these are probably my three favorite images


PadMay Day 21. Favorite Revenge of the Sith Costume

In a way, this dress is the culmination of the other three costumes I chose. Like her handmaiden disguise in The Phantom Menaceit’s simpler than the senatorial gowns she wears in the film. While still clearly aristocratic, it’s a linen in a subdued color with minimal accessories and styling. Like her meadow dress in Attack of the Clones, it borrows from Arthurian fantasy silhouettes. The last image – which, incidentally, is probably my favorite Anidala kiss but I didn’t post it for Anidala Week as it does not actually happen in the film – could easily be rendered as a pre-Raphelite painting of Guinevere and Lancelot. And like her counselor dress in The Clone Wars, this is dark and heavy, with an air of sadness. And it has a very similar style.

I love the dark blue, that can read black, which hints at mourning and twilight and a galaxy and romance about to be consumed by darkness. 

Brittana FFs

It’s probably late to post this, but whatever. Here’s a list of my favorite #BRITTANA fanfictions. Maybe someone will find it useful.

( Constant update-ing; if you have anything to recommend let me know!) 

By: HeMoIsBoss
Santana expects to see Brittany back in Lima, it’s for Will and Emma’s wedding after all. What she doesn’t expect to see is her holding hands with a child that looks exactly like she did when she was three years old. Warning: GP Santana, so if you don’t like it, please don’t read.

A Divine Image By: Precisely-My-Point 
Santana lives with Quinn and Tina in Chinatown, Manhattan. While Santana meets and falls for an easy-going Brittany, Quinn is investigating on the case of Prince Charming – a serial killer looming the streets of New York.

Absence of Fear  By: lovebugxstories
Five years after high school Brittany and Santana were happy. They had each other and everything else they could wish for… but when everything suddenly falls apart, how much time is there to fix it? Warning: Character death.

Bad Bad Brittany By: Heather1201
Brittany Pierce is a drug addict and the school badass at McKinley. Santana Lopez is the new Spanish teacher. Can Santana change Brittany?

Beautiful Nightmare By: brittanafor3ver
“She’s eleven, eleven and too smart for her age. She doesn’t play dumb, she knows what goes on at home, and I wish she didn’t. It broke my heart the first time she had asked me about it, she was six and James had thought she was asleep.”

Clockwork By: Gorshenin 
AU. They said she was just a pretty face, a model fed lines to sell a product. But if you squinted, there was more to Santana Lopez than they gave her credit for, and reporter Brittany Pierce was going to get to the bottom of it. Brittana/Faberry

DJ Snowflake and Scrooge 
By: Cactusgirl329
A struggling radio station gets a chance to boost ratings and sponsors when one Bed and Breakfast located in the middle of nowhere asks them to run a special Christmas show in the dead of night. The countdown to Christmas commences. Brittana. AU. M.

Find me another life By: chaoticspaces
You’re not dead, but you don’t know who you are or where you are or why somebody’s shot you through the head and you don’t feel a thing. And years from now, you still won’t know how wandering through this wasteland of a world, you managed to fall in love. Zombie AU. Brittana.

Finding Our Own Neverland By: 50ShadesBrittana
After being rescued from her last Dominant, Brittany has a fear of men and a broken understanding of the world. The only way Will can save his newest charge is to place her with Santana Lopez; the daughter of his late friends and the heiress of Arcon Enterprises. Can they both rescue each other from their ever-present pasts? Dom!Santana Sub!Brittany AU GP M. Please Review!

Forbidden By: nayahasmyheart
AU: World War II. Brittany, a distinguished Aryan, is forced to move to Auschwitz, a new concentration camp, where she mostly keeps to herself. But love has a mind of its own when her eyes fall on a miserable, broken prisoner who’s being brutally tortured.

I’ll teach you to dance By: monochromeheartbeat
Three years after graduation, Santana Lopez and her roommates, Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, attend a dance class in NYC. Follows most of the events in Glee if Brittany had never gone to WMHS.

If you dare  By:  cr0wznest
Brittany moves to LA alone in order to start living a responsible adult life. She realises, a dozen wild nights out later, that she needs to knuckle down and find a job, something she can be proud of. She applies for a multi-national company that Santana Lopez is the head of and is immediately thrown into a world she grows to find utterly addicting. Future M.

Lake Hope By: Cora709
On the last weekend of summer, Brittany convinces Santana to come camping with her. For both bad reasons and good, it’s a trip neither of them will ever forget.

Love, and other drugs By: sailormoon19 
Brittany moves into a new apartment in New York after highschool, no family, nowhere else to go, and no idea how much trouble her new housemate is about to cause. Badass!Santana.

Room 47 By: Little-Normandy
AU. Santana Lopez is engaged to her high school sweetheart Sam Evans. With her wedding 3 months away, Santana begins to get stressed, pressuring her relationship and is also stuck in a dead end job. Her friend Quinn advises her to seek counsel from sex therapist and relationship counselor Brittany Pierce.

Set the World on fire By: Cora709
For six months Santana has been living in New York City with Kurt and Rachel, but now Brittany has received her diploma and is finally coming to join them. Can new relationships accommodate old ones? And can the past ever really be recaptured?

Sirens By: Cactusgirl329
Four years after a horrific string of unsolved murders mysteriously stopped, a new body has been discovered. The police call on the same team of private investigators who almost solved the case last time, but four years can change everything. Brittana. M. Glee. Crime/Mystery/Romance/Action/More!

The journal By: silverdoe14
AU. Brittana. Brittany Pierce is an attorney’s receptionist at a major NY law firm. Santana Lopez is the new, challenging lawyer Brittany has been chosen to work for. Brittany finds a very old journal and begins writing in it to reveal some of the feelings she could never ever tell her new boss. No outside glee characters, crackshipping, etc.

The knife thrower’s daughter By: themostrandomfandom 
In the summer of 1898, Santana Lopez joined the J.P. Adams & Son Traveling Circus & Menagerie as it toured the states of the Upper American Midwest. She also fell in love with the knife thrower’s daughter.

The soul stealer By: XxThisShizIsBananasxX 
That awkward moment on your seventeenth birthday when you realise that your mom has sold your soul to a sexy demon. And she’s come to collect.

Twisted By: Heather1201
Brittany Pierce and her husband are happy, that is until the daughter of the man she married comes to live with them. Santana, the 18 year old girl, has a certain charm about her, something that Brittany can’t resist. G!P Santana

Until the very end By: teenlezbians
It’s been four years since Harry lost the Battle for Hogwarts and fled the country. Voldemort has complete control. Santana Lopez is a notorious Death Eater with a trail of bodies following her name. Brittany is a half-breed Veela desperately searching for her younger sister, forced into slavery. Can Brittany change San’s heart before her whole world is destroyed? Hp!Brittana

okay so this is just a quick tutorial thrown together to help out some peeps. i’m by no means an amazing photoshopper, but i’ve got the basics down. or at least i like to think so. anyways. 

i actually lied in the header, this is not a few steps. i meant it to just be a short tutorial, but it’s actually pretty in depth with a lot of pictures and descriptions. if you want to know how to just resize something, then skip allllll the way to the bottom.

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My Top 5 of 2013

I’ll probably look back and want to change my mind about all of these, but at this precise moment, these are five of my favorite images taken during the past year.

It was really, really hard to pick just five - I’ve left out at least three times that many that I probably love just as well - but I felt these ones were the most representative of my work as a whole.

Disagree? Hit up my ask box and tell me what you would have picked instead! I’m always interested to hear which photos stand out to different people.


These were my choices for my review image, so have them both in full size. :D Cute magical girls, yay!

Oh! I was wondering this anyway, so this is a good picture. 

Favorite girls in order? 

For me: 

  1. Madoka (Only because she’s the main character or someone else would probably be but in the role she plays, she’s perfect.)
  2. Mami (Despite having such a small part and being so bright yellow, I love her. I can’t really explain it.)
  3. Homura (She’s pretty badass.)
  4. Sayaka (She has my favorite costume design, too.)
  5. Kyouko (Kyoko?)

They are all pretty close for me, though. Especially the first three. 

Hello there, Legion of Vengeance. As you all know, we are coming up on our three year anniversary. But three years is just one more milestone in our many years to come as Moonguard’s oldest and longest running Forsaken only guild. We have had earned a great reputation that got us recognized even by Blizzard’s own WoW Insider themselves, and you all are what made our life (or unlife) on MG possible. Instead of throwing a party/event for us this year, Sibelius and myself decided we would do something for just you guys instead. Don’t worry, when we reach that five year mark we will throw a big realm wide party. But for now, how about you enjoy what we did for you guys. Remember. We make things awkward because we love you.

So what did we do? Well I had the bright idea of hiring some people to get the point across just how MUCH we love you all in LoV. And as Sib and I sat there and watched the result of what we purchased, we were not disappointed. We hope you guys feel just as embarrassed as we did, the first time viewing this collection of videos.

Video 1. This is pretty self explanatory.  I paid a guy to do this, while wishing us a happy three years.

Video 2. Wow. Okay. This one had us rolling. We found this guy after hours of searching for something so WTF THIS IS AWKWARD that we -had- to hire him. We told him what we were about, told him to use WoW images in his video and to come up with a song for us. Just watch it. You will probably not be able to watch the whole thing without having to leave the room. Awkwardness or awesomeness. You decide.

3. This guy is my favorite. Let this guy be a lesson to anyone that wants to double cross Ivan and Seleste. Or just Ivan pretty much. That last bit at the end? Yeah, all him. He pretty much completes our three year anniversary in a nutshell.

Did you watch it? Are you ashamed? Just remember, Forsaken.


We did it because we love you.