these are still happening very slowly


Well, the inevitable happened… While parking Lucy at my folks, I made the mistake of trying to make a tight right turn to avoid hitting the edge of the pavement/grass and tipping her over. Turning the bars all the way to one side or the other and moving forward tends to cause the bike to tip in the turn direction very easily.

And Of course, it was my bad (previously broken and in pain still) leg that it tipped towards. It was all I could do to slowly lower it down and not drop her. The damage was very minimal, just some scratching on the exhaust’s carbon fiber portion and the mirror, the latter I can easily use a nail file to smooth and touch up with some black anodize paint on stuff that matches it.

But it hurt my leg which was already in pain, and if I had tried to hold it up I could have rebroken or broken my leg or caused damage… and if I dropped her, it would have done big damage.

My brother came out and helped me get her back up. But my heart broke when it happened. And now I am extra aware of this happening… Worst part, I’ve made this turn around at my folks 2 dozen times and easily done this same thing catching the bike before it drops (on the Harley) half of those times. I tempted fate and she told me how she felt about it.

Not sure how to clean up the carbon fiber portion… maybe file the rough area and put some clear nail polish on it. The mirror, no biggie, worst case I replace it but its not damaged.

Now my leg, it hurt already from 4 days of biking (bicycle) in a row plus a mile of walking… and then this. Ugh.

Lesson learned.

Playtime with Daddy 2 (Part 2)

Daddy sits on the bed and motions me towards his lap. I do as I’m told while continuing to keep my wet panties in my mouth. I crawl over daddy’s lap lower my head and lift my butt up. Daddy rubs my bottom slow and gentle in little circular motions, then without warning spanks me hard. I yelp through my panties but don’t move away, I know daddy will punish me if I do. He repeats the same motions, gently rubbing and then spanking me, with every smack, I can feel myself getting increasingly wet to the point of practically dripping on his bed. Daddy continues until my butt is nice and red.
He reaches over to my mouth with his palm spread. I do what daddy wants and drop my panties into his hand.
“How’s my little girl doing?”
I wiggle my bum with enthusiasm. “I’m good daddy hehe”
Daddy reaches down and feels me, I’m dripping on his fingers.
“I’d say so. That’s my good girl” I’m overjoyed. Being daddy’s good girl is all that matters to me.
“I think you deserve a reward don’t you?”
“Yes please daddy!!” I say enthusiastically.
“Come here baby, come ride daddy”
I crawl on top of daddy and feel his big cock with my hand, stroking it briefly. Daddy knows I love to ride because I can control the pace and daddy won’t tease me. I ease on top, feeling daddy’s tip slowly stretching me as I make my way down his shaft. I exhale a moan as daddy’s cock fills my pussy. It feels so good. I begin bouncing on daddy’s cock picking up pace as quickly as possibly. Feeling the pressure build inside me.
“Fuck daddy”
I continue bouncing
“It feels so good!”
I continue picking up pace
I’m riding daddy as hard and fast as my little body can take, daddy’s cock feels amazing inside me.
“Little girl” daddy moans sternly
I reluctantly slow down
“Yes daddy?” I say innocently
“What do you think your doing?”
“Nothing daddy”
“Trying to finish daddy early??”
“No daddy! I swear!” Uh oh I’m in trouble.
“Mhm hands and knees baby”
“But daddy!!” Daddy gives me a stern look as if to say not go test him. I reluctantly climb off daddy’s cock and do as I’m told. Daddy goes and grabs something then comes up behind me.
“Put this back on your clit baby.”
“Yes daddy” it’s my clit stimulator I put it back on. I hear daddy squirt something from a bottle. My heart sinks. Uh oh, daddy’s going to play with my button again.
“This is only going to hurt for a bit, but daddy loves you and he promised it will get better, understand?”
I hesitate.
“Baby girl?”
I sigh, I wanna please daddy. “Yes daddy I understand.”
Good girl. I feel daddy’s tip, up against my button, I try my best to relax and not clench. Daddy’s done this only a couple times and I learned very quickly I have to relax and just let it happen. Daddy slowly begins pushing forward. My button slowly begins to feel like its on fire.
“No moving” daddy warns
I try my best to remain still and calm. Daddy continues to fill my behind with his cock. I wince in pain but remain as still as possible. Daddy’s cock is halfway in.
“Fuck baby girl, that’s my good fucking girl, so tight for her daddy”
Daddy pushes his cock forward and is balls deep in my button. I let out a small scream but manage to stay mostly still.
“You’re okay baby” daddy tells me and he begins to thrust slowly. In and out. The pain is still there but it slowly begins to lessen just as daddy promised, I begin to focus on the feeling of the clit stimulator as daddy begins to pick up pace. I let out a moan, this makes daddy go even faster. Now daddy’s pounding my ass while my clit is stimulated by my toy. It begins to feel like heaven. I start to feel the pressure build inside me again. I begin to squirm a bit. Daddy grabs me and holds me still.
“Don’t even think about it until you have permission baby.” I can only cum if daddy says so. Daddy’s going faster and faster dominating my ass, his property. I’m straining myself trying not to cum.
“Fuck daddddy” I moan in desperation. “Please let me cum daddy”
“You know the rules baby” daddy always cums before me. “Almost there baby girl this may hurt a little” I feel daddy ram me harder then before, daddy’s right it does hurt. He does it hard and fast that it causes tears to form in my eyes a bit. Daddy keeps going and going and going and suddenly I feel my ass being filled with something besides his cock. Daddy blows his entire load in my ass as he continues to fuck me and it feels amazing I can’t help it anymore.
“Okay baby you can cum for daddy”
Instantly I finish letting out the loudest moan. My entire body feels stimulated.I’m breathless. Daddy pulls his cock out of me and with it his cum. I fall to the bed exhausted. I always get sleepy after I cum. Daddy caresses my hair and kisses my forward, as I snuggle up to him.
“Thank you daddy”

anonymous asked:

Could you write something about Lena discovering the existence of the alien bar, so she talk about it to Kara like "Hey, it might be a good subject for an article or something" and she sees that Kara is nervous so she propose to go with her if she wants and Kara have a hard time finding an excuse to refuse so she just... kind of end up with Lena there and everyone recognize Kara and Lena is like "Oh." and explanations ensue because why did the alien device didn't work and all ???


she focuses on her page, doodling mindlessly in the corner of it.


“i’m ignoring you.”

“ignoring me?” lena sounds amused, of all things, and kara scowls down at her page. without looking up, she flicks a paperclip lena’s way and she can’t help but grin when she yelps.


“centre mass, actually, which you would know if you would look at me.” her tone turns inviting, hopeful. the nicest possible version of wheedling. kara stares down at her paper and wills it not to burst into flame. “kara,”

“lena,” she mimics.

“it was an accident,” lena tells kara, which kara already knew of course, but having a drink spilled down the front of her shirt - and then being photographed by the paparazzi that always slinks around lena - means she’s embarrassed but also incredibly aware of how easily her disguise might be found out. white shirt, meet liquid; kara danvers, supergirl, meet the entire world knowing her identity. that they don’t is another source of concern, and confusion. because sure the drink had been dark but also lena had whisked a coat around her instantly and they’d made it back to her place where she has several outfits.

in lena’s wardrobe.

which she does not remember leaving there - no, well, she does remember it except now that she sees she has left her lucky belt, her second favourite boots, and her most comfortable sweat shirt there… it means something and she’s not entirely comfortable with that.

the idea of dating lena? no problem. the idea of dating a luthor? minor problems, named alex and clark. the idea of dating lena luthor, her best friend of some six months, who still doesn’t know that she’s supergirl? DING DING DING, huge problem.

there’s a soft touch to her hand and lena’s voice, jerking her out of her thoughts with a gentle, “kara?”

“wuh- huh?” she looks from where lena had been sitting to where she is now, standing next to her. “i zoned out, sorry.”

“no, no, it’s alright.” lena takes the seat next to her. “is everything okay at work? or,” lena waves a hand in a small motion that encompasses everything else.

“yeah, yeah, it’s all fine.” kara gives lena her brightest smile and lena nods but doesn’t look away. “i’m sorry, i’m being a bad friend.”

lena shakes her head, lays her fingers on kara’s hand again. she does it so hesitantly, always, and kara likes the way her smile eases when she turns her hand and holds lena’s.

“you’re not a bad friend. just distracted. which is why i thought we could go out tonight. there’s this bar,”

“i really am not interested in a repeat of last time lena,” kara whines.

“which is why we will get my driver to ditch the followers. it’s a hole in the wall, please,” lena asks - begs is more like it, and kara can’t look away from her pouting lip, her wide dark eyes. “you can write, i can drink, it’ll be a regular girls night out. please!”

“ugh. fine! but,” she searches for some kind of argument. “you’re paying!”

“deal.” lena squeezes her hand and kara ducks her head, grins, at the little spark the gesture shocks.


“uh, lena,” kara looks properly at the building they’ve pulled up outside and she hesitates. “i don’t think we should go in there. you know, it’s, um,”

“an alien bar, i know.”

kara nods slowly. she had guessed that. she just isn’t sure how much lena had planned this out.

“okay listen when i say this and i don’t mean it in a bad way,” kara tries to find a not bad way to say it but she’s coming up empty so…straight to the point then. “you’re a luthor. they’re aliens in there. i just think, i know how much you’re doing for your image and i just don’t want you in danger or, i also don’t want them to…get scared,” kara finishes softly. lena presses her lips together flat, nods. “i know you, lena. i know how good you are, and that you would never hurt these people, but they don’t.”

“isn’t that what your articles have been for? everything i’ve been doing? i have to test it out sometime.”

“it doesn’t mean you can walk into their bar, lena!” kara snaps. she shakes her head, tries to soften herself, her words, her shoulders, her hands. “this is a place where they can be themselves, without having to worry about that stuff. you have all the bars in the city, lena, they only have this one.” kara widens her eyes pleadingly, and lena nods slowly.

“i- you’re right. of course. i hadn’t thought of that.” lena purses her lips. “you know an awful lot about this place.”

kara grins nervously. she shrugs, happy to play it off on research, only the door swings open on its rusted hinges, music pouring out alongside obviously alien shouting, and all kara knows lena can’t be seen here. she picks her up, moves her into the shadows of the alley.

“hey kara, you coming in?” m'gann isn’t hiding her green tonight. or wasn’t. she looks to the woman in kara’s arms and her skin ripples back to her human form. “you two coming in?”

“not tonight,” kara says quietly. lena doesn’t say anything - she grips tight to kara’s arms, shaking slightly. “we’re gonna head out, actually.”

“call you an uber?”

“that’d be great,” kara nods.

“down the road, you know the pickup spot.” m'gann tilts her head toward lena, shakes her head very very slightly.

kara nods. “have a good night.”

“you too.” after a moment, m'gann adds, “lena,” and she disappears back into the bar.

the noise muffles with the door closed and kara eases away from lena. she urges her gently down the alley, and together they walk side by side down the road to the spot the Uber always arrives.

“i gather you’ve been there before,” lena says finally.

“um. yes.”

lena nods.

the uber pulls up after ten minutes of painfully empty silence. it takes another twelve minutes to get to lena’s apartment building, six to get into the building and up the stupidly fast lift to the sixteenth floor.

“you can come in,” lena tells her, and kara follows her. watches almost desperately as lena toes off her heels, the way she sighs and rolls onto the balls of her feet when she shrugs off her coat. “coffee?” she offers.

“um. sure.”

kara hasn’t felt this uncomfortable around lena since…never. not in this way. not in the horrible, teetering, this-is-the-end kind of way.


“i’m sorry,” she blurts out. “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you, and i’m sorry i broke your alien device, and i’m sorry about how weird tonight was and again, really sorry about not telling you but, but i had reasons, really good ones, and,”

“kara,” lena sighs, and she sets her stupidly expensive coffee pot down on the counter and steps over to her. lays her hands on either side of kara’s face, tugs so she’s looking right at her. “stop.”

kara stops. she stays very still, barely breathing, certainly not blinking.

“you’re an alien.” lena closes her eyes. she doesn’t pull away - if anything, she grips on a little tighter. she’s soft again when she drags her fingers down kara’s cheeks and away. “i understand why you didn’t tell me,”

“i really doubt that.” kara walks with her into the kitchen, pulls open the fridge. she takes out lena’s favourite cheese and, of all things, carrot sticks. sets them on a little plate. she pulls herself up onto the counter and waits as lena makes her coffee. it’s fine, they’ve done this before, this is how it’s supposed to go.

except, she’s never made late night snacks as an alien before. she’s never drunk from a cup as an alien, never eaten her food, never touched her things, never been in lena’s home as an alien before.

“it makes a lot more sense how appalled you were about that device,” lena muses. kara just nods. lena twists a little to face her, almost impeccably calm aside from slight, polite curiosity. “how did you break the alien device?”

kara covers her mouth, not wanting to spit cheese out. she swallows quickly. “zapped it.”

“you release an electric discharge?”


“how did you zap it? when you touched it?”

“no, with,” kara stops, horror dawning slowly. lena knows she’s an alien, she doesn’t know that she’s supergirl. “rao help me,” she mutters, tilting her head up so she can look up at the stars.


“okay.” kara hops down off the bench, backs up several steps. “i’m…yeah, i’m just going to do this,” she says, mostly to lena but a little to herself. “alright. okay.”

she pops open the buttons on her shirt quickly, too fast for lena to see, and peels it open slowly. lena stares.

and stares.

kara shifts her weight from one foot to the other.


the coffee pot hisses. lena turns, pours herself a mug and then kara. she sets the mug out on the side and retreats into the corner of the kitchen, leans back against the corner where the two benches meet.

kara moves softly like lena could spook, and she stands opposite her. she sips at the coffee, grimaces. lena pushes the sugar over to her, watches with the same look of fascination as she always has as kara spoons sugar into her mug.

“is that an alien thing?”

“i don’t think so.” kara hesitates, but adds one final spoonful. this time it tastes right. mostly of sugar. “um. not to make this weird night weirder but, uh, you’ll have to sign stuff. now that you know.”

lena nods slowly.

“i…i should go,” kara says. she pours her coffee out into the sink, half drunk, and washes it out. sets it on the drying rack. “i didn’t mean for this to happen, not like,” kara shakes her head. there’s plenty of stuff she wants to say, or maybe just a couple very important things, but lena is still just staring - into her coffee or at kara, it changes - so it can wait. “i’m really sorry.”

“the only thing i can think right now is…i know something he never did.” lena laughs a little, a short sound and not happy. she closes her eyes. “i think you should. because, if that’s my first….my only thought?” she shrugs one shoulder. “i don’t think i’m someone you should be around right now.”

“i’m not afraid of you,” kara tells her. it lacks, completely, any defiance. how strange, for that to be a reassurance. lena doesn’t look like she believes her, if the dark little curl to her lips means anything.

“tell them i’ll sign. i have no interest in seeing the inside of a cell. again.”

kara nods. “i’ll see you soon?”

lena sets her mug in the sink, and disappears into her bedroom. it becomes clear she’s not coming out again. kara tips a little food into the fish tank, makes sure the windows are locked, and locks the front door behind her.

Find You (Part 3)

Summary: Bucky has moved into a new apartment, not knowing that its previous tenant thinks they still live there. And he’s the only one that can see them.

Word Count: 1,215

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this very short third part! Let me know :D Things are about to get even better, I promise!

Originally posted by sebjpeg

Bucky kept his promise to you, getting up early the next morning and sitting down with you at his dining room table. Slowly chewing on his cereal, he looks at you and quirks a brow.

“Do you remember what happened before you woke up in my bathroom?”

You narrow your eyes at him, not missing the different pronunciation when it came to him declaring whose bathroom it was. Yet, your mind tries to travel further back than you crying in the bathroom, and you come up blank.

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Broken Up

Originally posted by acklesjensen

Request (summarized): Can i request one, where dean and the reader used to date but Dean turned into a demon and Sam asks for the reader’s help? They find out about a strip club that he visits regularly and reader pretends to be a stripper that doesn’t know Dean. He asks for a private show and urges her to admit that she’s the reader who denies it, but tells him a story of how she used to date this one guy, but they broke up and she is dating his brother now to make Dean jealous, ending up in smut?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: This one…oh boy…

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How I ship Gency:

I like to think that Angela is a kind but very very tired soul that continues to push herself beyond her limits for the good of humanity. She’s constantly trying to improve medical science and works long hours to make it happen. She will sometimes go days without sleep on the job and forget to eat. Over the years, it has made her jaded - almost dead inside. But she does what she must.

One day, a body is rushed to her by Blackwatch all the way from Japan. She has never seen this man - or what’s left of him - before, but he’s obviously very important to Overwatch’s interests if he was rushed to her to be saved. So she begins the grueling process of breathing life back into his body. Thanks to the advances in medicine that she has pioneered, she is able to save the miraculous, weak heartbeat in him. Regardless, she still works for months slowly rebuilding him and salvaging any organic parts possible. All the while he is comatose.

The first time he awakens, he is disoriented, angry, and violent. Angela has to call for back up to restrain him so she can explain where he is, what has happened, and that he is safe. Gabriel Reyes enters during this time. Reyes doesn’t beat around the bush. He tells the man - Shimada Genji - that he was saved because they need his knowledge of the Shimada clan in order to dismantle it - that he will be instrumental in taking down his family business. Angela is horrified. She’d never been told to what end Overwatch needed this man - only that he held valuable information. She only guessed who or what he could be. Perhaps an important diplomat or undercover agent - but not an outsider. Not someone who would be in their debt for life. Her operations on him were costly. There was no way Overwatch would do that and expect nothing in return. Though they worked for the safety of the world - Angela knew they were not a charity.

She shoots a piercing glare in Reyes’ direction - saying silently, “This is NOT what I signed up for! We WILL talk about this later!” Reyes ignores her look. He waits for Shimada’s response. The man is silent. Thinking. After a pregnant pause, his gaze crawls up to their faces and a chill runs through Angela’s spine.

“I could be more than just information,” he says with seething rage boiling in his eyes. Reyes lifts an eyebrow. Angela can’t breathe. Shimada continues, “It would be my pleasure to assist in destroying my brother’s empire.” His lips curl at the word brother.

Reyes and Shimada exchange hard stares at one another. Reyes is the first to speak. “What are you asking, boy?”

“Let me personally assist on this project. On the field. I know more secrets than just the business of the empire - and how to exploit them. I am already a trained fighter with extensive experience in stealth and… Other fields of interest to your organization.” The menace in his gaze reveals that he speaks the truth.

Angela leaves abruptly. She doesn’t need to look at Reyes to know that he will accept Shimada’s offer. She is so very tired.

She assists in Shimada’s recovery. She fine-tunes his motor skills. She helps him learn to walk again. She helps familiarize him with his new functions… She refuses to comply with Blackwatch’s request to integrate weaponry into his cybernetic body. She hates weapons. She hates violence - it’s what stole her parents from her in the war. She has only ever killed in battle when absolutely necessary and in self-defense, and she has no intention of making instrument of death.

They confiscate her medical files on Shimada-san. She is told she will no longer be his overseeing doctor. She does not see him for a long time.

She cannot help but worry about him. She spent months caring for him in his most vulnerable state, yet here he is working for Blackwatch with cybernetic weapons and enhancements. His new armor covers his face. She has not seen it since the day he awoke.

Over the years, she occasionally hears of strides made in the Shimada Empire Project. Inside jobs. Sabotage. Assassinations. She always thinks of Shimada-san.

Then everything goes to hell.

With the Swiss headquarters razed to the ground and Overwatch outlawed by the PETRAS Act, Angela is alone and so very tired. Overwatch and Blackwatch agents have scattered across the Earth, she among them. Despite the weight of the world on her shoulders, she can’t help but wonder in the back of her mind what Shimada will do now. His rage and bitterness had driven his actions since the day he was revived. Where would he go with no organization or project? She worries.

A year passes. She receives a letter - a hand-written letter?? It’s covered with postage and forwarding stamps to multiple addresses. It is from Shimada. The contents are awkward with apologies and abundant with reluctance at even writing to her. He is apparently staying with the Shambali monks in Nepal under the teachings of Zenyatta Tekhartha. He writes that Zenyatta insisted that he begin writing letters to someone in his life as a part of his healing process. Healing process? He ends the letter with an apology for bothering her.

“Healing process”… Her heart warms at the thought. She writes him back, expressing that she is not bothered by his letters and informing him of her current mailing address for future ones.

For the next three years she looks forward to every letter. She is still overworked. Still trying to better the world. Still so very tired. But his letters remind her that working to help others heal is valid and worth the pain. His transformation is gradual, but evident. At first he is guarded - only sharing bare minimum details of his lessons. As they exchange letters, however, she begins to see his walls crumble as he shares more personal thoughts and feelings. He even starts to inject wry humor into his script. She doesn’t know for certain, and maybe it could never truly be this way, but Angela believes she is getting to meet the man from before the fight with his brother. He asks that she refer to him by his first name, Genji, so that he is not reminded of the name he shares with his brother, Hanzo.

Genji still refers to her as Miss Ziegler.

The Overwatch recall blindsides her, yet she travels to Gibraltar as soon as possible… She knows where she belongs. She writes Genji from Gibraltar informing him of her new address. She does not receive a reply. She worries.

One day, several weeks after the recall, a stranger covered from head to toe in intricately designed garments appears on their doorstep, an omnic companion in tow. Winston greets them hesitantly, Angela unconsciously stands slightly behind the gorilla. The stranger stares past Winston and into Angela’s face, saying nothing at first. Several moments pass. The omnic places a hand on the man’s shoulder, and he seems to relax a bit. He is hesitating. Why? Slowly, the man lifts his hands to undo the headdress covering his face, all the while keeping his gaze locked on Angela.

A moment more passes as he unties the cloth around his head. Then all at once the headdress is off, leaving his face naked.

Rich brown eyes meet hers, steadied with courage. Pale, old scars marble his face, crawling upward and across his cheeks, nose, and lips. His mechanical jaw clenches in apprehension. His black hair is plastered to his forehead from the headdress he’d been wearing not long ago.

Angela cannot breathe as she looks upon the face that she has not seen since the day she revived him.


She is hugging him before she realizes what she’s doing. His arms hover over her back, shock evident in his face. Pulling back and wiping joyful tears from her eyes, she apologizes for surprising him.“But,” she adds with a wry smile “you surprised me first! So we are even.”

The shock in his eyes melts into something softer that she cannot name. He chuckles. “I suppose you are right, Miss Ziegler.”

She feels a prick of annoyance at his formality, but quickly squashes it. After all, she’s just heard him laugh for the first time. She smiles genuinely. “You seem well, Genji.”

What passes across his expression can be described as nothing other than the purest of inner tranquility. The corners of his lips upturn just slightly. His gaze is soft, unguarded as he looks into her eyes. The shadows of the violent rage that boiled in his soul so many years ago are nowhere to be found. “I am a different man now. I am whole.”

Her heart squeezes. Tears blur her vision and she cannot help grinning as the joy for him thrums throughout her body. “…That is wonderful!” she manages.

She is the furthest thing from tired.

Sometimes people need to heal before love can blossom. Falling in love is not the cure-all. But loving others, building those relationships through the thick of it all - that is one of the most important bonds you can ever have.

Off Limits part 3 (M)

→ Reader x Blind!Chanyeol

 “I almost feel sorry for playing him.”

→ Warnings: Curse words. Smut.

Word count: 2,6K

As the thin back of the boy she was meeting up with came into view, Rose thought back to your sad eyes, your quiet demeanor and the tears she knew were pressing on the back of your eyes. She thought back to the sole reason she was doing this, your happiness and the sticky affection you had for your blind boy, with a short sigh just as the owner of the thin back turned, his dark hooded eyes finding her’s after a single second.


He nodded, saying nothing more than her; “Rose.”

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Crossposted to AO3

In the East Hall, the Gentry are called Takers-And-Givers. Marie had her best 2B pencil stolen only to find three packs of pencils - different hardnesses, sizes, colours - in her room that evening. Charley’s bottles of milk were stolen in the first week of term but now their whole flat gets weekly deliveries of dairy far better than any bought at the local shops. Sanjeet’s flowers were decimated a week before Valentines, but now they’re the best and brightest blooming flowers on campus.

First they Take and then, later, they Give, something of equal or more value. No one seems to know how or why, it just is, until the new kid arrives in halls - a late transfer, some incident at their last uni dogging her steps, giving her haunted eyes and probably-nightmares and arms clutched close around her chest whenever someone looms too close. 

When people ask, she says to call her Ravenna. That that’s not her name, but her actual name isn’t one she trusts anymore, that it makes her feel unsafe in her own skin. So everyone in the Hall calls her Ravenna, or, sometimes, Blackbird if they know her well enough, and give her space.

She hates beyond hate to be touched.

Marie sees her one day, within touching distance of one of the Takers-and-Givers often seen around East Hall. They go by Darling - an odd moniker for a six foot creature with a greenish cast to their skin and a bird’s nest of hair, but no one would ever dare say anything to them. They stand just within arms-reach of Ravenna, watching down at the short girl with half-narrowed eyes.

“I don’t want to be afraid,” Ravenna is saying. “I'm sick of it. They say you can help with that, that you can take something away and give something in return. Can you take away my fear?”

Marie almost bolts down the hall to Ravenna, almost warns her against making a deal with the Takers-And-Givers, almost warns her against even mentioning the distance they are from normal but Darling only smiles gently, politely, not the predatory way they had when Marcus from Sumner’s Hall had tried to strike a bargain.

“No one can take your fear,” Darling says. “It’s yours. But if you give me a taste of it then I will give you protection when you are fearing.”

Marie starts backing down the hall, back towards her room, but she still sees Ravenna pause, nod, and go completely rigid as Darling bends their head to gently kiss her.

A wind blows down the hall, smelling of chickens and straw and Michaelmas daisies and Darling is vanished.

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It’s awfully quiet in this tag, so allow me to make some noise. If you haven’t read @swanqueenproof ‘s post about the parallels between Snow & Charming and Emma & Regina’s story, I highly recommend it. I’ll be zooming in on what happened when Snow forgot who she was and Charming had to figure out how to remind her.

It’s challenging to notice the parallels because what happens in one episode for Snow and Charming, happens very slowly over multiple episodes and not always in the same order for Emma and Regina. Let’s pull back a little and take a look at what has happened so far. The big villain we’re supposed to be up against is still the Evil Queen.

Initially, Emma is completely confused and conflicted. She can’t start dealing with the Evil Queen until she can find a way to really distinguish between the Queen and Regina.

The scene where she injures the Queen is meant to show her confusion. She doesn’t hurt Regina, but she’s still insecure about her instincts, even if they were right - luckily.

Now let’s go back to our ancient fairy tale couple. After Charming ends up tied to a tree because Snow doesn’t remember him, Jiminy - the conscience - suggests he’s been going about it all wrong. Snow can’t remember him, because she is affected by the memory loss beyond forgetting Charming. She doesn’t remember who she is or who she would want herself to be. He has to remind her of her Self, before he can remind her of who he is and of their love.

When Regina hears about Emma’s vision and her struggle to differentiate between her and the Queen, she is put in a position very similar to Charming’s. Snow who is supposed to know him, rejects him and hurts him.

Emma, who she knows sees her strength, suddenly doesn’t really trust her because of a vision. Her first impulse is to be angry, but she catches herself. There may not be a cricket in the scene, but Regina chooses compassion, like David she chooses her conscience. She trusts that Emma wouldn’t be acting like this to hurt her. Just like Charming didn’t give up on Snow because he knew her.

Emma’s distress is simply acknowledged and she focuses on finding a solution. As we take a look at the advice Jiminy gives Charming, the way to help Emma distinguish between the Evil Queen and Regina, is by reminding Emma of who she herself is. We have all noticed Emma isn’t the same person as during the first season. Just like Snow White she has lost sight of who she is, except it’s been a very slow process for her.

Unlike Charming, Regina doesn’t have a cricket to tell her what to do, but over the course of the season, she ends up in the same place. A place where she needs to remind Emma of who she is.

Enter the wish realm.

When Regina follows Rumple’s advice, we can assume that he only has his own best interests at heart. He gives Regina advice to help Emma remember she is the Savior. The person she was just before entering the wish realm. Except, that’s not what happens. Rumple is right about Emma becoming the Savior because of Regina. I think we can pinpoint the exact moment.

It was the moment she asked Regina if she loved Henry. That’s when Emma becomes the Savior. We know Regina loved Henry, so what is very interesting here is that it marks the moment when Emma’s instincts fail for the first time. She is too emotionally involved. She can’t risk being wrong on this one. Of course the right thing to do when you give a child up is to respect that decision, but considering Emma’s past, it makes complete sense that she wanted to make completely sure he was alright. She knows that even if things seem okay on the outside, the perfect home can be a nightmare. Money and a good job don’t mean that he isn’t being abused. He came to her with claims of his mother being evil. How many times did she try to reach out as a child? Can she just ignore the one she put into this world reaching out to her for help? Was her gut right or did she want to believe Regina loved Henry because then she could walk away without guilt? Or did she want to believe Regina was evil so she would have a reason to come back into Henry’s life? Or was it all of the above, because life is complex like that?

In short, it was the moment when we learned about Emma’s superpower’s one fatal flaw. There is one exception to the rule of Emma being able to tell anyone is lying. There’s only one person who can lie to her. And it’s not her parents, it’s not Henry. It’s not Regina or Hook. The one person Emma can’t tell is lying… is Emma. She can lie to herself. She’s actually spectacularly good at lying to herself. It’s her kryptonite. Every time we were shown her Superpower failing, we were told about something she wants to believe is true. Yes, her acceptance may be convenient to the liars, but the only reason she believes them, is because she is using their lies to lie to herself.

While Rumple was hoping Regina being a villain would bring back the battle between the Queen and the Savior, something entirely different happened. She was thrown back to a moment before she had her parents, before all of it started. She remembered exactly when and why Regina became the Evil Queen to her in the first place and what it has been about all this time. She wanted to make sure Henry was okay. In this moment, she has the answer to that very first question. Here is Regina, in full Evil Queen attire, looking dangerous and threatening. But she can’t hurt Henry. That is Regina. It’s been who she’d been all along, but it was Emma who needed to be sure. She’s taken back to the first lie she told herself.

So the person she remembers here, it’s not the Savior.

She remembers who she was when Regina became the Evil Queen to her. She remembers who Regina really is. Who Regina could have been, had she never become the Evil Queen to her, because the answer was that yes, she loved Henry. So now that she’s aware of the first lie she told herself, Emma can start to unravel all the other lies she has allowed. The lies that had her lose sight of who she was. Like Jiminy said, by remembering her self, Emma is remembering who Regina is. Henry’s mother. And so much more. She can tell the Queen and the woman apart now. 

She is equipped for the final battle.

flames (m)

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❝you have always been my everything.❞
→ park chanyeol
→ in where he has superpowers, and you are one of the very few people who know (a collaborative series with @soowritings)

Quick pants of breath replaced the sound of the movie that played on the background, long forgotten as the night continued on in a form of a much more pleasurable excitement.

Chanyeol’s hands found their place on your hip, while the other slid up from your hip to your chest to your cheek, holding your jaw and pulling you closer towards him as he kissed you roughly, passion emitting from the way his lips moved against yours.

You were straddling him, sitting on his lap while both of your legs stayed on either of Chanyeol’s side. Beneath you, his desperate want was caressing you, making you shiver at the small satisfaction and push your hips towards him, enjoying the friction made.

Although he really wanted to, Chanyeol contained his moans in fear that people would find out the naughty act you both were starring on. What meant to be a movie date turned into something much more intimate than planned out. It started the moment you felt his warm hands crawling up your thighs, lightly pinching the inside of it when it got closer and closer to your core. You couldn’t let him have fun without you, so you took the risk and placed your hand right about him, palming it through his shorts. Though the both of you seemed to tense, there were no regrets in picking the seats at the very back of the cinema, hiding your sinful touches and soft whimpers from the audience.

“You’re amazing,” Chanyeol said in breathy voice, the deep tone of his voice sounding much more sexier than it usually was. A smirk played on your lips as you kissed him, your hands gripping onto his bicep and neck, feeling the muscle beneath his skin and the warmth radiating from it. He groaned into your lips when you grinded your hips against his, enjoying the feeling of bliss.

Before you say anything, you pulled away from him, taking into sight his swollen lips and his messy hair with the help of vibrant lights coming from the screen as the movie played. You were out of breath, but not just by losing yourself in Chanyeol’s lips but by also in the way he looked at you as you sat on his lap, hands now on his shoulders to find balance, your hair equally as messy as his and lips probably more swollen than his when he softly took them between his teeth, biting your lips gently before swiping his tongue over them.

Short and almost inaudible moans may have escaped your lips just at the sight of him, it only hit you now that the popular hot business major who was more of a cutie was now yours and more specifically, beneath you, breathless as you continued pushing your hips against him, your core feeling his hard want. His head rolled back, his neck resting at the very top of the chair, eyes closed as the pleasure took over his tall frame. “Only for you, baby,” you whispered into his ears, nibbling on the lobes of his ear, licking them softly before leaving a trail of kisses from his ear to his neck. You sucked the skin of neck, calling out the hot blood that ran in his veins.

The moans and whimpers did leave your lips. His hands were working on you, one on your breast, massaging it beneath your shirt and bra, taking your nipple between his two fingers and pinching it, while the other has resting on your thigh, his thumb caressing your inner thigh, slowly finding their way to your front, rubbing against the sensitive area, pushing your euphoria further into its limit.

His name left with every moan, whimper, and groan that seeped from your mouth, and you could tell he liked it as his own lips spilled out your name in a growl, his deep voice now heavily raspy.

You were too lost at the moment, you didn’t realize that heat coming from his hands, his neck, and his body. Maybe it was just the immense exhilaration you’ve created in a heist to orgasm, that beautiful white hot bliss.

It never occurred, not even when your shirt was no longer on your body, its material nonexistent as you continued to please yourselves. The thought only hit you when Chanyeol’s warm hands were against your skin, the heat from his hand radiating to your cold body.

“Chanyeol,” you said, confusion mixed into your lust filled voice, “where did my shirt go?” Chanyeol’s trail of kisses abruptly stopped, however, his hands remained on your waist, warm and comforting despite the lack of coverage from the unknowing audience.

Chanyeol muttered curses beneath his breath, his hands now on his lips, his fingers playing against each other as he bit his lip in concentration. He was very conflicted for some reason. All that has happened was your shirt getting lost… for no reason at all… except one. “Chanyeol?” His name came out like a question, wondering if he was still sane and still had his wits to answer.

His eyes darted across the cinema, looking like he was searching the area for any signs of danger before placing his attention towards you. In his eyes, a deep fire flashed behind those deep brown colors, pulling you into a trance as you stared at it, slowly leaning towards him, your lips attracted to his and the warmth he provided. “I have to tell you something.”

“What?” You sounded like you didn’t know what was happening like as if you’ve never noticed this type of thing before, but Chanyeol was wrong. “I know you’re not like me,” you told him, sitting on his lap diligently like a kid, explaining to him how he was such an idiot that he could keep his powers hidden to you.

“Chanyeol, you always leave burnt handprints on our mattress after every time we do it, and you always also seem to be too warm even at the coldest places. Like please explain to me how on earth were you so warm when we were at the ice skating rink after your Economics lecture yesterday. I know you have powers, Chanyeol. Although it defies each law of our universe, I will accept you as a person with a heart, mind, and soul. I just wish you were open and honest to me about it.”

Somehow, your hand ended up in Chanyeol’s, seeking warmth in the comfort of his hidden flame within him. The only response you received from him was a steamy kiss, almost returning you back to your original intentions as the back of a theatre. “You’re so fucking amazing, Y/N,” he said, smiling as he pulled away from your lips.

“I’m not sure how the hell you’re taking this so well, but damn, I’ll take it. If only I wasn’t so afraid of revelation, I would have told you everything.” The fire within his eyes reflected a sad and mellow color of blue, his hands slowly losing their heat. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you about this absurd talent of mine, and it’s not just me who has these special talents. The othe-”

You butted into his statement, “Oh, is that why the room always seems brighter whenever Baekhyun laughs?”

Chanyeol let out a small giggle, unable to comprehend your calmness despite the insane topic of unreal supernatural powers given to him and the rest at birth. You joined him as you’ve realized every weird event with him and his friends were all connected to their own unique powers. You laughed even more when you’ve realized one thing.

You were shirtless, your bra exposed to the curious eyes of the world or more specifically, the audience as the credits rolled on the screen. Chanyeol caught up to the idea without you having to say anything, his eyes once again lost in concentration. The next thing you know, a big comfy shirt was on your body, and your hands could feel the hard lines of Chanyeol’s abs.

“Well, I can’t let others think that my girl is open for viewing,” Chanyeol said, raising from his seat as he held onto you, making sure your feet were firmly on the ground before releasing you from his strong hold.

The people’s eyes were now turned towards Chanyeol and his toned body. Each muscle was mesmerizing as his movements made them flex before your eyes… and the audience’s.

The familiar overprotective feeling of yours resurfaced, and you tried to cover him by placing your back directly against his, making sure it remained that way until you’ve reached his car which thankfully wasn’t far.

This time, the heat surging through your body was of anger and was your own, created by jealousy and anger at the selfish eyes of young women in the crowd. You slapped Chanyeol’s thigh as soon as he sat down on the driver’s seat. “Idiot! Next time you’re thinking about doing that, you better think again. You also have to learn how to have better control over your powers. I can’t go topless every time you get horny, Chanyeol!” You scolded him, although your cheeks were burning out of embarrassment. Chanyeol merely chuckled, his deep voice awakening your lust to complete your unfinished business.

“Okay, baby, but first,” his hand traced your thigh’s skin, lighting fires within you as its warmth drew closer and closer towards your core, your breaths started to sound like whimpers, your hand squeezed his shoulder beside you while the other held onto the soft cushion of the car seat, Chanyeol’s eyes burned with a red hot flame, and an all too familiar smirk appeared on his lips, “let’s finish something we’ve already started.”

Toss and Turn

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 904 
Warnings: Kinda fluffy, kinda sad.
Gifs: Google.
A/N: Oh man, I just got really sad thinking about Bucky having nightmares for some reason. But yeah, not my best.

Your eyes fluttered open slowly when you heard a noise that sounded very far away. Still half asleep, it took a few seconds for you to realize what it was, but when you did, you knew exactly what was happening.

It was a mix of grunts and the plates on Bucky’s metal arm gripping the sheets while a faint “no, stop!” escaped from his lips. His face was covered in a thin layer of sweat and his eyes were tightly shut. Another nightmare.

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Can I resend my graves request about him falling for somebody he was initially irritated by? If this doesn't inspire you though then just ignore it lol 🙂🙂

Here you go! There will be time lapses! This turned out way longer than I expected lol

Master list

Imagine: Graves falling for you despite his original annoyance with you.

“Another screw up?” He asked, irritation clear in his tone. He didn’t understand what you were doing even working at MACUSA, week by week it was just another mistake of yours that slowed his work process down.

“Yes sir…” You dropped your head down, not wanting to meet his disappointed gaze. You admired Mr. Graves so much, he was the best of the best, and yet no matter how hard you tried nothing ever seemed to go your way.

The director tossed the folder of paperwork onto his desk, rubbing at his temples as he tried to figure out a way to correct the mistakes. The paperwork would take forever to go through now.

“Do you like your job, Ms, Y/N?”

You glanced up, eyes a bit wide at his sudden question. But, the beat of your picked up its pace and you worried so for your future here.

“I-I do, sir. Very much.”

He leaned back in his chair, kicking his boots up on the desk as he stared you down. “Then I suggest you start lessening your incessant need to make mistakes.”

The threat was evident on his voice, and you felt much like a child being scolded by a parent. This was torture, and you felt the beginnings of tears in your eyes.

“I promise to try harder, sir. I’m so sorry.” You bowed a bit, trying to show some respect before you moved to leave his office.

He watched you go, dark eyes following every movement as he thought deeply to himself. You were a constant headache for him, but he couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty over the dejected state you were in.


You rushed down the halls of the large building, apologizing to the other aurors as you bumped into them. You had just finished up all your reports and you were eager to hand them to Mr. Graves yourself. You had looked over every little detail, and even asked your friend for help to make sure nothing was missing. Hopefully, he’d be congratulating you this time…

“Mr. Graves!”

You opened the door to his office, smiling widely until you saw Madame Picquery standing there, stern look on her face. Just your luck that he would be having a meeting with the president.

“I-….” You blushed deeply in embarrassment, suddenly feeling very small.

Graves raised his eyebrow at you, letting out a sigh as he apologized to the president. She just waved him off, giving you a small smile before excusing herself. You watched her go, swallowing the nervous lump that had developed in your throat.

“I sincerely hope you have a good reason to be barging into my office without a knock.” He warned, taking a seat as he picked up his pen and began writing down some information.

“Well I…um…”

“Out with it…” He grew annoyed, tilting his head towards you in frustration.

“I finished my reports, sir. I just wanted to deliver them to you…”

He seemed slightly impressed by that, and he held his hand out for you to hand him the folders. He opened them up, clasping his hands together and resting his chin atop them as he read over your work. He had to admit, these were far more detailed than your last ones, and as far as any errors went he could find none. He closed the folder, not even glancing up at you as he continued his own work.

“Good job.”

As far as compliments from the director went, this was probably as good as it got, and you would take that. You smiled brightly, clapping your hands cheerfully as you thanked him for his time.

“Thank you, sir! I promise not to let you down again!”

You turned on your heel, and as you moved to open his office door you tripped over the trash can, barely catching yourself on the doorframe. The bang of the metal drum rang loudly through the halls and his office, making him look up at you.

You stood silently against the door, eyes screwed shut in disbelief of your clumsiness. You finally got a moment to shine, and then this. How perfect, you thought. With a sigh, you mumbled an apology and slowly walked out of the room after putting his trash can back.

Unbeknownst to you though, Graves had watched the whole thing with a small grin on his face that he hid behind his hands.


Percival strode down the hallway, briefcase in hand as he headed towards his office, he was beyond exhausted. The last few nights trying to deal with an investigation had finally taken a toll on him, and all he wanted was to finish up his reports and head home. He turned the corner, stopping when he saw you walking into his office with a pile of papers. They were no doubt more paperwork on the case from the other aurors. With a heavy sigh he continued on, stopping in his tracks when he found you halfway under his desk. You were scrambling around, cursing to yourself about something he couldn’t quite hear.

“What are you doing?”

You squeaked in surprise, instinctively jumping back only to hit your head hard against his wooden desk.


You held your sore head in your hands, trying hard not to cry at the pain.

“I was just…”

Truth is, you managed to drop all his folders when you came in. And your luck would have it that he showed up just now.

Graves looked down at the floor, gritting his teeth when he saw all the papers scattered about. He would’ve yelled just then, completely done with all the issues of this week, but when you looked up at him, cheeks stained red, and eyes looking as innocent as ever…he didn’t have it in him anymore.

He placed his briefcase on the desk, kneeling down next to you as he started to reach for the papers. You quickly started doing the same, trying to stop him from helping.

“Oh no, Sir! Please let me, it was my fault after all!”

As you went to retrieve one, your hands brushed, and you both froze. His fingers hovered just above your hand, yet the heat of his palm was still felt. Just then your heart skipped a beat, blood rushing to your face even more now and all you could do was stare down at your hands in wonder.

Graves looked up at you, his expressive eyes staring straight into your soul and making you fidget nervously. You should’ve moved, but his gaze held you in place.

He let his fingers trial softly over the back of your hand, sending a shock of electricity throughout both your bodies that even caught him by surprise. He held his breath for only a second, before he let his fingers slide off your hand and he grabbed the paper.

“Go get us some coffee. I’ll pick this up.”

You were somewhat at a loss for words, your heart was still beating madly in your chest and you stared up at him with a shocked look.


“Coffee. Black.”

You nodded quickly and ran out of his office.


Graves chuckled softly at your words, taking a sip from his mug as he spoke.

“What kind of American doesn’t like coffee?”

You smiled sheepishly, organizing the papers in his filing cabinet. The past few weeks had been spent like this, and your boss slowly began to warm up to your presence. Ever since that brush of skin things had been different. Though he still made you nervous.

“I suppose that is un-American of me.”


Graves watched you closely, eyeing you over the rim of his coffee mug as you leaned forward to put a paper away. He wasn’t sure how this happened, or even where it began. Somehow you worked your way into his very heart and it drove him endlessly mad. He was always far too busy in his career to even pursue romantic relationships. The furthest he’d go is taking a woman home and that’d be the end of that. Yet, you made him stop that all together. Perhaps it was the one night he shared with another coworker, only to look down and see your face moaning in pleasure beneath him. Whatever the case, he couldn’t bring himself to let you go. That’s why he invited you here so often, of course he never stated that though. He wasn’t sure how to further this…whatever it was.

Perhaps it was your clumsy nature that made him like you, it was rather endearing at times. You always got this embarrassed wide eyed look that made it hard not to smile at. Or maybe it was your eagerness to please him. You were simply cute, a breath of fresh air amongst the stern women he worked around.

He looked you over, running a hand through his slicked back hair as he took in every detail. From the way you hummed peacefully to yourself, to the way you bit your lip in thought. It was all so tempting a sight, and he’d be damned if any other man took that from him.


“Mr. Abernathy, that’s very kind of you but I’m not-”

“Oh come on, just one date?”

Your supervisor smiled at you, leaning over the front desk as he tried his hardest to convince you. But, you weren’t interested in him one bit, you knew his reputation around here after all.

“I really-”

“Abernathy, shouldn’t you be off supervising the wand permits?”

Graves leaned against the counter, glaring at the shorter man. Abernathy, ever fearful of the director, nodded quickly and rushed off down the hall, nervously looking back at you both.

You sighed in relief, giving Percival a grateful smile. “Thank you. He’s a very persistent man.”

“He’s a rat.”

You giggled at that, getting up from your chair as Graves motioned for you to follow him. The wall to his office was rather silent, and you kept stealing glances his way in wonder. You hoped you hadn’t done something wrong.

“Mr. Graves-”

“Percival is fine.”

A smile made its way onto your face, and you nodded happily at that. “Percival…is everything okay?”

He ignored that, and as soon as he stepped into the office with you he shut his door, grabbing your arm and pushing you against the wall. The papers you held flew everywhere, and you gasped as his lips descended onto yours.


Your hands flailed around for a second, trying to comprehend what was happening. But, the warmth of his mouth on yours made you melt into the kiss, and you slowly let your eyes flutter closed.

Graves held you firmly against him and the wall, his hands trailing down your sides and resting on your waist. He had waited far too long to do this, and as your superior he should’ve thought it through a little more but right now he didn’t care. He pulled away, his warm breath brushing across your cheek as he spoke.

“What have you done to me…?”


Hope you liked!

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♖: Soulmates can feel each other’s emotions

One night halfway through Sixth at Ilvermorny, Percival wakes up suddenly. Phantom pain prickles down his spine, a terrible hunger echoes through his bones, and an awful dizzy confusion blankets everything. It isn’t before the sun has risen and his room is dusted in gold that it all recedes, and he’s left with a whisper of contentment, a hot curl of happiness in his belly, and exhaustion that blankets him heavily. His soulmate has been born.

The rest of Sixth is hell, because he keeps falling asleep at the most inopportune moments and his mood swings between cranky and exhausted all the time. His dormmates find it hilarious, and someone gifts him a baby bottle and pacifier for Yule.

Still, the knowledge that his soulmate is just a baby lights a fire beneath him. He will look after them, he will take care of them. It drives him, this innocent child who feels soft emotions; he receives echoes of warmth, of quiet simple happiness, of the peaceful calm of an infant’s sleep. He wants to protect and cherish his soulmate’s gentle innocence, and it’s this drive to protect that turns him to Auror training.

The first time he grew angry, truly angry, after that was when he was nineteen and a brand-new Trainee Auror. Junior Auror Frye, to whom he’s assigned, refuses to listen to him when everything inside him is screaming that the warehouse they’re about to raid isn’t as empty as it seems. “What would you know?” Frye says with a sneer. He’s resentful, because Percival showed him up in front of Director Harkaway earlier that week. Despite Percival’s misgivings, they burst into the warehouse anyway. Trainee Auror Hardewicke is killed, and Junior Auror Frye loses his left eye.

Once the overwhelming fury subsides, he presses his hands into his stomach. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whispers, as if his soulmate could hear him.

His soulmate’s emotions are indistinct still, childish half-formed things. Percival’s anger and impotent rage has frightened them; he can feel the trembling fear, like a shivering animal trying to hide.

Except this time, unlike the handful of times when his soulmate has felt afraid before, the fear doesn’t reside. It grows stronger. Fear, and confusion, and the very real feeling of loss that builds in his chest until he can’t breathe. He has to take two days leave before he can even get out of bed, and still the awful grief trails him. Something awful has happened to his soulmate, and the impotent rage threatens to consume him again, because he can’t do anything to help the little life he promised to protect.

His soulmate’s childhood passes in this way. The fear slowly gives way to dull acceptance, heavy melancholy, and above all, roiling self-hatred. It grows worse in the evenings, and every Sunday Percival is confined to his bed, hardly daring to breathe in case it nudges the awful knot of pain, terror, and loathing that has settled beneath his breastbone.

It is around this time that his soulmate disappears for hours on end. The first time it happens Percival nearly faints, thinking his soulmate is dead. He is alone in his emotions for the first time in six years. Some hours later, his soulmate returns, exhausted and angry. Percival weeps then, full of fear. Don’t go, don’t go, he tries to beg his soulmate. There is no answer but the habitual sorrow that blankets his soulmate’s every action. The episodes of blankness happen again, and again, and again. He has no idea what they could be.

Percival tries to compensate for his little love’s overwhelming misery. He works himself to the bone, solving case after case, chasing the sensation of righteous justice that flares inside him when the criminals he arrested are declared guilty. He graduates from Auror training with flying colours and fierce pride in his chest.

His soulmate’s tenth birthday arrives and he waits with baited breath for their joy when they receive their Ilvermorny letter. But there is nothing; the usual sadness, shame, and grief echo in the marrow of his bones. For the first time, Percival wonders if he soulmate is a Squib, but resolves that he doesn’t care. He will find his soulmate when they are old enough, and he will give them enough joy to drown out the echoes of this miserable childhood.

He is promoted from Junior Auror to Senior in a handful of years, and savage joy leaps in his chest every time he sits at his own desk to himself in a corner of the bullpen. He hopes his soulmate feels his positive emotions just as keenly as Percival can feel their misery, and so every morning he lingers over the sight of his badge that reads Senior Auror Graves, trying to conjure up the sensation of pride, of joy, of determination.

I am proud of you, he tries to tell his soulmate through his emotions. I will find you. I will make you happy.

The years pass. He doesn’t find his soulmate. The echoed emotions he feels become muted and dull. His soulmate turns seventeen but feels no joy. Percival wishes keenly that he could find them, pepper them with the love they’ve been so starved of their entire life save those blissful early years.

Although his soulmate is now of age, Percival can’t bring himself to partake in the amorous dalliances that are common in unmatched witches and wizards. Even though he no longer has any moral compunctions, he can’t bear to hurt them. He wakes up some nights flushed with a lust that isn’t his own, toes curling and belly clenching for a touch on his cock. The first time he tried to take himself in hand through that dizzying haze, his desire echoing his soulmate’s echoing his, there’s a sudden snap of emotion and clarity before he’s drowning in a sea of horror and disgust, the ever-present shame and loathing growing stronger.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he whispers, winding his arms around his ribs and thinking of love, of forgiveness, of safety. Slowly, his soulmate’s emotions recede, and they fall back to sleep.

Percival gains a reputation among the rest of the Aurors of being utterly unflappable. The truth is that he doesn’t want to make his poor soulmate feel any worse than they already do every day. His insatiable drive to protect, as well as his reputation of having nerves of steel aids him professionally, and at the age of thirty-four, he’s promoted to Director of Magical Security when Director Harkaway retires. He lingers on the feeling of joy for days. His soulmate’s life is devoid of it, otherwise.

He is beginning to lose hope he will ever find his soulmate. He’s not even sure if they’re in the same time zone as he is. Senior Auror Sunbowe’s soulmate was on the other side of the planet before they found one another, and she’s mentioned how she’d feel tired and ready to sleep halfway through the day, and wake up halfway through the night. Percival’s soulmate is weary at all hours.

The only good thing that comes of his imprisonment under Grindelwald is that there is something in his soulmate’s life causing them to feel hope for the first time since those handful of years when he was a teenager. It flutters weakly at his breast like a wounded bird, and Percival hopes fervently that, wherever they are, his soulmate’s awful life is about to get better.

It’s a stupid hope. Their entire life has been nothing but agony and misery. Why should this be any different?

The periods of blankness become longer and more frequent. One night, he is woken from sleep by all-consuming rage and terror so incandescently bright that he manages to break through the seven layers of wards Grindelwald’s wrapped him in, and apparate straight to the office of Seraphine Picquery, where he blessedly loses consciousness.

He wakes up three days later in hospital, Junior Auror Porpentina Goldstein wringing her hands nervously at the foot of his bed. He listens to her explanation with half an ear.

He is once again alone. There is no familiar echo of emotion in his bones, no whisper of sadness inside his skull. His soulmate doesn’t come back to him. Recovery is made longer by the crushing loneliness that dogs his steps and consumes him when the Healers turn the lights off each evening.

It is months before Percival wakes up in the middle of the night, back at his apartment. A steady thrum of quiet emotion trembles at his fingertips. Hope, uncertainty, weariness. He lurches out of bed and opens his front door.

A boy – young man – stands on his doorstep, thin and in need of a haircut, his face all sharp angles and liquid feline eyes. Hope blooms inside Percival’s chest, answered by a hushed thrill and a tremulous smile on the young man’s face.

“Hello,” the young man says.

“Hello,” Percival replies.

Make Me Cry

Originally posted by hartshoney

Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Request: “39 – Clay Jensen”


39. “I’m just tired.”

Word count: 1.576

Posted: 21st of May 2017

A/N: Another Clay imagine! I hope that you are liking my imagines and I hope that you keep on supporting me. I am trying to write as many imagines as I could since I’m having my training period next week. Updating might be slow, because I will be working and I won’t have my laptop with me. I will do my best to write every request and, hopefully, I can post them soon. I hope you understand, thank you.

P.S.: I am not accepting any part 2 requests for my prompt imagines, sorry.

- G. x

Link: Prompt list

Warning: betraying, a little bit of angst and swearing

“Clay.” You mumbled as you let yourself fall on the ground for what you’ve just seen. Your heart broke and your world fell apart as you heard Jessica’s bedroom door slamming in front of you. “Hannah.”

You wanted to move, but it seemed like someone was stopping you to do so. You wanted to cry, but tears wouldn’t stream down you face. You wanted to shout, but it seemed like your voice was taken away.

You were in one of those parties that Jessica organized because the school was almost starting and she invited the whole school to celebrate the last days of summer together. In fact, the house was too crowded and people were having fun, except you.

You weakly went downstairs emotionlessly as the happening was slowly sinking in your mind. You slowly walked, one foot in front of the other as you tried to protect yourself from people’s sweaty bodies. Everything was in slow-motion as you dealt with the images of Clay, your actual boyfriend, and Hannah kissing. You couldn’t accept it, you just couldn’t.

The only things that brought you back into the reality were the loud beats of some techno songs and the smell of the disgusting mix of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes in the air.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” Your brother Jeff asked as he noticed you in the middle of the drunken crowd. He grabbed your hand and pulled you near him so he could have the chance to talk to you properly.

“I…” You started to talk and the tears finally found their way out. Jeff hugged you tightly as he gave you the chance to let your resentments out. “Clay.”

Your vision was blurry as you remembered how Clay behaved with you in these past few weeks, he was strange and detached from you. You thought that he just needed some time to breathe before the classes resumed, but now you noticed that he needed that time to spend it with Hannah, one of your close friends. You were blinded by his love and by her friendship, that you didn’t see the hole in your almost perfect relationships with them.

“Let’s go outside, okay?” Jeff rubbed your back and as you wet Jeff’s brown shirt with your hot streaming tears, you tortured yourself as you remembered every scene where Clay acted in that way.

“What’s the matter, Clay?” You worriedly asked your boyfriend when you noticed that he was staring blankly at the ceiling of your room. You were talking about your plans during your holidays together, but he didn’t seem so interested about it.

“It’s nothing, Babe. Maybe I worked too much earlier.” Clay responded, quickly looking at you. He was afraid to make you feel unimportant, but that was how Clay socialize with people.

“Are you sure?” You raised your eyebrow and you really started to worry for Clay’s behaviour. He was silent and overthinking.

“Yes, love,” Clay assured you once again. “I’m just tired.” He shortly answered.

“Do you want to go home now?” You asked as you took his arms off around your waist. You sat up from the bed and you observed Clay’s face. He somehow felt relieved to see that you weren’t angry at all.

“May I?” Clay sat back up too and he looked straight in your eyes to find the answer, fidgeting with your fresh, thin and candid blanket. He knew you well and he would know if you were lying or not.

“Yup, don’t worry.” You thought of his well-being first, instead of making a scene. You thought that maybe there was really too much work at Crestmont’s during his duty.

“See you tomorrow, okay?” He quickly stood up from the bed as he grabbed his sweater from your study table. You were shocked because his energy suddenly increased and your doubts suddenly penetrated your confused brain.

“Take care.” You reminded him as he headed to your bedroom door. He was in a hurry as if he needed to meet someone else. You knew Clay so much and he never wanted to arrive late when he needed to meet someone. “I love you, Clay.” You said as you shook your doubts off, fighting between you and your brain as you defended Clay’s actions.

“Oh, I love you too.” He responded back as he walked back to you and he gave you a quick kiss on your temple. “Bye.” He ran out of the room as he almost stumbled while going downstairs.

It was surely not Clay, because he would never forget to greet you well before leaving, so you followed him downstairs, but as soon as you opened your front door, you could barely see an animated soul in the street.

The humid and hot summer air hit your face as your tears scorched your already red burning cheeks, your still-sober-brother guiding you slowly and watching your steps carefully. You’ve just realized that he was stumbling down because he couldn’t wait to see Hannah that day. You assumed that the change in his behaviour was because of Hannah and you couldn’t help but hate them both, nevertheless hate was a really big and horrible word.

“What happened, (Y/N)?” Alex, your best friend, curiously asked with his furrowed eyebrows as he saw you and your brother. Your vision was blurry as you sobbed very loudly, catching the people’s attention easily. Alex’s comfort made it difficult to cope with the situation that you were already in.

“Fuck Jensen!” You spat as you felt Alex’s arms around your weak body. He was trying to cheer you up, because he knew that your relationship with Clay wasn’t that healthy in the past few days. You confided him your doubts and perplexity about Clay’s action and he was always by your side to listen.

“Clay!” You heard your brother calling your boyfriend and anger quickly sank in your body. You suddenly felt a weight in your chest as you felt betrayed, cheated on and have been made a fool of. “Where were you?”

“Uh,” His eyes started to wander around the surroundings of Jessica’s garden, trying to think of a good and coherent excuse. He fidgeted with the hem of his shirt too, just like what he did with your blankets that night. You already knew his actions, he’s always done it whenever he would lie to you or to people. “What the fuck, (Y/N) and Alex?” Clay exclaimed as his gaze caught yours, seeing the position that you were in, together with Alex. Your anger increased as he totally ignored your endless tears, not caring of what you were feeling.

“What the hell, Jensen?” You carefully pushed Alex’s arms off you and you walked towards your boyfriend. “Answer Jeff’s question: where were you?” Hot and endless tears still ran through your face as you bravely faced up the situation.

“I…” Clay tried to answer but no words came out from his mouth. He was speechless, because he didn’t know what excuse to invent. He was shocked, although he didn’t show it, because he was accidentally caught in the scene.

“I hate you, Jensen!” You angrily said, spitting the venom in your mouth. “I fucking hate you, traitor!” You didn’t want to do it, but someone or something, probably the anger, has ordered your right hand to slap Clay on his cheek as hard as you could.

“(Y/N), what has happened?” Jeff curiously asked as he separated you from Clay, avoiding his close friend to get hurt once again. Alex grabbed you and he tried to calm you down with his touch.

“You fucking ask him, Jeff! You fucking ask him.” You thrusted Alex’s hand off your arm harshly and you started to run away from them, trying to escape from the horrible situation that you were in. The situation hit you as if it was a truck and it broke every inch of you, not just your heart, but also your mind and your soul.

“(Y/N)!” Clay called you as he tried to stop you from running, still bearing with the painful slap that you gave him. He wanted to explain, even though he knew that it would be useless.

“Just go and kiss Hannah once again, it seemed like you had fun in that room.” You shouted back and you saw your brother’s aura became black as soon as he understood the situation. He was wrapped in anger, because Clay hurt you and he promised that he would never do it. “You did nothing but to make me cry in these disgusting days. I hope you are happy now.”

You stood there as you observed the most important boys in your life from afar. You cried as you bear with your broken heart. “Jensen, I am giving up this time.”

“(Y/N), please listen to me first!” Clay followed you and grabbed your hand.

“No, Clay,” You shook your head as you wiped your tears with the back of your hand. “because all you ever did when I needed you the most was to make me cry.”

He broke you and you couldn’t stand to hear his dirty lies anymore. You never hated him like you did that night and you thought that it was finally the time that you gave yourself a value and some respect. You needed to give him up, because Clay couldn’t keep on making you cry, nevertheless the powerful and strong love that you felt for him.

anonymous asked:

Any chance you are writing a post 5.15 ficlet? 🙏

(To be honest, anon, I don’t even know where to start. But how about something in 5x15?)

The phone rang.

Every single ring felt endless, too loud and harsh, before cutting off abruptly, disappearing into a black hole of silence, only to start all over again.

When Susan’s voicemail clicked on, he closed his eyes and cut the call off, his chest tightening.

Despite himself, he’d hoped - wished - that she’d pick up, that the first words out of her mouth would be, “Are you okay?” or even a quiet, “Hey,” in her husky voice. He didn’t expect her to happy with him, to magically forget what had happened, but at least she’d be answering, because she knew he was in the hospital.

Because she’d know he needed someone.

He scrolled through his phone, going through the several unanswered calls he’d sent her way, all the text messages that went without response. She was upset and she had every right to be, but he wished she could see that he was trying. He was doing everything in his power to make this right, but no matter what he did, no matter what he tried, it wasn’t good enough.

It would be, though, if he could get things back to the way they had been before.

Until then…

She didn’t call him. She didn’t text.

All he had was silence.

Oliver palmed the phone, turning to face the television. He had no desire to hear what was being said about what had happened. But he also couldn’t leave, not if he wanted to do things the right way, the proper way, the way the Mayor of Starling City should do things. As stupid as it was, it felt like his entire political career hinged on him following doctor’s orders right now.

He slowly made his way to the window. It was dark out, but the city was still very alive, lights of varying color and size filling the landscape. His blurry reflection was the only evidence that anyone was in the room; it was disjointed and off, though, only pieces glimpsing through the half-opened blinds.

The minutes slowly ticked by… and for a split second, he let his mind wander.

He let himself hear the click of heels in the hallway. He thought about the way they’d abruptly stop at the doorway, the soft brush of her hand on the doorjamb as she paused, taking a second to drink him in, to see that he was okay, to know that all the horrible things she’d been imagining the entire time weren’t real, hadn’t happened. He’d turn, meeting her eyes, a small smile on his face as he started towards her. She’d meet him halfway, a thousand things already falling from her beautiful lips - chastisements, mostly - until they reached each other, until she wrapped him up in her arms, pressing her face into the crook of his neck, breathing him in. He’d do the same, knowing they played with life and death every single day, but that no matter what was happening, just having her in his arms made everything better. He’d hold her tight, sliding one hand up to the back of her neck, her name slipping past his lips…


Oliver started, inhaling sharply, his eyes refocusing on the cityscape.

It wasn’t Susan he saw.

It was Felicity.

“Damn it,” he whispered, closing his eyes. He pinched the bridge of his nose, squeezing until the pain was too much. He shoved it down, not even bothering to examine where his brain had just gone.

It was just reflexive.

A muscle memory.

That’s all.

Oliver swallowed past the lump in his throat, forcing himself to take a breath, and then another one. He turned back to the room, making his way to the bed, ready to turn on the TV after all…

But when he sat down on the edge of the thin mattress, he didn’t grab the remote.

No, he thought about the past. He thought about how things might’ve been. He thought about what could’ve happened. He thought about what did happen.

Oliver thumbed his phone on, flipping through the screens until he found her name.

‘FELICITY’ stared up at him.

He knew if he called her, she’d come. If he asked her, she’d be there. She always had been, since the first day they met, and she always would be… like he would be for her, if she asked. A sudden burning deep in his chest had him clenching his jaw, a reminder of how much he wished she would just ask, give him another chance, let him show her he would be there for her. God, there was so much he would do for her if she asked him to… but she didn’t. She didn’t ask him anything.

Because they weren’t like that anymore.

That didn’t stop him from staring at her name until his screen went dark, or from closing his eyes and letting himself indulge in the sight of her coming to the doorway, a flurry of beauty and color, her blue eyes finding his before she laid into him about the bad juju that was his riding in limos…

He let himself have it, for one minute.

And then he sat up and pushed it all down. He put it back in its neat little box, stowed it away, and turned the TV on, forcing himself back to reality.

(I was talking to @effie214 last night about her tag fics, and then this popped into my head.)

Undo (2)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Epilogue | Epilogue: We Meet Again

Description: You’re wandering aimlessly when you meet him: the tall man who looks like an angel, the bright red hair on top of his head resembling fire. This angel boy tries to help you, but you soon find out more about him that turns your world upside down.

Warnings: age gap, mentions of death, sexual themes

Word Count: 2,114

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy :D (thank you for such an awesome reaction for part one omg)

That night, it was like your whole world crashed down on you. Memories of the past - the correct past - flashed in and out of your mind, you couldn’t single in on one but you definitely saw a lot of Chanyeol. You heard so many angry voices and crying; you simply couldn’t stand it.

But when Chanyeol put his hand on your shoulder again, everything went away. You attempted to control your breathing, but how could you with all this information being stacked on you at once?

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EXO Reaction: Waking Up After a Wild Night Out.

I’m sorry it’s taking me SO long to get to ya’lls requests! Work is hardcore kicking my ass so I’m trying to knock these out this week! I hope you like, Anon <3

[Note: I don’t own any of these GIFs unless I state otherwise.]

Xiumin / Minseok: 

Originally posted by overnightprincess

At first he would be in a state of shock, mostly out of love and respect for you he would HOPE that you two didn’t do anything that you would regret. So when he peaks under the covers to see you both still fully dressed he would let out a sigh of relief. After all, you’re his best friend and if anything more were going to happen he would want it to be something he had planned.
Feeling relieved, he’d reach over to boop you on nose and as you slowly open your sleepy eyes you’d see him grinning over at you.

Xiumin:”Good morning there, Princess.”

Suho / Junmyeon:

Originally posted by daenso

This boy has a very maternal nature so, like Xiumin, he would really hope that the two of you weren’t dumb enough to do anything that you could later regret. At the same time he would be incredibly grateful for the opportunity to stare at your sleeping face, noting how peaceful and sweet you look.
He’d reach over to pull the covers farther up over you both and just lie there watching you until he fell back asleep next to you.

Lay / Yixing:

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu

In all honesty it’s more than likely that you woke up before he did. Unable to really remember much of the night previous you’d reach your hand out to shake him awake and stop midway, noticing that you weren’t wearing the same clothes you remembered having on. Rather, you’re now wearing shorts and t-shirt that you’re pretty sure belong to Yixing. Grinning to yourself you’d sit up in bed and lean down to lay a kiss on his sleeping forehead which would then wake him up.

You: “Uhh Xing? Any reason I’m wearing your clothes?”

Yixing: “I just wanted you to be comfy while you slept…” 

*all the blushes*


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

Something more than likely happened between the two of you. Maybe you didn’t go THAT far, but his shirt on the floor and your hair in tangles suggests that something definitely happened last night. He’d wake up to see your sleeping face very close to his and he’d grin to himself, probably having been waiting for this moment as now was as good a time as ever to confess that he sees you as something more than a friend. He’d more than likely let you sleep but at the same time he’s NOT the type of person to sit for long periods of time so you’d be woken up by his (GLORIOUS) hands trying to pull the knots apart in your hair.

You: “OW! Baek….what are you doing? Stop yanking my…ow!


*somehow removes his hand before you can start swinging*

Chen / Jongdae:

Originally posted by rxxbinc

I feel like, being best friends with Jongdae, sleeping in a bed together would just be a routine part of your friendship. The two of you would trust each other enough to feel completely at ease with this sort of closeness.
Him sleeping next to you shirtless would be so normal that he wouldn’t think twice about what may or may not have happened the night previous. So the second he woke from sleep, before his eyes were even open, he would simply reach out to drape an arm over you and leave a kiss on the back of your head before falling back asleep.

You: *mumbling and shifting in your sleep* 

Chen: “Hmm…go back to sleep, love.”
*nuzzles his face into your hair and pulls you tighter against him*

You: “Dae…I can’t….breathe..”

Chen: “Shhh just sleep through it.”


Originally posted by fyeah-chanyeol

This boy would wake up and be slapped in the face with complete and utter confusion. At first he was wondering where the hell he was and then he, upon looking around, would realize there was someone laying in bed next to him. After he realizes that it’s just you he would probably be even more shocked and unsure of what to do. Should he wake you up? Should he let you sleep? Did something happen last night? What if you didn’t want it to happen? What if you woke up mad at him?
I think he’d be a mess of emotions and wouldn’t be able to not wake you up.

He’s reach over and softly grab your shoulder to try and shake you awake, but you being so groggy would just turn over and lay your head on his chest.

Chanyeol: “So…I guess you’re not mad at me then…?” *a bit TOO loudly*

You: “Ungh…Chan shut up and go to sleep.”

Chanyeol: “Wait….does that mean…you ARE mad at me then?”

You: *lays your hand over his mouth*

D.O / Kyungsoo:

Originally posted by kyvngsoo

I don’t see Kyungsoo as the type to ever get too intoxicated, so he would more than likely remember the night before or at least parts of it. As soon as his eyes opened he would look over at you, sleeping peacefully, and although happy, he would be filled with regret. Regardless of what happened between the two of you the night before, I don’t think he would see it as appropriate to sleep with you outside of a relationship.
He would feel that this was in some way disrespectful to you and, depending upon his feelings for you, that he owed you more than a drunken night together.

As much as he would want to be sweet with you in this moment I think he would shut himself down emotionally and lock all of that up. Instead, he would quietly slip out of the bed, collecting any of his or your clothes that are on the floor. He would then lie them neatly in a pile at the foot of the bed, and make his way to the kitchen to make you breakfast. If nothing else, he at least wanted to ensure you had a good meal, and doing so would help to ease his guilt a bit.

D.O: *sighs deeply while cracking eggs and plopping them into the pan* 
”You really do deserve better from me…”

You: “I’m sure if you apologize, the eggs wont be too upset…”

D.O: *jumps but can’t bring himself to turn around and look at you…also can’t help but grin a bit*

Kai / Jongin:

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

This boy is a pretty heavy sleeper…but I also feel like he’s the type to sleep in either boxers or completely nude….regardless of who’s in his bed with him. Since the two of you are so close he wouldn’t really see this as a big deal unless he saw that it made you uncomfortable.
However, you may not have known this about him. So that when you woke up and your groggy eyes drifted over to him sprawled out on top of the covers, you yelped. Kai would jump and flail, nearly falling out of bed before seeing your shocked face and after a second he’d realize the blush on your face and your wide eyes. 
Before you know it this boy is letting out the single most attractive giggle-snort this world has ever seen, and whilst still cackling he’d pull you close and rest his head against your shoulder until you started to relax and laugh with him.

You: “But….you’re almost naked…like almost completely naked!”

Kai: “I promise it’s just how I sleep, if you want I can find clothes to put on.”

You: *of course, after much heavy contemplation* “….well I didn’t say that…”


Originally posted by sehurn

I can’t help but feel like Sehun is one of those people that can’t stand the feeling of having clothes on when he drinks, so he strips everything off and if that’s the case then you were more than likely the one who dragged him into his bedroom and tried to get him to sleep it off. However, you being pretty smashed too, would have ended up passing out next to him.

After a while, you would wake up after feeling way too cold in your sleep, just to look over and see Sehun wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. ALL of the blankets, in fact. You would also be pretty shocked to realize that all of your clothes are missing as well. Your mind would be buzzing with thoughts of what could have happened between the two of you, but you would tug on the blankets, trying to get at least ONE off of him so that you could cover yourself.

You: *pulling hard on the corner of a blanket but trying to not wake him at the same time*

Sehun: *breaks out into a huge grin the second his eyes open* 

“Well helllooo there.”


Sehun: “Nuh huh. Last night you said you didn’t see why it was so fun to be drunk and naked…..I’m having a blast.”

In The Night - (Newt Scamander x Reader)

(A/N: Here it is, the long awaited smut! Hopefully it isn’t too bad. :p)



Newt closed his notebook with a sigh, and stretched. Feeling his back pop, he allowed himself to slouch down and just rest for a moment. Outside, black and grey clouds sat overhead. A lone seagull flew by, heading inland, obviously sensing the incoming rainstorm. It had been sprinkling lightly earlier, and streams of rainwater trickled down the street below, illuminated only by the glowing yellow light of the streetlamps. Everything was quiet, both inside and out, and Newt glanced up at the clock. It’s finely crafted iron hands told him it was ten o’clock at night.

Slowly standing up from the chair and feeling the stiffness in his legs, Newt made his way to the bedroom that he shared with you. Trying hard to be quiet, he entered the room to find the light still on. Looking around, he didn’t see you. Before long his eyes fell on his slightly battered suitcase and he smiled. Unsnapping and opening the lid, he clambered down the stairs and emerged into the lopsided wooden shack that held all his belongings. There, curled up on his worn cot in the corner, was you. You had a peaceful smile on your sleeping face, and the Niffler was curled up in your arms.

Standing over you, and looking down at your face, Newt felt a smile creep onto his own lips. You looked so beautiful he found himself realizing as he knelt beside the cot. His eyes traced your features, only flicking down to the Niffler when it let out a rather loud snore and snuffle. Pursing his lips at it, he ran a hand through his messy hair and shook his head.

You murmured something in your sleep, drawing his attention back to you. Slowly, he raised his hand and stroked your cheek. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispered, fascinated. He had known that you were a very close friend, but it was just now dawning on him what that funny feeling in his stomach that he always had when he thought of you was. Fingers still resting on your cheek, your eyes flickered open.

Newt froze, watching in dismay as you slowly realized what had happened. “Newt?” Your voice was quiet, still full of sleep. “What are you doing? I thought you were working on your book.”

“I-“ He swallowed. “I finished.” A light nervous sweat broke out on his forehead, and he tried to work up the courage to explain exactly why he was petting your face while you slept.

“Hm.” You hummed contentedly, leaning into his hand. Still too drowsy to grasp the gravity of the situation, you smiled up at him.

“Y/n, there’s something I need to tell you.” Newt didn’t even stumble over his words he was so focused, staring intently at the cracked wooden wall behind your head.

“Hm?” Looking into his eyes now, he could see a spark of curiosity in them.

“I love you.” He whispered, a flush spreading from his forehead down to his neck. Still he stared at the wall, unsure of what your reaction would be.

“Oh Newt…” You placed one of your hands over his own. “I love you too, you dork.” Reaching up with your other hand you grasped his shirt and pulled him down for a kiss. You could feel him leaning into the kiss, his other hand creeping up to hold your face gently, like it was a fragile piece of crystal. Shifting in the kiss so you were sitting up, Newt pulled back and you could see his eyes flick down to the low neck of your nightshirt. Blushing, you moved your hands up to his shoulders and massaged them softly.

Newt blushed, feeling as your wandering hands began to unbutton the front of his white shirt. “Are- Are you sure?” He asked, his own hands still on your face. Seeing your nod, he hesitantly leaned in and placed a kiss on your neck. It was short, more like a peck, but it still sent a thrill running through you.

Reaching the last button on his shirt, you slid it off his shoulders. “You never told me about your scars.” You whisper, gazing at the web of dark scars that lined his torso.

“I have to deal with creatures bigger than the Bowtruckles, love.” Newt returned, setting the shirt down on the floor beside the cot and (not so) subtly flexing his muscles while doing so. Catching this, you giggled and hung your head, trying not to embarrass him. With a sheepish smile, Newt straightened up and fingered the buttons on your own shirt.

“Have you done this before?” You blurted out before you could stop yourself, immediately turning a violent shade of red.

Newt cleared his throat loudly and continued to absently fiddle with your collar. “Ahem. Well, er- I mean- Yes.” It was his turn to turn red now, before he decided to change the subject by leaning in for another kiss. This was passionate, he nipped at your bottom lip as he began to unbutton your shirt. One of your hands fisted in his hair while the other danced over his chest, tracing swirls and intricate designs.

Humming at your touch, Newt broke the kiss. Gasping for air, your cheeks still flushed, you looked at him and let out a breathless laugh. “Hold on.” He wrapped an arm around you.

The world seemed to turn upside down, and you were lying on the grass under an enchanted night sky. “Are we still in the case?” You asked breathlessly, as he pulled you on top of him.

“Yes. Do you like it?” Another wave of uncertainty seemed to wash over Newt as he rested his hands on your hips.

“Oh, I love it!” You smiled, sitting up and bracing yourself with your hands on his chest.

His eyes drawn to your now exposed chest, Newt sat up, careful not to tip you off. Nestling his face into the crook of your neck, he bit down gently and immediately soothed the slight pain with a kiss. He continued this trail down your neck and collarbone to your chest. Letting out a whimper, you let your eyes close and your head fall back. Hands clutching at his bare back, you let the feelings consume you.

His fingers were fumbling with your bra now, and you had to reach behind and help him. “It’s alright, sometimes I can’t do it either.” You let out a breathy laugh and left a light kiss on his lips.

With a chuckle, Newt slid the article of clothing down your arms. It landed somewhere in the grass, and you bit your lip. Then he was cupping your breasts, and your breath hitched. Using his thumb to flick one of your nipples, his mouth was on the other. You tried to choke back a moan, tangling your fingers into his hair and pulling him back up to kiss you. “Your turn now.” You whispered against his lips.

Pushing him back so he was lying down, you rolled him over. Locking your lips against his once more, you could feel his moan when your hips brushed up against his erection. “Please.” He whispered, moving his hands down to frantically fumble with your skirt.

“Patience…” You whispered back, brushing your hand tantalizingly up against the obvious bulge in his pants. Hearing his strangled groan, you took mercy on him and fiddled with his belt. “Help?” You had to ask, much to your embarrassment.

With a smile, he obliged and guided your hands back down to the waistband of his trousers. Your hands froze when he pulled down your skirt, one long finger rubbing against your clit. Whimpering, you managed to pull down his pants. Kicking them off, Newt shifted on top off you so his knees were on either side of your hips. Cradling your head in his arms, he kissed up your neck. “Ready?” His voice was a hoarse shadow of its former self, pupils dilated.

You nodded, abandoning foreplay in the heat and excitement of the moment. Feeling him slowly slide into you, you braced yourself for the pain that never came. “Alright?” He asked against your lips.

“Perfect.” You tilted your head to the side and nipped the side of his neck. It felt… strange. But good. Reaching behind your neck, you grasped his wrist and led his hand down to your clit. “Please?” You whimpered, needing more.

Slowly drawing back out of you, Newt snapped his hips and moaned, head falling down onto your shoulder. “Merlin, you feel wonderful.”

The two of your bodies seemed to join into one in a fluid dance. Skin slid across skin, shining with sweat under the light of the enchanted stars above. Hours seemed to pass, filled with the haze of pleasure that is making love.

After it was all over, the two of you lay together in the grass, arms still wrapped around each other. “I love you.” Newt said for the second time that evening, kissing the top of your head tiredly.

“Love you too.” You murmured, resting your head on his chest.

Outside the case, the night went on. Inside, two people deep in love fell asleep side by side.