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i want u to kno your art style is so unique and pretty and recognizable and i love it!

Thank you QwQ

thank you for the request :) 

v: He would be laying in the middle of the night with his eyes wide open thinking about you. He would be tossing back and forth trying to get your smile out of his head. After not succeeding in sleeping he’ll crawl into Jimin’s bunk and wake him up, saying something like “Jiminie… i think im in love with that cute fan i told you about today…. jiminie are you listening?!”

Jimin: he would be sitting in the van on his way back to the dorm with the guys annoying them. “Ahh hyung did you see that cute fan today! she smiled so sweetly! ahh she blushed so cutely when i touched her hand!” the guys would be really annoyed and say something like “Did you even ask for her name??” Jimin would realize his mistake and begin to scream to turn the van around.

Jin: He’d find himself spacing out a lot picturing you in his mind but would try to distract himself by cooking or playing a game on his phone but would either start to burn the food or fail at the game because getting you off his mind just isn’t going to work so he would be sighing and pouting all day without realizing it 

Suga: His dreams would start to pattern with them having you in it and every time he woke up he’d grunt in regret and irritation for not even trying to get your number but is grateful that he at least got your name and would probably low key try to search your name and to find a way to contact you

rap monster: RM would probably be in his room jamming out to love songs causing one of the members to question him about why he’s listening to this type of music all of a sudden this would go two ways “YA! Do you think im in love??? HA no, that’s so funny” total denial or “love is mysterious and can capture someone on accident.. in a heart beat.. you know?” with a huge dorky smile, causing whoever asked the question to slowly back out of the room.

Jungkook: He’d have your face stuck in his memory but would be so confused thinking “am i actually in love??? What even is love???” and go to one of his hyungs to ask what exactly love was but when they start trying to get information on who he was talking about regarding to the question he’d immediately blush at the thought of you

Jhope: would be talking to himself thinking about you saying “wahhhh she was so pretty” and nodding to himself but then begins to feel a bit sad that he didn’t get to tell you his cheesy line “I’m your hope!” then constantly complains “my heart, my heart is oh my god” because he misses you and wants to see you so bad again.

~Ellie & Kitty 

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hi, I think your posts are hilarious and I'm so happy to know a fellow exotic thats so dedicated >________<, And I was wondering if you will please do an Exo reaction of you dressed up for prom/ a dance, when you usually dress like a guy and all tomboyish, and could you pretty please also do one of exo checking you out??? Love you lots and lots and jelly tots

Thank you for the request and i’m sorry if i made yo wait :3So in this one assume they’re like your best buddies and you agreed to o together but probably that changes after they see you *suggestive wink* Here i go:

Luhan and Xiumin: they’re stunned,they’re not used to seeing you that way:

Kris: he’s speechless “Where were you hiding all this…pretty?”

Suho: “omo!!the money spent on that dress was more than worth it…’

Yixing: “Wahhhh  look so cuuuteee!!!”

Baekhyun: suggests you’re so pretty that you look like a different person by playfully pretending to have met you for the first time,introducing himself and tease-flirting you.

Chanyeol: encourages you to let him see you when you’re still shy cause you’re alll tomboyish normally 

he starts  flirting teasingly but actually means it but is afraid to tell you he likes you

Kyungsoo: you cal his name to let him now you’re done and he just…

Jongdae:he was not prepared for this,he wanted to tease you for being girly bu he ends up starring

Tao: he finds you sexy either way,that’s whyy he asked you to be his date after all

Kai: “you sexy beast…hiding all thisfrom me”

Sehun: "Gaaah!!you sure you’re the same girl i hang out with?’

Bonus exo checking you out


hope you liked it ^^