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Gallavich fics list

Soo I said that I wanna share my favorite (so far) Gallavich fics. I tried to choose them quickly but ended up with 55 opened AO3 pages at 3 am, reading some reeeally filthy smut…. but finally here I am :D

These fics are listed in no particular order (except maybe first two) because they are all amazing. A few things at first: I read smut (don’t we all? ^^). There are almost none G-rated fics in my list. Some of them are pure smut but like…very good smut :D
I also like a good slow burn, so prepare to suffer while reading.  
And this is the list of MY favorites, I’m not telling these are the best in the fandom, there are so much more wonderful fics. Go find your favorite! ;D 
(And I will be just extremely happy, if someone tells me their thoughts, opinions about those fics after reading, or suggests other works, or anything!)
Ok enough blah blah.

  1. Waiting on My Own Too Long Series by Ride4812 
    One More Night
    Something More This Time
    No More Lonely Nights

    This is my absolute favorite thing, after-prison future fic. This is just perfect. These three big fics deal with all the issues that could possibly happen, when you meet the love of your life after an 8 years break-up. What I love about it, that it’s all in character and realistic, not just “let’s hug\fuck and forget about everything“ thing. It deals with lack of trust after betrayal, bipolar thing, Yev, Gallaghers not liking Mickey, Yev growing up and asking questions and everything else. Nnnnice.

  2. The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Ian Gallagher by Shamelessquestions (KagekitsuneXXX)

    This is my second absolute favorite. I don’t usually like AUs… but this is so good! It’s not for nothing that this author wrote the first and the second (and the fourth :D) highest kudo-rated fics in the fandom (talking about AO3 only). This is so interesting to read, such a good quality of EVERYTHING, so surprisingly in character despite the AU! And I loved that we get to see all the Milkovich siblings in action. So many great new characters, everybody is soo charismatic. It’s like I’ve read an entire new series! I’m just really passionate about this fic sorry x)

  3. Proof by pink_ink

    That’s my favorite “canon smut”, it shows all the offscreen relationship development and fills all the sex scene gaps till Frank’s invasion. That’s so canon you wanna cry when you read it. 

  4. The New Year Series by LanJevinson
    The New Year
    Bird Set Free 

    A very nice after-prison future fic. 8 years are taken away from Mickey’s life. The second part explores what Mickey had to deal with in prison. There are many dark moments.

  5. Friends by zankiefanatic

  6. Gallavich deals with all the possible life problems that you can have from 5 to 50 years of age. The fic is not complete yet, maybe we will see them in their eighties :D

  7. Mandy in the Middle by Shamelessquestions (KagekitsuneXXX)

    I suggest to check out all the Domestic Bliss series by this author. 

    “Look, he’s a really nice guy…” Pete warmed into presenting his case. Again, Mandy shut it down immediately.
    “He’s the absolute sweetest, but he will also crack open your chest, rip out your still beating heart and present it to my brother in some kind of weird form of foreplay. Seriously, do not go down this road, Pete.”
  8. The Miseducation of Derek Hill by Shamelessquestions (KagekitsuneXXX) 

    A hilarious domestic future fic, jealousy issues.  

  9. Boy In The Box by Mellow_Yellow

    An unexpected and sometimes really dark plot, AU. The Milkovich family centered.

  10. Show Me, Baby by Ride4812 

    Not so lately finished AU with age difference (Ian is older here). That’s everything that young Mickey deserves…

  11. Minute by pink_ink

    It’s not even explicit written but such a sexual small thing. I just love how this author always makes you almost physically feel written sentences.

  12. Restoration by pink_ink

    Long slow burn AU by the same author as above. <3

  13. Life, or Something by pink_ink  

    Long slow burn AU by the same author as above but dark.

  14. Our Stubborn Love by TheWaywardBride 

    Great after-prison future fic. I like how differently Gallaghers react to Mickey’s return here, very in characters.

  15. Is There Somewhere by andchaos

    Soulmate AU which I usually don’t like but this one is so good! This is just amazing how the author managed to make Ian mute (not a spoiler, it’s written in the description) but still a chatty puppy as he is. 

  16. First Day of My Life by Ride4812 

    A post 7x11 fic. Mickey didn’t break out of prison, he’s an agent now, it was all a test. I’ve seen many people on Tumblr speculating about that. 

  17. The Sex They Should Have Shown by Ride4812

    Everything is in the name.

  18. coup de foudre by Ride4812

    I think this is the 7th fic by this author in my list. That should say something. Thank you, wonderful person!

  19. Give Me Love by zankiefanatic

    Just a really nice and hot Artist\Model AU.

  20. dried ink by orphan_account  

    A future after-prison fic. Sloooow burn. A lot of feels. So good!

  21. On Ice by ElfyDwarf

    Ice-skating AU I didn’t know I needed. Many great original characters, great humor, really hot smut. Mickey deserves it so much!

  22. The Casanova Catering Conflict by horror_business 

    Another great AU, a really hot slow burn. A lot of food descriptions, do not read while hungry ^^

  23. Closer by ElfyDwarf 

    Do you like smut as much as I do? This is the smut of the smuts. I think I teared up a little bit while reading.

  24. Good Vibrations by Lockmyheart 

    This is just wow. (smut).

I have to stop myself here or that will be A LOT. Please read and enjoy. 

I have not read most of these, but I am always more than willing to share recs! :3 Thank you for this list, darlin! I’m sure they are great! <3


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