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EXO Reaction to He Says Something in the Heat of the Moment.


For @beagle-liner


Suho rarely got angry, however if anyone could get him boiling mad, it’d be you. When you two fought it was always over something stupid. For instance in this particular fight it was over who had left the dirty dishes in the living room. You blamed Suho and told him that he needed to pick up after himself and he retaliated with saying how he didn’t want to be dating his mom and for you to stop nagging him about every little thing. Everything escalated until it ended with you leaving with only the sound of the door slamming shut. Suho immediately felt bad. Why he said anything remotely mean, he didn’t know, but he made it up to you by cleaning the entire house and covering your face in kisses as he apologized.


Kai has a temper, no doubt about it, and the smallest things will piss him off. It would be over things like him being stress about not getting a certain dance move down, and then you’d just get caught in the crossfire of his rage.


You: Jongin it’s okay-


You:…okay…I’m just…gonna leave you be….


Whenever you and Kris started to fight it was bad and it was nasty. You knew Kris inside out which meant you could hurt him in the worst ways. You knew just what to say to make him realize that you were serious. Of course you never went all out when you were fighting because you didn’t like hurting him. However there one this one time when you just so frustrated and he wasn’t listening to you. You regretted saying something so horrible when you saw the pain flash over his face. You immediately apologized and explained that you were just angry. You two made up and even forgot what the original fight was about.


Luhan got jealous a little too easy. Whenever he saw you interacting with another man he felt the need to make sure he knew that you were his. You never really minded in fact you always thought it was cute and sexy, until this time. You and your brother decided to meet up and have a meal together since it had been a while. You had an amazing time, you guys about family, friends, and hilarious childhood memories. You were in a great mood and you felt as if nothing could ruin your mood. Well that was until Luhan stormed up to you and your brother demanding to know what was going, but not giving you the chance to explain, before he started to threaten your brother. You were furious, how dare he come up to you and assume that you had just cheated on you. Let’s just say after you guys talked things through once you got home, Luhan learned to trust you.


Luhan: *frozen turns around to look at you* W-what?

You: That is my brother, and we are leaving right now!


Chen didn’t get upset very easily so it must have been more than one stressful thing after another, and you’d just happened to be there when he’d lashed out. He’d never meant to make you cry but, once he did he’d alway regretted it. This time, he’d already had a bit of a stressful day but, nothing that he couldn’t power through, that was until his car wouldn’t start, and he’d had to call you to pick him up. Pulling up to the building you’d wait for him to get into the car before driving off. As soon as he’d gotten in the car, you could instantly feel the air get heavy with anger, and irritation.

Him: What the hell did you do this time? *suddenly turns to you*

You: *confused* What-

Him: You must have done something to fuck up my car, no what was it?? You were the last person to borrow it! *raises voice*

You: Jongdae don’t yell at me for your shitty day! *about to cry*

Him: *sighs* Jagi..I’m sorry…You know I don’t mean it…


Sehun and you get into tiny fights all the time, it was hard not to do. He had a sassy attitude and you had a, “no nonsense” attitude. It could  be over anything and everything. He could’ve left a sock on the floor and you nagged him because of it. However you and Sehun never really resolved your problems, you both just let it drop since you didn’t like to fight, no matter how many time you did.


Chanyeol was practicing for upcoming concert when you interrupted to talk to him about your day. He was stressed out for the concert and wasn’t himself, so when told you to leave him alone. You were shocked your normally sweet and loving boyfriend had been very cold and almost mean to you. Upon seeing your face, he knew he had crossed a line and said he was sorry.

You: Hey Chanyeol! You’ll never believe what happened today.

Chanyeol: *Stops rapping* Can you leave me alone for one goddamn minute!

You: W-what? *surprised*

Chanyeol: Jesus, I’m sorry baby. It’s just that I’m stressed and I am really worried that I don’t have leaves words down yet.


When you and Kyungsoo fought, it was nasty. It was go big or go home.You two almost never fought, but there is this one fight both of you will remember for the rest of your life. It nearly was the cause of the end of your relationship. It wasn’t over a specific thing, he didn’t see you with another man, you didn’t nag him constantly, and you didn’t lie. You were in a perfect relationship, but the distance between Kyungsoo and you had grown unbearable. You just weren’t interested in the same thing, you guys just didn’t know how to coexist anymore and it was killing your relationship. You love him, you really do, it was just how long could this go on. Fortunately the next day you had your answer when walked through the door after work. Kyungsoo has snapped, he went on rant about why bother when it already seemed like you two weren’t in a relationship anymore. That’s when you knew, he was frustrated. He had felt the same drift between you two, and felt helpless. He didn’t know how to fix, he was terrified of losing you. A relationship is when two people refuse to give up on each other, as long as they want to be together they will be. You told your belief to a defeated Kyungsoo, and it was then that you two spent the rest of the night talking about how to do this relationship justice, and how no matter what you both were going to give 100%.


Lay was leaving for another tour in another country. It seemed like you were always home waiting for him to come and when he did, he was always too tired to spend much time with you. You felt very neglected by your boyfriend.The rational part of you knew you were making a big deal of nothing and that he was just doing his job. However you were tired and sick of it, you just wanted a weekend where he was there eating dinner with you or watching a movie with you as you cuddled in bed together, but no. He was leaving again, but this time you expressed your displeasure. You ended up ignoring his call until he returned.

You: Aren’t spending a little too much touring? *whining*

Him: Well, we did much better than last time, so there are more places to visit. Why did you ask me that?

You: Do you like leaving me here on my own for weeks on ends?

Him: Of course not, I would take you if I could.

You: But you won’t

Him: *looking at phone* I’m going to be late if I don’t go now…

You: Just go.


Xiumin isn’t one to argue, he’s usually very understanding about things but, it doesn’t mean he never get’s frustrated. You’d been so busy with work, and the only week he had off, you’d spent all your time on your computer doing deliveries, and filing (you worked from your home), that’ you’d forgotten about him. Getting frustrated, he’d just mumble tiny “I hate you’s” as you walked by him as if he wasn’t there. One time you’d heard him, and whipped your head around.

You: Excuse me?

Him: I’m sorry…it’s not you…I’m just…I miss you…


I don’t think it would actually be him that says something in the heat of the moment but, instead you probably would. You’d probably had a rough day at school or work. So when you’d gotten home, and he’d bombarded you with over excitement, and you weren’t in any mood for it.

Him: Jagi! You’re home! Ah! *picks you up* *ruffles your hair*

You: Please stop….

Him: You’re so cute! Aw! I love you so much-


Him: *puts you down*…I’m sorry, Jagi…*pouts*


You’d both found it hard to do long distance, plus the fact that he was gone for so long. You couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to talk to him about it. Then you’d both been arguing about him being gone so long, and it’s gotten to the point where you’d both began to question your relationship.

You: Do you even love me!?

Him: I don’t even know anymore!

You: I’m just wasting my time with you.


anonymous asked:

I'm still not sure what your end goal is when you're talking about ClexaCon. What would make it better for you? Do you want a written apology? Do you want the entire thing shut down? I can't imagine you still want to be a panelist, but do you want that? But I also haven't seen you offer any solutions, just a constant stream of your anger and disappointment. What exactly do you want, Layne?

I’ve been sitting on this for a while, trying to think of the right way to answer it. 

Quite honestly, I’m not sure what my “end goal” is either. The problem is, I don’t think there is an “end goal.” I’m not talking about Clexa Con in an effort to bully someone into submission or to try and win some kind of war. When I talk about things, it’s to point out the problems that are there and discuss them and confront them and deal with issues within our society and within our community. Pointing out the problems in something doesn’t mean anyone who supports it is wrong. It doesn’t mean you can’t like it. In fact, I firmly believe you can like and support something while still talking about what’s wrong with it. 

At this point, I don’t know that there is anything that would “make it better.” Because anything they would give now would simply be just that, an attempt at pacifying me so I’ll stop talking. Which isn’t to say they couldn’t somehow do some genuine back pedaling and fix things, but given everything I’ve seen so far, I don’t see that being that case and I would be pretty hesitant to accept anything further as genuine and not just placating. I did want a written apology, yes. When I spoke to the Clexa Con director on the phone, she apologized to me at length, addressing that they had given into bullies and perpetuated a harmful narrative and that she would never want to do that and understood that they’d done the wrong thing. What I wanted, at the time, and what I told her I wanted, at that time, was for them to say that, out loud where people could see it, where they were facing up to those actions and concluding the narrative that had been started by their decision. Because it was and is important to me, that if we’re going to go through all of this, we handle it properly and we dismount well and we learn a thing or two, as a community. It was important to me for them to admit out front that they’d let some loud bullies back them into a corner, and that that is shitty both on their part and on the part of people that chose that as a route to take to try and have me removed. It was important to me that they admit they should not have removed me, that it’s damaging to queer voices to police what we are allowed to discuss and how we discuss it. And that they admit all of that where other people, besides me could hear it. Because having them say it only to me and not out loud felt more like they were trying to play every angle and more like they were trying to still hide from the people who caused this. It made it feel like their PR and saving face on their twitter account was more important to them than the fact that they had silenced another queer person, that they had made people attending feel uncomfortable now, that they had humiliated me and made me into a villain in their story. It made the apology I received, the “personal apology” they keep repeating that they gave me, feel fake. Because what is the good in an apology if you’re scared to give it where people hear it? It’s not admitting you did something wrong if you don’t admit it. It’s not admitting it if you post it three weeks later just to cover it up. I’m sure you all understand that. We all know what those kind of apologies look and feel like,t hey kind where they still only barely get it, where they say just what they think you want to hear. 

So now, I don’t think there is an endgame with them. They decided not to put me back on the panel, even after “admitting” that they knew what they did was wrong. So any attempt to do that now, this late in the game, feels a lot like they’d only be doing it to once again save face and cover bad press. I won’t be used for that. I won’t let this discussion and what we’re talking about be used for that. 

My own personal continuation of these conversations comes from a few things. The first is that it simply bothers me. This is my blog and that is my twitter and I talk about how I feel about things on them a lot. It’s likely I’m going to continue to talk about this because it really fucking hurt me. It really, really made me feel shitty and humiliated and sad. It still does. People who I thought I really liked, people who I thought really liked me are now saying negative stuff about me because Clexa Con wanted to make me look like a villain. People who I still have great relationships with feel alienated because of this. I won’t get to meet the people I wanted to and spend time with all of you and contribute my voice to the conversations at this con. This is a little known thing but I knew about Lexa. I knew about Lexa and Clexa and Clarke’s bisexuality long before I worked on the show. I knew about them in their conception stages, when they were only being talked about and had just begun to be put on paper. I was quietly excited all on my own. I sat on set when they filmed Survival of the Fittest and watched my friends begin to breathe a real relationship into those characters and tried as hard as I could to contain my own personal excitement, knowing how great it was and how much everyone would love it. I knew about the kiss the day it was being filmed and I watched it air live with one of my friends, knowing it was coming and still losing it like a kid on Christmas. I experienced the sadness of knowing Lexa would die. I felt it when I first found out, and then again when I saw the cards on the board, and again reading the script. I cried in the office watching the dailies. I felt it again when you all felt it, but that time, I felt that sadness for you. No one could have prepared for the impact that death had and I watched you all get your hearts broken and lose hope and nothing could be done. I sat in the fall out of that and tried to listen, tried to remind you that you were allowed to be sad and angry and hurt and devastated. You were allowed to feel hopeless and betrayed and disappointed. In my own life, I reminded people of that same thing, over and over. I told them they’d never understand how you felt, that they’d never know what something like this can mean to you. I sat in the discourse of the months that followed, negotiating the terms under which we were allowed to fight and be sad with every other faction on the internet, negotiating the validity of Clarke’s representation in the coming episodes and seasons and storylines and what that meant to each of us, differently. I thought a lot myself, privately, as a bisexual woman about what Clarke meant to me and what she would mean going forward. Clarke’s bisexuality was introduced to me through Lexa, and what is her representation now, without that? What are the rules? Are there rules? Questions I don’t have answers to yet. Questions I’m sure I’ll never have real answers to, that we’ll see create discourse in the episodes and seasons to follow, and in television to follow for many more years. Questions we could have talked about, on a panel about bisexual representation that I had been invited to speak at. This might seem like a long, emotional, waxing poetic but the truth of the matter is that as self important as it may sound, I know that I am one of you. I know that I felt those feelings, maybe differently, maybe alone, maybe in silence but I understand – and please God, don’t ever tell me that I don’t again – the impact of Clarke and Lexa, of Lexa who was a character unlike any before her and Clarke who represents of piece of me that no other leading lady on television ever has. Being a part of that convention, being a part of you, being part of the history and the community and the conversation that is this movement and this relationship meant and still means the world to me. So unfortunately, whether you like it or not, whether you believe I’m “ruining it for other people” or “being too negative” I’m going to continue to talk about it. The same way you’re all going to continue to talk about the things that you feel. The way we should continue to always talk about the problems our community faces, the problems our community continues to contribute to within ourselves, the problems we face as individuals, the validity of our sadness and our anger at any level, big or small, personal or as a whole. 

And no, my “endgame” is not to get the convention ruined or cancelled. My endgame is not to strip you of your opportunities to meet each other or to find community there or to meet your idols. I would never, ever want to take those things from you. You deserve whatever little happiness you can find in this universe that doesn’t always want you to have it. No matter how angry you are with me, no matter how much you hate reading this, no matter how much you hate me or wish I’d just stop talking for one minute for once, you will always be an important part of this community, and as such, an important part of me. I will carry you with me, I will fight for you and against you, I will continue to preach the importance of your feelings and your anger. And maybe some day, I will do the one thing that this moved me to make sure I never give up on, and I will write a story and maybe, it’ll mean something to you. Maybe it won’t. Maybe you’ll hate it. And if you do, I hope you’ll tell me. Because your voices are important and powerful and they move entire mountains and industries. 

Short term, in the small lens that is this convention, it may look like this is all aimless. Like I’m talking just to hear my own voice, like I’m still angry about something that is over and done with, like I’m beating a dead horse that can’t give me anything, anymore. That tried and failed. As many dead horses will continue to try and fail, or fail some of us but not others. You may feel like it’s a self important crusade and you may be right. I may be acting out of pride and hurt and my own emotions. I won’t deny that. And no, there may not be anything they can do now to fix that. But this isn’t just one thing. It isn’t just one tiny pebble dropped into an ocean. It’s another pebble, among many, many other pebbles, among large boulders and rocks that ripple our community time and time again and that we must talk about, and we must learn from and we must listen to each other regarding. The bottom of our floor is already laden with the boulders and pebbles of previous experiences and all we can do is continue to throw them back out. My endgame doesn’t exist because there is no end. There’s no solution. We fight for as long as we live and in the case of our fictional heroes, long after we die. We can only continue to give voice to these issues, to give voice to our own feelings and to talk about these things. 

To answer your question, what do I want? I want the people who think I’m the bad guy to consider beyond the small lens. I want us within our community to start regarding each other a little more, to start respecting one another a little more, to start being objective and empathetic so that we can understand a narrative no matter what side of it we happen to land on.  I want us to continue to be a community that doesn’t cast one another out but embraces the voices and the views and the cries of each and every member of it beside us no matter how soft or how loud, how gentle or how harsh. I want us to put our community before allies, to question people who would use us and hurt us. I want us to protect the young members of our community that will come after us, and the ones who might fall for the promises of someone who doesn’t understand again. I want us to hold each other up even if we don’t agree with what someone stands for. I want us to stand for their right to stand anyway. I want us to continue to do more than just survive and always ask for better. We deserve better.