these are such JAMS


Don’t want a LOT for Christmaaaaas….

THEEEEERE is just One Thing IIII neeeed….

I don’t care aBOUT the PRESents
UUUUUUUUNDERrrneath the ChristMas Treeeee

just want you


MOOOOOOOOOOORE than youuuu could EV ER knoooow….

Make myyy wishcome truuuuuuUUuuUuuUuE

AAAAAAAALLLLLLLL I want for CHRISTmaaaaaaas….. 



Concept: Steve’s parents leave for a business trip, come back expecting a mess from a party or their son trying to hide a hangover. Instead, there’s three 14 year olds playing Atari, three more having a lightsaber fight in the yard, and Steve’s washing dishes, muttering under his breath about these kids with bottomless pits for stomachs and not using a damn coaster. Steve literally asks them later at what point does he have to claim these kids on his taxes.