these are so bad i honestly have no idea what's wrong with my capping

I was unsure whether to call this a follow forever or a fic rec post, since it is somewhat a combination of both? Shit, I don’t know. But I reached the 3,000 follower milestone today and honestly, I cannot thank all of my readers enough. I know I always say that I write for myself, because I do – but every single one of you helps me to push on and pursue my writing dreams with your wonderful comments, likes and reblogs. There is no feeling greater than seeing your personal opinions on my pieces, no matter if it is a detailed review, or if it is incoherent, caps lock screaming.

Thank you for supporting me, whether you have been here from the very beginning of my persona journey, or if you have only just discovered me now. I think, throughout all of my blogs, I have never created a follow forever so I believe now is about time that I show some appreciation back to the writing community of the BTS fandom. They never cease to amaze me, and I am absolutely positive they will floor the rest of you whom may have not happened upon some of these incredible writers just yet.

As a writer, your greatest source of inspiration, support and encouragement can not only come from your readers, but your fellow writers. Thus, this post is dedicated to my favourite writers who have always, without a doubt, left my hands overflowing with infinite inspiration and have left me awestruck, laughing from the pit of my belly, and even in tears at times over their phenomenal works. Feast your eyes!

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guess who got a huge burst of inspiration during class today!!!

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Loki x Reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 918

Warnings: Kissing, sexual tension, stealing

A/N: Hey lovelies! I know we do a lot of Hamilton on our blog and don’t get me wrong I love Hamilton, but I also have been really wanting to write some other fandoms because there are so many different ones I love. I have finished all of the requests that I got when me and Lil Lambie split them up, so from now until she finished up the last few she had y’all are going to be getting my own original ideas! Yay! I love you guys and hope you enjoy this! Have an amazing day!

You looked at the super humans gathered around the couch. They all waited intently to hear what you have to say. You had called them all to an emergency meeting and they were more than concerned with your well being when you had called them all on the verge of tears.

“Is everyone here?” You asked scanning the ever growing team of Avengers seated in front of you.

“I’m pretty sure this is it.” Tony nodded, after looking at the crowd sitting around him.

“Okay then let this meeting start.” You paused taking a deep breath. “Now who the fuck took my skittles?” You screamed, catching most of the Avengers off guard.

“Oh my god!” Clint started laughing, Loki smirking next to him.

“It was you, wasn’t it?” You started to stomp towards Loki who’s smirk only grew at your accusation. “You smug little-”

“(Y/N)!” Steve yelled, grabbing you before you could spring on Loki and attack him.

“Let me go! I need to show him that he can’t keep taking my candy!” You growled, your glare never leaving Loki.

“Can I just say that they were delicious? Honestly, one of the best I’ve found in your candy drawer.” Loki chuckled, watching you start to squirm more in Steve’s arms.

“I’ll kill you!” You snarled, fighting against Steve’s tough grip.

“I don’t think you can hug me to death, love.” Loki said, patting your head as he walked past you and out of the room.

“I missed my chance to beat him up…” You trailed off, pouting at Steve.

“I’m sure you can get back at him another time.” Steve said, releasing you and thinking you would stay where you were.

“Like right now?” You grinned, before sprinting out the door.

“Good going Cap.” Nat said sarcastically, the team watching your retreating figure.

You ignored their comments, the only thing on your mind was to find the evil man that had taken your precious treats. This hadn’t been the first time he had taken your candy. You usually ignored when he did this, but you had finally been fed up with it. He was not taking your sweets anymore!

“Loki! Where are you?” You called, searching the dark hallway for him.

“Yes, (Y/N)?” Loki asked, standing right behind you.

You jumped as you turned and his face was inches from yours.

“Ah!” You screamed, taking a moment to catch your breath. “When’d you get there?”

“Do I scare you?” Loki smirked, ignoring the question you had just asked him.

“No, of course not.” You objected, taking a step back as he took a step towards you.

“Then why are you stepping away from me?” Loki’s smirked grew as he continued to step closer to you until your back hit the wall.

“What are you trying to do?” You asked, your voice coming out more breathy than you had meant to.

“Am I making you nervous?” Loki chuckled his breath lightly tickling your face.

“Loki, you could never make me nervous.” You said, your eyes shifting down to Loki’s lips that seemed to be getting closer and closer to yours.

“Are you sure, (Y/N)?” Loki whispered, his eyes locked on your lips as he slowly traced his thumb over them.

“Loki, I-” You started but were quickly cut off by his lips meeting yours.

His kiss was much more gentle than you expected. His cold lips contrasting your warm ones. It was unlike any kiss you had ever had before. In a way it was perfect, yet you would never admit to thinking that. After a moment or two he pulled away abruptly, turning and walking away without another word.

You sat there for a second, dumbfounded about what had just happened to you. Why did he just leave? Were you really that bad of a kisser? Taking a deep breath you started to walk after him.

“Loki!” You yelled, seeing him from a little bit in front of you pacing the hallway. “Loki!” You yelled again, grabbing the frantic man’s attention.

“I am so sorry, (Y/N).” Loki said, refusing to meet you eyes, instead focusing his eyes on the ground. “I shouldn’t have kissed you. That put you in an uncomfortable position. I let my feelings get the better of me. Don’t worry, I’ll never let that happen again.”

“Loki you’re fine. I liked kissing you.” You blurted out before you could even think through what you were saying.

“You liked kissing me?” Loki’s eyes snapped up to meet yours. “Do not play with my emotions, (Y/N). I like you more than I should.”

“I’m not lying, Loki. I’d never lie to you.” You said softly, reaching your hand out to touch him, only for him to flinch away at your touch.

“Do you like me, (Y/N)?” Loki asked, his hands fidgeting nervously.

“More than I should.” You echoed his words, watching his face light up with a genuine smile.

Loki had his arms wrapped around your waist in a matter of seconds, pulling your body close to his. He placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, just wanting to enjoy the moment of finally having you in his arms.

“Two things you should know though.” You paused, waiting for his attention to be on you and not his daydreaming. “One, you still owe me the skittles you took. Two, let’s not tell the Avengers about this for now. They will freak out.”

“Agreed.” Loki nodded, pressing a kiss to your nose.

anonymous asked:

Any advice for a stressed out upcoming junior who feels like she's falling behind all of her friends achievement wise, and is terrified of college apps and standardized testing

This is so late… I hope you’ve enjoyed your first quarter as a junior lol. It’s terrible but it’s only going to get worse!

Here is some stuff I wish I’d know when I was your age (which was… A year ago lmao):

  • If you can afford it, take a standardized test (SAT or ACT; I only took the SAT) early in the year. I’ll admit, going into junior year I panicked about the tests, and I forced myself into this state of detached chill that was good for nobody. If you confront your fear about the tests early on, I think it would actually be helpful, and here’s why:
    • If you take the test in November/December, you’re obviously going to be underprepared. It’s going to suck. You might not know all the math, etc. But like… It’s done. And once you leave the testing center, you kind of realize that everything you built up in your head was honestly… Nothing. (This is assuming you don’t have really bad test anxiety though.)
    • So, you’ve taken the test. You were pushed for time, you panicked at almost every section, and overall you feel like you did terribly. But now you KNOW what the test is like; you know the formatting way better than any prep book could tell you, you KNOW what 55 minutes feels like, and you know how fast you work.
    • When you get your test results, the score doesn’t matter. What matters is what you got wrong on the english and math parts. The SAT is divided into types of math, blah blah blah, read the score breakdown to get a good sense of where you sucked and where you were okay. And build upon that! Now you have MONTHS to prepare for the next SAT in May/June.
  • So yeah. Take standardized tests early. It gets the anxiety out of the way, it helps you learn to better pace yourself, it tells you what you need to study more, and now you have months to prepare for the next one. It was like $75 down the drain though, so again, this option isn’t necessarily for everyone.
  • Most colleges don’t give a shit about subject tests lmao. Like, I think maybe ONE college I’m applying to requires one or more subject tests, and it’s an Ivy League school. Everyone else has wised up and realized that standardized testing is actually a terrible way to judge a student’s potential. If you KNOW there’s a college you want to apply to that will require a subject test, do it at the end of the year if you’re taking that course now. I took biology sophomore year but took the SAT biology subject test junior year, and I think I did it in the fall when I had no finals to stress about.
  • One thing I’ve realized is that like… Comparing yourself achievements wise to everyone around you means jackshit. People are born with different advantages, privileges, and other bonuses. From the get-go they were more likely/better suited to aim for x award. I’ve stopped caring about the fact that some people in my school won States for x sport because, it doesn’t apply to me. Your value isn’t determined by the number of trophies behind it.
    • If you have the energy, do clubs. Even just for a few months. Every club I joined I did with the mindset that I was going to earn a leadership position, which I did. Colleges will be impressed by your three-mile long club list, but they’ll care more if you’re the president of a club. That shows a real commitment and also reflects upon your abilities to lead.
  • If you hate your peers just start your own club, there’s probably some English teacher willing to sign off on whatever idea you can bullshit. Hang out with friends, maybe make an effort to do something, and call yourself the president. Like?? It’s high school, man. Everyone is tired.
  • Don’t avoid doing something because you’re scared. Then you get nothing done and you feel terrible.
  • If you care about college, then yeah your grades matter. But like?? You’re a kid. Have fun. Goof off with your friends. Work if you want to save money. If you devote yourself to nothing but your studies, you won’t develop as a person.
  • Learn to ask for help. If you get a shitty test grade, don’t beat yourself up about it. Go to the teacher, tell them what you don’t understand, and build upon it. Show some initiative. In college, you’re on your own unless you seek out assistance.
  • Time management is so goddamn crucial to balancing a hellish life, I’m not joking. Buy a planner or some shit, it’ll help.
  • Remember to eat for god’s sake. And drink water as well.
  • Bring Advil/Tylenol to school, you or someone else is going to need it. Also gum, gum is super important.

Good luck anon <3

Styles & Co. - Part 11

Authors Note: Hey everyone! I am like swimming in my ideas and slowly drowning because I just don’t know which ideas to use and how to piece them together. Which is why it is taking me so long to get the chapters written. Again, I apologise for the dialogue. I can’t help it! Enjoy. Xx

You can find my Blurbs HERE and the other Chapters HERE

It has been a week since I first started working at Meyer Enterprise, being his assistant isn’t really that bad. I honestly thought it would be worse.

I have barely seen Harry, he hasn’t managed to come home for too long; I think the longest he was at the house was Sunday when he accidentally slept in. I haven’t really been too concerned about it, I am more concerned about the prenup we are yet to discuss and the fact that I am meant to go to New York with Logan next weekend. Logan said it had something to do with a charity event and clientele, I didn’t get the logistics of it. All I one-hundred percent know is that it will be three days in New York, two of those days strictly for business and the third a free day.

I step into the house and wander into the living room where I am surprised to view Harry.

“You finally decided to come home,” I comment with a raised brow, unsure of why he is home so early. It is eight at night and I wasn’t anticipating him to even think about leaving the office until at least two in the morning. He nods, his eyes dropping back to his laptop. I only assume he is working and going over a client’s portfolio for the night.

“I need to go to New York this weekend,” I inform him, not even bothering to ease him into the idea smoothly, either way, he is going to have his fit and make it known that he is more than likely against the idea. I know him far too well to even think for a second that he will be forthcoming and accepting of a business trip.  His eyes immediately gaze up at me with their dark silvery luminosity narrowing on me as he bites his tongue. He doesn’t say anything, he just continues to stare at me with a displeased look. “Are you going to say anything?” I question, his silence not settling well with me.

His silence is like the calm before the storm. You think everything is perfect and serene, no wind, no rain, a small ray of sunshine peeking through the eclipsed clouds, then abruptly it is a twister of a substantial downpour and tremendous winds with rolling thunder.

For a moment I think he is going to keep calm and collected, but he proves me wrong the moment he opens his mouth. “I think the fuck not.” He bluntly answers, shaking his head at me disapprovingly.

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Bucky Barnes (Part 5)

Bucky Barnes x Reader (soon)

Warnings: Language, Violence, ex boyfriends, angst, Bucky to the rescue

You can stop being a jerk at any time, you think, crossing your arms as you listen to Stark address everyone. All the Avengers, or at least the ones on earth, are gathered in the conference room, surrounded by glass walls and expensive electronics.

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So this post was getting kinda long so I’ll reply to @hedgehog-goulash7 here.(you only have to read the first couple paragraphs for my response i kinda go off)

You won’t see me argue with a lot of what you said, but if you came out of the theater with that opinion I have only one thought. God, I wish that was me

I saw cap 3 when I was only a casual fan, almost a Cap stan, and I came out of that theater with my mom (shut up she’s my best friend) and we both got the  impression that “Tony fucked shit up. And in the end cap was the bigger man for apologizing.” 

Yup. That was really my impression.

It was a captain america movie and I knew that Cap was going to be the hero. The entire time I knew. And so I went and saw the movie and I heard the lines “plant yourself like a tree” “You move” “I could do this all day” and I completely bought in to Steve’s side. He was righteous. He was good. And if he didn’t support the accords they must be bad. Just like anyone on team cap, every time steve makes a decision i agree because “Captain’s orders.”

Rhodey’s line at the end where he “doesn’t regret supporting the accords because they were the right thing to do” for me, was a relief. It shows me that this character that was only trying to do the right thing, still has spirit. It shows me that even though he’s wrong, he still has conviction and he’ll make it through his injury. To me, at that time, it was a way to display that there wouldn’t be any serious consequences for Rhodey’s actions. That yes, he’s paralyzed but Tony can build him something to walk and more importantly his psyche is intact! Someone losing the ability to walk could severely impact their mental state but Rhodey’s okay! Plus he spoke in the past tense. “I supported the accords” meaning the accords don’t really matter anymore because they don’t exist! (I stand by this, I will eat my hat if the accords still exist/aren’t thrown out in the upcoming marvel movies)

Steve’s letter was much the same. Relief. Now I can’t listen to it without being enraged but when I first heard it all I heard was “No hard feelings. I’ll still come when the world needs saving.” and felt relief. Look at cap! Putting aside their differences over the accords to assure tony that he will be there in the future! What a mature adult! (literally kill me)

Rhodey speech didn’t leave an impression on me. Hell, more people can quote “Tony Stank” than they can a word of what Rhodey said. The last thing we see is steve looking fly as hell as he rescues the rest of the avengers. That is what I remember. Steve Rogers being a hero and rescuing his friends.

It took me thinking “hey, I really liked that movie. Lets see what other people think!” that introduced me to other opinions. And let me tell you, most of the mainstream opinions were all “Yes the accords were awful whatever thats just fact LOOK AT HOW SIMILAR IT IS TO BATMAN V SUPERMAN.” When I finally came across an opinion that was about the accords in universe that summarized was basically “Um, actually cap is a complete jackass” it gave me complete whiplash. It also kinda pissed me off because I was basically a casual cap stan. So I read what they had to say and it blew my mind. They obviously put a lot of thought into it but it didn’t really change what I thought. It was common sense to me that cap was right and tony was wrong, because that’s how it was presented to me in the movie. Steve finds bucky-tony locks up bucky. Tony creates the accords(yes i honestly thought that)-team cap becomes fugitives. Tony locks up the avengers-steve breaks them out. 

It was only because I was starting to really get into marvel that I was exposed to the idea that, um, maybe steve is just an irrational immature fella who didn’t care about the accords- and only wanted to save his friend. And then post after post of people defending tony. Like “No he didn’t make the accords” “yes he constantly admits his faults and takes responsibility” “Um, was he responsible for ultron?” and on and on and then oh my god. They had such good ideas it made me rewatch the entire MCU with a new perspective and for me to get INCREDIBLY frustrated. They just, they just shit on Tony so much. The more i watched the more i couldn’t ignore it. He fucking didn’t do half the shit they blame him for. They shit on him for having money. They shit on him for having been a weapons distributor, something that he OBVIOUSLY feels guilty about god. They shit on him for basically anything he does as an individual and the more I watched the more infuriating it became. He tries so goddamn hard and yet it always turns to shit and wow #relatable but also he needs rest.

So anyways, that is how I went from a cap fan to a tony fan and sorry for the rant but every casual fan I’ve met accepts that the accords are bad as fact, because that was how it was presented to them and forming a different opinion would require effort that the casual watcher will not do.

shsl-ragequeen  asked:

UM I WANNA GET YOU STARTED NOW OMG JUST HEARING YOUR IDEAS QUICKLY JOTTED DOWN I WANNA HEAR THEN AS SCENARIOS like holy shit having twins and going to the zoo OR LIKE A THEME PARK I'M DYING AT THE IMAGERY If you find the time between working on requests, you should TOTALLY work on that! Even if its just a snippet, cause FJDHDUEBJDDN IT SOUNDS. SO PRESH. SO PERF. I CANNOT HANDLE ❤❤❤❤❤

How dare you come into my inbox and give me this inspiration to write something when you know I already have tons of requests to do and— okay, you know what, screw it. You get what you asked for, you little shit but no— I really do love you with all my heart and hope you enjoy!

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because i’ve been thinking about this since yesterday

it totally boggles my mind that people a) think that hinata is a suitable love interest for naruto and b) don’t think sasuke is in romantic love with naruto when literally every romantic trope ever has been used to describe them (and, coincidentally, was also cheaply recycled to be used for naru//hina in the last, but that’s another meta for another day) 

for example, let’s compare this cap of hinata’s “confession” (which i’ll explain later why it was selfish and not actually really genuine)

and here’s a cap of sasuke after the final valley of the end fight. 

they’re making the exact same face.

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Treasure (Seungkwan) // Oneshot

Everyone has a soulmate whose soul mark is ingrained into their right wrist. Yours read #0033cc.

Genre: Soulmate au, Fluff, Angst (just a little bit)

Word Count: 3732

#0033cc, the series of numbers and letters that were embedded into your right wrist.

#0033cc. Persian Blue. People said that you would really love it. They told you that it was a very dark, yet vibrant blue soul color. “It’s very eye catching,” your best friend said, “You must have a good looking soulmate.” Of course, you couldn’t see it. You couldn’t see any colors since you had turned ten years old. It was the day that sequence appeared on your wrist, and the world, in your eyes, had become various shades of black, white, and gray. 

The only reason your friend could see it was because she had already found her soulmate. They had been together for about two years now. She told you that she first contacted him in dreams, which lead up to the day of her Coloring, which was, “the most beautiful, intense thing,” she had ever experienced. In the exact moment she laid eyes on him, everything around her burst forth in incredible hues and vibrancy. She said she couldn’t really explain it, and that you had to experience it for yourself in order to understand what she was talking about. It secretly made you a little jealous, but you were mostly just happy for her and Joshua to have finally met one another. You were relieved that he was a good guy who could love and take care of her, if only you could say the same thing about your soulmate.

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The Very Bad No Good Exam

Summary: Inspired by one of my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls. You’ve stayed up all night studying for your Art History exam. You’re so tired that you forget to set your alarm, and you end up missing your exam.

Word Count: 1,641

You stared at the flashcards blankly, begging any higher power there was for some sort of divine intervention. You had been studying for your Early Italian Renaissance Art History exam for what seemed like an eternity. You groaned, the images all seeming to blur together. Lorenzetti, Giotto, Ghirlandaio, Mantegna, you tried to match the names to the works of art that you had to memorize, but they wouldn’t stick. You had been studying for this midterm for weeks, and yet you stilled managed to get things all mixed up.

“I swear, if I have to memorize even one more painting of baby Jesus, I’m going to lose my shit,” you muttered in frustration.

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Imagine Chris finding you incredibly amusing.

It was a slow day at work, you probably only had ten or so patrons eating at the diner. You were so preoccupied refilling the salt shakers and pepper mills that you didn’t even notice your favorite actor, Chris Evans sitting by the corner window. This was the fourth time in a week that he’d been in because of you, yet you had not once spoken with him.

He always sat in your co-workers’ stations and made sure to slip his cap and sunglasses on when they spoke with him so no one would alert you of his presence. He knew you were a fan- from overhearing you swoon over him numerous times with your co-worker, Ally- and was afraid you’d lose your candid personality if you knew he was in the crowd; your brutal honesty, straightforwardness and sassiness was kind of what enticed him to keep coming back each day. You had no idea but Chris Evans found you incredibly amusing.

He enjoyed watching you work, listening to the way you’d interact with customers- both good and bad. You didn’t enjoy your encounters with the snobby and rude customers, but he enjoyed watching your encounters with them. It was interesting to him, hilarious even. He liked the way you’d come up with witty comebacks that flew right over the customers’ heads, the way you’d smile but roll your eyes the second they turn their backs on you, and the way you’d turn down douchey frat boys and the snobby business men who think they can buy you off with the promise of expensive things.

Your IDGAF attitude and your constant sass gave you the reputation of being cold and rude, but those who really knew you- those who really observed you knew you were anything but. Chris knew, he could tell you were actually an incredibly kind hearted person. He could see it from the way you’d draw adorable faces in a child’s hot chocolate; walk elderly folks out to their cars with an umbrella when it rained; confront customers that treated your co-workers unfairly; and wave those who deserved your kindness and didn’t have the spare change with a ‘don’t worry about it’. You were a good person and he could see that.

Chris watched you from afar, once again admiring how beautiful you were. He smiled every time he saw you conversing with yourself under your breath, wishing he knew what you were saying; whatever it was must have been pretty interesting if you had to constantly fight the urge to smile or laugh. God, you were a sight for sore eyes; he could just watch you forever. But he was done just watching, he wanted to talk to you and get to know you.

“Y/N,” you heard Max call your name as he slid an order across the counter. “It’s for the two ladies at table B, just make the latte first. Her friends wants the soy cappuccino after she finishes her meal,” he told you and you nodded, taking the order from him and walking over to the coffee counter. “Just so you know,” he followed you across with a smirk on his lips. “There’s a really cute guy that’s been sitting in my section for the past four days and-”

“I didn’t know you swung that way, Max,” you teased him and he chuckled softly. “Here I was thinking you always had a thing for me, guess I was wrong. It’s okay,” you reached for his hand and patted it endearingly, “whatever makes you happy.”

“One day, Y/N, one day I’m going to think your quick wit is no longer cute.” He told you and you laughed. “You’re lucky today is not that day otherwise I would’ve walked away and not informed you of your secret admirer.” He beckoned his head to the corner window booth and you rolled your eyes, not bothering to look. “He’s been here four days in a row and I think it’s because of you.”

“Me too, that’s why we’ve been talking so much in the last four days.” You responded sarcastically as you began to make the latte. “Honestly, Max,” you chuckled with a shake of your head. “I’m flatter you think every cute guy is here because of me but it’s getting a little old. Can’t you go and bother Ally? She’s cute, she might have a few admirers too.”

“Perhaps, but not this guy.” Max glanced back over at Chris who had noticed the attention he was getting and had now buried his head in his book; he had left his cap and sunglasses behind today. “This guy is definitely here because of you. Trust me, Y/N,” he turned back to you and you sighed. “I’m a guy, I know when a guy likes a girl and that guy likes you. Just- go over and say hello when you’re done with this latte? Humor me a little.”

“Fine,” you huffed and he smiled. “Why are you so eager to get me off the market anyway? Don’t you want me as a backup plan, or something? In case your current relations don’t work out and you realize I’m the girl for you after all?”

“You are far too special to be my backup plan,” he told you and you smiled. “If I want to be with you, I’ll fight for you when my current relations don’t work out. Until then- you’re more than welcome to date and be happy because you deserve that. I gotta go put this order in, go say hello to him when you’re done.” He waited until you nodded before he headed for the kitchen.

You finished making the latte and delivered it to Max’s table for him, since it was on your way to your 'secret admirer’. “Latte?” You asked the two ladies and was about to put it down in front of the lady that nodded when her friend yelled in your face.

“I said after my meal!”

You scoffed and calmly placed the latte down on the table before turning your attention onto her rude friend. “This isn’t your coffee,” you told her with a volume almost equal to hers. “Did you order a latte?” You quizzed, raising your eyebrows at her. “No, so how about you not yell in my face.” The words formed a suggestion but it didn’t sound like one. You turned back to her friend and smiled sweetly, “enjoy your coffee, ma'am.”

Chris watched that entire encounter go down and he chuckled behind his book; he didn’t realize that you were actually close enough to hear him. You looked over at his table and narrowed your eyes, a curious smile on your lips. You walked over and gently knocked on his table, he lowered his book and looked up at you. Your jaw dropped when you realized who was sitting in front of you.

“Oh my God,” you breathed, “you’re Chris Evans.”

“Hi Y/N,” he said your name with a smile and you felt the air knocked out of your lungs.

“You know my name?” A nervous chuckle escaped your throat. “Captain America knows my name.”

“It’s not my first time here,” he chuckled softly. “Plus- and don’t freak out when I say this,” he quickly added with his hands held up in surrender before continuing, “I kind of come here because of you.” Your eyes narrowed but your heart sang 'cause Max was right. “You’re very amusing to watch work.”

“So you just come here and watch me work?”

“You don’t have to make it sound so weird.” He chuckled nervously, the heat rising to his cheeks. “I have breakfast here, I don’t just sit and- Look, I’m not a stalker or anything,” he rambled and you suppressed the urge to laugh. “I just- you’re very pretty and you’re incredibly funny and- Oh God,” he ran his hand through his un-gelled hair, “I’m drowning here, aren’t I?”

“A little bit,” you giggled. “But you’re Chris Evans and I’m a huge fan so- all this is just cute to me.”

“That’s good to know.” He chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “I’ve been wondering…” he trailed off, a little afraid you’d reject him like you’d rejected other guys before. “If you um-” he swallowed, the butterflies in his stomach being chewed by rats. “I was just-”

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” You asked before he could. “Or maybe grab a cup of coffee, somewhere where I don’t have to make it?” You suggested and his heart skipped a beat. “That way you can get to know me like a normal person.” You joked and he laughed. “Here’s my number.” You scribbled it down on your pad and ripped the page out for him. “Call me some time,” you told him and threw a smile over your shoulder as you made your way back to your counter.

“Well?” Max asked when you saw you.

Before you could tell him what had just happened, your phone buzzed in your pocket. You pulled it out and narrowed your eyes at the unfamiliar number. “Hello?” You spoke upon answering then smiled when you heard the familiar voice.

“Just me calling you some time,” Chris smiled and gave you a small wave as you turned his way. “Think you could squeeze me in for dinner tonight?” He asked and you smiled. “I know you don’t work nights, so…” He trailed off and you chuckled.

“And you said you’re not a stalker.”

2017 DCI Show Idea:  Phantom Regiment “Bonfire”

As requested by @drumcorpshero​ (who provided this image above, damn son.) and since someone in DCI apparently listens to my ideas, a concept pitch for a Phantom Regiment show.  Based loosely on the graphic novel/movie V for Vendetta, this show would see the Regiment in a familiar role of an oppressed population that suffers under a ruler’s iron fist, but starts an uprising and overthrows the regime.  (Think Spartacus, Animal Farm, Propaganda, and RISE all wrapped into one.)

Reps include:

Fourth Ballet Suite by Shostakovich

Hellfire (from Hunchback of Notre Dame) by Menken and Schwartz

Fire of Eternal Glory by Shostakovich

Do You Hear The People Sing? (from Les Mis) by Claude-Michel Schoenberg

Fifth Symphony, Fourth Movement by Shostakovich

1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky 

Now that you have the basic idea, follow along with me as I lay this out one in detail.

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Tech Guru #5

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(Y/N) Johnson, was the best computer specialist within SHIELD, now is the best computer specialist working for the Avengers. All her life she wanted to live the edgy, dangerous life, finally gets that but it’s still viewing from the outside- well computer screen,  she makes missions run smoothly. She’s like the human Jarvis but for the other Avengers, always in their ear but they’ve never seen her, till she saves a supersoldier’s life.

Warnings: Self body-shaming/ Self-hatred, mentions of the word fat, weight issues and body-size

A small series about an unnamed OC I have been working on, I picked Rebel as face claim, cause I wanted to write something on a “plus size” character. I’ve made it |reader insert| cause it’s more fun that way, I hope you enjoy this small drabble series, the character is closely based upon “Fat Amy” the best character, I believe, to be written. - Ro

“You left early?” Lee asked with disbelief, “you actually showed up to Stark’s party and left so early, I didn’t even show up yet!” He chuckled, at least, he was finding this hilarious. “What happened?” His voice sincere as he sat down in the chair beside you.

You sighed softly, “They were laughing at me and giving him weird looks, looks of, ‘why is he with the fat girl?’ and… I just left because it’s better than having to explain why people talk when he’s around me.” You shrugged and looked at Lee who nodded sympathetically, “and save me the bullshit Lee, we’ve seen me and I don’t need a play-by-play of pity.”

“I’m gonna say it, you’re a great, intelligent girl. I’ll save you the pity, if you save yourself the self-hatred, it’s not nice to hear or for you to think that way.” You gave a nod before standing up, “Tony tells me that Steve was looking to talk someone from tech department all week, you gonna have to face this sooner, don’t let it be later. Cap is a stand-up guy, he’ll actually understand.”

And curses, Lee Rodis, the son of a bitch was right. After a successful week and half of avoiding Steve Rogers, he had finally caught you. Thankfully, it was the day you decided to actually try for work since you had an important meeting with Stark, plus a few other important faces over the Tech upgrades.

“Hey, Y/N?” Steve jogged up to you as you left the meeting room in the Avengers compound, you stopped and gave a small smile, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you, where ya been?” He asked casually, he didn’t sound mad or anything you thought he would, mostly concerned which was weird.

“Working, Natasha, Black Widow even had an undercover mission in Vienna and she requested the best; not to brag but Lee couldn’t do it, so I was called.” He chuckled at that, “duty calls and that…” you trailed.

It’s silent as you stand in the hall before you can run off, “Why did you leave Stark’s party like that? I wanted you to meet Bucky, he wanted to meet the girl that- and I quote- ‘saved your punk ass.” You softly chuckle at that before shrugging.

“Parties aren’t my thing and I had work early, plus I’m not that big of a deal, you should tell him that.” The last bit was meant to be a joke, only Steve saw past that and knew the underlining of truth you held there.

“I think you’re great,” You sighed and shake your head, “What? Did I say something wrong?”

You chuckle at that, “Don’t take this the wrong way but all I did was do my job, it could have been anyone to help you out, so I am having a difficult time understanding why you keep wanting to talk to me.”

“Because I want to?” He questioned back with a small frown of his own, “cause I didn’t really know there was anyone watching my back for real, so it’s kind of nice to know that person! To be friends, I hope.” He shrugged.

“We aren’t even the same species,” You scoff and he frowns at you, “You’ve seen yourself, right? And it’s not that hard not to see me, get my point? See where I am going with this?” You stare at him as he just stares down at you.

It’s silent for a long moment, “I honestly, didn’t see a problem with wanting to be your friend! I wasn’t always looking like this, ya’know? I know what it feels like to be judged-”

“-Really? You? Please, looking how you do I highly doubt people stare at you as if you are some freak, laugh and point because you’re disgusting. I don’t need pity from Captain America or his friendship to make me feel wanted.”

Steve steps back with mild hurt flashing over his face, “You don’t know a thing then, do you?” He says before stalking down the hall, shoulders tense not even sparing a second glance.

You frown before turning down the opposite hall back to your group, wondering why Steve got so offended over that, you did decline his friendship but still the hurt on his face let you know it was something deeper than that. Like you wounded not only him but his heart, you felt bad without even knowing why you did. Granted, you didn’t know a thing about him, you didn’t pay attention in History nor did you care enough to Google him. 

You decided to talk to Olivia.

“He used to be this sickly, thin guy who never got laid, at all.” Olivia said bluntly as she typed her on her keyboard, you frowned at her, “he was accepted into the army through an experiment for Super Soldiers programme, the rest is kind of history but yeah, he was kind of an outcast; like you.” She chuckled as you rolled your eyes.

You sighed, “So, when he says, he knows what it’s like to be judged… he means it?” You asked and she nods, giving a sympathetic smile. “I literally judged him for not judging me but understanding me!?”

“When you put it like that, then yeah, you do sound like an utter bitch.” Olivia nods, you sighed and thumped your head onto the desk  in front of you, Olivia refrained from laughing, “You’ve got it hot-wired in you that any decently attractive guy that talks to you is either, a) doing it for work related reasons.” She holds up a perfecctly manicured finger, “or b) doing it as some sick joke and laugh.” You nodded.

“Steve was doing opition c) wanting to thank and get to know you, which yes, that does happen in real life.” 

(If you have any ideas for parts for this series, let me know, cause I do struggle with ideas sometimes. Idk if I should make a pairing, at the moment, it has no actual plot. So ideas are welcome for this. - Rosalee)

British Invasion 2/2 - Steve Rogers x Reader

Tech Guru |Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 |

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Someone to love

Someone to love Five part mini series

Summary: You’d been there the whole time. Maybe now it’s time to let Steve know what he thinks he’ll never find.

Pairing: Steve x Reader Setting: from Captain America the First Avenger to Civil War.

Warnings: none for now. Notes: written for my 400 follower celebration requested by @angryschnauzer the song is Somebody to love by Queen. What was supposed to be a one shot grew into a four or more parts cause the idea just stuck with me. Hope you enjoy

Key: Y/GF/N = your grandfather’s name

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Chance meeting Part 1


 “This seat taken?” you ask spotting the only empty chair on this beautiful fall day, next to a man you’ve seen many times at this very spot the last few months.

He looked familiar, more so than just seeing him here. But you can’t place where you’ve seen him before. Now up close, sandy blond hair highlighted by the sunny rays beating down, warming those who chose to sit outside. His head bent till you’d spoken, breathe catching as his sky blue eyes land on you, half smile gracing the corners of his lips. You can tell somethings wrong, studying people being a hobby of sorts and part of your chosen career, though you bite your tongue not asking questions.

“Uh, yes, yes it is,” siting up, pulling his feet back under him from being stretched out under the small table

Trying not to take up much room as you’ve spied a sketch pad while placing your coffee cup down. Taking your computer bag from the left shoulder, finally sitting down, you take a deep breath of the fresh air. A smile sliding into place as you close your eyes and relax.

“That bad a day doll?” deep voice laced with concern.

Doll? Did anyone use that anymore? Evidently they did since the hottie sitting next to you just said it. But instead of answering his question you just stared for a moment finally realizing who he is and ignoring his question.

“Oh my, your,” pausing, swallowing hard. You’d never met anyone famous before much less a war hero you’ve heard about all your life.

Internally groaning, one of the many down falls to having a face everyone knows is being bombarded by people who want to talk about the past, to shake his hand and sometimes not let go. Not that he doesn’t want to talk about it, about life in the 40’s, his time during World War 2 and Captain America.

“Steve Rogers, right,” voice light, sweet to his ears because most addressed him as Captain America or Cap. But you, your different he can see the curiosity written in your eyes he’s just not sure for which it’s for. The man or the myth?

“That’d be me in the flesh,” he tries not to cringe at how stupid that sounded, not being use to today’s slang. Lowering his gaze back to the pad in front of him, Steve starts to add more lines, a little shading to the drawing of the New York skyline.

Not taking your eyes off him, while unpacking your laptop and setting up your work area. “Never thought I’d ever meet you. My Granddad spoke very highly and so many stories. ”

Head snapping up as the pencil paused, eyes searching. “Stories? Who’s your Granddad?”

 “Y/GF/N, of the 107th,” the grin is infectious as it lightens your eyes, affection and love in your tone. “He always says if,” you clear your throat dropping the octave as much as you can. “If not for Steve Rogers you wouldn’t be here lady bug, he’s the true hero saving all our butts.” 

At first Steve just sat there, a touch shocked, a touch moved. Not that he hadn’t been called a hero before, many times in fact that at some points it really didn’t mean much because most didn’t mean it. But to hear you say it even in that silly voice, it stirred something inside him. “Is he still alive?”

“Oh yes, very much so. Lives in DC still, house he was born and raised in since the 20’s,” there’s pride in your tone, as your own eyes drop back to your computer. Booting up the system you take a deep drink from you’re now warm coffee. “I’ll let you get back to your sketch, I’ve taken up enough of your time. Just pretend I’m not here.”

“No, you’re not bothering me doll,” flipping the pad closed, not wanting to get anything on it. The birds do dive bomb from time to time as he’s learned. “What uh,” he rubs the back of his neck, not wanting to sound self-absorbed, but curiosity got the better of him. “What stories did your Granddad tell you about me?”

You can see the nerves, something telling you that he’s uncomfortable about asking, his posture a dead giveaway, but interest is there to. “The good ones mostly.”

Smiling, seeing that you’re teasing him, “So he didn’t tell you about the time I toilet papered the General’s tent just to see how angry he’d get?”

“Ah no, but he did tell me how you mud washed some poor privets jeep,” you’re trying to hold back the laughter through seeing his shocked face does in you.

Folding over your computer laughing into the crook of your arm, you hear the sweetest sound ever. Guff laughter from the man sitting beside you that tickles your ears and makes you smile. You’ve managed to do what so few have, making Steve Rogers feel normal for once since the serum’s injection into his body. So many have seen him as nothing more than a weapon, or an icon for others to follow. Forgetting that he’s a man as well.

“Thank you,” he’s wiping tears away still chuckling.

“For?” your puzzled, regaining your own wits about you looking over at him.

“Making me feel less of a science experiment gone wrong and more human,” breathe catching in your throat when you catch the spike of uncertainty in those beautiful sky blue eyes of his. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud, but there’s something about you that he feels like he can honestly talk to you.  

“Mr. Rogers honestly you aren’t a failed experiment, you’re a human being who deserves to be treated as such,” placing a hand on his arm giving it a light squeeze. “Whoever told you that is an idiot.”

“Steve please,” heat from your touch warms him in ways he’s not felt since before going into the ice and only one other time, with Peggy.

Smiling, removing the hand from his arm, you’re unsure on what to do next. What does one talk about with Steve Rogers? It’s funny actually, you normally would sit here typing away at your next piece ignoring everyone and everything around you, yet right now you don’t want to. Instead you wanted to know more about the man behind the myth.

That thought is taken, along with what to talk about from you, as his phone rings. A frown marring that handsome visage as he listens to the voice on the other end. “Understood, I’ll be there in ten,” the cadence has changed, dropped an octave. “I’m really sorry, I have to go.”

“Of course it was nice meeting you Steve,” you rose with him offering your hand which he takes and shakes. On impulse you stand on tip toes, leaning in to press a soft kiss to his cheek. “For all you’ve done and will do but most of all for saving a man’s life you didn’t even know.”

Astounded, Steve tries to cover the light pink which dusts his cheeks though secretly pleased. “My pleasure miss,” tipping his head to one side he’s at a loss for what to do and no time to think of anything. The advice from Bucky doing him little good right now, “I’ll see you around?”

“Count on it Cap,” shooting him a cheesy smile while retaking your seat.

Groaning though the smile on his lips tells of a different story, Steve waves before taking off down the street and into danger. Wondering if he’ll ever see you again. You as well think the same thing, but push those thoughts aside. Today had been a fluke you wouldn’t be so lucky again.

Part 2

It’s A Disaster When I’m Plastered In My Chair - Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith - NSFWish

Title: It’s A Disaster When I’m Plastered In My Chair
Author: Donnie
Fandom: Rick And Morty
Setting: The Smith House
Pairing: Rick Sanchez/Morty Smith
Characters: Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Beth Smith
Genre: Romance/Drama
Rating: T
Chapters: 1/1
Word Count: 1587
Type of Work: One-Shot, Sequel To I’m So Enamoured When I’m Hammered And You’re There
Status: Complete
Warnings: Gay, Slash, Yaoi, Alcoholism, Alcohol Use, Dubcon, Morty wants it but is scared, Rick doesn’t want to talk about feelings, Pining, C137cest, Incest, Grandfather/Grandson Incest
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Summary: Rick can’t stay sober and Morty can’t stay still. A discussion is looming on the horizon and both of them aren’t sure what to say.

AN: And the (maybe?) long-awaited sequel to I’m So Enamoured When I’m Hammered And You’re There is here! There may or may not be another fic one or two after this one, who knows. Just connected one-shots, but they’re a lot of fun to write. ^^ I hope you guys like this one, too!

Also, you guys might notice a change in my name. I’ve decided to start going by Donnie, and male pronouns, see how that feels. Donovan would be the full name, Donnie is just a nickname.

Rick And Morty Fic Masterlist

It’s A Disaster When I’m Plastered In My Chair


Not being drunk was possibly harder when he actually had planned to do it ahead of time. If it was an unplanned stint of sobriety, he could at least blame himself for drinking too much of his stash away and thinking he’d push getting more off one more day. This… Was almost torture. He had six bottles stashed in his cabinet, his hip flask, and too many bottles to count hidden around (and under) the garage, all calling his name. 

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Hello! this is something I’ve been working on for a while, and I really hope you guys like it!

pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

summary: Reader and Steve Rogers have a lot of history, and they both like each other, but they really try to cover it up. One night after the reader is asked to wait up for Steve after one of his dates things happen and feelings come to light.

word count: 3569

warnings: fluff, some language?? basically nothing.


I had waited up for the one and only Steven Grant Rogers to get back from his date. He had been raving about this girl he had met the last time he went to the coffee shop a few blocks away. He had been trying to get back into society and, I don’t know why but he thought that hanging out in coffee shops would help him. He may have been watching too many hipster films. He had been really excited about picking her up, and had done so about three hours earlier. he had asked me to wait up because he wanted to tell me all about the date. I guess that’s what best friends do, though I sort of wish I hadn’t agreed to do so.

Now it’s nearly midnight and I’m trying my hardest not to fall asleep on the couch in the living area of the Avengers tower. I may have super-human strength, but I don’t have the ability to keep myself lucid for nearly twenty-four hours. Come on, Steve, what’s taking so long? Right as I had thought this I hear the ding of an elevator and soon after the heavy footfalls of Steve’s boots. Sitting up slightly I look behind me and see him shuffling wearily towards the couch. He finally reaches the cushioned wonder and flops down next to me and just sighs.

“So… How was the date?” I ask, though I think I already know the answer.

He shoots me a look filled with exhaustion and disappointment. I hold my hands up in mock defence and Steve lets his head fall back onto the back of the couch.

“That bad huh?”

“I have no idea what made me think I could go out with a barista.” He says in exasperation.

“Dude. You’re from the forties. You were in love with one of the most badass chicks to ever live. There really is no one who can compare to that.” I intone, my sympathy hopefully evident.

“Yeah. I guess you’re right.” He agrees. “Why does dating in the twenty first century have to be so hard?”

“No one knows cap. That’s why I tend to distance myself from it.” I pat him on the shoulder in a pitiful attempt at comfort. “Don’t worry, Steve. You’ll find the perfect girl.”

“Thank you, (Y/N).” He says, turning his head slightly to look at me.

“No problem doll.” I say in turn.

“That’s my line!” Steve protests.

“Not anymore!” I say getting up and heading to my room. “Goodnight Captain.”

“Goodnight.” He calls after me, not moving from his place on the couch.


In my room, I change into pyjamas and go through my nightly routine. Throughout the process I’m thinking about Steve. That man is my best friend. My metaphorical partner in crime. My literal partner in stopping criminal actions. He and I had become friends after he had been thawed. I had been brought in through S.H.I.E.L.D. and we instantly hit it off. It was in the midst of the New York incident that we lost touch. A couple years later he and I bumped into each other at S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ when he and the Black Widow had been brought in on some super secret task force. Of course that was right before the entire organization practically disintegrated. After that we had kept in touch. When the Avengers team had been opened up to more powered people Steve brought me in to help. He and I had hung out between missions whenever possible.

I don’t know why he insisted on having me wait up for him after every single one of his dates. He had to know by now that I really didn’t give a shit about the girls he asked out. He was always disappointed by them. One was too short, another’s laugh was too annoying. It seems like anything that wasn’t exactly the way he had expected or wanted it to be was a turn off for him. At this point it’s hard to not feel at least a little bit exasperated with the man. Not every woman can be a damn Peggy Carter. She’s like an endangered species in which only one can survive in the world at a time or else the balance of badassery is offset. It’s hard for anyone to compare to that level of badass. In all honesty I remember when I first met him and got to know him, I had a rather large crush on Steve. I mean, he had this lost dog air about him that made you want to take him home and make sure he got a good meal, had a warm place to sleep and someone to give him unconditional love. But after a while those feelings started to diminish. The next time I saw him I felt nothing but friendship towards him. But when he starts talking about the new girls he’s asked on dates there’s a nagging feeling of anger and a thought that ‘Hey, you shouldn’t be asking them out. You should be asking me.’ It goes away quickly enough, but I hate to recognize that my romantic feelings for him are still caught up in my head.


:Steve’s POV:

           I watched her leave the room and as soon as she was gone I groaned, burying my face in my hands. Damn if (Y/N) wasn’t one of the most amazing people in the world. She’s not afraid to call me out on my crap. She definitely sees right through the terrible excuse that I call dating. It is true that my date went horribly tonight though. All the woman seemed capable of talking about was the coffee beans they used in her coffee house, the shitty screenplay she’d been writing, and how much of a fan she was of my “work in the community”. The date ended with me dropping her off at the entrance to her apartment building and her throwing herself on me and giving me the most disgusting kiss I had ever had the displeasure of receiving. Just remembering the sloppy mess makes me wipe my mouth because I swear I can still feel traces of her saliva around my lips.

I look up to find Natasha standing in front of me, arms crossed and tapping her foot in annoyance.

“What?” I ask her.

“You’re just going to let her walk away like that? After talking about finding the perfect girl? What the hell’s wrong with you Rogers?” She lectures.

“I’m not sure I know what you mean Nat. I haven’t done anything.”

“That’s the point Steve. You haven’t done anything. You can’t let her get away. You’re not going to get another chance with some other perfect girl.”

“I honestly don’t think (Y/N) would be thinking of me like that.”

“You don’t?” Nat raises an eyebrow in surprise. “Do you not see how annoyed she gets when you ask her to wait up for you so you can tell her all about your shitty dates? She does it anyways. She obviously hates it when you talk about the girls you’ve taken on dates, but she listens because she wants you to be happy, even if it’s not her that’s making you happy.”

“She hates it when I talk about the girls?” I am honestly surprised. (Y/N) never complains about anything I’ve asked her to do, or anyone I’ve talked to her about.

“Yes. When you tell her you’ve asked out some girl you’ve just met she does this little flinch thing.” She responds. “Just go ask her.”

“Nat, I can’t just ask her about this stuff. It’s a sensitive topic.”

“You’re just saying that to convince yourself to not do it.” She says in exasperation.

“Even if I am, I still couldn’t do it.” I say. “I just cant… I dont… ugh, I just can’t okay?”

“You’re just scared to find out the answer, Steve.” Natasha says sternly.

That statement made me quiet up real quick. I had never really put much thought into my feelings for (Y/N). She and I had just always said that we were friends. Sure at the beginning of our relationship I had found her attractive. What man wouldn’t? She’s smart, funny, beautiful, and honestly the most supportive person you could ever come across. In all honesty I felt a little twinge of disappointment when she had said that she tried to distance herself from dating as much as possible earlier. Is it possible that I still like her? It definitely isn’t impossible. My feelings have probably resurfaced and my shitty dating career is a sad attempt to suppress them.

“You’re right, Nat.” I concede.

“Of course I am.” She turns away from me and heads to her room. “Just go tell her how you feel. Its about damn time the two of you were happy.”


:readers POV:

I was brushing my teeth when there was a knock on my door. It’s almost 1:30 in the morning. Who the hell is knocking at my door? Shoving the thought aside I shuffle to the door, toothbrush hanging out of my mouth, and open it to find Steve taking up the whole doorway with his large stature. He’s got his hands in the pockets of his jeans and his shoulders are hunched forward slightly.

“’S there somethin I can do to help you, Steve?” I ask, talking around my toothbrush.

He just stands there looking at me, like he doesn’t know what to say or why he’s even there for that matter. I just look right back at him, waiting for a reply. It never comes and he just walks away without a word. I lean on the doorframe and poke my head out into the hallway watching him leave, absolutely perplexed. What the hell just happened? I just shrug it off, close my door, and go back to brushing my teeth.

That was one of the most odd things I have ever witnessed Steve do. I mean, I’ve seen him eat a sandwich in approximately three bites, but seeing him look so absolutely lost is a little disconcerting considering how every single time I’ve been with him during a battle he’s known exactly what he’s doing and where he’s going. What could have been going through his mind? Did I do something wrong? Well shit. If I’ve done something that’s upset him enough for him to not talk to me it must have been pretty bad.

Still contemplating the encounter I rinse out my mouth, shuffle to my bed and get under the covers. The bed warms up rather quickly and soon enough my worries melt away as I slip into sleep.


:Steve’s POV:

What the hell did I just do? Did I really just stand there in her doorway and stare at her like an idiot? Peggy was right. I really do not know how to talk to women.

I open the door to my room and upon closing it, flop down face first onto my bed.

“Hey steve can I help you?” I mimick (Y/N)’s voice. “Oh no, (Y/N), it’s nothing. I’m just totally caught up on you, but I can’t even talk to you like a normal person now because I just realized it. Sorry to bother you.“

My voice is muffled and lost in the down of my comforter, which I am extremely grateful for. I really am the worst person to have feelings for aren’t I? I can pick up on the feelings of everyone around me, but not (Y/N). After ten minutes I finally pick myself up and go through the motions of getting ready for sleep. I shower quickly and then tug on a pair of pyjama pants, all the while trying to think of how to confess my feelings to (Y/N). What to say, how to say it, even how position my body when I say it.

I finally realize that I’m overthinking this entire thing and fling open my door and head down the hallway back the way I had come previously. I arrive at (Y/N)’s door and take a few breaths before raising my hand and knocking.


:Readers POV:

A very soft knocking noise rouses me from my sleep. I sit up and look at the clock. With my blurry sleep vision I discern that it’s about 2:30 am. What the hell. I’ve only been asleep for an hour. What is it with this tower?

The knock comes again and I manage to hoist myself from my warm bed and shuffle to the door. I open it, rubbing sleep from my eyes, once again finding Steve before me. He’s only wearing pyjama pants and his hair is hanging damp on his forehead. His shoulders are much more relaxed than the last time I saw him, and his gaze holds an intensity that I’ve never seen from him before.

"Hey, Steve.” I say, my voice sounds just as blurry as my vision feels. “What’s up?”

“Sorry, did I wake you?” He asks, his brow furrowing. “At this hour I half expected you to be writing or something.”

“Yeah, but it’s okay. I’ll let it slide, but only because it’s you, Steve.” I stand on tip toes and brush his hair out of his eyes, and use my thumb to massage the scrunched up place between his eyebrows to get it to relax, which it does. “Is there something you need to talk to me about?”

“It can wait till morning.” He says, catching one of my hands in his and running his thumb over the back of it making goose bumps prickle up along my arm. “You’re obviously really tired.”

“No, Steve. Come on!” I whine. “You had something to say earlier and you need to say it. I don’t want us to end up awkward and incapable of talking to each other.”

“Alright.” He sighs loudly. “You promise you won’t laugh at me?”

I make an X over my heart with my free hand and then hold it up like a kid would. I nod and giggle a little making him frown a little bit.

“Steve, just tell me! I promise I won’t laugh. It’s obviously serious.” He studies my face for a moment and nods slightly.

“I like you, (Y/N).” He whispers. “I really, really like you. I’m so sweet on you that if you put my feelings in your morning tea you wouldn’t be able to stand it. Dammit, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I’m sorry I made you stay up so late every time I had a stupid date and I’m sorry I talked about the people I went out with so much. I- I’m just sorry I’m so late.”

“Holy shit.” I whisper in turn. “Well, this definitely is serious.”

“(Y/N), I understand if you don’t feel the same about me.” He says, placing his free hand on the back of his neck and scratching awkwardly. “I was kind of late on confessing my feelings to you. I just, I had to tell you. Thank you for not laughing though. That’s much a-”

“Steve, stop. You never let me tell you how I feel.” I cut him off by covering his mouth with my hand. His eyes widen, questioning me, like he didn’t expect me to say anything. “Oh please. Did you really expect me to not say anything? Me? I mean come on Steve, we’ve known each other long enough for you to know better than that.”

He removes my hand from his mouth and holds it in his, now having captured both of my hands. He looks down at them and then back up to meet my eyes. Damn, his eyes are really blue.

“How do you feel?” His words are barely audible.

“Steve, I really like you. Honestly, I like you a lot more than I want to admit because damn you are one of the most perfect humans that I have ever laid eyes on.” The words just tumble out of my mouth. “In all honesty, I’ve had feelings for since we met and I’m not exactly proud to admit to the fact that I shoved them down because I was terrified, absolutely terrified that you wouldn’t feel the same way, and yet here I am spilling my very guts to you because you make me feel safe. You’re amazing, strong, smart and so kind I don’t know how you manage it. I’m so jealous of the people you’ve asked out because they’ve gotten to see a side of you that I’ve always wanted to see. And, y'know, it’s really hard for me to concentrate right now because you’re not wearing a shirt. So thank you for that.”

He just stares at me, eyes wide and unblinking. His mouth opens and closes like he wants to say something, but can’t quite find the words. He kind of looks like a fish out of water. It’s scaring me a little after what I’ve just said.

“Steve?” I say quietly, looking up into his eyes. “Please say something, you’re freaking me out a little.”

Then suddenly he’s moving. With one hand on my waist, pulling me towards him, he’s got the other on the back of my neck guiding my face to his and locking our mouths together in a kiss. I bring my own hands up to cup the sides of his face, and his hand on the back of my neck tangles into the hair at the base. He’s the first to break away, resting his forehead on mine. My fingertips rest on the outline of his jaw, my thumbs placed beside each other on his chin.


:Steve’s POV:

I cannot believe (Y/N) just said that she liked me. Holy shit, I cannot believe that I just kissed her. And what’s even better, she kissed back.

She’s got her fingertips resting around the outline of my jaw, and everywhere they touch feels like it’s on fire. It’s amazing. With our foreheads pressed together she sighs, somewhat dreamily.

“I was terrified to tell you.” I confess.

“What?” She sounds confused. “Why?”

“It’s going to sound ridiculous, but after you had said that you try to distance yourself from dating I got nervous.”

“What made you tell me then?” She asks.

“You promise you won’t be upset if I tell you?”

“Since when do I get unnecessarily upset with you?”

“Nat convinced me.”

“Really?” She says, pulling away from me to look into my eyes. After a short time she just shrugs. “Figures. She can be really influential when she wants to be.”

“So you’re not upset?” I ask, shifting my hand that was on her neck down to rest on her waist.

“Of course not.” She whispers.

She flicks her eyes from my eyes to my lips and then back again. She moves one hand from my jaw to the back of my neck and, standing on tip toes, she pulls herself up and connects our mouths in a second kiss. She then slowly snaked her arms around the back of my neck and pulled her body flush to mine. The contact set the exposed skin of my chest on fire. She deepens the kiss and bites my bottom lip slightly.

“(Y/N)…” I breath. My reaction makes her chuckle, the slightly raspy sound reverberates in my mouth, and I can feel her smile against my lips. The entire experience is extremely satisfying.

At least it was until something made her pull away abruptly.


:readers POV:

Holy shit. Did I just make Steve call my name? If I had bitten him any harder he may have moaned. I’ll just have to tuck that away for next time then.

I heard the door across the hall open, and I quickly break away from the absolutely amazing kiss to see a very tired Bruce Banner squinting at Steve and I from his bedroom. I quickly pull Steve into my room and close the door behind me. Once I hear the mechanism click I slide my back down the door, looking up at a very confused Steve.

“Banner may or may not have just seen us making out in my doorway.” I explain, a deep crimson blush spreading across my face. Steve’s face is just as, if not more red than mine.

“Should I go back to my room? I mean it’s late and I really don’t want to keep you up any longer.”

“Only if you want to.” I stand from my place against my door and go to sit on the bed.

“You want me to stay?” He sounds so surprised.

“Steve, I always want you to stay.” I whisper. “I don’t mean in a sexual way, I just like having you near me.”

He quickly and quietly picks me up and sets me on the other side of the bed, and he soon joins me. Pulling the covers over the two of us, he pulls me closer to his body and I curl into his chest.

“Then I’ll stay.” He whispers.

We lay together in silence, the bed growing warmer and warmer and keeping my eyes open gets harder and harder.

“So Bruce saw us kissing huh?” Steve asks.

“Yeah.” I answer.


I Wish I Could Hate You (Pietro x Reader) Part 16/?

Imagine being friends with the twins before they volunteered for the experiments and then being shocked when you join the Avengers and encounter them at the Hydra base in Sokovia.

This is an idea that hit me randomly honestly.  I used an original character instead of reader though.

DISCLAIMER: All translations found via Google Translate; therefore may be inaccurate to a serious degree.  Just a small warning.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

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All The Pretty Girls

|Chapter 4|

‘WWERollins: I’ve been thinking for a while now. I’m obviously the king of the WWE. And every king needs a queen.’

Kendra kept reading Colby’s tweet over and over again. Each time getting more and more upset about it. “Ugh I think I am going to be sick!!” Sasha said, pulling Kendra out of her haze of hatred. She raised an eyebrow,  before setting her phone down on the table. “Girl, you feel sick? Just imagine what Kendra’s feeling. If I were you I’d just beat his ass." 

Snorting, Kendra shook her head and looked at Noami. "He really can’t get a clue. Swear he is crossing a line by bringing this into work. Like you are slowly finally moving on. Of course he’d try to ruin that…. speaking of which, where’s Enzo?” Kendra sighed and leaned back into her chair.  She honestly had no idea. She hasn’t really seen him since she kissed him in the ring and was carried to the back by him.  He had stayed with her while she got looked over by the medical staff. But after that, he ghosted her. Completely disappearing. Had she  done something wrong? Kendra just shrugged her shoulders as an answer, keeping quite on the subject. The other two divas shared a look before Sasha got up from her seat and walked around the table, taking occupancy in the chair by Kendra. 

“You guys haven’t talked? Haven’t seen each other around?”

She shook her head a little, before crossing her arms across her chest. “He’s probably been super busy.  Him and Cass are big stars now, alot of media and stuff” Naomi added, not wanting to see her friend upset. “It doesn’t matter, just a fling…barely even that.” She said, trying to convince herself. Ken picked up her Strawberries and Cream Frappicino and took a long sip from the straw. She needed to focus on her job and not men anyways. 

“Speak of the devil…” Naomi mumbled. 

Kendra looked up to see Enzo walk in the Starbucks with Big Cass, Carmella and some blonde girl she had never seen before. “She’s in NXT.” Sasha said answering the first question that came to Kendra’s mind. Enzo seemed to be deep in conversation with the girl, who was wearing the same sneakers as Enzo. Who ever she was, her and Enzo seemed close. Kendra wasn’t too thrilled about it, especially when she watched the blonde bat her eyelashes at Zo. The grouped walked up to the register to order. Not even noticing the three divas. This was a good time to leave, Kendra didn’t want to deal right now. She stood up with drink in hand, Sasha and Naomi following suit.  

She could literally feel a headache coming on.

- - - -

“That’s great Kendra! Keep it up!" 

Tossing her long hair over her shoulders, Kendra knelt down on one knee, trying to catch her breath. She had been running around the ring running drills with William Regal and Alexa Bliss all afternoon. But she kept getting distracted by a head of blonde hair in the small crowd loitering around the ring. She slowly stood up and rolled her shoulders,  looking over at Alexis. 

"What do you keep staring at?” The petite diva asked, her left eyebrow in an arch. Kendra shook her head gently, getting into a stance.  Her arms raised, and her hands ready to grip. Alexa stepped forward and locked up with the second generation diva. She wasn’t going to drop her question that easily though. “Is it Billy?” She questioned out loud studying Kendra’s face for any give away. “No…it couldn’t be..” She continued,  having a conversation with herself. Alexa knocked Kendra down on the mat, slowly standing over her. “ must be Liv. The blonde…see I saw this picture earlier of her and Enzo. They looked pretty cozy. Which is weird because word around town was that you guys were getting cozy too….” Kendra huff and brought her leg up, kicking Alexa in the gut to get her away from her. Alexa stumbled backward glaring at her. 

Ken really had had enough.  As Alexa tried to come back after her, Kendra kicked her in her knee cap. Causing it to buckle, and for Alexa to drop down to the mat on one knee. Rolling over, the female Guererro got up onto her feet. “Did I hit a nerve?” Alexa laughed softly, slowly standing up herself. “

"My bad…”

Clenching her jaw, Kendra charged at her. Bending forward low enough to hit a spear on Alexis. The both of them coliding down into the mat. Alexa harder than Kendra.

“Well that sure was new…” Regal called out, “I like it! That’s enough for today though.  It’s always a treat when you come down here to help Kendra.”

Pushing herself off Alexa, Kendra quickly slid out of the ring and walked over to her duffle bag. “Are you Okay?” Kendra heard a voice ask. She looked over her shoulder to see that Liv chick walking over to Alexa. God, even her voice annoys me. Kendra thought, she gave the girls an unnoticed glare before picking up her bag and slinging the strap on her shoulder. She knew that she had no right to be jealous. Enzo wasn’t hers. They just flirted alot, he just showed interest in her. At least she thought he did. And it felt nice to be able to have any thoughts about another man. To put herself out there. But now it sucked. It sucked major. The week had gone by without a word from Zo. And now it seemed like someone else caught his eye. Some blonde, basic girl. She really couldn’t blame Enzo, Liv did kind of had the girl next door look that boys seemed to crave. Her lips pressed firmly together as she thought about how she, herself, looked. Letting out a sigh, she decided it was time to split. 

She walked away from the side of the ring. Her heart in shambles.  Her mind in utter agony. 

- - - -

“Now are you sure this is what you want? I can change it if you decide it was a rash decision..”

Kendra raised an eyebrow as she stared at the lady in the reflection of the mirror in the salon. “You already did what I asked…” She stated, “So can you just unwrap the towel so we can see.” The woman nodded her head and unclipped the towel, pulling it away from Kendra. Kendra’s eyes fell upon the long black waves of wet hair that framed her face and dripped down her shoulders. It was a far cry from the previous blonde hair she had before. She stared at herself for a moment. 'My original self’, she thought. This would definately put Rollins in his place. At least for now. And this was what she needed. Being blonde was so last year. 

“Perfect….” Kendra breathed.

“Just perfect.”

- - -

The electricity backstage was extreme, as the live show in Green bay, Wisconsin stood in full swing. All through out the week Seth had been tweeting ridiculous quotes about kings and queens. And it was starting to get on Kendra nerves. His latest tweet, “There’s a knew kingdom in town. & trust me, the queen is very deadly." Sent social media into a frenzy. However, Kendra didn’t feel the way most of the WWE universe felt about it. She would never, in her lifetime, forgive anyone for being forced into such a storyline. It disgusted her. Infact just thinking about it brought a scowl to her face.

"No wonder I haven’t been able to find changed your hair." 

Kendra looked away from the object that had a hold on her attention while she scowled, and glanced to her left. Some what surprised to see her company. 


"It looks so bad…”

Kendra raised an eyebrow, her lips firmly thin. “I mean bad as in good!!!!” He continued shaking his head. “You look good…i like you with dark hair.” Kendra remained quiet. Not exactly sure on what to say. The last time she saw him he was with some girl. And although she didn’t know the context of what was going at the time, she just didn’t want to focus on that. “Thanks…” She said softly, looking away from Enzo. Kendra watched as people passed them by, all trying to make sure the show went smoothly. They stood in silence, quite an uncomfortable one, for about a minute, before Enzo had enough of it. “I know we bavent seen alot of each other recently. I’ve just been super busy. As you know, the life of a WWE superstar is never boring. Know what I’m saying? Anyways, I was wondering if you wanna go out later with me and some of the others. They are doing a friendsgiving kind of thing..and i thought of you. It would be nice, you could meet some of the new people in NXT. Alot of cool divas and superstars down there.”

“You mean like Liv?” The words just came out of her mouth before she could even stop herself. Kendra looked back at Enzo who was looking at her confused. He opened his mouth, he was unsure of what to say. But he knew he needed to say something, he wasn’t a total fool. 

“Um Miss Guererro, you’re needed at guerilla position.. ”

Saved by the stage hand. Kendra thought, she pressed her lips together. “See you later..” She stated before walking off. Enzo nodded his head robotically.

- - -

“See you can stand there, with that smug look on your face…but we all know the truth. There is no WWE without the architect, Seth Rollins!” The dark haired superstar said, ranting to his former WWE Authority member, Randy Orton. “You’re old news…thats why we had to let you go Randy! Like an old dog, you had to be put down.” Seth shook his head, not phased by the various glares he was getting from the St. Louis native. “And yet, here you are. You just keep coming back….pretty much like herpes..” The crowd ooed as Seth continue his rant. “I am going after that vacant title…im stepping into this ring tonight for the main event and easily, I am walking out as the WWE champion…and there is not a damn thing you can do about it…”

Randy Orton was a Multi- championship winner, across many fields of the WWE. He fought Deadmen, and beasts. Nobodies and those that claimed to be the top players.  And to him, Seth Rollins was just another nobody trying to have his spot at the top. He had no need for words as he dropped the mic and used his fists as a response.  Kendra’s eyes widened as she watched backstage as the two WWE superstars throw blows, going back and forth. This was the cue that Triple H told her about, he wanted her to make her appearance and go to Seth’s side. Though she would much rather see him get the crap beaten out of him. Pressing her lips tightly together, Kendra shook her head. She sucked in a deep breath before putting on her game face and bursting through the curtains and onto the ramp.

The crowd cheered seeing the young Guererro show up.  "What is this John? Kendra Jade coming out to the ring.. I think the crowd is just as confused as we are but all the same glad she is out here!“ Cole said into his microphone. 

"I’m digging the new look Cole, black hair is always my favorite on Kendra.”

Kendra ran her fingers through her long dark hair, she shook her head before she sprinted down the ramp, careful not to fall over in her black heeled ankle boots. Seth pushed Orton away from him with all he had trying to get a breather. He tossed some hair back and out of his eyes, that’s when he noticed his ex sliding into the ring behind Orton. God he was going to enjoy this storyline. 

Sliding across the mat, Kendra quickly got up. She glared at the back of Randy head. Reaching slowly into her pocket. She slid her slender fingers into the rings of the brace knuckles that used to be her father’s. As if feeling her presence, the Viper turned around, coming face to fist with the hard metal. The crowd ooed as he went down. Flipping her hair back, Kendra stood over Orton’s body a satisfied smirk on her face. “Don’t touch my man!” She yelled at his laid out form. Slowly, Seth made his way around Kendra and behind her, slipping his arms around her waist and resting his chin on her shoulder as they both stared down at Randy.

“They’re in cahoots!! Seth Rollins and Kendra Jade! Could she be the queen he has been tweeting about?”

“Of course she is Cole! Who else could be his queen? Move over Edge and Lita,  stand back Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. There is a new power couple, a new legacy has been started! And I couldn’t be more excited!” JBL bellowed.  

Feeling Seth all over her, Kendra wanted to throw up. But she kept up appearances, leaning into him and pointing down at Randy,giggling softly. Hearing her giggle,  Seth grinned cheekily. He tightened his hold on her,  and let out a content sigh. “That a girl…” He whispered in her ear before pulling away and taking her hand. He raised their arms up in the air. And turned her to face the audience.  "Welcome to the era of the King and Queen! Welcome to our kingdom! Bow down!“ Seth yelled, welcoming the boos emitting from the audience. 

- - -


I can’t help but think that I did something to upset you, I hope not. Meet me for drinks tonight? I’ll be at the hotels bar with some superstars. See you then.

Kendra must’ve read that text over a dozen times in her locker room. Probably 20 times at the hotel and even more than that as she stood in the elevator going down to the first floor. She had been more than rude to him earlier that evening. And she was feeling slightly ashamed about that. Sliding her phone into the pocket of her Victoria Secret 'Pink’ sweats she stood close to the elevator door. 'I’ll just sit down for no more than five minutes..then make up an excuse to dip out.' Kendra thought as the elevator dinged and the doors open. Letting out a sigh, she stepped through and headed out to the main lobby.

Passing the people checking in and checking out, Kendra turned to her left and stepped passed thethreshold of the dimlylit bar. Soft music played, as different characters enjoyed their drinks. Scanning the location, she spotted his crazy hair first. There he sat at the bar counter, he looked like he was ordering a drink or two. Behind him, some WWE superstars sat at a table. Laughing and chugging drinks. Kendra tugged at her plain white cropped tee, before sucking up her courage and heading over to Enzo.

In his peripheral, Enzo watched as Kendra climbed onto the stool next to him. He turned to look at her, taking in her outfit before shaking his head with a smile. "You made it.” He said softly. Kendra could barely hear him. “I’m glad.”

“Do you want a drink?”

Kendra shook her head quickly, before looking at him finally.  "I can’t stay long…“ She said ignoring the disappointment that crossed his face. "Sorry..”

Enzo nodded, as the bartender set down his beer, he grabbed it with haste.  "I um….i know we have been flirting and what not for a while now…and I thought…“ He began, shaking his head in confusion with his thoughts. "Liv…she'smy ex. I mean She was…my ex.”

Kendra stared at him intently. Not understanding where this was going. But she knew where ever it went, she would hate it. “After our on-screen kiss, she reached out and we talked a bit.  Decided to give us another shot.”

And there it was.

Taking a deep breath Kendra slid off the barstool. Was this rejection? It felt like rejection. She placed her hand on her chest, it felt weird inside there. And she hated it. Enzo quickly stood up as well. “Baby girl wait…” He commanded, taking her arm. “I don’t this to-”

“You dont want to what?” Kendra asked pulling her arm away. She tugged at her hair in annoyance. “I feel like…such an idiot."she mumbled, stepping away from him. She began to walk away before she turned around. "Thanks for letting me know…it makes things so much easier.” With that, Kendra strutted out of the bar, ignoring Enzo trying to call her back.

“What the fuck..” She breathed out,  finally getting to the elevator. She pressed the button waiting for it to come down. “This is exactly why you should’ve Just focussed on this job Ken……no distractions.”

She was happy that Enzo had someone he cared for. Or rather, she wanted to be happy for him. But her mind and her heart wouldn’t let her. 

As she laid in the comfy hotel bed, she could only think one thing.

God, she hated Liv Morgan.


*Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read my fanfiction. You da best!!



All for You

starting off the blog with angst :) because there is no such thing as too much angst

Character: Bucky x Reader

summary: Bucky meets a girl, a girl he didn’t know would be so precious to him, but at the same time, a reminder of his monstrous self.

Originally posted by buckybarnres

The one time Bucky had a day off to get himself checked up in the hospital, he had to wait 3 hours. There was only one doctor he could trust, and apparently he was busy.

Bucky was waiting while he decided to take a stroll in the hospital’s back-garden, and he found someone unique. Someone…just like him.

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