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Nonbinary characters in Steven Universe

Steven Universe has been (rightly) praised for its inclusion of nonbinary gender characters. We live in a world where media almost exclusively presents characters who are men or women (and often treats binary trans people, when they’re even included, as if they are an additional “middle” gender even if they don’t identify that way). So of course, characters who are agender or nonbinary are long overdue and worth celebrating.


Steven Universe includes two forms of nonbinary characters, and they both involve aliens. We have Gems who come from space and are largely femme-presenting nonbinary aliens (who use she/her pronouns, but that does not make them female), and we have Fusions whose gender and pronouns are shifted to neutral or undetermined when Steven is included.

While it’s still great to have such a cool science fiction show that’s got nonbinary characters, presenting their nonbinary gender as a consequence of “mixed” genders or extraterrestrial origin subtly associates nonbinary gender with being nonhuman. 

Stevonnie is referred to canonically as “they/them,” and it sets a great example, but we know they are a Fusion of Connie (she/her) and Steven (he/him). 

Smoky Quartz has been referred to as “they” in a context where it was unclear whether it was them or their components being talked about, but given the precedent, I assume Smoky is also they/them: another Fusion of a she/her and a he/him. Fusions of Gems who both use “she/her” are also referred to as she/her, so these pronouns are not reserved for Fusions.

I know several nonbinary, trans, and otherwise gender-atypical people who relate really hard to Stevonnie and/or Smoky, and are thrilled to have this kind of representation. It’s so excellent to see Stevonnie, with their femme-leaning androgyny and their clear attractiveness to guys and girls on the show, developing confidence and never dragging the audience through a Very Special Episode where they feel required to disclose and discuss their gender. They’re worried about other things, but this gender thing? It just is, and people in their life don’t make a big deal out of that part of it. But I think we need more, and I think Steven Universe is just the show to do it.

We currently DO NOT HAVE any known nonbinary characters in the show who are not either aliens or Fusions. If we continue to represent nonbinary characters as having a nonbinary gender only because they’re a mixture of male and female or influenced by nonhuman gender concepts, we’re presenting it as a concept but not as one that might be applicable to someone in the non-magical, non-alien, everyday Earthly world. 

But nonbinary humans are everywhere, and I would love to see someone show up in the show with casually referenced nonbinary representation–so we know this isn’t a gender concept we can only accept in association with fantasy concepts.

What’s interesting is the Steven Universe COMICS are already doing this. First, in Issue 1 of the ongoing comic series begun in early 2017, Steven, Peridot, and Lapis find a baby bird. Steven automatically defaults to they/them pronouns for the bird, and after they argue about the bird’s name for a while, they settle on naming them Susan. 

Susan is a name pretty heavily coded as female in Western society, but they set a great example here by NOT having Steven change to she/her pronouns to refer to the bird just because they have a traditionally feminine name. There is no discussion of what pronouns to use and no justification of this. It’s just there for you to accept, casually, as it should be.

In Issue 2 of the ongoing comic series, we have Stevonnie going to prom with Kiki. There is plenty of weirdness associated with this because Kiki doesn’t know Stevonnie is a Fusion of two kids and they’re both struggling with teen awkwardness that has nothing to do with Stevonnie’s Fusion status, but what’s significant about this is Kiki’s automatic, consistent use of they/them pronouns for Stevonnie when introducing them to her friends. 

Plus, Stevonnie and Kiki use the same dressing room when trying on dresses, try on a variety of clothes (some of which are traditionally gendered either male or female), and don’t completely ignore the issue. 

Kiki asks Stevonnie if they prefer to lead or follow, and that’s a really nice acknowledgment that the expected gender roles have to be redefined for a dance couple like them. 

If you just present a nonbinary character where no one’s ever confused about how to treat them, you’re ignoring programming nearly everyone in our society has, and it’s inevitable that someone like Stevonnie would sometimes confuse people if they’re trying to squeeze them into a gender box–and unfortunately, that also sometimes means being misgendered, like when Kevin called Stevonnie “girl” during their first appearance on the show.

But then, most notably, in Issue 4 of the ongoing comic series, Peridot goes to a Renaissance Faire and watches a joust, with a visiting knight named “Sir Render.” And Sir Render, despite their traditionally masculine appearance and title of “Sir,” is consistently referred to with they/them pronouns. 

Even though they’re a pretty beefy, hefty knight, and even while they’re getting booed by audience members who want them to lose. Nonbinary people do not have to be androgynous, and they/them pronouns can apply to people who are frequently perceived as traditionally feminine or traditionally masculine. Sir Render doesn’t HAVE to “try” to look androgynous or less traditionally masculine to have their pronouns respected. And Sir Render is a background human. Not a Fusion and not an alien. This comic also includes the phrase “Lords, ladies, and gentle-enbies.” Wow.

Some people have criticized Steven Universe for featuring so many same-gender relationships between Gems without broaching that subject with humans. Gems are not women/girls, but because of their gender presentation and consistent use of she/her pronouns, they are clearly designed to at least be very relatable to female and femme audiences. Nonbinary people are certainly supposed to be able to see themselves in the Gems, but girls and women can too–it’s amorphous and up to interpretation, and couples like Ruby and Sapphire or Pearl and Rose can be very meaningful to fans who feel their relationships are more like their own relationships than most anything on television. But when it comes to humans, the explicitly romantic relationships and crushes that include them are surprisingly straight. (And this is acknowledging that human men’s crushes on Gems are not “straight” crushes, since literally any relationship that includes one of them is a queer-coded romance by human standards, but these men are likely perceiving the Gems as women and being attracted to them for the same reasons they are attracted to women.)

Jamie crushes on Garnet. Mayor Dewey crushes on Pearl. Greg crushed on Rose and fell in love with her. Sadie and Lars have, well, something. Steven and Connie are developing a close friendship that will likely one day be a straight-up romance. Lars’s parents Martha and Dante appear to be a straight couple. Connie’s parents Doug and Priyanka appear to be a straight couple. Vidalia had a child with Marty and married Yellowtail, and those appear to be straight relationships. I of course have to be cautious here and acknowledge that characters who LOOK like straight couples may not be straight, especially since bisexual and pansexual people who “settle down” in a relationship are often misinterpreted as being an orientation they don’t identify as just because of the gender of their partner. But given no evidence to the contrary, the show does appear to be showing us humans coupling up only in cross-gender partnerships.

The only exception I can think of besides non-speaking background characters is Mr. Smiley’s relationship with Mr. Frowney. It is not explicit, but subtext certainly suggests that Harold and Quentin used to be a thing. 

There is also Pearl pursuing Mystery Girl and receiving her phone number, which does suggest Mystery Girl was attracted to femme-presenting people at the very least. 

Oh, and of course we also see Peridot rooting for the Percy/Pierre ship on her favorite show, even though the canon of the show has Percy being pushed toward Paulette. And Uncle Andy made a reference to one of his relatives having a “partner,” which seems like something he wouldn’t do if it was a cross-gender relationship considering he also assumed Greg had a wife and used the word “wife.” (This was offscreen, however–not even pictured characters.) 

But overall, what we’ve seen is that we can have same-gender relationships as long as we can hide it behind aliens for plausible deniability. (Though at least in the United States, I think reports of Cartoon Network actively attempting to stop “gay relationships” from getting on TV is highly exaggerated.) It would be fantastic to get some explicit representation of humans having these relationships too. But at least there are some hints and some subtext, while we really don’t have much of anything for human nonbinary characters.

Like most other situations in the show, I think the usually sensitive writing and nuanced understanding of these important issues would be in reach for the Crew on this topic. I really hope we will see nonbinary characters on this show in the future when there is no “alien” or “Fusion” explanation. Plenty of nonbinary humans exist in the real world, and this show would be a perfect place to start reflecting that.

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Fanmail anon here! Please please turn it into a ficlet, I am BEGGING you! :D

HOLY SHIT I JUST SEE THIS FUCK I’M SORRY I SHOULD HAVE WRITTEN THIS AGES AGO. Sorry it’s short i don’t have much time lately but I hope you like it 

This is the prompt. 


It was not unusual for Tony to receive fanmail - or hate mail, for that matter. Truth be told, the hate mail had been more usual before he had donned the iron man suit, before he had stopped the weapons production, before he had stopped Stane and his greed. 

Of course, he had done it far too late, after far too many lives had been lost. But he couldn’t change the past; he could only try to make the future better. 

And god, did he try. He poured his mind, blood and tears into far too many projects and expos, all aiming to make the future better. Because that’s what he was good at. He was good at fixing things. He knew broken; broken was his state of being, and so he knew how to patch things up better than anything else. And the world… the world needed to be fixed, one day at a time. 

And so he worked. He worked and he created and he donned the armor but it was never quite enough. It never felt like quite enough. But the letters helped. 

Well, no, not all letters helped, the letters that came from kids - those pure, naive, good hearted, kids that made his heart skip a beat - made his day a little brighter. Most of them were silly letters, all addressed to “Mr. Iron man” asking him to do some fantastical thing that no human being could actually accomplish. 

But there were a few, particularly those signed by a kid named ‘pEter’ (his grammar wasn’t the greatest, but hey, Tony wasn’t judging), that made something inside Tony come to life. The boy talked to him about responsibility, and what being a superhero really meant. He talked about science and music. He talked about nature and monsters and metals, and Tony… Tony loved it. 

The boy wrote to him constantly, at the very least once every few months, and Tony read each one, treasuring them all equally. Jarvis had gone so far as to  pick out the kid’s cards to make a digital copy, just to make sure Tony never lost them.

They both loved the kid; Jarvis because the kid made Tony smile, and Tony because there was a kid somewhere in New York whose dreams were made of stardust and love and Tony just wanted to build an iron fort and live in them because there he found no pain, no emptiness, no shame. 

And, while Tony had still not dared to find the child - too afraid to not live up to his expectations - his mind often went to him, wondering if the faceless boy was alright. He wondered if his parents had been the ones to teach him so much about science. He wondered too if the kid had problems at school like Tony himself had because he had been too smart for his own good. But above all, Tony wondered if the kid knew just how much his letters, filled with words too big for most children to understand, meant to a man this boy had never actually met and would probably, hopefully, never meet. 


“Mr. Stark you really need to clean this place,” Peter commented as he looked around the desk for a wrench - because of course Tony Stark only had one wrench available when he most needed it - underneath a huge pile of papers. 

“Kid, don’t make me get up and find it because if I do find it, I’m not letting Dum-e make you shakes for the rest of the week,” Tony vaguely threatened from where he stood hunched over the armor. 

Peter muttered under his breath but didn’t comment, instead picking up a pile of papers. He moved them gently to the side, the red ink on the blue paper on top catching his eye. 

“oh my god,” He breathed out, unaware that he had said it out loud. 

Tony stood upright then immediately, turning to face Peter. “What happened, are you alright? Did you hurt yourself?” The man asked immediately, unable to keep his worry off of his voice. 

“You kept them,” Peter said, half in awe, as he raised the blue paper with big red splotches all over. “You… You kept the letters I sent you.” 

Tony froze, feeling the world screech into a halt as his focus narrowed down to the innocent piece of paper on Peter’s hands. 

That was one of the letters. 

That was one of the last letters the kid has sent him, almost three years ago. 

That was one of the kid’s letters.

“Mr. Stark?” Peter asked after a few minutes, shuffling uncomfortably as the man in front of him continued to stand preternaturally still, his eyes fixed on Peter. 

“It was you?” Tony asked after a few seconds, his voice rough with emotion. “All those letters… you… you wrote me those letters?” 

Peter flushed, smiling shyly at his mentor. “I… yeah… I mean, I told you, you were my hero when I was growing up.” 

Tony wasn’t sure whether to feel elater or doomed. “They were good… your letters,” Tony said after a few more minutes of that oppressively awkward silence. “They always made me smile.” 

Peter beamed at that, not sure exactly what it was that Tony wasn’t telling him,  and it was clear by the fond yet horrified look on the man’s face that there was a lot he wasn’t telling him, but not caring in the slightest. 

Because Tony had kept them, which meant Tony had cared. 

Even then, when Peter had been nothing more than an eight year old boy, Tony had cared. And that, that was enough to make Peter happier than any teenager had the right to be. 

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Is there statistical proof that players react better to characters that are like them? Sure, the role of the "self-insert" character is important in a story, but though many readers look through the Frodo's eyes while reading, he scores pretty low in many voting lists. Meanwhile, Gandalf, Aragorn and Legolas, characters that the readers/viewers look up to, occupy the top spots. So what's with the fixation of making sure everyone gets a character identical to them, down to the hair color?

Let’s explore this idea. Below are the top 25 grossing movie franchises:

1) Marvel Cinematic Universe - Mostly humans (albeit many with superhuman abilities). Has gods, but they look human.

2) Star Wars - Has lots of aliens and droids. Main characters mostly human though.

3) James Bond - All humans.

4) Harry Potter - Moat characters are technically wizards but essentially humans. Has some fantastical creatures.

5) Fast and the Furious - All the main characters are human. One could argue cars are kind of characters.

6) Transformers - Here the cars are literally characters. First on the list to have main characters not be human although every movie has had its POV protagonist be human.

7) Despicable Me - Main characters are human. Minions do get a lot of screen time though.

8) X-Men - The heroes are technically mutants but essentially human in appearance and demeanor.

9) Jurassic Park - The main characters are always human, but obviously the dinosaurs are the Draw of the franchise.

10) Pirates of the Caribbean - Primarily Pirates but other than a few dead ones, mostly human.

11) Mission Impossible - All humans.

12) Spider-man - Protagonist and antagonists are superhuman but human nonetheless.

13) Toy Story - This is the second franchise where they main characters aren’t human but toys. The main characters are facsimiles of humans.

14) Ice Age - Not only are the main characters animals, but humans have had very little screen time in this franchise.

15) Indiana Jones - All human.

16) DC Cinematic Universe - Superhumans, some of which are human, some of which while technically not human pass easily for human.

17) Kung Fu Panda - This is another IP filled with animals. Unlike Ice Age, these animals primarily act like humans, walking on two legs, using martial arts, etc.

18) Terminator - Main characters are humans but robots get a lot of screen time.

19) Star Trek - Mostly humans with a few aliens that look a lot like humans with a little face make-up.

20) Planet of the Apes - Another IP where the main characters are not humans but apes. Like Transformers, movies also have a human POV protagonist.

21) Alien - The bad guys are not human but mostly everyone else is including all the main characters.

22) Jason Bourne - All humans.

23) Men In Black - Main characters are mostly human, but lots of aliens.

24) Rocky - All humans.

25) Die Hard - All humans.

So, of the top twenty-five grossing movie franchises, only five can be argued as not primarily being about humans, three of which are animated. Both of the non-animated ones always have its protagonist be human. Of the animated ones, only Ice Age don’t have the characters anthropomorphized.

The fixation on humans is because that’s what works.

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The UT/UF/US skelebros' SO has an ex that is a friend of the family and shows up to every family holiday dinner. One of the SO's parents has taken to assigning the seating so the SO is next to the ex and the skelebro is on the other side of the table. Reactions?

*In this imagine, the S/O’s family (or at least one of their parents) doesn’t like the fact that they’re dating a skeleton monster–or, depending on the skele’s personality, him in general.  And it’s not particularly a secret that they like the ex better, despite the fact that things didn’t work out for a reason.


He’s openly staring, his eyesockets wide.  Everyone in your family seems to really love your ex, so he was expecting to meet someone fantastic–some attractive, well put-together human with a winning smile.

Instead, he’s seated across from Burgerpants.

He can’t believe it. His shoulder start to shake the moment Burgerpants greets you with “Hey little buddy.”  

This is too much.  All apprehension Sans held melts away, and he doesn’t even mind the seating situation any longer.  He makes cat jokes the entire time like “you’re the ex?  guess the cat’s outta the bag now” or, when Burgerpants asks how long the two of you have been dating, “you sure curiosity won’t kill ya?”

Yes, he even pulls out the “you’ve cat to be kitten me” line, which he’s been saving for an occasion as special as this one.  Your family isn’t amused by his jokes at first, but each one has you laughing, which only fuels the fire.  Sans is on a roll, but after the dinner, he teases your mercilessly for not mentioning that relationship sooner.  


He isn’t bothered in the slightest, especially given the fact that he’s starting to win your parent over.  After all, who can dislike someone as friendly as him?  He harbors no ill will toward your ex; in fact, he spends a great deal of time talking to them.  When he mentions that “WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON, HUMAN!  BOTH OF US HAVE SEEN THE BEST IN Y/N!”, not even the ex can hate him.  Papyrus doesn’t feel threatened at all.  He believes in you whole-heartedly and knows you’re all his.  He just wants everyone to get along.

Next family gathering, everyone fights over who gets to sit next to Pap–including your ex.


He’s pissed off, but trying to play nice because you want your family to see past his gruff exterior.  He tries to make conversation with your family, but he’s distracted by the sight of your ex chatting you up from across the table, and it SUCKS that the conversation always seems to turn back around to how much your ex has their life together while Red only works a few odd jobs.  He wants to boast about the gold-exchange and claim he doesn’t HAVE to work, but he’s honestly never been the type to brag over something like that.  So, instead, he plasters on a shit-eating grin and sweats out the dinner.

But all throughout, he’s accidentally kicking your ex, and at one point, he used his magic to move your ex’s glass of water toward the edge of the table, so it ended up in their lap.  From the way he guffawed with glee, you knew it was his doing.  The rest of the dinner, he’s grouchy, and when you both leave the gathering, he’s a mixture of super-clingy and irritable.


Yeah, that’s not even going to fly with Edgy.  As soon as your ex begins to sit down next to you, Papyrus grabs their upper arm and jerks them back to their feet.  He leans down, fixing them with a sharp glare that has your entire family staring.  You cringe.  "I BELIEVE YOU’RE IN MY SEAT, HUMAN!“ he claims, his tone sharp and biting.  Your ex isn’t a match for Edge, so they glance helplessly at your family member who assigned the seating, but no one wants to further kick the Papyrus-hornet’s-nest.  So, they end up taking the seat across the table, wile Edge sharply nods and sits down beside you.  

Your family still hates him, but both of you love each other, so it’s really none of their business.  Edge glares at your ex (and the family member that he discovered orchestrated their situation) the entire time, but otherwise joins in the conversation so that he can boast about his accomplishments.  They vastly overshadow your ex’s, so he leaves the gathering feeling confident and self-assured.


He’s jealous.  He wanted to sit by you!  And this is your EX?!  That rubs him the wrong way, and the fact that your family is making him sit across from you and some human you used to be with hurts his feelings.  His cheeks are puffed out in a pout, and watching the two of you together is making him wonder what happened when you were dating this human.  Did you hold hands?  Kiss?  Was there more..?  

His eyesockets start to burn.

Blueberry is determined not to cause a scene, however; he’s frankly too Magnificent for that.  All he has to do is make sure that your family sees this!  So, he spends the dinner talking–a little too loud, a little too much, his voice at a slightly-higher pitch in an effort to cover up the twinge in his ribs.  He doesn’t question your loyalty, and he’ll even be nice toward your ex, but.. when it comes to talking about accomplishments, Blueberry does use every opportunity to one-up them.  

After the dinner, he’s a little down, but he covers it up by acting energetic.  However, he refuses to let go of your hand.



Stretch straight up sits in your ex’s lap, pushes their plate across the table to the empty spot, and then puts his own plate down.  He knows what’s going on, that he’s being discriminated against just because he’s a monster, and frankly, he doesn’t give a shit what they think.  They’re just trying to rile him up, to push him out like he’s not important, and he refuses to deal with it.

"whoops.  sorry. didn’t see you in my seat, pal.”  Stretch chuckles and lifts up enough to allow you speechless ex to scramble out from beneath him.  Everyone is staring; your face is hot.  Then Stretch leans over toward you, slips an arm around your shoulders, and calmly eats like nothing happened.  He’s the master of playing it cool, and he makes casual conversation throughout the dinner that eases the tension.  You end up not even being mad because you’re glad Stretch never stands for that kind of behavior.

He keeps a sharp eyesocket on your ex throughout the dinner–as well as the family member he deems responsible–but doesn’t make any mean-spirited comments.  Instead, he acts friendly enough while maintaining some sort of PDA (his arm around your shoulders, his fingers toying with your hair) to remind all of them of just whom you’re dating.


Solitary Witch - Silver RavenWolf

Overall Score: 2.5/5

Is It Worth Buying: Not if it costs anything above $3.

Quick Overview: Has a few good moments but otherwise filled with inaccuracy, difficult to follow and requires several hundred pinches of salt if dared to be read.

I’d like to leave a note that these thoughts on Silver regard this book and this book alone. While other transgressions she has made in various other publications certainly built up a profile of her in my mind before I even read this, I try to do things with an open mind and as such I won’t be talking about anything she has said in any other book, only what I have learned from this one.

Yes. I can hear your cries of indignation already and I am thriving upon them. The infamous, the legendary, Silver RavenWolf. Mention her name to one person and they will give you a glowing story of how she helped the individual take their first steps into witchcraft. Mention her to someone else and they will tell you she is the death of the modern pagan movement. So. Who is in the right here? Is she the problematic underqueen of hell, or is she misunderstood? I suffered through almost 600 pages and a month of reading to find this very answer out for you.

You’re going to hate me for saying this, but in my mind, she is a little bit of both. I DON’T mindlessly hate her at all. This book has some points that shocked me in how fresh and unique they were. It also had countless pages of garbage. 

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Paring: Scott McCall/Reader

Tags: female reader, human reader, angst, happy ending, matchmaking, some spoilers for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, fluff, Scott-McCall centric, Reader centric.

Summary: Reader has been friends with Scott McCall for as long as she can remember. She’s also been in love with him for that long too. Now he’s single once again…

Notes: I’ve been watching Teen Wolf with my sister and tbh I’ve been in love with Scott McCall from the first episode and I finally thought, hey, I’d better write a fanfic about how much I love this adorable puppy. So here it is.

Word Count: 1,391

Posting Date:  2016-11-27

Current Date: 2017-05-31

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

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first of all im sorry for calling turgon “discount thingol”. turgon is not discount thingol any more than Pepsi is discount coke. they are the same price. furthermore turgon is cool but I still think he has a dumb name.

on An unrelated note I do think it’s fantastic that thingols human foster kid bottled some rude ass elf over the head and I’ve decided based on this that Turin owns.

ok. bye.

Doesn’t Phase Me

Paring: Vision/Reader

Tags: female reader, Vision is sweet, fluff, computers, set after Age of Ultron and Civil War, some spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, angst. 

Summary: The stray computer science prodigy of Mr. and Mrs. Richards finds her way into the Avengers, working for the team’s tech, and falls head over motherboard for Vision. Vision, however, doesn’t get why he’s accepted so quickly by her…

Word Count: 1,543

Posting Date:  2017-02-25

Current Date: 2017-06-10

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Vampire movie rec list?


  • Near Dark: Dusty blue collar midwestern outlaw vampire family of my heart. I actively try and seek out vampire media that turns away from the typical aristocratic european vampires and this kind of feels like the “American” answer to that–it’s so very American, in the best sense of use of setting and culture to shape the vampires. Also there’s a lot of unique mythology at play that I found pretty refreshing.
  • The Forsaken: More Americana vampires, but this is a more southwestern roadtrip adventure with a lot of heavy-homoeroticism between the two leads.
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night: This is… the vampire movie of my heart. I don’t know how to describe it, but I thought going in it was about a female vampire protecting women from awful men and there’s elements of that, but I think it’s ultimate thesis is more about connection and the way we all connect, and it feels very John Hughes-y in some respects, but also does something fantastic with the human/vampire romance in the end I don’t want to spoil. Just go watch.
  • Only Lovers Left Alive: I struggle with parts of this movie (mostly the Christopher Marlowe/anti-Stratfordian stuff), but I love the take on how two vampires can mantain a relationship when they live forever and the different ways of dealing with immortality and how human nature doesn’t just get eroded away, but gets more intense–its depiction of depression is really heartrending.
  • Thirst: I heard some Vengeance Trilogy fans hate this movie and THEY ARE WRONG. This is honestly one of the best vampire movies I have ever seen. The main relationship is so fascinating and complex, and just. Vampire priest, ok? Vampire priest.  
  • Interview With The Vampire: Most formative movie of my life. I think most people who are fans of vampire have seen this movie so I won’t say much about it, but I think it gets at the crux of why I love vampires.
  • Byzantium: Spiritual successor to Interview, but from the perspective of working class women. I love its complex look at the relationship between a mother and daughter that’s harsh and overprotective, but ultimately very much about love. There’s a lot of subtle interesting worldbuilding I would like to know more about, and a sweet fucked up vampire girl/fragile human boy romance, and Clara Webb is just a stunning character.
  • Let The Right One In: I don’t have words for this film, it’s so beautiful that it ends up haunting you for a very long time afterwards. Precious baby romances with tiny vicious vampires.
  • Fright Night (1985): I prefer this film to the remake if we’re talking about the depiction of vampires because here I actually hated the human protag and wanted the vampire to win, which was actually the opposite in the remake, so this is why the original makes the list. There’s a lot of interesting dynamics at play in this movie, especially when it pertains to sexuality and the homoeroticism, especially for the 80’s (like the mom makes a reference that Jerry and his human Reinfield, Billy, are probably boyfriends, while the movie removed Billy altogether and made Jerry HYPER-hetero, so).  
  • The Lost Boys: Important to me. 80’s glam vampire gang trying to recruit new pretty teenage boys to join their pretty boy gang. Another quintessential movie everyone has seen, but still needs to be here.
  • Bram Stoker’s Dracula: I just like how OTT and flashy and lush everything about this film is. It’s so overindulgent and gratuitous in a lot of ways, but I don’t think it would work any other way. Also I actually like Keanu in this, which seems to be like an unpopular opinion, idk.
  • Shadow of the Vampire: Strange metatextual what-if Nosferatu was actually a documentary of an actual vampire. You kind of just have to go with it. It’s unique, to say the least.
  • What We Do In The Shadows: JUST GO WATCH IT. Loving beautiful satire of vampires that had me laughing non-stop I cried.  
  • Dracula: Untold: I DON’T CARE I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Dracula is a cute married with Mirena and he’s a DAD. DAD!DRACULA. It’s cute, unironically adore it.
  • The Hamiltons/The Thompsons: Creepy, incestuous vampire families with interesting vampire lore trying to fit in with suburbia. These films are kind of low-budget, but for the lack of budget, there’s a lot of interesting ideas, great narratives, and good character work.
  • The Blade Series: Just go watch it. Vampire hunter who is part vampire himself trying to save the world from evil vampires, the reason the MCU even exists. Just go.
  • The Little Vampire: This is the cutest movie that ever was. Like a little boy befriends a little boy vampire and tries to help his vampire family so they can be human again. It’s great.

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Hey Newt! We know you have a big liking to Pickett (and everything else in your case) but are there any magical beasts that your not to particularly excited to go near?

Humans, probably.  There are plenty of magical humans in this world, and not nearly enough of them are particularly friendly when it comes to things they don’t recognize, or understand.  I’ve met quite a few nice ones recently, but mostly I tend to prefer the company of my beasts.  

//. LET US ALL JOIN TOGETHER TO WISH JEN A HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY * crowd goes wild and do the wave, in the far distance a man yells ‘i want to have your babieees!’ * NO BUT OMFG !! JEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! THE RAMSAY TO MY RAMSAY !! MY LOVELY BOO BOO :’) Seriously y’all gotta show some hella love to this fantastic human being, she’s such a delight to have in my life and on the dash. Her Ramsay is by FAR the best of the best. And I admire her writing every single day, and her soul as much. Thank you, Jen, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday because you deserve it !! You eat ALL THE CAKE. AND YOU HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFEEEE !!! I LOVE YOU MY BOLTON !!!!! FLAY DADDY LOVES YOU ALSO !!!!! // @boltxnbastard

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But the fantastic things with humans is their psychology. Some of us may have big disease, they will never show it. That's why I think humans are kind of weak, but their minds are stonger.

Edge Lord: I see humans have different names for that. Monsters would say that it’s the soul that keeps them going. No wonder. It’s said your human soul can persist after death. If that’s really the case, persisting during life doesn’t sound that uncommon. 



Ahoy, matey! (Haha) Welcome to chromART’s fourth consecutive “Artist of The Week Interview" . Let me tell you, it has been amazing interviewing all these wonderful artists and posting such wonderful artwork.  

Before I start with my introduction, I think I need to back track a little. To all our 14 followers, thank you so much for supporting us, and everyone else that has reblogged any of our interviews in the past. 

chromART is a New York based start up company created by 5 high school girls for a tech competition to create an Android app, and business in 2 months. 

Yes, you heard that right. 5 high school girls, all of different ethnicities, creating an app and kick starting our own business. It has been an amazing summer but the clock is ticking. We gave one week until we go to the Semi-finals, and hopefully, the Finals. If we win we get $5,000, which will be used for paying for college (most of us are seniors). 

And what is the app? chromART is a platform for aspiring artists to connect with one other, get discovered and create a community base that will expand as the years progress. Please note that we had less than a  month to get the whole app under way, and we’re still in the beta version. We also have to clean up our presentation to gt ready for the judges in September.

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on writing this much but the month is almost up and we still have ALOT to do.

Please, please get the word out there about this blog. We have links to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter up there as well.  Like, reblog, follow, promote or whatever! If you're interested in learning more or even beta testing, send me an message!

Please! Every little bit helps and we need the support. 

Now, on to our Artist Interview. 

This week’s artist is Captain Hanni, you can check out their blog in the link provided.

I encourage everyone to check them out. They are a wonderful human being with some fantastic art up.  Also, Hanni will be starting a webcomic soon with their OC’s "Belial and Reno” as well as opening up commissions in the near future. 

The interview will go live Sunday, so please be on the look out!



Whew! What an easy year that was, amiright?!

Just kidding. We literally got the shit kicked out of us for over half the year and quite honestly, I couldn’t and we couldn’t have had a better support system to get though it than this damn fandom. We lost a few along the way, we gained a few new people, who were brought in by the injustice they witnessed being committed, and when one of us fell, the others picked them up. That is what I truly, truly love about this fandom. We’re a fucking family and I don’t care how hippy that makes me to say. I have never felt such strong love and support from a group of people in my whole life than what I experienced with you guys this year. From my hiatus before the shit storm, to during and after, you guys sent me the sweetest messages, consistent support, and I promise you it did not go unnoticed. I even saved a bunch of the messages because they gave and give me strength when I was weak this summer.

Last year, I made a list of just things that I did that year and I had a separate ‘retrospective’ for Johnny’s year, but I’m going to combine them this year and highlight everything we and he have done.

  • DEPP THOUGHTS {Because I was bored and thought it would be fun to write what I thought was going through his mind during certain scenarios}
  • HOLLYWOOD VAMPIRES TOUR {Every single one of his musical wet dreams came true in Summer 2016, when he embarked on a four month world tour with the Hollywood Vampires; the band he created with his musical heroes, Joe Perry and Alice Cooper, and his childhood best friend and band mate, Bruce Witkin. I think I can safely say that every single one of us were so proud of him, and so, so happy for him.}
  • CAREER AWARDS {In early 2016, Johnny won two prestigious, career spanning awards for his brilliant contributions to the film industry. First, the Desert Palm Achievement Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival. Second, the Maltin Modern Master Award at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.}
  • #WEAREWITHYOUJOHNNYDEPP {Together, not only on Tumblr but everywhere, we used this hashtag to show Johnny our support during the toughest time he’s ever faced in the public eye. Along with this, we created a support video comprising of Tumblr bloggers and other Depp fans as well, reminding him of how much he means to so many, and how much support he has. He was sent a version of that and we were thanked for the support.} 
  • THE PRICE OF FREEDOM {I read this incredible novel, the canon origin story of Jack Sparrow, last year, and decided to make a whole lot of edits, complete with quotes, for those who haven’t had the pleasure or opportunity to read it!} 
  • FINDING THE CREATIVITY IN MADNESS: ASU TALK {Johnny graciously agreed to sit down with his friend and hero, Professor Lawrence Krauss, at Arizona State University to discuss how Creativity could be found in Madness. He opened up more than ever about his past, his mental illness, his struggle with addiction and more. He gave so much of himself to us in those two hours and is important to watch for anyone who doesn’t understand Johnny Depp. (Part 2)}
  • JOHNNY DEPP 53 {We went BIG this year for his birthday and made and delivered to him a vinyl record, comprising of covers and readings of his favourite songs and literature. We even received a thank you back from him! Thank you to everyone who participated in the polls and the ideas and for the incredible support surrounding the project, and especially to Justine, Alysha, Rowan, Annika, Lisa, Alessia, Vera, Emerson, Jordan, Sabrina, Elisa, Stefania, Oriella and Maya for all sending in tracks and participating on the vinyl, and to Gina & Stephen Deuters and Malcolm Connolly for all their help and kindness! :) ♥} 
  • SPARRABETH ARCHIVE {I decided to rip open my heart by going through every Sparrabeth fanfiction I could possibly think of, and that were submitted to me, and organized them all on one blog! (This may be particularly useful now that LIZZIE MAY BRIEFLY RETURN SHSKSHDKAHDUKK)}

Honourable Mentions:

As last year, I want to also give a huge shout out to a few amazing blogs run by some fantastic human beings. If you’re on this list, it’s because I truly love seeing you on my dash, or you’ve helped give me perspective and hope during the worst year the Depp fandom has ever seen, or you’ve helped me and supported me throughout this year; when I was at my absolute lowest, the messages I got from some of you were what kept me going. If you’re not on this list, it’s probably because I am #TheWorst. I’m excited for a much better year in 2017 with all of you, and Johnny!

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it’s been a while since a random mortal messed with her like that; messed being the lighter word to describe the situation she was STUCK in, onyx eyes wild and full of rage once she realized what has been done. it’s one thing when they tried to summon her, silly teenagers asking when they were going to die ( now, she always wanted to promise, but she knew better ), and a whole other when someone played with blood magic and decided that binding her to some human girl would be a fantastic idea. if she could have, she would have killed remy as soon as she realized what happened — to set herself free, she would have done about ANYTHING, but there were laws in such magic, laws even she couldn’t ( or didn’t dare to ) break. 

so here satana was, after following her for.. a while now, with clock striking midnight and darkness all around, sulking in remy’s kitchen. she had made coffee for herself, although she strongly preferred tea, the dark liquid boiling as she held the mug between her heated palms. she was silent, always tried to be, hiding in the shadows as she kept trying to figure out ways to break the bond forced upon her, but this time she didn’t make a single step to make herself scarce when the woman’s figure walked out of her room, and into the kitchen. red eyes FLAMED UP in the dark, like a cat’s, just a touch scarier, and the hybrid cocked her head, parted lips, voice husky and silent, oozing with danger hey there, girly.