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TSUBAKI CHOU LONELY PLANET CHAPTER 41 TRANSLATIONS: I decided to translate this chapter because I was super curious and I’m sure some of you are too! SIDE NOTE: THIS IS THE ONLY TIME IM DOING THIS SO DO NOT EXPECT ANOTHER ONE FROM ME. THANK YOU!

Also, check out the raw first so you know whats going on. And also I apologize for getting some things wrong if they are! OK!

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Nct 127+Hansol,Ten's reaction to their s/o not wanting kids

excluding Haechan & Mark

Request: Hello lovely! Could I request a reaction from NCT 127+Ten and Hansol where you tell them that you definitely don’t want kids in the future? Like you want to let them know so they know what they are committing themselves to at the moment (like when talking about the future, marriage, or fears etc)

A/N: i left the younger members out because i feel it’s still quite young, i hope you don’t mind! these are so different compared to my usual reactions tbh haha



I feel like Taeil would be surprised and a little disappointed at first, but as time goes by he’d respect your decision, as all he wants is to be happy with you. But still, he holds on to the smallest hope that you might change your mind one day, as he brings it up occasionally time to time, but tries not to, as he knows how sensitive you are to this topic, and all he wants is you to be happy.

“Look at them playing, they’re so cute”

“Yeah they are”

“It’d be cute if we had our own in the future- oh i’m sorry”

“oh nah, it’s okay”

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When you first told him, he’d be speechless and unsure of what to say and do, mainly because he never actually thought about it yet- he just knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you. He’s pretty chill about it and has no objections, and you like that he doesn’t mind at all, as knows that it’d be the best for both you and him in the future.

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He probably thought that you were joking at first, as he’d seen how you interacted with kids and thought that you liked them- which came to him as a shock when you told him your choice. He’d ask you many questions and try to convince you, but gives up in the end when he knows it’s not going to change your mind. Nonetheless, he still treats you normally and isn’t very affected, because his main priority is to be with you, and he feels that having kids are not as important as for now.

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Would be in a state of confusion and disappointment, but doesn’t show it too obviously, mainly because he had already visualise his future with you- starting a family together and having kids had always been a dream. He tries his best to convince you from time to time but still respects your decision, not pushing his mindset against yours, as he knows it may cause unnecessary conflicts. As time goes by he starts to realise that it is not as important too, so he tries to get his mind off the matter, and fully focus on spending quality time with you.

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I feel like he’d get a little pissed over this matter, as he feels that you’re not thinking for him, and only caring about yourself. Because of this, y'all had a small conflict and stopped talking for a few days. Just when you thought everything was going to end between the both you, he appeared at your apartment and apologised, explaining his reasons and saying that he fully supports your decision, as he’d rather let that go than let you go. From then on, y'all hardly ever brought the matter up but he knew what you wanted and was willing to go with it.

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A mixture of Yuta & Taeyong, he’d be a bit confused and disappointed at first, then slowly becoming annoyed and irritated, but he tries not to lose his cool. He then requests for you to give him some time to think it through, where he eventually learnt to not take things too seriously and agree with you, because he doesn’t want to give up his source of happiness for something that was a choice. Although he still brings up the matter of kids and children from time to time, he makes sure it doesn’t affect you in any way, as he knows it may cause misunderstandings.

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Like Johnny, he probably also thought that it was a prank/joke, not taking it too seriously. But after repeating yourself many times and confirming that it was what you really wanted, he hugged you immediately and assured you that he didn’t mind, as all he wanted to do was to be with you. Even though sometimes you feel bad because you’d notice how his eyes would always lit up when there are kids around, and that small little smile he’d always give when they play with him. But being the sweet person he is he doesn’t say anything and goes with whatever you say, as all he wants is for the both of you to be happy.

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Being the positive and optimistic guy he is, Jaehyun wouldn’t be too bothered by it and is also really chill towards this matter. He feels that it shouldn’t matter at all because what’s important is that the both of you are and always will be in a healthy relationship, and feels that what happens in the future should just come naturally and not be forced. You’re glad that he’s this positive and open minded, and you’re grateful that he doesn’t say much about it too.

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Like Hansol, he’d be very confused and shocked at how you suddenly told him that matter, and would have nothing to say towards it as he’s just too in shock. But eventually after he takes in everything, he assures you that he doesn’t mind at all and would respect any of your decisions, because he understands that it may be hard for you in the future. So he tries to avoid talking about this matter and just keeps quiet about everything.

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cowboyhatsarecool  asked:

Loved your HC about sleep talking MC. Could you do one with the RFA +V & Saeran about an MC who crochets things for them like blankets, hats, scarfs, even stuffed animals? Thanks!

So, after I googled what to crotch means xD, here you go! ≧ω≦


° You always thought that he was cute

° so you made cute things for him (*^▽^*)

° little gadgets you crotched for him like scarfs or hats

° he loved those and cherished them

° but you realized that he couldn’t wear 3 scarfs at the same time… ( TДT)

° it was physically impossible to do so no really ?

° you made up your mind and decided it was time to make something else

° you worked day and night on your new project

° in the end you made a cute little doll from a LOLOL character (*≧▽≦)

° the things you made were never bad or ugly but this one….

° it was a masterpiece!

° of course there weren’t many details, it was more like a chibi Version

° big head and eyes, small body, on one word: cute

° so perfect for Yoosung

° cute and cute mix well right?

° he came home late because of his club activities

° you patiently waited for his return

° when he arrived you rushed to the door and greeted him with a hug

° “Did something happen MC? You seem very cheerful today.”

° “I made something for you.”

° his face was saying: please not a scarf again!!

° lol

° “What did you made this time?” (・_・ヾ

° he was a Little scared but you overheard the this in his voice and dragged him to his Computer desk

° “Look, it´s a little figurine. I thought you have enough scarfs by now.”

° at first he was relived, at least not another scarf thank god!!

° but when he took a closer look he saw it was the character he always played in LOLOL

° “OH MY GOD!!!! MC this is just perfect!!”                                 o(〃^▽^〃)o

° you were really glad he liked it, all of your hrd work payed of, finally

° “I´m glad you like it Yoosung.”

° you were happy that you could give him something he seemed to like very much, so you were pleased with yourself

° as a thank you, he went on the most romantic date you could imagine

° awwwww

° so in the end, everyone was happy yay  o(≧∇≦o)


° you kept yourself occupied with handwork whenever Jaehee was away, which was often but that´s nothing new ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° soon there were new blankets and pillows all over the house

° at first she didn´t notice them but after a few weeks it clicked

° “MC, did you bought a new blanket again?”

° by the Looks of it, they were handmade and very expensive because of the good Quality

° “I didn´t bought anything.”

° “But where are all these things from? Blankets, pillows and even tablelothes…”

° “These? I made them.”

° you got up from your place on the Couch and set the new hat you were working on aside

° Jaehee looked like she didn´t believe you

° as a proof you showed her the work in Progress

° she couldn´t believe her eyes… (*〇□〇)

° she never knew you were so talented

° suprise Jaehee!

° as she saw your talent she asked you to make a few things for her

° scarfs, hats, a Poncho, gloves, and even a stuffed toy from Zen

° you had nothing to do anyway so you agreed

° as the weeks passed you got more and more work to do

° soon everybody from the RFA wanted to have something and you happyily made it

° Jaehee then had a brillinat idea, you could open your own online-shop

° with a little help from Seven, you made him a PhD Pepper-can-plushie in return, your website went online

° more and more requests arrived each day and your Hobby soon becae your fulltime Job

° on some days you were as busy as Jaehee but you never gave up on making little things for her (●♡∀♡)


°  you first had the idea to crotch something for him as a present for succesfully performing his new Play

° it was a small pillow and it said congrats for rocking the theatre

°   super cute, right? o(^▽^)o

° he never noticed on what you were working all the time but he saw that you did something

° he was confused why you always kept it a secret from him

° but hey, he understood that everybody has their secrets

° so you finished just in time for the first Performance of his new Play

° but you were a Little shy and didn´t gave it to him directly (*´∀`*)

° you decided to throw it onto the stage llike other fans did it with flowers and candy

° I wish someone would throw candy at me…

° your crotching skills may were quite well, your throwing skills weren´t

° which resulted in the pillow landing directly on his face

° ouch

° he looked irritated and then Kind of passive-aggressive (;¬_¬)

° you knew you did something wrong, but was it your fault that you weren´t good at throwing pillows??

° now it seemed like he startedto cry, your sense of fault was bugging you even more…

° but he eventually saw from who the pillow was thrown and his mood changed immediately

° the look on his face said that you´ll have to talk about that after the Show

° the Show was a bid succes (what else?) and you went to Zen´s Dressing room

° he was already there, with the pillow in his arms

° “This was you MC, wasn´t it?”

° you looked down, embarassed and nervous

° “Yes, it was me. I wanted to give you a suprise but it ended up hitting you. I´m sorry Zen.” (⌣_⌣”)

° “Why should I be angry at you? You´re not the first Person to throw somrthing at my face and you´ll surely won´t be the last.”

° he came towards you and kissed you

° “More importantly, I´m honored and very happy that you made me something so Special. I´m moved and I almost cried tears of joy.”

° so that´s why he cried…

° “I´m happy when you´re happy Zen. I just wanted to give you something since you´ve been practising so hard These past few weeks.”

° “So you mean if I Keep practising hard you´ll make more for me?”

° he looked like a Little child on Christmas morning o(≧∇≦o)

° “Sure, if you want that I can make more for you.”

° he picked you up and spun you around while you screamed in shock

° “Zen out me down, if I knew you´d be happy about this Kind of Thing I would have made something sooner.”

° from this day on you had to make something for every new Play he acted in

° oh, and the Foto from Zen who was crying came in the newspaper by the way XD


° face reality, you didn´t had anything to do in his huge Penthouse

° exept for Petting Elisabeth and waiting for Jumin´s return of Course

° so you made up your mind and decided to find yourself a Hobby

° first you tried teaching Elisabeth some tricks, failed

° then you wanted to start Yoga, failed

° after painting and the attempt of playing the piano, which caused the Violation of Elisabeth´s ears, you tried crotching

° to your and everyone elses suprise, you seemed to have a Talent for that

° of Course you had a few Troubles at the beginning but you became better really quickly o(^∀^*)o

° you started small and soon Elisabeth had a cute Little cape, and then 5

° when you thought she had enough you made something bigger

° first scarfs, then hats and pillows and after a while even whole blankets

° the penthouse looked like a cute little shop from an old Lady

° at first Jumin didn´t really care, he noticed the new things for his beloved cat but didn´t questioned it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° then there were all of these pillows

° they didn´t look bad and fit into the living room well, so why bother saying anything?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° but he started to get a bit confused when the blankets started to appear all over the Couch

° “MC, where do all these crotched things come from? Not that they look bad but there are more by each day.”

° he didn´t sound angry or like he would ask you to throw them away, just confused

° “I started crotching and made all these things. If you don´t like them I can put them away or give to someone.”  

° you didn´t mind if they disappeared, it was only a hobby to kill time to begin with anyway

° “No, don´t take them away, I like them and I think you hold a Special Talent for crotching.”

° you were pleased with yourself and kept crotching, now for Jumin

° he was more than happy to receive the small presents you made especially for him

° it only got a bit embarassing when he wore a pink scarf to work XD

° anyone who looked weird at him got fired


° some People are good with Computers, some have amazing cooking skills

° you had neither

° but your  Talent was crotching, doesn´t Sound  too amazing, I know but it came in handy from time to time

° Seven sat infront of his Computer the whole day and sometimes the night too

° he had a good chair but even a high Quality object gets uncomfortable sometimes

° so you made  a small blanked on which he could sit

° it was made from good wool so the fluffyness didn´t vanished right away and he was able to sit comfortable

° at first he didn´t notice any difference about his chair

° he just wondered when his ass didn´t hurt like hell after 12 houres of work

° but hey, not like he would complain about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° he got up to fatch some cans of PhD Pepper along with some Snacks

°  please don´t eat like him…. it´s not good

° when he came back he noticed something was off

° there was a small blanket on his chair which he had never seen before

° he felt Panic creep up in his mind and thought that someone had broken into his house ◑.◑

° however that is possible for the average human being…

° he sat down and was about to open a tab for the CCTV when you exited the bedroom

° you wanted to get youself a drink when you saw a very panicked Seayoung

° “What´s wrong with you? You look like you saw a ghost.”

° “MC, we have to leave. I think someone broke into our house…”

° he looked around to see if he could find anything out of the ordinary

° “Sure, what did this Person do? All of your cars are still here as well as your Computers and robots.”

° he packed you by your shoulders and looked deeply in your eyes

° “MC, they placed a small blanket on my chair….. I´ve never seen it before so it has to be from some intruder.”

° you looked at him

° then you laughed your ass off XD

° he was even more confused than before and tillted his head to one side

° “Why are you laughing? Don´t you take me seriouslay??”

° “I do but I doubt your eyesight. I made this blanket for your chair and placed it there before you started working.”

° at a closer look it really did look homemade and he noticed it was in his favourite shade of red

° after he calmed down you went to bed again and forced him to join you

° but he coulden´t sleep over all the exitement that he had because of your gift O(≧∇≦)O

° it didn´t look like much to others, youself included, but you thought about something usefull and it made him happy, especially because it was handmade

° seeing him overjoyed like Little kid overa simple blanket you decided to make more o(*>ω<*)o

° he fealt bad and made you a lot of Gadgets in return, you both were happy, giving and receiving small Gifts from each other

° but he still tightened the security, if that even is possible… XD


° you often thought about Things you could give him

° he was a fotographer but giving him Pictures was Kind of …… difficult

° he also didn´t really care for specific bands, which excluded CDs from the gift-list as well \|  ̄ヘ ̄|/

° the only Thing left you thought of was something like a plushie or a nice pillow

° but you thought it wasn´t a present from heart if you just bought some random stuff

° so you thought of croching something for him

° your grandmother thought you how to do simple stuff like scarfs and later how to make figures

° but you knew you needed some practice again in order to make something decent

° it wasn´t hard to hide it anyway…

° that sounds Kind of mean

°so you practiced and practiced

° the first of your works were offerd to Yoosung, beacuse he lost his scarf and to Jaehee

° later you made  a small cat for Jumin and another one for Seven

° of Course V noticed and he slowly became …..jealous

° just a few minuites before his present was almost finished he took the Courage to confront you with his Feelings

° “MC, why do you make all These Things for the RFA?” (*゚ー゚)ゞ

° you heard that he sounded a bitt nervous and quickly catched on with what was going on

° “Because Yosung neede a new scarf and Jaehee would have gotten sick…”

° he fidgeted with his Hands nervously

° “But why the small cats for Juimin and Saeyoung?”

° “They like cats and both of them helped me out o much over the past few months. Why wouldn´t I Show my gratitude.?”

° “ I understand. But I´d ish for you to make me something as well…”

° he spoke tha last part so quiet tha you almost didn´t heard it and you pretended you didn´t

° “Well, now that I´m finished with my masterpiece I´m going to give ot to it´s rightful owner,”

° he looked hurt ~(>_<~)

° but only for a Brief Moment untill you placed the soft figure of a stuffed camera in his Hands

° “Here, I made this for you. As  present. I practiced hard and I gave the practice products to the others. You know I tink you deserve only the best.”

° he was moved to tears as he Held the small camera Close to his heart

° he even started to cry for gods sake!

° “Thank you so much MC. I can´t express how happy you made me by doing this for me.”

° he gave you a big hug and a sweet kiss

° with this you decided to never give someone exept him a homemade-whatever

° needless to say he was very happy about that ;)


° he was edgy (this is my word of the week by the wayXD)

° so he needed edgy stuff in his room

° unfortunately he didn´t like common pillos or blankets

° so yo had to dye all of the bedsheet black and the pillows too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° while you were at it you dyed yours as well

° but his room still looked Kind of lonly, there was only a bed and a wardrobe, all painted in black

° you made up your mind and made some decors yourself, all black and Grey obviously

° first it was a small blanket to put on bed when it wasn´t used

° then there appeared two identical cute pillows on eac side of the bed

° followed by more pillows and after some time two small figurines, repreenting you and Saeran cute

° he was happy, although he was a bit shy to admit it to you in Person

° instead he showed his happiness by sharing his most important Thing with you

° ice cream

° he bought a big bucket of Ben´n´Jerry´s and invited you over for a DVD night, although he hoped it wouldn´t just saty by watching onlx DVDs if you know what I mean ( ° ʖ °)

° you arrived at his place and he opend the door for you, gesturing you to step inside

° you made yourself a home on his Couch hile placing the new pillows you made on it

° they were black with the letters S and C, Saeran Choi (or if your Name starts with C you can Interpret it as that XD)

°  he joined you there and started the film, noticing two new items in his Collection of Things made by you

° “MC, I know I never said thid but I´d like to thank you for all of the Things you made. I realice I don´t Show it very good but I´m extremly happy about them and I value them. Forever, I promise.”

° he gave you a sweet kiss and you were at a loss of words (。♥‿♥。)

° a tear started to fall down on your cheek and Saeran thought he said something bad again

° “I´m happy you likethem. And even more that you told me so. I love you Saeran.”

° “I love you too MC, more than I´m able to express.”

° you hugged him and took this a s an offer to turnoff the TV beacuse he was turned on now

° wasn´t that a brilliant choice of words? XD

° all I say from this Point on is that he didn´t Need the day-blanket for a while now wink ( ° ʖ °)

So, I´m finally finished. I apologice for taking this Long but I´m on Holidays in Malta right now and so I don´t have a lot of time writing actually. Before anyone complains that I have time when I´m on Holiday, I actually go to School here to improve my english….
But anyway, I really hope you like it and that it makes up a tiny bit for taking so Long <3

When you hang out with Chenle and his friends

Thanks so much for requesting! I’d really love to do more NCT stuff, so when I open requests again, please send me requests y’all NCT stans~ ^^ I hope you like this and don’t hesitate to tell me if you didn’t~

i’m sorry, this is not good at all but idk i just couldn’t come up with anything else and i didn’t want to keep you waiting any longer >< i’ll definitely write more nct maknae line fluff when i have time! BUT okay yo DREAM IS MY BOYS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH LIKE HOLY COW I WAITED FOR THEM FOR LIKE TWO YEARS AND THEN THEY FINALLY DEBUTED BUT DIDN’T GET MUCH ATTENTION AND I’M PISSED, PLEASE STAN NCT DREAM THEY ARE AMAZING!!

Words: 1008

Fluff chenle is such a fluffball i can’t TuT

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by nct-china-line

You gave Chenle a confused look.

“Sorry,” he sighed. “They tagged along.”

Your eyes shifted slowly from Chenle to the six boys behind him who you had only met a few times before.

“Yo,” the oldest, Mark, greeted you with an innocent smile.

“We decided to tag along,” the third youngest, Jaemin, smiled his signature smile, just as innocent as Mark.

“I can see that,” you said, trying hard not to let your disappointment show.

This was supposed to be our day…

“So,” Donghyuck, fourth oldest, grinned. “Should we go in?”

You reluctantly nodded and walked over to the group of boys. They headed into the amusement park first and you were left alone with Chenle.

“I’m so sorry _____,” he apologized when you turned to look at him. “I couldn’t stop them from coming. They just… didn’t take no for an answer.”
You let out a small sigh. “Don’t blame yourself,” you said. “I just would have liked to spend our 100th day alone. I guess we can’t help it.”

He felt bad for you but it’s not like you two could drag them out of the amusement park anymore.

“Come on!” Donghyuck and Jaemin were getting impatient.

Chenle offered you his hand and you grabbed it.

“At least we get to spend time together,” you said with a small smile even though you were still feeling bad about the fact that his friends had tagged along.

You laughed wholeheartedly at Donghyuck’s jokes just like everyone else. You were walking around the amusement park, going on rides and chatting. Chenle hadn’t left your side since you entered the park and was trying his best to make sure you were having fun. His friends were quite nice and you were happy that Chenle had such kind friends.

“Let’s ride that!” Chenle pointed at a rollercoaster.

“No,” Jisung, who had been quiet most of the time, immediately shook his head.

“Yeah, no way,” Mark said.

In the end, only half of you ended up taking the ride. It was a thrilling ride and you and Chenle - who were sitting next to each other - held hands the whole time, yelling and laughing.

The ones that didn’t ride the rollercoaster with you, looked at you two while you were getting off.

“They are such a cute couple,” Mark stated and everyone agreed. “Young and cute.”

“Yeah…” Donghyuck said. “You’re old hyung.”

Mark turned around without a word and chased the younger one around until he caught him. He didn’t let go of him until you and Chenle and the others who rode the ride arrived.

“Was it that bad?” Donghyuck asked Jeno who wobbled over to him.

“Uh huh,” he said.

“It was fun!” Chenle exclaimed and you agreed with him.

“You were riding it with a pretty girl beside you,” Renjun said and wobbled to Jeno’s side. “You focused more on her.”

You chuckled.

“Jeno is almost as pretty as a girl though,” Donghyuck joked, earning a nudge from Jeno.

“Jisung, it’s your turn,” Mark grabbed the youngest one’s shoulders and pushed him toward the ride.

“No way!” Jisung escaped and ran so far away that you could barely even see him anymore.

Everyone laughed and Jisung eventually returned to you, still cautious of Mark.

The sun was slowly starting to set and you approached the last ride you were going to ride. The amusement park’s ferris wheel. You and Chenle managed to get a cart for just the two of you. Being alone with him made you a little shy.

“So…” he started when the cart was already near to the top. “Did you have fun?”

You nodded. “I thought it wouldn’t be fun with all of your friends around but it was surprisingly fun.”

“I’m glad,” he smiled genuinely, giving you butterflies.

You smiled too. “Did you have fun?”

“Mm hmm,” he nodded cheerfully. “It’s always fun around you.”

You blushed a little and looked at your hands that were resting on your lap. You didn’t notice him admiring you with a small smile.

“I got you something,” he said, making you lift your head up.

“What?” you were surprised.

He grinned while taking something out of his pocket. “Give me your hand.”

You gave him your hand and he grabbed it gently. His hands were shaking a little but you didn’t notice since you were shaking a little too.

He slipped a small bracelet on your wrist. It was a really cute, simple bracelet with a small heart hanging from it. It looked like it was handmade - probably not made by him though, it still looked like a professional had made it - and it was your favorite color.

“Do you like it?” he asked and you nodded immediately. “That’s good,” he let out a sigh of relief. “I actually got one for myself too,” he lifted his sleeve a little, exposing his bracelet. His was black and had a small heart hanging from it too.

“These weren’t expensive, were they?” you asked.

He shook his head. “They were super cheap. I got these both for just 10,000 won. Considering the quality, these weren’t expensive at all.”

You smiled. “That’s good.”

Your cart stopped at the bottom of the wheel and you got off, holding hands. The guys walked you to your bus stop and waited for the bus with you.

“There it comes,” Mark pointed at the bus that was slowly approaching your stop. 

When it stopped at the stop, you turned to Chenle and hugged him. He hugged you back and after you pulled back, you got on your toes and pecked his lips quickly, leaving both you and him blushing but also smiling. Then you hopped into the bus and went to sit down at the back of it. You waved to the seven guys from the window and they waved back with wide smiles on their faces. 

Later in the evening, Chenle sent you a text.

Happy anniversary my cute _____~ Let’s stay together for a long time ♥


So yea. I planned on making a fic a while back, which I’m starting to work on again, but I don need advice on the first chapter I wrote a month back. Thank you all in advance for feedback!

It was just a normal evening for you, chilling out on your bed with your laptop in your lap scrolling through YouTube. You were watching a bunch of Markiplier and JackSepticEye. Okay, mostly Mark, but whatever. You scrolled up to his most recently posted videos and found a new Drunk Five Nights At Fuckboys Episode. You loved that series so much it hurt, every episode you watched sent you into a pile of laughter that made you fall off of your bed and onto your butt most of the time. Plus, Mark tends to be extremely goofy when he’s drunk, what’s there not to like? You clicked on it and got through the whole video trying not to fall off of your bed, which was good. Up right until right before the end.

Your laptop automatically shut down first, then all the lights in your apartment went down.

“What the-” You looked around the darkness of your room, setting down your laptop next to you. Your first instinct was to get up and look out the window to make sure this wasn’t a huge city blackout. You got up and peeked through the curtains, seeing that the city was still bright and alive as ever. You then opened your window to look at the neighbors windows. Their lights were on too.

“Okay, what the hell?” You thought out loud. You went back and tried to find your phone that was somewhere on your bed. After fumbling for about a minute, you gave up and face planted into one of your pillows and groaned out of frustration.

It did stay dark for a few minutes, which started to make you worry. And, right as you were about to go out and ask the landlord about what happened, all the lights came back on.

“Hmm?” You looked around, blinking your eyes from the sudden brightness. Your gaze went right to your computer, which was booted up as well, paused right before the DFNAF episode was about to end. Okay, that was weird. You walked over and sat down, placing back your laptop in it’s original spot on your lap. You refreshed the page and went to your sub box. Another video from Mark came up, but he looked, different.

The video had no name and the thumbnail was composed of Mark staring into the camera, grinning like a madman. Everything around and behind him was engulfed in black. Of course, you got curious and clicked on the video.

It started with Mark facing down, his hair messed up and top of his head facing towards the camera. It had no sound and the video quality was all static. Mark, wha…

The first thirty seconds passed and Mark finally started to move, slowly lifting up his face to look into the camera. His face was disheveled and hair worse than you thought. His glasses were tilted to one side of his face. As his full face came into view, unease filled you. He just stared for a few seconds before letting an unnatural smile creep onto his face. His eyes looked negative, what were supposed to be his whites were completely black and his irises were a bright white. He was so pale and looked almost grey.

His low, static like chuckling broke the silence and filled your ears. Five seconds went by and the video ended.

“… What. The. Actual. Frick?” You said silently at the black screen. You felt very uneasy and scared, and tried to go on any other social media to try to help you feel better, but nothing worked. Ten minutes on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr hasn’t helped and the unease wouldn’t go away. You decided to take another look at the video, but when you checked, it was gone. Puzzled, you went to see if there was any evidence of it on anything else. Absolutely nothing came up.

“Okay, um, what? A-Am I dreaming or something?” You asked yourself.

Well but of course not.A deep, low voice rang out through your room.

“Ah!” You practically fell off of your bed, eyes searching frantically for the source of the voice. “Wait, What?! Who’s there?!”

I think you know the answers to your own questions, my dear.There it was again. It was nowhere to be seen, but it sounded like it was everywhere. You stood up and searched around your room. The lights were starting to flicker, your laptop was already dead, and you were beginning to panic.

“M-My dear?! Please, just, tell me who!” Getting more and more terrified but the second, you kept asking.

“Oh, but I really do think you know.” That voice, why is it so familiar?

“Who the hell are you?! Please!” Your eyes were starting to sting and your knees barely holding you up.

The voice chuckled “Easily frightened, eh? Cute one, aren’t you?”

“Stop! Please, just stop! Um, at least just t-tell me where you are, please!” The lights stopped flickering, retaining a low light making the room barely visible. You turned around to face your desk, looking up to where the ceiling met the wall.

“Well, if you turn around and see, you’ll find what you want, won’t you?”The voice rang low in your ear and you spun around. Nothing was there. You squeezed your eyes shut, tears threatening to spill.

“Just come out, you bastard!” You hung your head and cupped your face, your breathing loud and rapid.

“Then look…” You felt compelled to see and looked up to a shadow forming mere feet in front of you. Just even looking, you were filled with horror and dread.

The shadow was taking shape in what looked like a man. The harder you looked, you could see dark wash jeans start to form, followed but what looked like a black t-shirt and long arms. Once his shoulders and head came into view, it looked even more impossible than the whole situation in itself. He stared right at you. That video…

“M-Mark?” Your voice wavered as he stared into your eyes. Even more horror washed over you as you remembered the video that should’t exist.

“Hmm, not quite.” He started walking towards you, stopping less than a foot away from you. You tried to lean back into the desk in an effort to get away from this entity that looked exactly like Mark, yet nothing like him all at the same time. He cupped your cheek and his expression softened.

“Mmph…” You whimpered and sunk back down. His hand was ice cold against your skin. You looked down as his eyes searched your face.

“Such a pretty one, aren’t you?” He purred. You blinked a few times, letting a tear fall and looked up into the things’ eyes. He looked right at you and smiled.

All of a sudden, his hands were torn away and they were clutching his own head, screaming at the ground. “NO! Your NOT getting to me!” His voice was even more like Marks’ now. He curled up into a ball and clutched his head, screaming at himself as you watched, worried for whats happening in front of you. He looked up to you again, eyes normal and color back in his cheeks.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry! Are you hurt?” He stood up and placed his hands on your shoulders, beads of sweat slowly trickling down his forehead. You just stared.

“M-Mark? Is it actually you?” You looked into his eyes. He looked lost and worried. You were very surprised that Mark had the ability to jump into your room, let alone care if your hurt.

“Yes, it’s me. Now, you’ve got to get me out of here before that happens again. Please, I don’t want to hurt anyone, let alone hurt you.” He asked, almost demanding that you get him out of there.

“B-but what if you get hurt? I can’t let that happen!” You told him. You can’t let him get away now, especially now that something bad has happened to him.

“Please! It’s coming back! I can’t hold it for long! You need to get me out of here!” He fumbled backwards a bit. He started looking desperate and terror filled his eyes.

“No! I’m not letting you get hurt out there!” Another tear streamed down your cheek. You cared for him so much, and you wanted to make sure he was as safe as he could possibly get, if he could be safe in a situation like this.

“Ahgg, no! Y-you have to!” He started clutching his head again, skin flickering between his normal skin color and the pale, greyish skin that the entity wore. He kept screaming and curled up into a ball. Horrified, you ran to his side.

“Mark! Mark! Ohmygod, what’s happening?!” Your hands were all over the place, not knowing what to do.

He went silent.

“M-Mark? Are you okay?” He was breathing hard and removed his hands from his head.

Then he started chuckling.

He looked up at you, negative eyes in all, and grabbed your shoulders.

“Don’t be afraid, dear. This might hurt” The grin he wore was unnatural. You started feeling sharp pains from your shoulders where he was holding you and you cried out in pain.

And then you two were gone.

Hearing Your Soulmate’s Thoughts - Part 2

Prompt: “Since you said you were thinking about doing a soulmate au can I request a Bones one like they can hear each other’s thoughts.” - @yourtropegirl

Word Count: 1000

Warnings: N/A

Author’s Note: So this is part 2 of Hearing Your Soulmate’s Thoughts! It’s a little shorter than I was hoping for, but I hope you all like it!

After having waited for your soulmate to appear for two years, actually being in his presence was definitely going to take some getting used to. You wanted to feel perfectly at ease around him, but you were worried about your thoughts scaring him away.

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Seventeen’s Reaction to:

their crush (you) liking another member more than them

S.Coups: As the leader, he was not stupid. He could see the longing glances you and his dongsaeng would share. He would have to be blind not to. But also, as leader, it was his responsibility to be mature about the situation. As you and the member eventually ended up together, he grinned and congratulated you both, making sure not to treat the member or you any differently. Seungcheol was not going to start a fight over it and possibly ruin Seventeen. His heart may hurt like hell but he knew it would heal eventually.

Jeonghan: is much the same as S.Coups. He cares for his members too much to start anything but sometimes he can’t help but feel a little bitter when you would smile sweetly at Hoshi then look at him without that same, beautiful smile. He wished it was him that you looked at like that and sometimes he snaps without meaning to at Hoshi if the boy does something wrong. Jeonghan feels a lot better after talking to Seungcheol about it though and his smiles at Hoshi and you are less forced now.

Joshua: As a religious boy, he turned to his faith to help him deal with his feelings. Although he was getting no verbal or tangible responses, it still felt nice to speak freely and openly and to feel like he had an unjudging being there for him. Of course, he had a good, long talk with Jihoon too which helped as well. Now he can honestly say that he wishes you and his bandmate the very best in your relationship.

Jun: Junhui bottled up everything; his feelings for you, his feelings about you being with Mingyu, his feelings about stressful idol life. His inner turmoil was only obvious to someone watching very carefully. Junhui would dance extra vigorously at practice or bite into his steak a little too aggressively. Minghao picked up on these things immediately but said nothing. He would wait for Jun to come to him when he was ready to talk. So for now, he let his friend vent his frustration in his own, silent way.

Hoshi: Soonyoung was, as his stage name suggested, a star. His smile shone brightly and his eyes twinkled but when he caught you and Seungcheol kissing one day, he shone a little less. Not wanting to harbour bad feelings, he confessed to his leader that he had a crush on you and felt a little upset about the situation but didn’t want to fight about it. Impressed by his maturity, Seungcheol gave him a ridiculously strong hug and promised to help him find the girl of his dreams. Soonyoung thought “I already have” but decided not to voice that out loud.

Wonwoo: He had, of course, told Mingyu about his crush on you. So his dongsaeng and close friend decided to help you two get together. He arranged it so that, one evening, it was just you two left at Seventeen’s dorms so that Wonwoo could confess. Which he did, stuttering and blushing with his hands hidden in his sleeves. The pity in your eyes said it all before you even spoke – “I’m so, so sorry Wonwoo. But Jun and I …” you trailed off, unable to finish. But you didn’t need to. With an aching heart, he told you that he was fine, feeling relieved when the boys burst in at that moment.

Woozi: He had the perfect plan. As an ambitious guy, Jihoon had a whole plan worked out that he felt was special enough to win you over; he would give you a heart-shaped locket for your birthday with a picture of you two together inside. He felt pretty confident about it. So after showering and dressing up smart but casual, he arrived before the others to your birthday party. After knocking and getting no answer, he discovered that the door was already opened and walked inside, catching you and Seokmin lip locked, your arms around his neck. Jihoon couldn’t help feeling somehow angry at DK, for making his plan fail. Leaving quietly, he later on sent you a short, emoji-less and curt text saying he couldn’t make it to your party but happy birthday.

DK: Seokmin loved being able to bring a smile to your face. And as the mood maker, he was rather good at doing just that. It made his heart swell when you would cry from laughing at his antics. And he had always been told that girls were attracted to a good sense of humour and therefore felt confident that you liked him back. Until he decided to share his feelings with Joshua and the latter’s smile faltered, saying “Uh, I don’t know how to tell you this Seokmin, but me and her have been … secretly together for a while now.” Speechless and embarrassed, it took DK two whole weeks before he could look Joshua or you in the eye again.

Mingyu: It all happened at a fan signing event. As fan service, Woozi had hopped onto Mingyu’s back and the two pulled cute poses for the flashing cameras. Near the front of the sea of girls, Mingyu spotted you and smiled. He loved how supportive you were of him and his friends. It always warmed his heart so much. Jihoon had noticed you too and proudly whispered in Mingyu’s ear; “Yah, isn’t my girlfriend so supportive? I’m so happy to have her.” Later on, while signing a fans album, the girl had asked him what was wrong. His face had dropped while taking pictures with Woozi and had never recovered since. He appreciated her concern and soothed her worries, promising lying that he was fine.

The8: He didn’t think he would ever get over you. You were a series of many firsts for him; the first girl he really like liked, his first kiss and now his first heartbreak. During a game of truth or dare, you had been dared to kiss him. He had been blushing and couldn’t stop smiling despite his jittery nerves. After the quick peck, you pulled back and Seungkwan was immediately on his feet, dramatically pressing you to him and pointing at Minghao; “You! Keep your lips off my girlfriend!” The other boys laughed, reminding him that it was just a game but to Minghao, it was so much more.

Seungkwan: When he first realized that he liked you, his first course of action was to ring his mother for advice. She had told him that no girl in their right mind could say no to her baby boy, especially if he confessed with roses and chocolate. So the main vocalist marched off the next day and arrived at your doorstep with roses and chocolates in hand. When you didn’t answer, he rang you, asking where you were (you not being home was seriously ruining the romance of the moment) and you informed him that you were on a date with Dino. For once, Seungkwan was subdued and silent. He returned to the dorm after dumping his gifts for you in the trash. His friends had never seen him so quite but he brushed them off, saying he was just sick.

Vernon: This kid didn’t want to make a big deal out of confessing. Not that he didn’t believe in romance but he felt shy and awkward about declaring his feelings and thrusting a bouquet of roses in your face. So he wanted it to be casual, waiting until one day it was just you both at the dorm playing video games. You turned to each other at the same time, saying, “I have something to tell you.” He had picked up some gentlemanly qualities from Joshua and decided to let you go first, hoping your confession would be the same as his. It wasn’t.“Vernon, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while now, since you’re my best friend and all … Seokmin asked me out the other day. And I said yes.” Your happy smile just hurt him more. Abruptly, he declared he was sick and asked you to leave, leaving you confused and dismayed.

“Whose baby are you?” Jeonghan teased, pinching Chan’s plump cheeks.

Usually, he would humour the “mother” of Seventeen but he was in no mood today. Not after he found out that Jeonghan was dating his crush. He knew it was childish but he was too young to know how to properly deal with his heartache.

Jeonghan tried again, putting on a cute voice, “Yah! Whose baby are -” but was cut short by Dino pushing him away. “Leave me alone!” he yelled, storming off.

Later on, he apologized to Jeonghan and explained why he was so upset. Realizing that he had unwittingly hurt his dongsaeng, Jeonghan squeezed Chan half to death until the younger boy swore he felt fine now. It took a while for them to be as comfortable around each other as they once were but eventually the situation was basically forgotten or so Jeonghan thought

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anonymous asked:

Hello!!! Season's Greetings.. :)Today is my Birthday... So i got so curious about how RFA(V+Saeran) Will celebrate MC birthday..PLEASE Do it..(*random Birthday situation or they have busy schedule yet they surprise MC by coming for her*both are fine)

Hello and same to you. Also, happy birthday! I really am sorry if I missed posting this on your birthday, but I’ve been having a rough time getting requests out due to personal reasons, so I hope you understand. I hope this is okay!


  • he’s ecstatic for your birthday because that means he gets to spoil you
  • not that you’re already spoiled by him
  • even though he’s not rich like Jumin, he manages to save up enough to buy you presents that you’ve been hinting at
  • and maybe treat you to a nice dinner if you wanted
  • he couldn’t skip classes, so he told you to wait until he’s out so that way you two can celebrate
  • while you were at Yoosung’s house, waiting for him to come home, you played some video games that he had at his house to make time fly by quicker
  • what seemed like an eterinity, your boyfriend finally arrived
  • “MC!”
  • “Yoosung!” you run up to him and almost tackle him to the ground
  • “Let’s go and celebrate your birthday now, okay?” he murmurs in your ear
  • you go and doll yourself up with makeup and put put on fancy clothing
  • once you’re dressed to you liking, you go out and see that Yoosung’s been waiting on you
  • he’s looking dapper in semi-formal clothing ~
  • “Well, how do I look?” you do a little twirl for him and he’s blushing
  • “Beautiful as ever.”
  • he allows you to choose you favorite fancy restaurant and even pays for your meal
  • afterwards, you guys arrive back home to eat cake and open presents
  • the cake was actually made by yoosung, since he can cook pretty well and he thought it might mean more if it was handmade rather than storebought
  • it was decorated with your favorite colors, flowers, and flavor~
  • “This is so good!”
  • “Hehe, thanks! I put extra love into this cake just for you.” such a sweet boy omg
  • after cake, presents were next!
  • you excitedly open what he got you – a pretty necklace that looked like it cost a fortune, a few cookbooks so that you two could cook together, and matching couple sweaters
  • you squeal and thank him for taking the time to spend the night with you and for buying all of the gifts
  • “Anything for you, MC,” he says, tucking a lock of hair behind your ear
  • he grabs the necklace and motions for you to turn around so that he can put it around your neck
  • once it’s on he admires it noting that it fits you perfectly
  • pulling him in close to you, you steal a kiss from him
  • “Thank you for tonight, Yoosung~”
  • “I hope it was worthwhile for you. Happy Birthday, my love.”


  • he’d be the one to spam the chatroom with 100+ selfies of you and him saying things like
  • “It’s MC’s birthday! Look at how cut she is!!”
  • everyone is like “yes zen we know it’s her bday stop spamming the damn chatroom”
  • he can’t skip practice though, so he tells you to be patient and he’ll treat you to something well later~
  • you spent the day inside his home, watching his musicals on his TV and admiring his skills in acting and the scenes where his sexy af body is shown hoo boy
  • you text and call him a few times throughout the day saying how much you wish he was home
  • you also say a few things in which drives him insane and makes it hard for him to control the beast
  • he gets off around six-ish (lots of sweet talking to the director to get off that early)
  • when he got home, you were doing your makeup and getting ready to go out for the night with him
  • Zen also changes his clothing and damn does he look good
  • he asks where you would like to eat and you just say that you wanna eat at your favorite local cafe instead of going to some expensive restaurant
  • he doesn’t object at all and you two walk there, hand in hand
  • when you guys arrive, the windows were dark??
  • but Zen just opens the door for you as if it were still open?????
  • “Zen, it’s closed…”
  • “Trust me, MC.” but you didn’t want to protest any further and you walk in
  • he follows behind and you’re about to say something else
  • but the lights are immediately flipped on, blinding you momentarily while confetti and balloons are thrown at you
  • “Happy Birthday, MC!!!!”
  • when you open your eyes, the rest of the RFA members are there
  • you gasp and turn back to Zen who just gives you his signature wink
  • “You… planned this for me?”
  • “Of course, babe~ How could I not treat my princess to a surprise party?”
  • you were filled with nothing but shock and happiness and you hug him tightly thanking him for doing such a thing for you
  • even V and Saeran were there
  • you got gifts from everyone and there was even cake
  • everyone stayed and talked, there were also games to play which was so much fun !!!
  • this went on for about a few hours until everyone dispersed and Zen and you went back to his home
  • he gave you a birthday kiss as well
  • everything was perfect
  • “Thank you for everything you’ve done, Zen.”
  • “Anything for you, MC.”


  • she was irritated that she couldn’t get off work for the day to celebrate your birthday
  • but somehow you managed to convince Jumin to let her off early… ^^
  • she’s prepared already has your gifts wrapped early in the morning and sets them out on the table just in case she doesn’t get home in time
  • when she tells you in the messenger that she’s getting off work earlier than usual, you explain that you can wait until she’s home
  • extremely satisfied to hear that, she tells you to wait a bit longer until she’s home
  • you pass the time by watching a few movies and musicals that she has in her stash, cooking lunch and dinner for yourself, and reading
  • you eventually fall asleep with the book over your face
  • Jaehee finally arrives home to see you lying on the couch with a book covering your face
  • “MC?” she shakes you gently
  • waking up, you sit up, book rolling onto the ground
  • “Jae…hee?”
  • “Yes, it’s me.”
  • your eyes snap open and you pull her into a hug
  • after she changes out of her work clothes, she goes into the kitchen and pulls out a box
  • opening it, she pulls out…
  • your birthday cake!!!
  • it was pretty plain, but it still had “Happy Birthday, MC!” written in icing on top
  • you cut yourselves a piece of cake and while eating it, you two asked each other how your guys’ days were, did anything exciting or speical happen, etc.
  • you told her that you didn’t do much and marathoned quite a few movies and musicals
  • “I’m sorry that I couldn’t get off work earlier. I feel quite bad about you spending most of your day alone.”
  • you smile and wave your hand dismissively
  • “Nah~ Don’t worry. All that matters is that you’re here with me right now.”
  • Jaehee smiles back
  • “I’m glad to hear that, MC.”
  • both of you finish your pieces of cake and then it was time to move onto your presents
  • you unwrap them excitedly – there’s a few super cute and cozy sweaters in one box, and in another, there was an acrylic charm of Zen for your phone
  • “I thought you’d like that since we’re both of his number one fans!”
  • you attached it to your phone and watched as it dangled ~
  • in the last box, there were some of your favorite tea and coffee flavors
  • once you were done, you pulled her into a tight hug, thanking her for the gifts and spending her time with you
  • “It’s no problem. I’m glad I could spend what few hours are left with you,” she smiles warmly
  • “Happy Birthday!”
  • smiling brightly, you give her a smooch on the lips


  • even with his hectic schedule, he still manages to remember your birthday
  • if he forgot, he would never forgive himself
  • it was fairly early in the morning, but he did wake you up with a chaste birthday kiss ~
  • due to his work, he can’t spend most of the day with you and you’re a bit bummed out, but you understand this and aren’t mad about it
  • he does, however, have quite a few things planned for you while he’s away at work
  • he has his personal chef cook you a special breakfast and lunch course, which always tastes wonderful
  • all of Jumin’s staff and underlings wish you a wonderful birthday as well
  • even with all of the birthday wishes, you still desired for Jumin to come home already
  • you busied yourself by working out and doing various other actives on the lower floors
  • you also took a nap with Elizabeth the 3rd to pass the time
  • you did text and call Jumin a couple of times saying you missed him; he swore he was going to explode
  • it was probably around 9 when he arrived home
  • he wanted to arrive home earlier, but this was the earliest he could get out to spend some quality time with you before the special day was over
  • as a surprise, the chef comes out once again with a very large, but elegant birthday cake with “Happy Birthday, MC!”
  • it was also in your favorite flavor of cake as well! wow!!
  • you squeeze your eyes shut and make a wish and then blow out the candles 
  • hooo~
  • Jumin’s smirking bc you’re so damn precious
  • you guys cut out two slices for yourselves and eat it
  • you held your fork out with a bite-sized piece of cake on it
  • and Jumin understands that you want to feed him — he eats the cake off your fork and IT WA S SO FREAKING CUTE YOU WERE GOING TO DIE
  • he’d only do that for you tho~~
  • as for gifts, you told him that you didn’t want a whole bunch, but he secretly went out and bought the things you’ve been eyeing for a while that would make this birthday special 
  • also, lots of hugs and kisses, squealing, and giggling from your end because you’re just so damn happy that Jumin is in your life
  • “Thank you for making this birthday the best I’ve had so far, Jumin~”
  • a loving smile tugs at the corner of his lips as he embraces you tightly, whispering in your ear
  • “I’m more than happy to have spent time with you on this special day. Happy Birthday, MC.”
  • and then he kisses you passionately


  • honestly this boy would hack your phone in the wee hours of the morning with memes and birthday wishes
  • but you don’t wake up until later
  • when you finally check your phone, you laugh and thank him for the dank memes birthday wishes, he teases you, acting like he has no idea what you’re talking about
  • this leads to you blowing wind near his ear
  • seven your face is beet rED
  • “Are you sure you have no idea~?”
  • “MC… That’s playing dirty~”
  • and he rolls over and pins your arms and gives you raspberries on your stomach
  • you burst into uncontrollable giggles
  • “Pft–! S-Stop! Saeyoung! That tickles hahaha!”
  • “Does my prisoner, MC, give up?”
  • “Yes! Yes I surrender!”
  • he lets go and suggests to get up so that you guys can begin your day
  • when both of you are finally dolled up, seven posts one or two selfies in the chatroom announcing that it’s your birthday and the rest of the members wish you a happy birthday
  • even though you do love the rest of the RFA, you tell him that you just want to spend the day with him for your birthday
  • he’s pleased to hear that and feels super special 
  • but you haven’t talked much about what you wanted for your birthday, so it was hard for him to buy you presents
  • he did buy a few tops and pants/skirts
  • you liked them a lot and wore them for your birthday
  • he took you for a ride in his baby in the city
  • you guys went window shopping and even went to the pet store to play with the puppies and kittens *v* seven may have abused mishandled the cats here and there
  • you guys also got bubble tea while you were out in the city bc you felt like it was a cute couple drink
  • when it gets dark out, you both decide to head back
  • while the roof is down, you look up and see the stars clearly
  • seeing them reminds you of the proposal he made — to marry in the space station~
  • you and seven arrive back at his place and you thank him for such a wonderful day
  • “I still feel like I didn’t get you enough for your birthday, though…”
  • you walk up to him, grabbing his face gently and looking into his golden eyes
  • “Just you being with me every day is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.”
  • he blushes, but then genuinely smiles and kisses you lovingly
  • “Thank you, MC. And… Happy Birthday~”


  • would have a very hard time going out by himself to buy you presents, so he’s at a bit of a loss at first
  • then he has an idea– print out various pictures of you/you and him on his other polaroid camera and give you a set of clothespins with string
  • he was hoping you wouldn’t find the gift lousy
  • it’s better than getting you nothing
  • he also wants to get a cake, but imagine V baby trying to bake you a cake on his own ;;;;
  • when you finally get up after doing your usual morning routine, he’s sitting out in the kitchen with a cup of coffee
  • “Good morning and happy birthday, MC.” he greets you, smiling warmly
  • “Thank you, V~” you smile back
  • “Oh, your present is on the couch in the living room.”
  • “Alright, but you’re coming over to join me!”
  • he laughs lightly, getting up carefully and following you
  • he sits down first and then you sit beside him
  • “Actually… can I sit in your lap?” you felt a bit embarrassed by asking that but you just wanted to feel him and his warmth
  • “Of course.”
  • you shift so that you’re sitting on his legs and he slowly snakes his arms around stomach, pulling you close to him
  • your present was wrapped… albeit it was a bit off. you didn’t mind though because it’s the thought that counts anyway
  • you open it and it on top was clothespins and ropelike string
  • underneath was filled with lots of polaroid pictures of you and him
  • there were also a few of just you or him that you really loved
  • “Oh! I’m supposed to hang these pictures up on the clothespins, right?”
  • “Yes, that’s right.”
  • you’re leafing through the pictures, fond memories coming back to you
  • there’s one of just him looking out in the distance, there’s another like he’s about to drop a mixtape… and one of your all-time favorites was a selfie of you two with matchy matchy clothes and accessories
  • “Oh my god! This is so cute! I can’t wait to hang this up in our room~”
  • “I’m sure it will look wonderful,” V smiles at you again
  • “Eee~ Thank you! I love it!”
  • “I’m glad you do. Also… I was wondering if you wanted to make your cake with me. I shouldn’t be baking a cake by myself, so I thought that making and icing it together would be fun.”
  • you turn around and hug him tightly, giggling
  • “Of course I’d love to bake a cake with you! But let me take care of the baking and you can do the icing, okay?”
  • he agrees and you two start
  • the cake wasn’t hard, but it was amusing to watch V ice the cake
  • it was suppposed to say “Happy Birthday” but due to his limited vision, it came out like “happv bithdav” you didn’t mind, of course
  • in the end, it still tasted wonderful, and V even fed you a few pieces
  • even though you two stayed home all day, you didn’t mind because you got to spend it with somone you loved very much


  • birthdays… aren’t those special days when you receive cake and other sweets? and gifts????
  • he wasn’t the slightest bit good at planning surprise things, so he’d have to do his best to remember your birthday and also get you something as well
  • though he’s not entirely sure what to get you that has a nice meaning to it
  • he didn’t want to buy you trivial things
  • much to his dismay, he asks saeyoung for advice on what to buy you
  • “Well, what does she like a lot? Or is there anything she’s been hinting at?”
  • “Not that I recall.”
  • “There’s gotta be something, Saeran. Try looking a little harder, okay?” Seven grins
  • you two do a lot of window shopping, so he’s trying hard to remember what you pointed out and liked
  • well… he remembers you looking at some clothing you really adored
  • and some bras at Victoria’s Secret,,
  • that means he’d have to go in there alone………………..
  • oh god
  • but he’d do it just for you
  • so he goes and buys the things he remembers
  • he’s also screaming at the price of the bras $55 FOR A BRA BUT IT’S FOR YO U
  • also didn’t have time to bake a cake for you so he has to buy one
  • saeran wraps your gifts by himself and when you finally enter seven’s house, he greets you along with his brother
  • you see all of the presents by him along with a cake and run to him and hug him tightly
  • all three of you eat cake, with saeran feeding you a couple of times from his plate
  • then, seven and saeran watch you unwrap your gifts and your boyfriend is a bit proud of himself for picking out your gifts because everytime you unwrapped one, a smile lit up your face and it was absolutely beautiful
  • seven leaves to go back to his computers and after cleaning everything up, your boyfriend comes up to you
  • “I have one last gift for you.”
  • “Eh? Okay–”
  • he plants a kiss on your lips
  • a deep blush covers your face as you just look at him
  • “That. And…”
  • he gently holds your face in his hands
  • “My eternal love for you.”
  • you were not expecting such a heartfelt gift, but you weren’t complaining one bit
  • tears start pouring from your eyes as you hug him tightly
  • “Oh my god! Oh my god, Saeran– I love you so much…”
  • “…Happy Birthday.”
  • seven peeks out from his room and gives saeran a thumbs up and wink

MHA dub commentary episode 7:

(this one got so long i had to put it under a readmore)

  • it’s been a while since i last saw an episode so i’m gonna have to readjust to hearing everyone’s dub voices again
  • i think it’s kinda interesting how Bakugou actually ask’s someone else’s opinion on Izuku having a quirk here, since usually he wouldn’t ask anyone else on their opinion on anything
  • especially since it’s Iida and on the first day they were already not getting along 
  • “Was he seriously just tricking me all these years?” and heeeere is the start of all of Bakugou’s personal problems, oh boy
  • i always enjoyed how Izuku still admires Bakugou despite all of his bad qualities. he’s not gonna let Bakugou win this tho, no matter what, he’s just gotta try harder this time
  • the scene with the splitscreen when All Might announces the start of the battle looks weirdly drawn to me
  • aaannnd here comes Bakugou. he has absolutely no chill whatsoever
  • oh we’re still on the recap lmao
  • kinda odd but Uraraka’s little squeak as she was pushed out of the way of Bakugou’s attack was adorable
  • i was gonna say “I wonder where Izuku got those fighting moves from” but then i realized it was from hauling all that trash 
  • and now he’s….. hauling…. Bakugou……..
  • …………………. there’s a “taking out the trash” joke in there somewhere
  • i’m sorry Bakugou (…. tho you were pretty awful early on so)
  • baby Izuku’s voice is so fucking cute

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Sentence 1,3, or 7 (or all three if you're a saint :D) with Otayuri, please!

i was gonna try and put them all in one but i just couldn’t ;-;

1.  “I was just kind of hoping that you’d, y’know…fall in love with me.”

All of his jumps were executed perfectly. His step sequences were excellent and he started to feel confident in the mock program he had put together. 

Yuri didn’t usually do this. He wasn’t the type to create a program inspired by something that’s actually happened to him, but here he was. Practicing a beautiful program to death that he couldn’t wait to show-

“That was awesome.”

He had just finished the program with his final pose when he heard the voice echo through the empty rink. He lost composure and turned, so quick he was almost a blur. There stood Otabek, a smirk playing at his lips and his grown out hair out, flowing over his shoulders. It was usually pulled back into a bun to expose his undercuts, but he didn’t really care about how he looked with Yuri.

Yuri was wide eyed and aghast - spluttering and scratching the back of his neck. “Y-you… you weren’t supposed to see that.” He spluttered, looking to the floor.

Otabek tilted his head. “Why not?” Yuri muttered a few things under his breath, not nearly loud enough for Otabek to hear. The only part he made any sense of was ‘i made a program for you because…” and everything else was nonsense.

“Sorry?” Otabek smirked, bringing his hand to his ear. “I didn’t quite catch that?”

Yuri breathed in and yelled, his voice faltering mid-sentence. “I made a program for you because I was just kind of hoping that you’d, y’know… fall in love with me?” his head was directed at the ice, but his eyes were fixated on Otabek to see his reaction. It sounded stupid. Really stupid - who would fall in love with someone because of a shit quality skating program?

Otabek’s expression didn’t falter as he continued to stare at Yuri. His eyes didn’t widen, nor did he smirk (if you got close enough, you’d be able to see the sheer happiness glowing in his eyes). 

“Damn,” Otabek tore through the silence as he brought his hand to the back of his neck. He was more confident now, looking at (a very embarrassed) Yuri with a smirk. “And all this time I thought I was getting you to fall in love with me.”

3. “You know… that’s not what an apology sounds like.”

This fucking wedding. Yurio thought to himself. Yeah, they’re cute and all. But… fuck. I just wanna get out of here.

For a moment, Yurio wished he was man enough to smoke. Despite the pig’s sister repeatedly telling him that they were terrible, he just wanted to try it. But he wouldn’t. He wasn’t stupid, and he knew that excessive alcohol and smoking can ruin a skater, no matter their age.

Viktor and Yuuri were dancing together (they were both clearly wasted), and Yurio refused to be pulled into anything that reminded him of that damned banquet. He got up from his seat, flashing Yakov and Lilia an apologetic glance before hurrying to get his ass out of there.

He’d become pretty used to the onsen by now. It had about three years after Viktor began coaching Yuuri, and as much as the 18 year old didn’t want to admit it, he had grown accustomed to everything there. The coziness of the stained wooden floors and the Japanese decor, the smell of the amazing food every night… he had even gotten used to the Piggy’s family. 

Yurio scoffed at the thought and found an exit, exhaling as he heard excited cheers and laughter. 

“Come out to cool off, too, huh Yura?”

Otabek scared him, and not entirely because of the sudden greeting, but because of the cancer stick hanging out of his mouth. Yuuri furrowed his brow. “Beka!” he grabbed the cigarette from his best friend’s mouth and gave him a disapproving glare. “You told me you’d quit!”

Before he could throw it to the ground and stomp on it, Otabek snatched the cigarette from Yurio’s fingers and put it back in his mouth (despite him knowing how bad they were, he couldn’t deny that Otabek looked hot with one between his lips) (he tried to ignore that). “Yeah, well…” Otabek almost sneered. He seemed annoyed. “I’m stressed. Too many people here I don’t know.”

At Yurio’s silence, Otabek sighed. He offered the packet to the Russian, looking up only slightly into his eyes (Yurio had grown taller than Otabek by about an inch, despite the Russian being three years younger than him). “Do you want one?”

Yurio winced and shook his head, turning up his nose. He crossed his arms and grumbled a bit, taking in the fresh air before he’d have to go back inside. “You know…” Yuri muttered. 

Otabek might as well have been deaf. “Hmm?”

You know,” Yurio repeated through closed teeth. “That’s not what an apology sounds like.”

He hid his face from Otabek, this shy persona not really suiting his taller frame. Otabek chuckled, taking a drag from his cigarette before throwing it to the floor and stomping it out. “Sorry.”

Yurio was 90 percent sure he was being a smartass.

7.  “There are only so many times I can watch you break before I start to crack.”

Otabek’s arms were folded over the barrier around the ice rink. His eyes were fixed on the only skater in the rink who really mattered to him (there was also Georgi, Mila and a few other skaters who Otabek had no interest in). Yuri Plisetsky was desperately trying to nail a program Lilia had put together for him, and he was really struggling.

It was his fifth time trying to finish it, but he always fucked up at the forth quad - a quadruple toe loop. Otabek’s lips were in a straight line as his face twisted with concern. He watched his best friend, straightening his back and running to the entrance of the rink when Yuri failed a jump and seemingly injured himself. Yuri’s voice echoed through the rink as he swore in Russian.

“Yura!” Otabek was at his side in an instant, helping the boy up and wincing at the sound of his pained groan. “Shit, you sprained your ankle.”

No,” Yuri shook his head and tried to get away from Otabek, only tripping in the process. “I’m fine. I can try it again.”

Otabek shook his head. “No you can’t.” He decided, his voice stern. “You need to sit down, Yura. You need to rest.” he tried to lead Yuri to the side of the rink, asking Yakov to get him some first aid supplies. 

Yuri grunted at the pain searing up his leg, but he pushed Otabek away and leaned on the barrier, giving his taller friend a harsh glare. “I’m fine, Beka.” he managed through grinding teeth. “I’m absolutely fine. I need to go out there and try it again!”

“Yuri!” Otabek’s voice boomed through the rink, catching the attention of the other skaters. Lilia’s eyes were wide, yet still hostile. She watched Otabek with a cunning stare. “You need to think about your well being! Stop being an arrogant shit and do something that isn’t ridiculously stupid for once!” Yuri stayed silent, his face twisting in something not quite extreme as fear. Otabek sighed and lowered his voice as he wrapped his arms around him.

“There are only so many times I can watch you break,” he began, holding Yuri tightly in his large arms. His eyes were shut tight, and it looked like he could have cried. “Before I start to crack.”

Yuri’s eyes widened for a moment before his arms found their way around his best friend. He hid his face in Otabek’s chest and nodded slowly. “I’m sorry.” he whispered, his voice trembling. “I’ll be careful.”

Girl’s Night

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Clichè Roommate Jungkook AU and repressed noona feelings (sorry not sorry ;)

That damn gif gets me everytime whatareyoudoingyouarelike5goaway

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: fluff and suggestive (?)

Words: 2.963

“So you want me to, like, go out or something?” Jungkook voice sounded perplexed as he poured some tea into a cup.

“Yeah just for a couple of hours maybe. I mean I wouldn’t mind having you with us, but Jaimie just broke up with her boyfriend and she in that phase in which she despites every man walking on this earth. And we will probably just stay up gossiping and bitching about people you don’t even know so…”

“Yeah but, I mean, why do I have to go out? It’s Tuesday, there is nothing to do and this is my flat too”

When your brother Hoseok had introduced Jungkook to you a year ago he had warned you he could be stubborn and whiny from time to time, but you had learnt how to handle him. Living with him was actually quite easy and fun. Well, fun for you, because you couldn’t stop yourself from teasing the hell out of him everytime you got the chance. Being a couple of years younger than you it felt like Jungkook was your little brother and you knew exactly how to push his buttons. Sitting at the edge of the chair you grinned crossing your arms.  

“Ok then. Then be prepared to share all your dirty little secrets because that’s what girls do on girl’s night and you know Bora and Soohyun, right? They won’t leave you alone not even if you BEG” you emphasized the last world just to tease and hopefully scare him a bit. He had met your friends before and he knew just how much annoying they could get. Especially when they insistently asked about his love life.

“And I have to admit I am kinda curios about a thing or two too” you added cocking and eyebrow.

Even though he had his back turned at you the way he slightly slumped his shoulder and sighed gave him away. He was about to surrender. You nervously bit your bottom lip waiting for the moment he would give in. He always did.

“Ok ok got that. I will just go out with the boys” he finally agreed.

You smirked jumping down from the chair you and wrapping your arms around his shoulders from behind “Awwww Kookie you are awesome!” you chanted happily.

You had never felt ashamed to express your affection. Not toward Jungkook at least. There was, between you two, a kind of comfortable, intimate relationship that needed no explanation. It came naturally and it never felt forced or awkward.

Clinging like a koala to his back you missed the subtle but soft smile hanging on his lips.

*** *** ***

“I’m going out” Jungkook announced an hour later putting his leather jacket on. You bid him goodbye, not even looking at him, as you ran from the living room to the kitchen trying to arrange everything. You had just put the last fluffy cushion on the ground around the low table in the living room when the doorbell rang. You hopped cheerfully toward the door and when you opened it three familiar faces greeted you with warm smiles.

“Password?” you asked jokingly.

Bora smiled at you knowingly and took out a bottle from the shopping bag she was carrying “We got the wine”  

You giggled and rolled your eyes letting your three friends in. You have known them since the first year of university and, although they could be too much loud and too much nosy sometimes, you had gone through so much together you couldn’t imagine having anyone else beside you.

“Ok girl let’s get this started!!”  

Half an hour later you had maybe one or too many drinks because the room started spinning and your laughs grew louder.

“Gosh I just hate the fact that I spent six months of my life with that jackass!” whined Jaimie swinging the glass in his hand. “That shithead wasted MY time and had me hanging like idiot! His stupid handsome face deceived me! Screw you Kim Seokjin!”

Her ranting was endless and her frustration incontrollable. But, well, nothing that best friends and some good quality wine couldn’t fix.      

“Now that we are talking about good looks” Bora stepped in trying to change subject “Y/N… Tell us… How is it to live with such an hottie running around the house?”

You almost chocked on your drink as your friend wiggled her eyebrows at you. Urgh the nerve of that girl.    

“ There is nothing to say…” you quickly answered wiping some wine from your lips “He is just my flatmate”

She rolled her eyes and snorted “Oh Y/N please!! You have been living together for how long? A year? He is such a sexy little brat. I would like to teach that kid a lesson or two”

“Come on, he is probably vanilla in bed” mocked Soohyun

“Haha are you kiddin’? Like, have you seen THAT body? I bet he is so freakin kinky and dominant” replied Jaimie biting down her bottom lip.

“OH MY GOD PLEASE STOP” You grabbed your flaming cheeks with both hands and tried to calm down. Your eyes had grown to the size of saucers as your stared at your three best friend talking so bluntly about your cute, innocent roommate “He is younger than all of us and he behaves like a whiny little kid half of the time, he blush for nothing and- and…” you couldn’t understand it yourself but you felt so damn frustrated.

“Uhuh someone is embarrassed” chanted Jaimie pointing at you

“Sorry but wasn’t this a girl’s night? Why are we talking about my roommate?!!” You protested unable to control your mouth. You blamed the alcohol and your protective instinct toward Jungkook for your exaggerate reaction. But your friends didn’t surrender. Gosh why wasn’t it so easy like with Jungkook?

“Uhuh come on Y/N we are just expressing our opinions about an hot guy who happens to be your flatmate. Don’t tell me you never had those kind of thoughts ‘couse I won’t believe you. He is smoking hot!”

“And  on top of that, cute as hell”

“And, you know, about him being younger, I bet he got a lot of stamina”

“Stop stop stop please whyareyoubeinglikethis?!” You shook your head a couple of times to clear your mind which didn’t help at all.

“Hahah you are so cute when you get frustrated” Soohyun poked your cheek and giggled uncontrollably

“I-I am NOT” Your voice rose a couple of octave as your frustration grew excessively. Even though you were too stubborn to admit it all this comments and allusion made your heart skipped a beat and your breath grew irregular. You had strictly refused to yourself to think about Jungkook in that way. He was your roommate, a good friend and nothing more. Too bad for you because your friends were now too focused on the topic to drop it easily.

“Is he single? Have you ever seen him bring a girl home?” asked Jaimie

“Maybe heard something?” added playfully Bora

“I-I no I don’t know… actually I’ve never seen him with a girl” you stutter a little unsure how to answer. It was true that you had never seen him bring a girl home, but you were not with him 24/7 so you had no idea if he was seeing someone “ Actually sometimes I wonder if he is still a virgin…” You added thoughtfully, more to yourself than to them.

“Oh come on that’s impossible!” Bora half-shouted and  swinging her arms way too carelessly. She accidently hit one of the glass on the table, which toppled over landing straight in your laps. You were startled for a moment as the wine spread in a red stain on your cute pink pajama. You cursed and looked down at your shirt with disgust.

“Oh sorry sorry!! Are you ok??” Bora quickly apologize with a shocked expression on her face

“Don’t worry it’s just wine” you replied smiling weakly “I’m just gonna change really quick and come back”

You stood up probably too fast because the room turned upside out for a moment. You felt quite dizzy and still in a haze you made your way to your room to change clothes. Muttering under your breath you walked up to the closet and opened it. But what you found wasn’t what you expected. Neatly folded in front of you were several monochrome t-shirts, a pile of jeans, and some sweaters were hung over your head. You looked around to find a room that resembled yours but wasn’t. From the messy desk, the unmade bed sheets, the quantities of manga and action figures scattered around you could tell you had unconsciously entered Jungkook’s room, which was in front of yours. You shrugged scratching your nose. Oh well nevermind, you thought. You removed your stained pajama top and started rummaging in the drawers to find something to wear. He had plenty of identical t-shirts and you could always wash it and put it back without him noticing. You found an awesome, huge, super comfy white t-shirt and slipped it on. Well it was hella comfortable. And it smelled nice. Truth be said it smelled amazing. You gently grabbed the fabric to put it closer to your nose. It had that kind of masculine fragrance you always detected on Jungkook, so refreshing and so familiar, smelling like musk and lemon. Wait what the hell where you doing? You shivered at the sudden thought of Jungkook in the same white t-shirt you had just stolen  from his closet. Why was that kid bothering you so much all of a sudden? You had always felt a strong feeling of affection toward him but with all of your friend’ allusions running through your head your thoughts about him became, well, so to speak, more impure. You started to wonder why you had never seen him with a girl, and how it could be to be with him…

Too caught up in your thoughts you didn’t notice a shadow creeping behind you. He moved silently and fast and you almost jumped and screamed on the top of your lungs when one of his hand crept from behind you over your mouth and the another one kept you in place grabbing your waist forcefully. For a moment pure terror froze you in the spot before the sudden realization hit you. You swung around and slapped the men in front of you across the chest.

“Jungkook what the hell! I thought you were out!” You crossed your arms and stared at him frowning your eyebrows in anger. He took a step back rising his index finger to his mouth signaling you to be quite. He was wearing a pair of black basketball shorts and a red shirt. His chocolate brown hair were all over the place, a clear signal that he had been sleeping.

“I have always been here” he replied nonchalantly.

“WHAT? From the beginning?! B-but I heard you going out!” you said shocked as your eyes grew wider.

“The boys stood me up. I just pretended to go out so that you wouldn’t complain and your friend wouldn’t pester me. I just closed the door and came right back into my room. I thought I could pass unnoticed if I didn’t make much noise” he stated calmly shrugging his shoulders.

“Gosh you are incredible” you rolled you eyes swinging your arms dramatically. You still felt a bit dizzy and blamed the alcohol for the sudden wave of heat that hit your body. The taste of wine still lingered on your lips and you body temperature was rising gradually. It’s just the alcohol you repeated to yourself.

But well there was a certain thought you couldn’t keep aside. You chewed your bottom lip, too nervous to ask. If he had been there the whole time that meant….

“So… Y-you heard our chat?”

His scratched the back of his head and wrinkled his nose. His dark eyes locked on yours but you couldn’t grasp his expression. Jungkook appeared calm and laid back as always but there was something in his stoic gaze that didn’t convince you.  

“Mhm almost everything… You were pretty loud if you ask me”  

You felt your cheeks burning up as your heart dropped to your feet. You looked at him as he scanned your body from head to toe. You immediately felt naked under is gaze unable to produce any kind of rational sentence.

“That’s mine anyway” his words came out calm and strong

“Y-yeah mine got dirty…I just wanted to borrow it…” your words tumbled out as a stuttering mess

“It’s okay you can keep it. Truth to be said, you look quite sexy in it”

You breath itched and you felt another wave of heat running over your cheeks. Who the hell was this guy and what did he do to your sweet roommate? You opened your eyes wide, like a frightened deer in front of a car as you watched him coming toward you. Instinctively you stumbled backward but you soon came to an alt when your back hit the closet.  

“So you and your friends were curious about my performances in bed uh?”

“I-I don’t…urgh…” you were frustrated beyond words and the worst part was that you couldn’t hide it. You still tried to convince yourself that it was because of the alcohol in your system that your where so vulnerable and confused. He cornered you, staring at you intently, and you froze there in place waiting for his next move unable to move nor speak.

“You know Y/N” he started pouting slightly and sneaking an arm up your waist “I usually let you tease me and don’t say a word but I don’t really like when people underestimate me”

Now he was dangerously close to you trapping you between his chest and the closet with an hand beside your head. He titled his head looking at you with such a smug face on you couldn’t help but blush furiously. His expression was as innocent as ever but his stare was so intense you froze on the spot. You opened and closed your mouth a couple of times like a fish out of water. Your fuzzy brain wouldn’t cooperate and yet again you found yourself waiting for his next move. Truth was you had no idea how to fight him back. You had never seen him like this before. So confident, so bold. And although it was embarrassing to admit it, it turned you on so much.

“If  you want to know about my sex life so bad you can just ask, you know… we are good friends right?” his grin only grew wider upon seeing your dumbfounded face. Teasing you was more fun that he had expected. He had planned to do this for some time now, but waited for the perfect moment. And his patience had been rewarded. When you had entered his room casually tossing your shirt away he had been quite shocked but you basically got him the best chance to get you back for all your teasing.

“So Y/N, what is it that you wanna know?” he continued, clearly enjoying every moment.

You closed your eyes shut and dropped your  head hoping he would just dissolve in the air. You wanted nothing more but to dig an hole under your feet and disappear. You couldn’t believe the weird, wild effect his voice was having on you. And his body so close to yours made you only crave for more.

“You are cute when you get frustrated” he said with a soft chuckle.

You sighed and hid your face with your hands. The tables had turn. You were used to joke around with him and make him blush, but now the innocent, whiny, little Jungkookie had turned into this cocky tease and made you turn red like a tomato. He was undeniably hot and you were undoubtedly turned on.            

“Stop it Kookie!! Don’t be mean!!” you whined sounding ridiculous to your own hear incapable of fight back that little brat. He was getting on your nerves with his sudden burst of self confidence and his incredibly handsome smug face was causing you some concentration problems.

Suddenly his hand travelled from your waist up to your shoulder and grabbed your chin gently. You kept your eyes closed shut, feeling too overwhelmed with mixed feelings. He giggled and you felt his hot breath a few centimeters away from your face. Squeezing your hand in Jungkook’s shirts you tried to mentally prepare yourself for whatever was coming. But you certainly didn’t expect his next words.

“How about you tell your friends to get the hell out of here so I can answer all of your questions?” his voice was soft yet alluring and mischievous and sent a shiver down your spine.

Unexpectedly -and way too soon- you felt his body moving back and your eye shot open. You saw Jungkook walking toward his bed and sitting down with a satisfied grin hanging from his lips.

“I’m waiting here” he added nonchalantly.

You looked at him in disbelief. What. The. Hell. Your heart was running wild echoing loudly in your ears. You  had been gripping on his shirt so hard that your fingers felt numb and your legs felt like jelly. Slowly your breath returned regular and you started to move sideways, eyes locked with Jungkook’s who just stared back at you with an amused expression. That brat. How  could he stay there so calm and collected while you were a blushing mess? There was no way you could let him tease you and leave you hanging like that. You had to get your revenge.  More determined  than ever before you rushed to the living room and took a deep breath before speaking  

“Girls, let’s call it a night!”

A.N. Hi there! Hope you guys enjoyed this little scenario! Actually I’m going through a tough period of my life and I really busy so I don’t have much time to write. Sorry L Anyway, I love Jin don’t get me wrong! His name came up just after I wrote the word handsome haha Sorry for any misspelled words and fucked up sentences – someday I’ll take English classes I swear. Feedbacks are always welcome CHUUUU

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You're Really Annoying (But I Still Wanna Marry You)

Summary: phil has one last thing for dan to try to say using the speech jammer… (ft. lots of bants and general fluffiness)

Word Count: 900

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: what?? i actually wrote a prompt in under a month?? this is a miracle. But actually, I hope you like this!!

Dan had been really against the idea of doing the speech jammer challenge at first.  Everybody else had already been doing it for weeks and it didn’t seem like there was any way to make it more original.  But ever since Phil had first suggested wanting to do it last week he had been pestering Dan so much that he finally gave in (with the one condition that it had to go on Phil’s channel not his).

When they finally sat down to make the video, Dan realised it had actually been much too long since they had filmed a video together.  They had been busy with so many other projects that he had forgotten how simple and natural it was to film a collab with his boyfriend.  Even if he did have to remember to not call Phil his boyfriend during the video.

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Forever (Soryu Oh Vampire!AU)

Request: I love your pocky story, I can’t wait for the next chapter!😊 Do you mind if I request a story about Soryu being a vampire then falls in love with the MC, turning her into a vampire?

Words: 2,018

Warnings: Mentions of blood, and self harm

A/N: I’m so glad that you like my Pocky story! Honestly, the reason it makes me happy is because it means someone enjoys my writing. 😅 I don’t mind at all, and I’m sorry if this isn’t really what you wanted or if it’s not good enough, because IDK, I’m never really happy with my writing

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One Piece Tokyo haul~

So I’ve been in Tokyo for 3 weeks and just got back home yesterday. I’ve managed to buy way too much One Piece merch (again), but still thought it might be fun to share some of my finds. :) I’m sorry about the quality of the photots, they’re taken with my phone.

I bought a whoopin’ 33 volumes of One Piece in japanese, because I like to read the original words. I’m still missing about 30+ books, but I’m getting closer to the whole collection. I also bought the two latest volumes of course.

Then I bought the 7th Color Walk (the stickers on top of the Color Walk are sketches from Movie Gold and I got them with a magazine), 2 One Piece logs and two issues of Shonen Jump, one which has chapter 839 in it aka. Sanji’s stroy breaking my heart.

And as you might be able to see in the picture I also bought a lot of some dounjishi. (17 for ZoSan and 7 for SaNami) ^__^

And since I went to two mugiwara stores of course I got some small tidbits and merch there too. And I spent way too much on their gachapon. (I haven’t included all of it, because it’s mostly just small keycahins ans pins and such.) I also bought a few T-shirts but they are in the laundry, so no pictures. :P Also, I couldn’t help myself with the Sanji socks…. So ugly, yet adorable.

Then they had these nice canvas pictures of a few cover pages that I really like. I got one for Sanji, one for Nami and one of my favorite pictures of Zoro and Sanji. :)

I also bought a few figurines… I have too many already, especially of Sanji, but I just can’t help myself~

Movie Gold Sanji is just too cool not to have. And he’s got a really nice face despite being quite small. The chibi Sanji is really cute and it’s probably gonna end up on my desk. Then I finally found a figure of Usopp that I really like! I’m trying to collect at least one figure of each strawhat, but so far I only have Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and now finally Usopp. (My sister has a really nice Robin though.) I found some nice ones of Brook as well, but I simply didn’t have enough space left at that point… ^^’‘’ And now on to my babies~

I bought a new pair of Sanji and Nami that I think match really well. I’m really sorry about the bad quality. They are both quite big and has some really nice details. Luckily they were cheap too, less than 2000 yen each. :)

And then… I bought one that was brand new. A figure I’ve had my eyes on since I first saw it. It was sold out in the regular Mugiwara store, but by some miracle they actually had it in One Piece Tokyo Tower! So I bought it and even though it’s super fanservice-y I love it!

Look at him (even though he’s kinda blurry)! Just look at the details, look at his shoes! I am so happy I was able to find him! Now I just need to clean up my room and find space for all my new figures I bought ones not from One Piece too, and has a lot since before, so it might actually be a challange. ^^’‘

So that was my haul. ^__^ I had a great time in Tokyo, and I’ll definitely post a few more things about my visit to One Piece Tokyo Tower once I get the photos in the computer.

I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it’s not like my usual content. :)

A/N: Didn’t exactly know how to begin or really end this so I left it on a ‘cliffhanger’. You can either end it how you wish or I may continue it when I have finished all of my requests and you guys react to this well. Please tell me what you think!

(P.S: I’m very sorry for my absence and my poor writing quality but I’m still very poorly. I’d like to thank everyone for the well wishes and thank everyone else for sticking with me because it’s gone from posting pretty much twice a day to not knowing when I’m going to post. I promise I’ll get the current requests done as soon as I can but I hope you all understand if it takes longer than expected. I hope all is well with everyone else out there and as always, please feel free to randomly chat, ask me random questions or give me some feedback. After all, you guys are the best medicine I could have)

(P.S.S: I also love Ben Affleck too which is a bonus and if you’re anything like me, this can swing both ways ;))


Anonymous: Hi! Could you do an imagine where joker gets jealous of batman since the reader is old friends with him and they were at a party together. Sorry if this doesn’t make sense :)

Warning(s): Swearing, violence

Word count: 1,765




Your closet was packed with tons and tons of clothes and while you found all of them suitable to wear to a party, you just couldn’t find anything. You never knew how much stress it was just going to a party, let alone dressing for it.

Maybe it was because this one was different. You had been invited to a party by Bruce Wayne, your old friend. In school, you two were inseparable as best friends. You’d go everywhere together and do everything together. You were practically joined at the hip. That was until his parents were murdered. You can still remember the look on Bruce’s face as he had told you and the way in which he cried. It sounded like utter pain and helplessness and you knew there was no way that things would be the same again. In the end, he pushed you away, which was understandable. To this day you still wished you stuck by him, despite being pushed away, because you could have helped him get through it and still be friends now.

But that would mean you wouldn’t have your other best friend, the Joker. Your relationship with him was a weird and complicated one. It was never easy with the Joker, especially since he was a dangerous criminal but more importantly because you fancied the crap out of him. You guys had started off as friends, god knows how, and something just clicked. You knew the Joker didn’t have many friends, if any at all, so when he found you, he did everything to keep you as his friend. Not that he needed to, of course. It was his fault that things had changed. You were hanging out at his one evening and you were messing around and having some kind of play fight (he was very heavy-handed) when he just kissed you. It was intense and electrifying and you, not knowing what to do, just kissed him back. That’s when you got feelings for him. But since it happened you guys had never spoken about it and pretended it never happened. So you never knew what he really felt about you and you were angry at him for making you fall for him like that. You were doing great until it happened.

You snapped yourself out of your trance and concentrated on the current dilemma in front of you. There were so many dresses and you didn’t know which one to wear. Long or short? Loose or tight fitting? And oh my god there were so many colours.

“Fuck it.” You mumbled, with your eyes closed. You waved your hand about in front of the clothes and stopped somewhere around the middle, opening your eyes to see your hand right in front of a black dress. It definitely wasn’t the best way to choose a dress but now you had taken it off the hanger, you thought you might as well stick with it. After all, it was only Bruce who you really knew there. And from what you can remember, he never judged anyone, least of all you.

Slipping on the chosen dress, you admired yourself in the mirror. It was a beautiful black lace skater dress, one that you forgotten you even had. It complimented your neutral makeup and loose wavy h/c hair perfectly and you were quite proud of the way you looked, which was a first. Pairing it with some cute boot heels, you quickly grabbed your purse and left for the party.

You followed the address on the invitation card that was sent to you and found yourself pulling up at a rather large and very expensive looking house. It gobsmacked you. How on earth could Bruce… Your Bruce own such a gorgeous house? And the amount of people dressed in posh attire was outstanding. As you slowly climbed out of your car, you looked down at what you were wearing, suddenly feeling very out of place. Everyone else looked lovely and compared to them you looked… well, you looked cheap.

With caution you entered the building, gazing around the room. There wasn’t one part of the house that didn’t have something for you to look at and by the look of the amount of people there, it didn’t seem like you’d be seeing Bruce, so the walls and ornaments were the only entertainment you really had. Was this a waste of time?

You were considering leaving and just going home when a light tap on your shoulder caught your attention, making you turn around to see the face of your old friend. He had changed so much and it almost brought a tear to your eye.
“Y/N Y/L/N. After all these years. Look at you! You look… w-well you look…” He stuttered, earning a giggle from you. He may have changed but his ability to express things certainly hadn’t. “You look amazing.”

“You don’t look so bad yourself, Mr Wayne. It’s been so long! How are you?”

“I’m better.” He simply said, looking down at the floor. There were so many emotions being brought back to you. You were just so happy you were reunited with him and that was thanks to the Joker. He was telling you about how much he hated this guy and as soon as you heard the name being mentioned, you freaked. Of course Bruce had heard your name floating around too. You were well known by quite a few around Gotham for being the Joker’s best friend (which, by the way, was quite dangerous (but it was worth the risk)). “Y/N, I’m really sorry.”

“Bruce, stop.” You told him, putting your hand on his cheek. His skin was a lot different to how it used to be. It used to be smooth and now it was all rough. It was still him though. Tears were brimming his eyes slightly, him coughing avert the attention to his eyes and to push them back. “You did what you had to do to recover. I forgive you.”

His smiles were what you lived for back in the day, it would always cheer you up. And here it was, only a lot sadder. It was clear you both regretted leaving each other. You guys were practically twins and you were just suddenly parted on such awful terms. But it didn’t really matter anymore, because he was right in front of you and you felt like a kid all over again.

“Dance with me.”


“Dance with me, Y/N.” He smiled, offering his hand. As if by coincidence, a slow song had begun playing and a few couples had taken their places at the centre of the room while the rest just hung around in clusters. You looked at his hand and back to his face, the look on it the same as ever. Small hand in large, you were lead to where all the other dancers were and placed your hand on his shoulder as his hand rested on your hip, both your bodies swaying to the music. In the moment it felt as if you had never been apart…

Suddenly, four loud gunshots echoed in the mansion causing everyone to scream and the music to cut out, many people rushing to the corner of the room furthest to the door. You and Bruce were still in the centre of the room, Bruce seemingly not scared and you absolutely shitting yourself, despite being best friends with someone whos life revolved around such things. In walked three men, dressed in suits and holding machine guns, pointing them around the room until it landed on the man opposite to you.

“Boss, he’s here.”

Following them, your eyes widened when you saw bright green hair, a pale face and those dark red lips that you always wanted on yours ever since the day you felt them. It was the Joker and he looked angrier than you had ever seen him. Bruce’s grip on you tightened where as you relaxed a little. You knew him and you knew he wouldn’t hurt you. Although by the look on his face, he looked like he would just about do anything at that moment.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, genuinely confused as to why he had turned up. He took slow and intimidating steps towards the two of you, his eyes casting downward to Bruce’s hands around your waist, pulling you protectively into him.

“Get off of her.” The Joker growled, his icy eyes wild with rage. Bruce didn’t move, just stared back at the Joker with just as much anger. This was the most intense you’d ever seen the both of them and being in the middle of it was killing you. “I SAID GET OFF OF HER!”

Everything was all a blur after that. The sight of the Joker punching Bruce square in the jaw was all you could comprehend. The guests were gasping at the sight of the Joker and Bruce rolling around on the floor, knocking each other about while you were thinking of something that would stop them. You knew there was nothing you could do.

“Not so strong are you now, Batman?”


“Back off, Joker. She doesn’t want you!”


“STOP!” You screamed at the top of your lungs, the people in the room flinching and the Joker and Bruce actually pausing the fight, hands still on each other, to look at your face which was fuming. “What the fucking hell are you doing?”

The Joker let go of Bruce’s collar with a push and stood up, his shirt torn and almost hanging off his body. Bruce soon followed, standing alongside the Joker looking flustered and angry but a little embarrassed with himself.

“Y/N,” Bruce began, stepping towards you. “He’s dangerous. Please, I’m begging you, don’t get involved with him anymore. You’re in serious danger, the whole of Gotham is talking about the two of you.”

In an instant the Joker raised his arm, pointing a gun to Bruce’s head. The Joker’s breathing was heavy and he looked like he was about to catch fire and you had never before seen him in such a state. He must really hate him.

“Put the gun down.” You warned through gritted teeth. But this time, he didn’t listen and instead pulled the safety. Bruce just smirked and glanced in your direction.

“Don’t you get it?” He spat in the Joker’s face, grabbing his gun and throwing it across the room. “Joke is on you. She doesn’t love you! You’re shooting to miss.”


Translation: GRAPH June 2016

Hello again. Sorry for being away for a while. I won’t lie to you - I was busy with Vampire Succession. 

In this month’s GRAPH, Makaze and Asaka Manato participated in the “Match” corner- a game where two people are asked questions. They then have to secretly write their answer and try to match answer with their partner. This volume of GRAPH can be found on amazon japan here . There are a lot of really nice (and super cute) pictures of the two of them during the interview and playing jenga. 

Otherwise, please click the read more link for the translatiion. 

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Anything But Ordinary (part two)

Continuation of preserum Steve x reader!

Bucky leaned back casually on the bench near the entrance to the fair, eyes roaming and catching the glances of passing girls; smirking as they giggled at his wink. Steve sat next to Bucky, ignoring Bucky’s predictable charm with the ladies and trying to curb his anxieties by sketching.

Tongue between his teeth, his pencil dashed around the page as he worked on capturing the effervescent quality of the carnival: brights lights twinkling as a replacement for the stars in the New York sky, couples and kids rushing about in a blur of sugar and booze fueled energy. He had just about gotten the Ferris wheel done when he heard Bucky’s voice and his heartbeat started racing: “There you beautiful ladies are!” Bucky tapped Steve’s shoulder gently and the two rose from the bench, Steve hastily shoving his sketchpad in his jacket pocket.

Steve’s eyes roamed from the blonde already sprinting at Bucky to you standing there nervously before flashing him a small smile. Margaret was right – he was kind of sickly. But she didn’t mention that he had a really cute smile; one full of warmth and a palatable nervousness that was actually quite endearing. It wasn’t often that you met men that didn’t come onto you with full bravado and machismo. His brown hair was parted neatly, but still stuck up in odd ends that showed he fought a losing battle with a comb. He was a little taller than you were and you actually found yourself attracted to him – he didn’t seem arrogant, he just seemed sweet and a little shy.

While these thoughts floated around in your head, Steve was busy fighting to keep his breathing steady. Bucky wasn’t lying – you were really pretty. But he felt a twinge in his chest, fighting a humorless smile at the thought of a girl like you liking a guy who looked like he did. Who wasn’t even a soldier. He didn’t stand a chance.

The blonde squealed excitedly, eagerly throwing her arms around Bucky’s neck before allowing herself to be twirled around. “Well don’t you look pretty as a picture, Marg,” Bucky crooned happily, eliciting further giggles of delight from the young woman. “Oh, James, you’re just saying that,” she squeaked enthusiastically. 

You and Steve both stood there awkwardly watching your friends swooning over each other. You met his gaze and he grimaced wryly, shrugging his shoulders as if to say, “What are you gonna do?.” Your hand slid over your mouth to cover your laugh – maybe this Steve guy wouldn’t be such a bad date after all. And maybe he wasn’t that shy. You both moved forward at the same time, you extending your hand to meet his. “I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks all that sappy stuff is too much. I’m Y/N,” you said warmly, your smile widening further as red spread across Steve’s pale face at the touch of your hand.

“Nice to meet you, m’am,” he stammered with a shy smile. “And it’s not that I think romantic stuff is bad – I’ve just seen a lot of it with Bucky. A LOT of it.”

You chuckled as you nodded your head in agreement – Marg was the same way. You were suddenly confused, however, catching a shiny streak of silver smudged against your palm. You looked at it curiously and rubbed it with your thumb. You looked up at Steve and saw his face reddening, his eyes wide with apprehension.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I was sketching before you came here and I must have got pencil on my hands,” he said nervously, fumbling in his jacket pocket before procuring a small navy handkerchief.

You smiled gratefully at the gesture before asking enthusiastically, “You sketch? Is that a regular thing? Can I see?”

Steve was amazed that his jaw didn’t drop to the ground right there. Here’s a beautiful girl who not only wasn’t ogling Bucky, but actually teased him and her friend with him, who wasn’t upset that she got pencil on her AND she was genuinely interested in his drawings? There was no way. Maybe he did actually manage to sneak into enlisting and he died and was in heaven now.

You felt yourself racked with nerves as Steve gazed at you intently, looking at you almost as if you were a ghost.

“Don’t seem too eager, Y/N. Wait, what, since when am I eager to learn anything about a guy?” Your thoughts echoed incredulously. “You just haven’t met any guy worth learning about” A sage voice in your head replied.

Snapping yourself out of your thoughts, you tried to appear casual. “It’s alright if you don’t want to show me, I realize drawing can be a pretty personal thing and I’m sorry if I was rude.”

Steve came back down to Earth at your words.

“She’s apologizing, why is she doing that, she didn’t do anything wrong, she’s amazing,”

“Slow down, Rogers. Let’s not forget how every other date of yours has turned out.”

“Yeah, but she’s not like every other date I’ve had!”

Steve managed to calm down his racing thoughts but couldn’t tame the excitement that poured out of him.

“Of course! They really aren’t that good, though, just things I work on in my spare time, the subject changes all the time but I really do like sketching landscapes –” he broke off with a sinking feeling at the amused look on your face, mistaking it for derision.

“I sound like an idiot, don’t I?” he said flatly.

“Oh no! On the contrary, actually. I wish I could draw.” You paused for a second, seeing the skeptical look on his face. You sighed dramatically and interlaced your arm with his, trying to keep color from flooding into your cheeks at the bold gesture so out of character for you. “Trust me, Steve, if I thought you sounded like an idiot, I would tell you. You’re a refreshing change from the goons Marg usually sets me up with.”

Steve felt his chest swell at your words, the trepidation and insecurity he was so used to feeling slowly starting to dissipate. “Wow. Thanks. That’s. Wow. I’m definitely not used to getting the favorable comparison to soldiers from the girls Bucky sets me up with,” he said incredulously.

You looked at him sadly, his jaw set and his eyes staring out in front of him at Bucky and Marg. You knew how it felt to be compared to your best friend and you knew how much it hurt. How lonely it could be.

“C’mon you two, we’re going in!” Marg and Bucky waved back at you,  smug smiles on their faces as if to say “We told you so, lovebirds.”

You squeezed Steve’s arm a little tighter, a tingling sensation racing through your veins at the thrilled smile that now lit up his features; meeting your eyes with his own glimmering with something like hope.

“Hey, it’s their loss, Steve. Now, can you be a dear and escort a lady into this marvelous carnival?” You said, faking your best posh accent as he chuckled.

“M’am, it would be my honest to God pleasure.”



Small Screen Dreams

Words: 2,134
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: I hope this is okay? It could have easily ended up a whole lot longer but I was quite aware it was getting long anyway ;)

Request: Hi! Could you write a Dean x reader? One where (Y/N) is under the Spell of a djinn. She wakes the alternate world to see a tv in front of her playing family videos of her “dream” life with Dean. The videos could include their wedding and their first kid and maybe a few small moments. When the brothers finally wake her up, Dean ends up expressing his feelings after being scared of losing her and the next day (Y/N) starts filming their life. Fluffy!


You were in that dreamy state. The one where you have a very faint grip on the world around you, with no control over your thoughts or really any feeling of being awake, but something was still just keeping you lucid. Some would say it was dozing or drifting, maybe that was the better description, but whatever it was, you were enjoying it. The faint sounds of the TV in the background barely even touched your senses.

It was all work and very little play. Time to rest was scarce nowadays but sleep was needed and it was what you were so close to. The edges of consciousness just slipping further away…

That is, until something cold and damp touched the skin of your leg. Your eyes shot open and in one swift movement, you rolled off of the couch and were stood in a fighting stance. You exhaled quickly with the effort and looked for the source.

“Rolo. For Pete’s sake,” you groaned, slumping back into the couch, a lazy arm slopping over your face, trying to block the light out. Old habits died hard, apparently.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud.

“No. Not cute. I am going to tape that tail to the floor, I swear to God,” you mumbled, sticking out a hand to ruffle the hair of your furry friend. The golden retriever gave you another nudge in your side and you blearily opened an eye to take in the big brown eyes looking down at you. You muttered a few profanities before sitting upright.

“Happy? I’m awake now, pup, and yes I’m entirely blaming you.”

You ran a hand through your messy hair and reached for the switch of the lamp beside you. Judging by the dim room, it must have been early evening outside, it was odd, you couldn’t exactly remember what you’d even been doing today.


The voice nearly made you jump out of your skin and you whipped around to face it.

“Dean? What the hell? How did you-?”

“Shh, I’m sorry sweetheart, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he laughed, walking towards you gingerly.

“It’s alright, I was just… um, I only just woke up!”

“Uh huh, I see how it is, you set me the chores to do and then nap?” He said with a smirk and pulling you in for a hug.

“Guess so,” you said, leaning up to give him a peck.

“I’m sorry I woke you, didn’t want to just leave though. I’m just meeting Cas and some of the other guys from work. I’ll be back before you go to bed though, hopefully.”

“Say hi from me and honestly don’t worry about the time, Mary’s at a friend’s tonight and tomorrow, so I might just have a quiet one,” you smiled, giving Dean a final squeeze before releasing him.

“You sure?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah, of course! Go on, go have a nice time with the guys.”

Dean put his hand gently on your hip and pulled you in for another small peck before grabbing his jacket and pulling it on. With another small wave and a pat on Rolo’s side, he walked out towards the front door.

“Oh, and Y/N?” He said, popping his head back around the door frame, “I got some of that funny wine you like when I went out earlier for you, it’s in the fridge.”

You smiled and shouted a quick thank you after him, before slumping back down onto the sofa. After a few minutes of zoning out Rolo clearly decided he didn’t want to be ignored anymore. He put a questioning paw on your lap before trying to clamber onto you whilst his wagging tail knocked the remote off the table, it clattered to the floor and somehow switched on the TV in the process.

“You daft dog, get down!” You squeaked, pushing him off your lap onto the floor with a laugh, “you’re too big, boy, no!”

You rolled your eyes and wrestled the soft toy out of his mouth, throwing it across the room for him to chase. When all four paws finally got grip on the wooden floor, he scrabbled off in chase of it and flopped down to chew it instead of bringing it back.

You considered calling him but instead used the quiet moment to rescue the remote, and it was at that point you realised what was on the screen.

You were in a park, quite a lot younger than you were now, definitely, but it was you all the same. You guessed you must have left some old home videos on the DVD player from a while ago without realising. All the old ones that were on tape had been remastered recently as a present from Dean to you, you’d teared up when he gave them to you - you often left them in the machine when Mary wasn’t watching one of her films.

The camera zoomed in clumsily on your face and you laughed at whoever was behind it. It shifted back a little and 20-something Dean jumped into the shot too, lifting you up in an exaggerated hug. He whispered something in your ear and you gave him a playful slap as he let you down. You carried on watching, this was the day that you had gone on a trip to visit Bobby. It had been brilliant despite a particularly bad rendition of “sweet child o’ mine” from Dean around the BBQ later that day.

The next video on the screen was a favourite memory of yours, you must have watched it countless times. It was the day Dean proposed.

It started off from a distance, Dean had given Sam a camera and told him where to stand to be able to film it. He was filming from a small pier by the beach, he zoomed in on the two of you walking down the shore towards him, arms linked and chatting about God knows what. The sound quality was rubbish due to the wind and sea, but sure enough, when you got to that spot in front of the driftwood tree, Dean stopped in his tracks and got down on one knee. Your hands flew to your mouth in shock as you intently took in what he said, then all too quickly, you said yes and it was a flurry of kisses and hugs. Sam swung the camera around to give a big thumbs up before jogging over to catch up with the pair of you, both windswept and grinning like the Cheshire cat.

The next one you grinned at before it was more than a few seconds in.

The baby bump was instantly obvious even under the thick winter jacket you were wearing. You were sat in a deck chair by a bonfire, smiling at something Charlie, who was sat next to you, had said. She tapped you on the shoulder and pointed to the camera that Dean was filming with, to which you turned around and gave an obscene gesture. You barely remembered the day but Dean said that he’d been winding you up all afternoon, which did sound about right.

Letting out a sigh, you settled back into the sofa, with nothing better to do this seemed as good as anything. There were a lot of silly ones, random days with friends and family, quick clips from holidays, Rolo as a puppy and a whole lot that you would have likely forgotten if it weren’t for the videos.

Half way through a cute childhood video of Mary attempting to style your hair, it did something it didn’t usually do.

She turned to the camera and the video suddenly cut off, leaving the TV black. Furrowing your brow, you jammed the button on the remote to try and get it working again but to no avail.

Suddenly, Rolo jumped up and started barking wildly at the door.

“What the-”


“-Crap! Has it worked?” Dean’s worried voice broke through your senses.

“Yeah! She’s awake!”

You prised your eyes open and swallowed hard, wincing at your dry throat.

“Hey, hey, Y/N, I’m right here, are you alright?”

Dean came into focus, hovering above you and you quickly realised he was knelt next to you, maneuvering an arm around you to pick you up.


“You were under for a good 36 hours, there. I’m sorry we took so long,” he grimaced.

“It’s alright. I’m good, I can walk,” you said, gently patting his hand away and giving him a small smile.

Standing up shakily, still with a little help, you took in the ‘rough and ready’ Dean in front of you, far from the squeaky clean suit and tie Dean of the djinn’s world. Worry was etched across his features, nothing like in your little make believe world. It wasn’t as if you didn’t love him as he was, just he was more “Dean” here.

You started walking slowly towards what must have been the way out, Dean guiding you a little with a hand in the small of your back. You stayed quiet, just thinking on the djinn dream, it was what Dean would have called an apple pie life, a kid, a dog and memories. And they were happy memories, too.

It was all so surreal, you knew of djinn realities, but you never knew they could be so… so real.

“Are you alright?” Dean spoke warily, “What is it?”

“Nothing.” You smiled grimly, “Just a reality check, I suppose?”

“Yeah. It does that. If you don’t mind me asking, what’d you see? Was I… y'know…” he trailed off before shaking his head and closing his eyes, “Wait, that’s private, don’t worry, forget I said anything.”

You stayed quiet for a few seconds before deciding you had nothing to lose.

“We were married, we had a daughter, you had work friends, and hell, we even had a bloody golden retriever… it was… silly, I know. But it was nice I guess.”

You bit your lip and looked out the corner of your eye. It was infuriating, you couldn’t really tell if he was happy to hear it or not, but he was definitely listening so you went on anyway.

“We had this thing of home videos, too. Simple things, just different days we’d had, but they were memories, I don’t know what to say, but it just grounded me for a moment. Seeing myself on a screen, and happy? I don’t know. It wasn’t real, I’m sorry, I’ll shut up,” you let out a quick breath and looked around for some sort of distraction.

You weren’t normally sentimental when talking to Dean and he didn’t exactly seem to be talking back. He gave you a tight lipped smile, but stayed quiet until the pair of you had reached the impala parked out front. A hurried hug from Sam, a quick check over and a bottle of water later and you were on your way, putting the djinn experience behind you as quickly as the tarmac outside the impala’s window.

2 days later

Sam sat opposite you, lazily flipped through a research paper in the bunker’s library. It was much too warm outside to bother doing anything on your morning off and you were going to be leaving in a few hours anyway for a possible hunt a few hours away. You’d settled for killing some time on your laptop by stalking some old friends and judging their life choices. Admittedly, if any of them realised what you now did and how much you traveled, you would probably seem incredibly interesting, but location settings weren’t a good idea when you had fallen out with a few demons in the past.

You were mid-yawn when you heard Dean walk in.

“Hey Y/N!” He said a little louder than necessary. You smiled but didn’t bother turning around.

“Hey Dean.”

“Whatcha doing?”

You glanced up briefly and caught Sam’s facial expression which looked rather bemused. You tilted your head a little in question to him to which he laughed and just nodded for you to look behind you. Curious, you turned around.

“What…” you went quiet as you saw the camera in Dean’s hands.

“I can’t give you the white picket fence, but I can atleast make sure to get the happy times on tape,” Dean beamed, and gave you a little wave as he wandered closer.

You opened and closed your mouth a few times before settling for a grin. He mouthed 'I love you’ and you smirked, giving him a playful push before standing on your toes to give him a kiss.

“You, Dean Winchester, are a goofball.”

“Granted,” he laughed, wandering closer, makimg sure he got your face on camera, “but I’m your goofball.”

Aoi Shouta LIVE 2016 WONDER lab. ~ Bokutachi no sign ~ 2016/03/13 Report

**Please DO NOT repost photos! Thanks
Some photos were from official reports

I compared this a lot with 5th Stage as that’s the only other Japanese Live I’ve been to.
I’m just going to put the whole report in this one post! As always, it’s personal and long! I just have a lot of feelings, maybe a bit too much…

**Edit: SUPER personal, SUPER long.


Buying goods

If you don’t want to read this then you can just skip to the Live part below~
Please try your best to read the whole of the Live part though. I want everyone to experience the same thing as I did after all.

So it’s only the one day for the goods sale which is on the same day as the live. After what happened with 5th Stage sales I decided I’ll go early.

This is the second live I’ve been to in Japan, so never been to Budokan before, it’s pretty impressive with the traditional gate and building. Never took photos of the outside building ^^;

I was meant to be going by myself, but @jeanette-ting managed to win a ticket last minute and contacted me. Thanks for getting in touch! ^^

So by the time we got there, as expected there was a lot of people already queued up, we had to walk pretty far to get to the end, but at least we can tell how far we were from the start. You couldn’t tell with 5th Stage as everyone was all packed together and you had to go downstairs too.

For some reason they were selling the gacchas separately from the other goods??
But I thought, queue up for the goods first as they are the most important then head for gacchas.

I thought the line won’t start moving until 10am, but we did move gradually which was good!

Even though I was prepared and wore more clothes it was still so cold ><
Girl behind me “Ah, Shoutan da, ‘Ohayou…’” SHOUTAN TWEETED?!? *checks twitter* (pretty much my reaction each time)
Ahhh, he’s such a sweet heart telling us to be careful and not catch a cold
(/ _ ; ) thank you~

I noticed there was quite a lot of guys here, more than there was for Utapri. The number of females still outnumbered the guys of course though.

Moved quite a lot and going round the building, this was behind us. Maybe about 10am here

Thank god we came early!!

We heard a few of Shoutan’s songs playing!! Very quiet though. They seem to reaally liked TRUE HEARTS and played it a lot XD

NO WEAK ⇔ YES WEEK!! And it stopped after a few moments… Nande?! 😒

Selling gacchas there in the left shelter, middle was to buy Zessei STARGATE and pre-order S, right one was for joining his fanclub (LET ME JOIN).

Yes finally! The order list!!!
The quality of the paper was really bad? 5th Stage had really nice paper LOL

Things I ordered. (I realised they never gave me the paper back, glad I took a photo for the memory XD)

I actually already decided to buy at least one of each thing even before they announced the line up.
Because it’s Shoutan 😎 the only thing I didn’t get was the black wrist band as I liked the white more.

Why, pessimistic? IS PLAYINGGGG!!!

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Rose Island Romance

(Also affectionately known as “Cute Boys Don’t Grow on Trees But They Do Like to Sail”)

Klaine; 23k; A03; T; fanmix

AU.  Exhausted from city life, and frustrated at his inability to get a good part in summer stock, NYADA student Kurt Hummel decides to spend the summer on a small New England island helping his uncle at Hummel Marine.  When a cute boy in a tight polo shirt brings in his outboard engine for repairs, Kurt begins to think that summer on the sleepy island might hold some excitement after all.

Written for the Kurt Hummel Big Bang.  Many thanks to my wonderful beta, perryavenue, for all of her patience and encouragement, and to klaineitupanotch for creating the beautiful cover art and fanmix  to go with this story.  It was such a pleasure working with them both!

Warnings:  Some discussion of prior homophobia, assault, and recovery.

Chapter 1

Kurt walked down to the dock, enjoying the cool breeze that had come up as the evening approached. The boatyard was only about half full, with a few dozen sailboats of varying sizes and a handful of powerboats tied up along the floating docks.   It had been a quiet day for his uncle’s marine engine repair business, midweek early in the summer season, but his uncle assured him that things would pick up soon.

Kurt had only been on Rose Island for a few weeks, but the calm was already affecting him.  The noise and stress of the city felt distant, and the peaceful view of the wide harbor was becoming as familiar as his neighborhood coffee shop back in Bushwick.

He found a spot on the edge of the dock, and closed his eyes, breathing in the salt air, lightly laced with the scent of the scrappy wild roses that grew along the shore.  He had declined his uncle’s offer to give him a ride back to the house, figuring he might do some sketching tonight, or just walk along the rocky beach between the marina and ferry dock.  It was too nice a day to go inside yet.

Caught up in his own thoughts, enjoying the feel of the warm sun on his face, Kurt was startled by a thump.  Kurt opened his eyes and squinted at the dinghy bouncing along the edge of the dock, its skipper awkwardly trying to steady it.

“Oh, hi!”  The guy in the dinghy flashed a shy smile at Kurt, and sat back abruptly on his heels, causing the boat to rock precariously.  “I don’t suppose you could give me a hand?  It’s okay to tie up here, right?”

Kurt stood and reached for the line the young man was holding out.  He was startlingly handsome, with dark curls tamed with gel, and a sweet smile.  He was also dressed considerably better than most of the kids Kurt had seen messing around the boatyard, wearing a dark red polo tucked neatly into pleated khaki shorts.  As his visitor scrambled up on to the dock, taking the line back from Kurt and winding it around the cleat, Kurt couldn’t help but notice how nicely that polo accentuated the man’s shapely biceps.  Then Kurt got a whiff of his cologne, and suddenly Kurt wished he was wearing something more grown-up himself.  The “Hummel Marine” t-shirt with grease spots on the hem wasn’t exactly his first choice for a meet-cute.

“Thanks.  I’m Blaine,” the guy said, standing and holding out his hand.  His eyes sparkled in the late afternoon light, and Kurt found himself wanting to spend some quality time assessing exactly what shade those lovely eyes were.  He shook his head, trying to focus as he automatically shook the boy’s hand.  It might be helpful if he actually formed some words.

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