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the foxhole court fancast:


21 Mar 2017 || 

I should be writing my term papers, but I really wanted to doodle something in my bullet journal, so here’s a very general and probably highly inaccurate map of Great Britain. Forgive me for any mistakes please, it’s really just a sketch!


Okay I was inspired to draw some Dino related art after spending some time on @i-draws-dinosaurs blog
😂 thank you my dude ✌️

I haven’t drawn one “officially” in like… six years(?)
Anywho he’s a fluffy Allosaurus

I had to get it out of my system 😂

🌸 OLDCODEX x sakura
I just got the sudden urge to draw them.

ok but just. imagine the squad playing monopoly

  • there is most definitely some sort of bet going on: everyone put in $10 and whoever wins gets the pot, but if the game goes too long then whoever gives in to anger and flips the table first has to give every other player $20
  • amy and rosa have an additional bet: whoever lasts longer gets the credit for the arrest in the case they’ve been working for 3 weeks
  • amy is the one who keeps trying to prove some obscure rule from the official instruction booklet
  • rosa keeps threatening everyone within an inch of their lives
  • jake calls dibs on the top hat but quickly relents and settles for the race car after amy says she’ll make him sleep on the couch bc Competitive Amy™ is terrifying (think back to ‘terry kitties’: “i’m gonna run you both off the road into a wall. i’m gonna kill you.” that level scary)
  • charles and jake have formed an alliance. they keep writing each other IOUs and selling each other cheap properties
  • captain holt is certain that he’ll win because he’s so good at strategizing & he keeps saying things like the 'hungarian fencing term’ line from the 3rd halloween ep but then gina absolutely destroys him
  • gina is the banker and she definitely is cheating and everyone knows but is too afraid of her to call her out on it
  • terry doesn’t want to play because the last game of monopoly he took part in ended when he broke the board in half in a fit of rage, not unlike the destruction of the dollhouse in 'the slump’
  • scully and hitchcock don’t understand the game so they steal unimaginable amounts of the squad’s french fries while everyone else is distracted. they consider themselves the true winners in this sitch
  • pimento sits out because he knows he’ll snap. everyone is 100% on board with this logic (“there’s no way this game will end without any casualties if i play, i’m not even gonna chance it”)
  • there are still casualties, mostly because adrian was rooting for jake and charles’ alliance, which did not win. the nine nine will forever hold dear the memory of the table they were playing the game on, may its plastic soul rest peacefully 
How to deal with failure after a test: NT edition

ENTJ: Feels the need to make amends immediately. Makes a plan to get better at the subject.

ENTP: Scours through the paper to hopefully find marking errors. Smirks smugly upon gaining more points as the class looks on jealously.

INTP: Wants to do what ENTP is doing, but is afraid of actually being incorrect, and stays quiet.

INTJ: Compares test score to others’. Suddenly it’s not so bad. (But not in INTJ’s eyes.)

Bonding Over Injuries

First, just letting you know that this is my longest fanfic to the time and it has been a wild ride. At one point I was just thinking about giving up but well, I decided to continue and this is the result. Hope you enjoy it and every type of feedback is accepted! Thank you in advanced!

summary: Evan Lester and Millie Howell have hated each other for who knows how long and so do their dads; until Millie gets injured. How will the two adults adapt to their kids’ new friendship after being enemies for so long?

words: 13.6k

trigger warnings: hospitals, broken bones, descriptive nightmares, mentions of blood

author’s note: i don’t really know anything about medical things and I have never experienced a broken bone either so probably this is inaccurate and i’m sorry

“Dad, c'mon, I want to go on the swings and if we don’t go fast the big kids are going to take them…” a 7 year old Evan Lester said as he dragged his father faster to the park.

“Evan, we aren’t in a hurry, see? We are already here. Now go, have fun!” Phil said walking towards one of the few empty benches that weren’t occupied by parents, relatives or nannies after seeing his son run rapidly to the only free swing that was left. 

He watched him swing carefree and happy for a while and reassuring himself that Evan was fine he took out the book he had brought to read. It was going to be a relaxing day.

He was engrossed on his book when he spotted a shadow next to him, knowing it was Evan. “You tired?” he chuckled, knowing his son was such an energetic child he never got tired.

“Dad, you know I never get tired!” Evan huffed, “just coming here to tell you that I will be playing cops and robbers with other kids and… Millie.” he pulled a disgusted face when he said her name.

Millie Howell was Evan’s classmate. They both had been in the same class since they were babies and never got along well. Phil and Millie’s father, Dan, had often ended up at the principal’s office after his son and Millie had pranked each other in some way or another, getting on a fight that ended up with both of them being scolded by their fathers.

As stubborn fathers they both were, they always thought the fault it was the other’s child, so they often ended up also arguing and never tried to get along either. They were often worse than their children to be honest.

“Oh Millie,” Phil rapidly scanned the park around to spot her father, not really wanting to see the other parent, but relaxed when he didn’t see Dan. He guessed Millie was here with a nanny so he didn’t mind it much. “well, don’t worry about her, okay? now go, be the best cop you can and catch all those robbers!”

And with that Evan ran toward his team, who were probably conspiring on what to do to catch the other kids. Phil put his book aside and decided to follow the game, it was entertaining to see his ginger munchkin run around to catch the other kids. That when he heard a loud sharp cry.

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Kravitz would probably get so angry watching Death Note, and for some reason that thought makes me very happy.

He doesn’t understand this system. If all you have to do is write down a name, why isn’t there just an office? Why isn’t administration looking into the fact that there’s a death notebook just lying around tempting mortals? Someone is absolutely going to use that… yep, someone is using it, for justice. It’s not the first time he’s heard that one. It’s always so hard to talk down the ones who think they’re doing what they’re doing for the right reasons.

day after tomorrow

firewalker post-ep au, second installment in my x files rewatch series. (the two stories i’ve posted insofar are unrelated to each other; there’s no planned connection between these stories.)

summary: She almost died a few weeks ago. But she is here, alive. And her partner has kissed her. 

note: i have little to no knowledge of quarantines, so this is probably horrifically inaccurate. 

Trepkos disappears into the volcano with Jesse O’Neil and Scully waits for the government to arrive in the dark, rubbing her raw wrist. It feels almost normal, after everything that’s happened, and that feels worse than anything.

“You okay?” She jolts at the sound before she realizes it’s just Mulder; they should turn some goddamn lights on. She turns towards him in the shadowy room, still rubbing the sore spots. “Your wrist hurts,” he says quietly.

He’s spoken quieter to her since she was returned, touched her more. She’s not sure whether she likes it or is annoyed by it, but she’d felt the weight of his hand on her shoulder for long minutes after he’d left. Now he touches her wrist gently, turning it over to try and examine it in the nonexistent light. “I’m fine, Mulder,” she says determinedly. “It’s just a little sore. All things considered, I’d say I’m pretty well off.” (They don’t know that they aren’t infected, she thinks. They could be dying right now.)

“C’mon, let’s take a look at this,” he says stubbornly, in that soft, nudging way he’d had since the abduction. Somehow, they both move in opposite directions at the same time and she crashes fully into him. And then the next thing she knows, he is kissing her. His hands soft on her hips, his mouth hot on hers. She kisses him back with something like eagerness, anticipation, until he pulls away.

“We should… find you something,” he says unevenly. “For your wrist.”

“Mulder…” she starts.

“Scully, I’m sorry.” His hand is still cupping her wrist; he lets go and turns to head down the hall. “I’ll be right back.”

His footsteps echo down the empty hall, eerie in the dark like they’re in a haunted house. People have died here, she remembers. She almost died a few weeks ago. But she is here, alive. And her partner has kissed her.

“You don’t have to be sorry,” she says to the empty room.

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Writing prompt possibly??? "I'm not jealous" benvolio and rosaline?

Note: This was mainly written for the above prompt. But I’m trying to combine a bunch of different ideas into one ficlet (the others being “Ros defends Ben from his uncle” and “Ben confesses his reputation is probably inaccurate” so here we go. I’m apologizing in advance for how awful my historical fiction knowledge is.

Warnings: Implied abuse.

When he had convinced Rosaline to take a break from their searching, to have a drink with him, he had expected her to say no.

But, of course, Rosaline surprises him. She says yes and points to the first tavern in their path. Benvolio swallows his unease and follows her inside.

He regrets the decision almost immediately.

“Sir!” A woman he vaguely recognizes beams at him, glasses of ale in both hands. She glances warily over at Rosaline, but her smile does not waver. “It has been too long, sir Montague.” The way she says his name - a flicker of a memory, and then - 

“Lady Bianca,” he says, his face straining. He does not look at Rosaline, who sips her drink. “It has been some time.”

Bianca’s face falls suddenly. “I’m sorry about your cousin, sir. And Sir Mercutio - they did not deserve to be killed by those horrid - “

Benvolio quickly clears his throat. “Have you met my betrothed? Lady - “

“Rosaline Capulet,” says Rosaline, finally, and Benvolio admires the way she smiles smoothly and how her eyes glitter with slight amusement. “Now, please, tell us - how do you two know each other?”

His admiration quickly turns to irritation. Of course she seeks to embarrass him. “That is none of your concern - “

“My friends were once - acquaintances - of his friends. According to them, they acquainted multiple times.” Bianca keeps her voice low and level, as if what she discusses is not completely scandalous. She glances over at him, but he shakes his head as Rosaline raises her eyebrow. “But do not worry - rumors are that Benvolio is a gracious lover as well.”

If he could set himself on fire, he would.

Read the rest on AO3 or continue below.

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Jealous! Cara Delevingne Would Include...

☆ Cara would curse under her breath when she watched someone get too comfortable with you.

☆ Cara would confidently walk up to you and grab your hand to kiss the back of it while hard-core glaring at the other person.

☆ As soon as you got home, you would be attacked with kisses. The make-out session could last 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

☆ When she was jealous, everyone could tell because she’d be even more sarcastic and moody.

☆ Cara would give you her sweatshirts to wear, so when you go out wearing them, people would know you were hers.

☆ She wouldn’t want to bring you to parties because she knew that people will notice and flirt with you.

☆ Cara would show much more PDA than usual (kisses on neck, shoulders, long hugs, etc.)

☆ She’d cross her arms, clench her jaw, and bite the inside of her cheek to try to stop herself from yelling at the offender.

☆ Cara would roll her eyes and sigh at whatever the person is saying.

☆ There’d be no jokes or laughter on the way home. It’d be eerily silent.

☆ Cara would tell the person to back off if you went to grab something or were gone for a minute.

☆ She’d whisper something in your ear, making you distracted and uninterested in the other person.

☆ Cara would want you to get a small tattoo with her name, but she knew that was unreasonable.

A/N: I’m quite nervous on how I wrote this. I don’t really know a lot about Cara, so this is probably really inaccurate. I also don’t know if people actually will read this. If you want more stuff like this, be sure to reblog/like! 

want to read more cara delevingne imagines? click me!

#199 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “your an up and coming actress working in London, so your friends with British personalties e.g. Nick Grimshaw. Your introduce to Van/ the boys at glastonbury and play it pretty cool, leaving Van wanting you. Then you go to one of his shows act natural/laid back, attracting Van, leading him to impress you at the after show party.” “The instagram girl anon here :) I was thinking of something like Van not really getting it because he’s not really good with all that stuff and doesn’t really get how you can be famous just because you post nice pictures!” and “maybe use Lilly Aldridge interview with Wendy on YouTube about how she meet her husband Caleb from Kings of Leon as inspo?!?”

Note: Nick Grimshaw is in the fic, but I don’t actually know much about him so his character is probably wildly inaccurate. Soz.

Fame was certainly something you never sought. Your aim was to make people happy, glittery, and to hang out with as many pretty girls as possible. At local events you set up a small booth to give people space buns, sparkly faces, and very Instagram-worthy photographs. The photos you posted racked up the likes, and soon enough, you were getting offers from across the country to come and run tents at music festivals and private parties for A-listers. With those connections, it didn’t take long before you were as famous as Matty Healy, Dua Lipa, and Zendaya (maybe only pre-Spiderman though).

The celebrity status was a nightmare, but you were grateful for any opportunity you got. It was how you were raised to be. Your name got you into the best parties and clubs, and backstage at any show you wanted. It was no longer a matter of applying to do jobs, people were booking you well in advance. So, when Glastonbury rolled around, you got to pick how you’d spend the time. Nick called and asked if you were going to work it, or if maybe you wanted to just have some actual time off to relax. He made a good case, and you eventually left your glittery business in the capable hands of your team. Your name assigned to the tent would be enough to draw a crowd.

Literally every single person seemed to know Nick. He was a bouncing ball of punchy energy and quick wit. You held back giggles as he threw you looks whenever someone hugged him that he clearly didn’t identify as a friend. The people he did actually love though, were obvious.

“Van!” he all but squealed, and pulled you towards two guys leaning against a fence, out of the way of everyone else. As Nick approached, they both pushed their sunglasses onto their heads and smiled. The taller one hugged him first, then the shorter one. “Van, mate, how ya been? Larry! What’s up? Guys, this is Y/N, givin’ her a little V.I.P. tour,” he said, mocking his own celebrity status.

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#30 with couples of your choice. But instead of a concert it's karaoke night

Okay, I’m kind of up to my neck in fic prompts, but this is so delightful I’m going to do something different. So here’s everyone’s Karaoke choices which are probably super inaccurate and technically don’t make any sense because Overwatch takes place at least 70 years in the future so there’s no reason they’d pick songs that are all at least 70 years old (Or like 100 because lbr the best Karaoke songs are ancient.) (Let’s assume the karaoke machine they got is an antique Junkrat dug out of a trash heap or something.) Anyway! Song choices!

Widowmaker is very stubborn about the whole thing at first, but then Sombra dares her and basically won’t stop bugging her until like 5 drinks later when Widowmaker is all like “I’ll show you” and she sings “Laisse Tomber les Filles” in her sexy Widowmaker voice while pretty much giving Sombra a lap dance. Sombra is… compromised.

Mercy is really really shy and doesn’t want to go up in front of everyone alone so Genji goes with her for a duet and he’s her #1 cheerleader up on the stage and she picks “99 Luftballons” because it’s the only song she recognizes out of the whole playlist and Genji does his best to back her up even though he can’t get the beats + German lyrics down for his life. Mercy is really self conscious for the whole thing and stays in her ‘head voice’ for like two-thirds of the song until towards the end where she finally gets up the courage to sing from her gut and then Genji is??? so proud of her?? And even when her voice cracks toward the end she nearly stops but she keeps going and he’s so in love with her oh my god it’s embarrassing.

McCree: I’m gonna need to ask you to control yourself during my act, darlin’.
Hanzo: If you picked “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” I’m breaking up with you.
McCree, desperately looking through the song playlist for an alternative because he absolutely picked that song: Hahaha who said I was pickin’ that one? I wouldn’t—that song’s ridiculous I’m not—I definitely did not pick that one.

Somehow McCree is miraculously able to pick out “Friend of the Devil” within 12 seconds and holy shit he nails it. Nice save, Jesse.

Symmetra: Explain to me again… why must you and Tracer do a duet to this song in particular?
Tracer: Because of ‘Top Gun!’ 
Pharah: As she said. Because of Top Gun.
Symmetra: You keep saying that as if it makes sense.
Emily: It’s… a pilot thing, right?
Pharah and Tracer: Yeah.

And then Pharah and Tracer do a killer cover of Danger Zone as their confused girlfriends look on.