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Sunny Days-Chapter 3

Sunny Days Masterlist

Summary- Sunny wakes up in Negan’s arms. 

Word Count- 2835

Warnings- Some angsty-ish stuff, a small bit of smut (like microscopic…it will get there later, I swear)

Author’s Note- Happy Birthday to me! I’m trying to post once a week but it may get sketchy with the holidays. Not beta’d. Hope you guys enjoy.


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Sunny snuggled into her pillow. It was warm and heavy…and breathing. She slowly opened an eye and took in her current situation. Negan was sleeping on his back next to her his chest rising and falling rhythmically.  She was laying on her right side, her head on Negan’s shoulder. His left arm was wrapped protectively around her back. His hand cupping her butt. Her leg was thrown over his lean hip. Her arm was stretched over his chest. His hand covering hers. She could feel his heart beating beneath her palm.

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Three Months

This prompt was sent in:

Amelia hates her body after pregnancy and feels self conscious about herself and refuses to sleep with Owen or something fluffy/smuttyyyishh

Another very similar prompt came in and requested it with angst so this is angsty, fluffy and smuttyyyishh!

It’s been three months since the birth, over three months since we’ve properly had sex, and I miss her. It’s the same most nights- we go to bed, I sit with the light on and she lies facing away from me, and when I decide to join her in the land of sleep, I’ll curl up behind her. She used to love spooning. She’d pull my arm in as close to her as possible and I’d be able to feel every part of her body against me. But now, as soon as I curl into her, she’ll sleepily move an inch out of reach.

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rumaan  asked:

From that prompt list you reblogged - Bellarke: hey you’ve had a rough day so let’s get in our PJs and watch a cute movie together and cuddle bUT IT’S TOTALLY PLATONIC ALRIGHT - please!

0Usually it’s Clarke needing the comforting. Her job at the hospital can be beautiful - art therapy can be very helpful to sick children - but there are days when she has one less rapt student than the day before. Those days are the worst. 

So she’s surprised when her roommate and best friend (since elementary school, thanks ever so much) is sitting on the couch when she gets home. Bellamy is wearing his most ridiculous pajamas (some touristy thing he bought in Rome) and poking a spoon into his mostly melted ice cream. 

All the sirens in her head go off at once. Def con 2. 

Sure, Bell can be a whiny baby, but that does not usually involve his “historic” jammies and chunky monkey ice cream (ugh, Bell and his nuts). This is serious. 

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