these are terrible im so sorry

boneville replied to your post “i’m pretty unclear on the mgs timeline so which ships are Real Bad in…”

would shipping huey with himself be good or bad, because like hes so terrible but shipping him with himself means that hes contained anyd nobody eles has to be with him. im so sorry i just thought of this and i had to get it out of mysystem

if you ship huey with himself then he combusts because he realizes how disgusting and repulsive he is as a human being and the evil is defeated , problem solved series over

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him

i know there is a post about how louis is using his music to work through this incredible sad moment and i agree 100% but i’d like us to remember lottie doing this too, putting her all in her make-up projects and starting her path as a hard working and amazing woman. she has been working really hard all year even with everything going on bts and that too speaks volumen about the kind of family jay raised <3<3 they are SO SO strong


oh my god a bucky action figure he’s so beautif-


Before I begin, I’d like to thanks @amazingmegara for making me this lovely banner after I accidentally made a post about being too shy to ask anyone you’re a gooden (’:

Aaaand I hit 2k! I’ve only been active as a dnp blog since around December, so seeing how far this blog has come over the course of a few months is absolutely bonkers! I’d like to personally thank anyone who has ever smashed that mf button and followed me. I’d also like to thank anyone who has ever sent me a message/ask, as well as reblogged or liked any of my posts or even mentioned me in any of their posts. I am a very lonely girl, so all of the attention I’ve gotten on here from anyone has given me an overwhelming feeling of warmth and welcoming. You all make me smile.

That being said, here is a thanks to some lovely friends and mutuals <3

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Star Wars Rebels more like

Thrawn: I saw you hanging out with Ezra Bridger yesterday

Kallus: Th-Thrawn it’s not what you think!

Thrawn: I Won’t Hesitate, Bitch