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So here’s a random realisation. 

I consume a lot of content, like A LOT, (tv, movies, books, music, etc you name it) and more often than not, particularly with the visual form of content, I find myself consuming content passively. What I mean is that I just sit there and watch things without really processing them (most of the time after a really tiring day, it’s the kind of content I prefer, because I don’t really have to think too much about it). But here’s the great thing about this little Norwegian tv show, it doesn’t allow us to do that. Skam feels like what the future of media content should be. Active audience engagement. The fact that you have to seek out the website, wait for updates, integrate that with other social media updates. It makes you less likely to consume the show without thought. Here’s Julie saying, this show isn’t going to play by the rules, we’re not gonna spoon feed you, figure it out yourself. 

And because your participation in it is self-initiated, you’re more likely to start actively assessing what you watch, and start thinking about implications and making predictions. And substantiating/backing up those assertions you make and this is where metas and analyses comes in. what I love so much about this show is the sheer amount of discussion that goes on in the fandom as the seasons progress and everyone’s active (im using this word a lot am i?) involvement in these discussions. Not only does it cultivate a mindset of critical analysis, but also you learn to be more engaged with the characters and their development which in turn teaches us empathy. 

Ok, but like, don’t a lot of shows have fandoms that discuss things and have fans who relate to characters? Well, yes, I’m not saying they don’t. But another thing that sets skam apart from most shows is the audience engagement is much more of a two way street than most tv shows (which incidentally makes the audience interest more sustained in the show). a lot of the times, most tv/movies get produced first and then the audience gets the finished product and the feedback from the audience is delayed by 4 to 5 episodes. If its something the audience isn’t receptive of, shows probably only start pivoting in the next season.  And some show creators don’t really care about the audience feedback beyond the numbers and ratings. and on some shows, all they care about are the review critics. and tv networks and movie producers generally don’t care about fans so long as the content makes money. There have been fandoms where the creators have actively worked against what the general fandom wants, which creates a negative dichotomy where the fandom still engages in the media that doesn’t want to cater to them. 

But so far, skam is, fortunately, different in that fan discussions are welcomed and even addressed (re: all those fourth wall breaking). And the response from the creators is often almost instantaneous, fluid and flexible. It creates a lively environment that fosters creativity for both fan and content creator (albeit challenging for the show runners). And because the content creators listen, viewers are more likely to become much more discerning, critical thinking people who form opinions on their own and want to actively (there’s that word again) throw these ideas out there to the creators and have some sort of autonomy over the content that they’re consuming rather than just sitting staring at the screen being fed ideas passively. Basically, what im saying is, watching skam helps me become smarter lmao.


Request: Can you do a little angsty Newt x reader (but maybe with a nice ending 😄) where Newt and the reader were a couple back at Hogwarts, but they broke up because of Leta. Now the reader’s married and after many years with no contact they meet again at some kind of charity event. However, they start to bond again! I hope you like this idea and thanks in advance ❤

Word Count: 2,325

Pairing: Newt x Reader (Platonic)

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“You want me to take him to Gran’s today or do you plan on it?”

Quickly running a towel over the spot your toddler just sat at, you sigh. “You should probably plan on it. I have that event tonight, remember?”

He sticks two pieces of bread together. “Of course. You’ve only been talking about it for months now.”

You make at face at him, tossing the towel by the door to wash later. “We’re teaching kids about magical creatures. What’s not to be excited about?”

He chuckles. “Just don’t talk their ears off. I know how you can get when you’re given a captive audience.”

“I don’t get that longwinded.”

“Honey, did you forget our whole first date?”

You swat at his arm as you make your way to the sink. “You were interested and asking questions.”

“I believe,” he says, tightening his tie, “that I asked one question and you took it from there for the rest of the evening.”

Setting the plates in the sink and flipping the faucet on, you roll your eyes. “Yeah, well, look at where you are now. Married to me.”

He grins, stepping over and pressing a kiss to your cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Now go or you’ll be late and miss your train.”

He kisses you one final time before grabbing his sandwich and heading out the door.

You finish cleaning up the dishes from the kitchen before changing into a more fitting outfit for the demonstration: slacks and a button-down shirt. Sliding a jacket over the outfit, you shout a goodbye to the nanny and head out the front door.

It’s a long walk to the school, but the sun’s shining and the sidewalks are near empty, so you don’t particularly mind the jaunt. In fact, it’s almost refreshing to not have to worry about making lunches or helping the nanny fold clothes. Ever since the charity began and called for your expertise, you’ve been able to find an excuse to get out of the house once a week and work with magical creatures.

Finally reaching the school, you step in and are instantly offered directions to where the other volunteers have set up the day’s base.

You follow the directions and end up in a dank basement: unusual since most presentations are offered outside. Still, it’s a good storage place for the creatures and if any escape, it’d be easy enough to capture them, so you shrug and look around. Crates of creatures line the walls and more are being carried in as you wander the room, searching for Tara. A baby dragon hisses when you pass its box, mooncalves held in a pen snort in their sleep, and a couple of doxies penned up and trapped behind two locks mock you. The room’s a mess of other noises as well. You wonder how anyone can hear the day’s orders given the racket.

Tara, the lead supervisor and charity founder, brushes her black hair out of reach of a niffler and waves you over. “There you are. I was wondering if you were planning on coming. We could really use your help in the grindylow pen.” She rolls her eyes and wipes a layer of sweat from her forehead. “We have a bunch of new recruits, which would be great if they knew anything. Send the girl with Charles over to the flitterby cage. Maybe she’ll be able to handle that.”

“She can’t drop food into a tank?”

“Apparently he’s too scary.” She sighs, shaking her head. “I don’t know. Just make sure he doesn’t get out or grab anyone, okay?”

You glance around the room. She’s right, there’s a bunch of new faces around, wandering like they don’t know that they’re supposed to be working or playing with the cute creatures and ignoring the more aggressive ones. “Looks like it’s going to be a long day.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. Thank Merlin I have another expert like you coming in today. It’s the only reason I agreed to bring the full load of our creatures.” She stares behind you, suddenly alarmed. “Merlin’s beard, that girl’s going to get herself killed! Go help with Charles before we have a lawsuit on our hands.”

You turn, breaking into a run as soon as you see.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do hcs with everyone (or as many as you can/want) with dyslexic s/o? A lot of people I've asked have said no but you seem aright with it.

Totally fine with doing dyslexic s/o. Sorry for any misrepresentations or mistakes. And no, unfortunately I cannot do all of them, especially at once. So i chose 3 characters, mostly at random. Hope you enjoy


  • Didn’t realize at first that you were dyslexic
  • When you two first met she’d been showing you some of her work on her computer. Finally you had to ask her to read some of the things for you, mostly because you didn’t want to take up too much time or bore her by trying to take the time to read it yourself
  • Felt bad at first, like somehow your dyslexia was her fault
  • But then she realized you really weren’t much different from her and that she honestly wanted to know more about you
  • Really liked how it never seemed to hold you back from doing anything
  • The two of you ended up dating and moving into a cute loft in her home country
  • A lot of the time you two like laying on your bed snuggled together
  • After having grown comfortable around Sombra, your dyslexia really didn’t seem to matter to either of you
  • You liked to read the news articles or stories you found on the internet to her
  • Loves to listen to you read, even when you struggle
  • Never interrupts you
  • Some days she’ll lay on the love seat with her head in your lap while she’s on her laptop doing hacking work, and will fall asleep to the lull of your voice as you read short stories to her


  • Honestly, he was a bit of an ass at first
  • Was one of those douches who acted like you weren’t capable, and treated you like you were a child for your disability
  • Gradually he realized how you never let your disability stop you from doing your reports or other things that mattered to you, even when you needed a bit of help with them
  • Eventually he apologized, though gruffly, for acting as he did
  • Ended up with a crush on you before you fell for him
  • One morning you found him reading the newspaper. You saw a headline that caught your interest. It was the only paper so you hesitantly sat down next to him and asked if he’d read it to you
  • Soldier had hesitated, then handed you the newspaper and asked if you’d like to read it to him instead. He promised not to be a jerk and would only assist if you asked for it
  • Helped you only a few times, and you found him watching you with a odd look that kind of sent butterflies to your tummy
  • You two ended up growing closer, and eventually dating
  • Once punched another member right in the face for making a rude comment about your dyslexia
  • You love it now when he reads the newspaper to you in the mornings. And now that you share the same bed, the two of you have fallen into the habit of you reading a chapter of a book each night to him
  • The sound of your voice is one of the prettiest things to him


  • Found one of her squad getting angry at you for not being able to read the coordinates for a mission location
  • When she learned you had dyslexia, she turned the full brunt of her anger on the other team member
  • She thought it was despicable that they were treating you like that
  • Later she pulled you aside after a mission. She asked if you were sure you wanted to stay in that line of work, especially when silent communication, coordinates and codes were used so often
  • You’d seen her group in action and had really wanted to join them. You made that clear but also told her that if she thought you should, you’d go because you didn’t want to hold them back
  • So instead, with your permission, she asked you if you’d like some lessons from her in the basics of codes.
  • It made you nervous because for one, you had a huge crush on the commanding Egyptian. And for another, you’d never met anyone who understood nor had the patience for your disability
  • Pharah told you that bluntly that she didn’t think you were stupid. You were a smart human being, like anyone else. it just took you a little longer for certain things.
  • So reluctantly you spent two hours with her each day. To your surprise, you found her to be super patient. She happily repeated herself as many times as you asked, explaining it in as many ways as you needed. Not once did was she rude or impatient
  • For the first time you really felt like you were learning something and having an intellectual conversation. It was less about the fact that you were talking about codes and more that there was a mutual respect when the two of you worked. Pharah quizzed you once or twice verbally and you were so happy to get the majority right.
  • Your team was even impressed with your progress and also cheered you along, especially since Pharah made it clear that a team that didn’t stick together wasn’t a team she cared to have
  • The two of you started dating a month after the lessons started. Although not a professional, you were proud of your progress with the codes and likes to practice with her sometimes on random days
  • Pharah was incredibly sweet and never treated you different, nor less then the person she believed you to be

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Do you know if it's an autistic thing to struggle with analysing and finding symbolism in stuff? I think I've got some sort of selective thing going on, I could go on for days about symbolism and meaning for my SpIn but when it comes to assignments or even just stuff that isn't my SpIn, it's so difficult to create the stuff in my head... Is that a thing I can fix? I just wanna stop struggling through assignments with pressure cause my teachers know I can analyse stuff but I can't analyse this...

yes ! taking things literally is definitely a thing a lot of autistics struggle with, which makes analysing texts harder. but there are things you can do to improve, i’m an english lit student and spent most of year 11 giving my friends related advice so here are the tips that helped me & them!

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This is an odd observation/question that you can ignore if you want...I noticed most Jonsa shippers (not all ofc) who came on board bc of the show are first and foremost Jon fans and/or never really liked Sansa, whereas people who shipped them from the books and before s6 are first and foremost Sansa fans or love both equally. As someone who has been in the fandom for years now, this is just something I've seen a lot re the differences between new and old shippers. Why do you think that is?

Hi there Anon!

You’re right, this is an odd comment, or at least it is to me, since it’s definitely something I’ve never noticed. So I couldn’t say whether this is a correct observation or not. It could be this is just your personal experience, based on the people you’ve interacted with in the fandom… Who knows? Anyone else who has any insights here?

I must say, Anon, that I don’t really like this need to draw attention to the differences between new and old shippers. I like to focus on what unites us :) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not assuming you’re trying to be divisive here. I just don’t want this to lead to more fandom wank…

I honestly have no idea how to answer your question. All I can do is tell you a bit about my own experience.

I bought the ASOIAF books 3 years ago, but they ended up on my to read pile. I told myself I wanted to read them before I started watching the show. But then, one afternoon, while I was babysitting and the little boy I was watching was taking his afternoon nap, I put on the season 1 DVD just to have something to watch.

I borrowed the DVD’s from a friend and watched the first 4 seasons in two weeks time. After that I started reading the books and I also watched season 5. I was hooked, but needless to say, I missed a lot, going through all those hours and pages as fast as I did.

I was a huge D@ny fan and I felt really pleased with myself for figuring out R+L=J. I liked all the Starks, but particularly Ned, Bran and Arya. In hindsight I can add that the reason I didn’t love Jon and Sansa from the start is probably because they reminded me of my own faults when I was their age…  But by the time I started ADWD I’d come to love Jon most of all and I’d also fallen in love with Sansa.

At the time I was still really expecting some kind of J0nerys endgame, even though I didn’t believe it would be a happy one. I very lowkey shipped them, because I was excited to see how they were going to meet and how they’d get along and I was looking forward to all the angst once they discovered they were related.

But then I read the books again, rewatched the show before season 6 and I got really disillusioned with D@ny. Her last chapter in ADWD is such a sharp contrast to Jon’s. Jon chooses family and love, D@ny embraces the legacy of a family she’s never even known. And that’s the moment  I realised this story wouldn’t turn out the way I’d been expecting. And I definitely no longer wanted Jon to fall in love with D@ny.

I started reading theories and discussion forums and even though I expected Jon to come back and I wanted him to find his happy ending, shipping him with another POV character didn’t even occur to me. The same was true for Sansa, I’d come to care for her very deeply and I wanted her to return home and find her family again, but I didn’t really think we’d necessarily see a romantic endgame for her.

Then season 6 happened and after episode 9, I started expecting that Jon might have to marry Sansa, but like in an arranged marriage situation. I don’t even remember why I thought that, because Jon wasn’t King in the North yet and R+L=J hadn’t been confirmed. A friend pointed out that my theory was just wishful thinking on my part and the rest is history.

I discovered the Jonsa fandom on Tumblr and AO3, started reading meta and fanfic. And in the end, while it is the show that brought me on board, it’s going back to the books which made me stay. 

I must say, a year later, after spending so much of my time online with people who adore Sansa, I’ve come to love her even more. I don’t know if this answers your question, but this is what I can give you.

Thanks for the ask!

anonymous asked:

Hey, it's the overly thankful nerd from earlier! I've had two main problems: I'll explain the other one in another ask. Motivation. I frequently have amazing ideas and create wonderfully fleshed out characters but the more I think or write my story the more I get bored and uninterested and I make worse and worse pieces of work! I've tried the whole "if the writers getting bored the reader was bored 3 pages back" trick and threw in a lot of twists but it didn't make me any better. Any tips?

Hello OTNFE! 

Motivation is one of the most universal problems that writers face. Unlike a stuck scene or a research malfunction, it’s not something that you can fix for good and be done with. Motivation is going to be an on again, off again battle, but luckily, there are a number of ways to help combat it.

In your particular case, it sounds like it’s possible that you have possibly over-developed, or have fallen out of touch with your inspiration and are viewing your story more as work than as the special thing that stories are. 

Over-development occurs when you put too much time and work into planning before you really start writing, and as a result, when you go to write the story, nothing is a surprise anymore. Some level of planning is necessary, but part of what gives stories an ongoing curiosity for the writer is allowing it to grow organically. Sometimes, you should keep writing even after you reach the point where you had stopped planning and let the story and its characters surprise you.

Losing the spark of inspiration can happen through over-development, writer’s block, or just plain burning out for a while. Nothing beats the thrill of coming up with a perfect idea or beating a problem that was causing a block. If you can touch on that excitement, that sheer connection to the story, you can put the passion back into your work, and there are a number of ways that many writers use to get back into it.

1. Music: This is a pretty common one that helps put writers back on track. It’s actually a particularly big one for me as well. I keep playlists for each of my stories, as well as playlists for specific emotions to put me in the mood for a scene. 

2. Moodboards: Whoa, that sounds pretty weird. Personally, I haven’t really seen this one on other lists. But it’s another little something I do to get back in touch with my stories. I make aesthetic boards for both my characters and my general story settings and concepts. I find that figuring out what components and quotes and so on should go on to each moodboard puts me back in touch with the original vision I had for each character. 

3. Read Your Genre: A lot of inspiration can come from exposing yourself to the work of others. Many writers use previous works to get ideas. (Not endorsing stealing here, but inspiration is totally okay.) Find books that match your genre and take a reading break. Especially study the parts that make you most excited or effect you the most emotionally, and think about why they made you feel that way. Try to connect it to moments in your own story. 

4. Re-Read Your Own Story: Another thing that helps sometimes is to re-read your own story- the parts you do like. The parts you previously wrote with excitement and passion. Try to get back in touch with the heart you had then. What changed?

5. Have An Honest Talk With Your Characters: A lot of character development sheets consist of answering questions, listing traits, etc. That’s all fine and necessary details, but it can feel a little worksheet-y and can cause a disconnect sometimes. But there are other ways to really get in touch with your characters in the spirit of who they are. 

Try some creative writing exercises that are more than just a fill-out form. Find prompts that set gears going in your mind, whether it’s throwing your characters into an elevator for a couple hours to see what they do, or writing a death that has nothing to do with the plot, just to rally up some emotions. Or, if it helps, talk to them. Pretend you are actually having a conversation with this character. A self-insert in a very literal sense. Whatever helps you to connect with them.

6. Change Up Your Workspace: Whether this means cleaning or redecorating your current workspace, or changing it up to a different place altogether, a change of scenery can sometimes get your mind going again. Lots of people will recommend finding a place where WiFi and other things you might have at home that might distract you.

 7. Find a Beta Reader: Finding yourself a fan- or a critic- can be incredibly inspiring. Sometimes having an outside pair of eyes is all you need to see your story in a new light. Having a little feedback- especially positive feedback- can help you see the things in the story that you loved in the first place.

This list is starting to get a little lengthy, and others can feel free to add on their own methods!

And one more little tip just for you, OTNFE. Writing, storytelling, is an art as well as a job. If you think of it too much like a job, a task, the magic sort of goes out of it. Yes, there are tools and tricks to help it along, but stories are like stubborn animals. They almost have a will of their own- you can’t force them into doing things they don’t “want” to do. Try some things when you need to, but also give it a chance to grow organically if it needs space.

And once again, motivation is in ongoing battle! You’re not going to cure it never have to deal with it again. It’s gonna happen again, and sometimes it’s going to be easier to kick than others.

Any which way, best of luck! We all go through this. Often. Your fellow writers are always here with their own advice as well.

I’ll be working on your second ask next OTNFE. ;)


Euphoria (fluff)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I was trying to update “Jeffrey’s Hill” but I was listening to “Beautiful” by Baekhyun and “Beautiful” by EXO and then my imagination ran wild … and this came to mind. I’ll be updating “Jeffrey’s Hill” soon though! This is just a cute little one shot because I’m ultimate Suho trash. 

MEMBER/GROUP: Kim Junmyeon/Suho 

GENRE: FLUFF. IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIEEE!! (If you got that reference just know you’re amazing and imagine me handing you pizza. I LOBE YOU!) 

DISCLAIMER: The GIF below is not mine. Credits go to the person who made it! Thank you! 

Your name: submit What is this?


You couldn’t process it. A whole year without him. Without his cute smile, tight hugs, caring whispers and gentle cuddles. A whole year without his silly Dad jokes that never failed you crack you up. A whole year without waking up next to him and giggling at the sleepy smile he always wore. 

A whole year without Junmyeon, and you’d survived. 

At first, the days seemed to roll by tantalizingly slow. You’d stare at the clock, hoping time would take pity on you and fast forward to the moment you’d reunite. Several days, you had to remind yourself he was gone, and that it would be a while before he returned. It was hard being in denial. 

Then you just grew really angry. How could SM do that to you? You knew they wouldn’t approve of your relationship, but you didn’t think they’d go as far as separating you two for a whole year. Why were they so cruel? It was his life, shouldn’t he have a say in the matter? You’d spend several nights typing up angry emails to the managers, only to end up deleting them later on. You couldn’t bring yourself to lash out at them, despite the anger you felt. The last thing you wanted was to go against a company with an intimidating amount of power. 

Once you realised you couldn’t bring Junmyeon back sooner, you felt an indescribable sadness. He wasn’t allowed you to contact you, so you couldn’t even bask in the comfort of his cute, cheesy texts. He was completely cut off; and you were forced to accept it. Some nights you’d struggle to fall asleep, thinking of everything you wanted that you couldn’t have: his back hugs, soft hums, gentle voice singing you to sleep, the feeling of his fingers woven through the gaps between yours and the glimmer in his eyes when you told him you loved him. 

You just missed him. So much. 

You had also tried contacting the other members to see if you could speak to him somehow, but they never answered. SM had gotten to them too. You’d eventually lost count of the days and nights you’d spent in tears, wondering what you’d done wrong. Was it wrong to fall in love? 

Finally, after months of denying it, being angry about it, shedding tears over it, you’d had enough. If Junmyeon could cope, you had to do the same. Your life couldn’t end with this silly year gap. You reached out to friends. You hung out at coffee shops, quiet streets, rain scented parks. You spent more time finishing all the drafts you possibly could, and had even piqued the interest of a publisher. You had then proceeded to work on a novel, and that was what sped up time. 

Days went by and you didn’t notice, too engrossed in perfecting characters, fixing plot holes and correcting spelling errors. To add a bit of humorous irony, your publication date was set a week before he got back. But you didn’t notice, you had to make sure everything was right. Nothing could ruin this. This was your first novel, and it meant a lot to you. 

Nothing could take that feeling of euphoria away. It saved you when you found out Junmyeon’s return would be delayed. It saved you when you found out the company had attempted to set him up with another idol. It saved you when you read the headlines, confirming the new couple. It saved you from getting your hopes up when they called it off, and it saved you when you realised he had changed his number. 

Little did you know, Junmyeon was fighting day and night to return to you. 

“Wow, ‘Breathe’, a novel by Y/N, has sold over a million copies, and is currently a dominating best seller! The story revolves around sixteen year old Brea Farren, who sees the ghost of her deceased best friend, and has to live with the imaginary phantom’s torment until she finally learns to let go. The book has received a huge amount of love and support from the teenage demographic, who claim to have easily related to the character’s feeling of being lost and confused. It is now famous in schools all over the world, and is changing many lives and helping many deal with grief.” 

The interviewer, Pauline White, grinned at the camera. “We have the mastermind behind the book here today, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Y/N!” 

The audience cheered as you entered, taking a seat opposite Pauline. “Good morning!” She grinned. “How are you feeling today, Y/N?” 

“Great!” You smiled at the cameras, genuinely feeling your heart lift. “I’m still in shock over the recent news, it’s unbelievable!”

Pauline laughed. “How so? Your writing style is beautiful, it made me cry! I think over the course of their lives, everyone goes through some kind of loss. What was the inspiration behind the book? Did you lose someone the way Brea did?” 

“No, I think my character’s suffering was an exaggeration of mine, really,” you responded. “I did lose someone, but not to death.” 

“Ooh, are you perhaps referring to Kim Junmyeon?” 

You simply grinned in response. “I didn’t even realise I was using the story as a closure to my suffering, it was just a sudden realisation once I started reading all the comments. People were telling me they’d grown to accept losses that weren’t close to death, and that despite everything I’d put my character through, her perseverance and strength inspired them.” 

“Is Brea Farren another version of you?” 

You laughed and shook your head. “No! Never, I could never survive what Brea did. She’s a strong one, for sure.” 

“Towards the end of the book, Brea reunites with a friendlier version of her best friend. Is this an indication of your reunion with your special someone?” Pauline winked at you, and you giggled. “No, there hasn’t been a reunion in my life yet, the ending was more plot beneficial.” 

“Yet? There’s no reunion yet?” 

“Wow, that’s all you could focus on?” 

“You two were the cutest couple ever! I can’t help the excitement, Y/N! A writer and a singer, it’s beautiful.”

“Thank you, Pauline.” You gave her a warm smile. “That’s really sweet of you.” 

Unbeknownst to you, Junmyeon sat in his room, watching you intently. He’d just gotten back, and he had been advised to get some rest, but the second he’d heard you’d be on T.V, all thoughts of sleep were out the window. He hadn’t seen you in a year. 

When he saw you walk out, his heart leaped. You looked stunning, your hair was longer and it was tied back. You were dressed casually, but you pulled it off so well. You wore a cute beige jumper over a black, collared shirt, paired with ripped, white jeans. He smiled at the sight of your favourite Converse, knowing you’d opt for those. 

Once he heard you go on and on about your book and the writing process, it felt like falling in love all over again. He couldn’t watch you smile and laugh and blush without grinning like a madman. He couldn’t hear you giggle without laughing at how adorable you were. He’d missed you, so damn much. Everything about you. Everything he didn’t have while he was away. 

Making up his mind, Junmyeon shut the T.V and grabbed his coat, snatching his car keys as he exited the dorms, being extremely cautious so as to avoid being caught. Once he was safe in his car, he drove to your place. When it came to you, he couldn’t wait. 



Standing in front of your apartment had never been this awkward. Junmyeon stared at your keypad, wondering if you’d changed your password. It had previously been the date of your anniversary, but he knew it would have been painful to have kept that. 

Seeing no other starting point, he punched in the numbers, smile growing heavy once the buzzer sounded, signalling a wrong input. He thought it over. What meant a lot to you? 

It couldn’t be…

He punched in the numbers and winced when the buzzer sounded again. It wasn’t your birthday either. What could you have possibly changed it to? Junmyeon took a moment to think it over, going through all the possible dates that could hold a certain amount of significance to you. 

Finally, he landed on the date your book had been published and quickly punched in the numbers, wanting to avoid being seen. When the door unlocked, he grinned and stepped inside, shutting the door behind him. 

He shivered, realising you hadn’t turned on the heat. As if he’d never left, Junmyeon made his way to the living room, spotting the heat controls immediately. He set it to the right temperature and collapsed onto your sofa, sighing as the plush material sunk with his weight, yet forming a perfect mould to his body. Nothing had changed, apart from furniture and the paint. You still had photos of your parents around the house, next to photos of you with him. 

This put him at peace, knowing you hadn’t given up. With all the crap his company had put you through, Junmyeon knew he was lucky to have fallen in love with someone so resilient. Now that he was back, and neither of you had moved on, he knew his company would have to accept it. They’d been certain one of you would give up and move on, giving them the victory. 

As he fought to stay awake, he smiled at the thought of being victorious, finally standing on top of his company, a little rebellion against everything they had said and done to him. 

Sleep came a lot easier when he was surrounded by you. 

He woke up to soft humming. 

Junmyeon rose, turning to face your smiling face as he yawned. His head had been on your lap. The two of you stared, neither making a move, just drinking in the sight of each other. You noticed the change of hair colour. He noticed your change of clothing style. 

You noticed how tired he looked. He noticed the happy gleam in your eyes, feeling his heart thud louder as he took in the soft smile you wore, breathing in your familiar scent. You had never been one for strong perfume. You preferred the mild scented ones, and he loved it on you. 

“Did you sleep well?” 

He didn’t respond. Instead, he stood up and gestured for you to do the same. Confused, you stood up and watched as his eyes scanned your body and then met yours again. “I just wanted to make sure you’re in good shape.” Your heart fluttered, and your smile widened. After a whole year of being away, he was still concerned about your well-being. You weren’t sure how you were keeping your composure. 

“You shouldn’t be telling me that, jagi,” you stepped closer to him, cupping his cheek. God, you’d missed this so much. Holding him like this. Watching as his eyes fluttered shut at your touch, hearing his breathing relax as he blew out gently. “Look at you. You look exhausted. You need more sleep.” 

His eyes were open again, and he gave you that look. The one you’d defined as a silent “I love you”, the one he often gave you before he kissed you. “I’ll sleep later, I just want to hold you for now.” 

Slowly, he leaned forward, lips inches away from yours. You shut your eyes, feeling the teasing, ticklish touch of his eyelashes as he placed his mouth atop yours. 

Instantly, you melted. 

Memories flooded your mind as Junmyeon kissed you gently, hand cupping your cheek while his free arm wound around your waist, bringing you closer to him. You were sure he could hear your heart beating frantically, but you didn’t care. You were completely lost in him, in the way he held you, in the way he kissed you, and the warmth you had been deprived of for a whole year. 

Jagi,” you frowned. “Please wear a scarf, you’re going to catch a cold if you walk out like that.” 

Junmyeon spun around and gave you a cute smile, obediently wrapping a scarf around his neck and bringing it up to his nose. You smiled in content, pushing yourself up on your toes as you kissed the tip of his nose, giggling when he quickly dodged more kisses and nuzzled your neck. 

That tickles!” 

“I know it does, it’s why I did it.” 

“Okay, that’s it. Whoever wins this round makes dinner tonight.” As if he never had plans, Junmyeon unwrapped the scarf and let it fall to the floor as he counted down, watching in amusement as you made no move to run until he finished. 

“Wrong move, Y/N.” 

You squealed as he lifted you bridal style to the sofas, placing you down gently. And yet, his fingers were merciless as he attacked your sides, watching as you squirmed and laughed hysterically, desperately trying to gain the upper hand. 

“Stop! Stop!” 

He didn’t oblige, forcing you to roll off the couch and fall to the floor. Not wasting anytime, you brought yourself to your feet and tackled Junmyeon to the sofa with all the strength you could muster, laughing at his horrified expression. You didn’t tickle him. Instead, you leaned down, slowly bringing your lips closer to his, softly whispering, “I win.” before you kissed him. 

You remembered how that felt. It felt like falling, but there was no rush. The wind seemed to carry you gently, and the euphoria was intense. It was the exact same feeling, watching Junmyeon’s flushed cheeks and slightly swollen lips as he stepped back and whispered, “I missed you. So, so much.” 

Normally, you weren’t so brave, but his year long absence had boosted your courage. 

“Really?” You shot him a cheeky smile. “Prove it.” 

He laughed. “Gladly.” 

And then his lips were on yours again. 

anonymous asked:

Hello Rosie! You seem to be quite the M*A*S*H connoisseur, so I was hoping you (and maybe a couple others) could compile a list of the best/most iconic M*A*S*H episodes. I'd like to get around to at least some of them before they take them all off Netflix. There's one in particular I haven't reached yet but I've heard it talked about, where BJ tries to live up to Trapper's pranking skills?

Oh wow, that’s quite a challenge! I don’t consider myself quite qualified to write a ‘definitive’ guide (although the very idea of a definitive guide is somewhat complex, as everybody is going to have their own preference, and episode rating is a largely subjective exercise) but I’ll do what I can and would gratefully appreciate anybody else adding their thoughts and comments.

This is a very tricky post, especially for a show such as ‘MASH’ which blends comedy and drama so effectively. The only way I have found to approach this is to think of one episode per season which stands out for comedic value and one for emotional impact. So here we go…

I’ll start with the funnies…

1.) Dear Dad, Again…

For the ‘naked Hawkeye in the mess tent’ scene. Nuff said.

2.) Five O’Clock Charlie

What isn’t to love about Five O’Clock Charlie? Except, perhaps, his astigmatism if you happen to be either his eye doctor or his superior officers in the North Korean Air Force. This episode has mindless destruction, silly costumes, and Frank gets to fire a big gun.

3.) Adam’s Ribs

One of the tried-and-tested formula of ‘the boys go above and beyond the call of insanity to get hold of a Thing’ but I think possibly the best executed and with one of the best moments (Hawkeye kicking off in the mess tent).

4.) Hawkeye

Alan Alda monologues for a little under half an hour while a confused Korean family offer feedback and wonder what on earth the weird American is talking about.

5.) Hawkeye, Get Your Gun

I don’t particular remember what this was about – I just remember this:

6.) The Smell of Music.

It’s ridiculous, it’s outrageous, and Charles has a big horn. LOL!

7.) An Eye For a Tooth

A prank-themed episode based on a real life prank pulled by David Ogden-Stiers on fellow cast mates, and Gary Burghoff’s revenge.

8.) The Yalu Brick Road

Cute little episode featuring my favourite recurring Korean guest star, Soon-Tek Oh, as ‘Ralph’. He appears in ‘The Bus’ playing a similar character, and I can only assume that ‘Ralph’ is a very reluctant draftee who seems to have hit on a foolproof plan to get out of the war, only is misfortunate enough to keep getting freed during prisoner exchanges. I think there’s room for a spin-off here…

9.) Bottoms Up

Another prank-themed episode revolving around bare bottoms.

10.) Communication Breakdown

There’s a book/newspaper shortage in camp. More pranks and nudity ensue. I’m sensing a theme here.

11.) The Joker Is Wild

Not one of my personal favourites, and an episode that divides the fandom (at least a couple of my fellow bloggers dislike this episode) but as you mentioned it – and it’s the only comedy episode that stands out in season 11 – I thought it should fit here. It’s a prank episode, but has something of a darker edge, and the tone of comedy can feel quite jarring at this end of the run. It ascribes to ‘sitcom’ rules, and as such exercises some quite destructive, violent gags and plays hyperbolic peril/fear for comedic effect under the assumption that the viewer will suspend their sympathetic streak for half an hour. Not all viewers are able to. As such, it remains quite a controversial episode and not one that everybody likes, but it’s interesting to view from a perspective of realising how much the show has changed so that something like this has the capacity to feel a little… well, off.

And now, onto the serious ones….

1.) Sometimes You Hear the Bullet

There can’t really be any doubt here, can there? I mentioned in my episode reviews that I was surprised that they started with the feels so early on, but this, like a handful of others, is probably one of the episodes that blends the comedy with the drama almost perfectly.

2.) George

In which a 1970s show handles LGBT issues more sensitively and effectively than some shows arguably do today. Again, I talk about this in depth in more than one of my reviews/meta readings.

3.) Check-Up/Abyssinia Henry

Two episodes with similar themes which manage to be completely different. What flavour would you like your angst in? Trapper or Henry? I couldn’t pick just one.

4.) The Late Captain Pierce

Iconic for Alan Alda’s performance and the scene at the end, but I particularly love the way it escalates from standard ‘army makes a boo-boo’ fodder into something really quite exceptionally emotive.

5.) Dear Sigmund

I love Sidney. I love psychology. I love psychology themed episodes even though they don’t always get it right. I particularly love this for that one particular speech. You’ll know the one I mean.

6.) Fallen Idol

Another room-splitter (mostly in terms of emotional reacting rather than rating), but I personally love the emotion of this, and the fact that it’s not necessarily over heavy issues like war or death, but over two friends having a bust up.

7.) Preventative Medicine

This was a tricky one – there are a lot of heavy-ish episodes in season seven, and it was hard to pick just one. I lingered on ‘BJ Papa-san’ for a while for its tragically affectionate portrayal of the relationships between Korean nationals and US visitors during the war, and on ‘Inga’ for Alan Alda’s Emmy-winning feminism. In the end, ‘Preventative Medicine’ is my chosen episode, despite sometimes being regarded as a significantly heavier rehashing of an earlier storyline (Hawkeye plays the same trick on Col. Flagg in an early season and doesn’t bat an eyelid, but now an unnecessary appendectomy is cause for some serious soul searching and guilt). But somehow, despite the recycling and the inconsistency, I just like it.

Incidentally, viewers may also find a similar issue if they compare ‘Officer of the Day’ with ‘Guerilla My Dreams’ but with over 250 episodes over 11 seasons, it was bound to happen occasionally.

8.) Period of Adjustment

Another one that focuses on the personal and the interpersonal rather than the big issues of war. Also, I think, the one that does the best justice to BJ’s struggle with his separation from his wife and child.

9.) Bless You, Hawkeye

Another psychology-heavy episode, this time focusing on Hawkeye’s childhood.

10.) Sons and Bowlers

Beautiful for its depiction of the blossoming friendship between Hawkeye and Charles, and their family backgrounds, particularly their relationships with their fathers. Any fanfiction involving Daniel Pierce is almost certainly written with this episode in mind.

11.) Hey, Look Me Over

It would be lazy to put the finale in here, as surely this goes without saying, and Kellye’s shining moment of glory deserves a mention. Here, Nurse Kellye gets to step out of the background and into the limelight.

And here’s a few extras, mostly for standing out in terms of style, or just being plain unusual…

O.R. (S3)

An episode set entirely in the O.R., written partially in response to the studio’s insistence that the producers include a laugh track, because it wouldn’t work without. The compromise was that the laugh track be included, but not in the O.R. scenes. As such, this episode features no laugh track.


Shot entirely in black and white, this episode is a compilation of partially unscripted ‘interviews’ with the characters, conducted by veteran War reporter, Clete Roberts.


An episode shot entirely from the perspective of a patient at the unit.


An episode shot in ‘real time’ revolving around an artery transplant.


Ever wanted to look into the inner minds of all your favourite characters? Well, now you can. Possibly the weirdest of the bunch.


An episode concerning the wandering spirit of a dead soldier whose body is brought to the unit.

And of course…..


The MASH season finale was THE MOST WATCHED television broadcast for many, many years, succeeded only by the Superbowl in 2010. Even if you only watch it once, go watch it.

anonymous asked:

Hmm. I used to really enjoy your meta but ever since your azula posts I've been increasingly disillusioned with you. You've fallen into the common pitfall of being too attached to your own theories, being super defensive of them and rudely dismissing any idea that goes against your preconcieved opinions. Which is extra dangerous when trying to analyse a villain! Frankly you're edging so close to abuse apologism that it's making me extremely uncomfortable. The theory that Azula was a toxic person

who abused everyone around her (or even that she was a sociopath! believe it or not people like that do exist!) is just as valid as your “innocent victim” interpretation. Surely you understand why putting forward subjective opinions as pure fact is problematic? Anyway this isn’t meant to be hate, just a reminder to check yourself. It’s be sad to see you go down the road other popular meta writers have, where they start respectable but end up as a joke because of their own blind obstinancy.

I hear you. I’d be lying if I didn’t have some anxiety about this analysis too. Here’s my perspective:

The only “theory” I’m pushing with Azula is that there’s more complexity to her character than we give credit for. There’s a lot of really complicated things at play that shape our understanding of Azula, namely the narrative focus on Zuko (we can call it “Katara’s lens,” but it’s actually Bryke who opted to have Zuko be the one to continually define himself in contrast to Azula) and the sexualization of her character playing into some of our more problematic societal assumptions. And this colors the way we view her.

I am by no means an Azula-stan; I find most of her actions totally abhorrent, and there’s no part of me that ever has thought of her as an “innocent victim.” I’m not even trying to redeem her–she’s quite clearly an antagonist and never asked for a redemption.

Azula is an abuser. I have never and will never argue to the contrary. But she was also the product of abuse. I don’t see how trying to gain an understanding in how her background shaped her is symptomatic of an entrenched mentality on my part. The reason I’m even doing this at all is because I’m trying to combat the preconceived and deeply ingrained concept of her being “evil” or “crazy,” when she’s a much more nuanced character than that. Seeing complexity isn’t me apologizing for her actions. Actually in some ways I feel like it’s awarding her more agency for her actions. She wasn’t just “born bad” and therefore she’s going to do shitty things.

Now, I’ll happily concede 2 things:

  1. The turtleduck bit isn’t my best point at all. My goal for writing that essay is that we make assumptions based on the lens and we’re not inclined to question those assumptions because of our sympathy for Zuko. However, there’s the whole “authorial intent” point to me made: why else would they animate ducks swimming away from her in 3x01? The reason though, I am so vociferous about the ducks is that Azula torturing small animals does connote “sociopathy” in our society. I don’t like that “reading” of her character because there are scenes that demonstrate her ability to empathize, but more importantly because it’s a conversation stopper. All I’m trying to do is get over that hump (or that entrenched understanding of he character) to see where that leads. Maybe it’s not fruitful, but so far I’m finding a lot of subtleties. 
  2. I was getting pissy yesterday for sure. Yes, Azula ended up using Zuko in Book 3. We all saw it. But to say “oh she clearly knew she’d end up needing a fall-guy” in Crossroads when the risks/rewards simply don’t add up is silly. Azula is highly intelligent and very calculating, and definitely a cynical manipulator. But she’s not prophetic, and I think in general people like to credit her as some kind of evil mastermind. From the perspective of Bryke writing Zuko’s arc, that scene in Crossroads makes sense. From the perspective of Azula’s character motives, not so much. At this point I’m content to say “she was confident she would be able to turn Zuko to her side, and for whatever reason she felt he’d be an asset to her then.” The “whatever reason” I do think is open to interpretation. And yes, clearly once Azula saw how she could use Zuko, her plans shifted.

Anyway, I truly am sorry for any discomfort my writings may have caused. It’s funny because really sticking to preconceived notions is anathema to me, and truthfully this whole exercise was about stripping them away. We just definitively learned that Kuvira was earnest in her love for Baatar, for instance, and now having that information I’m really excited to visit the narrative and see how that shifts my understanding.

I’ll admit it stings a bit to hear that I’ve been coming off as someone who blindly sticks to my own interpretation. On my own part, I’m constantly revisiting and revising my analyses, and I always get super stressed when it comes to reception. I’m also continuously questioning the merit of even writing them. Whenever I am drafting something, I bounce ideas off of a number of people as a check to myself, but perhaps this plays into confirmation bias. I don’t know. 

deeplysunkissed  asked:

Hi Val! Can I just say I LOVE your mileven fanfics, I've been reading all your prompts for a while and I'm in love, you stay so true to the characters!! If you're still doing the "Ways you said I love you" Mileven 16 please? "Over and over again, till its nothing but a senseless babble".

“Ways You Said I Love You” Prompt #16 (a.k.a the one in which El comes back) 

It happens during another lonely walk through the forest, as Mike shivers against the cold of an early November afternoon, the frost having set in early. He tucks his chin deeper into the protective folds of his scarf as the wind whips against his cheeks, a burning redness sweeping across his pale skin. The woods are quiet as he quickens his pace, eager to be out of the cold. The only sound is the soft rustling of branches overhead— squirrels scampering around in preparation for the coming winter. In his hands, Mike carries a small cardboard box packed with new mittens, a knitted pink beret, a container of his mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies, and the latest issue of X-Men—gifts for Eleven.

It happens during this solitary trip, just like every other he’s made like clockwork every Saturday since June, when he and Lucas had stumbled upon the Chief leaning over a decrepit wooden box with a container full of spaghetti and a bottle of water. Throughout the summer, he’d sit by the box, fiddling with his walkie-talkie, speaking into it and telling El about everything she was missing—about Lucas deciding he wants to play football, about Dustin having his first crush on the new girl in town, about Will and how different he’s been since coming home. Since the cold has set in, Mike’s visits are briefer but he knows he’ll keep them going for as long as he has to. He believes Hopper when he says that El is alive, that she’s been getting their gifts. Mike has no choice but to believe in that—it’s what keeps him going. But it’s starting to not be enough. He’d give anything to see her again, or just hear her whisper his name over the supercom, anything for some shred of evidence that she’s really out there.

It happens just as Mike follows the bend in the path, that exceptional box—his only connection to El—coming into sight. Only, there’s something different today.

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theamazingcat  asked:

Hey I was wonder what are your opinion's of Philippa Gregory currently. I believe you said in the past that she was the main reason you fell in love with Anne Boleyn, after reading the Other Boleyn Girl. I too had a similar experience, but since then I've done more research and found that Gregory horrible distorted Anne and Mary's lives.

I have a love/hate relationship with Philippa Gregory’s novels. 

On the one hand, I think they’re well written, and that the characters are pretty relatable. I also think they bring Tudor England to life, which is so important in historical fiction. You really get absorbed into the Tudor world, and it helps you understand the characters and their actions and decisions far better than you would otherwise. She really manages to sell the danger of Henry VIII’s court, while also showing why people still put themselves through the gamble of being near to him and seeking his favour. 

On the other hand, she’s really not historically accurate at all, and I think she performs some truly unnecessary character assassinations for the sake of drama. For example, what she did to Jane Boleyn was atrocious, considering there’s no evidence to say Jane was even remotely scheming or malicious. 

I’m fine with her books being read by people that understand they’re fictional and can take the stories and portrayals with a pinch of salt, but when people start thinking they’re fact, we run into some problems. I also hate it when Philippa is called a ‘Tudor historian’ because she uses rather too much imagination to make a juicy story, disregarding whatever she thinks isn’t important. 

(For example, Anne Boleyn was a highly religious woman utterly entranced and invested in Protestantism and Reformist literature. Both she and George (her brother) were thought of as two of the most radical courtiers of the day. But this huge facet of Anne’s identity is barely referenced, and instead Gregory decides to portray her as a rather two-dimensional ruthless, cruel, spiteful, and utterly ambitious woman who would do anything at all to advance herself. Obviously this characterisation is questionable seeing as Anne was so religious. Also her charitable work, care for Elizabeth, and innocence (which is widely agreed upon by historians) are forgotten or destroyed.)

I would actually recommend reading The Other Boleyn Girl, and The Boleyn Inheritance, but do a bit of research too, and remember that a lot of creative liberties are taken! 

And please, please, please, don’t accept her portrayal of Anne Boleyn as accurate. It’s devastating, as someone who so admires Anne Boleyn, to see that Gregory fell into the trap many many people have fallen into since Anne Boleyn’s downfall. Anne was neither perfect or evil. To try to create a caricature that feeds into the myth that all women must either be innocent and kind, or femme fatales, and are incapable of being anything in between, is both irresponsible and dangerous for her readers, especially young women. 


Miserable Lester, Part 14: How Marius Gets Kicked Out Of His Grandpa’s House


Marius doesn’t have too many feelings about this, completely understandable since he never knew his father and has been told his whole life that the man was a “bandit” who didn’t give a fuck about his only child. His main emotion, apart from a vague sadness because death is almost always a sad thing, is awkward embarrassment as he walks into the room where the corpse lies. Victor Hugo sure wants the READER to have A LOT of feelings about this situation, though, and he lays it on thick:

In this room, which was lit by a tallow candle on the mantel, there were three men, one of them standing, one on his knees, and one in his nightshirt, lying flat on the floor. The one on the floor was the colonel.

The other two were a physician and a priest who was praying.

[…] On the very evening of Marius’s arrival at Vernon, the colonel had suffered a fit of delirium; he sprang out of his bed despite the servant, crying, “My son hasn’t come! I am going out to meet him!” Then he had left his room and fallen to the floor in the hall. He had only just died.

The doctor and the curé had been called. The doctor had come too late, the curé had come too late. The son too had come too late.

By the dim candlelight, they could see on the colonel’s pale cheek a large tear, fallen from his lifeless eye. The eye was glazed, but the tear was not dry. The tear was for his son’s delay.

…You know, there are a lot of parallels between Marius and Georges’s story here, and Cosette and Fantine’s earlier in the novel. (Obvs. this is intentional, and hard to miss, but I feel like pointing it out.) In both cases, a single parent who has fallen on hard times gives over guardianship of their young child to other people, believing that it’s the best thing they can do under the circumstances. From their perspectives, they love their children more than almost anything, and their love is so strong that they’re even willing to give up contact with their son or daughter (for a while, or permanently) in order to ensure his or her future security and happiness. But each child, unbeknownst to their parent, grows up lonely, reared by people who don’t really care about them except as free labor and a means of extortion (Cosette), or as a tiny, obedient extension of their own ego (Marius). They’re deprived (I think you can fairly say that Marius is being deprived socially and emotionally, even though he’s been extremely well-cared for in a physical and material sense), abused (absolutely inarguable in Cosette’s case; Marius was raised in a pretty fucked up way by a narcissistic asshole who has frequent temper tantrums— again, I think there’s a strong argument to be made that his situation was at least an emotionally abusive one), and led to believe that their parents are good-for-nothings who have abandoned them because they don’t love them. Their estranged parents try to send them mail, but their guardians confiscate it without the knowledge of either parent or child. Meanwhile, Fantine and Georges each spend years pining and wishing for a reunion with their lost child. Eventually, both get terribly sick, and both die shortly before they would finally have had the chance to see their daughter or son one last time.

Cosette and Fantine have it a lot worse, but in both cases: MAJOR BUMMER. :(

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I've Waited

Request: (Anonymous): Hey I wanted to request a one shot from Deans point of view. Where he is in love with the reader but doesn’t want to tell her because he doesn’t think he is good enough. But he accidentally tells her and tries to cover it up. But the reader says she loves him too and just kisses and snuggles and fluff. Thanks, I love your writing, you have some talent!

This is my first request from Dean’s point of view, I hope I got it right. Enjoy! (and thank you!) *Fluff, and some thoughts of not being good enough if that is a warning. 


I knocked on Y/N’s door to wake her up, the old bunker’s wood echo’d with each knock. “Y/N? You up?” I asked.

“Come in!” I heard her voice say. I saw her bundled up in her sheets, her beautiful hair flowing around her head on the pillow. 

Chuckling I asked “Sam made us waffles, you want some?” 

She blinked her eyes and her long eyelashes hit her cheeks softly each time, “Uh, save some for me yeah?” she asked as she began rolling over to sit up. If only that side of the bed was mine…

No problem, oh and there’s no hunting today, so tonight we’re going out for drinks” I said, having any excuse to stay by her a bit longer. 

“That’d be nice” she said as she got up from her bed. Her loose gray t-shirt fell off one shoulder, and then I realized that’s all she was wearing. Trying to be a gentleman I closed my eyes with my hands when she giggled “You’ve seen me like this hundreds of times, why close your eyes now?” she said, flipping through some pants to wear. 

Because now I’ve completely fallen for you Y/N I thought as I opened my eyes. 

“Uh just, ah never mind”. Since when do girls make me so nervous? That was the worst answer ever! 

Making my way to get some waffles Sammy slumped down in the chair next to me. He looks so tired, hell didn’t do him any good up in his brain. He’d never admit how much it hurt him, but I can see the red lining his eyes, and I can hear him up at four AM, walking around the bunker because he’d had another nightmare. 

“So? Any hunts today?” he asked me as he slid my cup of coffee across the table. Grabbing it with one hand and bringing it to my mouth I said, “Nope, just some sleeping and drinks tonight”. 

Sam laughed, “any other plans?” he asked, obviously referring to the liking I have towards Y/N. 

“Look Sam,” I said putting my cup down and facing him, “she won’t feel the same way. If I risk the friendship we have now it’ll ruin everything you got that? Everything!” and I began biting into my waffle roughly. 

“You have to try Dean!” Sam exclaimed after another minute or so.

“She doesn’t like me back Sam! She is perfect in every imperfect way, and all I am is extra baggage alright? She doesn’t need that.” I said, ending the conversation by slamming my plate into the sink. 


After bottling up my emotions once more, Sam decided to read a book in the library while I needed something to get my mind off Y/N. I took up watching some Dr. Sexy, and twenty minutes in my distraction walked in. 

“Hey Dean” she half-waved in my direction, “Any waffles left for me?” she asked, raising one eyebrow. Acting casual I smirked and said “should be on the table” and pointed towards the kitchen table. She smiled and did that half-skip she does when she gets excited for something. Damnit she skips! She friggin’ skips! Who needs my problems and baggage when they’re skipping away? Why can’t I accept that I’m not good enough. 

There goes the idea of not thinking about her. Instead of sitting at the kitchen table, she plopped down on the couch next to me with her waffles. Her Y/E/C eyes were shining when she offered me a waffle, trying to shove it into my mouth.

Laughing I answered “I’m good Y/N, really. Sam already made me my four waffles and coffee. Where is your coffee by the way? Don’t eat them dry!” I said.

She shrugged her shoulders “Oh I just finished yours is that ok?” she asked. My heart rate picked up “Uh yeah! Sure” I said, turning my red cheeks away. 

“What’re you watching?” she asked, mouth full. 

“Some Dr. Sexy, guilty pleasure” I answered, as I began flipping through the channels. She put her hand on mine, but I realized not romantically, she just wanted to press my thumb down on the remote to go back a channel. 

Did she notice that I like her? Is she teasing me? Damnit she’s been hunting with us THREE YEARS and now I love her? I can’t lose her now, so I can’t tell her. But at the same time I just want to hold her in my arms while she watches her show….

We binged watched shows, laughing and making fun, other times upset over character deaths. “Oh my god!” she said, looking at her watch, “It’s already five!” she finished, getting up. 

Rubbing my eyes I said “Well when do you want to go out?”, then stopped realizing how that came out.

“What?” she said turning around, “Oh, uh how about six thirty? I’ll get ready for now” and she raised both eyebrows at me waiting for an answer. “Hello? Earth to Dean?” she said, waving a hand in front of my occupied head. 

“Oh yeah, sound good” I replied, and got up groggily towards my room. 


I made a left to go to Sammy’s room first. Swinging the door open made Sam jump up from his book. “Dean?” he asked, closing the book. 

“I just don’t know what to do anymore man! I love her I really love her!” I exclaimed, sitting down on his bed and putting my face in my hands. 

He walked over and sat on his desk chair, “you have to tell her Dean.” he said, putting on his puppy dog eyes. 

“Sammy, she deserves better. She needs someone who can give her a white picket fence and sunday barbecues!” I said, placing my hands on my knees in attempt to get up. 

“No. She can’t have those white picket fences, she’s a damn hunter Dean! That life’s long gone, and frankly you’re the best damn thing she can have.” Sam said, trying to reassure me.

I nodded my head, no clear direction, just tiredness. I got up and went into my room, thinking about the possible reactions she would have if I told her how I feel. She’s beautiful, in all aspects, why would she want to spend her life with a rough hunter? 

I began taking out dark jeans, and black shirt to wear to the bar. Once I changed I leaned against the beds headboard, and turned on some music to pass the extra forty minutes left. 

Through the sound of ‘Animal Magnetism’, I could hear a faint knock on my door. 

“Dean?” Y/N’s voice rang, and I ripped the headphones off my head. 

“Come in” I said. 

She came in wearing a tight black dress, almost reaching her knee. Her hair was down, framing her face, and her beautiful eyes were sparkling. Inhaling some air, I asked “Whats up?”, wondering why it is she came in. 

“It’s six-thirty? Are you ready?” she said. Already six-thirty? What the hell? 

“Uh yeah, hold on” I said, and reached for my gun to slip into the back of my jeans. 

She laughed “even in the bars we can’t get a break huh?” and reached out her hand. I took it, and she pulled me out of my room like a child would pull their friend from excitement. My body tingled with joy and nerves as she pulled me to the bunkers door. 

Sammy was already there, opening the door. “Let’s go” he said, as he looked at us. 


The Impala’s engine came to a quiet as we parked beside the bar. 

“Finally a night off!” Y/N said, slamming the car door shut. 

“Long overdue” Sammy agreed, walking towards the entrance. 

We ordered our drinks, but my eyes couldn’t leave Y/N the whole night, everything she did made me want to break down and kiss her. What would it feel like to have my lips on hers? Her hands running through my hair? 

I downed another beer. 

A man sat next to Y/N, big and tough, every girl there was drooling over him. I rolled my eyes and knew Y/N wouldn’t go for him. 

The bits and pieces I could hear over the music weren’t what I thought I would. 

“Hey, the drinks on me” is what I read off the man’s lips. 

Y/N giggled, Damnit. 

They spoke for a long time, and once the man had to leave he slipped her his number. My heart shattered into a thousand pieces I would have to pick up off the floor later. 

“I’m going home” I said to Y/N, picking up my jacket. 

“What? We just got here! You’re hardly even buzzed!” she announced loudly into my ear. 

“Well I’m done for tonight, call me when you need a ride back.” 

“Ugh, alright I’ll got get Sam.” she said, making her way through other people, pushing them aside until she emerged back with a drunk Sam. 

“Really? Already?” I asked, looking at a drunk and happy Sammy. 

“Dean! This was the best idea EVER!” he said, stumbling so Y/N caught him. 

“Let’s get him into the car” she said, and I helped her carry him. 


We rolled by the bunker, parking the car into the garage. Y/N slumped Sammy over her arm in a tight hold, and he just laughed until I dropped him into his bed. 

“Well that was short” Y/N said, “But it was a nice break” she added. A hunter she was, but she would never deliberately hurt anyones feelings, like mine right now for instance. I know I ripped her away from the fun because of my jealously. 

“Is something wrong Dean?” she said, reading my face. She tucked a loose strand of her hair behind her ear and bit her lip, damn those lips. 

“Uh no, just…” I trailed off. 

Y/N drew closer, “You can tell me anything you know?” and sat me down on the couch.

I looked into her honest eyes and leaned back on the couch. “I’ve just haven’t been at my best lately. Emotions aren’t a hunters best friend, although we drown in them” I said, telling her what I was thinking in my head. 

“I know what you mean” she said and leaned back with me. Neither of us met each others eyes, just kept looking forward at the wall. She crossed her legs on the table, “not only do we have to deal with the angels and demons shit, but we don’t have time to ourselves. Relationships for that matter is one!” she said, whispering loudly. 

“Sometimes I wish I wasn’t a hunter at all” and I think I just told her my secret, that even Sammy doesn’t see.

“Really?” she asked, “I like hunters” I could hear her smirk.

“I like you” I said, before I could even process it. My eyes opened wide and I looked at her waiting for a reaction, I can’t cover this up. 

She turned her head towards me “I like you too Dean” was the last thing I thought she’d say. But she did - right there in front of me Y/N said she likes me too. Maybe she means like a brother, I’m not good enough for her to date. She’ll go back to that bar guy…

“Dean?” she asked after a couple seconds of silence. “I like you more than you probably like me, and I didn’t know how to tell you. But there” she said sitting up, and pulling her dresses strap back up. 

“Me too Y/N. I’ve fallen for you completely, I can’t think straight when you’re around” I began rambling in hopes of a calm. 

She cut me off with a kiss. Her lips felt like heat and sparks, moving in rhythm with mine. Nothing has ever felt this right, and I moved my hand to her neck to draw her nearer. 

She placed her forehead against mine and whispered “I’ve waited so long Dean. So long” as she stared into my eyes. 

“I’ve waited longer” was the last thing I said until our lips pressed together once more. 


The rest of the night consisted of her head curled up against my chest, and my hand playing with her hair. I could almost shout from happiness. 

I pulled her in, placing my hands completely around her, and brought the blanket up and over us.

I've been Smoaked

Felicity Smoak. Remember that name. You comic book fans may want to keep an eye out as she very well may become the Oracle (as suggested by The Flash). But that’s besides the point. This is to just give those of you who haven’t yet heard of this amazing person a glimpse as to how Felicity has stolen the hearts of thousands everywhere. I have completely fallen in love with this character. She has (at least for me) taken over Arrow. I consider her the secret hero of the show. Like Sam is to Frodo, Hermione to Harry (and no doubt countless others)- if it hadn’t been for Felicity, who knows if the Arrow would even be alive (or at the very least- in the state of mind he’s at today). So sit back, relax, grab a drink and enjoy this small introduction of everyone’s favorite IT girl

So for starters? The one thing you should know about Felicity is that this girl speaks her mind (& let’s be honest…she usually says exactly what we’re all thinking).

External image

External image

If you ask me- her unfiltered mouth is truly one of her best qualities- even if she doesn’t agree

She’s charmingly quirky

She’s absolutely adorable in any situation- even after purposely running over a human being with a van

(just FYI- they deserved it)

She’s sassy to no end



She’s a terrible liar

She is a badass hacker (obviously) 

External image

She can find your hidden skeletons

Call her what you like- she can still destroy your life with the click of a mouse

She doesn’t judge- even when others might

She won’t accept less then what she deserves

& stands by her standards

She sees right through Oliver’s facade 

Shes fearless

She doesn’t want to be locked away in a tower like some damsel in distress- wherever her team is that is where she wants to be (& where she should be)

She has pulled Oliver out from his darkness more times than anyone can count

She encourages, inspires, and pushes our hero when everyone else has seemingly given up

External image

She isn’t intimated by him. She’ll call him out on his shit- especially when Dig doesn’t

External image

She sees the good in people when others do not

She understands the toll this life takes and doesn’t want anyone else to be destined for the same fate

She’s a part of a team and understands what that means- even when some members (*cough* Oliver *cough*) want to handle their problems alone

She is also completely in love with that stubborn martyr 

External image

Despite this, she respects herself enough to not be dragged along-

She won’t put her life on hold for someone who may never be ready (although Olicitiers everywhere have their fingers & toes crossed that they will eventually be endgame)((cause let’s be honest- she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to him & there is nothing hotter then the pairing of a grim tortured avenger with a sunny IT girl))

She will not settle for the life others have accepted for themselves 

She is the heart of this team

She loves her boys

& they love her

So there you go- a reasonably short list of our Felicity (though I can guarantee her list of wonderfulness continues).

She is without a doubt a crucial member of this team and no one can say otherwise.

As her partner John Diggle once put it…

We couldn’t agree more. 


p.s. I almost forgot- she also knows how to rock a dress

External image

(yeah…that last one blew our minds too)

(I mean can she be any more gorgeous?)

So brace yourselves folks- tonight’s Arrow episode is going to be ALL about her- we’re going to learn the origin of Felicity Smoak

So I don’t know about the rest of you but…

I’m f**king EXCITED!

Love Felicity? Please feel free to add on to this list with traits that you adore about her!

yes.yes you are.


Sam’s top 7 10 anime of 2014! (2013 post here)

                  Comments in the captions :)

  • Noragami
  • Tokyo ESP
  • Barakamon
  • Haikyuu!!
  • Bakumatsu Rock
  • Kill La Kill 
  • Parasyte - The maxim 
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
  • Fate/stay night; Unlimited blade works
  • Aldnoah Zero

Runners up;
Tokyo Ghoul (its like shinji ate kaworu and became the ultimate animu weeb zombie, i went on to read a bunch of the manga but stopped because what the actual fuck kaneki-kun) 
Buddy Complex (because they were clearly banging eachother to gain superpowers in their mecha bro-bot brainlink thing ok)
Love stage (which was ok up til creepy sexual assault then no ty. gross.)
Mekakucity Actors (idk what was really going on but it was cool all the same).  
Doten Ni Warau (adorable nii-san anime with delicious protag costume designs)

AN: Yeah well, I didn’t write the dance scene in, but let’s just assume this is prior to that.

Rating: K for some kissing, Leap Year style. ;))


She can’t believe this is happening.

But it is, and his arm is wrapped around her shoulders as he sits beside her, his body angled towards hers in a way that only couples do, his smile is bright and genuine (she has to remind herself that this is acting—and a very good one at that, it seems—and ignores the fluttering of her heart when he looked down at her with that grin and his deep blue eyes), and his voice is rich and sounds mighty. He’s a different person while sitting amongst the wealthy and the powerful and she… well, she could not trust herself to answer any question with the right words so as not to blow their cover.

That, too, she thinks, as she ponders on the identities they decided to conceal themselves with. He chose to identify himself as a prince of… some place, while introducing her as his soon-to-be wife with a smirk too subtle to be noticed by anybody but her (and she promised herself he would pay for it the moment the jig is up but for now)…

“How about this fair maiden here, Duchess Emma of…” the fat man in blinding yellow and gold attire says, looking at her expectantly, snapping her out of her violent reverie. She opens her mouth to speak, but her mind is drawing a blank.

“—the South Sea, your Grace,” Killian answers for her, quick and curt as he nods toward the man with ease, as if he belongs here. She feels the gentle squeeze of his hand on her arm, comforting and reassuring. I got this. “It is a maritime kingdom far from the Enchanted Forest. We have traveled here upon the request of our very dear friend, the prince.”

“You say you are about to be married, your Majesty!” a lady to their right, high cheeks and flamboyant green dress the color of puke, says, her pitch high and her eyebrows raised. “What a lucky lady,” she adds, her tone anything but glad, her smile a sneer to Emma, and she balls her fists under the table.

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