these are such terrible quality idk

I don’t know what to say about all these pictures of Sans with a glowing penis…… Why. just Why. xD
everytime I see a pic like this, I just can’t take it seriously.
to me, if he really had this “thing”, he would only make stupid things with it like… idk, being a lamp. yeah.
and then he would probably make an epilepsy because of it xD
but Hey, I’m not juging. do whatever you like. (even if drawing a skeleton with a glowing penis is a liiiittle weird. Just a little.)

I’m sorry the quality is terrible… I draw with my 3ds (and as you can see, the quality is bad) and I make the animation with my phone so… I don’t use very professional stuff xD but you get the idea-


I think I was pretty productive, drawing wise. Here’s a buncha cute stuff I drew traditionally in my bed. Its comfy here ^_^ I also think i messed up on Stitch’s design eeeegghhh im not very satisfied with the way it came out :/ But yeah :D
1. Mongrel (grel) @ask-mongrel-sans
2. ErrorBlue @askerrorblueberry
3. Bloodstone @scifellhell
4. Stitch (from Labrat!tale) @sorasprings
5. UnderTrue!Sans (True) @chaosartist (me)


I’m not really sure I like this set here. This dress is cute, but maybe a little too homecoming dance-ish? Idk, maybe being taken to a dance wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

 The cardigan look definitely doesn’t work with it! I love the shoes though :p 

Maybe its the fact that the pics just turned out soooo terribly. I need to be able to take higher quality pics! These phone pics are just driving me insane because I know I can do better lol

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jaspar at 1:19 on conor maynard's new vid?? they did this lil smile thing and then both looked at the camera and i melted

i tried to gif it but it was rlly terrible quality but idk something abt this lil moment was so cute so im using screenshots instead. like first we have caspar looking at joe (also conors face im laughing):

then joe looks at caspar but caspar freakin looks aWAY goddammit: 

ok and then im guessing now theyre looking at each other and joes smirking and theyre probably sharing a laugh but conors head is in the way. buddy. i love u. but moVE. 


heart eyes af 


fallacy of the inverse (saint-just + robespierre) || here we go… I made saint-just and robespierre’s individual mixes so I guess one for the two of them together is in fine order. it’s not supposed to be inherently romantic or platonic so listen however!

tracklist { 1. nightmare no. 5 or 6 - electric president || 2. how to embrace a swamp creature - the mountain goats || 3. dark star - jaymes young || 4. majesty snowbird - sufjan stevens || 5. derse dreamers - horizon || 6. papillon - editors|| 7. chains - radical face || 8. the cold harbour road - stornoway || 9. the weight of us - sanders bohlke || 10. revolver - isobel campbell & mark lanegan || 11. la petite mort- coeur de pirate }

[ listen ]