these are probs *too* dark

an annoyed older nico looking at his sister being all lovey dovey with thalia in the distance (to be drawn later stay tuned xoxo)

~bianca survives au~


A wisp of scented smoke hung in the air, drawing her down the winding path to where the red priests had fired the great iron braziers outside the house of the Lord of Light. Soon she could even feel the heat in the air, as red R'hllor’s worshipers lifted their voices in prayer. “For the night is dark and full of terrors,” they prayed.

Not for me. Her nights were bathed in moonlight and filled with the songs of her pack, with the taste of red meat torn off the bone, with the warm familiar smells of her grey cousins. Only during the days was she alone and blind.

A Date With Markiplier

Just a list of my favorite things in this whole ordeal
- bonjour
- the trifecta of Markiplier personas made it in (Dark, Wilford, and the asshole, better-than-thou Markiplier)
- Tyler’s friggin Elvis costume and sideburns
- Tyler dressing up with a Mark mask not even cut out of the piece of paper it was printed on
- the fact that when you choose horror, Dark doesn’t actually give you four choices. He just gives you one that will move the story forward.
- Tyler and Ethan’s play poster
- the skeleton
-that big ass diamond that isn’t even attached to a real ring
-“close your eyes now. Bwoooop.”
- the fact that I’m pretty confident Amy was the camera person for most of this
- Chica got us all shOOk
- Ethan in a suit
- literally every time the quick transitions had to happen and it was so obvious
- I need makeup because I’m ugly
- Mark’s freaking sandwich waddle
- the fact that when you choose to eat pbj, Marks the one that dies because of peanuts
- the fact that they actually made Mark sit in front of a camera and dig for ten whole minutes
- “Just press X”
- the fact that exit doesn’t really do anything
-Mark’s extension wig in the jail cell
- the frigging pink crocs that are squeaky as everything on this green earth
- the fact that this happened. It was so good and I loved all of it

“I’m sorry I failed you all…”

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     Now, just be patient.
          Can you see? I imagine you’re feeling rather as though      
          well, perhaps a bit dizzy, eh? Easy does it. Easy. Don’t move too quickly.


My favorite character from Dark Souls 2, Straid !! He’s a big jerkwad and insults you but I still think he’s really cool. Especially with that outfit. B )

current read: The Rose Society by Marie Lu
i just realized that TYE is lowkey just like xmen 😂 i love my xmen so that’s probs why im loving this book series too. it’s so amazing how dark this book can be, and yet it’s that factor that makes me want to read more of Adelina’s story. it also intrigues me how different this can be from Legend and yet i STILL find TYE to be the better series 🙊
i definitely recommend this book if you wanna read some dark xmen-like stuff 😊 happy reading! woooo