these are spirit fingers

what she says: im fine

what she means: in spirited away (2001), chihiro is told to go to the top floor to meet yubaba to get a job, but the radish spirit gets on the elevator with her, indicating with one pointed finger that he wants to go up too. when chihiro gets to the top floor, the radish spirit is still there!!!!! where is he going!!!! she got off at the top floor!!! does the elevtor go to the roof?? whats he gonna do up there??? go have a smoke break??? wheres my spinoff movie about the adventures of the radish spirit i gotta know what this guys story is. this has haunted me for over ten years


What the heck, I’ll share this here too cause it’s so darn cute.
I finished the Spirited Away one today 🎉
It’s not as fancy as the Kiki’s Delivery Service one or the Totoro one tho XD;;;. Actually all the spirited away ones were more 2d than 3D 😅. My fingers are literally sausages 😭😭. But like small ones 😩

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11. “I almost lost you” kiss

This took me a while because I didn’t want to do the first thing that came to mind, your basic A almost died, B runs to the hospital.

I’ve decided to write all these prompt kisses as snapshots of a single story, kind of like 1000 kisses (a great fic series on AO3 if you haven't read it before). I hope you like it!

Draco stared at the dress robes hanging on the front of his wardrobe. White with silver edging, a green waistcoat, and tie, black slacks. The robe was designed to be worn open, to best compliment the mix of wizarding and muggle fashion. It was Astoria’s idea. What better way to declare a pro-muggle standing. Draco grimaced, privately his father would call it tolerance, and something vague about moving forward and spirit of cooperation to the press.

He ran his finger along the fine silver stitch work. Behind him, the sun was just creeping over the horizon. In few hours- He shuddered.

The door clicked faintly and swung open.

Draco glanced over, expecting to see a house elf or perhaps even his mother, her eyes as shadowed with worry and exhaustion as his, though, neither of them would speak of it. There was no one. He pulled his wand out, as the door swung shut.

Silvery fabric slipped from Harry Potter’s shoulders and pooled on the floor. His hair was the worst Draco had ever seen, his eyes ringed with dark circles.

“Why-” Draco’s voice cracked, “Why are you here?”

Harry smiled humorlessly, “And just let you get married?” He bit his bottom lip so hard it left a line of white, “Why-?” His voice broke, “You just left and then I find out you’re-” He looked down at the floor.

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Frostbite!pharah/Witch!Mercy speed write.. thing

Scrawled this down in my phone at work and someone asked me to post it 😁
I don’t often write nor is this beta’d mffyyrdbjyeafye enjoyyy

“You live out here alone?”
“I do,” the witches features crinkle into a half smile. “You get used to it.”
“I understand … the spirit life can be just as lonely,” Fareeha confesses.

Angela glances up, studying those piercing eyes, watching small ice shards dance and flourish beyond blue irises.
She reaches forward tentatively to Fareeha’s hand.
The spirit twitches a and pulls her hand away when Angela’s fingers drew a hairs-breadth close enough.
“Fareeha…” the witch started.
“I’ll hurt you. “
“Fareeha,” she tried again, fingers ghosting close enough to feel the sheer cold radiate from the spirits skin.
The witch makes a gesture, her own blue eyes tinge into a deep amber before fading back to normal.

“You won’t hurt me;” Angela assures, traveling fingers try again, finding purchase on Fareeha’s hand, carefully intertwining into frostbitten fingers.

The spirit draws a shaky breath at the contact.
With somebody…
She let'a her eyes flutter shut, reveling in the warmth blooming from her hands. She’s expecting Angela to pull away at any moment, expecting the moment to shatter when she realises the burning sting that comes with touching a frostbite spirit’s cyanotic skin…
Only to be startled back to reality by a gentle palm grazing her cheek, thumb delicately tracing her tattoo.
She finds herself unconsciously leaning into the touch she had yearned longer than she wants to think about for.

She lets gentle fingers slide up and through her hair, heading the soft pull towards the witch.
Cold puffs air ghost between them as they bridge the metaphorical and physical distance they’ve learnt to live with all their lives.
Lips graze, soft, experimental.
Angela never pulls back and Fareeha exhales a breath she didn’t know she was holding.
Her own hands shyly move to the witches hips, gripping her blouse as if this were some impossible dream fate was going to cruely tear away from her in an instant …

She feels her very soul thaw as they melt together and the kiss finally deepens.

of fists one makes an island
stretch the arthritic fingers
to build a mountain
before your blood comes
to color the skin of skies
you have a world
no crowd can touch
but the memory of failure
invites spirits disappointed
to and through and past death
you regard your fingers
consider their lives
and those they’ve taken
and if your breathing occurs
without stuttering
water will still
red and blue will return

Magical watercolor by Maggie Umber.
Imposed interpretation by Michael Neal Morris

When I first saw her I knew she was different. She was passionate, filled with spirit. She laughed, tilted her head back, ran her fingers through her hair. She was a free soul. She was filled with pain, you could see it behind her eyes, and nobody with that much spirit, with that much passion had not been through great amounts of pain. I wasn’t sure what it was, I wanted to know, I wanted to listen to her, let her words fill me up, the vowels sink deep in my veins and every single sigh wrap my bones. She was surrounded with despair, but she wiped away every tear and put a smile on her face, lifted her shoulders and walked head high into the gates of school. She was determined to be happy, to be passionate, to be fearless. I liked her because she was much more than she seemed. She wasn’t simply the languages she spoke, how she looked, the way she walked. She was the music she listened to, the things she went on and on about, the typewriter she was obsessed with, the things she wrote. She was a field full of roses, beautiful yet dangerous. She only let it show every once in a while. She was scared that she would scare people away with how she was. I liked her because she was everything, she was thoughtful, she was kind, but most of all she was herself.

My dear don’t you understand why I love her?


  • Keith, Guardian Spirit of Fire: the warmth of the sun, fire that burns through a forest paving the way for new growth, the Earth's core keeping the planet alive, volcanoes that erupt with awesome power, a candle in the night
  • Lance, Guardian Spirit of Water: waves crashing against rocks, unknown creatures of the deep, a glass of cold water on a hot day, the clean fresh scent after heavy rain, puddles to splash in
  • Hunk, Guardian Spirit of Land: digging fingers into rich dark soil, desert sands on the surface barren but teeming with life below, children making mud pies, picking earthworms up off the sidewalk and putting them back in the grass, walking barefoot
  • Shiro, Guardian Spirit of Sky: wind whipping through hair, looking up at the stars on a clear night, the endless blue of a summer sky, the feeling of standing on top of the world at the summit of a mountain, the grace and freedom of a bird in flight
  • Pidge, Guardian Spirit of Forest: the earthy scent of growing things, branches swishing in the breeze, the feel of smooth cool bark, growth and decay locked in a timeless dance, the resilience of plants that can grow even in the harshest conditions on Earth
Equanimity - M

Jeon Jeongguk 전정국 

Warnings - this is smut, v short but v sexy, 


Shivers creep up your spine as his hot breath fans in your ear. His voice rings in your ears. Touch yourself, he says. Your wish is his command, as if overcome with a spirit your hands travel downwards, your fingers not quite the same as his knuckles sliding across your skin. Babygirl, he breathes heavily, I love you.

You let out a soft breath, tips of your fingers playing with your pantie line. “Is this okay?” You ask, eyes glancing down towards the screen. Jeongguk mirrors you, legs spread open, topless, smirking.

He nods hastily, gasping as he runs his palm along his boxers.

Take them off, he demands. You shimmy out of the lace, exposing yourself. His tongue pokes out, hungrily swiping against his bottom lip. Now.

Your fingers touch the sensitive skin of your clit and you begin twirling them in circles. Veins are bulging in Jeongguk’s neck as he tried to control himself across the world. His soul longs for yours, cock twitching as he watches you toy with yourself.

“Do you remember that present I got you?” You ask, eyes hooded as you stare Jeongguk down. “You can open it now.”

Jeongguk looks hesitant to stand up, the bulge in his boxers longing for attention. You flick your head, closing your eyes as you spread yourself for him. You hear him shuffle off the bed, retrieving the little black box you gave him before he left.

Rarely is Jeongguk taken on business trips, but of course, the week of your two-year anniversary, his company asks him to go to Japan to help with the new office. He didn’t want to go, but you assured it would be okay and sent him off with a small box.

He now hastily opens it in front of you as you begin rubbing circles into your clit once again. “This isn’t your real present, you’ll get that when you come home,” you heave, chest heavy.

You smile as he lifts the metal ring out of the box. He stares at it for a moment, toying it in his hands like a baby discovering a new toy. The corners of your lips tweak up mischievously. “Are you going to put it on or not? I’m excited to see how long you can last with it on.”

The End.

so, i’m not sure how active i’ll be, but it’s just me, july! for now im just going to try and get back into the groove of writing. scenarios will be short and off of the coming soon list so please check it out to see what’s up next. thank you always for our support!