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this is how it happened right

Dad: Weren’t you going to play?

Me: No I have to finish homework first.

Dad: ……..

Me: …………………

Dad: *gleefully runs over to the Nintendo Switch*

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Can I ask for how UT, UF Sans and US Paps crush laughing at their joke/pun so much they snort, and they immediately just leave wherever they are. Like, they were so embarrassed xD, they just left the room and don't come out for hours. When they do, the skelly reacts to the earlier events? Thanks in advance♡

Asked by @hoot-eggs before I changed the blog. 

You’ve been a top fan for a while now <3 Sorry for making you wait so long. 

UT!Sans: That was the cutest thing he’s ever heard. Seriously. And he actually loves when people snort at his puns, it’s just a job well done. The fact that it embarrassed you so much is highly amusing. And he’ll go after you while trying not to laugh at you, since he figures that’ll probably lower his chances of getting you to come out of the room. When it’s been a few hours and you still haven’t come out of your room he starts getting a little worried and he considers teleporting in to get you. So when you finally come out he doesn’t want to bring up what happened earlier. He’ll just make a few. less funnier jokes. To make sure the whole thing doesn’t repeat itself.

UF!Sans: Okay first off, you’ve gotta have some pretty dark sense of humor to laugh at this guys joke. They’re either highly inappropriate or just generally horrible. The snorting is hilarious, he does it himself when he’s tired and laughing at something. Still, that doesn’t stop him from laughing hysterically at your reaction. Until you slam the door to your room shut. And then you refuse to come out. When he finally manages to coax you out he tries to brush it all of. He’s been going over what happened so many times in his head that his anxiety has made it seem worse than it is now. It’ll take an hour or so until he’s back to joking.

US!Papyrus: Okay so this guy can’t even go after you when you storm away. He’s laughing so hard he fell off the couch, and he’s still going strong while laying half on the couch and half on the floor. When you try to pass him to go to your room, he grabs your hand. Not hard, but firmly enough that you’ll stop a little. He really doesn’t want you to go sulk before he can apologize since he knows that that will make you mad. But he just can’t catch his damn breath. Eventually he’ll accidentally snort too. And then you’ll both be laughing. He’s not even embarrassed about it. It made you feel better, didn’t it?

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I'm a special effects makeup artist and in my line of work we use KY lube to make creatures look wet or shiny or if something looks too powdery we use it to bring moister back (a common phase before going on set is "don't forget to lube them up!"). It can also be used to look like sweat. Basically what I am getting at is I have to use KY lube all the time for work and when I see it now I think of your fic! 😂 It's kind of a weird thing but I figured you might find it amusing.

ARE YOU FR???? That’s actually so interesting?? And hilarious?? alskdjfal;sdfjasdf. I’m glad you’ll think of Yuuri Katsuki whenever you’re lubing people up then LMAO <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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Know who else liked cereal? Naysaya. A demon curse. Don't know if this means anything, but defiantly something to think about.

Oh i didn’t forget Naysaya XDDD

I can’t tell if it’s because Marco like cereal, Tom likes cereal, or someone on the staff just REALLY LOVES CEREAL….but it’s funny that even Naysaya is into it.


I can’t come up with a proper explanation for it honestly.

Also that reminds me of a weird thought that came into my mind today actually.. ((Don’t take it seriously, It literally came to mind and it amuses me greatly))

Tom cursed Marco so “Marco Jr” could exist.

So in a really stupid and ridiculous way, Naysaya is technically like their baby. XD

Tom, how dare you talk about your “Not Technically” Child like that.

Random Story Time

So this is the story of how I decided to cut all of my hair off and thus began the process of learning about accepting the agender aspect of my identity.

Which is a super important and awesome thing
Like this was a huge turning point in my life
Boosted my self confidence the whole sappy shebang

The story of how I came to this life-changing decision is:

I was 15, a freshman in high school. I’d had long hair my entire life. Like halfway down my back long hair. Always wore it up in a ponytail bc it was an annoying mane of hair and that was all I could be bothered to do with it.

It was also time for me to get braces… but I had to get my wisdom teeth removed first.

So while I was high as balls on Vicodin and anesthesia after getting my wisdom teeth surgically dug out of my jaw, I was struck by the inexplicable desire to cut all of my hair off.
My mom was like, “… We’ll see how you feel about it when you’re sober”.

One week of vicodin and week of recovery to fully sober up bc I weighed roughly 90lbs and that was a lot of drugs for my tiny body, I was still enamored with the idea of cutting my hair off and was like “I want like a pixie haircut” and my mom was like, “let’s cut it to your shoulders and then go shorter from there” which is fair bc I guess most people get really upset/sad and I was like… “nah I’m good cut it shorter” so you know a month later I have a pixie and strangers start calling me “he” and I get some flirty looks from girls who thought I was a cute boy. And I never went back.

So here we are… Like 8 years later.

Bonus info:
It turns out I have an adverse reaction to pain killers or something? Like they’re supposed to make you tired and drowsy, right? I went into hyper overdrive and was bouncing off the walls and refused to lie down for until two hours later (and promptly passed out when I did). I distinctly remember the nurse being unsure what was happening bc she was supposed to take me out to the parking lot/car in a wheelchair but I wouldn’t stay in the wheelchair and insisted on walking so she just kinda followed like “wtf is this child" I’m pretty sure she was amused tho. But also concerned. But it was fine. Didn’t die once. 

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I am searching for a fic I started to read but lost: Something about Loki being imprisoned by Odin and locked up in a magic field that feeds off his magic whenever he uses it. He even starts to change into his frostgiant-form because he is exhausting himself. Odin just belittles him, Frigga is SO not amused with her husband's antics but Loki is aiming at a target - to overload the magic field. I am not sure where exactly Tony is at this time, but I am almost 100% sure it IS frostiron. Gracias!😘

hmmm, I haven’t read that one, so I’m not much help. Does anyone know which fic it is? :)

Infiltration (Final Rose)

“Your Majesty, I have come as requested”

Her Imperial Majesty Averia VII of the Arendelle Empire frowned ever so slightly at the amusement that laced each word. Of all of her many… cousins this one belonged to perhaps the most troublesome group. 

If the descendants of Lightning Farron through Averia Yun-Farron and Elsa of Arendelle were known for their grumpiness and tendency to glare, then the descendants of Oerba Yun Fang through Diana Yun-Farron and Jahne Nabaat were known for being exceedingly devious, utterly diabolical, and perfect for covert operations, sabotage, and infiltration.

To be more accurate, he was one of the descants of Oerba Yun Fang through Diana Yun-Farron and Jahne Nabaat’s second daughter, the one who had inherited a Semblance quite similar to Jahne and Jihl Nabaat.

For centuries, they had served the Empire, acting from the shadows and orchestrating covert operations, political intrigue, and stirring up rebellion against the enemies of the Empire. The vast majority of them had Semblances related to telepathy or illusions. The man standing in front of her had a Semblance all too similar to Jihl Nabaat’s. She’d once seen him wipe out an entire room of terrorist by ordering them to kill themselves.

Thankfully, their loyalty was unquestionable even if their methods were often less than honourable. They believed in the Empire’s vision, and they worked ruthlessly to ensure it was protected and nurtured. More than that, they were family, and they had proven themselves to her and the rest of their great House over and over again.

“You are no doubt aware of the expedition to the other galaxy.” Averia didn’t bother to waste either of their time. “Our reports indicate a highly dysfunctional form of government. I would like you and some of your operatives to begin operations in the other galaxy. Your objectives are to ascertain the positions of the major powers from the other galaxy, determine if influencing them to favour us is possible, and to identify possible threats.”

“And if threats are identified…?” His lips curved up into a toothy grin. “Shall we remove them?”

“Not yet.” Averia held his gaze evenly. Few people would have felt secure in a room with a man with such a powerful Semblance, but they’d known each other since they were children. She could distinctly remember throwing a frog at him once after he’d pranked her. “We don’t understand enough to act freely in a political sense. But keep a close eye on any potential threats. If you believe they must be eliminated, let me know. I will consider the matter personally.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty. This sounds quite fun. I’m looking forward to it.”

“I’m sure you are.” Averia’s expression softened. “I would prefer not to take you from your family, but you are the one best suited to this task.”

He chuckled. “There is no need to worry yourself on that account. My wife understands the importance of the work I do, and my little boy is just going on two years old now. This new galaxy represents great opportunity but also great danger. If my work can help create a brighter future for him…” He smiled. “And speaking of children… I’ve heard you’re being pressured to produce some.”

“Get out,” Averia growled. Her lips twitched. “Seriously, I don’t need to hear that from you owo. You would not believe the candidates the Dia-Farron came up with.”

“I believe they want you to have a harem, starting with Claire and Jahne.”

“How did you…?” She sighed. “Never mind. Of course, you know. You always know. Anyway, I’m just glad this new galaxy has given those cousins of mine something else to puzzle over.”

“Indeed.” He nodded at her. “I’ll begin preparations. I’ll have a suitable team prepared within a week. I trust Claire can manage the military side of things until I get there.”

“It’s Claire. I’m not sure she knows how to lose a fight.”


La plus belle âme. C'est ma meilleure amie…elle est ma soeur. Les carnavals pluvieux sont les plus amusants avec vous @sassygirlymermaid!!☁️️💦⚡🎪🎡 i miss you so much man. I’m eating stuffed crust pizza from da hut, thinking of you and our most wonderful adventures. can’t wait to reunite💜💜💜

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Ok, so All His is absolutely killing me! I LOVE how you can inject so much dry humor into your stuff. Between Soo getting covered in mud in THOSE khakis to Baekhyun having a big box o' condoms, I nearly pissed myself reading this! Love it! And you 😘

I had to destroy THOOOOSE khakis. It wasn’t even that I hated them I was just so confused and amused by them. The only reason I was able to include them was because I did not entirely hate them.

You will not find a single mention of the egg hair. THAT hair I cannot even make jokes about.

Also whoever guesses the # of condoms in baekhyun’s box will get a kiss.

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri