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Everybody loves Daichi

anyways I love this picture I took on campus today bc this bigoted preacher dude was shouting at everyone about The Sinfulness of Homosexuality (fun topic!) and my brave friend was refuting like, every point, while also sporting the gayest look possible. we had Father Hate sweatin

all i see about the years when andreil are on separate teams is fricking angst about it,, my gay ass can’t have that,,,,, have some fluff about andreil managing long distance alright

  • honestly, neil and andrew weren’t expecting to miss each other
  • they knew they were used to each other so they were prepared for it to feel weird
  • but not wrong, not like something or someone was actually missing
  • neither of them have had cause to miss someone before
  • usually if someone stopped being in their life it was for the better
  • neil never even really missed his mother, all his memories of her are mixed in with her anger, her leaving bodies in their wake with no remorse, all the things she denied him
  • of course they don’t tell anyone they miss each other
  • they barely even admit it to themselves
  • but within a week of not living together anymore they’ve made up ways of missing each other less

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i gotta be honest with you all i know i always act like “oh noooo this discourse is just terrible i hate it please end this” but that is all lies. in reality, i am disgusting and i love it. every time one of my mutuals puts some new delicious Discourse on my dash i rub my filthy hands together and lean back and feel like im being hand-fed grapes by that fat chef on a tropical island while these fools dance to entertain me

anonymous asked:

Can't believe no one has asked yet (pretty sure they have but I'm adding my own anyways): fuck me up with my princess Sirius Orion Black!

Thank you for the ask! You’re right, no one has asked about Sirius, which is a travesty. Here we go!

NOTP - I accidentally read Sirius and Bellatrix once (wasn’t tagged) and I threw up in my mouth a little.

BROTP - Sirius Orion Black loved James Fleamont Potter more than he loved anyone else in this world.

OTP - Wolfstar forever. I will defend these two nerds and their love until my last breath. Do you hear me, JKR??

Second Choice Pairing - Sirius Black doesn’t do second choices, okay? He gets what he wants the first time around, come hell or high water (or traitorous friends, yipes).

Fluffy Pairing - Sirius and Remus at Hogwarts when they first get together and think everything is going to work out just as it should.

Angsty Pairing - Sirius and Remus through the first war. Sirius in Azkaban, Remus alone, looking back and wondering what was real, and what wasn’t.

Favorite Poly Ship - Sirius doesn’t share. I can see him convincing Remus that it might be fun to swing- c’mon, Moony. it’s the 70′s, everyone’s doing it- then going out to a club and getting into a fist fight after he breaks a few fingers that dared to brush across Remus’ ass.

Weirdest Pairing - Sirius and any female character, lol, how would that even work?