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  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: In first GotG movie Rocket lost his only friend at that time, the one who knows how long was by his side ad he didn't even say a proper 'goodbye' to him. And acording to James' words Groot doesn't even have his memories back after regrowing and he's basically a completely new person and Rocket will never get his best friend back-- and in second movie Rocket losts Yondu who was the only person who fully undertood him, they didn't have much time to became close friends but Rocket still lost someone really important to him, who put him into so much suffering in the movies, I think about this everyday I dont understand I dont undestand I don
  • Psychic: ...same

Oh, shameless, shameless girl. You are so bad, making him crave you with such a heinous intensity.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Domestic!Au / Smut / Fluff (I guess?) / Drabble 

Rated M for mentions of mature themes

Word count: 815

Author’s note: when life’s a mess and I can’t write shit, smutty drabbles for the maknae are the only way to make my mood a bit better. Enjoy, I love you all <3


“On your stomach, love,” is quietly whispered, words dripping with need from Jeon’s lips despite the faint, timid blush still warming his cheeks. At that, a curled smile blooms on your face – oh, the way his skin grows hotter, redder under your glance so wonderfully makes your fingers twitch with anticipation; and thus you can only oblige, leaving a small peck under his jaw before turning on your stomach over the mattress. You fold your arms under the pillow, resting your tilted head above it, and just for a moment you watch him watching you with hazed eyes, bitten lips, messy hair. Cheeks flushed, but skin aching for more of his love – of his sin, of his lust.

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Rejseholdet | Allan Fischer | Assistancemelding A-31/00 del 1


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look at these EMO sebastian portraits i made so i could mod stardew valley!!!

then i realized the portraits are supposed to be 64x64 and not 128x128 so i pretty much did these for nothing… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *lies on the carpet*

thinking of doing 64x64 versions now bc i have no luck in modding the game to accept higher resolution portraits. (simply sizing down makes it look Real Shitty so I might as well rehaul them completely….sigh)

Altea: The Lost Empire Chapter 1

Here we go! @show-your-fandom-side

 @futureblackpaladin (can you find the little easter egg i put in for you?)

*This diverges from the movie a little bit, okay? Keith makes it to the meeting, so this happens instead of what happens in the movie. Enjoy! *

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Buying Lube

‘Hey, eyebrows, do me a favour and go buy as much lube as you can.’

Erwin almost spat out his drink when he read that text from his friend. He immediately called him.

“Levi, that is an extremely questionable request,” he said calmly, sorting out some papers in front of him. Because he had had more outrageous requests from his short friend before.

Levi snorted. “It’s not for what you think. Eren’s been a little shit lately so I’m going to pour a bucket or two of lube on him and lube up the floor in random places in the apartment.”

“Right, why are you doing that?”

“So he knows what it’s like dating a little shitty brat.”

Erwin sighed, “Yeah, sure, I’ll drop by the convenience store on my way over now. I just finished up the report.”

“Good. And email that report to me, Marco’s been on my ass about the finances of that mining deal.”

“Sure thing, Levi.” Erwin said as he quickly did just that. “I’ll see you soon.”

Erwin ended the call and sighed, standing up from his desk chair for the first time in seven hours.

Levi and Eren had a strange relationship where Levi hated the kid but he would never dream of living his life without him. Erwin would admit that he was a little jealous of his friend. He has only ever fallen in love once and she ended up divorcing him for another man, so he decided to dedicate all his time to his work.

But he still wanted what Levi has with Eren.

The walk to the store was a quick one, barely three minutes. He walked through the sliding door, the door dinging to alert the staff to the arrival of a customer. The store was completely empty, bar one cashier standing at the check out. He was a kid, maybe eighteen at the very most, and practically half the size of Erwin. He had chin length blond hair and blue eyes looked up from a book as Erwin entered.

He was greeted with a sweet smile from the younger boy. Erwin politely nodded at the-admittedly-pretty boy, before grabbed a basket if he was going to get as much lube as Levi would deem acceptable. He strolled to the correct aisle, as he felt the young boy’s gaze never leave him. In fact, his gaze only left him when Erwin started knocking all the bottles of lube off the shelf into the basket. He figured Levi wanted as much as possible so he took every brand, every size, and every type of lube off the shelf and into the basket. Once he was done, it was at the brim of the basket and it was slightly heavy.

Erwin only really realised what this looked like when the boy-whose name tag said was Armin-started ringing up all the lube with the most confused and judgmental look on his face.

Erwin was more than twice this kid’s age, so he felt no need to justify himself but he thought the kid needed an explanation otherwise he’d keep wondering why.

Erwin sighed, running a hand through his hair, “I feel you silently judging me as you ring up my… purchases. I swear I’m not using these for their intended purpose.”

His face turned bright red and he squeaked a little in surprise. He looked at his feet and stopped scanning the lube for a few seconds before he looked up at Erwin, with an embarrassed yet determined look on his face. “W-w-well, that’s too b-bad…”

Erwin raised his eyebrow. “Oh?”

Armin then realised he had said that out loud and began powering through the scanning, “That’ll be 256 dollars and 78 cents!” Armin said loudly, attempting to cover up his red face.

Erwin gave him the cash as he kept watching the young blond as he scrambled for change before shoving the bags and money into the older man’s hands.

“Thank you for coming!” he squeaked, as he kept his head looking down.

Erwin stared at him for a good ten seconds before sighing. “Too bad. It almost sounded like you were volunteering to help me get rid of it.”

He smiled as he walked away from Armin who squeaked louder and went so red in the face that Erwin thought he might explode. What Armin was yet to discover was the business card left on the checkout counter with Erwin’s mobile number scrawled across the back.

finally after weeks of chasing and facing rejections, chuuya accepted dazai’s offer to get coffee. 

 'it’s just coffee,’ chuuya thought. ‘not much harm can come from that.’

 in all honestly, chuuya missed dazai’s company, and turning down the other’s offers pained him as much as it did dazai judging by the brunet’s crest fallen face each time chuuya said no. 

 the two approached one of yokohama’s famed cafes on a bright saturday morning when dazai rushed towards the entrance ahead of chuuya and lavishly opened the door. 

“after you~” dazai exclaimed while gesturing to enter with his free arm.

 the look chuuya shot him caused the brunet to burst out in laughter.

 "dont give me such a sour look chuuya. has nobody ever opened-“ 

 dazai didnt get to finish his sentence as chuuya ignored him and entered the cafe first. 

 "chuuya! chuuya wait!” dazai rushed towards the executive side and poked the other’s cheek. “chuuya you’re so meannn~~~”

 chuuya let out a sigh. “whatever shitty dazai. stop poking me. what are you, twelve?”

 dazai’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “why chuuya on a scale of ten i am indeed a twelve. i’m glad you agree with me.”

 the redhead gave dazai another exasperated look before stepping forth to order something to drink. chuuya didn’t particularly enjoy coffee, but the fragnant smell of freshly ground coffee beans filled his nose so he decided to settle for an iced americano.

 after placing his order, chuuya sat down at one of the empty tables by the window and watched dazai order his drink. the morning sunlight lit the other’s hair a gold-brown, and chuuya felt something tug at his heart. the two of them had often spend their saturdays together during their childhood, and the current turn of events brought a sense of warm familiarity to chuuya.

 it wasnt till dazai returned with both of their drinks that chuuya snapped out of thoughts.

 "chuuya what’s occupying your mind~ wanna share with me?“

 "tch, thats none of your business dazai,” chuuya started turning his face towards the other when his sapphire eyes fell upon dazai’s drink.

 "you’re kidding me right,“ were the only words that escaped chuuya’s lips as he looked upon dazai’s choice in horror.

 the cup was heavily covered in whipped cream to the point chuuya wasn’t even sure if there was any coffee under it at all.

 the detective met chuuya’s eyes with a questioning look. "whats wrong with my latte?”

 chuuya nearly spit his coffee out. he always knew dazai was fond of sweet things, but adding what appeared to be half a can of whipped cream to a latte was nearly enough to make him want to walk out the door. he could already feel the headache forming in the back of his head and was starting to regret agreeing to spend the day with the other.

 "i guess there’s nothing wrong with it,“ chuuya huffed.

 dazai’s laughter filled the space between them. "chuuya i never knew you were a coffee elitist. i didnt even think you drank coffee.”

 a light pink dusted the executive’s cheeks. “i never said that dazai.”

 hazelnut eyes only twinkled in response. 

 "whatever you say chibi~“

 after that one coffee date, chuuya found himself spending more and more time with the bandaged detective. through their constant interactions, chuuya could see just how much the being in the agency had changed his former partner. dazai appeared to be more full of life despite his attempts at suicide every now and then, the cold, dead look in his hazelnut eyes no longer present like they were when he was a member of the port mafia.

 chuuya was relieved dazai had managed to find some light in his life, and he was willing to keep his own feelings and dazai’s past memories involving him in the dark if it meant dazai would continue to be happy. 

 a sudden knocking on his door jolted the executive out of his thoughts. chuuya glanced at the clock before getting up from his coach. it was a little bit past nine, and he wasn’t expecting anyone to show up. chuuya wondered if the boss required him for a sudden mission, but mori had always simply called him in instead of sending someone over.

 "coming!” chuuya yelled over his shoulder as placed down his glass of wine before coming to open the door expecting to see someone from the mafia but was instead met face to face with dazai.

 "chuuya! what took you so long.“

 chuuya felt his mouth slightly drop open. 

 "dazai what the hell are you doing here. how did you even find my address.”

 the brunet brought a finger to his chin while his eyes started at the ceiling appearing to be deep in thought.

 "hmmmm actually i have no idea. my feet just kinda let me here. funny huh?“ dazai shrugged at his comment before letting himself into chuuya’s apartment.

 the redhead growled. "who said you could come in shitty dazai.”

 "aww chuuya don’t be like that. besides i didn’t come to stay here.“


 dazai linked his arm to chuuya’s, dragging him out the door.

 "did you know they’re having the summer festival today? let’s go watch the fireworks together!” dazai proclaimed without not giving the executive a chance to protest. 

 the bustling of the city greeted chuuya’s ears as dazai dragged him towards the heart of the summer festival. children ran around in yukatas, exploring the different game and food stands while their parents walked behind them at a lazy pace. the summer festival wasn’t particularly an event chuuya attended, his position in the mafia required him to travel often, and he was almost always abroad during the summer.

 the constant tugging on his right arm reminded the redhead that dazai still had his arm intertwined with his, but for some reason, chuuya didnt particularly mind and continued to let the excited brunet pull him towards what dazai called the ideal spot for watching fireworks.

 chuuya found himself leaning against the railing of a bridge, far away from the heart of the festival. 

 "dazai are you sure this is the best place for this.“ 

 dazai tucked a stray strand of hair behind his h ear as the wind tousled his wavy brown locks.

 "trust me chuuya. it’ll definitely be worth it.”

 chuuya simply sighed and contemplated lighting a cigarette when a flash of bright light caught his eye. a firework burst in the night sky, lighting the darkness with shades of blue and gold. chuuya watched in wonder. in all his years in japan, he had only really witnessed a fireworks show once or twice, and the sight of the different shades mingling with the stars was breathtaking.

 dazai leaned against the rail next to chuuya. 

 "enjoying yourself?“

 chuuya smiled in response. "yah definitely.”

 the brunte turned his face towards the other. “hope this takes some of the burden placed on you due to work off.”

 pale blue eyes widened in surprise. “how’d you know i was stressed dazai.”

 dazai chuckled. “of course i’d noticed when the person i love is stressed.”

“what did you just say?" 

"i said i love you chuuya.”


the end of a life. nothing special. yet your blazing look is still
seared into the ventricles of my heart and into the
deepest corners of my mind?
you went out grasping at my fingers, kicking and screaming,
death the first, oh the way the terror ripped through
your lungs and spilled off your tongue nobody could have
guessed you a preacher’s son

we walked a thin line, you and I, as smokescreen,
black on black on black, always together, always hurting.
grins with sharp, pointed teeth and happiness
scraping its way out of our mouths and trailing blood down
each other’s backs like we never learned how else to show affection,
death the fifth came without end and without pause.
it came over caps popping, clacking on hot pavement with your
wild laughter and an insatiable delight for the firefight like
fireworks you once said you never saw before,

by then we knew the role to play.
Gunshot! exit, stage left, like a rehearsal, ad infinitum,
never anything but a rehearsal for the missing final call.
rehearsal meant you were invincible. rehearsal meant
Gunshot! and being able to still say words like
“hope you have a good death,” like
“see you at dinner tomorrow night,” like 
“come back to me,” like
“I love you,

who were you by then? were you still mine? still you?
by death the hundredth we’d long since stopped counting.
your lungs were more parts sea salt crystals than oxygen
from all the drowning you had done and my eyes bloodshot from
staring down a scope, from watching your unyielding back
littered with bullets and blood and scratches that all still say
more than we will ever to each other

then you turned to me saying “look, I love you,
I love you, I love you goddamn it, but here, but listen,
we are destined for collapse, you and I, we’re destined for ruin
for without final act we lead up to nothing and nothing
like this rubble and smoke you still try to call a city”
and you walk away but you don’t because
it’s still you and I hurtling down the freeway tonight, isn’t it,
like death won’t catch us if we chase the sunset fast enough?

4. now, it’s still you and I. always and always.
I’m still a piece of shit, and we still love each other,
but it’s not like we need to talk about it


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“I’m sorry…”

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