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So I've been very lazy with my studying toward witch craft and therefore I'm going back to the beginning~ lol. Any advice for a little witch?

Some Advice for Getting Started:

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*Start with things that interest you!* 

I know i get terribly bored very quickly (gemini curse lmao) so i find that if i dive into stuff i’m interested in learning about, that it will tend to hold my attention longer and help me get back into the swing of things! So in my example one of my first things i researched when i was starting out was about Crystals and their properties/uses in magic! From there i was able to use that as a sort of base jumping off point for my magical practice! And if you find something you were learning about doesn’t seem like it fits you/your style/ your practice then drop it and move on to the next thing! 

*Ask Questions!*

No Questions Are Stupid Questions  No Questions Are Stupid Questions  No Questions Are Stupid Questions!!!! Questions mean you care enough to try and learn more about something! I’m pretty much always here and will try my best to answer as best as i am able And if I can’t i will do my best to help direct you to someone more knowledgeable!


This one is important because most of the time i feel like i see baby/beginner witches try really REALLY hard to “reach the same level” as other witches as quickly as possible when in reality that just hurts THEIR path in the long run. Your path is your own, take it at your own pace. Enjoy the little bumps along the way and find the “Roses of your Path” (the things that make you want to stop and appreciate them: the satisfaction of calling your first Storm, the chill of the night air when you set out your first Full Moon Water, the spark when you find that one crystal.) Enjoy it. Enjoy your path, Enjoy your Craft. 

*Use the Things you Already Own!*

Another thing i see beginners getting hung up on (myself included, i was/am extremely guilty of this lol) is wanting to go out and buy a ton of supplies. try looking around your house for things that can be re purposed. Old Spaghetti Sauce Jars can be cleaned and used as spell jars, deity altars/shrines, or ingredient storage! Take pictures from old magazines and make a collage Altar on paper! Use a composition notebook as your Book Of Shadows! Your old broken glasses case can be used as a case for your portable altar! Dig around and see if there are extra candles you haven’t used in a while! Wash out and save those eggshells from your cooking to use as spell ingredients! It takes some creative thinking but you can reclaim pretty much anything for your craft!

*Look for Bargains!*
For one thing prices can be outrageous for actual craft materials: like Crystals and Gems? Truly truly truly outrageous. So keep your eyes peeled for bargains and deals! Some of the best places to look for things on the cheap would be Dollar Stores, Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Garage/Estate Sales! Most of the time in those places you can try haggling to get things at a cheaper price (or get more for less.) It really just depends on the place but you can find the most interesting assortments of things! Keep your eyes peeled in your general day to day life as well see if there are sales at your local grocery store for seed packets, seasonal items/holiday items (look for the sales afterwords to really save haha) The internet is a great place to look, i know Ebay has sellers who sell raw crystals/ crystal chunks by the pound. There’s also places to buy spices in bulk too 

*Don’t Compare Your Path to Others!*
Your Path is Your Path, Their Path is Their Path.
Being online and part of the witchy community in tumblr means that there are a lot of ideas being shared from people’s paths and their views on how they think magic should be practiced. What works for them might not work for you and vice versa. Only YOU can decide what is best for you and your path. and on that note:

*Figure Out What YOU Want Out of Your Path!*
When you get some time, sit down and write out all the things you want to get from your path and think critically about how you want magic to work in your daily life. Do you want it to be Super Formal or more casual? perhaps a mix of the two?  Test the waters! Try things once and if you don’t like it then you know and can move on to the things that work better for your lifestyle/craft/path!
Some examples from my list that i can think of right now would be:
-Better knowledge of Crystals/ Crystal remedies and their healing properties
-Daily research -aka tumblr-
-Appreciating Nature more (Whenever i go on walks with my dog i try to pick up some litter if/when i see it)
-Daily Deity appreciation  -aka deity aesthetic reblogs to @theemeraldgod & Pintrest-

Helpful Links for Beginners:
Sww Master List of Tags- Here’s my main hub of things that i tag feel free to look and see if something interests you!
Altars/ Altar set up Advice- My long winded post about what to put on your Altar.
My Beginner Tag// My Beginner 101 Tag- There are two tags because they have similar information, the 101 tag is for more ‘Hey I just started today what do I need to know’

Anyways thanks for sending this in! I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a while and this finally gave me the excuse ^^



Get to know me: 1/? anime series » Yuri!!! on Ice (2016)

There’s a place you just can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.

So I know that “Sportacus” seems to be more of a title than a real name BUT just take a moment to imagine papa elf Íþró, master of terrible puns, holding up his newborn baby and going “His name is Sportacus!!! :-}D” and the rest of the elf village is just like “are you fucking kidding me dude”


Iwa-chan and Oikawa on their way home after a super cute date-not-date type of day where they just wander around and chat shit about everyone and everything, and share an ice cream after playing a casual pick-up game of volleyball in the park.

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I'm having a terrible time with a coworker. She belittles me, bosses me around for fun, calls me names behind my back, and tries to make me do her job for her because she is lazy. If I refuse or tell her I have other things to do, she says I need to remember my place and obey her. I've arranged to talk to my GM on Monday but I'm so anxious that there isn't any way to fix this. I'm so angry all the time I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack. But I can't find a job that will match my pay.

Do not back down! She is creating a hostile environment so you have very legitimate concerns! Stand your ground. If they don’t do anything then you need to let her know that you’re done taking shit from her. Always tell her no and NEVER give in to her abuse. Hell, straight up tell her you’re done letting her push you around and if she doesn’t like it then tough tits. Good luck, hun. I’m rooting for you. Just remember we’re all sending our good vibes your way! -Abby

When u realise maladaptive daydreaming is the reason why you never want to go out and do anything or have any motivation and that your entire life has literally just been a fog of daydreams and fantasies because real life is bland and terrible and I’d much rather sit here and daydream about my lovely characters for several hours than, idk, put up the bedsheets that have been laying on my floor for a week



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I get you with explaining mental health to my parents because I'm pretty sure I have depression and I know I have an anxiety disorder but because my parents have both experienced depression but experienced it differently to how I do they just dismiss me and tell me that I'm just lazy

Damn, that is actually terrible. My parents are a bit ignorant when it comes to my anxiety and I haven’t talked to them at all about me possibly having depression, so I haven’t had to face anything like that before. I’m really sorry you have, I’m totally here if you need someone to talk to or help you remember that you’re not lazy and your concerns are legitimate. <3

Voltron is getting a live action movie and this could either go really well or it could be atla. For the love of God.. Please.. Let the characters be diverse. Like the only white people are Pidge, her fam, and Coran. So please let for example, Lance who is canonically Cuban, BE CUBAN. I just ask that you keep the characters as they are. There are so many rising young actors who would be perfect for the roles and trust me, they’re out there so please, don’t be lazy and go look for them. They deserve the chance to play these fantastic characters.

Holy frick it feels like everyone’s just taken to walking all over my face like I’m gonna have to start being a lot more aggressive. I literally HAD to miss a single lab yesterday cause I was having uncontrollable seizures, right? I have accommodations through the university, which means I can miss classes and have extensions on work. I emailed the TA, reminded her about my accommodations, explicitly told her I was having seizures and couldn’t come to class all day. She complained to the class about my absence, which idc but that’s SO inappropriate and unprofessional…and she set up 2 online quizzes, and the answers were literally handed out in class.
Lol also she ignored my email, like I was super polite and asked how to make up class, and she didn’t respond. I’m super glad my classmates have my back and gave me all the work I missed like FRICK holy shit she is a bitch…I’m not sure if I should bother talking to her in person first or if I should just send off an email to the accessibility resource center immediately cause like…wtf the fuck


prompt: “Dan plans a huge surprise birthday party for Phil but one day Phil starts ranting about how much he HATES surprise parties and Dan kinda freaks out”

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genre: fluff

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