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Hi Lis! So I know you really love Mick Jagger and I wanted to ask how you think Harry did impersonating him. I don't know much about Mick's mannerisms so I thought you'd have the best answer x Thanks!


Something that I was really surprised about what that it seemed like a lot people thought Harry was exaggerating A LOT when he did his impersonation. He did embellish, but…Mick Jagger genuinely talks/performs just like that. I mean, you think Harry was eccentric? Watch Mick perform Sympathy for the Devil then come back to me. 





Mick makes Harry’s finger point

look incredible tame

Dear, God, they became kindred spirits 




Overall, a 10/10 performance 

what she says: im fine

what she means: in spirited away (2001), chihiro is told to go to the top floor to meet yubaba to get a job, but the radish spirit gets on the elevator with her, indicating with one pointed finger that he wants to go up too. when chihiro gets to the top floor, the radish spirit is still there!!!!! where is he going!!!! she got off at the top floor!!! does the elevtor go to the roof?? whats he gonna do up there??? go have a smoke break??? wheres my spinoff movie about the adventures of the radish spirit i gotta know what this guys story is. this has haunted me for over ten years

Updated Manga: September 2017
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“Remember, the light is always inside you. And every day, by remembering it, you feed it, and it will grow. When life is joyous, the light will be there. When there is hardship, the light will also be there.” — Annie Kagan, author, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

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Palmistry 101: #1 The Major Lines & Mounts

Open your hand and look at your palm. There are a series of lines running through it, aren’t there? There should be. I’d be slightly concerned if the palm of your hand was completely smooth.

These lines are used in palmistry (a.k.a., palm reading or chiromancy), and depict a number of things. Each of the major lines has it’s own individual meaning and outlines a certain course in a person’s life. 
These lines come in varying shapes and sizes, and not every person has all six of the major lines - this is what we note when reading someone’s palm. Everyone does, however, have the top three in the list below. The words following the name of the line are the meanings and traits associated with that particular line.

The Major Lines

The Heart Line: (the heart line is the horizontal line that runs around half-an-inch beneath your fingers) emotions, insecurities, marriages, dependence and independence and the nature of the relationships you have/will have.

The Head Line: (the head line/line of mine is the line that runs about a centimetre below the heart line) intellect, reasoning power, prospective career paths/choices, your success potential.

The Life Line: (the life line is the that starts at the same point as the head line and curves in a reversed ‘c’ shape towards the wrist; it should finish at the heel of your hand) pattern and quality of life, physical vitality, stability or imbalance, willpower and logic, but not necessarily an indication of the length of life.

The Fate/Fortune Line: (a line that runs vertically from beneath your middle finger and down to your wrist) the strengths of character, career, friendships, daily issues and your personal ability to succeed.

The Health Line: (a line that begins where the life line ends, and ends beneath the little finger) health related matters, business and adventures; the spirit of discovery.

The Sun Line: (a line that starts beneath the ring finger (for lefties - for people who are having their right hand read, it’s the same finger I just don’t know what it’s actually called) and is usually a short line that stops when it connects with the line of health) the utilization of creative energies and potential for success through the development of talents.

The Mounts

The Mounts of the hand are what I like to call the ‘flesh cushions’ beneath each of the fingers and at the heel of the palm. They each have a personality trait with which they are associated and everyone has mounts. Some people’s may be… fleshier, than others but they are there nonetheless.

Mercury (☿): (beneath the little finger)

Apollo/The Sun (☉): (ring finger) creativity/creative genius, fantasy, imagination and happiness.

Saturn (♄): (middle finger) patience, responsibility; cautiousness.

Jupiter (♃): (index finger) leadership, honour, ambition, beliefs, philosophies and spirituality/religiousness. 

Lower Mars (♂): (below Mercury) morals/moral courage and self control.
Upper Mars (♂): (little fleshy blob above the Venus mount) resistance, coolness of spirit, calmness.

Venus (♀): (under your thumb; the bit your life line curves around) Love/affection, vitality, sensuality and success(es).

The Moon/Luna (☾): (runs along the outside of the palm; starts beneath your little finger and runs along the side of your hand) Imagination, creativity and emotion.

I will make a post about what the shapes/types of lines and mounts signify and link it here.

Yuuri and his Decision Not to Retire in ep 12

So I was doing some thinking and realized that while I’ve talked to death about Victor’s career decision in episode 12, I’ve never really delved into the intricacies of Yuuri’s. He makes a career decision that’s just as important as Victor’s – to not retire.

This might sound odd since he’s never taken a break like Victor did but Yuuri had been planning all season to retire after the GPF. He feels his time in his career is limited, and we see him come back to this multiple times throughout the series. That itself spawned from the fact that even before Victor came, Yuuri had been considering the idea of retirement. Then, in episode 12, he made the choice not to retire but to continue skating. Why?

I’ve heard multiple people’s interpretations of the reason(s) for this decision and I’ve gotten a lot varied responses, so I figured I’d share mine! Let’s start from the beginning of the episode and work our way through!

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AJ said “spirit fingers” in one of the NYCC 2017 interviews and I just could think of this

Actual cheerleader team of the Daibazaal High School, which sadly disbanded after they realized that Lotor was copying Voltron High School’s routines? lmao!

This definitely took more than I expected!

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Greetings, all! I hope you’re having a good day! Today, I’ll be giving a small, practical tutorial for a neat new altar/workspace setup I’ve recently been using.

I developed the idea out of necessity, because it takes up less space. It is quite safe if you’re burning things, and looks nice and elegant. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and even try it!

I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of my own, but it looks wonky because it’s small and I’ve been using it a lot. I may post some pictures of it after I do some cleaning!

To begin, you need a large tabletop planter or flowerpot sort of thing! You want the kind that large houseplants go in. In theory, you could use a planter meant to set on the floor/ground. 

I prefer a tabletop one so I can set it next to my Tarot space on the table. The concept is the same, either way!

Choose one that looks nice to you! It should fit with your view of your craft, whatever that means to you, personally! Availability is an issue, but if you’re able to order online, there are a lot of nice options.

You can also get a simple, plain and functional one. You could decorate it with paint and such, if you like. Either way, it should not be plastic or flimsy. You want something ceramic and large, with a wide opening.

You also want one that is quite deep, at least a couple inches or more. If it’s too deep and big, you might have trouble moving it around. You don’t want that, but still, choose one that is exactly as large as you can manage.

Place it on a table where you’re planning to do most of your work. You might consider this your altar, or a workspace. I call mine a workspace, but it can function as an altar sometimes, too. Your space is, of course, yours, and only you can decide how you think of it!

I put mine on a table right next to where I’ve laid out a cloth for my Tarot and Lenormand readings. I also keep my working charm bottles on the same table, as well as other tools. If you have less space, a small nightstand table can work fine, provided the planter fits on it and is stable.

Once you’ve got the planter in place, go out and get some sand. I used really grainy sand, but fine sand should work, too.

You don’t want large pebbles (or even small ones). You want sand! You can get some at a home and garden store, especially in the summer. Buy a small amount, but enough to fill the planter.

Then, fill the planter with the sand. You want it full, but not piled up. Make it level, and don’t fill it all the way to the top. Leave some space.

Now that it’s done, what the heck do you do with it? Well, you can…

  • Place burning incense sticks into the sand, allowing the ashes to fall into the sand.
  • Place candles deep into the sand, such that it acts as a sturdy candleholder for them.
  • Lay out gemstones in the sand to form a crystal grid or pattern.
  • Sketch sigils and symbols into the sand with your fingers or a stick.
  • Leave offerings to deities and spirits. Be sure to remove them if they’re perishable, once they’ve served their purpose!
  • There’s a lot more that you can do, limited only by your imagination! You can also simply have a relaxing time playing in your mini-sandbox altar!

I would recommend only using this altar for positive purposes. I’m not one to shame or be a jerk about curses and such, though. The thing is, this altar is unique! The sand collects fragments of your spell ingredients. 

This imbues the altar and sand with your collective intentions. Of course, you want to make it a truly welcoming place for you. I’d suggest doing baneful work elsewhere and leave this altar for the positive things! That’s my view, anyways.

After a while, the altar and sand will be deeply tied to you on a magical level. They will have absorbed your intentions and energy. This means that the sand itself is even useful!

Sometimes, you might do a spell away from your altar, too. In that case, you can use bits of the sand to add the strength of your essence to the working. You can use the sand as a sort of magical signature.

Of course, you will need to change the sand eventually. I recommend doing this at major turning points in your magical journey. Save some of the old sand in a bottle, and using it as a symbol (in spells, or just in general) of time in your life!

I hope this article gave you some fun ideas for creating a magical workspace!

our party (a dragonborn warlock, who is really stupid and thinks he’s a paladin; a half-orc paladin (my brother) and a fire genasi cleric (me)) was investigating some sort of interdimensional killer chest and while doing so a ring i had looted earlier began telling me to jump into the chest and laughing at me in my mind. i tried pulling the ring off but it reappeared on my finger. then this happened 

half-orc: i try to take the ring from her finger 
dm: roll a strength check 
half orc: *rolls a nat 20* 
our idiot warlock, ooc: that finger just went straight off, didn’t it 
dm: *laughing* yeah. pretty much 
me: oh no 
dm: you take 16 points of damage 
me: Oh noooo 
dm: *still laughing* but the bad news is: the ring appears on your other finger 
me: NOOOOOOOOO *staring blankly into space in disbelief* 
our idiot warlock: huh. let me try! *steps closer to me to take my other finger*

In the Bones: Part One

Title: In the Bones

Rated: M (for violence and later chapters)

Words: 10K+

Summary:  Natsu and Lucy are from warring clans, each acting as a powerful warrior for their people. Natsu’s clan consists of skilled blacksmiths, crafting weapons from the earth and enchanting them with lost elemental magic. Lucy’s people are Spiritwalkers, powerful seers who can make contracts with ancient spirits from the bones they leave behind. (enemies to lovers AU)

AN: New AU for @constellunaa‘s birthday! Happy birthday Shana! Have a lovely day <3 This one is based on her warring clans AU which is AMAZING.

*also on FF, so please be sure to drop a review there and follow the story if you want to!

Lucy bends low over the bowl before her, cupping her hands to trap the gust from her lungs as she breathes life into the broken, forgotten splinters of bone. Cracked ribs lay before her, as well as the remains of a smashed skull, barely the size of her palm, small enough to cradle. They rattle when she blows warm air against them, shifting slightly, and she grins. Excitement sweeps through her, her hands trembling, and she has to steady herself before trying again.

She takes a deep breath, golden eyes slipping shut as she pushes passed her nerves, readying herself. Her eyes snap open once more, a faint shimmer of blue in her irises, and this time when she breathes into them, a pale, ghostly blue glow pulls from her lungs. It fans across the bones, and they quiver, clacking together wildly as she leans back, waiting for the creature to form, long forgotten pieces of itself finally becoming one.

Her eyes slam shut, her heart stuttering in her chest, and she bites her lip. Lucy’s lungs go still, the oxygen leaving her in a rush, and she reminds herself not to panic, her mind used to the loss of breath, though her body constantly rejects the feeling. Her lungs scream for air, her spirit flickering as she continues to breathe against the bones she found days earlier while out in the woods.

Eventually, she runs out of air, the blue glow leaving her and washing across the rattling bones, the sound growing so loud she can barely think. Lucy gasps for breath, coughing slightly, and winces as her chest aches, her life-force growing thin for a moment before coming back to her.

The consequences of walking with spirits were the first things Lucy was taught as a child, her mother making her promise never to spread herself too thin. There’s only so much a Spiritwalker can take, their lives much more fragile than others.

The bones fall silent a moment later. The rattling stops suddenly, and her eyes snap open, gold flickering in the early morning light spilling in through the open window. The wool rug beneath Lucy tickles at her skin, and the bones are quiet, as if nothing happened. For a moment, she frowns, eyes narrowing as she stares down at them, but then they shift again, though not because of her.

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