these are some of my favorite screenshots


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These are some of my favorite comments. I always screenshot/save the comments that make me laugh.

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Best Of Antisepticeye

I was looking through some of my screenshots and I decided to make this because the screenshots I had taken and posts I had made for Anti were some of the funnest posts I think I’ve ever made about Sean. Plus Antisepticeye made Halloween and the whole month of October very fun for me in terms of making posts. You can tell that Sean had so much fun filming these moments and Robin’s editing was absolutely outstanding and amazing for these moments and videos. So I decided to make a post with my favorite screenshots I took of Antisepticeye from all the videos he was in. ^_^

“Anyone here need anything? You miss?, sir?”


Certainly not.”

Literally a parody of one my favorite screenshots from the Iron Giant. Only here Toffee is asking Star questions, some too personal. So they keep it cool. (Not for long…)