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The thing i love about Dirk Gently isn’t actually the source material. Don’t get me wrong, the source material is A+ excellence, but the best thing is the fandom.

We’ve jumped on a thing which has a sketchy couple of books, written by a writer who honestly and with the best love in the world did most of his best plot writing ‘for the gags’.

We’ve involved ourselves in a series which ended on a HORRIFIC cliffhanger, one that means that - after the airing of season 2 - probably half of our fanfiction will be out of canon and thrown into AU land.

But we’ve done it because we believe so hard in the fucking BEAUTIFUL world that Max Landis has created, the spectacular landscape that Douglas Adams had left behind.

I love that. I love it so hard, guys.

nothing compares to you

“So?” Kent asked, following Jeff up the stairs to his apartment. “What’s the deal? Who’s your new best friend?”

“Aw, don’t be jealous, Parse!” Jeff unlocked his front door. “It’s cute, though. Don’t worry. You’ll always be my number two.”

“Whatever,” Kent said.

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serahblacksnape  asked:

Any headcanons about how MCL boys would react to Candy having REALLY bad period pain?? //shot

,, oml you even added ‘very’,, and i’ll see what i can come up with  ?? i’m not super creative with this stuff although i suffer too - enjoy.


  • Experienced the wrath of Amber and his mother on their periods.
  • Knows what to do, just groan and he’ll be summoned.
  • Feels bad woman have to go through that ?? gosh 
  • Hmm, I’ll get these-  or maybe these will be better…? Oh, these are also nice-
  • Doesn’t like tampons, has heard about incidents with them and thinks they are dangerOUS af so NO
  • Never asks his mother what to do when Candy is like this, doesn’t want to.
  • Asks Candy what he can do to make her feel better.
  • Let’s be real Nath has cash to spend on pads for days.
  • Kinda frowns hearing her in pain like that..
  • Doesn’t touch her, figures that’d just make it worse. 
  • Offers some massages or moves to help her feel better.
  • Seriously, he just feels bad he can’t do anything about this ?? 
  • Can’t imagine how horrible it feels. Tries not to imagine how horrible it feels.
  • Lingers around Candy to make sure she’s alright.


  • Cringes a bit when he hears her groan that much SUCK.
  • Touched her once and almost got clawed at, didn’t think that’d hurt her.
  • Gives her a heating pad and some medicine to take.
  • Seriously isn’t experienced in this ?? like of course his mom has them but like - she’s barely around, so.
  • Looked up ways to cure the pain and regrets it heavily. 
  • Sooo, your body wants to try and kill you every month?“ 
  • Sometimes asks Candy if she needs anything since he doesn’t wanna annoy her asking so much.
  • Is pretty close by her, just sitting and scrolling through his phone or smth.
  • Massages with those magical fingers of his. 
  • Can’t wait until it’s gone so he doesn’t have to worry anymore.
  • Doesn’t tease her tho, because periods are too brutal for that.
  • Goes pad shopping like - he isn’t awkward about it.
  • Is confused of how some woman aren’t scared of tampons ?? tf they sound scary


  • Wasn’t ready for the madness,,
  • Awkwardly asks Leigh about what to do - seeing him and Rosa and all..
  • Tries to read up on it…but just can’t bring himself to.
  • Rubs her back and just tries to assure her to ‘breathe’ through it all.
  • Is pretty formal shopping for pads/tampons, he’d just grab it and go on with his day.
  • Doesn’t understand why some men are awkward about shopping for it.
  • Gives her painkillers, always cuts the pills in half just to be safe.
  • Let me know if you need anything…it pains me to see you like this.“ 
  • Thinks he isn’t handling it well but it’s better than not handling it at all.
  • Doesn’t like hearing her in pain like this but - there’s literally NOTHING he can do.
  • Sometimes peaks on her at night to make sure she’s alive.
  • Worried once before when she was knocked out on the bed.
  • Takes a very long af nap when she’s off, he needs a break for a second.


  • Was ready for this, with his mom having them.
  • Isn’t buying tampons, he’s not risking it getting up there. Gets pads.
  • Knows some good brands to use, thanks to his mom.
  • Avoids Candy sometimes when she has a moody period bc he’s not getting on her nerves today or any day.
  • Cringes when Candy’s in pain, doesn’t like hearing it. 
  • Pats Candy’s back because there’s literally nothing else he can do.
  • Scared to hurt her - he’s not the most gentlest person tbh.
  • Ooo, these are great - wait WHAT - why are they so expensive??
  • Count on him to get Candy junk food for her cravings. 
  • Watches some movies to distract her from the pain.
  • Doesn’t tell her many jokes because he doesn’t want her to hurt herself laughing.
  • Is pretty experienced in handling periods/Candy’s pain, doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck though.


  • Knows how to deal with this,, kinda. 
  • Dad warned him about the “types savages” some girls act like.
  • Honestly, he’s fine buying pads for her - isn’t awkward about it.
  • These are a good brand…but this is better too - why not both?
  • Mumbles to himself a lot in the pad aisle like what the heck.
  • Fearful of tampons like NO he’s not making those trips,, he’s not risking this.
  • Offers to massage Candy’s back, kinda sloppy but good enough to help - somewhat. 
  • Gives her medicine, mainly painkillers - those help a lot.
  • Can make some badass tea,, very good and helpful for her. 
  • Asked his mom for some tips because there’s no way he’s looking it up.
  • Stocked up on sweets to give her, especially ice cream sandwiches.
  • Shivers when Candy is groaning like that - always comes to her when she does.

The amazing @Squirreltastic submitted to my blog a Scarecrow version of the “No Fun Allowed” meme. This is perfection and I love it. 😂 💛

This is going to be my new reaction image for anon hate

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I’m dead guys.

My dad is 68 (he’ll be 69 next month) and is the reason I started to play Mass Effect. Its his favourite series and he ‘loaned’ me the original trilogy when my brother gave me his Xbox 360. (he never got it back)

He’s been playing Andromeda, slower than I have because he’s taking his time to do everything and can’t play for a really long time so he’s been giving me updates on what he’s doing and the choices he’s made etc. and I’ve been helping him through some of the confusing aspects of the game (crafting etc)

But today he told me that he’s romanced Vetra. I’m weak. Deceased. He told me that his Scott just held her hand on Kadara and my heart <3

Like father like daughter tho amiright

@ Midnight honestly same

anonymous asked:

That cheating thing killed me! Can you do a continuation scenario of that for tsuna, mukuro and gokudera with them trying to win the s/o back? The poor things :(



Drawing in a quick breath, Tsuna reached for the door. He had been wanting to do this for some time, but had been unable to pluck up the courage. How long had it been since he had strayed away and taken another woman to bed?

“Not long enough,” he mumbled. It was now it never. Turning the doorknob and pushing the door open, he allowed himself in. Passing through the hallways he made his way to the kitchen until finally he could your voice.

Inside the kitchen you had been talking to Yamamoto. As one of Tsuna’s closest friends, he had been kind enough to try to talk you into giving the Vongola leader a second chance, but to no avail. When you saw Tsuna standing in the doorway, you couldn’t help but roll your eyes.

It was Tsuna who spoke first. “Yamamoto, please leave us alone.” His Rain Guardian obeyed, brushing past Tsuna and giving him a quick pat on the shoulder. Once he was out of earshot, the Vongola boss began to talk. “[Name] I want…”

“You know Tsuna?” You interrupted him. “When I first met you, you were so different. You didn’t ask for anything. If fact, you insisted on giving. But lately all you’ve ever done is just ask for things. Things that are already clearly given to you. Yet you insist on enforcing some kind of make believe law that everything is for you and only you.”

“The hell are you going on about?” He knew he was in the wrong, but found himself unable to control his anger.

“What I’m saying is that even if you do something wrong, you think that just because you’re the leader of the Vongola and the most powerful mafioso, you can just get away with what you want.”

Tsuna gritted his teeth. “I didn’t come here to hear a lecture [Name].”

You glanced away, unable to look at his face any longer. “I know why you’re here. Because you think that with a few sweet words you’ll be able to charm me back into loving you.”

The mafioso leaned forward, almost as if to attain a begging position. “Please, dear, I know what I did was wrong, but just give me a second chance. I swear I won’t make you regret it. Can’t we just move on?”

The tiles on the kitchen floor had started to blur, and you knew it was because you were on the brink of tears. Before all you had ever done was cry and regret having gotten involved with a mafia leader. Your strength been depleted every time he threw a charismatic smile, and your only thought was, Maybe this really is the last time.

But now was different. You finally turned and looked Tsuna in the eye. “Sorry, dear. But I won’t be another one of your many flings. Im through with this.” With that, you pushed past Tsuna and headed out the door. However, you were unable to stop yourself from hearing his shout coming from behind you.

“I will get you back [Name]! You’re mine and only mine.”


Leave! I never want to see you in my life ever again!

Your yells had been preceded by a slap, and Gokudera had no idea what had stung the most. No, of course I know. Your leaving had been what hurt him the most. Even now, while sitting on your front porch in the pouring rain, waiting for you to return home from work, he could still remember the hurt look on your face.

“Why the hell did I do it?” He grunted in anger. What could he gain from breaking your heart? Bringing a fist up to his forehead, he squeezed his eyes shut. It didn’t matter. Your image was still very much burning in his mind.


He snapped his head up. Through the water that blurred his vision, he could just barely make out your silhouette. He hadn’t heard when you had arrived. Gokudera stood up, knowing he must look ridiculous in his soaked clothes.

You held an umbrella, but found yourself unable to offer him any comfort under it. Instead you asked blankly, “What are you doing here?”

He opened his mouth to speak, then closed it in a pause. He seemed to be getting his thoughts in order. When he finally spoke, it was in a strained whisper. “[Name], I came to ask for your forgiveness.”

“Again?” Seeing Gokudera in front of you brought bad memories of when he had cheated on you, and forgiving him wasn’t in you plans any time soon.

Your ex sighed. “Yes, again,” he mumbled. He looked to be struggling, clearly not knowing what to say. “Please just hear me out.”

“I know I’ve hurt you in a way I can’t repair. I destroyed any future we had to look forward to. But I want to let you know that I am truly sorry for what I’ve done. And I won’t stop trying to win back your love, [Name].”

Your first instinct was to tell him to leave. You understandably hadn’t been the most civil when you’d kicked him out of your home. Yet you felt you should at least hear him talk, if only to make up for your lack of restraint back then. Giving him a nod, you permitted him to speak.

Standing under the safety of the umbrella, while he suffered the harsh cold of the rain, reminded you of the countless times he had protected you. All those times he had whispered sweet nothings. The times when he rushed home to ask if you were alright. Had those actions been sincere? There was no way to tell. However…

“Because I really do love you.”

The words broke through your train of thoughts. Love? Could it exist even after all he’d done? You stared at the ground, having turned from a light gray to an almost dark brown, and spoke. “You never stopped being sweet huh?”

You held out the umbrella. “Maybe there’s still a chance for you. Maybe there’s still a chance for us.”

A soft smile appeared on Gokudera’s face. You were willing to try again. So you let him under your umbrella.


“Kufufufu, I thought you wouldn’t show your face around here anymore [Name]?”

The man in front of you, Mukuro, still had the guts to talk to you in such a teasing way. After he had cheated on you.

You took a deep breath and decided to get everything over with. “I came to return these.” You took out a small bag containing several letters. Valentine’s Day letters, Christmas letters, birthday letters. Any holiday or special occasion one could think of, there was bound to be a letter for it. Each one had been written by Mukuro to you whenever he had been out on business. Each one claimed to miss you. Each one held countless memories of countless years. Now each one no longer held any sentiment. 

Mukuro retrieved the bag, eyeing it suspiciously. When he appeared to remember what it contained, he quickly turned to you. “[Name]…”

You shook your head. “I don’t care what you have to say, Mukuro. I just wanted you to have them back. I don’t want anything that remind me of you in my home.” You sighed. “I guess in the end, I was just another one of your many illusions. Something you took for granted.” You quickly turned to leave, but were stopped by his voice.

“Will you at least let me say something before you step out?” You didn’t turn around. Instead you stayed still. He doesn’t even deserve to be looked at, you thought. He continued to speak. “I know you’re hurt, but won’t you at least allow me a second chance? A chance to fix everything. You won't…”

“Regret it?” You angrily turned to look at him. Your attempt to try and hold a cool and calm composure was shattered. No longer did you care if you looked like the villain. Your wounds would not be easily healed by his lame excuses. “Stop being so cliche Mukuro. Can’t you man up for once and just admit that you were wrong? You act as though this is something so carefree, something that was carelessly done.”

For a moment it seemed as though Mukuro was gonna let you leave without saying anything else. But when a troublesome smile appeared on his face, you knew there was no way he would let you have the last word. “As usual, you’re quite the stubborn person.” He held up the bag of letters. “If you want to leave, then leave. But I would watch my back if I were you. Because I will always be following you. Don’t think I’ll be letting you go so easily. Because I will never let you go.” With those words, he retreated back into his home, the door shutting quietly.

Did I do the right thing? The thought invaded your mind, but you had no time to ponder over it. You quickly started to head back to your car. Only time would tell after all. 

Prompt sent in by @doubledeathisforlosers (thank you!!)

They thought me untouchable, but you swept me off my feet a lifetime ago and never quite put me down. Of course I was out of their reach.

(Prompt credit)

Pairing: Prinxiety

Everyone though he loved nobody. That he was cold, unloving, even heartless. They though he was untouchable.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

The truth was, one person had captured Anxiety’s heart from the day they met. He with the flair for the dramatics, the romantic and fanciful side, the embodiment of creativity. The one with the sparkling eyes and brightest miles, the ego and confidence, the flirt, the brave and honourable one. The one who was everything Anxiety wasn’t.


Anxiety had been enchanted when they first met; the royal boy had been so new, so different, so strange and refreshing, a shining beacon of light in the darkness of Anxiety’s world.

But he knew Roman would never feel the same, so he hid it. Buried the feeling. Covered the emotions up, the longing, the pain and hurt and love, the adoration and sadness, the wish for the feelings to be mutual. Covered up with sarcasm, sass, insults and hissed words of annoyance, rolled eyes and scoffed remarks. Hid with a cold stone mask of indifference and annoyance, a hard, tough exterior to hide and protect the soft interior.

But covering things didn’t mean they would go away. The feelings remained, bubbling under the surface of the walls and shields Anxiety had put up, trying to break free every time Anxiety saw Roman laugh, noticed how his eyes sparkled, heard him sing a Disney song. He loved Prince, and there was nothing he could do about it. All he had accomplished was making the others drift away from him, ostracise him, believe that he was somebody he was not. He’d made them believe the mask, believe that he was cold and aloof and didn’t care and didn’t love anything or anyone, because no matter what they did he would reject their friendship, ignore any kindness or affection, because he couldn’t stand it, the guilt, the emotions, the feelings.

They thought Anxiety untouchable, but Prince had swept him off his feet a lifetime ago and never quite put him down. Of course Anxiety was out of their reach.


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BTS as Animated Characters~ (5/7)

Park Jimin // Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid)