their time alone if there are more pressing matters.


Kane and Abby have always been careful and thoughtful with their interaction, displaying gentle, affectionate touches to show comfort and support. I’d like their love scene to continue to exemplify this as it’s who they truly are and it’s what their love looks like. I want to spotlight the very essence of who they are individually and what they are together. This definitely seems to remain true for these shots. They look very peaceful, relaxed and happy as they’re enjoying their time together. Given the circumstances, they should be seeking and relishing every moment they can with each other, not wasting any time to say and do everything they want to and enjoy each other’s company before it potentially ends. They’ll have to fill a lifetime’s worth of love into a matter of months - which gives us fans the opportunity to witness some amazing scenes under these unique circumstances. 

It’s easy to assume we’ll see the continuation of their established habits in this scene, such as Abby touching his hair and beard and Kane probably touching her in many ways throughout the scene, his hands never disconnected from her. He could caress her face and hair, they could touch foreheads, kiss each other without interruption and more - whatever happens it’s going to be amazing! We could also see the emergence of some new physical gestures as well, as they evolve into an even closer relationship. I would like to see Kane get a little more physical here now that has clear permission from her to do so to show growth on his part as he becomes bolder in love. It’s not something he’s accustomed to of course (he is very affectionate with other people but is always surprised whenever someone shows him affection) so I think Abby will probably lead the way at first or at least the beginning of the scene before he eases into it. They’re an extremely equal, mutual couple and I’d like to see that shown as they share equal amounts of affection. Not that they’ve ever been lacking before of course, but it would be nice to see him become more confident in himself and her love for him. Kane did take the lead when he kissed her in 3x09, but he had permission to, as she all but revealed her true feelings for him in their farewell scene. He never would have done that unless he was sure it was okay. Her feelings always come before his own. The tense circumstances at that time also bolstered his actions. The potential for the end of the world - though a distant threat in the moment - does act as an interesting catalyst for their relationship (as well as all the others) to evolve in large ways this season.

Also, as it will take place earlier in the season, it could also help usher in the idea of living together (I wrote about that here) which they can adopt from here on out. This will help solidify their relationship and make it easier for them to transition into regularly sharing a bed and quarters together. This consummation scene will fully establish them as a couple and usher in a new living arrangement they probably wouldn’t enter into before they’d already shared a bed.

We could also see their relationship become a little more public after this point as well - not that they’d ever draw attention to themselves, but I don’t think they’d take extra effort to constantly restrain themselves either. There’s no need to hide anything or pretend nothing is happening between them. As their relationship grows it will likely be displayed more, especially when they get further approval from Clarke. If the nature of their relationship wasn’t evident enough to people before, this will definitely be the season where everyone finds out.

I’m also very eager to know what dialogue is featured in this scene. It could be some of the most impactful, beautiful and love affirming declarations they’ve ever shared. If they truly have the luxury of quiet, alone time together, it certainly is a desirable opportunity for them to be verbal about their relationship. This scene could potentially be where they say their first “I love you’s” which would be amazing! Most other couples on this show have said this to each other already and after much shorter periods of time. Kane and Abby have definitely earned that. It’s an undeniable truth for them. Nothing could be more true than their love for each other and having it said out loud - both for them and the audience - would be incredibly satisfying and beautiful to hear, once again cementing the depth and evolution of their relationship.

As this huge step will take place near the beginning of the season, we can expect more amazing progress between them punctuated by multiple scenes - hopefully even more than we got last season. This is just the beginning for them. One of the first big, defining moments of their newfound relationship - one of the first chapters of their new lives together…

    Anyway, these are just some of my thoughts regarding the upcoming love scene and addressing some theories - they will certainly grow and change once the season begins and we can see how the story is unfolding. I can’t wait to experience the actual scene with you all and hope for many more wonderful Kabby scenes this season!

    You can read more of my The 100 and Kabby related meta HERE

    Why I love Book 4 Korra’s development

    So a few days ago, I made a half-joking post about how Korra’s character understandably changed by the end of Book 4. After months of thought, I’m finally making a post on why, as a woman of color, I am totally here for the change.

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    Lucas and Maya tried to answer their cards on the roof...

    First of all, can we talk about how Lucas is more honest with Maya about his feelings and confusion than he has been with ANYONE else? “I…don’t know anymore,” actually makes Maya the first and ONLY person so far that Lucas has said anything straight to about any of it since Texas.

    And he respected Maya enough to be fucking HONEST: He doesn’t know. And that was BEFORE the blab, even. Lucas could’ve gone for another Line (some shit about “moments” or smth) but he didn’t. He could’ve lied and said “you.” But he didn’t. He just straight up told her he didn’t know wtf anymore.

    I mean, damn. That’s kind of a big ass deal, considering he ate the “library or campfire” card in front of everybody rather than answer at all. “I don’t know anymore” doesn’t answer the question definitively (of course it doesn’t, ugh), but it IS an answer—one he was so unwilling announce to everybody else that he ate the damn card.

    Yeah, so Lucas yelled at Charlie about Gummi Bears. Yeah, he had a genuinely sweet little moment about a thing Riley does that he thinks is cute. And maybe he would have been straight with Riley too if she’d been the one to approach him…but they don’t communicate romantically half so well as they do in a we’re-just-friends situation. They’re so terrible at talking in any kind of romantically tinged situation that it’s not even funny (Gravity, New World, Secret of Life, Semi-Formal, no wonder Riley didn’t want to bother trying in Texas. I mean maybe they just need to be alone…idk. They’ve had ample opportunity, why wouldn’t we have SEEN that?)

    I think if Riley had approached Lucas on that roof with clear romantic intent we would have had a repeat of the “So…we can’t even talk” bit from New World, if even that. Because I don’t think Riley would have even been able to START a conversation, quite frankly. Lucas either, unless maybe he just went for a Line and then Riley ate it up. But that’s not a real conversation.

    Maya and Lucas, on the other hand, could talk just fine in the immediate wake of the near-kiss (well, until she admitted she liked him, then he went dumbstruck scared and just listened intently). And they were constantly being watched on their dates, so meh. But whoa, they talked just fine here. More than fine, actually.

    I mean did you guys SEE that?

    So, I already went over the whole, “I don’t know anymore” thing, but just a quick backtrack…HOW COOL WAS MAYA?

    “This spot taken?”

    She’s a mess right now, she said so, we know so. But she’s not a mess in that moment. Maya is cool.

    And then we get, “I was savin’ it.”

    But Maya saw Lucas get aggro at Charlie. She saw him eat that card. So she’s not really buying the Line, sweet as it seems.

    “For who?”

    And she’s SO COOL about it. She just spits it out. Like, she’s obviously wary of the answer, but she’s not whimpering or pathetic, or whatever. (I feel like Riley would have said “For me?” if they could even get to that point in a similar conversation, idk.)

    And then Lucas straight up tells Maya the truth!

    So then, quick head whip when she uses his actual name (for the first time in this episode, I think). And Maya asks Lucas if she’s ever said anything nice to him.

    Of course she has. But maybe he didn’t realize it at the time. I mean, she does give him an awful lot of crap and he’s a teenage boy, so…I mean, even one of the sweetest things she ever said to him (“you are still SUCH a huckleberry”) ended with a nickname that he may not QUITE realize is actually a term of endearment yet.

    Or maybe he’s just playing a bit when he answers.

    Because when Lucas says “No,” he’s smiling a bit. (Why does he let her make fun of him again? Gee, I dunno.) And he realllllly wants to know what she’s gonna say next. And Maya? Well, she keeps it low key. No big I LIKE YOU or any shit like that. Just “I’m glad you’re standing here.”

    And he’s pretty much bowled over. Because remember, she ate her card too. If Maya’s card was about Lucas and Riley, we would have gotten a shot of Lucas glancing at Riley (we get Riley looking over but that’s it). Lucas looks at Maya like “wait, now why isn’t SHE answering?” He doesn’t take his eyes off of her and he even looks a little pained. Lucas knows about Maya liking Josh a whole damn lot. And I am at just about 85% that moment is about Josh. (And then they look at each other and chew their cards. Which…that was pretty damn funny.)

    So, on the roof, Maya sort-of not-really answers her question too. Just like Lucas, it’s not quite a definitive answer to the question she ate during the game, but it’s an answer nonetheless.

    They are TRYING to talk about the cards they ate inside. They are TRYING to talk about the stuff they didn’t want to talk about while they were on blast during the game with everybody focusing on them. They are the ONLY ones who got questions about actual feelings. The others got personal trivia and “have you ever.”

    And literally all Maya has to say is that she’s glad he’s standing HERE.

    Cue dooooofy smile, and:

    “Well…then…that kinda makes up for everything.”

    I mean…she’s given him so much crap, but *that’s* all she’s got to say to make him wave it off? I mean maybe he’s also kinda kidding, but if he’s kidding with her again…well, that also means he MEANS it. Because if Lucas is actively kidding with Maya again, well…you should be able to do the rest of that math.

    And now? Farkle time. Dude interrupted a PRETTY BIG DAMN moment once you realize what was happening. I think he may even have realized that, right at the last second.

    Riley was trying to let them have their damn moment. Because honestly? I think she knew they were gonna have one, and even if she still likes or thinks she likes Lucas, she didn’t have it in her to take this from them. Because Riley loves Maya and Lucas, dumb as she’s been, and she kinda knows what’s up when it happens right in front of her. Unlike Farkle.

    (And we can talk about Riley’s facial expressions during that whole minute-to-midnight conversation later.)

    I’ve always pegged Lance as a dreamer, looking forward to the more romantic aspects of life.

    During his time at the Garrison, he’d spend nights just lay on his bed at night, staring at the ceiling, probably thinking about the future. He’d ponder about his future; returning home, hugging his family, becoming a successful pilot his parents could brag about. He’d write all over old tests and used papers he’d find, writing in fine detail where his house would be, the pets he’d adopt, how he’d have a little cactus on his windowsill. When he wasn’t writing, he’d be telling Hunk and Pidge about his dreams.

    We can see that Lance is a really romantic person, like gods, he flirts with anything and everyone, so I like to think that he really wondered what kind of person he’d end up with. I say person, because we know he’s aggressively bi, he’s a passionate bi. He’d wonder what their lips felt like against his, what they smelled like, what their voice would sound like. He’d imagine just waking up at 3 am, and having ridiculous conversations with them that they forgot in the morning. Stargazing, getting lost in familiar streets, dancing to imaginary music, he’s thought of it all.

    But then, he was whisked away into space, with his two best friends, his hero and someone he just doesn’t understand, and he doesn’t have time to think, until one night, when he’s just staring at the stars and his thoughts just overwhelm him.

    Except, now, instead of a faceless lover and a soundless voice, he can see pretty indigo eyes, pale skin, and black hair the color of the universe he’s staring at. He can hear an annoyed yet loving voice, and his skin tingles when he remembers the feeling of calloused hands gripping his own.

    Now, instead of sleeping in his room, you can find him sitting by the window, just staring out into the universe, lost in his thoughts.


    sydney tour 2/2 (the harurin edition)

    …and then. well. i have no idea what to say about this part of our tour except since the sun went down so quickly, we’re gonna pull up the exact location for haru and rin’s conversation again because ALL OF A SUDDEN, BRIGHT LIGHTS and a city filled with colours and waves and i was losing my shit left and right because this has to be one of the most romantic things i have ever witnessed in my life?! like ridiculously so?! like seriously man they were even throwing a wedding ceremony nearby at a venue at the rocks and shdsjsfs

    and then moromi was pulling me along towards the russell hotel and i realized i had not emotionally prepared for this AT ALL so i kind of froze and we had to spend like 20 minutes across the street just for me to gather up the nerve to step inside because i’m a weirdo like that with things that are really emotional. moromi even made us watch ep 12 RIGHT THERE ACROSS THE FREAKING STREET to determine which one was their window, and when we finally got inside it was all empty and i was like shit shit shit so embarrassing i want to die but gatoraid had moromi call the reception and the lady who came down was so nice and understanding about the whole animu thing and then


    moromi lying out of her ass: so hypothetically would there be any room in room 25 in here within the next two weeks or so cos i notice the key is missing
    lady: well there’s only one available night on monday the 24th and after that, not until september, no
    me: ………. (realizes we leave on the 25th)
    me: i want to do it
    me: i’m gonna do it

    …and now i have a booking for room 25 on monday night so. that is a thing. that just happened. because for some reason the swimming harurin gods REALLY FUCKING LOVE ME and decided i should stay in room 25 and write on my last day in australia, apparently. so it’s happening. for real. and i can’t thank moromi and gatoraid enough for enabling this horrible hell because i’m probably gonna flip as much as i flipped my shit tonight but. at least tomorrow we’ll go shark-watching and whale-watching and i’ll have time to mentally prepare for the idea of SLEEPING IN THAT SAME FREAKING BED and jfshfsj

    i am not ok

    anonymous asked:

    It makes me really uncomfortable when the fandom romanticises and sexualises the gems with one another just because they express a relationship with one another deeper than one-dimensional. It happened after Maximum Capacity and now it's happening after Rose's Scabbard. I just feel like it undermines the raw emotions people can have about one another without them needing to be sexual, especially since the episodes don't even connote those themes at all.

    OK but like, its fine if you don’t see it as romantic but I do hope you realize that part of the motivation of people seeing the relationship as romantic is because they see part of themselves in it and its often important and meaningful to them, especially because in this context its a queer relationship, rare in media and rarer in cartoons. It’s not that people are trying to erase a complex relationship by implying it can only be romantic, but we so rarely get to see ourselves in media like this so naturally we’d like to see it as romantic. Not to get overly emotional, but it kind of hurts to always have people insist you’re reducing a complex relationship for wanting to see yourself in media in some fashion.

    Also, seeing a relationship as romantic doesn’t necessarily mean it was also sexual.

    I argue that the episode absolutely did connote those themes. While you don’t necessarily need to view it as romantic, the conversation Pearl enacted with the projection definitely had those implications - “Why would I ever want to go home if you’re here” followed by Rose referring to Pearl as “My Pearl”. Like I said, you do not need to see it as romantic but its really not a stretch to read it as such. There’s no doubt in my mind that if one of these characters appeared male that people would view it as unquestionably romantic, part of me feels like the only reason a lot of folks are resisting is because they both appear female. Not that I’m accusing you of anything, I’ve just had people tell me “why do you need to see everything as sexual, why can’t they just be good friends” when I know they would never say that if it were a heterosexual relationship so many times that I can get a bit bitter about it.

    There’s also little doubt in my mind that even if its not explicitly romantic, the crew absolutely wanted us to be able to read it that way if we wanted to. They like keeping things open and accessible so people can relate and identify with it

    I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, I can see why you would feel that way if it seems that people are reducing the character and relationship. But I don’t believe they are or that it inherently reduces the relationship to see it as romantic
    Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd: Owen's Taking a 'Huge Step' | TVLine
    By Charlie Mason

    If you were looking for something a little lighter from Grey’s Anatomy in the wake of Calzona’s heartbreaking courtroom showdown last week, Thursday’s episode (8/7c, ABC) might be just the ticket. As Kevin McKidd told TVLine recently, his alter ego, Owen, and Amelia are now enjoying a post-reunion honeymoon period. And it’s about to get even more romantic.

    In “At Last,” “Owen decides he’s going to take a huge step,” the actor reveals. And, since that huge step involves his newly recommitted girlfriend, naturally, that “kind of leads them into a conversation about, ‘What is the future for us?‘”

    What do they decide? Neither McKidd nor we wanna give it away. (The show would have our heads.) But he does describe the hour for Owen and Amelia as “really beautiful and romantic” and this scene in particular as “a really fun thing to have played.” He adds that the lovers “are in a better place than they have been in a long time.” So it’s probably a pretty safe to say that at least the on-again/off-again couple aren’t breaking up again.

    anonymous asked:

    What do you think about this Richonne/Caryl problem? The convo that Michonne had with the David guy was foreshadowing for her and Rick but there's all these shippers saying it can be a caryl moment too which is bullshit. You are kind of like a caryl rep and maybe if people heard what you think maybe they'd ease off. Your silence is stirring the pot and tbh it's a bitch move for you to not say anything. Right?


    Thank you for your question. I will try and give you my take on the episode and how I perceived the scene you are referring to but I first want to make it clear that this is my personal opinion, and therefore no one else but ME is to be held responsible for it. 

    I don’t speak for anyone else but myself - I am not a ‘CARYL rep’ in any way, meaning that if you don’t like what I say or disagree with me, the person to come after is ME and not the CARYL fandom in general. 

    I didn’t realize that my not saying anything about it was “stirring the pot” or a “bitch move”, just like I wasn’t aware that the two ships were having a major disagreement to begin with.
    Seeing how things in my inbox seem to have escalated, I will give you my perception of the episode itself but not the fandom because I really don’t know much about what was said or who was involved in this “problem”

    I think this particular episode had a core theme that applied to multiple pairings and spoke to the dynamics between numerous characters within the group.
    The emotional undercurrent matched the concept introduced by Rosita in “JSS” - “finding people/things worth fighting and dying for” - which is something that started to be explored in 5B and has had a very strong presence in 6A so far. 

    The scene that the dispute is centred around is between Michonne and David AND I believe that it can certainly be classified a as a foreshadowing or even mirroring her relationship with Rick. 

    The dialogue echoed the experiences Michonne shared with Rick and Carl and I think it may have stirred up some reflection on her end because David’s sentiments were haunting and emotionally deep. It’s likely that she thought about what her life was like before Rick and what it was like after she found him and Carl. 

    For her Rick, the group and humanity as a whole is something she gravitates towards and something that means a great deal to her, BUT the nature of their reality is such that taking time to figure out exactly what that means is a luxury nobody gets…often. 
    I hope David’s story and his fate spurs her to examine her emotions and where Rick fits into that. 

    Based on that exchange alone and the fact that it’s very applicable to Rick and Michonne I would say the scene speaks to Richonne the most…


    There are certain aspects of that conversation and the timing of it taking place, that can be interpreted as echoes of other connections on TWD - namely Carol and Daryl and Maggie and Glenn. 
    The key here is that I am talking about ECHOES - THEMES - SUBTEXT - and not just taking the conversation and making it about a different SHIP. 
    From what I have seen that’s kind of what the posts I have come across are implying - I don’t think anyone is trying to take the moment and it’s meaning away from Michonne and Rick but maybe saying that the theme of the conversation can be applied to other potential of current romantic bonds. 

    My immediate association went to Michonne and Andrea, then Michonne and Rick and only then to the conversation between Carol and Daryl that repeatedly used the phrase “We are not/ain’t dead”….

    I am assuming based on your message and it’s tone (as well as a lot of others in my ask box) that this isn’t an opinion you are going to like, nor is it one that will get anyone to “ease off”…(I am not really sure who’s actually behind either side)
    Personally I don’t see how me or others seeing aspects of the CARYL bond in the subtext of that conversation is a cause for our two ships to have a PROBLEM or engage in conflict.
    It’s awful that it’s an issue in the first place because I honestly can’t see why anyone would try or how they could succeed in diminishing the value of the scene and the conversation itself for Michonne or Richonne. 

    If mentioning the scene during a CARYL discussion is perceived that way then I guess I am guilty of it - however I hope I can make it clear enough to anyone who would be or is offended, that my perspective focuses more on the THEME and the EMOTIONAL UNDERCURRENT of the script and the TIMING of the scene in the episode as a whole AND isn’t meant to undervalue anything as far as Richonne is concerned. 

    The majority of CARYL shippers I follow and know, also ship Richonne and I can’t imagine them trying to start a feud between their two OTP allegiances for any reason, let alone something like this. 

    If I am wrong then I apologize for anyone who got hurt by anything I posted. My interpretation or stance on this might not be appreciated or approved of by everyone BUT I hope at the very least people can take a look at the intention and core at the opinions being posted.

    Interpretations can be wrong but misinterpreting a scene is not a sign of someone de-valuing a character or the relationship that character is associated with - at least not from me. 

    Being reminded of CARYL elements during that conversation doesn’t mean I am devaluing Michonne’s presence or story there - it probably just means that I see Richonne and CARYL as very similar way.

    I haven’t seen any posts that use that particular scene to put down Michonne or Richonne or posts that claim OWNERSHIP of the scene for their ship without acknowledging a strong Richonne presence - if they exist, I don’t understand how a feasible argument for them was made and I can see how THEY would elicit a negative reaction from both shippers and non-shippers.  

    However THEY have to be the exception and not the rule because frankly they sound NUTS!

    Bottom line is - my opinion is that the scene was foreshadowing Richonne BUT certain elements of it were paying homage to a number of other relationships also formed post-apocalypse.
    David and Betsy, Carol and Daryl, Glenn and Maggie, Michonne and Andrea but primarily MICHONNE and RICK!

    I am sorry for anyone who thinks and feels this opinion is disrespectful - it honestly doesn’t come from a bad place on my end at all!

    I hope that clears it up - for me in particular!

    Thank you


    What qualities do you think makes a woman sexy?
    • Matty: Being forward. Asking questions like that. It's confidence, isn't it? Whatever type of person you are, if you see that in somebody else, that's very attractive, isn't it? The idea of narcissism, of mirroring oneself. So I like it.
    • George: You like girls that remind you of you?
    • Matty: Yeah, a little bit! (laughs) We like a challenge. I like girls who don't know who I am. That's my favorite kind of girl, because it goes back to normal. Because now, everywhere we go, we go somewhere because of the band. We don't have days off. So every girl you meet knows who you are because of the band. I think it's sexy when girls aren't really interested. It's the chase, isn't it? It's what everybody likes.
    • Adam: The thing I really like about the girl I'm seeing at the moment is you can have a conversation [with her]. She has interesting things to say.
    • Matty: God, this is all we ever hear. He's so in love with this girl. She's really cool though.
    • Adam: She's very intelligent. She's like one of the cleverest people you'll ever know.
    • George: I like massive curly hair.
    • Matty: We like blonde afros. That seems to be a thing. But that's a very physical kind of thing. We're trying to be a bit more romantic, but a blonde afro will do.
    • George: I'd like to meet a girl who cares about politics, but I've never met one.
    • Matty: You've never met one? [You're] hanging around the wrong circles, hanging out with us lot. Where are we going to meet girls that like politics?
    • George: Humanist girls.
    • Matty: Yeah, yeah, a proper humanitarian. But they're not gonna go for a drummer in a band. They're gonna go for some dude who works for Greenpeace who lives in Brighton.

    anonymous asked:

    can i ask for tips on how to stay positive about gmw? between being a rucas shipper, lucas fan, and riley fan i find it to be a little hard to deal with the fandom and even some of the storylines.

    The first thing you need to remember is that the writers created this entire world.  They created Riley.  They created Lucas.  They created Rucas.  They created all of the wonderful moments we have been blessed with.  They created this incredible story between two people who have one of the most amazing foundations for a romantic relationship that I’ve ever seen on tv. (Yeah, I said it, and I mean every word of it because if you go back to the beginning, knowing what we know about them, you can see how beautiful and how strong they really are).  A relationship built on friendship, trust, patience, conversation…it’s rare to see this kind of development between a pairing before they’re shoved together.  A true slow burn where the writers have carefully weaved these two people together and have allowed them to make the right decisions so that they could “come together at the right point in time”.

    It is extremely frustrating after watching their development for over two and a half seasons to be suddenly met with a brick wall where we are only allowed miniature glimpses into their romantic relationship…where these moments we’ve heard about through tapings are being reduced or cut out all together…and hearing other ships proclaim that it’s because Rucas is dead or dying or will die or whatever they’re saying.

    I get the frustration.  I’m upset about not being able to see a few scenes in particular, but at the end of the day, I have to remind myself that the same people who crafted this story between these two are the same ones who are cutting these moments, which I think is mainly being done due to time constraints.

    I want a season four.  I want more episodes.  I want to give them the opportunity to do what they did the first two and a half seasons…further expand ALL of these relationships, which includes Rucas.  I want them to give Lucas a solid episode that gives us a little insight into his past, his family, who he is.  We haven’t had that in awhile.

    As far as the fandom goes, the antis’ GOAL is to get under your skin, to make you doubt what’s happening on the show.  IDGAF what they say or think, because at the end of the day, I’ve been with the show since the pilot.  I’ve seen all the episodes.  I see what they tried to do with the romantic pairings and I feel that I have a solid grip on who each of these characters are.  

    Playing devil’s advocate for a minute, if Rucas breaks up permanently (I legit don’t see it happening, but whatever), there is nothing to indicate that Riley or Lucas would go after anyone else in the clique six.  That’s not MJ’s style, and doesn’t fit with the vibe of the show.  He’s said so many things about other ships not happening romantically, and even the characters on the show have flat out said they don’t like each other romantically.  I get that things change, people change, but I don’t see it flipping like that so rapidly.  For a show determined to put friendship and loyalty first, it’d be a tricky situation at best.

    Remember this anon: at the end of the day, we have canon.  We have so many beautiful moments between our characters and they’re DATING.

    Originally posted by torig22

    Originally posted by girlmeetscute

    junonureyev  asked:

    I kind of feel like instead of the characters being "in a relationship", the dating feature should just give us actions that we can send any pair of characters to do. Like, dancing at the club, hot tub date, study date, romantic walk, take selfies as a couple, have flirty conversation, and maybe a building that would come with more romantic options. I can't really imagine how romantic relationship will even be visually represented- do you think we'll see a heart icon like we see the hanger icon?


    No, really, I think that would be really fun and a lot less stressful than having them actually date.

    We could have a heart icon, that would be good as well.

    nina1986o  asked:

    You dont think their going to put daryl or carol with other people?? Trying really hard to stay positive and optimistic. I dont want to believe that theyve been building to nothing

    Hi there fellow Caryler,

    Thank you for sending me your ask! I hope I can be a little helpful to you.
The thing is - I understand why some of us are experiencing some uncertainty right now and why it’s become harder to coax out the enthusiasm and optimism about CARYL after 6A
After all Carol and Daryl have been separated all this time, and while we got some clues that they are thinking about each other, nothing was completely concrete and we never got any emotional payoff for all the anticipation created through those clues. 

    Everything is still very much up in the air and all of it feels so…unfinished! 

    The story simply didn’t reach completion. 

    But when you really think about it - none of the story-lines have been resolved either. 

    Glenn never got back to Maggie

    Rick and Jessie’s connection hasn’t been clarified. 

    Rick and Michonne’s partnership hasnt been defined. 

    Abraham and Rosita’s relationship status hasnt been resolved. 

    Abrahams flirtation with Sasha and her influence on him, hasnt been examined all the way (he has some things to handle first) 

    Tara and Denise’s relationship begun tentatively and now they too are separated. 

    Carl and Rons duel hasn’t come to head completely. 

    Carol and Morgan’s conflict exploded and seeing how they are both unconscious now, we can consider it to be merely paused. 
    And Daryl…whose story was all about returning to Alexandria, hasnt made it HOME yet! 


    I can’t give up on CARYL because I haven’t seen CARYL yet! 
    In order to reassess the relationship I need to see how the emotional shift they both experienced in 6A affects them when they are back together in the same place. 

I need to see how they are when they are together in order to see if there is a chance for emotional progress between the two of them.

    I need to see how Daryl IS when he is with Carol in order to judge whether or not CARYL is moving forward, backward or simply standing still.
I need see how Carol FEELING things will change her relationship with Daryl. 

    I need to see IF the things that served as CARYL reminders for Daryl in 6A will actually mean something MORE in 6B. 

    Basically there’s way too many loose ends and speculative unknowns right now for me to be able to make a final decision - positive or negative - regarding CARYL.

    As a naturally optimistic person I am always going to lean towards the positive end of the spectrum and seeing how I haven’t seen anything on screen that directly dismisses of shuts down the CARYL possibility, I have no reason to walk away and not believe in it.

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