these are stuff i want to happen

  • Though I have still gone the past two weeks, I did not go gym all the days I wanted/normal due to moving. Now that everything is done, back to normal this week. I missed my typical routine, and am glad to get back at it.
  • I figure if I traded in all my games @ gamestop I’d have about $50 in credit.
  • I know it HAS happened before, but generally speaking big well reviewed movies that make a lot of money are often discounted at the Oscars. I know this will never change, or we will have the rare once in a while movie win/be nominated (Return of the King) but I still dislike the fact that just because it has a big budget, and makes a shit ton of money that it is easy to discard regardless of the fact that it is an excellent film (The Dark Knight). Not surprisingly, I did not see a single one of the nominated.
  • The cats are are becoming more and more comfortable every day. This makes me happy. Be it Nall hanging out on the bay window in the front of the house, or Ruby taking up a chair at the dinner table and joining us.
  • The reality is I should be working a crapload of overtime. I just do not want to.
  • Nintendo Switch is out this Friday. I do have one on reserve.
  • Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. I will be abstaining from Lent this year.

Happy Monday.

sad over Supergirl

When you have only a small handful of archetypal, iconic woman superheroes and action heroes living inside of you, standing out among a multitude of iconic men who continue to pop up as unchecked and indistinguishable as dandelions, you cherish every one in a way that would be hard to explain to someone who simply did not need to see symbolic, non-gender conforming women to represent the possibilities for new ways of being a woman in this world.  

I am glad I have the dynamic between Alex and Maggie to remind me to honor my emotions, talk stuff out, and just cry.  Cause I am having a profound moment of grief over Supergirl.  I am tempted to tell myself that I did this to myself and that I should not have taken television trash seriously.  And also want to tell myself, it’s a weird phase, it’s misdirection, what’s happening right now will end soon.  But this stuff is important. Even if I push this aside, I know that it’s incredibly important.  

When Supergirl first cropped up, I nearly cried, simply because Supergirl’s clothing was something that women could actually wear as a recognizable costume comfortably in cool weather and without being hyper-sexualized.  Then I got to watch Kara struggle to take up space in the world and not feel responsible for everybody’s feelings, overcome fears that she would hurt herself and other people if she exerted her strength, struggle to reconcile disparate identities, and watch herself being used as an icon with a definition beyond her own will.  And I felt like this show was actually written for women every bit as much as men.  When I saw how a bond between two sisters formed the arch and defined the narrative arc of the entire first season, I recognized that choice alone as enough to make this show ten times more feminist than almost anything on television.  

The word I would use to describe the representation of Kara’s sexuality in season one would be anxious.  The show seemed anxious to ensure that she had a sexuality and would not read as immature or closeted.  They also seemed anxious to let that interest turn into even implied sex.  I hoped that in season two the show would change.  I hoped that the creative team would create a context where they would feel comfortable allowing Kara’s sexuality to emerge fully and in fulfilling ways.  

They did find the context that made them feel comfortable. e.  I never imagined they would craft such a stylized archetype of recognizable and self-conscious postmodern, white, straight masculinity to line up with Kara as her romantic and sexual compliment.  Kara’s sexuality in season two feels like a relief from the tension and anxiety of season one and now feels like a grinning, uneasy, indirect, continuous apology for the show’s feminism including the show’s current, beautiful wlw storyline.  

Now viewers have become divided between those focused on their feelings about the threat Kara clearly represents to the personification of a seemingly fragile, socially unstable, and emotionally underdeveloped man and those having feelings about the unacknowledged threat that a self-absorbed sexist man who seems like an anachronism in the world of this show poses to Kara.  Kara’s increasing self-definition and self-ownership no longer serve as a foundation for the show.  And while the crucial importance of the bond between the Danvers sisters still resonates in the show’s conflicts, it no longer forms the heart of the show.  

This may be temporary. This may be what Supergirl is now.  That will be a real loss.  


So @whatdoyoumeanunicornsarenotreal and I have this high school! Klance au we’re trying to work out

and this

This is the type of stuff that happens when you put us together and try to come up with stuff

If you want context, we’re trying to come up with a name for the football team

Because yes

This is crucial

But this is what happens when you let us do what we wish

Bonus: Other names she’s come up with

◦Flying cows



◦Flameo hot men


◦The rednecks + howdy texans

◦The carrie underwoods

Pry these texan Keith jokes out of my cold dead hands i dare you

◦The velociraptors

◦Lance’s self esteem (they aren’t a very good team)

Me- *sobbing* fluffing heck–

nicxxtine  asked:

Do you have any advice to those people who want to start writting but they dont know how? I mean, i really want to start a day book but im not really sure of how to do that jaja, and not just write about my days, i want to write something else but i really dont know what jaja, so i really need help for that... Sorry if my English sucks but im mexican so I dont have so much practice😅 besos

You can really write anything!!! From what happened that day and how you felt about it to what you’re eating at that exact time 🤗

Just think of things that you might find fun to read later on. I usually write down the most useless stuff but they’re definitely gonna make my day someday 🐵🐵🐵

I recommend stuff like;

-current favorite music

-movie list

-your own movie evaluation!!! (with #/5 rating )

-current nail color / length

-food you’re obsessed with atm

-profile of your favorite artist

-book quotes

-if you have a pet or a plant, write how you take care of them from bathing/watering to feeding haha

-explain your favorite weather and why

-how you pose when you take a selfie 🤳

-what you think about the products you’re using

-favorite tv show & character

-when you sleep and wake up (the time I mean cause it definitely changes overtime)

-just pick up a leaf or a flower on your way home from somewhere and try to make a page of your own plant dictionary with it

-your drawing of something you like

-what you think about your phone (kinda counts as a product but oh well lol)

-current hairstyle and how you do it

-your crush/gfriend/bfriend/wife/husband (what you like about the person!!!)

-how the sky was that day (from color to clouds explain it as well as you can!!!)

-your favorite restaurant and how to get there + your favorite menu

-what you wore that day from head to toe +accessories

-if you had a skin trouble that day, what you did to treat it (if you did not do anything, just write so loool)

-books/movies you want to read/watch

-your favorite ride at an amusement park 🎢

-languages you wanna learn and short sentences in that language

-write a bucket list!!!

-places you wanna travel

-things you hate haha (see if your opinion has changed like 20~30 years later)

-your favorite accent or favorite letter lol

There are so many things to write I just can’t tell you everything!!!
Hope you have fun writing in your journal / reading it when you get more older 🎠🎠🎠

These are probably the stupidest things to write but I bet they’ll gonna worth so much later on :)

anonymous asked:

mom i went thru an old usb stick and found the instrumental for the original housewife radio and crazy town, as well as the art for crazy town,, do u want me to delete them or no?? (they make me feel powerful lmao)

oMG it’s ok u can keep them, the only reason i don’t let ppl download or upload stuff nowadays is b/c some people like to assume that means they can re-upload it and then throw a hissy fit when i ask them to take it down so :’^) just preventing 2015 from happening all over again. but i don’t mind if ppl have the downloads from when they were still up!

Beautiful~ A Baekhyun One Shot

A Byun Baekhyun high school AU one shot

Requested by anonie

Genre: Angst, romance

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this one shot) Byun Baekhyun gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Everything is handed to him, no doubt about that. He has the grades, he has the awards, he has the girls. But what happens when he wants someone he doesn’t have…you? (lol this is so fucking cheesy I love it)

As you scurry down the halls with your backpack slung around your shoulder, you run into someone, falling to the ground. Looking up, you see Sehun and frown at the mess on the floor. His backpack is open with his notebooks and textbooks spread out on the floor.

“You dipthong,” he says with a smile. “Be careful next time alright?” he says, ruffling your hair as you go and help him pick up his stuff. Someone walks by, their foot casually kicking one of Sehun’s textbooks across the hall, down the lockers and past everyone’s eyes, gasps and whispers being exchanged among students. Looking at the feet of whoever kicked Sehun’s textbook across the hall, you frown even more. Dress shoes. Looking up, your suspicions are confirmed.

Byun Baekhyun.

Byun Baekhyun, the one senior in this school who gets everything he wants anytime he wants it. Byun Baekhyun, who has done every sport here and exceeded at it. Byun Baekhyun, who takes all the AP classes and actually passes them. Byun Baekhyun, who has almost every girl kneel down at his feet for him, dying for his attention.

Almost every girl.

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randomfandomsupinhere replied to your post “i’m gonna need white people who feel sorry for themselves when black…”

This gtfo stuff bothers me though. You’re actively encouraging people to stay in their comfort, ignorance lace bubbles

ive been keeping up with one person’s blog for years only for them to hit me with some racist / ignorant shit… and its happened multiple times, even white people i thought were friends lol. im just encouraging the people who want to remain ignorant to take their leave honestly. because the people who want to learn, who understand, they’ll make an effort. the people who don’t will use you for what they need and let the rest go in one ear and out the other, and id prefer people who don’t want to make that effort to not bother keeping up cause I don’t need to see their ignorant commentary in my notifications (this isnt directed at you, by the way)

Ok, wanted to post this on AO3 and link it but it’s not being kind so here’s my attempt for robron week…just in time!

I was woken up just like this today and I hate it so that’s where this comes from…and the rest well…that just happened.

I’ve tried to research the prison stuff but if it’s wrong I apologise!

Together We Make A Family

Just a normal day…he feels awful, Liv’s late…and Aaron’s in prison. Robert can handle that…


He blinked, waking with a jolt. He hates waking up that way, preferred to wake up slowly in his own time. Hates feeling his heart race with the shock of being pulled from sleep.


He opens his eyes, squinting against the bright light, seeing Liv standing beside the bed, fully dressed in her school uniform, hair flowing around her shoulders. He can’t get his brain to catch up, shakes his head slowly. He feels so tired, so weighed down, his limbs heavy, his eyes full of grit.

“What is it?” He mumbles, the words scratching his dry throat.

“It’s quarter to nine! I’m gonna be late! You said you’d wake me.”

“You’re fifteen.” He grumbles, pulling himself up against the headboard, pointedly not letting his gaze stray to the empty side of the bed.

“I told you my phone’s knackered. I told you! You said you’d wake me!” He can’t deal with the shouting, his head is pounding. Just agree, it’s easier said the voice in his head, the one that sounded just like Aaron. “Robert!”

“Alright, Liv, just stop screaming. I’m sorry. I’m not perfect!” Finally there was quiet. “Five minutes, I’ll take you to school.”

Wincing as she stomps from the room, slamming the door for good measure, he slumps backwards. He feels like he hasn’t slept for months. A week, is that really all it’s been since Aaron had gone, since he’d been left to look after a teenager, one who was doing her best to be as intolerable as possible in her brother’s absence. He’s already had to deal with Bernice complaining about her being a bad influence on her precious Gabby. Liv’s scared, he knows that, of course she is, so is he, but she’s been doing her utmost to test Robert at every turn and he doesn’t know how to get through to her. Just to top it all off he appears to have woken up with what feels like the world’s worst hangover. That would be fine but he didn’t drink anything last night.

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anonymous asked:

So I was rewatching Avatar and The Fire Lord episode and I wanted to ask you do you think Fire Lord Sozin's intentions were evil? Like all he said was that he wanted to share the Fire Nations power with the rest of the world, I don't think he meant by going to war to share the Fire Nations power, I thought he meant that by helping other nations and stuff which is why he set colonies in the Earth Kingdom then Idk what happened and he went all evil when he looked good and had good intentions

I don’t think he was planning war or conquest in the beginning and maybe he was more genuine at first. He did want to spread the Fire Nation’s prosperity, but I also think there were mainly selfish motivations behind it. He wanted power and glory for himself. To go down in history as the Firelord who was the “savior” of the world. After he lost his friendship with Roku after telling him about his plans, he became more obsessed and then resorted to very cruel and ruthless means. I think he was telling himself that he simply wanted to spread the Fire Nation’s prosperity, but it was an ego trip for him. He was lying to himself, even if he wasn’t necessarily “evil” in the beginning.

But in the end, Sozin showed that he cared more about his own glory. He got what he wanted in the end; he immortalized himself in history and even the comet was named after him. But in his journal he showed that he was not happy with how he lost himself. He was the opposite of Zuko. He genuinely believed that the war was about spreading the Fire Nation’s greatness to the world, and he told his father that he had to figure out what an amazing lie that was all on his own. Zuko was in denial for a long time because he genuinely wanted to believe in his family and his nation. He never wanted glory for himself, he just wanted to be loved and accepted. He gave up his honor, by being true to himself and set the world on a better path. It’s a beautiful thing, and screw Bryke for messing that up in the comics. :p

Guess who’s back!

It’s me! holy shit i’ve been gone since september

A lot of stuff has happened, not all good, not all bad. But I’m back! I’ll be formatting the confessions currently in the ask, and feel free to send in more, as I’ll be getting to them all soon!

For those of you who don’t know this blog, this is a g/t confession blog. You can confess anything here, as long as it’s related to g/t. A specific fantasy, something about the g/t fandom itsself, something about a character, anything! If you want more of an idea of what the blog is about, feel free to read through the submissions currently posted!

Confess away!

extremelyunlikely  asked:

Which anons do I have to burn down for hurting you?

I was going to make this long in-depth post about the anons you’d have to burn, but I don’t want to give anyone any screenshot material. Just know I’m pretty sure it’s someone on my byf because they said things I don’t think any of my mutuals know, but they haven’t bothered me since like…Friday or Saturday.

And also apparently any time I reach out to people about bad stuff that’s happened, I get blamed for being affected by it so y’know…won’t do that anymore I guess

Thank you though, we’ll beat up each other’s gross anons

the-spud-potato-child  asked:

*GASP* Thank you for the follow, sorry I don't talk a lot to like I'd want too... I love your art by the way!!

HEEEYYO You’re welcome, my pal you earned it!! Not that my follow is anything too special I JUST THOUGHT YOU WERE REALLY RAD AND WANTED TO SEE STUFF FROM YA! ALSO THANKS!!  I love your stuff as well. LIKE SO MUCH. So nice. Such good art, yes yes, keep doing what you’re doing.

anonymous asked:

I like her a lot and it's been 3 years already. She's my best friend and I'm afraid she'll avoid me once she'll find out I have a secretly thing for her. She has a boyfriend though, but she has this gestures of being gay sometimes when I'm around with her. And then I knew that she likes girls when I found her tumblr, but she never told it to anybody. She always ask me who do I like but I kept telling it's a secret since it was her. I don't want expectations & I'm very confused what's happening.

Okay she likes girls right? so maybe she had a thing for you too. She has a boyfriend but yeah she can be bisexual. All I can say is try to figure it out. ask her about her boy do she still love him and stuff have a serious tall with her. Also try ot flirt and see how she acts on that. But yeah please dont hurt yourself that must if it turns out otherwise..


So due to some unfortunate and convoluted happenings, I had to remake my blog. Got my url back so I am indeed me if any of you know me.
I’m sort of glad it happened though because all the old baggage is gone!

So, reblog if you post:

- witchcraft/related things
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- or really anything at all from the Greek or Norse pantheons
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- writing tips
- cool poetry
- lgbt stuff
- and your not gross (so like racist homophobic, you see where this is going right?)

Just reblog, tag what applies if you want, and I’ll check you out!

anonymous asked:

yooooo! do you have any cool headcanons for TH characters? i'd <3 to hear em!!

Heck yeah I do (unsure of their level of coolness, but I have headcanons all the same)!

-The only other gem who can rival Blue’s alcohol tolerance is Morgan. Drinking competitions between the two only happen VERY rarely, but are always the stuff of legends.

-Kyan looks like a little angel in the rare circumstance that she’s asleep. A little angel who snores. (RIP Hema, he just wanted her to be quiet so he could sleep)

-Rubes, on her and Puff’s downtime, enjoys brushing her fingers through and braiding Puff’s thick, fluffy hair. 

-Tita LOVES to dance. She’s not a great dancer or a pro or anything, mind you, but she’ll hum enthusiastically and make up dance moves as she goes along, on the off chance that she hears music.

-White is seriously getting annoyed by how many of her pillows have gone missing because of Blue and Yellow.

-Not a headcanon. It is purely canonical that Mago deserves infinite hugs, love, and respect in her life.

-Tiny probably has at least one hidden stash where she keeps shiny things that she finds lying around, either while off on missions or in the Kindergarten.

-Blue would be the most likely of the cast of characters to chug an entire gallon of coffee, straight-black.

-Yellow absolutely electrocuted herself whilst trying to get a grip on her newly-discovered electricity powers back when she first popped out of the ground.

-White probably accidentally nearly blinded someone while trying to figure out her light powers.

-Most of the Hematites would actually just be really delighted to have someone to chat with. It’s not like they get a whole lot of chatting/social activity in the Kindergarten, so having a friend to talk with would probably be really beneficial for them in general.

So recently I hit a hundred followers.. which is fantastic! I’m so happy and it’s such a great thing to have happened this week. Because all of you guys have signed up for this madness I thought I’d do something special and I would like to know what you guys would like:

An insta with more personal things being posted, so my art and everyday stuff

A day in my life video

A qna video

Or a certain character you’d like to see

So send an ask as to which you want! (If there you want that I haven’t listed feel free to suggest it)

Some random thoughts about Rikyako’s breakdown

I didn’t attend the concert and my country wasn’t given a Live Viewing, so I couldn’t see with my eyes what happened, but just hearing about it was enough for me to imagine it and understand her feelings. I’m truly glad that she was given all the support she deserved: learning to play the piano in such a little amount of time must sure have been difficult for her and I sincerely admire her a lot for accepting this challenge. The pressure must have been high and the thought of keeping everyone’s expectations even heavier. I absolutely feel emphatetic with her because, several years ago, I had a kinda similar experience during a skating competition when I still used to be in a skating team. And since I know how it feels when your failures involve people who relied on you and when you are afraid of how those who had expectations on you would react, I thank all the people who encouraged her so much and I sincerely hope that she won’t never let the sense of guilt win on her.