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Lauren hates trump for being so close-minded (among other reasons) yet she is so close-minded herself.

I know right?! I mean a 20 year old pop-star expressing her values on the internet is totally comparable to a racist, homophobic, sexist, right-wing neo-nationalist political regime that has left real people’s lives hanging in the balance for the sake of greed and dogma. Your logic is impeccable.


honestly i don’t even know where to start, i could say i love you a billion times it still won’t be enough to express how much you mean to me. thank you for beaing such a sweetheart and always making me happy no matter what! i hope you have the best day anyone could ask for, i love you to the moon and back, happy birthday my angel ♡
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I'm asking another for mx, sorry :,( but MX how would they react if you were to randomly tell them "I'm so lucky to be with you" ??:)

Shownu would simply answer with, “Me too.” because he truly means it and he might not be the most vocally expressive about his feelings but just know that you’re the center of his world. 

Kihyun would ask if there was a catch, are you going to ask him to buy something expensive by getting your way with flattery, but at the same time he’ll be really endeared and will pull you into a tight hug because words like that mean so much to him. 

Hyungwon would simply smile, threading a hand around your waist and kissing you gently. He’d pull back and tell you that he’s lucky too, lucky to be with you and lucky to be able to hold you like this because no one else can. 

Minhyuk would jokingly overreact and be like “IM,,,,,,the LUCKY ONE” all the while putting his hands on your cheeks and staring you intensely in the eyes. If all just to hide the fact that you saying that first made his heart skip a beat. 

Wonho would sort of stop and stare at you, his face slowly heating up and he’d ask why you would suddenly say something like that? He might panic and think you’re going to spring a surprise on him with “I’m lucky to be with you, but now I have to move across the country.” so please make sure to explain that you just felt like letting him now you care. 

Jooheon would try to play it off, he’d chuckle and be like “I wouldn’t call it lucky, we’re just,,,,,,,,good for each other.”, but he’d get soft because he’s someone that is super hard on themselves and having you say that makes him feel validated and cherished and he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about what you said for a while and even when you’re gone he’ll be murmuring to himself about how the hell are you so cute - going around saying things like that.

Changkyun/IM would wink and be like “You bet you’re lucky, who else gets to experience all of this?” while pointing to himself confidently. You’ll roll your eyes because of course that’s his response, but later in the day he’ll kiss your forehead and tell you he’s lucky to have you put up with him, he really is thankful. 

I respect that some people don’t ship what I ship, but honestly what bothers me SO much is when people are like “yeah I don’t see Newtina but Jakweenie of COURSE I see” because like… while Jakweenie are definitely really sweet, what is the implication there?

That Love at First Sight ™ is realistic, but people slowly realizing they really like each other isn’t? That only people with good social skills are allowed to be in relationships? That being shy and unsure of how to express your feelings means those feelings aren’t real? That meeting each other under circumstances that pit you against each other means you can never learn to see each other differently? That eating someone’s strudel creates a stronger bond than literally saving someone’s life?

I’m not trying to be anti-Jakweenie here because what they have is really special and wonderful (and I know it goes a lot deeper than eating strudel – Queenie sees how amazing Jacob’s mind is, Jacob convinces her to take him with her to the subway station even though it’s dangerous) but honestly, in my experience, two people falling for each other immediately is not super realistic.

What *is* realistic is people having little lots of little moments where they just quietly see a snippet of who someone is and the more snippets they see, the more they like the person. What’s realistic is Newt seeing Tina’s memories and asking her about them and seeing who she is. What’s realistic is Tina going down into the case and being breathless with wonder because wow, *this* is the case they’ve been talking about for days? What’s realistic is Newt, trying to catch his breath after slamming down the lid onto the teapot, finally telling Tina the truth, and Tina doing her little “oh wow” exhale because *he trusts her now.*

I mean, I get that if you’re a suave normal person, romance looks more like Jakweenie, or like Mia and Sebastian in La La Land. But Newt and Tina *aren’t.*. They don’t know how to handle humans and they don’t know how to handle romantic feelings and they’re both very guarded people who’ve only just met but they can tell they feel something and it’s confusing and scary and *nice* all at once. So… what’s realistic is that their romance is awkward. What’s realistic is that they don’t say out loud how they feel about each other. What’s realistic is them both trying to pretend they’re not falling for each other because what would that mean?

What’s realistic is being tentative and awkward and unsure when you say goodbye to him because you don’t know if he feels the same way and you’re an awkward person and so is he but holy shit he’s? Touching your hair? And it’s so bold and so sweet and you’ve never met anyone like this before and he’s *leaving* and you might never see him again and what’s this? He? Wants to see you again this is *amazing* this is wow he likes you and he’s? Coming back? And you know you’ll miss him but he’s *coming back* and nothing could be more wonderful.

diamonds | alfie solomons

anon wanted jeweller alfie

You fluttered about yourself, fixing the fall of your skirt, wiggling the necklace into just the right place – finishing touches. Your hair was pulled back to highlight the pendant resting just below your collar and it was making you self-conscious. One final inspecting twirl in the mirror and you were out the door.

Voices could be heard as you approached the landing and you figured they must already be gathered in the entryway. Turning around the corner to the stairs, your assumption was confirmed. Tommy lifted his head at the sight of your movement and watched you walk to the head of the stairs. Alfie turned to see what had caught his attention and met your eyes. You couldn’t quite make out what the expression on his face was, having never seen it before.

“I feel stupid, Tommy”

“You look perfect, come on”

“I feel stupid. Why the hell am I- I mean look at this thing!”

You fluffed the skirt of your gown out a little and Tommy smiled a little.

“You’ve worn pretty dresses before”

“None that’ve cost me rent level money”

“You still haven’t - I paid for it”

“That’s not the point!”

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Why is it that I can't complain about bad straight people to an ally without them getting offended and going, "not all straight people!!!1!1!" Like calm down it's not that deep.

for the same reason women cant complain about men without men being like “nOt ALl mEN!!!!1!!!1!!!1!11!!!!!!!!!!”

they feel like you mean them personally because theyve probably expressed homo, bi, ace, trans, and nbphobia at some point and dont want to own up to it.

An Open Letter from British Fighters Against the Islamic State:

“We are some of an increasing number of British nationals fighting in Syria and Iraq as volunteers with local forces against the Islamic State.

We wish first and foremost to express our sorrow and anger at the recent terrorist attack in Westminster, London, and to convey our sincerest and most heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families. We know only too well what is to lose friends, to treat those horrendously wounded, to pull the dead and dying from the rubble.

We also wish to express sympathy and solidarity with the many ordinary Muslims going to work and school today feeling that they are under special scrutiny, and fearful of what this might mean for them. We share their fear, and we urge anyone who might be tempted to take against ordinary Muslim people to think again. If you associate them with the Islamic State, you are giving such groups exactly what they want: a greater and more violent gap between the Muslim world and ours.

The familiar sounds of hate and bigotry are sounding again – on social media, and in the more guarded mainstream press - where the intent is nonetheless clear. Hate crimes will spike again. There are calls to demolish mosques. The fact that local Muslims raised thousands for victim support, in the immediate aftermath of the attack, is easily drowned out by the bandwagon. The EDL have called a snap demonstration, eager to make hay from the suffering of innocent people.

For all the sound and fury, we don’t remember seeing anyone from Britain First, EDL, UKIP, or their like, by our side in battle. Which is a good thing, because we wouldn’t have tolerated them.

Our ranks are made up of Kurds, Arabs, Yezidis, Brits, Yanks, Canadians, Aussies, Asians, Europeans - Muslims, Christians, Alevis, atheists - too many faiths and races to list. A multi-ethnic, multi-faith entity, standing united against hate and extremism.

The majority are, in fact, Muslims, and not only are we proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them - the truth is, we can’t do this without them.

The only way to defeat the Islamic State, and groups like it, is with ordinary, moderate Muslims on side. The only way to defeat hate and extremism is to not give in to it.

Don’t stand with Britain First, the EDL, UKIP or those who talk and think like them. Stand with us.”

Signed, British fighters of the YPG:

Joe Akerman

Aiden Aslin

Mark Ayres

Botan England

Michael Enright

Macer Gifford

John Harding

Jac Holmes

Steve Kerr

Jim Matthews

Tom Mawdsley

Ozkan Ozdil

Shaun Pinner

Joe Robinson

Josh Walker.


”What do you mean, vices? I’m just describing Howl.”

In Which Sophie Expresses Her Feelings In The Absence Of Weedkiller

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Sam and Dean are working a case which requires them to wear suits. Dean searches his pockets to find the badge before they go in. "Oh crap, this is Cas'" "why do you have his badge?" "This must be his jacket. That means he's got mine" "how has that happened?" "I just picked up the closest piece of clothing that was on my floor". Sam is low-key internally freaking out and high-key laughing his ass off watching Dean's face once he realises his mistake.

I love that idea! I can really imagine how that would ply out on-screen, too! Sam and Dean’s expressions would be priceless 😂

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i LOVE HOW ANALYTICAL BOB IS WHEN IT COMES TO BELLAMY. he understands his character so well (and i love how his interpretations are usually the same as the bellarke fandom, but i guess we're all delusional tho right)

Bob is the best. Almost every single thing he’s said about Bellamy and The 100 matches up with the meta I’ve written. It’s a nice little vindication.

 It says something about the way we’re paying attention to the story. We’re picking up what the leads are putting down. None of the other actors really seem to break it down as much as he does, so I think it’s harder to do with them. It doesn’t mean they aren’t working with their own thought processes that take them to the same or similar places, just that maybe they express it better through their bodies and in front of the camera, rather then analyzing it after the fact.

I was not surprised when he said he studied writing in college because he thinks like a writer. 

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What does it mean to be a gender nonconforming boy?

Someone who identifies as a boy, but also doesn’t adhere to gender roles in their self expression. Not only not adhering to, but actively breaking and going against those rolls, not nessicarily as a statement but just as living their authentic self. This is difficult for boys specifically, because that means showing more “feminine” behavior or expression, and society punishes boys for doing so pretty heavily. Especially trans boys, who are often pressured to be as masculine as possible to “prove” they’re boys. I hope that answered your question, because I’m a little tired and I’m not sure if that covered it right

TalesFromRetail: Salad bowls suck

I work at an express shop of a large retailer opposite a university in a major city. This means we are busy all the time and are currently very understaffed. To make matters worse we only have three tills in the shop, the rest being self-serve.

I’ll be me (Me) and salad lady will be (SL) The shop was busy, as always, when SL came over to my till. We didn’t get off to a good start to begin with as she kept putting her shopping on my scanner instead of in the basket, which can cause stuff to accidentally scan, even after I politely asked her to not do so. This started half way through the transaction:

SL:can you get me two salad bowls (Now this caught me a bit off guard at first as I didn’t really understand what she meant)

Me:sorry? Salad bowls?

SL: yes? You know? Bowls with salad in? Get them for me!

Me: oh sorry mam were there none left on the shelves?

SL: yes but I forgot to pick them up. Get someone to get them for me.

At this point my retail smile slipped at bit, as I was so confused by this ladies laziness. Our store is tiny it is literally 10 steps to our fridges where the salad bowls are. It was extremely busy with all my colleagues busy not to mention the fact we have lots of different salad bowls.

Me: oh would you like to ring the bell for someone to come (hoping saying this would bring her to her senses)

SL: yes obviously hurry up I don’t have all day

I rang the bell twice but no-one came

SL: ugh should I just go get it myself then seeing as you’re all too lazy

Me: I’m very sorry unfortunately it is very busy right now so that might be best

At this point she turns to her friend

SL: go get me two salad bowls

So her friend then goes off to get them for her, but obviously not quick enough for SL who storms off to find her. I can hear her shout at her friend “no they’re not the right ones for god sake it’s these ones” before storming back to me.

As I finish her order up I hear her mutter under her breath “ugh hurry up for god sake”

The only thing I’m happy about is that I was finally able to say the phrase “I hope you have a day as wonderful as you are” and really truly mean it.

By: ck2905

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Im so worried about lauren i think shes having a nervous breakdown or something. Friends as your support system is one thing but family is better imo and we RARELY see lauren with family. Im really scared, i dont wanna be reading about her overdosing or something on her hotel room 😔

Wow calm down sweets - why on earth would she overdose? Lauren smokes weed, she doesn’t do cocaine or heroin! She just expressed herself in an impulsive manner, it doesn’t mean she’s having a mental break down, it just means that she’s fed up - we all have bad days, it doesn’t mean she’s gonna turn to drugs - and actually none of the girls except Camila and Dinah are often seen with their families - plus I’m sure the girls and the team they work with make a family of their own.

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12 for jackcrutchie?

Sorry it took me so long to get to this, but here we are…

At first, Crutchie wasn’t entirely sure what had woken him up. He was pretty sure it hadn’t been a nightmare, thought he would have remembered the stomach-gripping shadows or felt the familiar clenching of his muscles as he tried to escape. Crutchie considered falling back asleep, but didn’t want to risk it. Just because he hadn’t had a nightmare yet, didn’t mean one wouldn’t be forthcoming. Instead, Crutchie blinked at the stars above him, drawing invisible lines between them and pretending he was just as much an artist as the older boy beside him. 

A low groan drew Crutchie’s attention from the sky and down to Jack. His best friend was stretched out beside him, one arm flung over his eyes and the other stretching out past Crutchie’s head. Jack’s mouth was scrunched up into a painful expression that panged at Crutchie’s heart. Jack groaned once more, shifting away from Crutchie and Crutchie couldn’t help, but to reach out.

“Jack,” Crutchie whispered, gently shaking Jack’s shoulder. “Jack, wake up. It’s just a bad dream.”

Jack shifted once more, his expression growing tighter. He shook his head, and Crutchie wasn’t sure if that was in response to his attempts to talk to the older boy, or the dream-figures haunting him. 

Crutchie gripped Jack’s shoulder a little tighter, maneuvering himself into a sitting position. “Jack,” Crutchie tried again, cupping Jack’s face with his free hand.

The touch to his face must have startled the older boy because he jerked awake, swinging wildly. Jack breathed harshly, taking a moment to ground himself in the reality of the hard stone of the roof. Once his heart had stopped racing, Jack lifted his head, noticing Crutchie across from him, a hand tenderly pressed to his cheek. “Are you okay?” Jack quickly asked.

“Yeah, I’se fine,” Crutchie responded, poking at the tender skin. “I’ll just probably have a shiner tomorrow.” He grinned crookedly at Jack. “You’se got a mean right hook, even when you’re half asleep.”

Jack’s face paled. “I hit you?” he breathed, his voice low with self-loathing. “I-I’m sorry, Crutch. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean–”

“Hey, I know, okay?” Crutchie interrupted. “It’s fine. I’m fine.” He scooted closer to the older boy, wrapping an arm around Jack’s shoulder. “It’s okay.”

“I didn’t want to hurt you,” Jack whispered.

Crutchie shrugged. “It’s fine. I’se had plenty of bruises before. This ain’t nothing new.”

“I just–” Jack cut himself off, wrapping his hands roughly around his head. His fingers scratched into his scalp, tearing through his hair. 

After a moment, Crutchie quietly asked, “Are you okay, Jack? You was having a nightmare.”

“Yeah, well, it’s not like that’s anything new,” Jack muttered.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Jack snorted. “Do I ever?” 

Crutchie moved closer to Jack, leaning into the older boy’s warmth. He knew that there wasn’t much that he could say to provide comfort for Jack. The older boy didn’t care for soft words of hope and promises that it will get better and that he wouldn’t ever be trapped in the Refuge again. Crutchie had learned that he simply needed to keep his mouth shut and his arms open. Jack just needed the comfort of knowing that someone was still with him, still would be with him when the dust cleared.

With a long sigh, Jack spoke up again. “I should, though, shouldn’t I? Katherine keeps saying I need to just talk about everything. That it would make me feel better.”

Crutchie bristled somewhat at Katherine’s name. Ever since the strike had ended two months ago, Jack would only talk about Katherine. It wasn’t as if Crutchie didn’t like Katherine. He did. She was nice and funny and smart and pretty and everything Jack could ever dream of. Crutchie just wished that, maybe, Jack would talk about him, like he talked of Katherine. “It might help,” Crutchie whispered. “Katherine’s smart.” I’m smart, too, he wanted to shout, but Jack wouldn’t have listened.

“Yeah,” Jack said, and Crutchie could hear the smile in his friend’s voice. “She is. Um, anyway,” he began, shifting closer to Crutchie, “I dreamed about the Refuge. I know, I know. Nothing new. Except, it was worse this time. Everyone was there. All the Manhattan boys. I-I think Spot had even been captured. And Snyder walked me in and he said this was all my fault. Every bruise, scratch, broken bone. All. My. Fault.” Jack squeezed his eyes shut and Crutchie reached out to take his hand. He gently rubbed his thumb over the back of Jack’s hand. It was what Jack would do when Crutchie was afraid and the soft, circular motions always brought comfort that words sometimes could not. 

Jack nodded gratefully, before continuing. “I had never felt so bad, so guilty in my entire life. I had led the strike. I had gotten everyone captured. Davey and Les were there. They didn’t deserve that. I wanted to free everyone in the room, but I couldn’t. Snyder was gripping my arm; it felt as if he would snap the bone. I started forward, to join the others, but Snyder dragged me away. H-he walked me down this long hallway and there were all these closed doors and I could hear people crying, calling out for me, behind each door. At the end of the hallway, was one last door.”

Jack paused, taking a shuddering breath. “When Snyder shoved me inside, I saw you,” he whispered. “I went to your side. You weren’t moving, Crutch. Oh, god, you weren’t moving. And I was so afraid that Snyder had killed you. That I had killed you. I tried to wake you up, I kept calling your name. Nothing. Y-you were dead. I-I couldn’t save you. It was too l-late.” Jack ducked his head in shame. “I’m sorry, Crutchie. I-I tried. I tried.”

“Hey,” Crutchie whispered, pulling Jack into a hug. “It’s okay. I’m okay, yeah? And you’re okay, too. Everyone is. You did it, Jack. You won the strike. You got me outta the Refuge, remember?”

“But not before you got hurt,” Jack muttered, his eyes flicking to Crutchie’s cheek where he had accidentally hit the younger boy before. 

“That’s fine. I got better,” Crutchie reassured.

Jack shook his head. “I don’t get it. You should hate me. Why do you keep coming back to me?”

“Because you’re my best friend, Jack. I could never hate you.”

Jack nodded, but Crutchie didn’t think he was convinced. “Anyway,” Jack murmured, before Crutchie could keep trying to explain how much Jack meant to him, “we’d best be getting back to sleep.” He turned over on his side, facing away from Crutchie.

Crutchie watched as Jack’s breaths evened out, before laying down beside the older boy. He watched Jack’s shoulder rise and fall, wishing that he could just tell him everything. “I could never hate you,” Crutchie whispered, his voice barely audible. “I… I love you.” And, there. Crutchie turned onto his back, feeling immensely relieved to get those three words off of his chest.

As soon as he was sure that Crutchie was asleep, Jack rolled over, staring at the younger boy in wonder. Three words, and they wouldn’t stop rolling around his head. I love you. I love you. I love you.

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Are you having fun on your animatic? I know this is kinda a weird question but!! I just can't imagine how happy you must be doing something that`s like your creative expression instead of just requests

I am, I’m having a lot of fun working on it! That’s a very considerate thing to ask, thank you! I’m really touched, I do love getting requests because that reminds me people enjoy my art, and that means a whole lot. Though it is refreshing to work on something with a prompt I chose instead for a change though. (if you’d like to know, I’m done with 2 out of 4 minutes of the animatic! halfway finished!!)

You can basically see his life flashing before his eyes, cant you? LMAO.

Anyway I will never get over how much I love the animation for this sequence. I cannot express in words how it makes me feel I mean. It’s beautiful.

Anyway because of that I watched it frame by frame ahahaha…. I have a problem.

First of all poor Tanuma is probably completely lost here he had no warning before being yanked across the darn floor.

Natsume just like “I got you babe”

I’m sorry but I’m going to make a really childish joke right now.

are you ready?


Sorry it had to be done before I could move on to other more important things.

such as


But there’s more to it than that,

For one Natsume appears to be bracing for inevitable doom. He’s???? So determined to protect Tanuma even though he’s sure he’s going to be hurt now????? He’s prepared to take whatever damage and just. Kill me now.

On a less serious note Tanuma’s leg. Just. Stickin up there. I mean what are you supposed to do with your legs when your boyfriend best friend drags you to the floor and throws himself over you? Either way I find it unreasonably funny.

Then a few moments later after they’ve been saved by Natori Natsume…. still seems to be bracing for impact. Tannuma on the other hand is just sort of confused and concerned and again I find this both sweet and hilarious.

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I'm still coming back to your "blog" but am apparently too lazy to finish an argument... logic much? Everyone is entitled to have whatever opinion they please, and stopping them from expressing that opinion is a detriment to free and open debate. Maybe you're the lazy one for just yelling at me for being a bigot without providing any actual evidence to rebut my claims.

The point is you haven’t provided any claims either. All we’ve done is pull out our opening statements, my dude. I haven’t inhibited your freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means the government can’t arrest you for expressing your opinion. It doesn’t mean I can’t disagree with you or say that you shouldn’t speak over autistic people.

I don’t even know you, I don’t even know what you’ve said in your entire life aside from the messages you’ve sent me. What kind of “evidence” could I pull? I’m going off of the handful of anonymous messages you’ve sent me.

I said you were lazy because you jumped straight to the end of the conversation after it literally just started by saying I had “run out of arguments” just for stating my stance on the matter.

And I never called you a bigot. Now you’re just making stuff up, which is also a lazy argument tactic. Unless you’re calling yourself a bigot, in which case, hey. You said it, not me.

Also I love how you put quotes around blog. As if this isn’t literally a blog. It’s tumblr. That’s where blogs go.

–Mod Mercy