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Prompt: Living in anyone’s shadow is hard. But especially if that person is your sibling and that person is Tony Stark.

Characters: Tony Stark, Reader, various Avengers

Word Count: 1,276

Warnings: angst, language

A/N: thanks to @maxiimofff for giving me this idea. hope this satisfies! not sure how many parts i’m going to have of this so far, so bear with me.


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“That doesn’t go there.” Tony snapped at you. But that was nothing new. You weren’t as smart as him, and that wasn’t anything new to either of you either. It probably wouldn’t be possible for anyone to beat Tony on the intelligence front. Well, probably for anyone except your father or maybe Bruce Banner. But since neither Bruce nor your father were here at the moment, Tony settled to ask for your help.

“Then enlighten me to where exactly it goes, Anthony.” You sighed in frustration, throwing down the tools you’d been holding. Anthony. He hated that. He needed help with a few modifications on the Iron Man armor and he trusted you so you agreed. Well, you hoped it was because he trusted you. He had always asked Pepper, but she wasn’t really around anymore. So that left you as a last resort. That was a great feeling.

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Hey guys

So I’m back! I feel better about everything and apart from the small blip last night I should be back to posting regularly again. I’m starting to do the requests again as you probably saw with the new Bumba’s one I did and as @lyreical-dork kindly posted yesterday I am making some if not all of them into stickers to sell so if anyone wants any of them then please let me know. 

Thank you all so much for the kind words on both of my other posts, I read them all and I was touched. It warmed my croc heart <3

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Tag game

thank you @mahi-mahiru for the tag!

Nickname: Shin

Zodiac sign: Saggittarius


Last thing you googled: 707 mystic messenger (uh you can probably guess what im drawing LMAO)

Favorite music artist: bts

Song stuck in head: HastyHat - Hate

Last movie you watched: Persona 3 movie which was like 2 years ago

What are you wearing right now: pj’s

What do you post: my art

Why did you choose your URL: idk honestly i wanted a new name

What did your last relationship teach you: i have no relationships AHAHA CRIES//

Do you have any other blogs: yes

Religious or spiritual: nah but probably spiritual (?)

Favorite color: darker colors of the spectrum (despite my art radiating with bright colors)

Average hours of sleep: depends ranges from just 3, 5-6 or 8-10

Lucky number: none

Favorite characters: anyone i draw on this blog

How many blankets you sleep with: 1 and it doesnt even keep me warm at night


Okay here we go!

Still like that fancy new intro. It’s like a mini recap in case anyone is starting after the first ep.

Blood in the river…. So much of it…. Poor Jack…
Oh… That’s a waterfall…

At least he’s grabbed onto something…

Floating around like that for so long can’t be good for him… He might get sick.

He seems to drift in and our of consciousness…. Probably the blood loss

Death follows him…. It’s closer now…

Ouch…… Ouch ouch ouch….

Please don’t bleed to death….

Oh he’s really not well… The guilt tripping suicidal Jack is fucking with his head….

The wolf survived too… I want to take that as a good sign… But..

Oh! Young Jack! He’s so sweet.

Oh… Oh dear…

Oh! He’s healed some…
Is he… Sewing it shut on his own? Badass.

Heh. The wolf seems a good companion for the moment.

Goddammit. You just have to tug on heart strings, don’t you Genndy?

Oh… Back to young Jack.

Wise words. His father was - is! A good man.

Oh! The daughters….

Oh now that’s harsh. I would’ve thought all that training together was worth something. I’m rapidly becoming worried that the only redeemable one is Ashi and she still might die.
I hope it doesn’t come to that….

Already on his trail…

I believe Ashi was the one watching through the night.

The silence says so much more than any music. Genius work.

They know so little… They’re so close minded because of what they were taught… I fear for them… I feel sorry for them…

He is his father’s son. But he’s hesitant too. They are impatient. That might be a weak point. They were taught to be quick, efficient. That has made them impatient.

Two more dead I suppose…. This doesn’t bode well…. Poor Jack’s probably only going to get hit harder with guilt….

And one more… Three left…

Yikes. They move together all too well…

He’s already winded… He’s been doing this for too long. Even if stitched shut, he’s still wounded…

Wha - what’s he doing that for?

Oh! I don’t think they’ll survive that kind of fall….

Last one… Is it…?

It is! Ashi!

Oh…. Well…. Huh. Something tells me he’s starting to accept that sometimes you have to kill. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. Life is cruel like that sometimes…


Okay… Next ep preview…

Is this another…. Vore story? Where IS that?

Well, shit.

We go through our lives knowing that we will get out hearts broken. Nobody tells us so, but we know. We grow up waiting for that first kiss, that first date. And, even if we are unaware, we wait for the first time we get our hearts broken. As humans, we’ve made it something unavoidable. And some of us have even made it desirable. For most of us, even after we’re hurt we reset ourselves for it to happen all over again. We throw ourselves into new situations or hurdel into the same ones over and over again.
Those who love you the most will probably break your heart, more so than anyone else. My point is - we all get our hearts broken. No matter what.
We just have to find the person that makes it so it doesn’t hurt when they break our hearts.
—  3am-poet

anonymous asked:

please bring back the winters!!!!! please please please!!!!!!! your new story isnt as fun :(

okay listen i’m gonna address this one because this is probably the 10th message i’ve gotten about this since i put them on hiatus, and deleting them isn’t doing anyone any good. 

i can see that you guys all really love the winters and the triplets and i know you guys don’t like gee as much, i’m not dumb. it’s obvious to me. i love the winters, too. they were my first original babies that i started this blog with and the first sims that i got suuuuper attached to!!!!! but the way that i was editing their story took a lot of time and patience and it took a toll on my game on top of the save being a complete broken mess, and it was all just a lot of stress. i’m not ditching the winters!! i’m just taking a break while i figure out how i’m going to fix their save and continue with them. please understand that i’m literally working a full time job while trying to keep my mental health under control and find time to spend with my girlfriend and take care of my sick mom :( i don’t want to disappoint anyone by taking the admittedly easier route by starting a more casual save with shitty screenies and shitty captions, but it was either that or nothing. and i don’t want to post nothing, because i love talking to u guys and i love being on this blog and i love playing sims :( i just had to find a way to balance everything out. when i started the winters i was working part-time and i had a lot more time to play and edit and post and i could fit in like, 10 posts a day and have a queue for a week in advance. i thought i could take on being able to make cooler edits and go more in depth with the game, but clearly i couldn’t manage it because i was lucky if i posted 2 days out of the week :( 

i’m really sorry, i don’t want to be posting something no one enjoys. i don’t want you guys to dislike gee, they’re a rad sim and i have a ton of fun playing with them. but please don’t ask me to go back to the winters right now. i’m not giving up on them, i’ll go back when i have the time, energy, and patience to sit down and organize everything and figure out how to make it all work :( in the meantime, if you don’t like the way i’m posting gee, please feel free to make suggestions on how i could improve their save. because i am gonna stick with this save, but i get 100x the enjoyment pleasing ppl and posting things u guys like than i do just playing and posting whatever i want, so. let me know, okay???? i’ll be infinitely less anxious on here if you guys just tell me that i’m doing a bad job and how i could make it better than i am just sitting around feeling like none of u like what i’m doing. i live off of constructive criticism and if no one gives me any i’m a billion times more inclined to believe that ur all just lying and don’t want to hurt my feelings. idk. its just the silly way my brain works. so please let me know how u want me to change it, i will be more than happy to. and please keep and open mind about gee :/ i’ll do everything i can to make u like them!!!!!! anyways sorry for this super long rant friends i just need to stand my ground on this one for my own sake, i hope u don’t hate me too much :(

My boyfriend has invented a new game called “diagnosis” to help me revise for my exams

He isn’t a medic so he has to learn about a disease and then pretends to be my patient and I diagnose him - we do it over facebook messenger (we are long distance)

It’s probably the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me to help me revise I’m so in love.

I love this so much <3

Reasons Dean and Seamus totally got married after leaving Hogwarts
  • They were minor characters but the most noted thing about them was they were best friends
  • When Dean got the new chaser spot on the Quidditch team that Seamus wanted they stayed friends and had no conflict 
  • When Dean returned to Hogwarts to fight in the war Seamus roared with joy and hugged Dean
  • They’re always seen together even after the war like just casually talking to Aberforth Dumbledore, probably holding hands but Harry is the least observant person ever 
  • They were way closer to each other than anyone else
  • Seriously did they have any other friends besides the other
  • They’re pretty relevant characters but don’t have canon on marrying women
  • Seriously, Dean even has a biography on actually being a half blood and how his dad was a wizard and left him and his mum to protect them but really nothing on him getting married to some random witch? 
  • This tweet from Seamus’ actor 
GOT7 as Tourists
  • Jaebum: stressed tourist dad that just wants to lay down on the hotel floor and pass out after the kid behind him wouldn't stop kicking hiS DAMN SEAT ON THE PLANE (its probably yugyeom)
  • Mark: falls asleep at the beach but forgets that suntan lotion is a thing and ends up with the worst sunburn ever. maknae line will not stop slapping his sunburn because "hyung, it's just SO funny"
  • Jackson: spends the 6 hour flight trying to learn an entirely new language. uses a really broken version of said language on literally ANYONE he passes. most likely offends the locals but gosh he's just so charming they can't stay upset
  • Jinyoung: extensively researches where he's traveling to. probably wears a dad cap and a fanny pack full of emergency supplies. plans too many excursions and now has a surfboarding lesson and a mountain hike at the same time
  • Youngjae: will stop at every street vendor and buy something from each because he can't say no to the nice people making him buy a snack, a crappy t shirt,- wait did he just buy a timeshare on an island?
  • Bambam: spent so much time planning out his day to day wardrobe that he forgot the amenities like a tooth brush and socks. promptly rushes to the nearest store. takes like thirty pictures of the local culture on his way there to post on sns later
  • Yugyeom: seems like the type to stray from the tour group because he saw a butterfly or something. looks up and the tour group is already back on the bus about to leave without him. cue the frantic running
What Your Seventeen Bias Says About You...

S. Coups/Seungcheol - You’re a SINNER™. First thing they point out in any picture is his thighs. Think he is both dad potential and Daddy potential, if you know what I mean. They’re probably the ones who are the bad influence in a group of friends - the crazy bitch everyone loves.

Jeonghan - Ship him with EVERYONE. No one is safe! He is a god among men to them. You would pay $500 to watch him take a nap. They worship his hair. He could tell them to dye their hair white and they would do it before he even blinked.

Joshua/Jisoo - They are probably angels or total sinners - there is literally no in between. Literally. They are the ones who will murder for their ship. They secretly write more smut and fanfiction than anyone else. Weak over his new piercing.

Jun - You were minding your own business until he stole your heart and now you’re a sinner. I’ve seen this boy turn people into hoes so fast it gave me whiplash. He knows his power and they both love and hate him for it. If you stan him, you’re probably the type who screams when he looks into the camera.

Hoshi/Soonyoung - They are probably class clowns or have always had a crush on them. You’re the hype person in a group of friends. Probably the ones who say a lot of puns.

Wonwoo - All you want is to see him with sweater paws. You are into the silent type. They die when he starts rapping, let alone SINGING. These stans are the quiet ones who stay out of drama and shipping wars and choose to just ship him peacefully. The cinnamon rolls in the fandom.

Woozi/Jihoon - Compare him to Yoongi and they will murder you. He is their genius and they will fight you if you make fun of his height. Loyal AF. They are secretly the most savage and live for Woozi chasing people with guitars.

DK/Seokmin - Literal sunshine. All they want if for him to be happy. He can hit any note and they’re flailing on the ground. Cinnamon rolls. They’re the mom friends.

Mingyu - He’s a walking visual meme. One second they’re making fun of his cheeto hair, the next they’re begging him for mercy with his killer visuals. I’ve never interacted with one who doesn’t hate him at least a little bit, but it’s more so hate because they’ve now devoted their lives to him.

The8/Minghao - Minghao is their lord and savior. Even when he’s dragging Mingyu, they think he’s adorable. I’ve never met one who isn’t super nice. Give him the best nicknames. They WILL fight you.

Seungkwan - They want to pinch his cheeks and maybe his butt too. Will scream when they hear him singing. These stans are the ones that will DRAG you. Don’t talk about his weight. They would sell their soul for him to speak English to them. (Kimbab kidding, am I right?)

Vernon/Hansol - Memes. You’re a meme, he’s a meme, we’re all memes! Yet at the drop of a hat they’re screaming over his body rolls and writing the most descriptive smut ever. They’re the ones you want to toss holy water on, yet also the ones who make you die of laughter.

Dino/Chan - Can’t get over his “glowup”. Say “THIS IS NOT MY SON” a lot. Don’t know what’s going on. Probably his mom even if they’re younger or the same age as him. Were once chill, but no longer.

  • what she says : i'm fine
  • what she means : PERCIVAL GRAVES. Where is he ? Who is he ? What happened to him ? WAS HE RESCUED AFTER THEY FOUND OUT ABOUT GRINDELWALD? How does the Director of the fucking Magical Security recover from having been defeated and then impersonated by the enemy ? Speaking of which, how long had Grindelwald been playing this role ? Was it before Newt came to New York ? After ? Was Graves actually on Grindelwald's side all this time and let him borrow his persona ? How in the FUCK did NO ONE notice it wasn't Graves ? And if they're in a period of War, shouldn't they have reinforced security measures like spells to detect Polyjuice and other things when it comes to entering important places, like, say, the MACUSA? Was Percival Graves really so focused on work that he didn't form any type of relationship with anyone ? Not even those who probably went to school with him ? How guilty is everyone going to feel once they find out their Director was missing all this time ? HOW. IS. PERCIVAL. FUCKING. GRAVES ?!

“You’re more beautiful than she ever was.”

Happy new year! Hope everyone has had a good 2016 despite, well……you know.

Oh gosh it’s been so long since I last logged in! I’ve been busy for most of 2016 and haven’t had time to manage my Twitter, let alone this Tumblr. >< Work has settled down a little, so I’m back to drawing this year!

I’m probably still going to be pretty inactive here unless I have Yona art to post, but my main is @phoenixpear over at Twitter if anyone has that. I’ve been drawing some Yuri!! on Ice there too haha XD



ayee would you look at that it’s a new update *gasp* 

anyway uh, yeah cool. um, oh I may start commissions? I mean i wanna get more comfortable with my style and not always mess up my time management like I tend to do but well, look forward? i have no idea what i’m doing lmao

oh also I may get a job. hopefully I can find one that doesn’t make me get dizzy so… yeah


and does like anyone know exactly when the new season for miraculous is supposed to start. I know netflix has said some things but the french releases are gonna be sooner right? anyway that’s like my deadline I wanna reach for this comic lol

Part 77

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The thing that gets me about the Terry O’Neil follow isn’t that he followed a photographer that inspired Harry’s photoshoot. But that Louis followed THE photographer that captured the MOST IMPORTANT photo that inspired Harry’s photoshoot. Like? Hair is so important, to anyone. But you could tell just how important Harry’s hair was to him. And in that photo, just by the straight line of his hair, it was shortly after, if not directly, after he cut his hair, after growing it out for years. And following Terry O’Neil, out of every photographer was so pointed. Because he could have followed any other photographer that inspired the shoot. But he followed the one that represented Harry taking a new step, one that probably made him self conscious. But his best friend, boyfriend, dearest friend, was there to say, “I support you. I support him. I will always support him, no matter what he does, I’ll be here.” 

And that follow, proves just how much he loves that boy. He didn’t have to, but he did, and that says so much. 

Yuri on Ice observations/my new headcanons

So yesterday I binge watched yoi for the second time (it takes ~5 hours for anyone interested), but this time I focused on how Viktor’s and Yuuri’s relationship changed during the episodes and I decided to share my notes (some of these have probably been said, but I haven’t seen them as it’s literally impossible to look at every post made about yoi :D )

1. The summer. Episode 4 to 5 transitions directly from spring to autumn and the show shows zero time of what happens during summer besides a few scenes of Yuuri training and a few panels in the ED where we can see Yuuri and Viktor playing around in the beach and in their swim trunks. Knowing this happened after 4th and before 5th ep we can see that their interactions are much more free. 

Yuuri touches Viktor more freely, and they seem to have a really great time. I believe that it’s this time that brings them closer together to the edge of being in love. I don’t think they’re together yet, judging by ep 5 and the Japanese skating competition interactions, if they have been together already there’s no way Viktor would have jumped away from the hug, blood or no blood.

2. Between September and October. Japanese skating competition (it has a really long name which I’m not going to write every time I refer to it) shows Viktor and Yuuri becoming closer, besides, I’m pretty sure it was the first time Yuuri finished his FS pointing towards Viktor (we’ve never seen him finish it before so it’s not confirmed).

I think this was what drew the final point home and the next month the two of them are even more touchy-feely than before

[and look at this loving face before the SP in China]

During his SP Yuuri also thinks that ‘I’m the only one who can satisfy Viktor. I’m the only one in the whole world who knows Viktor’s love.’ And yes, these aren’t directly meant words, he means that he finally accepted that Viktor became his coach and no one else’s, that even if Viktor used Yuuri to get away from skating he chose him and no one else. But I still think Yuuri chose those specific words for a reason. They were thought during Eros, his sexual love performance, so I think there’s the double meaning here that he stole Viktor not only from skating, but from the dating world too.

[look at these loving faces after Yuuri’s FS, tell me they haven’t been adults, told each other they had feeling for one another and started dating before they kissed (a bare touch of lips knowing it took a second for them to fall on the ground) on national competition]

3. The exhibition program. I’m not a skating knowledge pro or anything, but I’m pretty sure (+ I read about it on someone’s post, or it may have been a repost of Kubo’s tweet, I don’t even know…) that there was an exhibition after every competition in the Grand Prix series and those who place on podium do an exhibition afterwards (I did some research and it’s not for certain it was like this in the anime, but knowing how realistic it made the show this was probably how it went). So that would mean Yuuri did an exhibition in China, where he skated Viktor’s winning FS program, everyone understood why (it brought Viktor to him, besides he did it really well and it was tribute for his coach). So here comes the GPF, Yuuri comes second, so of course he does the exhibition (and the exhibition wasn’t held a month after the competition as I have seen some assumer) Yuuri and Viktor had to choreograph it way before the competition (well, maybe not that long ago, Yuuri learned Eros routine in about a week, it wasn’t perfect, but he did). So here comes my headcanon - Viktor and Yuuri decided this program after Rostelecom Cup.

A lot of people (I’m among them) see the exhibition as the two doing pair skating and it basically is it with how the program is done, but exhibition 

[here’s the info about what an exhibition is]

[this info may also not be 100% correct, but I think it’s gives us the needed information]

can be performed by 2 people, it’s allowed and unlike pair skating no one says it has to be male and a female (or I think I doesn’t?) so after the award ceremony, Viktor goes to the organisers, announces he’s coming back, says he will do his first official skating in exhibition with his student. Everyone knows about that, they probably imagine that the two will do the same FS program side by side or something, what they don’t expect is it suddenly becoming basically pair skating

[everybody cheers when Viktor comes in]

after Viktor comes in there’s a brief loudness in cheer, then they hold hands start doing their own thing and everyone is shocked, for what we see of the rest of the exhibition no one cheers any more while before while Yurri was still alone they cheered during every jump (and I think the lifts would have definitely deserved a cheer if everyone hadn’t just had their minds blown). So yea, everyone knew Viktor was going to be there, but no one expected him to do that. Bravo Viktor, you surprised them all once again.

P.S. I know some probably think ep 4 was during the summer, but guys, look at this scenery:

I’d say at most this is beginning of June, summer has 3 months that we can do whatever we want with because we have no info on what happened during them…

P.P.S. I’m so proud of this show I just can’t, this was fist and foremost a sports anime and it stayed true to itself through all of it, the sport wasn’t just some sunscreen, it was the main focus of the anime with a side note of romance, not even yaoi, but romance. That’s why this anime isn’t under any other tag than sports anime in official pages, because it wasn’t yaoi, but because it’s not the ‘traditional’ romance it couldn’t have been put under that tag either. it was so mature with itself I’m considering re-watching it for a 3rd time in a week or two and I never re-watch anything. :D