these are really all just common sense people

in what part of the world would it be okay to continue chasing after Taehyung when it’s quite obvious that he’s scared and running away from crazy screaming fans trying to ruin his vacation??? him running away wasn’t enough for people to realize that their behavior wasn’t okay??? they still kept going after him until he managed to get inside the car??? y’all really gotta start using common sense, stop following them around, stop trying to sneak pictures and videos just so you can post them on social media to get attention, stop invading what little privacy they have as celebrities. he’s home for the first time in a while, he just came back from a tour, he’s trying to spend some time with a good friend, idk why people thought this was okay and continue to do it when it’s NOT OKAY. 

The Five Elements of a Good Novel Pitch

If you guys haven’t heard about the Book Doctors, then what have you been doing with your writing life allow me to educate you.
David Henry Sterry and Arielle Ekstut are a husband and wife couple who work closely with NaNoWriMo and are the authors of a fantastic book titled “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published.” (get it and read it, it’s fabulous) These two wonderful people just did a YouTube livestream (it’s two hours long, watch it here) and at the tail end of it, David Sterry mentions the five elements of a really solid pitch…

  1. Research: Make sure that any facts you use in your pitch (as a hook or that are relevant to your novel) are accurate. It sounds like common sense, but you might be surprised how so many details can get overlooked. Unfortunately, pitches are all about detail. Suffice it to say, if you’re writing a medical thriller, then you’ll want to have intimate knowledge of medical procedures.
  2. Connection / Networking: One of the things that surprised me about pitching a novel is the “resume” part of a pitch. I thought that pitching was all about selling your book, but you have to sell yourself, too. If a well-known author has praised your book, mention that! If you’re writing a book for middle schoolers titled “How to Be A Loser 101″ then throw in a mention of how you were a loser for years and years (humor and connection. Double whammy). If you’re like me and you don’t have any credentials relevant to your story, then this humorous route may be the way to go.
  3. Writing: A pitch should be under 250 words. Every word needs to count, needs to be chosen, needs to be the best word to sell your book and yourself. You need to take time, slow down, and really think. 250 is a lot less than it sounds, so try not to get discouraged and keep at it until you feel that you’ve really summarized the essence of your book.
    *Note: pitches for sci-fi and fantasy novels can be a little bit longer because they tend to need more buildup and explanation, but don’t go over 300. Just don’t.
  4. Perseverance: Writing the right pitch can take a long time. Heck, it took the Book Doctors months to come up with theirs, but now they can recite it in sync, with hand motions (skip to 2:01:38 to see it!). Condensing an entire novel down to 250 words is hard, even without considering that those 250 are supposed to convey why your book needs to be published. But take it one step at a time, and most importantly…
  5. Have fun with it! We all know that joy and passion should permeate our work, and that should be no different when it comes to your pitch. Let your pitch have style and humor and voice and cliffhangers, just like your book does.

Keeping all these elements in mind when you’re writing your novel pitch can be really helpful. And if you hit a wall? Step back, take a breath. Use your resources (like the Book Doctor’s video here or their book “The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published”). 
And if you want to, send me your pitches! I’m not professional, but I’d love to hear about your guys’s books. Tag me in a post or send them to me in a message and I’ll help if I can! 

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why did you dislike theater school so much?

i have a love/hate relationship w it.

It’s a fabulous school. The writer of Moonlight went there actually - saw him all the time around. So did the dude that cowrote In The Heights and Hamilton alongside Lin. Stars come out of that school and for a reason. It’s the best of the best, considered the Fame School of the South etc. So i was surrounded by a wonderful quirky arts atmosphere and people all over Miami know it’s the It school. It has a name. There’s a lot of positives to be said about it.

my experience wasn’t the best but that was partially because i was socially stunted in a lot of ways - just really behind than most kids on a lot of common sense social situations; learning not to do or say certain things or behave in a certain way as I was doing it. I had mental disorders I wasn’t aware I had. So mix that with being put through daily rigorous emotional challenges in Acting training that really required you to be secure w yourself, which I wasn’t, at such a young age being w the same 10 kids for 4 years that I wasn’t necessarily friends with - it didn’t make for a healthy outcome and took a lot of recovery time.

Not everyone had that experience coming out of that school but mine in particular wasn’t too great. I’m talented though. There’s that outcome I guess.

Hey, Roman haters! Did you even take the time to look at this pic before you jumped to your asinine conclusions? I’m guessing probably not. You really think this came so easily to Roman? You think he’s proud of this? Yeah, his face looks so happy in this pic. He sure looks like he’s having a total blast. (And I’m being sarcastic, just in case you idiots don’t know that!) If you people were smart and had any common sense at all, you’d see that this wasn’t even about Roman Reigns. It was about THE UNDERTAKER. But what I can expect from haters at this point? They always fail to see the bigger picture and what’s right in front of them. Get over yourselves already, please.

So I’m pretty sure everyone’s heard by now that the GazettE is doing a “world tour” (Ruki and Aoi themselves are just referring to it as an “overseas tour” which is more accurate), and everyone is excited and happy. Great for you, great for them! But here are just some things to keep in mind, just from what I know they’ve said and what I’ve heard has happened at other tours.

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What does it matter?

If you’re not dysphoric, what does it matter if some people don’t validate your gender? What does it matter if you’re gatekept? 

You have no need to medically transition. You’ll be perfectly fine without it. Being non-dysphoric means you are completely comfortable with your sex, sex characteristics, and even living as your sex. If you can’t medically transition it won’t affect your quality of life because you’re comfortable as you are. It’ll just be like a tattoo or piercing you couldn’t get. If someone misgenders you it’s more of an annoyance, like if you had an unusual name that people pronounced wrong, than something that triggers anything from mild dysphoria and upset to major, soul crushing dysphoria. 

Other than that, there’s nothing really being kept from you. You can wear whatever clothes you want, you can change your name, you can seek therapy, you can pack and bind and use breast forms, you can request people use different pronouns, etc. All this tells me if you just really want the word trans for some reason. If it wasn’t, you’d be perfectly content creating your own terms and communities that don’t bear likeness to ours, which would make more sense since dysphoric and non-dysphoric people don’t have much in common. You’d be able to center yourselves and validate yourselves. There’d be much less grief for us all. 

And if the idea of not getting medical transition really bothers and upsets you, maybe you should reconsider how non-dysphoric you really are. 

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is there any medical lingo you find making its way into your daily vocabulary? i just saw a doctor say 'obtunded', which apparently is a medical term, but is mostly obsolete in the colloquial sense they intended. does that ever happen to you or any medical people you know?

Only every single day of my life. It’s really problematic. It’s to the point that I don’t even notice it. Like, I know I do this all the time, but I have a hard time telling my language that’s work-related from just my regular language, because I’ve been doing this for 10 years now and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a normal person.

Who I almost just called a civilian.

Some common examples:

  • I refer to “shifts” as “tours” (as in tours of duty)
  • Obtunded is indeed a word for lethargic or a depressed (as in, not fully conscious) mental status. I’m not sure I’ve used it in conversation
  • I’ll constantly mock using “10-4″ (acknowledged) by saying “Tin fork”
  • When I’m going somewhere I’ll use my local 10-code for the “on my way / en route” message and the “I’m here / on scene” (check local radio codes for added realism!)
  • I use “be advised” way more than I should
  • If your area has radio codes for things (a psychiatric emergency or a cancellation), those will get used a lot too

I’m sure there are others. I should ask Mrs. Scripty for a definitive list (and oh gods how she puts up with me. I love that woman so much.)

Update: I use them so often Mrs Scripty has no idea what’s work stuff and what’s me-stuff. This is excellent.

Hey med humans! What work slang do YOU use in your real lives? 

Make sure you check the comments on this post, it could be super useful!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I know I said I would only be posting positive stuff, but I honestly don’t understand why the idea of minimizing collateral damage in a hostile situation is a concept that is difficult to grasp. I mean… It’s common sense. To me. No really, I JUST DON’T GET IT. I am simply… befuddled. 

People die. Okay, I get it. But that’s not we’re aiming for.

We’re aiming for PEOPLE TO LIVE. Right? So the natural course of action is to do everything in our power for PEOPLE TO LIVE.

You do NOT START from the premise that people are going to die. You start from the premise that you need to defend these people and do every single fucking thing you can to avoid them getting hurt.

Saying that Steve’s logic stems from his WW 2 mentality is all well and good - but it doesn’t change that it’s outdated logic, and something that has no place in today’s world. It’s damaging. Steve might have his reasons, but THAT DOESN’T MAKE IT OKAY.

I believe the problem here stems from the issue that, ultimately, Steve’s goal is to take down the remnants of Hydra - which is a noble and correct goal. The problem is that he justifies all the collateral damage he does in the process - which is NOT OKAY.

FFS, people, get a clue. Lagos was a situation in which Steve himself admitted he made mistakes. There were other options he could have taken that would have prevented loss of life. And despite Lagos, despite everything, he still stubbornly insists “the safest hands are still our own”, that all this time he has been acting for the benefit of the people - when evidence shows the contrary. The UN says the Avengers need oversight, and he denies it, despite an increasing body count that counters his argument. Yeah, no.

And I hate to reiterate this - but the Accords are NOT ABOUT TONY STARK. Tony is just one guy who signed the Accords. Leaving aside the fact that Ultron did play a major part in their existence (which, by the by, wasn’t solely Tony’s faul), the fact remains that what Steve had been doing post-Ultron has very little to do with Ultron.

He’s running illegal operations with a task force of superpowered people, encroaching the borders of sovereign states - and you will note that this is a major argument in Ross’s speech.

Wakanda is up in arms because of Steve’s actions. King T’Chaka is in Vienna because Wakandans died in Lagos. It’s right there, people. 

Accepting collateral damage is all well and good, but starting from the premise that you’ll do collateral damage is extremely dangerous.

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So like I caught someone's previous post about a poly relationship between gai/kakashi/Gemna and my head was just; "yes of course I bet most high level ninja (especially those not in a clan) would be in some form of a poly-ship because I mean how risky to throw all of yourself into one person? And like more people is more support and more protection and it's easier to trade off watches and if you get to kids it's a lot easier to balance missions with more people and I just (1/2)

I just don’t know why I’d never thought of it before. I mean sure maybe clan heads have to limit themselves for the sake of a clear line of inheritance but especially in Konoha with how they emphasize team relationships and depending on your fellow villagers I just. I just can really see a complex culture where poly relationships of all kinds is actually much more common than single pairs.

This makes lovely sense tbh. I know not everyone can work with a poly relationship, but for those who can it’s really logical. 

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Everyones talking about a kelly amd cas hook up do you think thag will happen?

Uuuuuhm, first I’m going to question that ‘everyone’ because all I’ve seen on my dash was @elizabethrobertajones shouting at someone and three other people supporting her very rational shouts, so I’m not sure who’s sensing this vibe, if anyone. I mean, if you’ve read it on some EW website, remember those were the ones who thought Charlie was going to be Dean’s bae and Mary and Cas would end up together, so… But also - anon, I’m not saying you did it maliciously or anything, but just in case someone out there doesn’t know this - starting a controversial question with ‘Everyone’ gives it credibility and sort of isolates the person put on the spot. It’s a rhetorical device, and if it happens to you, you should immediately turn it around and ask, ‘Everyone who? Do you have a source for that? Statistics? Research of any kind?’ because normally no, there isn’t - people starting their questions this way are either a) political-minded debate-club alumni who just want to mess with you and fuck them, or b) poor guys who really believe that their opinions are so common sense and Good™, they must be shared by everyone, right? and since these opinions tend to be bigoted nonsense, again, challenge them.

(I mean, we all have that one uncle, right?

“Come on, everyone knows you need a mom and a dad -”

“Actually, Gary, no, not everyone knows that. In fact, according to the latest research, children who grow up with gay parents are happier and healthier than those who’re part of a so-called ‘traditional’ family.”

And, yeah.)

So, anyway - as I said, I’m sure you’re not awful in any way, anon, and are simply worried or curious about something you’ve read, and my answer is, that something is probably bullshit. I mean - narratively, it wouldn’t make any sense for Cas to have a romantic partner right now (his character arc at the moment is deciding where he belongs, after all), much less a human woman he’s met twice and is pregnant with Lucifer’s child. Second, Kelly isn’t in the right place for a relationship either. Only two weeks ago or something she was very much in love with President Whatshisface, her literal soulmate, and as far as we know, she only left to protect him and to spare him the pain of knowing she’d been raped and is now carrying some sort of demon baby, so why would she suddenly be interested in Cas? And third, it’s likely this speculation was caused by the fact that, oh my, Cas and Kelly are sitting down and looking at each other (and, okay, Cas is touching her belly, but he’s probably counting how many poisonous fangs that baby has, not trying to make her squirm and shiver in pleasure). 

You know what this is making me thinking of? Brienne and Tormund. As I wrote here, those two don’t have anything in common, never talked to each other, and, as even the director admits, Brienne’s not interested or impressed in any way, but fans were still losing their shit about it all, and by ‘losing their shit’, I mean really going foaming-at-the-mouth insane -

[Exhibit A]

- but, well, why shouldn’t they? Apparently, despite the fact Tormund’s not Brienne’s type at all, something may happen between them in S7, because “I think it was fairly one-sided, but that’s OK. There’s nothing like a challenge. Men love a challenge” [source]. So, see? This is the problem. This is what we’re teaching our kids and reassuring everyone that’s normal: if you look at a woman once, she’s yours - end of story. If she doesn’t like you, chase her. There’s nothing like a challenge.

(Meanwhile, gay couples can literally die for each other or even have the same exact storyline as straight couples - have a look at the eye-watering parallels between Destiel and Dirty Dancing here - and people will insist we’re reading too much into things and want to see sex everywhere and they’re just friends, for God’s sake and not everyone is gay - which, okay, not everyone is gay but not many people are straight, either. Just have a look at what straight men do with each other - not to mention you can fall in love with anyone, because that’s how love works - it’s vicious and brutal and unpredictable and let’s hope that one person will love us back, because, Jesus.) 

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humanitarian is literally the (developed) aquarian ARCHETYPE, like, do you not get that you can't change that? it's literally set into stone, your personal experiences should never come into play with actual facts.

I’m not trying to change any ‘facts?’ (seriously what is it with people bringing ‘facts’ into astrology- this isn’t a hard science it’s nebulous and subjective and full of holes and exceptions and evolves with humanity, that’s the whole appeal)

 I’m not challenging the archetype? I’m just pointing out how it manifests in real human beings, and the fact is, so-called humanitarians (the human embodiment of the Aquarius archetype) are very often selfish, deceptive, and have hidden agendas (gandhi, obama, it’s a long list, use google)

astrology is useless unless you find a way to apply archetypes to real people and see how it plays out in the real world via… get this… personal experiences (wow)

also…. bruh….. nothing is set in stone… everything you take as a “fact” can change in a second (look at what happened to the world of physics w/quantum theory, scientists literally can’t agree on what reality is anymore, and that’s physics, not astrology which is even more weird and wishy-washy)

astrology is a human construct, along with every archetype in it.

a chair is only a chair because you decide it’s a chair and sit on it, without your ‘perception’ and ‘personal experience’ it’s just dead wood glued together in a weird shape

personal experience is a perfectly valid way to come up with new ideas and draw your own conclusions about stuff, that is literally why we are alive and have functional brains

‘facts’ aren’t created in a vaccum; they are verbalized by people applying their personal experience/perception to the world

** I sound mad but I’m not mad, just trying to clear some really basic things up, feel like this should all be common sense so idk

The misuse of astrology really goes to show how people will easily throw their common sense away to escape their problems. You’ve seen it all the time. Fatalistic and defeatist tendencies. Generalization of the signs. Generalizations of compatibility. It’s a natural thing for everyone really, and it makes me wonder about the workings of human nature.

Do humans really just hate to coexist with everything in the world around them because it’s so uncomfortable? It makes sense… We all have a Sun within us. An identity, an ego. Something that exists to highlight not only our beautiful uniqueness, but also our want to stay that way by refusing to coexist yet we create idealistic social norms and societies. It’s scary to express yourself with a possibility of consequence, so we create norms with the intention that we won’t express ourselves at all, but you’ve seen some manifestations of this. War. Conflict. Arguments… all with the purpose to maintain the self, which is why Aries and Scorpio, signs ruled by the combative Mars, is tied to identity.


I’ve never thought I would speak to someone so ignorant in my life but I guess I did 😅.

I’ve blocked this guy for several reasons ,
1. He’s very rude
2. He swears a lot
3. He’s a fake daddy
4. He’s very ignorant
5. He doesn’t wish to learn the truth
6. He thinks that if someone who wore a bikini at night in a Muslim neighbourhood there gonna do something “bad” …. who even walks in a bikini at night? And , no one cares if you start walking in a bikini in a Muslim neighbourhood at night, it’s because they’re asleep! And even if it was day, muslims respect others.
7. He thinks that cuz he has “2 degrees” ( if it was true) suddenly knows everything.
And there’s more but I would be here all day

I’ve never really wanted to do this, I mean I’ve seen other blogs do it but never really thought I would have to do it , so if anyone that’s following me and is a ,

Muslim hater
Donald trump supporter
Doesn’t accept LGBT

Please unfollow me ☺️

I mean I do respect other people’s opinions but when the opinion is statistically wrong and you keep forcing your opinion on me and swearing at me then you’ve crossed the line.

I don’t care if I lose all of my 7000+ followers , I just want the people who aren’t ignorant to follow me and do have common sense.

Thank you have a good day/night! 🙂

sometimes I remember when a gay guy I used to be friends with once told me and a friend (me being a closeted lesbian and my friend being a closeted trans man at that time, both of us mentally ill and being abused by our partners)– in response to us confessing our feelings of hopelessness relating to how we were treated/perceived in a gendered and sexuality sense–  that lesbians must have the least happy relationships because all women hate themselves

and I just wanna say that idk if that’s a common thing to say in any other young people’s LGBT spaces but that was super fucked up, and a lot of the time what cis men are interpreting as women hating themselves is really trans folks and non-straight women and women who are abuse survivors and mentally ill women reacting to the material reality of their lives. 

and if you’ve worried that there’s something inherent in you that damns you to unhappiness– just know that it’s literally not you as a person, it’s issues you’re struggling with. Transphobia, lesbophobia, abuse, and mental illness are fucking depressing– of course you feel depressed. But the thing with that is, finding supportive folks makes you feel better, so having meaningful relationships with other women (if you’re a wlw) or other trans folks (if you’re trans) or other survivors– those things don’t exacerbate your sadness, they help alleviate it and help you cope with it. 

I don’t want anybody to have their sense of hopelessness reinforced by people around them. 

The other thing is like….. let’s just all pretend that aphobia exists as an axis to be oppressed upon, and that all non-aces/aros (regardless of orientation) had non-ace/aro privilege and oppressed a-spec people

Why would aces/aros want to be in a community with their non-ace/aro oppressors? the LGBT+ community was formed because lgbp people and trans people had enough in common with regards to oppression that it did (and still does!) make sense for the two groups to work together. Transphobia can sometimes include misdirected homophobia (because people think trans people are “really just gay” or whatever other transphobic bullshit), and at the time the community formed society as a whole had a less nuanced and more incomplete understanding of gender, meaning the line between sexuality and gender was a lot less defined than it is today (remember the “is Marsha P Johnson a trans woman?” discourse that’s still going on? Yeah that)

But if aphobia was based off whether someone felt sexual/romantic attraction (although all evidence of “aphobia” has always been based off someone’s behavior and not their feelings, let’s continue to pretend aphobia is a distinct form of oppression that targets a-spec people) then wouldn’t non-ace/aro LGBT+ people be the oppressors of aces? And wouldn’t you want your community to be free of your oppressors with all their violent aphobia? Wouldn’t it not only be harmful to the ace community as a whole, but also to the individual aces/aros who would be victims to aphobia from non-ace LGBT+ people, to deliberately create your spaces in your oppressors’ community?

And I know everyone is going to pull the whole “transphobic gays” thing, and I really don’t mean to act like that’s not an issue or not relevant, because it is, but when the LGBT+ community was formed, our society hardly had the language to differentiate between straight trans people and cis gay people, especially if those trans people didn’t medically transition. The point is, even within LGBT+ spaces/communities, there are allowances for trans-only spaces and resources. But again, by and large, many of the issues that trans/non-cis people and lgbp people face are intrinsically linked because of society’s inability to separate sexuality and gender. (This doesn’t mean cis gay people can’t be transphobic and that their transphobia is any less harmful to trans people than that from cishets, 

So although homophobia and transphobia tend to go together (although they certainly don’t always!), aphobia would be an entirely separate thing. So why would aces want to not only have non-ace people (their “oppressors”) in their spaces, but actually create their spaces within the spaces built for their oppressors?

TL;DR If the mean alloLGs were really your oppressors you wouldn’t want to create your safe community spaces within our spaces because it would put you in danger

Ferelden Politics And Society

All folk belong to a social class, and each class has its own rights and responsibilities. However, in Ferelden, unlike nearly all other countries in Thedas, members of the nobility are not considered to be intrinsically better or afforded more rights than any other class; they just have different ones. It is true that nobles are generally treated with deference, but this is often due more to the (correct) assumption of martial ability than social status. Nobles from other lands frequently find Ferelden commoners to be phenomenally insolent in comparison to the fawning treatment that they are used to.

Ferelden Nobility tend to dress more practically then their foreign counterparts, that does not always mean they have a sense of restraint however. Really guys? Really?

The primary purpose of the nobility of Ferelden is to fight for their people against all threats— human, darkspawn, or otherwise. While nearly all Fereldans boast some level of martial ability, nobles are expected to excel at warfare—it is, literally, their “job.” The nobles of Ferelden do not own the land. They likely have some small holdings, with more powerful or influential lords controlling progressively greater keeps or fortresses, but it is the freeholders that actually own the farms, the crops they produce, and the profits that come from selling their goods. In Ferelden this matters a great deal, because it is the commoners who are actually the patrons of the nobility. Each freehold chooses which bann or arl it gives allegiance to and the decision is renewed each year. A group of freeholders dissatisfied with the protection they are getting from their local bann can remove their patronage and give it to another bann— though likely one within a fairly short riding distance.

Alistair is a possible king of Ferelden. He would look badass here but for the fact that he doesn't use two handed weapons.

At the top of the noble structure sits the King of Ferelden, whose court is in the capital city, Denerim. The King is entrusted with advancing the interests of all the people of Ferelden in both war and trade. While the King can suggest new laws for the land, the “King’s Law” is in fact generally dictated by precedent and voted on by the Landsmeet, a legislative body made up of all the nobles of Ferelden that meets once a season within Denerim to deliberate on issues and bring grievances before the King. Not all of the nobility can regularly make the trip to Denerim, so many send a proxy, either a younger family member or a trusted commoner, to vote in their place.

The Bryce and Eleanor Cousland ruled Highever at the outset of the 5th blight. It would be a shame if anything HAPPENED to them! 

Directly beneath the King are the teyrn, warlords of such power and influence that they have multiple banns, and arls, sworn directly to them. There are two Teyrnirs in Ferelden at present, Highever and Gwaren.

A Ferelden Bann. 

Beneath the teyrn are the arls, powerful banns who control critical fortifications or regions of land along the borders of Ferelden. Banns make up the bulk of Ferelden’s nobility. There are a great many banns with widely varying levels of power throughout the kingdom. When the banns speak with one voice, they are the greatest power in Ferelden, but this is rare, for they’re a quarrelsome lot. Trivial feuds, which occasionally give rise to petty wars, are far from unknown among the bann.

Ser Cauthrien is/was a Ferelden knight of commoner birth

The least of the nobility is the Fereldan knight, a heavy infantry soldier sworn to serve a greater noble. The prestige of a given knight is greatly influenced by whom he is sworn to serve. They have no particular code of conduct, valuing fighting skills and leadership abilities before all else. While some knights do control land, it is never very significant, as anything more would mean they would be regarded as a bann. In Ferelden, commoner soldiers of exceptional fighting skill have a very real chance of being knighted and joining the ranks of the nobility. Fereldans are proud of this “social mobility,” which is rare in Thedas.

Don’t mess with the Crafters

Because Ferelden’s social system developed directly from the Alamarri tribes, it carries their barbarian values within it. A hunter is certainly a valued member of his tribe, but there are many other hunters. A man who can craft a fine weapon, on the other hand, has a rare skill and is thus more respected. The craftsmen of the Alamarri tribes, the woodworkers, the smiths, the builders, and so forth, organized themselves over the years into semi-formal groups known as “crafthouses” that shared knowledge and trade secrets with one another. They truly became a power unto themselves, though, when they made their members swear to put crafthouse before tribe.

While the crafthouses have no formal political power, only a fool ignores them as they have total power over their particular craft in Ferelden.

Once upon a time the Chantry had pretty robes.

The majority of Fereldans believe in the Maker’s Chantry, following the words of the Prophetess Andraste. Those who do not believe generally hold their tongues. However, while priests of the Chantry are honored in Ferelden, they do not have the political influence that they enjoy in the Empire of Orlais and other nations. Fereldan priests are considered part of the crafting class and are expected to focus their attentions on spiritual matters. The Chantry has been trying to increase its political influence for a long time, but they have not been very successful. That the Revered Mother Bronarch, Grand Cleric of Ferelden, put the Orlesian usurper Meghren on the throne did not help their cause.

Don’t mess with the freemen either… in fact just don’t mess with Ferelden. Are you listening Orlais!?

Beneath the crafters are the freemen, who make up the bulk of the common classes. Scholars split the freemen into “High Freemen”—freeholders, soldiers, innkeepers, and other employed persons; and “Low Freemen”—criminals, prostitutes, elves, and other riffraff.

Freemen are exactly that in Ferelden—they have the right to go where they will, live where they choose, and earn such a living as they may. There are no serfs in Ferelden; all are paid in coin or barter for their work.

Most fereldens are Freeholders and  typically live on freeholds, farms that may have been worked for generations by one or more families. Freeholds are highly social and communal with everyone pitching in to help their neighbors. Freehold governance varies wildly, but generally involves a council made up of representatives from each family that decide on what to plant, what to build, which bann to support, and so forth.

A circle mage, apparently they also got a fashion downgrade.

The Fereldans, as a people, tend to be highly superstitious and extremely distrustful of magic. It is no accident that the Circle Tower of Ferelden is/was situated on a remote island far from the more populous cities. Long ago it was in Denerim, but an angry mob burned it down. Magic use outside of a restrictive set of rules is/was forbidden.

Mages are/were required to join the Circle of Magi. Those who do not are/wer called apostates and hunted down by Chantry templars.

An Apostate. Note the sneaking around and friendly “I’m not an insane bloodythirsy villan” look.

Apostates who practice forbidden blood magic are known as maleficar and they are feared above all.

Gee I wonder Why? 

To guard against the use of proscribed magic and demonic possession, templars are/were stationed in every Circle tower. The Chantry admits that mages can be useful against foes like darkspawn, but their trust of mages only goes so far.

Dwarfs like beards. Except for hipster dwarves. They wear theirs on their chests.

The Fereldans don’t know a great deal about their dwarven neighbors in Orzammar, other than that they’re a stout folk whose troubles are many and whose craftsmanship is exquisite. Neither, in fact, do the dwarves living in Ferelden. Long estranged from their kin, the bulk of Ferelden’s dwarves belong to a dwarf caste known as the “Surfacers” and they are regarded with barely concealed contempt by their kind, though this apparently doesn’t prevent Orzammar dwarves from doing business with them. Long years ago, Fereldan crafters regarded merchants with distaste, as they profited from goods they had no hand in creating. When dwarves first started selling their wares within Ferelden’s cities, the locals thought they were the crafters of the goods in question, and the dwarves saw no need to educate them otherwise. The dwarves eventually offered to move the merchandise of the various crafthouses for them, which was agreed to, so long as they didn’t undercut human goods with their own. This accord grew over the years into the creation of the Trader’s Crafthouse, which now handles the selling of goods throughout Ferelden and beyond, even as far as Orlais and the Free Marches.

Note the pointed ears.

Old stories relate that there was once an elven empire in the north, but the Tevinter Imperium destroyed it long ago and enslaved its people. The words of the Prophetess were instrumental in convincing the elves to rebel against the Tevinter and after the fall of the Imperium, the elves were granted a country of their own south of Orlais called the Dales, in return for their help. For several centuries, all was well, until the elves were found to have accepted Andraste’s words, but not her faith. The Chantry called for an Exalted March against the people of the Dales for daring to adhere to their old gods. The Dales were sacked and their people scattered, now a nation without a home. The elves that still cling to their old beliefs are known as the Dalish elves, an insular people who travel the wilds in massive wagons drawn by huge white stags and have as little truck with humans as possible.

But they do know how to party.

The rest of the elves now live in human settlements, but inevitably apart in an area sectioned off for their use called an “alienage.” Some alienages are walled off, but this is as much for the safety of the elven families as it is to protect humans from the “thieving knife-ears.”

bad things happen to elves who try to move out of the alienage 

Elves are a graceful people with fair features. They are usually servants or laborers in Ferelden. While their lot is not easy, they are paid for their work and have rights, which is seldom the case elsewhere. Many Fereldan elves hold that they have far better lives than their people in other countries, as they would rather be poor freemen than rich slaves.


Since the days of the Alamarri when wolves fought alongside warriors, canines have been highly regarded in Ferelden. In modern times, dogs have taken the place of wolves. Many communities allow dogs to roam freely, and “own” them collectively. Breeding is an ancient tradition and a wide variety of dogs exist. One of the most famous breeds in Ferelden and beyond is the “mabari”—a huge, mastiff-like war hound of incredible intelligence, capable of responding to complex orders.

Extracted, edited, and compiled from the Dragon Age Table Top RPG by bloodypenofferelden (a few of the pictures from the wiki) More to come!

okay so im having thoughts. maybe this is just common sense but its really interesting to see the state of all the different states of the white thingies when gems/people are fusing, like it has alot to do with how the gems feel about the fusion

for example, in ruby and sapphire’s fusion they are actually so excited about it their gems twirl through it around eachother and they actually get momentum through their fusion, garnet makes a big jump out of it at the end and its like their being together gives them a huge boost in every way which is true

garnet and amethyst’s is really interesting because its like amethyst has so much spunk and raw power she almost shoots right through garnet but garnet is able to catch her and bring her back. i wonder if garnet having two gems is the reason why she can handle amethysts’ power or maybe amethyst just comes so hard at her because she knows garnet can handle it. but if not, maybe its not just pearl who she has difficulty fusing with, amethyst is so emotionally reserved and aggressively inclined it might be difficult for any single gem to fuse with her

this is interesting because of how its ripping her right in half from her core. its like the core of what makes garnet love herself as a fusion is being damaged?? but she fights through it because looove <3

stevonnies fusion this time is pretty amazing because they dont even realize it happened!! their being together is just so natural they blend together and its like nothing is different they just belong together like this or any other way that feels right

AND NOW AHHH this is really great its like pearl is kissing rose and she just melts right into her they fit together so well they just meld into eachother and connect. its also interesting that the position they are in allows for their gems to line up correctly, rose’s gem pushes into pearl’s stomach and pearl’s gem pushes into her forehead it like theyve definitely practised this before and they know exactly how to make it feel smooth and natural and beautiful and easy for eachother 

I know theres more fusions than this but i couldn’t find gifs for them :c none of these gifs are mine but the last one btw

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First off all, I want to say I love your posts and sense of humor. Second, I honestly wanted to message you for a while now but I felt really shy. You seem like a very nice person, and you're really chill. And it seems that you like cartoons a lot (I like them a lot too.) I hope that it's ok if we can message each other because I feel like we share common interests. I hope you enjoy the rest your day! :)

Hey first I just wanna say as someone who’s shy and has trouble approaching people first I know how stressful it is so I commend and admire you for doing this!!!! You are an incredibly sweet person and it is absolutely more than okay for you to message me! I’d love to chat and get to know you!! 

This is such a kind message that made my night a lot better and I appreciate it so much??????? Thank you and I really hope you have a great rest of the day as well!! :)

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  • "Take a chance on me."
  • "I'm the shell of a person that I used to be."
  • "I believe in you."
  • "From now on, I'm yours. Forever."
  • "What the fuck is wrong with me?"
  • "I'm so grateful to you."
  • "Nothing here is right."
  • "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."
  • "Did you met anyone?"
  • "People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care."
  • "Why heart doesn't listen common sense?"
  • "With you it felt like in the movies."
  • "Kiss my ass!"
  • "I really want to make a love connection."
  • "I'm not afraid to face a little bit of danger."
  • "Let's get away just for one day."
  • "I wanted to vent but I never said nothing at all."
  • "What I did to you to make you hate me?"
  • "I ain’t censoring myself for nobody."
  • "Don't you ever wonder how we survive?"
  • "I'm not the villain, despite what you're always preaching."
  • "Save me."
  • "I should've known better."
  • "This can't be happening to me."
  • "I know it's already over now."
  • "You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice me."
  • "Raise your glass!"
  • "I would any day die for you."
  • "You touch me in many ways."
  • "Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?"
  • "Would you kill to prove you're right?"
  • "Where is your God?"
  • "I want to show sun to you."
  • "Let's get down to business."
  • "Let's save the world."
  • "I think about you too much."
  • "This isn't normal anymore."
  • "You are my only one."
  • "This is the best time."
  • "What ever can happen."
  • "I've always been like this."
  • "I'm kind of outsider."
  • "It is easy to get me wrong if you don't know me."