these are the expressions they mean

I like the way you miss me. I like how you utter the words, “i miss you” — passionate enough like you truly mean it. You say it genuinely and you show it through your actions. I like how clingy and needy you could be at times and how you aren’t afraid to show it. You’re expressive like that and I absolutely found it lovely!
—  pattypavia 

although it may be true that blackpink was built (in yg’s words) to be the next 2ne1, i don’t think they are in any way copies of each other. blackpink has their own color and style. even if they wanted to be the same group, they couldn’t be. jennie isn’t CL, rose isn’t bom, jisoo isn’t dara, lisa isn’t minzy. 

blackpink has big shoes to fill, as yg’s only girl group now. they have song from the same people who wrote 2ne1′s songs (which isn’t surprising because yg normally uses the same producers) so of course there are going to be similarities. does “as if it’s my last” remind me of a 2ne1 song? yes, but in a good way. and if 2ne1 had sung it, i think it would be a very different song. 

idk, if blackpink strongly reminds you of 2ne1, then they do and there’s nothing wrong with that. but i don’t think they’re trying to copy 2ne1, and i don’t think they have the same concept or style at all. no matter how much yg as a company may be trying to push them as the next 2ne1, they aren’t. they are blackpink. 

Because I recently read this great post by @starsinursa and also because I made myself (and @tinkdw who might or might not be interested in this post?) cry with this musing I wanted to think more about how exactly Castiel perceives himself regarding the Winchesters and how much he thinks he actually means to them.

Because I feel that he doesn’t get it at all and I think that this might be due to the different concepts of expressing one’s love Dean and Castiel have (I’m also pretty sure there have already been metas written about it but I can’t find them right now! Urgh). Dean isn’t able (most of the time) to actually voice the feelings he has without masking them behind anger, worry, etc. and instead opts for spending quality time, but Cas doesn’t see it as the love declaration it tries to be. Now I want to put a disclaimer here and say that I don’t think that Dean (and Sam) don’t love Cas, not by a long shot, I just want to explain what I thinkCastiel may think.

But let’s start at the end of Season 11. Dean is going to die; he accepted this. And what does Cas say? “I could go with you” (I’m not crying, you’re crying). For him, this is the ultimate proof of his love: to follow Dean wherever he will go, even in death. But Dean can’t accept this – and basically rejects Castiel, instead giving him the order to look after his little brother.

And Cas, even though he’s rebelled against heaven, accepts that order without any question whatsoever. Because he is very focused on things he hears – and in heaven, orders were basically all they had. Quality time? Giving gifts? What is this? Cas doesn’t know this and doesn’t get it.

So now Cas has gotten his order and he fails to obey it. He gets banished, Sam gets kidnapped, and when Cas, Dean and Mary are working together to bring Sam back he’s very eager but it’s all very dog-like. Dean says (in regard to Dr. Marion) “Don’t hurt him. Not yet.”, Mary instead gives him the order to “Hurt him.”. And Cas obeys. No questions asked. He is very violent, which I feel is very un-cas-like behaviour. But he still does it because he wants to fix his mistakes.

When they finally find Sam and bring him back, Cas has his conversation with Mary about how he is still not sure he belongs there. Because yeah, they’ve told him he’s family, he’s their brother, but all Cas gets from this are orders. And of course, why wouldn’t he believe that this is what family is like because this is what he has experienced in heaven for millennia (I also think this is a reason why Cas is so willing to accept Mary into his family because she fits right in AND why I think that Cas being brothers-in-arms-like with the Winchesters doesn’t cut it because it doesn’t help him or offer him a new perspective).

After that, Cas leaves because he still hasn’t fix all of his mistakes. He wants to find Lucifer, and in extension later in the season Kelly and Jack, to finally fix his mistakes and “come back with a win” because he still feels that everything he does fails.

And how does Dean take that? Not well. Because, for him, spending quality time (giving him coffee, inviting him to breakfast knowing full well he doesn’t eat) is the ultimate love declaration and Cas in turns rejects that in order to leave. Urgh. But instead of telling him that and asking him to stay because he needs him and loves him and please just stay I have some free space on the bed (I’m sorry I got carried away) he is angry and instead talks about the topics he deems safe, not noticing how much further he rejects Cas along the way.

Just look at some conversations they had/things Dean said, for example in 12x10: “Gotta make sure you don’t do anything else stupid.” - which of course is not the reason why he wants to go on that mission but this is what Cas hears. He already knows he’s failed at everything, the thing he thought was right (killing Billie for them) get’s rejected too, and now the only reason they even are helping him is in order to see to it that he doesn’t fuck everything up again. How is that love, for him?

And then the infamous scene where Dean has to make the decision to banish Ishim and possibly kill Cas or put himself into danger. Of course he picks Cas because he loves him but what does Cas see, especially with the snippet of the conversation above in mind? Great, now I’m endangering Dean because I can’t do anything right.

(I get so angry and frustrated writing this post *makes frustrated noices*)

When they’re back in the bunker and everything’s as fine as can get, Dean gives him a beer (again, knowing full well he doesn’t actually need it) as a declaration of truth and he also goes as far as explaining that he’s not mad, he’s worried. Which is great, but what does he say when Cas says “I don’t regret what I did, even if it costs me my life”? The next thing Dean says is: “So what are you gonna do if you find Kelly and, uh, Lucifer Junior?” I mean, wow. Dean can’t deal with the fact that Cas may be willing to die so he wants to talk about safer things. And what does Cas probably get from this? I don’t care if you die, just tell me what you want to do about Kelly.

And Cas, subsequently, does everything he can about Kelly. Because he thinks this is what he’s supposed to do, it’s a safe topic for Dean, so he’s talked about it a lot, and Sam – well Sam likes Sam and cares for him a lot, but Sam is not the one who needs to have the rousing speech how he wants Cas to stay in the bunker.

I don’t want to talk about 12x12 because this has been meta’ed to death, but I want to talk about 12x19 in greater details (some stuff was already in the post I linked at the beginning). Cas comes back, and the first thing Dean does is scolding him for ignoring his phone calls and telling him he’s not glad he’s back. And why isn’t he glad he’s back? Because when they actually had an opportunity to kill Dagon, he wasn’t there. So what’s the use for him to now be back? Is what Cas gets from this. He failed again, wasn’t available to help the Winchesters when they wanted him to be (because this is all he’s good to do, he feels) and now he’s back without anything to offer, so…

Of course, this episode is also where Dean finally says something that resembles an actual, honest to god “I need/love you” declaration: “We will find a better way. (…) We. You, me, and Sam, we’re just better together.” And how sad is it that Cas still feels the need to leave because he feels like they won’t have a better shot at dealing with the baby than teaming up with heaven and killing the baby? He wants to spare Dean and Sam this, so he has to leave again.

And Dean, again, sees this as the rejection it isn’t because they just can’t seem to get their act together, tell each other that they love and care for each other and want the other one to stay and deal with everything together. Cas because he feels that this is not what Dean wants and because he wants to be of as much use for the Winchesters as he can (which often means leaving them and dealing with problems alone) and Dean because he feels that he’s not worthy of it and that Cas wouldn’t want to stay anyway.

*makes more frustrated noises* Ok I think I’m done.

Isak and homophobia

Yesterday was wild! It was emotional and amazing. And tumblr was such a nice place to be (again). It gave me tumblr season 3 feels.

I made quite a few posts, let’s be honest about that. We all needed to freak out and express our ecstatic feelings, but that also meant I didn’t really went into depth with yesterday’s events. I was not able to, because I was an emotional wreck… But I’m slowly starting to breathe again. 

So I started to write my thoughts last night around 00:40, when the calmness of knowing no more updates would happen, kicked in. And I wrote until around 03… Which means I wrote A LOT… I didn’t know where I was going, and therefore I just rambled for pages.

So, I have decided just to post bits of it, or else it would be too much. Let’s begin with Isak and homophobia.

I put together the clips I’m referring to in my rant, in the video above.

I am very glad, we got to see the homophobic jerk in the Even clip. That may sound weird, because why would I ever want anyone to mistreat Isak and Even like that? Well, of course I wanted to kill that guy and protect my boys, but it was important to show where Isak was coming from, when he talked with Sana… A talk a lot of people has discredited him for.  

Homophobia has not really been a topic in Skam. I think the reason for that was, that Isak’s struggles in season 3, was a battle with himself and coming to terms with his own sexuality. His struggles were not to be accepted by the world, but by himself. The most homophobia we saw, came from Isak himself.

The world him and Even has been living in, has been nothing but full of love and support by the people around them, and yet we hear Isak talk about how it is tough to live as a gay guy as well. But we haven’t really seen anything backing that statement up (even though we all know homophobia is of course very real).

At the end of season 3, and throughout season 4, Isak has been portrayed as someone who has really come to terms with himself. Who is proud of who he is and doesn’t hide himself anymore. He seems strong and confident, and like nothing can bring him down! Therefore, what he told Sana could seem a little distant, because we don’t see Isak struggle anymore. It sounded more like a general statement about being gay, than Isak speaking out of experience.

But the scene with Even really made me think about that talk again. Sana tells him, that it is not the same, because no one can see that he is gay. And she is right. You can’t see that Isak is gay just by looking at him, whereas you can see Sana is a Muslim because of how she dresses. The physical appearance. But it kind of comes off as “you can easily hide your sexuality”, and yes he can, but he shouldn’t! No one should.

That brought me back to the talk Isak and Eskild had in season 3, there Isak was coming out to Eskild, but he still wasn’t at ease with his sexuality. Back then he made it clear that he didn’t want to flash his sexuality to the world, that he was basically looking down on the homosexuals who were being visual about it. Eskild told him, that these people didn’t chose to be different or stand out, because they want to rub it in people’s faces, but they would rather be hated on, beaten up and killed, than hide who they are.

You can see that Isak is gay, because he has chosen not to hide who he is anymore. Because he should never hide who he is, or feel like he has to watch over his shoulder before he kisses Even or holds his hand in public.

In the scene with Sana, we don’t really get a feeling on how homophobia affects Isak, and you could easily think that he just brushes it off his shoulders, because he is a confident guy with a great support system. And that is also why the Even scene was so important. Because it was clear how much it actually hurts Isak. At first, he got pissed and really angry. Probably also because he wants to protect Even. A guy literally called their love disgusting. He can’t have that. But after Even calmed him down, Isak looked so so sad. It was absolutely heartbreaking. So when Isak casually told Sana how it can be difficult to live as a gay guy too, it wasn’t casual at all.

I don’t know if what I’m trying to say, came across the right way. I’m just really glad they included that scene.

In Norway, 40% of men have negative thoughts about two men holding hands in public. 25% of men thinks gays are disgusting.

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Are you up for aaa subtle aged up terumob smuff (smut + fluff)? Really subtle ;3; I hope that I'm not being nasty or anything

daawww don’t worry I don’t think you are nasty or anything like that, you know what?… subtle/fluffy nsfw content is MY thing <33, 

I love it, though I believe some people will find it problematic yeah, thinking I’m aging them up just to sexualize them… I can see that coming here hehe!.

Well, just as many people, I usually make content projeting myself through the characters I love, and me as a Demi girl… porn just for the sake of porn has no meaning to me… sex is the biggest expression of love, I can’t lie…I really want my otp to reach that level of trust some day ashgsash It would be like giving it all for love, completely, body and soul…

Barrow & Parker - Part I

- Written with @papishawn, an Incredible person and writer.
- GIF was made by @illumegeoff, thank you so much.
- Words: 1,057

It was a simple question, if anyone had the answer I had they’d have simply got a red tick of approval from Mrs. Tailor but when it came to me she was completely unable to hide her discomfort. Her red painted lips slowly turning from a smile to a blank expression as she went from one student to me.

“So Willow, what are you going to do your paper on?”
“Adrenaline and its effect on out behaviour”

I get it, the family I come from isn’t exactly a secret, my parents weren’t angels but it means that anytime someone hears my name they turn a ghostly white and shrivel up.
“Parish? You… you mean THAT Parish?” Yes. Yes that Parish. From the infamous Parish family, honestly if my parents were going to be as dangerous as their reputation suggests you’d think they’d have changed their name to something more badass. In the last 5 years since their death, it hasn’t been easy. I wasn’t even with my parents during their time of rampage but when newspapers all over report how “an innocent 5 year old” was left behind after their shoot out, people tend to keep track of the ones left behind. It probably wasn’t smart of me to have started collage in the same city they died but it’s the best school in the state.
The atmosphere on campus was really nice in autumn, leaves fell from trees in red and orange patterns while kids actually sat on the grass and socialised. It’s like those crappy teen movies except they never tell you how much coffee prices go up because everyone wants a pumpkin spice latte. “..Her face though, she looked at me like I was a freak” I walked alongside my best friend Mark on my way to the library “I know, it’s not like you can help being the offspring of two psychopaths” he chuckled. “Ever the smartass” “hey to be fair, name a more addicted adrenaline junkie then your outlaw parents” “ha ha” I softly bumped him with my shoulder, rolling my eyes. “Shit I got to go I’ve got band, I’ll call later” he announced as we came up to a split in the path “Don’t worry, people talk shit” he shrugged before running off.

The library was the best thing about the school by far, not only was it the biggest building on campus and the most reliable source for when you have a paper but it was so huge that everyone had their own space.
I softly tsk under my breath searching the aisle of books, I return to my desk with a stack of 4 before a voice pulls me from my project. “Hi” his eyes stood out immediately, a swirling of chocolate with gold specks as the sun hit shined in from the window beside us. “Hey, I’m kinda busy so–” “whatcha doing?” He bounced trying to look over at the books “I’m doing a really important research paper so if you don’t mind I really need to get back to it” I nodded and opened the first book.

‘Adrenaline, also known as Epinephrine, is a hormone, medication and neurotransmitter. Its most comm–’

“So where you from?” I close my eyes and breathe out. “Are you still here?” He bites his bottom lip and smiles “Yup” “well what do you want?” He pulls the sleeve up on his black hoodie and puts his hand out to me “I’m Shawn” I raise an eyebrow and shake my head before looking back down at my books “you’re not a very warm person at first, are you?” “Well if you were trying to get work done and some dude won’t leave you alone, you would be too” I quickly added trying to just get my work done. “Look I’m just a guy that saw a girl from across the room and wanted to say hi” he shrugged, the curls in his hair bouncing with each movement “I mean isn’t that how all good relationships start?” he added on, his physical attitude mimicking that of an excited kid. I scoffed, “Shawn, there’s more of a chance that I’d be able to guess your middle name then me wanting to have a conversion with you let alone any sort of relationship” “well that’s not fair” his eyebrows crunch up “I have two, it doubles your chances” I put my head down to hide my smile from him.
“So what’s your paper on?” He looked over at my books again. “It’s on adrenaline and it influences our behaviour” I finally gave into him “that’s cool, maybe I can help? I know a thing or two about adrenaline” he pulled my pen and paper out my hands and brought it to face him “oh yeah like what?” I began a tugging war pulling back for my belongings.
“Like knowing that going on a date with me is gonna boost yours” he stopped pulling and just looked up at me instead.

I stood from my chair and began nervously searching through the books behind me in an attempt to avoid the situation. “Oh I don’t know, did you know it’s twice as likely that you’d go on a date with me then it is the librarian will” “Oh Mrs. Hackett?” I laughed turning around to face him “Sorry I think she’s already taken” He shoots up from the table at my reply “what?” He snaps a look back at a sleeping Mrs. Hackett, her head hanging down with a slight bit of drool just starting to pour from her mouth. He falls back onto the table clutching his heart “oh have mercy, my love has chosen another” I turn away from him to hide my laughter “Even more reason for you to say yes, ease my broken heart for the ache of being turned down by such a beautiful woman as you on top of Mrs. Hackett’s betrayal is far too much to bare” his eyes grew in size as he slowly formed his mouth into a pout. I return to my seat as he sits himself up to face me and slides closer, slowly leaning in as if teasing the touch of skin.

“One condition” I whisper as my lips form into a smile
“Anything” he stifles a laugh.

“I call the shots”

ptw30 replied to your post…. i just NOTICED SOMETHING IN THE FRAMES OF THE…

What?! What? Ahhh! I got to know!

OKAY. okay. well i was just looking at my caps i made of this scene and then i noticed something Interesting. 

just look at shiro’s face for a second here. 

yep. there is a conscious effort here to draw his lips which denotes movement of some sort. we can deduce this much bc a few frames later:

granted the angle is slightly shifted but also note how keith’s expression has a fraction too in turn. whatever is going on here, i mean we know for a fact keith looks at shiro this way (no: this comment is not intended even a shippy maner - just saying he does look at shiro with softness we see this countless times eg. s1e1, s2e1, s2e3 to name but a few on the top of my head cba to grab screencaps it’s almost 2am). but the fact they’ve drawn in shiro’s lips heavily implies movement and speech

add that into the scene….what we know is happening and unfolding. 

shiro is saying something here im pretty sure. and there is every chance we may see/hear what that is in the future. i mean, yes lips are drawn on profiles but the angle + the way they’re drawn does look like it’s forming words. if you look at shiro’s general profile the lips don’t look exactly like this. there is a slight difference. 

for instance, note the lips are quite open? they’re not pressed together like they would be if they were closed and it was a profile of closed lips. if you look at how lips move naturally on words like “you” then you see they do move on the ‘y’ forwards naturally. so it is actually is possible to some extent based on this analysis to try and predict that shiro is saying something personal here, some soft but unyielding encouragement perhaps? given that the ‘y’ sound may be something happening, could it be that one phrase that resonates between them a lot? 

and that’s another thing tho. 

there is also a conscious decision on the framing to hide shiro’s face as @itbespacegays has said. yet every other person in this scene we at least see enough of their faces to gauge their emotions. to put this into perspective with Evidence: hunk and pidge you can clearly see their emotions but compared to this it’s literally only keith and that has got to be significant

maybe to amplify keith bc it then pans out to allura which suggests the emphasis is on her as well in terms of the storyline between her and keith in this moment (observing how shiro is so trusting of keith ect., seeing the way they are close despite the revelation). the fact allura is the only one looking their way strengthens that argument in many ways. 

but either way shiro’s face has been intentionally hidden here. p cool to explore tbh. 

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I assume you have a big heart, and you care deeply which is something that is not a weakness. I think I can also assume with that in mind that you absolutely take no shit.

i cannot express how much i appreciate this in words. i want to hug the heck out of ya right now, mattyyy!!!💖

it’s actually something i was trying to explain to a new coworker the other day. i AM nice & friendly & caring, but sometimes people assume that means i am meek or a pushover or shy about expressing myself or standing up for myself. she said something like ‘i can’t even imagine you calling someone out on something! i just picture you being like excuse me please…’ & she kinda used a sweet, quiet voice struggling to find strong words. i said something like ‘oh, no! sure, i’m nice, but trust, i can get real scrappy if i need to’

being kind is a choice & sometimes takes more strength than it’s given credit for.

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I started rereading original SoC out of boredom and the thought of seeing them all again in s4 with your insanely improved writing and storytelling is killing me. I love what you're doing here ❤️

There is quite a drastic difference isn’t there? Especially in the earlier gens. Hahah I sort of regret adding some of the original dialogue word for word in yesterdays posts. Oh well, lessoned learned. I won’t be doing that again.

I wish there was a more meaningful phrase than Thank You. It doesn’t even begin to express how much your messages mean to me. All the comments, messages, debates really help to strengthen my writing.

I appreciate you and everyone so much ♡

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I love your style so much. You've developed something so distinct and expressive, and everything you draw makes me instantly happy- like, I feel like a giddy school girl whenever I see your art, it's kinda pathetic. Your art is just really important to me. It's amazing.

AW JEEZ!! thank you so so much!! that means a ridiculous amount to me LOL

(if anything is pathetic, it’s how much i howl when reading messages like this T_T it seriously means so much!! i hope i can continue to be someone you enjoy! <33)

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What are some means for a FtM character to transition in a story that takes place in pseudo-medieval times (it's a fantasy setting, not actually medieval times but just similar)

That, Nonny, is a complex and difficult question. Most history scholars agree that using modern terms (such as transgender or FtM) on Medieval sex and gender expressions would be ahistorical. It’s difficult to explain in a way that makes sense but, in line with Foucault, how we are able to talk about something (what words we use, for instance) dictates how we are able to think about it. For example, Foucault wrote Folie et déraison: Histoire de la folie à l'âge classique (Madness and Insanity: History of Madness in the Classical Age, 1960) to show that while mental illnesses existed before the asylums were constructed, the concept of “insane” people did not exist in the same fashion. The idea that people could be “insane” resulted in locking people up in asylums. In other words; how we talk about things have real consequences for real people.

Thus; does the term FtM exist in your pseudo-medieval world? If so, how is it viewed? Like a deviance, like an illness or like a natural variation of gender? It´s difficult to determent exactly how sex and gender was viewed in actual Medieval European time, but historians largely agree that sex and gender were viewed differently from today. There was an idea of a single sex and there was some leeway in certain circumstances for variations in gender. For example, women could in some contexts be “male” - in the sense that within religion the “male” was the higher, more pure form and something a someone like a nun could strive towards. [1] Transgenderness, the way we view it today in the western world, did not exist as a concept in the Middle Ages.

When you have decided what your characters think about transgenderness, you will have to decide the medical knowledge of your fictional society; if they know about hormonal replacement or not, for instance. This is because HRT (hormonal replacment theraphy) is the only way to change the hormone levels of estrogen and testosterone (and progesterone). Apart from that, medical transition could include surgery. If these surgeries are available to your character also depends on what kinds of surgeries your fictional society can perform. If there is no understanding of how hormones work and surgeries do not allow for surgeries similar to real world variations that are available now, there is still the possibilities of transition.  I have written before if there is something akin to a binder available and there are some records of women biding with linen by wrapping it around their chests. (Please note that I really do not recommend anyone actually using this method to bind. Buy your binder from a legitimate company such as GC2B). It’s also possible to train your voice to get it lower. The way the character dresses, acts and what kind of occupation he has will also impact how he is viewed. Transition does not have to be about medically transitioning. How your character transitions depends on how gender is viewed in your fictional world. 

To summarise:

  • Decide if your fictional world offers transition in the form of hormonal replacement theory.
  • Decide if surgeries are an option.
  • Does your fictional society have a concept of transgenderness? 
  • Does the society have a binary understanding of sex and gender?
  • Is sex and gender viewed as intertwined or as separate from one another? (For example; is gender the expression of a biological sex or are sex and gender both viewed as social constructs?) 
  • Are clothes and occupations gendered? Does wearing certain clothes or performing a certain job gender the individual?

Here you also have some examples of FtM people who lived in the Middle Ages: “A BRIEF HISTORY OF FTM TRANS CIVILIZATION” 

Good luck with your writing!

Signed, Captain.

[1] Karl Whittington, “Medieval” in TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, vol. 1, numbers 1-2, (Duke University Press: 2014). 125-129.

Lost ask


Hi there! I’m so sorry but the ask got lost because my phone/tumblr app destroyed everything >:/

First, thank you so much for your support! I can’t express how much it means to the whole team that you really like and care about the project! ♥

Second, you asked if there could be any problems with SM and EXO’s image. The answer is - since we don’t get any profit from this project and have zero influence on SM’s business as well as the way fans or public perceive EXO, there shouldn’t be any problem. Of course, if there was any, we’d do everything we can to fix it ^^

And when I’m at it let me just drop this ancient sketch of Xiumin~

Since some anonymous asked you about Scorpio, I can tell you my story. My brother, his girlfriend and my best friend are all scorpios, so I have pretty great understanding of scorpios and I am leo myself. Scorpios match with leos amazingly well when its on friendship level but having relationship would be hard since leos are open book and scorpios are thinkers. Scorpio men are like TOP. they can be manly and the next second they are like 5 years old kids. they are supportive if you are close to them and they do everything in their power to wish you good but scorpios are mean when they tell you their opinion (since leos’s ego can be hurt by words) but scorpios only express their opinions usually when they feel like you are their friend. scorpios do life on their terms, no one can force scorpio. when you do that, it pisses them off and they dont hold revenge, they jsut plain hate you and forget you. you are dead to scorpio if you fuck up. scorpios on the other hand can the most amazing friend you can have. they are super super loyal and scorpios never go behind your back. scorpio women and men can be different. most scorpio men are similar but scorpio women can be like black and white. scorpios also never tell you what they think if they dont want to, they dont even express their emotions. you will never know what they think. scorpios are always in their own mind, rarely use phone if they have something going in their life. scorpios are social butterflies. they always have some friends around them. also scorpios can be super cute when they like someone. the child part comes out then and its freaking cute. scorpios and leos can match since leos are speakers and scorpios need someone to talk to and at the same time scorpios teach leos to shut hte fuck up sometimes and think more. their loyalty, humour and standards also match. that’s why GD and TOP get along so well.

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Ahhh I look forward to evening times so much these days because that means more SoC!I can't express enough how I love this story, especially in this new edition! (Hope you're doing well by the way <3)

Aww that’s amazing! It’s been such a fun way to unwind at night ♡

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I want that Kira torturing Koichi hell yeah x2 and Kira and guess what Koichi has endured based on the little reactions in his facial expressions. Oh Hirose do work on masking your emotions you keep wearing them so outwardly on your sleeve. Leaves you vulnerable. Ruffles his hair like some affectionate father and Koichi growls at the touch.

Oh god it just occurred to me that sometimes Kira’s explosions can be a little shallow and not be a one hit kill in certain situations (like if someone’s merely in proximity of the explosion, like with Shigechi and the coin, or if his aim is off with the air bubbles), WHICH MEANS he could probably make a deliberately off explosion and just…knowing what happened to Shigechi the first time with, how Kira put it, “a third of your brain is leaking out of your skull”–HE COULD DO SOME INCREDIBLY MESSED UP SHIT FUCKGI–

pet pet pet just endure it, koichi

you’ve got to be a man about it, like him

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Tbh I'm a flute player but I loathe technical stuff. I know playing flute is all about the runs but composers seem to forget that flute players can play slow and lyrical stuff too? I'm tired of playing stuff that tests how fast my fingers can move, I want perform something so beautiful and expressive that it'll break the hearts of the people that hear it (in a good way, of course).

I personally love low flute. So like the flute in its lowest register is my jam. To me it sounds warm. Now as a composer I completely understand what you mean by composers only writing fast technical stuff for flutes, because I exclusively only write fast technical stuff for flute. However there are pieces out there for flute that are extremely slow and lyrical. It’s probably someone’s Adante in a flute sonata or something, but I know they exist!

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Does "itaat" mean "is this an autism thing"? Also is it an autism thing to have like? Really big feelings/emotions and not know how to deal with them? Or have a hard time telling between platonic and nonplatonic feelings? I keep developing these intense crushes on people if they show a smidgen of decency or thoughtfulness towards me and I don't always know what to do with all of these emotions. There's too many of them hahaha

Yep to all of the above. itaat means is this an autism/autistic thing. Autistic people tend to experience emotions very intensely which can be very hard to deal with. Further, we often have difficulty distinguishing emotions, often due to alexithymia (the difficulty or inability to identify and express emotions).


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Rewatching season 3 and I'm getting Outlaw Queen feels. I mean Swan Queen will always be my OTP but by golly I'm they really do have me loving them. Gah Lana is amazing and she does have a lot of chemistry with so many. And I love the Snow and Regina moments. Especially season 3 episode Bleeding Through. Not a question but wanted to express about it.

There is something really magical about 3B Outlaw Queen.  I will still maintain that the Storybrooke Meet Cute is one of the bests I know.  And the character groth in Bleeding Through and A Curious Thing are just magical.  I’d say that 3.12-3.20 are the perfect arc to me.

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Ms Sakamoto, I just wanted to say that you're a good mother, I... well ive heard people say otherwise, my mom had to raise me herself just like youre doing for Ryuji and she's dealt with people telling her shes a bad mom, and well I thought you should hear someone tell you that youre a fantastic mother

Mai: Thank you, Anon. Words cannot express how much your words mean to me.