these are shitty i know

the content literally no one asked for


#so much tongue #so little time

pros of season 3:

• allura’s new bayard


• lotor’s actually a good villain holy fuck VREPIT SA INDEED FUCK ME UP 


• “hey man” not once but twice

soft klance smiles

• alfor looks fuckin great ur killin it my man 


cons of season 3:

• black straight up dropped shiro tf is up with that 

• shiro just.. shiro looks ugly as fuck i cannot deal 

• slav made it too 

“Plagg, if Hawkmoth is a miraculous holder then why is he doing all this bad things? Aren’t we supposed to help people? Can anyone ended up like him?…

…Can I?”

i got inspired by @whos-that-foxi-lady posts and this happened

im planning to write a one shot about this

this may or may not be part of my fic Fractal


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


I could not ever thank this game enough for the wonderful experience of my past few years. I’ve never dove so far into a game or fan community as I have for TF2, by far my favorite game. It means the absolute world to me, and I could not ask for a better set of murder dads ❤

Thank you Valve, for them.

No your eyes aren’t the colour of the fucking ocean but I sure as hell drowned in them anyway.

No your eyes aren’t as clear as a fucking summer night sky but I swear it felt like I was looking at the entire universe.

No your eyes aren’t the colour of my coffee in the morning but I still fucking think of you after I pour the milk in anyway.

You weren’t the ocean but you were my sea and I drowned willingly.

You weren’t the universe but I could have spent the rest of my life staring at what I thought was greater than the stars.

You aren’t there in the mornings like my coffee always is but I could have woken up to your warm brown eyes every day, and that would have been all I needed.

But you left and the day you realise that was the greatest mistake you ever made, don’t come back.