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Let’s Get Something Straight.



I am a Hufflepuff with a horrible resting bitch face. I am a Hufflepuff who people see as unapproachable. I am a Hufflepuff with strong beliefs and passion.

The traits found in Hufflepuff are listed below:

  • Dedication
  • Hard Work
  • Fair play
  • Patience
  • Kindness
  • Tolerance
  • Unafraid of toil
  • Loyalty

Hufflepuffs are dedicated. They are dedicated to their studies, their friends, their families, their hobbies- Hufflepuffs show dedication to the things they love. They don’t dedicate themselves to be praised. it is a self sacrificing quality, much like the rest of the Hufflepuff House traits. Dedication goes hand-in-hand with hard work. It’s enduring when shit hits the fan, it’s getting out of bed when all you want to do is sleep, it’s not accepting handouts, it’s becoming successful through honest work. Hufflepuffs get the most out of working hard, not smart. This isn’t because they aren’t smart, it’s because they believe it benefits them more. Hardwork brings knowledge. They learn how to fight with integrity to get what they want. They most definitely aren’t ones to cheat. Given the choice between cheating and failure, they would choose failure.

Patience is a virtue. I don’t take this to mean that Hufflepuffs don’t mind waiting around if a friend is running late, it means that Hufflepuffs are more willing than most to put a cap on their temperament. Hufflepuffs don’t get bothered easy. Whether it’s from natural ability or a constantly running internal monologue keeping them from blowing a fuse, they manage to handle adversity with as much dignity and grace as they can muster. I think it’s hard to tell what a Hufflepuff is thinking because they keep their opinions to themselves unless asked to express it. Patience has nothing to do with passion. A Hufflepuff is a master at picking their battles. They know what’s worth losing their temper over.  

Kindness: benevolent, intended for benefits rather than profit, loving, expressing goodwill. Who the fuck wants to be mean and rude all the time to everyone? Being kind does not mean being pushover. When did it become taboo to be kind? Why is being edgy all the sudden associated with being rude, pretentious, mean and cynical? Being kind is sincerely asking someone “how are you?” and being unafraid to receive an honest and drawn out response. Being kind is being a good listener, helping people for their benefit and not your own, it’s picking up trash in the movie theater so that the staff has less to clean. Being kind is leaving sweet, anonymous notes for people just to make their day a little bit better. Being kind is reveling in making someone smile or laugh. Being kind is smiling back when someone smiles at you. To be benevolent, to be nice, to be kind pushes away all self interest. It’s a selfless trait.

Tolerance is just nodding along with some gun slinging, homophobic, misogynistic jerk rambling about how Donald Trump will make America “great again”, even though you strongly disagree. Hufflepuffs, if you’ll notice, get along with virtually each house. They do not take it upon themselves to judge. Hufflepuffs are masters at accepting things that they cannot change; they cope well with diversity. If someone came up to a Hufflepuff and said that they were a supporter of pure-blood supremacy, the Hufflepuff would nod, say something (passive but sincere) along the lines of “that’s an interesting opinion,” then carry on with their day. Though they may not be at all happy about what was said, they do not take it upon themselves to get everyone to see the way that they see things. You can’t force people to listen. It’s not that Hufflepuffs don’t have opinions, they do, but, as the saying goes, “Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.” They find that people respect your opinion and ask for it more when you present a judgement free environment for them.

This house is loyal. They’re a tolerant bunch, sure, but they will not tolerate bullies. It’s their sense of fraternity and loyalty that gives Hufflepuff something worth fighting for. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a Hufflepuff seventh year getting into a fist fight with a Ravenclaw seventh year because the Ravenclaw was making snarky remarks about a first year getting sorted into Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs will argue, punch, kick, pull hair and scream if you somehow hurt someone they hold dear to them.  Don’t forget how fucking raw Badgers are. They’re one of the most fearless animals in the animal kingdom. This can maybe be seen as a flaw, however. In Goblet of Fire, the Hufflepuff House got so caught up in the competition between Cedric and Harry, good judgement was blurred by their unwavering loyalty. This brings me to believe that Hufflepuffs, if sufficiently provoked, can attack with the most underhanded and vicious insults ever. I don’t think it would be wise to bring a Hufflepuff to their breaking point in hopes of seeing this animosity. In most circumstances, however, loyalty is a virtue.  

I am so sick of the stigma that Hufflepuffs are these soft little balls of dough that are just so lukewarm compared to the other houses. Need I remind y’all that Hufflepuffs fought at the Battle of Hogwarts without hesitation? They rose to the occasion, they weren’t indifferent about the situation at hand at all- they were selfless, they were fearless. They fought because they loved their school, their friends, their teachers, and because it was the right thing to do.

  • Kindness should not be mistaken for weakness.
  • Tolerance should not be mistaken for neutrality
  • Patience should not be mistaken for dispassion
  • Loyalty gives them reason to fight
  • Hardwork and dedication make them goal-oriented
  • Fair play does not mean there is a lack of initiative

A Hufflepuff is not a clone of the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Hufflepuffs can have strong opinions, be passionate, reckless, brave, and enterprising.

Because Helga Hufflepuff didn’t sort her students by a particular aptitude, Hufflepuff should be one of the most diverse houses in Hogwarts. So don’t generalize all Hufflepuffs to fit the “looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll” archetype. Hufflepuffs can be fierce as fuck.

100 Photography Tips - Eric Kim

I read this multiple times a week.

1. Just because someone has an expensive camera doesn’t mean that they’re a good photographer.
2. Always shoot in RAW. Always.
3. Prime lenses help you learn to be a better photographer.
4. Photo editing is an art in itself
5. The rule of thirds works 99% of the time.
6. Macro photography isn’t for everybody.
7. UV filters work just as well as lens caps.
8. Go outside and shoot photos rather than spending hours a day on photography forums.
9. Capture the beauty in the mundane and you have a winning photograph.
10. Film isn’t better than digital.
11. Digital isn’t better than film.
12. There is no “magic” camera or lens.
13. Better lenses don’t give you better photos.
14. Spend less time looking at other people’s work and more time shooting your own.
15. Don’t take your DSLR to parties.
16. Being a photographer is sexy.
17. Making your photos b/w doesn’t automatically make them “artsy”
18. People will always discredit your work if you tell them you “photoshop” your images. Rather, tell them that you process them in the “digital darkroom”.
19. You don’t need to take a photo of everything.
20. Have at least 2 backups of all your images. Like they say in war, two is one, one is none.
21. Ditch the neck strap and get a handstrap.
22. Get closer when taking your photos, they often turn out better.
23. Be a part of a scene while taking a photo; not a voyeur.
24. Taking a photo crouched often make your photos look more interesting.
25. Worry less about technical aspects and focus more on compositional aspects of photography.
26. Tape up any logos on your camera with black gaffers tape- it brings a lot less attention to you.
27. Always underexpose by 2/3rds of a stop when shooting in broad daylight.
28. The more photos you take, the better you get.
29. Don’t be afraid to take several photos of the same scene at different exposures, angles, or apertures.
30. Only show your best photos.
31. A point-and-shoot is still a camera.
32. Join an online photography forum.
33. Critique the works of others.
34. Think before you shoot.
35. A good photo shouldn’t require explanation (although background information often adds to an image). *
36. Alcohol and photography do not mix well.
37. Draw inspiration from other photographers but never worship them.
38. Grain is beautiful.
39. Ditch the photo backpack and get a messenger bag. It makes getting your lenses and camera a whole lot easier.
40. Simplicity is key.
41. The definition of photography is: “painting with light.” Use light in your favor.
42. Find your style of photography and stick with it.
43. Having a second monitor is the best thing ever for photo processing.
44. Silver EFEX pro is the best b/w converter.
45. Carry your camera with you everywhere. Everywhere.
46. Never let photography get in the way of enjoying life.
47. Don’t pamper your camera. Use and abuse it.
48. Take straight photos.
49. Shoot with confidence.
50. Photography and juxtaposition are best friends.
51. Print out your photos big. They will make you happy.
52. Give your photos to friends.
53. Give them to strangers.
54. Don’t forget to frame them.
55. Costco prints are cheap and look great.
56. Go out and take photos with (a) friend(s).
57. Join a photo club or start one for yourself.
58. Photos make great presents.
59. Taking photos of strangers is thrilling.
60. Candid>Posed.
61. Natural light is the best light.
62. 35mm (on full frame) is the best “walk-around” focal length.
63. Don’t be afraid to bump up your ISO when necessary.
64. You don’t need to always bring a tripod with you everywhere you go (hell, I don’t even own one).
65. It is always better to underexpose than overexpose.
66. Shooting photos of homeless people in an attempt to be “artsy” is exploitation.
67. You will find the best photo opportunities in the least likely situations.
68. Photos are always more interesting with the human element included.
69. You can’t “photoshop” bad images into good ones.
70. Nowadays everybody is a photographer.
71. You don’t need to fly to Paris to get good photos; the best photo opportunities are in your backyard.
72. People with DSLRS who shoot portraits with their grip pointed downwards look like morons.
73. Cameras as tools, not toys.
74. In terms of composition, photography and painting aren’t much different.
75. Photography isn’t a hobby- it’s a lifestyle.
76. Make photos, not excuses.
77. Be original in your photography. Don’t try to copy the style of others.
78. The best photographs tell stories that begs the viewer for more.
79. Any cameras but black ones draw too much attention.
80. The more gear you carry around with you the less you will enjoy photography.
81. Good self-portraits are harder to take than they seem.
82. Laughter always draws out peoples’ true character in a photograph.
83. Don’t look suspicious when taking photos- blend in with the environment.
84. Landscape photography can become dull after a while.
85. Have fun while taking photos.
86. Never delete any of your photos.
87. Be respectful when taking photos of people or places.
88. When taking candid photos of people in the street, it is easier to use a wide-angle than a telephoto lens.
89. Travel and photography are the perfect pair.
90. Learn how to read a histogram.
91. A noisy photo is better than a blurry one.
92. Don’t be afraid to take photos in the rain.
93. Learn how to enjoy the moment, rather than relentlessly trying to capture the perfect picture of it.
94. Never take photos on an empty stomach.
95. You will discover a lot about yourself through your photography.
96. Never hoard your photographic insight- share it with the world.
97. Never stop taking photos
98. Photography is more than simply taking photos, it is a philosophy of life
99. Capture the decisive moment
100. Write your own list.

shrikeseams  asked:

You asked for questions, so: What is the first thing DJ cooked all on his own? ( Possible follow-up: what was the first think he cooked on his own that was edible?)

“Dad day.”

Tony pried open one eyelid, squinting across the bed.  “Every day is dad day, I get all the days,” he said, as a plate was plopped on the sheets next to his pillow.  “This day is no different, and what is this new, fresh hell?”

DJ blinked at him, his dark eyes peering over the edge of the bed.  “Dad day,” he repeated, holding up a fork in one tiny fist.

Tony reached for it.  “Yes, yes, we’ve been through this, what-”  He rolled over, propping himself up on an elbow.  The plate contained a single, crispy-brown waffle.  That looked very much like Steve’s shield.  “Did you make me a waffle, bratbot?”

“Waffles,” DJ said, emphasizing the s with a great deal of enthusiasm.  He hopped up and down, his grin bright and wide.  “Waffles for ALL.”

“Excellent,” Tony agreed.  He moved the plate out of the way and reached for DJ.  “That is excellent.  Jay, help me out here, what’s the over under on getting a mouthful of eggshell here?  Raw flour?”

“The mix required only water and oil, and was mixed, with a great deal of gusto, in the blender,” Jarvis said.  He sounded resigned.  

Tony paused in the act of settling DJ in his lap.  “So.  The kitchen?”

“Requires a hazmat team,” Jarvis said.  In Tony’s lap, DJ giggled, reaching for the plate.

Tony got there first.  “Great.  Thank you.  That’s going to be a problem for after breakfast, or preferably someone other than me, that would be excellent.”  He pressed a kiss to DJ’s hair.  “Thank you.  That was very nice.  That was a gesture.”

“Dad day,” DJ said firmly.  He pulled an edge from the shield, his fingertips soaked in syrup.

“Okay, first of all, Dad Day is in June, it is not June, it is January, which is the opposite of June, and if you get syrup on my sheets-”  That was as far as he got before DJ wiped his sticky fingers on the sheets, and Tony gave up.  He dug the fork into the waffle, fending DJ off with his other hand.  “And where did we get a Cap Waffle Iron?”

“Phil,” DJ proclaimed.  He leaned back, his mouth open like a baby bird, and Tony obligingly fed him a chunk of waffle.  

“Phil has a Captain America Waffle Iron,” Tony said, and DJ nodded.  “Why am I not surprised?”  Shaking his head, he cut into the waffle, stealing a bite for himself.  It was soggy with syrup and maybe a little undercooked in the middle, but he smiled down at DJ anyway.  “Thank you.”

“Waffle,” DJ proclaimed.

“Yes, waffle, and after waffle, we’re going to go see if I need to sell this building and buy another rather than attempting to clean up after you,” Tony said.  DJ considered that, his mouth pursed.  He held up two fingers.  Tony nodded.  “Fine.  Two waffles, and then we flee from your disastrous mess.”

DJ nodded.  “Fair.”

pastelqueen-sweetascanbe  asked:

I was wondering if you can do an RFA love triangle JuminXVXMC. I don't want to stress you so you don't have to do it. I was just wondering is all. ^^ Thanks for taking your time for reading this, I love your story's and keep up the great work.

We are soooooo sorrry that this took soo long. Honestly, it’s been sitting in our drafts forever, and we apologize for just posting it. Hope it’s okay though?

He deserved this.

That’s what he told himself as he watched Jumin smile at MC from across the room. He watched as she returned the gesture lovingly, Here they were in the bustle of guests eager to speak to all the hosts of another successful party. All thanks to MC.

V lifted his camera, his focus on MC. He was supposed to take pictures of the party coordinator, but he was beginning to feel like it was an excuse just to look at her through a lense. He loved to watch how her eyes sparkled as she greeted another person. Her hair swayed as she made small gestures with her hands as she spoke. Her lips curved into a beautiful smile that made V’s heart flutter inside his chest in a gentle way…something he had never felt before.

He snapped the pictures hurriedly before moving away. He tried distracting himself by taking some other photos, but he just couldn’t. The image of MC filled his thoughts, and with it, came the acute stab of guilt. He knew Jumin liked her…no, loved her. He saw his friends feelings unfold in the chatroom all that time ago.

At the time, he had encouraged it, still cast under the enchantment Rika had left on him. But that was his fault too, wasn’t it? Rika…her rise and fall…both were his fault, and he would force himself to pay the consequences.

“V…” Jumin’s uncharacteristically hesitant voice carried from the doorway.

V cleared his throat, steadying his voice before speaking. “Ah, Jumin, I was just getting some air.”

“You can stop that.”

V’s fingers tugged against his blazer, but he resisted the urge to drop his smile. “Stop what?”

Jumin sighed, taking a step closer. He adjusted his cufflinks, his eyes suddenly darting to the ground. Was he nervous? “You’re in love with MC.’

V’s entire body froze at the statement. He couldn’t bring himself to plaster that same smile back on his face. He couldn’t even muster a chuckle. Even if he did, Jumin would’ve seen right through him. In this painfully raw moment, he could do nothing but remain silent.

Jumin pursed his lips and nodded. “I see,” he said. There was no mistaking the tightness in his voice. “How long?”

“Jumin, I have no interest in her,” V said quietly.

Something between a scoff and sigh escaped his friend’s lips. There was no mistaking the strain of jealously in the way the muscles on his neck twitched. “No? Then what was that in there? Do you realize how long you were staring at her? Taking pictures? And before, during our last meeting–”

“No,” V interrupted. His words seemed to be lodged in his throat, making it difficult to say anything without his voice wavering. “No, I mean…I’m not pursuing her.”

For a long moment, there was silence. Jumin chewed on his bottom lip…a sign of true distress from the normally stoic man. “Why?”

V shrugged. “A lot of reasons,” he said. “I…I don’t think I can ever ask someone to accept me after what happened to Rika.

Jumin’s brows furrowed. “That doesn’t even make sense.”

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anonymous asked:

I think the ISU wants to kill the figure skating. It can only be this.

I rarely read a proposal containing so much bullshit, and I read almost all Hersh’s articles, so I’m used to bullshit.

But let’s break the article.

A top official at the International Skating Union said the organization is looking at “radical change” in figure skating in order to achieve a better balance between the athletic and artistic sides of the sport.

Please meet Fabio Bianchetti, son of Sonia Bianchetti, chairman of Technical Commitee (like his mother before him). 

Doctor by the day, he has been elected in the office last year when he was the only name listed to be elected for the role.
The fact that no-one else was proposed by anyone else to fill the role should already tell you everything you need to know about ISU and all National Federations ruling this sport.

The first question anyone would ask herself reading the opening paragraph is what does exactly mean “in order to achieve a  better balance between the athletic and artistic sides of the sport”?

Let’s see how Mr. Bianchetti answers us.

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“trust me” || lin manuel miranda

Originally posted by digitalloop

word count: 2590

summary: lin manuel miranda x reader → not just another ride on a subway

author’s note: there are a few cuss words in this so.. (sorry for any spelling or grammar errors) thank you, enjoy…

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thebiwisebrownkid  asked:

ALEX WAS WEARING LINGERIE. SHE WAS GONNA DO SEXY TIMES FOR MAGGIE. I CANT. Can u plz write that? Like after the prom they come home either one brings it up and Alex gives Maggie a lap dance and romantic gentle smut.

A continuation of this –

It’s well after midnight when they finally get home. It’s well after midnight, and they’d danced the night away.

They’d danced and they’d cried and they’d kissed and they’d laughed, because may I have this dance and actually feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries is a lot messier than they make it seem on tv, huh and mmm, don’t worry about making a mess, Danvers, I can uh… clean it up for you and I’m proud of you, you know and for what? and For going through all that and still being exactly who you are. For getting through it, for… hell, Maggie, for telling me, even though I retraumatized you, for… for letting me in, for letting me love you and you getting soft on me, Danvers? and have you seen the dress you had Winn make me, Sawyer? How could I be anything but soft for you right now?

They’re holding hands when they walk through the door because they haven’t been willing, haven’t been able, to stop touching each other all night, and there’s a heavy pause as they step over the threshold.

Alex wants her; Alex wants to make love to her, Alex wants to give her pleasure, Alex wants to make her feel loved; Alex wants to give her everything.

But the night has been so tender, and the kisses have been passionate, but they’d stayed just that – kisses. So Alex isn’t sure what Maggie wants, and what Maggie wants is most important.

But Maggie knows Alex, and she sees the desire in Alex’s eyes, and she feels heat pooling in her own core, feels her own need to be made love to, to be touched, to be taken, by this woman, this gorgeous woman who held her and who didn’t run when she bared her soul, who had kissed her wounds and who seems to love her all the more because of them.

So she tilts her head and she licks her lips and she smiles softly, smiles shyly, smiles a little bit wickedly.

“Danvers, uh… before… when I freaked out… With the candles and the music and that… uh… slip…. thing… what uh… what were you planning on… doing?”

Alex arches an eyebrow and puckers her lips off to the side. “Wanna find out, Sawyer?”

Maggie gulps and she nods and Alex kisses her soft, gentle, perfect.

“Sit down,” she whispers in Maggie’s ear, her breath hot and her breath still smelling like chocolate, like strawberries, and Maggie lets Alex walk her to the couch, and Maggie sits.

“Maggie Sawyer,” Alex whispers as she flicks on the same music she’d had before with the remote Maggie hadn’t seen her grab. “It doesn’t matter what day of the year it is. I want you to feel appreciated. I want you to feel wanted. Because I do. Want you. Always.”

Maggie’s throat is dry because Alex is starting to move, and Maggie has been dancing with her all night, but dancing slow, dancing close, dancing as more of hugging with foot movement and forehead touching and gentle kissing, but now Alex’s hands are playing with her own hair and her hips are finding perfect rhythm and she’s licking her lips and staring down at Maggie and she’s turning her head to the side so she can keep watch on Maggie peripherally as she turns her body around and sinks lower, lower, lower.

Lower until she’s grinding into Maggie’s lap and Maggie is bringing shocked, needy hands to her hips, and Maggie is watching the muscles of her lower back leap in the exposing dress Winn so perfectly made, and she’s hissing because she knew Alex could move but she didn’t know Alex could move like that and she’s whispering her name like the prayer that it is and Alex is bringing her hands back to rest on Maggie’s thighs and Maggie’s head is tilting back into the couch and her eyes are fluttering closed because Alex told her she wants her to feel appreciated, to feel wanted, and god she does, she does, she does.

Alex,” she prays, and Alex answers, swirling her ass down deeper into Maggie’s lap once, twice, three times more.

“You’re beautiful, Maggie,” Alex rasps as she looks over her shoulder, and Maggie shakes her head vaguely.

“You, Danvers. You.”

Alex presses her ass down one last time and Maggie moans softly. Alex stands and turns and hikes her dress up above her hips so she can straddle the woman she loves.

“I want to make love to you, Maggie. I want to make you feel incredible. I mean, only if you want, only if you’re okay to, I just – “

Her words are lost in Maggie’s lips, and she moans into Maggie’s mouth, around Maggie’s tongue, and Maggie’s warm hands are bringing her body closer by the small of her back and Maggie is whining softly as Alex grinds down into her, as Alex presses kisses down Maggie’s jawline, down Maggie’s throat, gently pressing the collar of her blazer back to kiss her collarbone.

“We don’t have to, Mags,” Alex reminds her, but Maggie’s eyes are on fire when they meet.

“Take me to bed, Ally.”

Alex smiles and Alex shifts off the couch and lowers her dress back over her hips as Maggie chuckles softly. She takes Maggie’s hands and leads her slowly, perfectly, deliberately, to the bedroom.

She hesitates when the backs of her knees hit the mattress, and she stares down at Maggie nervously.

“I’m no more fragile than I was yesterday, Danvers. You wanna make love to me? Make love to me.”

Alex grins and tugs softly at Maggie’s blazer, and Maggie sighs deeply as Alex kisses every inch of her arms, one at a time, being exposed by the slow, painstaking lowering of her blazer.

“You,” she punctuates her kisses. “Are. So. Beautiful. Maggie. Sawyer.”

She doesn’t stop – Maggie whispers for her please not to – until Maggie is wearing nothing, until every single inch of Maggie’s skin has been thoroughly, thoroughly kissed.

“Lay down for me, princess,” Alex whispers, and Maggie’s heart threatens to explode as she does what she’s asked, her eyes not leaving Alex’s body as Alex slowly, deliberately, steps out of her dress, gaze fixed on Maggie’s face the entire time.

Even as she steps out of her thong, even as she slips off her shoes, her eyes belong to Maggie, and Maggie is breathless and surrounded by the warmth, by the radiance, by the protective shell that is Alex’s love.

“You good?” Alex makes sure as she kneels on the bed in front of her, as she slips her thigh between Maggie’s and Maggie’s hips writhe slightly of their own accord.

Maggie can’t speak so she nods, and she whimpers slightly as she tries to control the rolling of her hips, but Alex smooths the hair out of her face and shakes her head and kisses her lips with a soft smile.

“You don’t have to hold back, babe. I’ve got you.”

Maggie lets out a ragged sound somewhere between a sigh and a gasp, and Alex makes a pillow out of her hand behind Maggie’s head, and she slips her other hand under the small of her back so she’s completely holding her body, and Maggie is safe, and Maggie is home, and Maggie decides to trust her.

Alex starts to move slowly, tentatively, her eyes constantly checking with Maggie, and Maggie is nodding, and Maggie is squeaking slightly, and Maggie is grinding her hips up into Alex’s thigh, and Alex barely holds back a moan because she can feel Maggie’s growing wetness pressing against her leg, her coarse hair a heady contrast with her slick, smooth wetness, and Maggie grabs desperately at Alex’s ass, at Alex’s leg, and pulls her down closer, pulls her down harder, as she grinds up against her thigh, as she lets herself take the pressure she needs because Alex told her she can let go, and she can feel herself starting to, and god, this must be what safety feels like.

“Babe, do you want – “ Alex asks raggedly, and Maggie knows, and Maggie whimpers and nods desperately in affirmation, in pleading.

So Alex kisses her lips, her nose, her eyes, her ear, and she shifts, bringing Maggie’s leg up higher, bringing their bodies closer together, so her own heat, her own wetness, is closer to Maggie’s, is touching Maggie’s, is grinding down gently into Maggie’s, and that’s what makes Maggie scream her name, and that’s what makes Maggie truly let everything go.

Because Alex’s strong hands are framing her writhing, naked body, and Alex’s lips are whispering encouragement, whispering praise, whispering love, down into her ear, and Alex’s clit is hot and wet and perfect against hers, and Alex is taking great care to make sure she’s giving Maggie, giving herself, just the right amount of pressure, just the right amount of friction, without slamming bone into bone, and Alex’s eyes are never leaving Maggie’s as Maggie lets herself scream her throat raw on Alex’s name, on Alex’s love, on Alex, as she cums soft, as she cums safe, as she cums undone.

“Ally,” she whispers as she comes down, and Alex shifts so she can draw Maggie’s body into her own.

“You’re perfect, Maggie Sawyer. And you deserve to feel perfect. Every single day of the year.”

Realising Fate

Continuing on from  womans-world I didn’t want to write a huge chapter about Claire and Laoghaire fighting it out because I don’t think it is a fight to be had, Claire has already won just because Jamie loves her, but based on a prompt I received here is a moment that I felt Voyager was missing - Laoghaire realising a little of what lies between our dear J+C. Thank you for reading, H xx

Laoghaire exhaled heavily through her nose and eyed Claire warily. Both women had sat quietly as Jamie explained the situation to Laoghaire. She had blinked away tears and flushed with anger in turn but at his urging had remained silent.

Claire for her part had maintained a firm grip on Jamie’s thigh beneath the table, a small token of her claim on him that she told herself was ridiculous, but kept all the same.

“Jamie, if ye wish to be rid o’ the Sassenach, I will support ye wi’ a divorce petition and …”

“No, Laoghaire, I thought Claire dead and would never have remarried had I ken the truth. It is to her that I was wed first and with her I wish to remain.”

Jamie had said the same thing in different ways more times than he could count and his patience was slipping.

“But ye love me, do ye not?”

“I …”

Torn between shame, guilt and frustration, Jamie hesitated and felt both women’s gaze upon him, Laoghaire’s blue eyes as damp and hopeful as summer rain, Claire’s a blazing inferno burning into him, a look that warned him to keep his silence at his peril.

Jamie squeezed her fingers gratefully beneath the table. His wife, his Sorcha, had never let him be a coward. She understood and respected the parts of him that Laoghaire either did not know were there or could not comprehend and so chose to ignore.

“No, I dinna love ye. I’m sorry Laoghaire, truly. The hurt ye must feel rests at my feet and I will see that you and your girls are seen right.”

When delivering bad news after a surgery, Claire had the often seen the fight go out of a person. Always after a long struggle and always when the latest verdict was final. She saw it happen again now as Laoghaire’s shoulders rounded and the tight lines around her mouth relaxed. Her worst fears had been confirmed and she could no longer fool herself.

“The money is a help but it isna a protection the likes of having a man…”

She shook her head slowly and looked very, very tired.

“All these years of loving ye, wantin’ ye and for this … I dinna ken why God would wish this upon me. The humiliation of it…”

She seemed to be talking to herself; her hands, rough and red from years of hard work, resting on the table palm up and Claire was overcome with an urge to take hold the younger woman’s fingers in her own. She realised that in her own poor and misguided way, Laoghaire had loved Jamie. Perhaps not the man he was but the man she saw in him and the realisation allowed compassion to overcome Claire’s jealousy and anger.

“You are not humiliated Laoghaire.”

Claire said softly and felt Jamie jerk beside her in surprise

“I am sorry that you are hurt, but you pursued something that not meant to be. You and I know the truth of how far you were willing to go to try and get it. Perhaps this is a chance to start again… to find something real.”

Laoghaire snorted and glared at Claire with sudden venom

“Do not dare to pity me, bitch. Aye, I did ye wrong once when I was a girl and ye have come back to pay me in kind all these years later, speak it plain and be done with it.”

“I haven’t come back to do anything to you! My God! Your arrogance!”

Anger bloomed in Claire’s chest afresh and she held Laoghaire’s gaze unwaveringly

“Arrogance? Ha! Ye sit there claiming a man ye long since abandoned, stealin’ him away from his bairns and yet ye speak to me of arrogance!”

“Jamie has just one daughter. My daughter. Do not throw your children before you as a shield for your own petty desires.”

“Speak of my children again and I’ll rip the throat from ye! I see no bairn at your side, most like as it is waitin’ for ye to return to it in the fires of Hell…”

Laoghaire screamed and stood with surprising speed.

“Do you mean to let her speak of Brianna that way?”

Claire demanded turning to fix Jamie with that same withering look.  Jamie opened his mouth to speak but with a noise of disgust, Claire was on her feet and heading toward Laoghaire.

“Claire! Stop it!”

Jamie caught his wife’s arm and pulled her back, the arc of her outstretched palm sailing past Laoghaire’s face, close enough to lift the hair from her neck.

“Enough! Both of ye need to calm down! This is not … Oof!”

The breath left him as Claire’s elbow found his gut but Jamie refused to relinquish his hold and half dragged, half carried her toward the door.

Laoghaire made as if to come after them, straightening her cap

“Dinna move another step!”

Jamie glowered at her and Laoghaire wilted beneath his gaze, sitting down obediently. Claire bit his wrist sharply and Jamie cursed, bundling them both from the room.

“Let me GO!”

“No! I have lost ye once and I’ll no’ lose ye again under the charge of murder.”

Jamie grunted, kicking the door closed behind them and placing himself bodily in front of it, releasing Claire and inspecting his arm, grinning.

“I think ye damn near broke the skin, Sassenach.”

“I meant to break the bone, you smug bastard!”

Claire snapped, swiping the hair back from her face.

“How could you let her speak like that? How could you let her think you LOVED her?”

“It was in the vows – love, honour … ye ken them, aye?”

His grin was gone but to Claire’s absolute fury he still sounded almost amused

“Oh and so you had no choice then?”

She demanded

“Should I have replaced the words with a diatribe of vicious ill wishes?”

Jamie’s eyes had narrowed and Claire could see that he was now close to losing his own temper and she didn’t care.


She screamed, the words ripping from her throat with a guttural rawness. She seldom shouted, unlike Jamie her anger was usually colder but she felt the heat of it now, burning her from the inside out.

“You are mine, do you hear me?”

“Aye Sass…”

“And Brianna is your child! Not those girls! BRIANNA!”


“Do you hear me? I have not been through EVERYTHING it took for me to get here for you to sit, cowed in silence before that woman…”

“I wasna ‘cowed’!”

Jamie snapped, catching Claire’s wrist as she pointed an accusatory finger at his chest

“Get your bloody hands OFF ME! I will not be intimidated by you or her or anyone else!”

“Aye! Ye make that plain! Screaming the house down like a banshee! Do ye hear yourself, woman?”

“Oh! How awful of me! Of course a woman should be silent and meek in your presence! The great James FUCKING FRASER!”

“Careful Sassenach, I ken ye are angry and I am tryin’ to respect that but my patience has its limits…”

“HA! Don’t I know it!”

On the other side of the door, Laoghaire sat ramrod straight, eyes wide and mouth working silently in awe. She would never have spoken to Jamie the way that woman did. She simply would not have dared. It was not the way a wife spoke to her husband! A part of her saw it as further evidence that she was morally superior to the Sassenach but also …

To hear them rant at each other and be able to still hear the love that lay betwixt them reverberating over the raised voices and the curses was so strange and so beautiful that for a moment Laoghaire didn’t know what to make of it. She had led a life based on quick decisions and rash judgements that pride would not let her renege on but she began to suspect that she had been wrong about some things.

Wrong about Jamie loving the woman because she tricked him with her sweet musical voice and firm breasts. No such flimsy trick could stand up beneath the barrage of insults and squawking that was being thrown at him now.

Wrong about what made a man desire a woman because she could hear the wanting in his voice, Jamie’s beautiful, deep voice, raised in anger and frustration but filled with hunger for Claire despite it all.

Wrong about her own ability to drive the memory of his first wife away. Aye, she had so very clearly been wrong about that. She couldn’t bring herself to admit that what lay between the two warring people outside the door was a love like she had fantasised having her entire life, but she could admit that her place was not here.

Gathering herself, she marched forward and opened the door, swinging it hard enough to hit the wall and bounce back, slamming shut again, but not before she saw Jamie kissing Claire with the sort of fierce passion she had always imagined him capable of, but had never seen before.

It settled the matter. She seized the door and wrenched it open again, striding out, forcing her way bodily between them with a mighty push. For the first time raising her voice to Jamie Fraser she squared her shoulders and said

“Have each other then! But ye will pay my rent and my girls dowry and no’ argue it!”

Before storming out of Lallybroch for the last time.

Claire blinked as if waking and looked up at Jamie. With all the turmoil between them, she had rather forgotten that Laoghaire was still in the room.



Jamie puffed out his cheeks and shrugged

“No a verra dignified moment but it seems to have solved any lingering issue there.”

“Yes, yes it rather has.”

Claire wiped a hand across her lips and reached up to touch a graze at Jamie’s temple.

“We should probably try not to savage each other for a day or two …”

“I make no promises, Sassenach.”

Jamie smiled, placing a gentle kiss on the bridge of her nose

“Bed wi’ a vixen, ken?”

Piercing Issues

Braun Strowman/Reader
Smut/Explicit, 3125 words


You’re backstage at Smackdown, holed up in your assigned corner, surrounded by fabric and costumes, busy at your sewing machine. You sigh to yourself, rubbing your eyes, because while there are plenty of creative aspects to your job, you also seem to spend an inordinate amount of time reinforcing the seams of tights.

“Hey,” says a gruff voice from behind you, and you turn, swivelling your chair around. There are some big guys here, and most of them have voices to match, but Braun’s is the biggest of all, every word he speaks amplified by the sheer bulk of him, echoing through that cavernous chest.

“Hey,” you say, smiling, because Braun’s also the guy who’s probably the least like his stage persona. He’s almost shockingly sweet, his offstage personality hard to reconcile with the monster he plays in the ring. “What can I do for you?”

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Braids & War Paint (Part 5)

Notes On:

Part 1: / Part 2: / Part 3: / Part 4

Aelin’s laboured breaths and thundering footfalls were a rhythmic beat in the fog filled castle grounds. Guards saluted as she ran past, Fleetfoot yapping and running alongside her. 

Now the spring rains had stopped and Terrasen began their preparations for summer, Aelin had found herself unleashing all her energy into running the length of the grounds each morning. She took a sharp left turn into the main courtyard junction just as her counterpart came jogging out of the rose garden gate, his long strides causing him to reach Aelin’s side from across the courtyard in mere seconds. 

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Thirsty (Yondu x Vampire reader)

“Heya y/n/n change of plans we ain’t gonna be able to stop at Knowhere after all. That guy we robbed at the last job put out a fleet to find us so we’re gonna just hit the next port.” Kraglin told the female.

Scooting out from under the newly crashed m-pod you gawked up at the first mate. “What? How long till we get there?” you asked.

“Maybe another day or so…why?” Kraglin asked when he saw the worry on his friends face. 

Taking a deep breath you felt the burning in your throat but hid it long enough to shake your head and quickly scoot back under the ship. After a few seconds you saw Kraglin’s feet walk away. Closing your eyes you laid your head back on the floor, “Fuck…” you muttered out. You had planned on stocking up on your blood supply when you got to Knowhere. Your supplies were running low and you had been stretching out your feedings for the past three days as it was. So far everything had been going well but you knew this was about to throw a curve ball into your plans. Taking a deep breath you finished up with the repair and headed towards your room. Opening the door you hurried inside when you saw a group of Ravagers coming your way down the hall. The room was tiny, you had only the room to put a small mattress on the floor and a mini fridge that doubled as your table. When you had first joined up with Yondu’s crew you had been honest with him about your ‘condition’. He knew you could be a danger to his crew but he had also heard great things about you. Taking no chance that you may kill his crew in their sleep he cleaned out a closet down the hall from his on room and filled it with your supplies. He was the only one that knew about your need for blood consumption, both of you had decided it would stay that way, not wanting the crew to become rowdy in your presence.

Removing your Uniform you hung it up on the hook behind the door. Crouching down you opened the fridge and saw nothing but empty bottles. Swallowing hard you gave a whimper before slamming it shut and flopping down on the bed. Closing your eyes you tired to ignore your need. Reaching up you felt around for the item you required before feeling it and pulling it off the top of the fridge. Plugging the headphones in your ears you turned up the music and took deep breaths. 


Eating his meal Yondu scanned the dinning hall. His brows furrowed when he realized y/n was in fact not there. Normally she would join him and Kraglin at the table but for the past two meals she had not been here. 

“S'wrong cap?” Kraglin asked around a mouth full of food.

“Ave’ ya seen y/n taday?” he asked. 

“Not today…saw er’ yesterday though…seemed kind off.” The Zandarian said with a raise of his brows.

Yondu’s eyes imminently snapped to his first mate, “Whatcha mean off? Somethin’ wrong wit er’?" 

"Don’t know. Told er’ we won’t gonna be able to stop on Knowhere and she started acting weird… She asked how long till we stop at the next port and I told er’ a couple days but she never said anything else…” Before Kraglin could ask what he thought it was Yondu was getting up form the table and walking out off the hall.

Yondu quickly made his way down the halls towards the bedding halls. If what Kraglin said meant what he thought then they all could be in danger. He knew if she was indeed out of blood then she would be hunting for more soon. His crew would be quick to kill the girl if they found out what she was and he was not going to let that happen. Over the year she had been on the ship with him he had come to care for the girl. She was small and anyone would think she was just some tiny fragile thing that couldn’t harm a soul but no one knew the true her. In reality y/n could kill anyone on this ship if she so wanted. She was a hunter, a predator. True she was small and beautiful but all pretty things in nature tended to be killers. Yondu wouldn’t lie to himself he suspected that was what turned him on about her. Everything she could do… but wouldn’t. After a few months of giving her the cold shoulder and just leaving her to her job everyday he slowly began to watch her. He was quick to learn she was no killer. She wasn’t evil or ferocious. She was kind and gentle. Everyday he would talk a little more to the mechanic, learning more about her. She came from a very rare species that had been all but whipped out. She told him how from what she knew she was the last of her kind. She had only killed one person in her whole life, a slave gatherer that had tried catching her and selling her. She told him about her past and in turn he had come to tell her about his own. She had been one of only a handful of people that knew where he had come from. He trusted her. And he would be damned if he would let any harm come to his girl.

Getting the door he knocked three times. Hearing nothing he furrowed his brows and knocked again. Going to walk away when no one answered he stopped when he heard a rattling sound. It was small and he barely heard it but luck for him his ears were stronger than others. Going to open the door he found it locked. “Y/n?.. ey’ girl it’s Yondu open the door.” Hearing a light voice he knotted his brows and laid his ear to the metal door. 


Her voice was weak sounding. Becoming worried he took a deep breath, “Open the door y/n…now.” he said in a commanding voice. When nothing happened he growled and tapped the control panel beside the door. Typing in his master code the door opened and he stepped inside. He had never actually been inside her room, whenever he wished to speak to her he always just summoned her to his room. When he did move inside he almost tripped over something and looked down to see it was her mattress. The room was dark but he could make out her small figure curled up on the bed. Going to turn on the light he heard the rattling sound again along with her voice.

“No..please..” You begged but the dim light was turned on.

Yondu watched as she tried to shield herself away from his eyes as much as possible. His mouth opened just a fraction when he saw what had been causing the rattling sound. There welded to the wall above her bed was a chain. It was short and connected to two cuffs that were secured tightly around her wrists. He could see how the skin had been rubbed raw around them. Purple blood stained her silver skin and he furrowed his brows at the situation before becoming enraged. “Who did this ta ya?” He asked in a growl. Kneeling on the mattress he went to reach for her hands but she quickly snatched them away.

“No Yondu no… you can’t. You have to leave.. get out of here. Please Yondu before I hurt you..” You cried out. You could smell his scent strongly in the small room and felt that burning pain in your throat. His scent had always been too much for you. You would always make sure to feed before spending time with him and now that you had been a few days with any blood you having to fight yourself from pouncing on him. 

Seeing her curled up away from him he noticed how heavy and deep her breathing was. Looking in the far corner he saw a key and then it hit him. She had chained her own self up, so she couldn’t hurt anyone. He could see her small body trembling against the black sheets of her mattress and he saw as her legs curled up under the red blanket. Furrowing his brows he moved to tuck his fingers under her chin and turn her face towards him. She shivered at his touch and he heard her let out small whimpers. Bright blue eyes slowly fluttered open to look into his red ones and he saw them fill with tears. When she breathed in her eyes snapped down to his wrist that was still by her mouth. He watched her mouth open for only a fraction of a second, showing her sharp fangs that stuck out a little longer than her other teeth. Quickly her head turned away from him and her eyes screwed back shut. Hearing the rattling he looked up to see her pulling at the chains, making them cut into her wrists more and purple blood run down her arms. It was then it hit him, she was starving. They had not been able to stop on Knowhere, she was dying. Opening the door of the fridge he saw nothing but empty bottles and slowly closed the door. Looking back at the woman his face set into one of thought. He chewed at his lip for a second before grabbing the key from the floor and moving to unlock her arms. When she whined and pulled them away he grabbed them with his other hand and held them still. Pushing the key into the lock he twisted it and watched as they fell off her arms.  

You shook and whined when Yondu released you. It was taking everything you had from pinning him to the wall. 

When a tear rolled down her cheek Yondu gently lifted her up into his arms and stood. He kept the blanket wrapped around her small from but couldn’t stop his eyes from glancing at her bare legs when he saw the blanket move. Snapping his attention away he focused on the task at hand. Walking down the hall he pushed open the door to his own room, locking it behind him. Carrying her over to the bed he laid her on it gently. 

You were in and out of focus now and the rusty colored walls of the ship passed by in a blur before you were brought into a dimly lit room. Feeling something soft beneath you you tired to adjust your eyes. Looking up you saw a blur of blue. Blinking a few times you looked again to see Yondu standing there, shirtless. Taking a deep breath you backed away until you felt something hard hit your back. Looking around the room you saw you were now in the Captain’s room…on his bed… in only your black tank top and blue underwear. “What are you..”

Seeing the female begin to panic Yondu threw the shirt to the floor and crawled over to her. “Hey now darlin’. Calm down now…Ya needs blood. Ya need ta feed or yer gonna die. Now I’s pretty good with pain and I’s ain’t gonna let ya starve so ave’ at me..” he told her but saw as she just shook her head and cried. 

“No Yondu… I..I can’t feed off you.” You started but he cut you off.

“Why not? Thought ya said ya could drink any blood…” Yondu asked confused.

“I won’t hurt you… If I take too much I could kill you…No.” you said going to get off the bed.

Grabbing her around her belly Yondu pulled her back to sit in his lap. Resting against the headboard he held her tight to him. “Ya ain’t gonna take too much. I trust ya…”

Squirming in his hold you tried to fight your way out of his arms. You were strong there was no denying that but Yondu, he was stronger. Crying you looked away from him. “Please don’t make me do this Yondu… I wouldn’t be able to live knowing I hurt you… Knowing you see me differently…”

Holding her as she tried to get away Yondu Buried his nose into her neck, “I do see ya differently y/n..” he said and felt her stop moving.. He could have swore he heard her whimper. 

He thought you were a monster.. he thought the same of you as everyone else… Sniffling you felt tears of defeat fall down you cheeks. 

Taking a deep breath Yondu closed his eyes, “I love ya girl…ave’ fer a while now I think. Didn’t know ow’ ta tell ya till now.”

Gasping in a breath you turned in his hold and looked at him. You didn’t say anything at first and shuddered when he caressed your cheek with his knuckles. “I love you as well Yondu and that is all the more reason I refuse to drink from you…” you said. Taking his hand in your shaky one you moved it away from your face and more importantly your mouth.

Watching her Yondu tightened his jaw and looked hard into her eyes. “Ya will. I care about ya girl and I ain’t never cared about nobodys before…I ain’t gonna let yas die. I trust ya and I know ya won’t kill me…ya won’t take too much.” When he saw her still resilient he raised his chin some, “Ya bite me girl.. that’s an order.”

Gasping at his command you glanced down. Swallowing thickly you breathed in his scent and felt a light growl in your throat. Trailing your eyes up his abs and chest you lightly ran your hands up his hard muscles. You could see the scars that littered his body and knew soon he would have a new one. 

Yondu relaxed against the headboard as her hands trailed up his skin. He couldn’t stop the low growl of arousal that rumbled in his chest at the touch he had imagined plenty times before. When her eyes got to his neck he watched her closely. He could see her blue eyes glowing now in the dimly lit room. 

“If I hurt you too much or you begin to get light headed you stop me.” you told him. Watching him lean forward you felt his lips cover yours. He was soft, not pressuring you. His lips were rough and capped and his stubble scratched your chin but you never wanted the kiss to end. Feeling his hands lay on your hips you sighed. His thumbs pushed under your tank top to rub circles over your hip bones and in that moment you felt more at peace than you ever had. When he went to pull back he placed one last kiss on your lips before nodding. Taking a deep breath you moved to his neck. You could hear his pulse and felt your lips curl back over your teeth. “Forgive me…” you whispered and bite down on his neck. 

Yondu tensed when he felt her teeth break his skin, grunting in pain he gripped her hips with more force. After the initial shock he tried to relax the best he could and laid his head back against the headboard. He could feel as her hands rubbed around him. One going to grab onto the top of his arm and the other going to hold onto the back of his neck. Holding in his cry of pain he shut his eyes. Soon he felt himself becoming faint and pushed his now heavy feeling arm up her back. “Dar..Darlin…” he started. Gripping her shoulder under her shirt he pulled slightly, trying to get her to let go of him. He could feel himself becoming weaker and weaker by the second. “… enough..” he stuttered. Just when he thought he was going to pass out she pulled away. 

Looking down at the blue male you swallowed down what was left of his blood in your mouth. Your eyes held worry when you saw how weak he looked. “Yondu?” you asked and saw him give you a small smirk.

“Told ya yad stop…” he whispered. 

Seeing his eyes fluttering you helped him to lay down on the bed. Crawling down to the end of the bed you pulled off his boots and dropped them to the floor. Glancing back at him you saw him staring at your pantie covered ass. 

Getting caught Yondu gave a guilty smirk, “I’s enjoyin’ the view…" 

Smiling softly you crawled back up to lay beside him. "You are in no shape to be doing anything like that.” you said and heard him grunt. Turing his head to the side you looked over the bite to see it only leaking a small amount of blood. Leaning down you licked at the wound before placing a kiss on it. “Thank you Yondu.” you told him as you moved to cuddle into his side under the blankets. 

Humming Yondu gave a weak smirk, “Give me couple hours an I’ll show ya ya ain’t the only one that bites…” he slurred.

Blushing a deep purple you laid your head on his chest and drifted off to sleep.

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Soothing Love reminiscence : Story of Kobayashi Yui (小林由依)

I remember her as the member with the crooked teeth. But that was 1 year ago. Now, when i think of Yuipon, i think of someone who slowly but surely amaze me. Fans don’t quickly notice her because her character is the opposite of straightforward; it feels like she willingly try to not make waves in performance and variety. The kind of girl that you find cute in the subway, but forget shortly after. Yuipon can be compared to an old wine. There’s no kick with the first sip, but then a fruity aftertaste. A delicacy that you enjoy over time. Not that i’m explaining you need to be a hipster to be a Yuipon fan, but her overall personality is much more subtile compared to Oda nana (who focus on humor) or Moriya Akane. Therefore, you need to make efforts to know more her. And it’s worth it.

“Yuipon is not your average girl. She has a cute face, long legs and impeccable hair.”

It’s true, to speak boldly during variety show, or behaving differently than others, helps you stand out and leave a huge impression. Not only Yui is the opposite, but in Keyakitte Kakenai, they use this image to characterize her as a loner : there were few segments showing her being alone backstage while the other girls were fooling around. Another segment, she explained she spent christmas alone, with only a red cap to celebrate. Later on, Sawabe (Host of keyakitte show) bought her a christmas gift to make up for it.

But her character in the group evolved in a more interesting turn of event. She incidentally became the target of Oda nana running gag, being chosen to be her love interest in the group. For someone a bit introverted as Yuipon to face the funny creepiness act of Oda involved her in the main act of keyaki variety scene. To make a shy girl embarassed, turning her all red, is the most appealing to fans. Yuipon sweet and innocent character is the best to tease.  I personally don’t think you need to be straightforward to succeed in the entertainement world. If everyone were all comics making fun of each other, it would create an oversaturated atmosphere, a pace that the viewer wouldn’t follow. you need girls like Yuipon to balance with Oda nana eccentricity.

But it would be a mistake to say she doesn’t know how to “express” herself. Let’s keep in mind she entered Keyaki being 15 years old, but already had participated in music contest. 

“Kobayashi Yui is a talented musician, being able to play Alt Saxophone, Piano, guitar and drums”

In her introduction video in Keyakitte Kakenai, as well as Keyaki introduction performance to fans, she didn’t hesitated to use her guitar skill to catch fans attention. Thanks to her experience, she didn’t waver because of stress and displayed a very convincing live, with a bright smile. Shortly after, fans during handshake event praised her idea to perform with a guitar. You could say she filled her lack of presence in TV show thanks to her musical performance. Something that is a real advantage to the Sakamichi series, is the individual PV. She’s fully using resources available to her to show how much she’s capable of : for example she did a 5-man music session with her on all instruments and singing. A feat that only a few are able to, and deeply impressing fans.

Management was able to witness her potential and decided to use it right on the first single, making the excellent Shibuyagawa. It was a turning point because she would endorse a new side of Keyakizaka, the pop-folk sub unit she embodies with Imaizumi. Her role in Keyakizaka went from the quiet girl to the face of the group raw music. What was the most impressive is undoubtly her “Bob dylan wo kaesanai” performance in Ariake Coliseum, with Imaizumi. It was performed live (but not the guitar) and people noticed how good Yuipon was able to control her voice, even the high pitched part. To sing perfectly her backing part allowed Imaizumi Yui to fully release her powerful voice in her solo, making the chemistry between the two even more striking. What is difficult is not Zuumin solo, but actually Yuipon part to sing accurately and not lose her focus while Zuumin is giving all she’s got. In Matome (japanese newsite) most keyaki fans voted bob dylan as the song they enjoyed the most. 

“To be quiet doesn’t mean Yuipon is gloomy. She enjoys her time in the group, always singing with a bright smile with Zuumin”

Yuipon has what it takes to claim Sakamichi DNA. She did few photoshoot and just recently did modeling for Girl’s award 2017 show. But again, what impressed people was not her visual, but her acting. In Keyakitte Kakenai again, she showed she could convey emotion through a “love rejection” (失恋) segment. The quiet Yuipon perfectly played the role of a vulnerable girl confessing her love to the guy she likes. And when she was rejected, to show how heavy her heart was, how oblivious she was  to know what to do, and instinctively shouting her hopelesness in the air. Sawabe and Tsuchida praised her for showing a side that fans and member didn’t know of her. You could see the other members were really into it, like it was a real japanese drama. Her acting prowess continue with her 4th individual PV, were she handle 10 min of theater play. She switched from hope, sadness, anger, confusion; reciting by heart more than 4 page of text. Undoubtly Yuipon is talented.

It’s kind of related to her joining Keyakizaka. She wanted to free herself from her natural quiet personality and acting is one of the answer. It’s very convenient as Keyakizaka is blessed with many acting opportunity since they had one drama, and another one coming in late May. Perhaps Yuipon can take a more important role to push her limit even further. To be quiet is not a default to fix, as it has is own charm, but to get out of her comfort zone is the best way to improve, and Yuipon knows it. Since her personality isn’t of someone who would confront others, it’s very unsure to say if Yuipon is someone competitive or not. The thing is, Zuumin and her have already a great responsability holding the artistic side of Keyakizaka46, that she first try to live up what management gave to them before aiming at something higher, like center position.

“It’s true Yuipon is not the kind of girl who actively approach people. But she always welcome other’s friendship with an open heart.”

It’s interesting to see the contrast between Kobayashi’s quiet personality and the role she will have in Keyakizaka future. If the group keep his incredible momemtum, the amount of work related to modeling, acting and original B-side will increase, causing her visibility to increase as well. Ironically, someone who didn’t want to stand out will eventually be in the midst of Keyaki future main project. She doesn’t have the intensity of yurina or the energy of Zuumin, but she does grow in field that goes beyond the standard profile of an idol, and can turn into Keyakizaka best asset.

Even if her natural humility won’t allow her to accept this status, Yuipon is already an irrepleacable existence to Keyakizaka, solely from her duo with Zuumin. Actually, Keyakizaka way to stand out was the style (rebellion) but A-capella singing and Accoustic instrumental is a strength that other idol group have yet to really exploit as much as Yuichanzu.

In AKB, you had member like Acchan who shine brightly to attract people, and member who build the group from behind, step by step like Sasshi. Yuipon is the kind who doesn’t shine much, but build Keyakizaka solid reputation by making good B-sides. Therefore, her role in the group is very important. Lesson to be learn, is that Keyakizaka doesn’t make the same mistake as AKB long ago : they work the group unity, giving a role to everyone. Center, singer, comedian, dancer, actress. You only need to find your path : Yuipon being the orthodox style, will probably let go of comedy and dance to focus on singing and actress. And thanks to her, the group will stand on solid grounds to reach new heights.

Hiatus AU: Mark drags Damien back across the country in what amounts to the most karmic reverse kidnapping in history, but stopping to take hipster pics of scenic overlooks will not protect you from the scary stuff lurking in the liminal space behind highway truck-stops. (A03)

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Coming Home

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

Taehyung as a single parent. He was looking for a babysitter to help him raise his kid and then he met you.

Taehyung had a short 3 days back home before he has to return to practice and prepare for the next comeback. He spent the next morning sleeping in and waking up only at noon to find that the house was empty. 

He was using his phone and scrolling social media in bed for an hour before he decided to get up. When he walked into the kitchen, he saw some covered plates on the table with post-it note that said, “Out to buy some stuff. Will be back soon. Eat lots! <3″ 

He smiled as he put the post-it down and lifted the cover of one of the plates. He took the plate and placed it in the microwave, heating the food up before sitting down to finish it. 

After he finished his meal, he realised that you were still not back yet. He took his phone up and texted, “where are you?” 

“On the way home.” 


“At the bus stop.”

“Which bus stop?”

“The one outside. At the main road.” 

“I’m coming.” 

You giggled to yourself a little after reading Taehyung’s text. He was always so obsessive and afraid of missing out. 

“Tae-oh ah appa says he is coming. Shall we wait for him here?” You were pushing Tae-oh in a stroller and you stopped and squatted next to him to tell him that his father was on his way to find him. 

Tae oh blabbered something and started to bounce in his seat, pointing his hands excitedly at something. You looked in the direction and saw that he was referring to the playground opposite. 

“Let’s wait for appa for awhile here. If we leave he wouldn’t be able to find us.” 

Tae-oh started whining and you were afraid that he was going to burst out crying. The recent episode at the clinic was still very raw and traumatic so you relented and pushed him to the playground that he was pointing to, thinking that you would just drop Taehyung a text to let him know where to find you. 

The playground was a neighbourhood playground and somehow it was crowded when you got there. It was probably because it was after school hours and the kids who got off from the school buses at the bus stop that you came from wanted to have some fun before heading home. 

You found yourself a small corner to park the stroller and carefully lifted Tae-oh out of his seat. The child could barely walk so you had to guide him as he stumbled his way to the different facilities of the playground. He was attracted to the rocking horse which he saw some older kid riding on and you told him to wait for his turn as the older hyung was still playing on the horse. When the older child saw Tae Oh eyeing his ride, he rocked a few more times before running off to the tall slide. 

“Gomawo hyung,” you said as you led and lifted Tae oh up on the seat and made sure he held on to the two handles before you started rocking him back and forth. The child was amused and he swept your hands away, wanting to rock the horse on his own. You took the chance to text Taehyung quickly, “we are at the playground opposite the bus stop”, and slipped your phone back into your pocket quickly and kept your watch on Tae Oh again. 

Tae Oh didn’t have much chance to go outdoors because nobody had the time to take him out. You had to admit that it was a hassle bringing a toddler out. Even a short visit to the convenient store down the street required you to dress him adequately, prepare his stroller or a baby carrier which were bulky and not easy to bring out. A longer trip out would require probably 10 times the work and energy. Furthermore, it was a great responsibility taking someone’s son out, even if the person was your own grandson. The burden of ensuring that the child was unhurt, and having to be on 24/7 alert for potential danger or hazards, it would be much safer and less emotional stress to just stay at home. But as a qualified early childhood educator, you knew the importance of active play and outdoor experience for young children and you hoped that Tae oh would get to experience as much as he could at his age. You also hoped that the vitamin D that he gets from the sun would allow him to become more extroverted and less irritable. 

Tae oh was playing a few rounds on the swing, slide and see-saw when you realised that you have been playing for quite some time and Taehyung was still not here yet. You began to look around and texted him, “where are you?” 

Your phone suddenly rang and it was Taehyung calling.

“Oh where are you?” 

“I’m at the playground.” 

“I don’t-”

“Look to your right” 

You looked to your right and did not see him around. You looked for a little longer and realised that someone was standing behind the tree and waving carefully at you. Taehyung was not at the playground itself but he was by a tree that was behind the fence surrounding the playground. Taehyung was watching from behind the tree. No he looked like he was hiding behind the tree as he only peeked his head out and waved when you looked into his direction. He was wearing a black cap and a black mask. 

It suddenly hit you that the playground was very crowded. There were children playing, screaming, running and laughing everywhere, a few mothers were talking to one another while sitting on the benches at the side. Some mothers were playing with their children, waiting for their child at the end of the slide, standing behind to push their child on the swing. Some children were brought here by their grandparents. If Taehyung were to walk in, he would have attracted alot of attention even though you doubt that the audience at the playground knew who he was. But you knew he could not take the risk with the number of people there. 

“I will tell Tae oh to stop then we can go home now”, you said to Taehyung over the phone. 

“No! Let him play, there isn’t much chance for him to play like this. We can go home later.”

You felt a little sad all of a sudden. You saw Taehyung watching Tae oh from behind the tree and snapping pictures of Tae oh from afar. Although he was wearing a mask, you could tell from his eyes that he was smiling as he watched Tae oh enjoyed himself on the slide. He was wary of the people who walked by and he would look down or away when he saw college or teenage girls nearby, hoping that nobody would recognise him. 

You continued playing with Tae oh, helping him up and down the slide but your eyes would constantly go to the tree where Taehyung was standing. You finally decided it was enough and told Tae oh that it was time to go home. The child was reluctant to leave but you told him that you would give him ice-cream on the way home and he allowed you to put him in the stroller and pushed him out of the playground. 

You pushed the stroller out of the playground to where Taehyung was, but the idol looked around, pulled his mask down and said, “you go first, I will see you back home.” He looked at Tae oh and clicked his tongue while caressing the baby’s face. He smiled and said briefly, “had fun?” He then looked at you and signalled for you to quickly leave. He looked around again and put on his mask and crossed the road to the opposite street. 

You looked around and saw that there could be no potential danger of any scandal or news being released as there was nobody who looked like they were particularly interested in who Taehyung was. You pushed the stroller and continued walking. 

Message from Kim Taehyung: “Why are you walking that way?”

Message from Kim Taehyung: “That’s not the way home.” 

“I promised to buy Tae oh ice-cream. You can go home first.” 

You hit send and slipped your phone back into your pocket and ignored the next message that came in. You were walking down a different street and you decided to go to the convenient store that was further and out of the way from home. You did not know why you were feeling annoyed. You know fully well what Taehyung’s job meant to him and what it entailed. His private life was constantly on the edge of being exposed and he could not afford for that to happen. He was not even supposed to get caught outside, and to get caught outside with a woman and a kid? His career would be over and that was the last thing that you would want for him. Yet, you cannot explain this feeling of annoyance. Maybe it’s because it sucks knowing that he can never openly spend time with his loved ones, maybe you will always be second to his job, or maybe third because Tae oh would always be number 2. But if he truly loved you, why can’t he be seen spending time with you and his child? If he could hide his child like this, he could hide you too. What were you to him? 

The more you thought about it, the more irritated you got. You decided to stay outside for a little longer so you took Tae oh to the cafe instead of just buying something for him to bring home from the convenient store. 

You got a table next to the window and you placed Tae oh inside and sat next him. While you were feeding him the ice-cream that you ordered, somebody knocked on the window and you looked out. It was Taehyung in his black cap and mask. You made eye contact with him and ignored him as you continued feeding Tae oh. 

The bells on the door chimed and the staff greeted, “welcome.” The person that walked in went straight to your table and sat opposite you. He pulled down his mask and said, “why did you suddenly decide to bring him here?”

“Why not?” You replied casually, trying to not sound petty or angsty. 

Taehyung looked around as you answered him in a rather loud voice when he tried to speak you to you quietly, hoping that he would not attract any attention and that nobody could recognise him through his voice. “I thought you were buying from the convenient store…” Taehyung said softly, he could sense that you were not very happy, but he did not know why. 

“Didn’t feel like it anymore. But i think this is a great place, you have any concerns about me bringing Tae oh here?” You spoke in your normal voice and you didn’t know why you were trying to pick a quarrel with him. 

“No no, I just thought… nevermind…” 

“Tae oh what are you eating? Is it yummy?” Taehyung immediately diverted his attention to Tae oh to avoid the tension that was building up and you went to order another cup of ice-cream to eat by yourself. 

Taehyung paid attention to Tae oh and you were getting more annoyed as you sulked and stuffed yourself with the ice-cream. Was he like this to Tae oh’s biological mother? 

Tae oh’s mother was someone that you wondered about quite a lot nowadays. You wondered what kind of person she was. Was she pretty? Was she cute? Was she kind-hearted? Was she bitchy? Was she submissive? Was she demanding? Why did she leave? What kind of person was she? What did she do? Did she leave shortly after Tae oh was born? Did she break up with Taehyung? Did she walk out on them? Did Taehyung miss her? Was she someone Taehyung would give up everything for? 

There were no traces of Tae oh’s mother in the house. Not a single photo, clothing or accessory that you had came across that could possibly tell that it belonged to Tae oh’s mother. So you guessed that it must have been a tough break up that made Taehyung remove every single trace of her existence. It probably was considering how defensive Jimin was when he heard a female’s voice that night when you called Taehyung. 

All these thoughts about Tae oh’s mum were running through your mind as you walked home with Taehyung and Tae oh. Taehyung was pushing Tae oh and you were walking by the side, tucking your hands in your pocket and looking on the ground the whole time.  

Taehyung paused in his steps and you looked at him, surprised that he stopped instead of hurrying back home. “Let’s stop here for awhile, the weather is nice tonight.” 

The small uphill back home overlooked the night scene. The many houses below were all lighted up and the night sky was dull. There were no stars, there were barely any stars in the city but the night air was cool. Tae oh was quiet in his seat, he was probably sleepy as it was near his bedtime soon. Taehyung pulled down his mask and breathed in deeply, enjoying the breeze as he closed his eyes. 

“Are you okay?” he asked. 

Maybe it was the gentleness of his voice, or the coolness of the night breeze that calmed you down, you felt less quarrelsome now. 

“Yeah” you whispered. 

“Anni. You are not. You finished a whole bowl of ice-cream by yourself just now.” 

“I was not. But now I am fine.” 

“Why were you unhappy?”


“Fine.” Taehyung sounded a little annoyed now. 

“The person I entrust my son to is upset about something and doesn’t trust me enough to tell me.” 

“Okay i will tell you. Don’t be angry. I was just… thinking about Tae oh’s mum…” your voice trailed off towards the end. You were unsure of how Taehyung will react as this was the first time you were bringing up this topic. 

There was a long silent. 

“I was just thinking about how things would be if she was the one looking after Tae oh now….” When the words came out, you immediately regret it as it seemed to have made the matter worse rather than helping to alleviate the tension. 

Taehyung did not say anything. He looked down and hid his face in his palms, rubbing it before he groaned and breathed deeply again. 

“Let’s go”, he said as he stood up and pushed Tae oh’s stroller. You got up quietly and walked alongside. The rest of the walk home was silent and you felt horrible for ending the night in this way. You could have ended it on a different note if you allowed yourself the chance to flirt with Taehyung a little and get him to cheer you up but you had to dig up a sore spot and ruin the chance. 

Taehyung carried Tae oh into the bedroom and tucked him into the bed. The boy had fallen asleep on the way home and Taehyung watched him for a little while before he kissed the child’s forehead and left the room. You just got out of the shower when you saw Taehyung sitting by himself in the kitchen drinking a bottle of cold coke. 

“Are you going back to work tomorrow?” you asked casually, trying to test Taehyung’s reaction and make some small talk with him. 

“No i’m not but i will be out tomorrow.” He took another sip from his drink. 

“Oh” you said and stood awkwardly for a few seconds before deciding it was best for you to just go to bed. 

As you lay down on the bed, you were pretty sure that Taehyung went through a bad break up with Tae oh’s mum and somehow your curiosity increased though your feelings of unexplained sadness also increased. 

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Hey, how about the Starks + Throbb + backyard swimming pool headcanons?

You cannot give me a swimming headcanon request and not have Theon teaching the Starks to swim. You just can’t. So:

  • Theon basically teaches them all to swim, or at the very least, critics and helps them become better swimmers. Swimming is his element after all and he knows his shit.
  • The pool is in the Stark’s backyard so Robb and Jon grew up swimming in it. Theon basically became friends with Robb to have access to that sweet pool (I mean, there are obviously other reasons but when pressed by Asha, that’s the reason he gives because the others are too embarrassing).
  • Theon teaches Robb how to hold his breath longer and to sit at the bottom of the pool. Theon refuses to teach Jon how to do it and Jon learns how to do it himself just to spite Theon. Robb makes them both sit at the end of the pool together as a punishment for being dorks. This happens many more times as the years go on. Nothing changes with age.
  • When Sansa is old enough to start learning to swim by herself, she begs Robb and Theon to teach her. Robb forces Theon who is ‘too cool’ to do it (but secretly loves it). Sansa may or may not have had a tiny crush on Theon during this time and was a blushing mess whenever he was around helping her. Robb teased him ruthlessly for it.
  •  Arya wants Jon to teach her to swim and that is like a punch to Theon’s ego as the Swimming King (no one calls him that and he is still sour about it). In the end, Theon teaches Arya some sick dives which nearly give Cat a heart attack when Arya does them for the first time without warning.
  • Bran is apprehensive about swimming with Theon. He isn’t sure he likes Theon all that much but he does recognize that Theon is the best swimmer out of all of them. They compromise by having Robb there and teaching. BRAN LOVES TO SWIM (moreonthatlater).
  • Rickon takes to swimming extremely quickly. He’s really good at it but he also likes hanging out with the big kids that he pretends not to be great at it so Theon, Robb, and Jon will hang out with him. They see through this but don’t call him out on it.

Now for the rest of the pool headcanons <3:

  • Sansa refuses to get her hair wet which leads to Arya constantly looking for unique ways to splash her. This always ends up in an all-out war. This literally happens every time they are in the pool together.
  • Theon constantly dunks Jon. He’ll swim up behind him and just push him under (andsometimesholdhimunderforafewseconds).
  • Jon always gets his revenge and usually with Arya and Rickon’s help.
  • ROBB AND THEON GO SKINNY DIPPING. The only rule is Jon is never allowed to come along and this is probably the one occasion Robb respects this rule. The more times they do it, the more heated they get. Let your imaginations run wild, kiddos and throbb shippers.
  • While we’re on throbb stuff, I’d just like to throw in underwater kisses :)
  • After Bran’s accident and he is paralyzed, he can’t really swim anymore and he is devastated. He doesn’t even want to hang out on the patio while his siblings swim and no one is really sure what to do. Ned and Cat look into water wheelchairs/specialized floats but Bran hates the idea of them.
  • However, one day Robb tells Bran to put his swim trunks on and he takes him out to the pool without anyone else knowing. Theon is there and, basically, they have Bran wrap his arms around Theon’s neck and Theon swims for him. If he needs to come up for air, Bran pulls his hair but Bran has always been really good at holding his breath. It isn’t the same as being able to swim for himself but he likes the control of being able to guide Theon around. This is the most he has ever liked him.
  • Eventually, Ned and Cat find out and are horrified and yell at Theon for hours on end until they come around to the idea but only if they are present. The role of the swimmer is then allowed to be passed on to Robb and Jon (and later Jojen or Meera). Summer also lets Bran hang on to him while he paddles around but Summer can’t dive underwater which Bran loves doing.
  • Ned and Cat had a major rule about no dogs in the pool. This doesn’t stop Rickon from teaching all the dogs how to swim and eventually, Ned and Cat give up enforcing the rule.
  • Sansa is the queen of the water floats. She will literally spend hours on one of them with a magazine or book just drifting around. Her siblings respect this because they know how evil she can get if she gets wet when she doesn’t want to. This results in them casually pushing her around while they swim. It works out well for everyone.
  • Arya was really apprehensive about girl swimsuits for the longest time that she just wore Bran’s. As she got older, Bran stopped letting her use them “It’s weird, Arya,” and she settles for an athletic swimsuit that’s straight forward and has zero frills. She eventually comes to stealing Gendry/Hot Pie/Lommy’s swim trucks and wears them over her swimsuit.

Speaking of Chicken:

  • Theon and Robb almost always team up but are absolutely terrible at it. They never win because they are self-sabotaging all the time. If Theon is on Robb’s shoulders, Robb purposefully knocks them over. If Robb is on Theon’s shoulders, Theon tickles behind his knee caps until Robb doubles over and they fall over. Still, they always choose each other.
  • The only pair they are set about beating and take seriously is if Sansa and Rickon team up. You wouldn’t expect it but they play dirty. Usually, Rickon is on Sansa’s shoulders and Rickon will come at everyone with everything he has. Sansa plays dirty, kicking and yanking down swim trunks. DON’T TRUST THEIR SWEET SMILES.
  • Arya and Jon are also really good at chicken so they aren’t allowed to pair up often.
  • HOWEVER- the most anticipated tournament is between Arya/Sansa and Bran/Jon. It is brutal.
  • Rickon and Robb are formidable because Robb is super sturdy and Rickon is savage but they always lose to the rather impressive and how-is-this-even-working pair of Theon and Jon. They’ve only teamed up a handful of times and they always win. No one knows how that raw hatred they share turns into a killing machine, but it does.
  • Sansa and Robb are easily the worst at chicken when matched up in the same way Rickon and Jon are matched up. Sansa and Rickon are forces not to be messed with and Robb and Jon had a hard time controlling them. If the pairings are swapped, for whatever reason, they do much better.
  • Arya and Bran are also a very scary combination but they often don’t do it because Arya is so smol that they have to go to the shallowest part of the pool and they worry about Bran getting hurt. Circumstance isn’t they friend in this battle.
  • AND ONCE, ONLY ONCE, Ned and Cat. They never talk about the day they put all their children to shame and showed everyone was real champions look like.
Flesh And Stone - Doctor Who blog

(SPOILER WARNING: The following is an in-depth critical analysis. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you may want to before reading this review)

Oh bloody, buggering hell! It was all going so well until Moffat decided to get all clever-clever with it! Why can’t he ever just keep things simple?!

Flesh And Stone picks up immediately from where The Time Of Angels ended. The Doctor shoots the gravity globe at the same time the group jumps, causing a gravitational boost that propels them onto the ship, where its artificial gravity catches them (I’m not touching this scene with a barge pole. I’m just going to put it down to Doctor Who space logic and move on).

Now credit where its due, I thought the first third of Flesh And Stone was exceptionally good. Having done all the creepy, atmospheric setup in the previous episode, it’s all systems go here. The scene in the corridor was incredibly tense with the Weeping Angels slowly advancing on them in the deadliest game of Grandmother’s Footsteps ever played. And then it gets even more frightening when the Doctor needs to turn the lights off in order to open the door.

The Weeping Angels are presented as a powerful force to be reckoned with here. Despite magnetising the doors, the Angels are still strong enough to break through. Guns don’t work on them. The forest gives them plenty of places to hide (brief side note, I love the idea of the ‘oxygen factory’ being a forest on a spaceship), and to cap it all off the Angels are still playing mind games with Amy, forcing her to count down to her death. It’s immensely creepy.

But the undisputed star of the show has to be Matt Smith. He runs the whole gambit of emotions here. He’s funny and quirky, but at times often callous, like when he talks to Angel Bob and repeatedly makes puns about being alive. The scene where he leaves Octavian to die was really impactful. You can tell he doesn’t want to leave him, but he also knows he has no choice and that there’s no way to save him. The look of sorrow and guilt on his face really punched a gut. And he clearly cares a lot about Amy and her safety. There are a few points where he almost coldly dismisses her fears, but only because he’s thinking desperately of ways to help her, and his raw anger and distress when Amy is left alone in the forest was very powerful indeed.

All in all, this was shaping up to be a pretty awesome episode.

And then that fucking crack showed up!

With the possible exception of Bad Wolf in the first series, the series arcs in New Who have always been consistently rubbish, but at least RTD kept them in the background as Easter Eggs until the finale. The cracks in time seemed to be going the same way until this episode where they just barge into the story, wrestle the spotlight away from the much scarier and more interesting Weeping Angels and completely trash the creepy atmosphere. I’m not saying the idea of a crack in time that can erase people from existence isn’t interesting, but there’s a time and a place. Moffat might as well have just stuck his own butt crack into the episode. It would have had the same effect.

And if that’s not bad enough, Moffat then begins to reduce the threat of the Weeping Angels not just by putting them on the backseat, but also by changing the rules. The scene where Amy has to walk through the forest alone with her eyes shut should have been utterly terrifying, but it’s ruined by Moffat’s own idiotic handling of the Angels.

The Doctor tells Amy that it’s possible to trick the Angels into thinking she can see them. But… they already know she can’t see them. She has to keep her eyes shut otherwise she’ll die from the Angel in her mind that they implanted. So why would they be fooled by that? Also how the fuck are you supposed to trick somebody into thinking you can see them? A woman stumbling around in the woods with her eyes shut isn’t going to fool anybody. Then there’s the added issue that all of this implies that the Angels have control over their quantum locking abilities, and I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to work like that. They’re supposed to freeze whenever anybody looks at them, including each other. If they have the ability to just turn it on and off whenever they feel like it, why bother doing it at all? Why not just pounce on their victims and get it over with? And if they have control over it, how were they defeated in Blink?

And then Moffat commits the ultimate sin.


Apart from the fact that it completely robs them of what makes them so scary in the first place, it also completely contradicts what we already know about them. Think back to Blink. When Sally Sparrow was roaming around that house and found the TARDIS key, how come the Angels didn’t attack her? It was because we, the audience, were looking at them. This is demonstrated when Sally walks past an Angel, obscuring our view of it, and we see it change positions. This was a really clever idea and a great way of getting kids involved with the story. Up until now, The Time Of Angels and Flesh And Stone remained consistent with this too. We are, in a sense, protecting the characters from harm. So when Amy is surrounded by Angels in the forest, they should not be able to move because we’re still looking at them. But oh no. Moffat just wants us to forget about that now because it’s suddenly inconvenient to the plot. And that’s always been one of the biggest problems with Moffat’s writing. It’s hard to be invested in a story when the established rules can just randomly change whenever the writer feels like it.

In the end it suddenly becomes abundantly clear why the crack in time really showed up. It wasn’t to propel a series arc. It was merely to provide a convenient deus ex machina to vanquish the Angels without the characters having to lift a finger. In fact, with the Angels now erased from time, the story doesn’t even make sense anymore. If the Angels never existed, how did the spaceship crash? And how does River Song think this is going to earn her a pardon? Technically it never happened. Why aren’t there a bunch of soldiers standing around, scratching their heads, wondering what they’re doing there?

Oh yeah. I suppose I should talk about River Song’s bullshit mystery. So she’s in prison apparently for killing a man. A good man. A brave man. The best man she ever knew. A hero to many.

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Well gee. I wonder who this could be referring to. I mean it could be anybody. No, but seriously. It’s definitely Rory. (Did you know people at the time actually, genuinely speculated that? Those fucking idiots).

And then… there’s the ending… Oh Jesus.

I don’t think there are words that have even been invented yet to express how fucking inappropriate this is, but sod it. I’m going to try anyway.

For starters, this is a family show. I don’t think kids should have to be subjected to the sight of Amy trying to get into the Doctor’s pants. Second, this has become a recurring problem in Moffat’s stories. He has often stated that his stories have a sexual undertone to them, most notably The Empty Child two parter with the Doctor and Captain Jack comparing sonic screwdriver sizes, and a lot of his female characters are often reduced to these kinds of one dimensional, dominatrix-y types, which is sexist as shit. And third, this scene just comes right the fuck out off nowhere. There’s no build-up to it whatsoever and it doesn’t actually serve a purpose. No. Yuck. Take it away.

Cut out all the pointless bullshit with River Song and Moffat’s crack (in time. Come on guys. Grow up), The Time Of Angels and Flesh And Stone could have been an excellent two parter and a worthy successor to Blink. Instead, while there are some good moments here and there, the whole thing just feels like a squandered opportunity.

‘Civil War’ Audio Commentary By directors and screenwriters

It is for the record and all about RDJ thing or related.

MARKUS: It’s also Robert’s last shot, right? ‘Cause he had to shave the beard in order to shoot it.

JOE: I think we have to really, um, give a shout-out to Alfre Woodard here for doing a, you know, very small part in this movie, but a very integral part. It was so important that the audience feel the emotional impact of this and to have an actress of her calibre performing this for us was an incredible gift and a real favour.

ANTHONY: It was Robert’s idea, actually, to cast her. He brought her up for that role ‘cause I think he knew how important this scene would be for the character.

McFEELY: And even on set it was pretty clear. “Oh, wow! Wow!”

JOE: Exactly.

JOE: Robert is an incredibly big personality on-screen and you have to have an incredible actor or actress opposite him to hold the screen.

McFEELY: That’s right. He does not talk much in that scene.

JOE: We did a lot of work early on with Robert about the character and our big pitch to him, because he was not contracted to do this movie… We had to go to him and pitch him the film and get him creatively vested in the film, was that we were gonna take a very different approach with Tony Stark. That we were gonna make the character off-balance and emotionally vulnerable and, uh, insensitive and that, you know, he’s going to be in a real place of confusion. He’s dealing with emotions that he hasn’t had to deal with before. And that his moral centre and his narcissism are coming into conflict with each other. And he has to make a choice to submit his ego to the government.

McFEELY: And I think that’s being responsible to the movies that have come before. I mean, you know, you can’t blow off things like Ultron. If you do, then you are just spinning your wheels.

JOE: Right. You’re just making movies…

McFEELY: If he doesn’t learn from his mistakes, we will eventually get sick of him.

McFEELY: Uh, l kind of copped to the idea that Robert brought the pens in.

JOE: Yes. That was actually… So, our process with Robert… We could talk about the process with Robert a little bit. Robert is a very, um… I know the term is thrown around too much, but he’s an organic actor. He likes the mercurial part of the process, inspirational part of the process. And he really has to get under the skin of a scene in order to understand it on an emotional level for his interpretation of the character. So, what all of us would do, is every week before Robert would shoot. And I think he was on the movie for about eight weeks… We would all go over to his house on a Sunday, have a very lovely lunch, and then we would sit for a few hours and talk through the scene with him and Robert would do some improvisation in character. And, you know, the guys would write some of the lines down and then we’d talk through the structure of the scene and then, you know, without compromising the story in any way. Which, really… You know, Robert is incredibly additive, um, certainly in terms of character ‘cause he knows Tony Stark better than anybody on the planet. Um, and extremely inventive in his choices. And the pens were an idea that he brought to the scene as a way to represent what was going on between Cap and Tony in the scene. And it adds for a very lovely…

McFEELY: Oh, it’s great. They basically… It gives you a beginning and an end to that scene.

MARKUS: So, the nerves of Tom Holland being in a room with Robert Downey Jr. are 50% of the scene, and the rest of it is acting like you’re nervous Peter Parker being with, uh, Tony Stark. So, it’s just jazzed up by the fact that…

McFEELY: The dynamic is the same in life.

MARKUS: This kid is in the room with this huge actor.

ANTHONY: Also, this scene is so interesting, too, because it is… We used a version… You guys wrote a version of this scene to audition the actor. And we did screen tests with several actors with Robert Downey Jr. of this scene. A different version of it. But the thing is, we got to really work the hell out of this scene, both with the actors and you guys in terms of what the structure of the scene would be. And I think, this scene is one of my favorite in the film. But it’s interesting that it was a product of a lot of… We had several runs at the scene, so to speak, before we actually had to commit to it.

ANTHONY: Well, also, for a young actor, it’s like… One of the things I was always struck by in this scene is, to be able to act with Robert Downey Jr. when he’s giving… Like, Downey gave this scene his all. He knew how important this scene was. He knew how important Tom’s performance in this scene would be, as well as his own. And he gave this scene so much and he helped… You know, it’s like, you're never gonna be a better actor than when you’re acting across from Robert Downey Jr. It’s an amazing thing.

ANTHONY: He does something here, this line right here about the leg. So, Tom, you know, forgot the blocking of the scene. And of course, that’s Robert staying in character, telling him you’re supposed to move now, so I can sit on the bed.

McFEELY: Fabulous.

ANTHONY: But he’s Not only does he use it, but he uses it in a way that’s really entertaining and fun.

JOE: And becomes one of the better moments in this.

McFEELY: He really is great.

ANTHONY: With him totally in character. I mean, that’s such a dexterous and inventive move on an actor’s part.

JOE: I will say that…

ANTHONY: You don’t see that very often.

JOE: To pick up what you were talking about, Anth, this… There’s been many, many, many a moment where I went, “That’s why Robert Downey is Robert Downey. ” But no moment more so than when we blocked this scene with him and with Tom Holland. You know, we knew how important the scene was. And we showed up to start blocking the scene. And, you know, we knew we had about an hour and a half, two hours to do it because we were gonna take the time to get it right. It was a very small space, so there’s not a lot you can do in this scene. But if you notice, they move quite a bit in the scene. And after about 15 minutes of blocking, I saw Downey and I… And this was where I went, “This guy is an absolute genius. “He really understands movement and spatial relationship to camera.” He started moving around the space and Anth and I just kinda stepped back, and we watched as he encouraged Tom’s blocking throughout the whole sequence and… And, you know, making suggestions. “What would… If you went over to the bed at this point.” Or, “What if you… ” And the whole scene developed between he and Tom. Uh, and it is… We’ve seen the movie with a lot of audiences now, at the premieres. It’s always regarded as one of the favorite scenes in the film.

McFEELY: It is charming.

JOE: Uh, and it’s really… A lot of credit goes to Robert for helping Tom craft a star-making performance in the scene.

ANTHONY: This is the kind of scene where, as directors, you have to be very sensitive with actors, ‘cause what Downey was doing in this performance while he was watching the tape is so complicated. It’s sensitive and raw. You have to be very, uh, specific about your shots. You know, you can’t ask an actor to shred themselves emotionally like that.

McFEELY: So, literally, you planned on only doing this a few times?

ANTHONY: Exactly. ‘Cause you know, you can’t dial something up like that over and over.

JOE: And he wasn’t watching anything. We hadn’t shot this yet. I was literally standing off camera with the script just reading what he was saying.

McFEELY: Well, yes, and I remember you gilding the lily at times. You know…

JOE: Yes. I was trying to…

McFEELY: And now they’re pleading! 

JOE: Yes.

McFEELY: They’re screaming!

JOE: She’s begging for her life!

JOE: I did try to goose him emotionally, yes.

McFEELY: No. It worked great.

Recovery Romance; Bucky x reader

In honor of Sebastian Stan’s bday I thought I would post up this oneshot that has been raging through my kind for awhile. Now this oneshot does show a real life place were actual Veterans suffering from PTSD can go and work. The video is linked to the very bottom so if you know anyone who is a Vet and suffers from PTSD, share this video with them and see if they would be interested at all. Now if anything militariscally is wrong please, please, please, PLEASE let me know so that I may fix it cause I do NOT want to offend anyone. I hope you guys enjoy this and I apologize in advance if it sucks.

Warnings: PTSD mentions, slight mention of rape (VERY SLIGHT mention), mentions of terrorists names, other than that just some fluff and mild angst. 

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“But Buck….”

“No Steve I can’t do this, I won’t do it!”

“Can’t you at least try?”

“Those shrinks will make me feel like I’m crazy! Like what I did all those years didn’t even happen!” Bucky screamed at his friend.

“Can I say something?” Stated Scott who raised his hand.

“I probably wouldn’t if I was you tic-tac” stated Sam as he drank his beer.

“What is it Scott?” said Bucky.

“I actually have a friend back in California who works at a special sanctuary for Vets. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard of and it’s really helped her out a lot”.

“What is it they do?” asked Steve.

“Here its best I show you the YouTube video”. He handed Steve, Bucky and Sam the tablet and they watched a video called “Living with Wolves Saved My Life”.  As they watched the video, all three ex Veterans were amazed about what this sanctuary was.

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Fairy Tales, Gently Fractured
Audiobooks of Garth Nix’s “Frogkisser!” and Chris Colfer’s “The Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales” offer kids spit-shined versions of Grimm Brothers’ classics.
By A.j. Jacobs

You don’t have to own a knitted pink cap or the collected works of Roxane Gay to find the sexual politics of fairy tales troubling. Among the lessons fairy tales impart:

Upward mobility is possible — if you’re a ravishing beauty (“Cinderella”). Women don’t need to talk — or breathe, really — as long as they are physically attractive (“Snow White”). Abducting women is a viable path to romance (“Beauty and the Beast”). The nonconsensual kissing of coma victims is a great way to meet your mate (“Sleeping Beauty”).

Pretty retrograde, even in the post-Hillary era. Which is why recent retellings and mash-ups of fairy tales tend to give the Grimm brothers universe a feminist makeover, or at least a feminist sheen.

[…] “Frogkisser!” comes several years after the actor Chris Colfer started to publish his own fairy-tale-inspired books with a girl-power twist. Colfer’s series the Land of Stories follows a pair of 12-year-old twins who are magically sucked into a book of fairy tales. (My kids and I are on Vol. 3 of six of the hardcovers.) In Colfer’s books, damsels are rarely in distress. Goldilocks, for instance, is a sword-wielding warrior and Sleeping Beauty hasn’t slept in years because she’s working tirelessly to reform her kingdom.

Colfer’s new audiobook, “The Land of Stories: A Treasury of Classic Fairy Tales,” is related to the series, but also a departure. It doesn’t feature the adventuring twins, but instead is a straightforward collection of fairy tales. Twenty-five stories from the Grimm brothers, Hans Christian Andersen and others, are retold and tidied up a bit by Colfer.

I recommend it for three reasons. First, Colfer — an actor most famous for playing a countertenor teenager on “Glee” — is a wizard at voices. In “Henny Penny,” he gives distinct, birdlike cadences to a duck, a goose, hen, rooster and a turkey. His yawn from Goldilocks was convincing enough to make me yawn in the driver’s seat.

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