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this is STILL the most underrated mashup 

[translations] 2017.03.25 NCT DREAM fansign at Busan fan accounts

1. Jeno: As Jisung is becoming the Maknae (Youngest) on Top, Mark is starting to feel like the youngest member.
Jeno: He seems to only treat Renjun and Haechan like elder brothers
Jisung: Renjun ah~ (Jisung dropped the formalities)  [nct_maru]

2. OP asked Jisung what’s his limit for the criteria as a noona, in terms of age. Jisung (after some hesitation),”40 years old?” hahaha [Haechan_love66]

3. OP: Have you received your birthday present from Jisung?
Renjun: Not yet, I will ask him for it tonight. [jjelly_love]

4. OP: During the SM Rookies period, you did many performances right?
Jeno: Yes
OP: Any performance that left a deep impression in you?
Jeno: Our first performance on SMTOWN Concert as Rookies, when we did (EXO’s) Growl [_hyun214]

5. OP: You have mentioned that you wanted to produce your own songs right?
Haechan: Yes
OP: Have you thought of any signature sound to put in for finishing the song?
Haechan: Signature sound? for example?
OP: Erm… JYP!
Haechan: Ah! For me it shall be “HO! HO!” [cuddlyrabbitdy]

6. OP: Hello Jeno, any songs from the other units of NCT you would like to try?
Jeno: (Almost without hesitation) The 7th Sense
OP: Any reason for choosing The 7th Sense?
Jeno: It’s just so cool. [enett_nct]

7. OP: Why did Jisung come to Busan so many times?
Jisung: Because I have a REALLY really close relative here, so I come often.
OP: You are friends with Chenle now right? So you don’t call him hyung anymore?
Jisung: Yes hahahahah (looks at Chenle) We are (same aged) friends. [enett_nct]

8. OP asked Jeno if there’s anything he wants to try when he turns 20, Jeno said,”Chicken & Beer?” While Jisung said there’s nothing in particular that he wants to try [DalcHan_ | nct_jeuha]

9. OP: Favorite NCT song?
Haechan: For me? The 7th Sense
OP: Really?
Haechan: Ah! Are Dream’s songs included? Then it’s My First & Last! [mxxklee]

10. OP: Who is the easiest to get along with?
Jisung: Someone I’m comfortable with? *Smiled and pointed at Chenle who is sitting beside him*
OP: Chenle?
Jisung: Yes, because we are (same aged) friends [cuddlyrabbitdy]

11. OP asked Jisung if Haechan and Mark taught Chenle and him a lesson after they returned from Mexico and Jisung said,”No no that was just a joke” and cutely tilted his head LOL [jjelly_love]
t/n: watch NCT LIFE Entertainment Retreat episode 5 


that drop

songs u suggested and now i feel nostalgic

here’s the songs u angels suggested that made me feel nostalgic!

glass animals - cocoa hooves
geoffrey - got me all tired
yuck - suicide policeman
jbm- winter ghosts
glass animals - poplar st
song about nothing - huffamoose
vanilla twilight - owl city
ill be - edwin mccain

and the songs i stumbled across and made me feel nostalgic

train - drive by and 50 ways to say goodbye
owl city - fireflies
the band perry - if i die young


Of course…ajhq being hypocritical once again..

Some things that happened at school today:

- In Photography, the teacher left for the second part of the lesson (it was a double period). Suddenly, a student in the class appeared and joined the lesson, turns out they were hiding from the Photography teacher.

- A group of kids just looked at minion memes for the whole lesson.

- In Science, we did an experiment with pieces of marble and acid. One of the pieces of marble wasn’t used, so one girl took it and started chiseling it with a pen. Then, she put the dust on her finger and aTE IT. After that, she tried to eat the rest.

- Some of the marble was crushed into a powder, so someone threw it across the room and it went everywhere.

- One kid in Maths just kept on whispering to people ‘Time to put on your jim-jams.”

- At lunch, a teacher went up to some students and excitedly showed them her lunch, and yelled, “Look! There’s a fly in it!!!”

- Some guy stole someone else’s water bottle, so the person who lost their bottle just smiled and pulled another bottle from their jacket.
Some kids found out that the actor for Rodrick in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies had changed, and wrote #notmyrodrick on their hands, and made others do the same.

- In English, we wrote stories in different genres. One group named all their characters Rodrick, except one character called Felicia, so when Felicia left, Rodrick had to say “Bye, Felicia.”

And finally,

“Do it for Daddy Rodrick.”

“What? Who’s Daddy?”

- M and O