these are so bad but the part with nick is my fav part in the whole video

Saying I love Tame Impala isn’t strong enough.

Sooooo here is the full recap of my cray cray week in which I travel more like 3 000 km and went to three different festivals in two different countries just so I could see the actual lights of my life three times.

I left home on Saturday July 2nd to go to Belfort and on that day I saw Allah-Las, Beck, Air and Foals and all of them were sooooo great. Especially Air I was so happy to be able to see them as they’re one of my fav french bands (and they were so cute really!!! The way Nicolas was waving at the end was sooooo kitteny) they almost played all my fav songs so it was so great (even though…BIOLOGICAL GUYS!!!!) and then Foals!!! THEY PLAYED CASSIUS!!!! Which is like my fav song from them and Yannis said they haven’t played it for like five years but wanted to do it there I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!!! 

On the Sunday I was nervous the whole time cause the festival we were at is the one my friends saw Kevin in his iconic green short three years ago and he waved at them. (Oh and I wasn’t with them cause at that time I was “naaaaah I don’t like Tame Impala enough to go to BELFORT” yes current me laughs a lot at this) so I was like…WHAT IF. But I didn’t bump into any of them. I saw Blossoms and Courtney Barnett and Mac DeMarco (I was pretty for Mac but it was okay cause I knew I was gonna see him again the next day ahahahaha) and I left before the end of the gig so I could get front row for Tame. So my friend and I had to deal with half a gig of Nekfeu (french rap like. ugh.) but we managed our way to the front in the end so I was VERY HAPPY. 

Tame gig was at like 21:45 and there was the game against Iceland at 21:00 so during the wait they broadcast the game on the screen and France was scoring so much I was like “JULIEN IS GONNA BE SO HAPPY” and I was so sure they wouldn’t come on stage until the end of the first half and…I was right. 

Obviously the gig was so so awesome Kevin was an angel as usual. He was wearing that jacket he got since Japan and. When he put it off… THAT BITCH WAS WEARING THE SAME SHIRT AS WHEN I SAW THEM I JANUARY THAT WAS RIGHT IN THE FEELS. Cam and Dom spotted that I was like. The only one jumping and dancing and knowing all the lyrics so I swear to god they were smiling at me. They were so amazing as always.

The best part is probably during the drum solo of Elephant!!!! As France was still playing Julien stopped and asked us for the score and I was so “!!!!!!” cause it’s soooooo unusual for him to speak during gigs and everything and I was so happy and then Jay was like “Santé!!!” which is how we say Cheers and I was like “I’m the one with the least french” and yeah they ARE SO CUTE. And he also sang “ALLEZ ALLEZ” like that video of Julien he posted which is my fav. I LOVE HIM. 

When I knew it was gonna be the end of the gig I showed them my “See you tomorrow (cause I’m a fan)” sign and I swear to god it made Dom smile again. And at the very very end of the gig when Kevin was saying goodbye and stuff he spotted it and he made quite a surprised face and he said “See you very soon” to me and I was so happy. And one of the confetti technician HANDED ME THE SETLIST PERSONALLY I WAS SO HAPPY seriously and the best part was that I was seeing them again the next day. 

On Monday I woke up pretty early went into a cab (that turned out twice as expensive as it should have been fuck u) and got into the train. I arrived in Lyon and it was SO HOT. I left my stuff at the hotel and went to the venue and as soon as I arrived (it was like 12:30 ahaha) I spotted the tour buses and was suffocating. I came that early cause as the venue is also some sort of touristic place it’s open during the day and you can wander around and stuff and my friends had met Phoenix there that way so I was kinda expecting the same to happen to me with a little bit of luck. Also I was trying not to see signs but. It was exactly a month after I met Nick and in the pocket of my short I found the metro ticket from when I had seen them in Rock en Seine ahaha. So I went into the theatre and there were all the Tame technicians setting the stuff for the night (I saw Joe and my friend Ring and everyone) and I sat there waiting.

AND SUDDENLY I saw Dom and Julien so I didn’t think twice and just went downstairs. And this is how I met them. I mostly talked to Julien though (french) and feel kinda bad about it cause I want Dom to know I love hime too!!!! I gave them Trevor and I told Julien I couldn’t wait for his new album cause I loved his last song so much but hoped I wouldn’t had as much trouble to get it as the first one (AND OMG. He recognized me from the Instagram I had made about it ahahahah) and then I asked them for a pic so Julien said we’d selfie and he’d do it cause he has a long arm ahahah. He also recognized me from the day before with the “see you tomorrow” sign so I told him I was gonna be in Bilbao on Saturday too with another one and he replied that he would definitely look for it <3 

So then I waited a little bit longer in case of other band members would come out but they didn’t so I went back and waited for the doors to open (my shoulders got sunburns by doing so ahah)

Then the show begins and Mac was CRAZY. It really was amazing and Cam and Jay were sitting on that bench he has with him on tour!!! Also Dom and Kevin were checking the gig on the side of the stage and I was <3 <3 <3 <3 

Then Tame played and IT WAS THE GREATEST SHOW I’VE EVER BEEN TO. They were SO HAPPY to be there!!!! Kevin even told us something like “I had a rough morning but you have no idea how this is a turn out” and the tradition in that venue (a roman theater) is to throw cushions on the stage and they were so pleased with that always laughing and joking around and everything it was just SO GREAT. Kevin also told us that the very first time he went to a gig he threw a shoe at the singer just to know how it felt ahahahah. (Yep he apparently has shoes in the end) At some point someone threw a cushion that ended up on Dom and Jay was like “don’t throw it on Dom he’s nice throw it on douche bags like me!!!” 

HE SAT IN FRONT OF ME DURING YES I’M CHANGING and I literally died cause if you know me you know how much I love that song. 

And then for the encore people were getting literally CRAZY with the cushions the scene ended up covered in them and they were so happy and stuff and Kevin and Jay lied on it (I have the greatest video of FLWOGB ever with Kevin laying down in cushions and throwing some back at the audience) and Kevin said that he had never thought he would ended up in a theatre that’s 2 000 years old and he definitely didn’t expect it to be so good and seriously that was the greatest Tame gig I went to and literally the greatest gig ever all bands included. I love them so much and I’m so happy I did that date!!!!!

At the end of the gig I stayed around the tour buses cause I was kinda hoping to meet the rest of the band there and.

It worked.

I waited for like 2 hours approximately and was beginning to be cold af but it was defs worthit.

At first there was Dom and Julien so I just waved at them and they smiled and I said “A SAMEDI!!” (see you on saturday) to Julien and they went into the tour bus (LIKE OTHER PEOPLE DIDN’T CARE ABOUT THEM I WAS SO ANGRY) then Cam and Jay went out and I asked Jay for a pic but he was SO DRUNK. So he took pics with other and went into the bus forgetting me (dat bitch) but I talked to Cam I asked him when his solo album was gonna be out and he said “soon” (bitch your singles are out since DECEMBER) and I told him he should have opened for The Last Shadow Puppets in France cause I was so frustrated I couldn’t see him and yeah. 

And then stuff of dream happened. Kevin was the last one to come out and I saw him pulling his suitcase in one hand while in the other hand he was. Basically. Holding. My. Trevor. I WAS SO HAPPY. My heart literally melted. So I just went to him and was the first one to talk to him. I told him I was the one who had brought Trevor and he said “It’s my new favorite thing ever!!!!” and I died and HE FREAKING HUGGED ME and then I told him a bunch of stuff and I also told him about my gurls and how we had met thanks to him and that we were dreaming of seeing Tame together and he said it would happen. I love him. Then we took a pic and he insisted to have Trevor on it. (Cause like someone came and took his suitcase so he would be more comfortable talking with fans and wanted to take Trevor but. HE KEPT IT JUST FOR ME.) And so I have a very blurry pic with THE LOVE OF MY LIFE (and Trevor) cause American fans apparently don’t know HOW TO USE IPHONES. 

I also told him about the fact I was the idiot with the sings and that there was gonna be one more in Spain and that I was the one he gave his pick to last year etc. Then he signed my ticket and I left him alone cause I talked with him pretty long and other people were getting impatient. So much that I overheard him Kevin said to them “Sorry but she got me a bear!!!!!!” I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

And then I talked with Ring a little bit and the same technician as the day before gave me another setlist and I WAS JUST SO FREAKING HAPPY. And then I left and felt blessed and everything but had to walk for a fucking hour in the night in a big city I didn’t know bless Apple for Maps. 

So then I went to Spain and the festival there is cool even though I think the have some technical problems like everything just stopped working for 10 min during Grimes???? And I saw Kevin making faces because his guitar didn’t sound like he wanted to I guess. They took his guitar and reset it during the gig which like…never happen.

Anyway. Tbh the gig in Spain kinda was the worst because of…Spanish. I was next to three girls who kinda ruined the gig for me because they kept on pushing me…so much that in the middle of the gig I ended like 10meters more on the left than I was at the beginning (like bitch I waited the whole day here..) And seriously the crowd was so shitty like I had never suffer before in a Tame crowd it was so annoying cause people were pushing just for pushing THEY DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THE SONGS. Just some people near me were singing SO ANNOYING. Anyway the gig itself was as great as a Tame gig always is (even tho there was no confetti :’( ) and the most awesome part is that at least Kevin, Cam, Dom and Julien recognized me. Cam and Dom kept on smiling at me and Dom laughed at the sign. Cam pointed it! In the middle of the gig Jay asked for one of the orange hats some people had and he put it on his head but Kevin said it didn’t fit him as well as the people in the crowd aha. At the end of the gig Kevin said the festival was in such a beautiful place and that they were very happy to play here and they didn’t know such a nice place existed. 

And then. During FLWOGB he basically came sitting in front of me and smiled at me the whole time he was there (because of the sign and because he recognized me and because I had met him and because he his the most amazing human being ever) and then he came back. And. He threw another pick at me and I KNOW it was for me cause he was looking at me and basically he never really does that. Maybe it’s because I had told him about the pick I already had or maybe just cause he’s the best idk. But I couldn’t get it and the stupid girl next to me got it even tho she only knew Let It Happen and had been a bitch to me and my friend the whole gig. I cried so much and she was just so happy to see me cry like FUCK U. But I’m over it now, the fact that my fav band recognized me and basically loves me is the most important and I know Kevin threw it for me and not for her so that is what matters. Also I already have one pick so it’s okay right. And then Joe pointed at me so the security guys would give me the setlist but they didn’t fuck them seriously. But it’s okay cause Cam, Dom and Kevin’s smiles and the fact he wanted ME to have another pick are the most important things to me. They are big now but they are such sweethearts I love them so much they just make me so happy to be alive and basically give a meaning to my existence. And I know how silly it must sound but I’m happy that maybe somehow a little part of me (Trevor) will sometimes remind them of the dumb french girls who make bad puns on her signs and love them more than anything. 

I already miss them and I want to see them again as soon as possible and meet them again hopefully with my girls and seriously I have never love any band like that and they make me feel important. Like I’m not just another fan even though I know I am you know??? But yeah they just make my heart warm and I want the best for the five of them and their technicians too cause everyone in Perth is a freaking KITTEN and I can’t wait to move there and marry some Perth guy (Nick) 

Also I’m taking some lines to tell how much proud of myself I am cause I’m anxious af, socially awkward, paranoid and basically I’m afraid of like everything but they make me able to do stuff like this. Going in a foreign country where I don’t even know the language or going in like the second biggest city in France on my own. Love makes me strong yay.