these are such nice quality i wanna cry


List of random favorites (III):

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anonymous asked:

I only just started following you but,, ilysm and I would die for you... you're the sweetest and you post quality content and it just.. makes me wanna cry to know someone as wonderful as you exists in this world

you can stay on anon forever but i will find you and when i do 

get ready because im gonna love you so fuckin hard 

Hey, you! Wanna be my July BOTM?
  • mbf: impossiblyamelia
  • reblogs only! likes will disqualify you!
  • must get at least 50 reblogs (or I’ll cry)
what I'm looking for:
  • a clean theme
  • a good url & icon
  • quality posts and/or edits
  • nice blogger
  • fandom blogs only (sorry)
the winner will get:
  • a spot on my updates tab through july 31
  • a url graphic
  • a follow back
  • 3 solo promos whenever you want 
    (upon request!)
  • a permanent spot on my BOTM winners page
  • eternal glory
  • my love ♥
3 runners up will get:
  • a group promo upon selection
  • a follow back
  • my love ♥

I will be choosing the winner, so no poll. Polls are evil…bad bad polls.

This ends June 29th at 11am EST

goodluck, sweeties! ♥