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When you require physical comfort from your family, but you were never that close in the first place…

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All that time I review the BSD ending, I think about... Just look.

Here Atsushi sinks among the darkness, water column doesn’t transmit light. Darkness — his thoughts, his past, his fears and his complexes, his self-flagellation. And he sinks in it, he sinks because he can’t change anything. He sinks because he thinks he is useless.

And here the Dazai’s hand. He touches Atsushi’s forehead, and look. Darkness recedes. Fears, despair, loneliness — all of this goes away. Here becomes light. Peace and tranquility are in Atsushi’s head, and all because of Dazai. And I’m not talking about his ability, I’m talking about himself. About his personality.

This is the best impersonation the way Dazai affects Atsushi, isn’t it? He gets rid of Atsushi’s fears, lets the light in the kingdom of intrusive darkness, vile thoughts immediately retreat.

Recall even chapter 25, where Dazai really helps Atsushi wake up from painful thoughts which suddenly revived with all the strength in his head. He gives Atsushi a slap and says the right words, standing on knees like Atsushi does. Dazai is not above Atsushi. Dazai is together with Atsushi.

And here Atsushi reaches for Dazai’s hand, so gently and tenderly, as if Dazai is a ray of light in his life.

Isn’t it so?

Furthermore, did you hear the lyrics of this ending song?

“Whenever you’re darkened by sadness and your tears overflow…
 Whenever your heart floods with loneliness and begins to waste away..
 I’ll call out a name: your name;
Just as you once called out mine”.

These words are playing right in that moment when Atsushi sinks and Dazai touches his forehead.

After that I just can’t believe that Dazai doesn’t care about Atsushi and doesn’t make him feel confident and…


Maybe I’m just a fujoshi, but my heart beats faster when I see them together ^^ Don’t hit me /)т_т(\

@blairtrabbit: they would find some amazon civilization
blairtrabbit: johnny would almost get them killed
Me: like
Me: immediately
blairtrabbit: like jack would see the giant women step out of the bushes his eyes would get really big

blairtrabbit: and he would side eye johnny and shake his head slowly

blairtrabbit: but it would be to late
Me: hahahaa oh my god
blairtrabbit: johnny would have his mouth open taking a deep breath

blairtrabbit: then the very next shot
blairtrabbit: them in a cage over a fire

Me: “I do not know why you continue to behave this way toward women when I suck your dick every night, Johnny,” Jack says

Me: but in a more PG way

blairtrabbit: johnny just has his head in his hands

lmao no offense but halsey is literally everything tumblr wants in a celebrity she’s a queer woman of color who is extremely socially and politically aware, speaks up about her own mental illness, and on top of that is also genuinely talented as fuck and still yall feel the need to put her down and make her small like how gross can u actually be literally how disgusting are u

@ everyone with intrusive thoughts

okay I’m not trying to invalidate anyone and their struggles but people really need to talk about intrusive thoughts that aren’t just stuff like “throw your cup across the room” or “eat this leaf” (even tho those must be stressful as well im sorry)

I’m talking about those gross, disgusting, violent thoughts that leave you awake at night afraid you’re going to slip up because it’s just a matter of time
Those thoughts that make you afraid to be alone in a room with anyone/anything you could possibly hurt
Those thoughts that leave you crying in the shower/puking over a toilet because they’re so disgusting and you must be a horrible person for even THINKING them
Those thoughts that make you want to kill yourself because it’s better than having to deal with them

People don’t talk about them enough and that’s why it’s so hard for people who suffer from them to realize that it’s not their fault it’s just the disorder
And to everyone who struggles with this: you’re so brave, I love you, and you’re going to get through this

 I think i finally found an official concept for my version of Manwë /Súlimo/ Mânawenûz Valahiru / Aran Einior/ Airbending master wait wrong universe nvm

Contrary to popular beliefs about Oikawa’s self-centered personality, he’s not the type to really take care of himself. He’s got naturally pretty hair and pretty skin and pretty face - he says he’s blessed by the Oikawa genes, everyone believes it to be true. 

But, again, he’s not the type to take time out for himself. He’ll cut his fingernails really short to handle the ball better and subconsciously bites what’s left out of anxiety. His hands are normally dry and rough, sometimes scraped if he landed wrongly on the ground from going after a ball; it’s a sad sight when you look at the bony structures of his wrists and his slender fingers that would, without a doubt, make his hands look beautiful if it weren’t for his lack of care towards them. 

The thing is that he doesn’t care what happens to his hands or his knees or his legs or his ankles - he’s focused on one goal and that’s to improve himself. He thinks he just needs his pretty face to get by so that his other imperfections are overlooked - and he manages to get by too, except with one person.

That one person that carries moisturizers and lotions in his bag, along with polysporin and bandages and tylenol and protein bars (and maybe milk bread, if he’s got the time to get some). He watches Oikawa flirt with danger, serve after serve, set after set, spike after spike. All until he feels it right in his bones that Oikawa’s about to hit his limit and he drags him out of the court, anxious but relieved. 

And in the silence of the locker room, Oikawa sits there in a blissful peace, letting Iwaizumi take his hands in his own and attempting to moisturize them, rubbing polysporin on the scrapes and cuts, whispering little warnings about overworking and not taking care of his body enough with furrowed brows. Oikawa lets his fingers wander around Iwaizumi’s jaw until his lips are kissing Oikawa’s hands - one by one, each finger, his palms, his knuckles. 

“Do they feel better?”

“Mhm, much better.”

Oikawa doesn’t really take care of himself, but he’s glad there’s someone out there that’s willing to take up the challenge. One day, he thinks, he’ll learn to love himself just as much as Iwaizumi loves him. 

Do we actually have to explain why some people don’t like shipping Briala with the woman who arranged her parents deaths, lied about it, let her kill someone else for it, and decided to burn down an elven settlement because of a play after she told Briala she would help the elves? Like, do we need to have this conversation at all? Who doesn’t get that this is an extremely problematic ship with an awful power dynamic?

You know what upsets me? The utter lack of Asian AUs. I’ve heard loads of black Hermione, Latino or Indian Harry, and I think they’re all great and lovely ideas, but I have not once heard of an Asian AU (Yes I do realize Indians are Asians pls chill for a sec), and it makes me so sad because I feel like I’ll never have a place to belong. So bring in the Chinese Hermione or Korean Harry AUs. Please include us.

I’m sorry but I just really need more people to ship Vmonkook/Namvkook like someone please come scream with me because I can’t find substantial content and am literally dying *gross sobbing*

Cause I mean all the spontaneous dorky dancing competitions and at first Namjoon just chuckles and shakes his head at taekook’s antics but then joins in and all the other members face palm and go “not again”

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hey so recently i found this post that claimed su was the worst show because it has faux progression. it says the show claims to support women and race, but the gems have no gender or race. it also said the show only has one healthy gay canon ship and we rarely see them on screen. what are your thoughts on this?

Did that OP have nothing better to do than be really gross and accusatory?

Yeah, they’ve only had so much gay representation, but they’re doing as much as they can without getting taken off the air. And yes, they’ve also been insensitive with some of their racially-coded characters (of which I won’t discuss; I’m not POC and it’s really not my place to talk of it. I know when to stay in my lane.)

But … fuck, dude. Do you see really see that many other shows on TV that’s doing all that SU is doing? Especially considering that most of this was all planned and written back in 2013-2014 when society was much less accepting of the LGBTQ+ community?

Kids are seeing gay characters like them. Kids are seeing POC characters like them. They don’t always look that deep into the fact they’re genderless gems with no race. They’re just caring about having fun and learning new things.

If SU is “faux progression”, then I have some bad news for you, ‘cause you’re unlikely to find whatever you consider to be “real progression”. Almost every other show on TV right now is rampant with queerbaiting and poor handling of POC cast.

The Crewniverse is being rather gentle with heavy subject matter and doing really well with most of it. These “fans” are being so disgustingly harsh. Find some new shows to watch or books to read or something if SU isn’t progressive enough for you. I’m getting tired of people attacking the Crew, it’s uncalled for.

You can’t expect SU to be perfect, and it’s your problem if you do expect it to be perfect.


okay so,, my smile is something i’ve always been really insecure about, but lately i’ve been trying to embrace it & learn to love myself more bc i’m tired of hating myself for something that’s a part of me & that i can’t control. it’s definitely a work in progress, but that’s okay!! ✨

it’s honestly so gross how much hate halsey gets, i’m not saying she’s perfect but it’s bullshit that artists in bandom like tyler joseph or gerard way can talk about mental illness and they’re inspirational but if halsey does it she must be “faking it for sales”. or how pete wentz vagued that he was bi in an interview one time, which we don’t even know if it was real or not, and he’s a bisexual icon but halsey is obviously “pretending” to bi bc she hasn’t publicly dated a woman and gets shouted homophobic slurs by 1975 fans, it’s just so frustrating to see