these are so old yo

yo like old people give our generation so much shit for being rude and disrespectful but

in my 5 years of working at a fast food restaurant

i have never once, not ONCE, been abused or spoken rudely to for any reason by a young person.

You know who yells at me when the restaurant is busy and their order takes a little longer? When there’s a mistake with their food? Asshole middle aged people.

You know who smiles and says it’s ok? Teenagers and little kids.


“This isn’t my home!”
Peter says.
Peter isn’t a schoolboy.
Peter is a deep-chested man.
Peter is a king.
“Narnia is my home.”

“This isn’t my home!”
Susan says.
Susan isn’t a damsel.
Susan is a tall woman.
Susan is a queen.
“Narnia is my home.”

“This isn’t my home!”
Edmund says.
Edmund isn’t a little boy.
Edmund is a diplomat.
Edmund is a judge.
“Narnia is my home.”

“This isn’t my home!”
Lucy says.
Lucy isn’t a “silly girl”.
Lucy is a healer.
Lucy is a warrior.
“Narnia is my home.”

“This isn’t our home!”
They say.
They aren’t children.
They are Royalty.
They are Magnificent, Gentle, Just, Valiant.
“Narnia is our home.”

me in 2016: they’re bringing back ufo kirby i’m crying

me in 2017: they’re bringing back yo-yo kirby i’m crying


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