these are so shitty lol

me: is dreading the possibility of Scratch bringing up the whole Lauren mess to fuck with Emily

also me: would pay actual money to see them bring up the Lauren mess again so i can see how Prentiss deals with it 


literally just a 3-page continuation of the previous 3 pages, aka, how it should have ended


Some cosplay valentines for all my sweetheart followers! 

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5/365 Days of Jung Daehyun   : I like his mouth a lot 


The cool fall air bit at his skin, still warm from the buzz of alcohol. Dex was glad to be able to use the season’s weather and the tub juice as an excuse for the pink flush he couldn’t help spreading over his skin: a flush that had absolutely nothing to do with the arm Nursey had casually flung over his shoulders. He was grateful that the walk from the Haus to their dorms was such a short one.

“Dex, you are, without a doubt, the most beautiful person I have ever met,” Nursey said, words slightly slurred. Dex barely resisted rolling his eyes despite the way his heart tripped a beat.

“Nurse, you already said that exact same thing to the girl from your Shakespeare seminar, and then recited an entire love poem to her,” Dex said. “You can’t have two most beautiful people.”

Nursey pouted, and Dex had to look away before he could get caught up in thoughts about that pout. “Yeah, but it was just a sonnet, Dexy. I didn’t mean it.”

“What, you’re gonna write me a prettier poem to prove it?” Dex asked sarcastically. Nursey shook his head.

“You’re too pretty for poetry,” He said. His tone made it sound like the most logical thing in the world. “You’ve got too many… freckles, and angles, and parts. Words can’t catch them all.”

Dex cocked an eyebrow. “I, uh, thank you?”

“Hey, I mean it; it’s hard,” Nursey said. “You just haven’t tried catching them yourself. If you tried, you would get it.”

“… I’m sure,” Dex said drily.

Nursey hummed as if he was holding back a comment of his own, a sound that vibrated in his chest and settled comfortably into the relative quiet of campus at two a.m: still and dark and drowsy. It took a moment for either of them to break the silence and speak again.

“Hey, Dex?”


“Will you sing to me now?” Nursey asked, tipping into Dex’s side, head resting on Dex’s shoulder and breath running against his neck. “Pretty please?”  

They almost tipped into the grass. Nursey and alcohol was a heady mix that Dex would have to remind himself to avoid in the future.

“No.” He gritted out, balancing both of their weights and stumbling forwards. Stupid, clumsy, attractive teammates with their stupid, expensive cologne and stupid, perfect- ugh.

“Why not?”

“Because I’m not any good at it. Trust me, you don’t want to hear me sing.”

Nursey’s brows furrowed. “But I do, Dex. I do.” He lifted his head just enough to speak into the sensitive space just beneath Dex’s ear. “And maybe, one day, you’re going to believe me.”

TianShanWeek - Day 1 - Pursuit

*during lunch time*

Zhan Zheng Xi: I wonder why the other two still haven’t shown up…

Jian Yi: Oh! I got a text from He Tian before, he said he was in hot pursuit of Mo!

Zhan Zheng Xi: … 

Zhan Zheng Xi: What the fuck is that supposed to mea-…

*Mo crashes and bolts through the courtyard*

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Zhan Zheng Xi: Where the fuck is he-…

*He Tian chases Mo with fire set to his clothes*

Zhan Zheng Xi: …

Jian Yi: …