these are so pretty i wanna cry tho

Some MHA manga redraws, because I’ve been binge reading it and I really really love the style!! It’s really good. With obvious Todoroki bias coz I see those parallels my boy good job on the friend thing I’m so proud

Also Aizawa’s trolling smiles crack me up every time help

Always there for each other

She was having really hard time. She failed her driving exam for the third time, her birthday party was canceled because of the problem that happened in the restaurant, her exam results were pretty bad and the weather itself was rather depressing than relaxing. Rainy and windy, for awhile. She even fought with her best friend around some dress.

Ridiculous, she thought. But she couldn’t change anything, she was the one who was right, but her friend wasn’t gonna give in.

Her phone rang. It was B. She declined.

She loved him. So much. But right now, she was feeling really down and she preferred to just lay in her bed and cry.

She texted him tho. Shortly

“Sorry. Not in a mood right now. I don’t wanna pass the sadness on you. We’ll talk later. Love you xx”

As she dropped her phone she buried her face in the pillow and started crying.

She didn’t know what time it was. The only thing she felt was someone’s hand roaming over her, pampering her.

“B?” She shockingly yet sleepingly said, yawnin.

“Hey.” he worriedly looked at her.

“What are you doing here?” She crawled up amd sat on her bed.

He put his hand on her shoulder. “Came to see and cheer you up.”

That sentence and his smile momentary got to her. She sighed, trying to withhold her tears. “You really shouldn’t have done that. I’m okay.”

“Yeah, as if I buy it.” He came closer.

“No, please don’t.” She put a hand on his chest. As her tears again started to fall, she wanted to go to bathroom. “Excuse me.”

She tried to move away, standing up from the bed, but soon she was pulled back, crushing against his chest. He hugged her hard and kissed her head.

“Don’t withhold your emotions in front of me. Ever again.” He squeezed hard to emphasize the words. “Understood?”

He felt her nod against his chest before breaking down in sobbs. He held her tight against him.

They stood there for about five minutes, when she finally started to calm down. He coshered her back and kissed her head all the way.

She exhaled deeply and moved away from him, clearing her face with her hands.

“God, I’m so sorry, your T-shirt is ruined and…”

“Don’t even think about it.” He stopped her. He then took off his T-shirt and dried her face off with it.

“Oh, God, I look like shit” she took his T-shirt and covered her face “Don’t look at me.”

He chuckled. “Don’t be silly.” He hugged her and moved away his soaked shirt from her face.

“No, let me wash my face first.” She caught him before he leaned too close. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” He smiled, sitting down on the bed.

She couldn’t believe how caring and understanding. She was so lucky to have him.

When she came back to room opened her cupboard. “I will find the biggest thing I have here so you wouldn’t catch up a cold.”

“Just come here, I don’t need anything else.” He smiled.

“Here.” She dragged a big, old hoodie.

“No.” She smiled “Let me put it on you.”

He smiled and let her teasing touches. As his head poped out of the hoodie opening she pressed her lips against his.

He gladly accepted them, parting her lips with his tongue.

She hummed satisfied, pulling away and rolling the hoodie down his stomach.

He then pulled at her hips and sat her in his lap. He leaned back against the headboard of her bed and held her around her waist.

“Hey.” He smiled.

“Hey.” She pecked his lips shortly. “I’m sorry for everything.”

“Don’t be silly. You know I’m always here for you. As you are, for me.” He placed a palm on her cheek.

She looked at his eyes with such adoration, for a few moments.

“Pink is your color, definitely.” She commented referring to her hoodie on him.

“Yeah, goes with my eyes.” He joked, making her laugh for a few moments.

“There’s my smile.” He pinched her cheek. “Now, tell me, what is wrong?”

“Everything. Just everything.” She sighed. “You sure you wanna hear it?”

“Of course dear.” he said, kissing her nose.

She pressed her forehead against his and started talking.

markhyuck headcanonz

‘im egging your house for a dare but your parent is a cop and they’re yelling at me so i told them that you were my ex and you wronged me and now you’re coming outside and please go along with this i don’t want to go to jail’ a very specific headcannon if you want , I’m sorry - requested by an anon :’) <3

- ok so mark is a popular athlete, good student and all but his fiends r kinda… dumber jocks. so one time he is over one of his friend’s w the squad and they have a stupid contest over something like who can hold his head under water the longest

- and mark loses. and as a punishment he has to egg his friend’s neighbour’s house. he isnt looking forward to that tbh bc he isnt a bad person but… peer pressure

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Hiiiiii uh sorry but can you tell me about myster personality? I don't wanna make me character to similar to himmm. Ye I know a bunch of people probably ask this but I don't wanna be accused.....

he’s bad that’s all

jk uhh so he tends to have a sweet and chill personality normally, tho he’s not really stable so he will also switch to rudeness pretty easily
once you get to “know him” he will have the ANIME DICKHEAD personality
yknow, bitchy, costant ~, and try-hard intimidating lines, chill but violent at the same time
but then again he can snap even more and become the ULTIMATE MYSTERY which is just him being completely crazy

level 1 myster: sweet soft boy
level 2 myster: “ow, you’re going to cry now?~”
lever 3 myster: MAXIMUM EDGE 

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do u have any other hc for yuuri coming out to ppl (the minako one was rad btw)

skdj these are going to based off of my experiences with coming out btw! the numbers next to the person’s name is how old i imagine Yuuri is))

Phichit: 21-22

Phichit meets Yuuri when he’s a junior and pretty comfortable with his sexuality. It’s not necessarily a secret and if someone asks then Yuuri answers. They quickly bond and Phichit actually comes out to Yuuri a few months into their roommate agreement. It wasn’t as dramatic as Phichit letting it casually drop he was talking to a really cute guy and Yuuri asking about him. They’re bros though and lbr they would wing man for each other until they die. 

Hiroko+Toshiya: 16-17 

I feel like the entire family has like,,,,a sense because lbr look @ yuuri’s room like the kid wasn’t exactly subtle, bu they definitely wait for him to come out to them. He comes out to them both and it’s pretty formal tbh? Like they ask questions, Yuuri explains, they definitely love and accept him no matter what and they share a good hug. I feel like they’re pretty hands off about his love life though and just want him to meet someone nice and fall in love. (They love Victor tho lbr, Hiroko calls him Vicchan in the first ep she approves) 

*Mari: 12-13

The second person who finds out after Minako. She’s the one who Yuuri talks about crushes to and when he gets his heart broken she’s the one who comforts him. (In the Katsuki sibling way of “ur crying so let’s watch terrible movies and eat terrible food, I won’t tell ur coach and not rly talk about it unless u wanna”) Their relationship reminds me a lot of my own Brother Josh and I so I love these two!!
* Mari is bi btw+both the Katsuki kids totally came out to poor Minako only Mari’s was out of the blue in her mid 20s when she realized things

Yuko+Takeshi: 16-17

Honestly Yuuri was TERRIFIED of telling them. he decides to do it and is literally shaking like a leaf. He just kind of spits it out before slamming his locker shut and bolting out of the room. Yuko calls him later on and they have have a long long long talk. Mostly Yuuri venting to someone who isn’t his sister and he actually gets a little choked up on the phone. 

Victor: 23

Victor is out like,,,,when he’s 16. It actually helped Yuuri a lot because his idol is like him! His idol is the face of skating and he’s gay! And lbr he has a puppy crush from like…age 10 until right now so knowing he has a tiny itty bitty chance is good. Victor also isn’t subtle and the first month is him dropping the “Are you gay” (not so) subtle hints that we all do. Hell, he weeps when he reads Yuuri’s wikipedia and there’s NOTHING! And then right before China he just goes, “Ok. Are you gay?” And Yuuri is like “…yes?” mostly confused because dude i thought we were practicing and Victor just kind of lays on the barrier for a minute dead because it was THAT EASY. 

So I was just scrolling though the langst tag as I always do and I see first a picture saying lance misses water more and im like “okay” then I see lance crying and im like “wait”

Because like,,, they keep thesmselves hydrated and all that obviously but,,, space has never met humans before and what if, and im gonna sound really stupid but,,, what if they can’t cry??? Like, everything still works its just they can’t cry because something??? Maybe space doesn’t have water??? Idk how crying works and I probably sound like an idiot but just imagine the langst that can come from it. Like, Pidge wants to cry because she finds out her dad was killed by the galra or something but she can’t and she’s just standing there screaming and yelling but without tears so once she’s calmed down she goes to the team and asks what is going on with her and Lance goes “oh yeah, we cant cry lol”
Everybody glares at him but then he continues “yeah I figured that out like day one because I wanted to cry because I was homesick. It was pretty scary at first but it helped keep up this facade of me being perfectly fine even tho im depressed and wanna kms lmao” and everyone just stares at him in horror and he shrugs and just

“Crying is what being sad was for me. Now flirting and laughing are how I cry. It’s sonething no one will notice, but it has the same effect. I’ll be told to shut up and stop it, and that would just make me feel worse, so it happens more often, and the cycle just repeats.”

Now Allura and Coran ard crying for the team and the team is just hugging Lance and wailing without shedding a tear and he just continues to laugh.

Gazette as Monsta X

Aoi: Minhyuk

Needs to calm down. Beautiful bean. Is so loved that its beautiful. Their smile makes me cry. 

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Reita: Hyungwon

Not sure whats going on a daily biases. many memes. Just wanna sleep.

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Ruki: Kihyun

DEM VOCALS. Style. Looks cute but low key sinning daily. Will sass you at any given moment. So pretty. when they smile you been blessed.

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Uruha: Wonho

Thighs boi. An angel. Protect him. A blessing. B E A U TI F U L. A muffin that is to pure for this world. 

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Kai: Shownu

Leader. Done with everything. Just wants a nap. Give him that nap. We love him tho. SOmeone listen to him, Thicc. That smile

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So I was tagged a while ago to do the bias selfie tag so i figure since yoongi blessed us with this selfie i would finally do it (we’re matching we both have black on :’) we’re meant to be lol jk) anyways i was tagged by all these beauties: @parkjiminbiased @lukwonnie @cuteseokjin @memoiresofaneternaldreamer @itskimtaehyung and @noonajude (ALL OF YALL ARE BEAUTIFUL I CRY!!)

so imma tag: @slutlingar @overthemoonjoon @taesflower @sevenkookiejars @jungkookbunbun @jungkookpd  and anyone else who wants to do it! (bless me with your pretty faces)


I’m fucking crying, oh my lord

(I’ve been waiting for two years to have some reason to use that picture of Mephisto, like woag!)

(Why do I have so many screenshots from fan manga???)

[Not my art, but I don’t know the artists name… the fan manga is called あなたのチョコ、ちょっと頂戴。(Give Me a Piece of Your Chocolate). The art is cute and Shiro is in it so yeah, pretty good!]

ALRIGHT TLNM thoughtsssss

so the movie was actually pretty good!! All those times where Lloyd wanted to cry also made me wanna cry too tbh. THE POOR KID I JUST WANTED TO HUG HIM HDJFGK

I really REALLY liked Koko and her character- an actual mom to Lloyd unlike the other Misako cOUGH 

 The whole family thing especially between Garmadon and Lloyd is hilarious and EMOTIONAL (and yes I cried at the ending) 

Jay was so cute omg poor anxious thing but tbh I LOVE ALL OF THEM (that little jaya bit tho ahahah)

ALSO JACKIE CHAN. I was honestly expecting more scenes with Wu but hey Jackie has more lines than in all of the KFP movies so I’m happy.

basically, it’s a movie with witty conversations, funny and ridiculously corny scenes with good ol family feels and of course some teen angst lol

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i have a big problem sis, im missing my gf way too much (we live in the same country tho) our country is homophobic bc of the religion they believe in i see her twice a month or once and its not enough i wanna cry can i cry?

Omg sis I’m in exactly same situation! But isn’t those moments we see our pretty girls the best hours of our lives? And there’s so much trust in our relationships, some usual couples don’t have it. And it’s like a test for our relationship, someday we’ll be able to live with them and everything will be fine. And we can hear their voices every day on the phone. Things are not that bad as they could be, just believe in best, honey :)

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the girl i like is one of my good friends shes so pretty n has faded blue hair and an absolutely adorable smile even tho she hates it n her eyes,,, fuck dude they are so blue i wanna cry? and its so easy to talk to her bc shes great at talking to people n she has the cutest accent as well???? also she likes rap n likes algebra??? the only issue is that like........ she has a girlfriend,, i cant even justify ill feelings for her bc shes so sweet n treats her well n makes her really happy

She likes math???? She sounds like the ultimate dream girl

I mean it’s been a freakishly long time since chapter one so maybe the author changed her mind by now but do you think Jeje’s face still looks like this

under the paper bags because if it does I’m not sure why Mikuni went to such lenghts not to let it show that time against Tetsu and also I kinda wanna draw him look at him his hair makes a snake’s tongue I’m crying he’s so cute

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He basically invented every hair colour but blonde minseok is just soooooo urghhh i cant explain my potato he's such a hot blonde. Please do a spam for blonde minseok but only when you're free and up to it. No rush here ok? 😎

i don’t really want to admit it….

but he looks the best with this color

such a king

asdfghjkl so cute

suho tho omg

can you not?

holy shit minseok

so hoooooot


I’m in love bye



he’s an angel



who allowed him to be this hot?

hellooooo angeeeeeel


this. is. not. okay.

is he even real? IS HE REAL?

omfg i wanna cry


so pretty :(((((

boi you need to chill wtf

as a xiustan, I hit the lotto everyday

my dancing king



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