these are pretty crappy but whatever


Yeah so I made a thing. Idk I was just bored and wanted to add some variety to the people I draw so I tried to make these with characteristics I dont see as much in what I draw.

Ok so  was thinking about girls for most of the time I made these but they’re pretty versatile so I guess you could do  whatever I don’t really care.

And if you use this to draw something you post tag me in it with #queenofawkward27 cuz I’m curious to see the results

swipe right [smut]

A;N: Things and people you meet are not always what they seem. 

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .9,612

Listen to me.

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Heyyy my babes. It is I, Kaylee! 

So this is my first masterlist and it’s pretty crappy but whatever. So please enjoy this and send me any requests you have, I will be happy to do them! 

Smut content: ♡ 

Dick Outline ♡
Hand Appreciation 
As Your Lover ♡
Eating Appreciation 
Shoulder Appreciation 
Thigh Appreciation 

Dick Outline
Hand Appreciation
As Your Lover
Tongue Appreciation  
Thigh and Leg Appreciation 

Dick Outline ♡
Hand Appreciation 
As Your Lover
Thigh Appreciation ♡
Forehead Appreciation

Dick Outline ♡
Hand Appreciation ♡
As Your Lover ♡
Tongue Appreciation 
Lip Appreciation 
Smile Appreciation
Arm and Leg Appreciation 

Dick Outline  ♡
Hand Appreciation ♡
As Your Lover 
Lip Appreciation 
Booty Appreciation 
Thigh Appreciation 

Dick Outline  ♡
Hand Appreciation
As Your Lover
Tongue Appreciation 

Dick Outline  ♡
Hand Appreciation ♡
As Your Lover
Eye Sex ♡
Leg Appreciation
Vein Appreciation 


Choker Appreciation 


BTS Reaction to Their Gf Sending Them a Video Of Her Masturbating ♡

BTS Reaction to You Wanting a Quickie Before Heading Out  ♡

BTS Reaction to Their S.O Hugging Their Arms and Hands When They Walk Together 

BTS Reaction to You Saying That Some Of Your Tattoos Are Private

BTS Reaction to You Accidentally Calling Them Daddy In Bed  ♡

BTS Reaction When Their S.O Wakes Them Up By Giving Them a BJ ♡

BTS Reaction When Their Best Friend Is Sick

BTS Reaction to You Being Shy and Having a Conversation About Wanting To Have Kids

BTS Reaction to You Moaning One Of the Other Members Name In Your Sleep

BTS Reaction to You Being Upset And Them Trying To Comfort You

BTS Reaction to Their S.O Saying They Don’t Want to Sleep With Them Because They’re Insecure 

BTS Reaction to You Rejecting Them After They Confess to You


BTS Favorite Sex Positions  ♡

BTS Kinks  ♡

BTS Pet Names/Nicknames For Their S.O

BTS When They Orgasm

BTS Sex Songs  ♡

This Masterlist will always be updated, so if you want, check every few days to see if there is any new content. Thank you. :)))

Editing Manga Icons for Skintone: A Guide

Well, as long as I’m in the process of editing these icons, I might as well throw a tutorial together for anyone who might need it.

As you’ve probably noticed, there are very few manga faceclaims out there with darker skin colors, which seriously limits FC options for some muses, since not everyone is comfortable with live faceclaims or can draw their own. SO, here’s a simple guide for how I edit my icons

I’ve found this method is easier with icons that are already cropped & resized, so it’s probably in your best interest to make the icons before editing. It’s pretty quick (even if you’re like me and use a crappy laptop trackpad); editing one icon usually takes under 1 min. once you know what you’re doing. 

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how to improve your handwriting-

get ready for your hand to be in pAIN. 

1. search up handwriting styles-

  studyblr is the PERFECT place to find pretty handwriting. you can also use youtube, which is quite helpful because you can see how they position their hand. 

2. templates- 

there are plenty of templates you can print out and work on. it takes you back to kindergarten. do the basic warm ups where you do little squiggly lines and then the Aa Bb Cc, those help a lot. 

3. P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.- 

if you won’t practice you probably won’t change your handwriting. while doing my summer assignment, i tried different handwriting styles. it was great because i could take my time, i was getting work done, and i forcefully had to do it. used to when i tried to change my handwriting, i’d write a couple sentences for about two days then give up. since i was doing my summer homework i obviously have to finish it so i had to write and why not practice different ways to do so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

4. choose a good pencil/ pen/ whatever- 

make sure you aren’t using a crappy pencil because if you do the lead will break and you’ll just get frustrated. invest in some good pencils or pens. i use the Pilot G-2 Gel Pen, i adore it because it glides so easily.

 5. try different grips-

 it’s all about the way you hold the pen. search up videos of people writing and see their grip. make some your own. a friend of mine who has such pretty handwriting and beautiful artwork holds her pencil like an ACTUAL 3-year old. so yes, there are weird but effective ways to grip your pencil.

6. be patient- 

your handwriting probably won’t change in a day. it takes practice. you’ll get very frustrated and your hand will cramp up a lot. be careful with your hands, they do a lot, make sure to take little breaks in between your practice sessions.

ID #65053

Name: Celath
Age: 17
Country: Costa Rica

Hi there!
My name’s Celath (Yeah, pretty weird name) and I’m from Costa Rica. I’m looking for someone who can talk about anything and everything at once. I would like to have deep conversations then of all sudden just start talking about bees.
I’m a bookworn and coffee lover, also I can become a potato sitting on the couch all day binging on series. I have an extensive taste on music so I can listen whatever you want me to and I pretty much would enjoy it.
I’m a big fan of romance so please don’t kill me when I start to tell crappy stories of true love and that kind of stuff, I can’t help it.
Also, I considerate myself as a really… special(? person and I would appreciate that just don’t freak out when I pop out at midnight telling you a random story that I might created a while ago.

That’s it, I already told you about the weirdest parts of me, if you still want to contact me even though you read that above… Come my friend, we will get along good.

Preferences: No homophobes
Open minded people, please
Age between 15-25 but if you think we can be good friends the age doesn’t really matters
I’m open at any sort of social media such as Tumblr, Twitter, e-mail and Whatsapp since my snail mail is kind of crappy
I speak fluently spanish and english

Can the Shippers of VLD Just CHILL??

Me with a crappy VLD fan:

Crappy fan: Klance SUCKS!
Me (a Klance shipper): Okay.
Flamer: Sheith SUCKS!
Me (a Sheith shipper): *shrugs* Okay, whatever.
Crappy fan: Shallura SUCKS!
Me (a Shallura shipper): *sigh* Alright dude. It’s whatever. I’m not gonna egg this crap on.
Me: …Fine. Whatever. Can you please just stop? You’re poisoning the fandom by being such a jerk about your opinions. Not appreciated dude.

Me with a reasonable VLD fan:

Me: Hance is pretty cute, huh?
Chill fan: I don’t ship Hance myself, but I know that others like it, so it’s whatever. I don’t feel like being a toxic fan by starting a shipping war over it. People can ship what they want.
Me (a Hance shipper): *tears up* Thank you, you pure soul. So… what DO you ship?
Chill fan: Kallura.
Me (not a Kallura shipper): Ah, okay, cool. I’m sure it’s a nice ship to some. It’s just not my style I guess.
Chill fan: Thanks!

I’m reading book 16: The Warning, which is the, like, “Animorphs does modern day internet things” themed book, and I’ve been thinking about updated Animorphs in the internet age.

– Visser 3 spending two months investigating the source of every. funny. animal. video/vine/news story, paranoid and convinced that the Andalite Bandits are somehow sending complex messages with Vines. Human controllers try to tell him that it’s just a thing, but he insists, runs them through complicatd software analyzing for visual patterns.

– The Animorphs carefully managing their social media profiles so that their internet personas don’t change. Jake checking in regularly to make sure people have met their minimum Instagram quotas and snapchatted random videos and updated Tumblr queues (well, that one is just Cassie, obvs.).

 – Jake finding himself just staring at the Fb page for The Sharing, checking it every day. Feeling a gut-punch every time someone follows the page, getting sick every time one of their photos come up in his feed because Tom is tagged.

 – Marco seeing his mother as Visser 1,  getting out his old iTouch that has all the texts from his mom on it, the ones he’s kept to read sometimes. Reading through them one more time, everyday messages to his younger self about pickups from friends’ houses, about dinner, about school. Deleting them. Throwing the iTouch against the wall until it breaks. (It doesn’t help.)

 – Funny animal videos losing something for Cassie, not cheering her up like they used to. She pays more attention to survival tips, to vet blogs, blogs of anatomy and scientific illustration, graphic illustrations of injuries. She tells herself it’s so she knows how to help if– when— someone gets hurt, but really it’s just because she’s started to see the world in terms of what can break. She knows she won’t always be able to fix it, but she needs to at least know what could go wrong or she might panic.

 – Rachel likes to look over Cassie’s shoulder, because Rachel’s started seeing the world in terms of what she can break and she likes to get inspiration. It scares her a little, the visceral fascination with damage and injury and pain. She accepts it.

 – Tobias never really had any social media profiles that need upkeep, but spending so much time alone he used to know every way of downloading shows, every site. Torrenting master. He doesn’t really miss it except at night, on his branch, when he gets the same lonely, scared feeling he used to have in whatever crappy bedroom he was staying in as a kid. He stops missing it eventually, but he does want to get his talons on a go-pro at some point because he’s pretty sure he could win every photo contest ever.

The Worst of Days

So this is for the Batfam Content War. I wasn’t sure if it was an angst war too or not so have some mild angst thrown in at the end. Also available here on my ao3.
Words: 2,785
Rated: PG (Canon Typical Violence & Mild Language)

Steph was having a crappy day. No, the word crappy hardly even began to describe how truly awful her day was going. Which was really, really unfair because by the bat-clan’s standards the day was just beginning. And it sucked.

She’d spent most of the night before finishing a ten-page paper while Damian crashed on her couch and Cass watched truly terrible reality shows in her living room. Then she had to hand in the paper but naturally the train was delayed because it was Gotham and the freaking Condiment King decided to get his ass handed to him again. Thank god Cass and Damian had slept over and handled it or else she would be even later to her eight am.

From there she had to track down her advisor to sign a form okaying Steph’s thesis being sent to a conference. By the time she finally managed to corner the professor she had to run to lab, only to get kicked out because she’d stupidly worn sandals due to the earlier morning rush.

Thankfully Francisco was letting her copy his notes at lunch but that just meant she had to sit with Jordanna. Ugh. Steph swore that whatever supreme beings dictated her life just really had it out for her. After an hour enduring snide remarks and sneers Steph gathered her books and headed for the library, because being a college student and superhero left her bank account drained so she had to make money somehow.

Steph waved to her boss as she tossed her things into the cubby below the desk. Grabbing a cart that the last student worker had just loaded with books she made her way into the stacks. She made it all of five feet before groaning. The stinking freshman had given her the cart that always pulled to the left like some defunct grocery store buggy.

Jogging across campus to her last class of the day Steph felt her phone buzz. She fished it out of her coat pocket, furrowing her brow at the screen. “What,” she demanded in greeting.

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Reaction: Their S/O had a bad day and wants to do nothing but cuddle.

~Blackpink reaction.

(Gifs not mine).


You stumbled through the door of your apartment, completely worn out, both mentally and physically. It had just been one thing after another after another. You pulled off your shoes and jacket before making your way into the living room, where you found your girlfriend Jisoo sitting on the couch. She looked up at you with a big smile and you melted. You sat on the couch beside her, wrapped your arms around her and cuddled up to her side. Jisoo squealed at how adorable you were and immediately cuddled you back, giggling at how cute she thought you were.

Jisoo is so soft. She’d love that you’d seek her affection as a comfort after you had a bad day and would probably cuddle you for days on end if you asked her to. 


You’d gone out for the day with an old friend to catch up. You hadn’t always been on the best of terms with this particular person but you’d hoped today would be different. But when they dragged up past incidents and arguments to purposely get at you, you immediately regretted agreeing to meet them. You were supposed to meet Jennie for food afterwards, but you text her and asked if you could come to the dorms instead because you desperately needed to get away from that toxic person. She instantly told you to get to the dorms as fast as you could. Knowing that you were upset, upset her and all she wanted as to make sure you were ok. The second you arrived, she pulled you into a hug and just held you there for a few minutes. 

Jennie would hate to see you sad or upset and would gladly do whatever you asked her to, if it cheered you up. She’d cuddle you all day and be extra adorable to help you forget about your terrible day.


It was just one of those days. Everyone had good and bad days and today was one of your bad days. You’d just felt pretty crappy all day, so when your girlfriend showed up unannounced, you immediately felt a bit better. You two were sitting on your bed and Rose noticed you were a bit off. She asked you what was wrong. When you shrugged and said you just had a bad day, she didn’t say anything and just opened her arms. You moved closer to her and let her wrap her arms around you. After a few minutes, she teased you a little bit about how needy you were but she honestly didn’t mind.

Rose would just know you had a bad day and would also know that her cuddles would help cheer you up. She’d spend a good while cuddling you, then suggest you do something to get your mind off it. If you weren’t up to it, she’d be understanding and would spend the rest of the day cuddling you.


Work had been a complete nightmare. Your boss was ten times the asshole he normally is and made you stay 3 hours longer than usual, making you miss your date with Lisa. When you finally got home, Lisa was sprawled out on your couch on her phone. She pounced on you the second she saw you. You gladly hugged her back. After a few seconds, Lisa tried to pull away but you held onto her. She was confused for a few seconds before it hit her and she put her arms back around you.

“Bad day?” she asked. You just nodded and then she nodded in understanding. She started shuffling backwards towards the couch with you still attached to her. She fell back onto the couch, pulling you with her, causing you both to laugh. You’d just lie there and talk about anything and everything and you’d soon forget about the terrible day you had.

Lisa seems like the type that would literally melt if you asked or wanted to just cuddle all day. If you hadn’t been dating for that long, she might be a little awkward but if you’d been dating for a while, she’d jump at the chance to cuddle you all day. She’d get so soft and fluffy about the whole and would love that you came to her for comfort.

~A/N~ Requests for reactions are open.

dancingmango  asked:

I've been listening to other opinions because I personally don't want to fall into the tumblr trap of believing every word and not accepting anything else so I'm not exactly against the idea that autism speaks is a hate group but I am having trouble understanding fully what they are doing that leads to that conclusion.

Gosh that’s such a good way to think.. I do enjoy tumblr but people jump in on things without giving it a second thought or doing research, and that’s how misinformation spreads on here like wildfire. So it’s a really good idea to not just dive in head first and do research!

Autism Speaks, however, really is a bad organization. Even typing in “autism speaks” into google, you’ll find “autism speaks bad” in the top results… /:

Autism Speaks is infamous for spreading the whole “autism is a disease” and “autism MUST be cured!” and “autism ruins everything” kind of mindset around, when in reality autism is not at all a bad thing and isn’t something that needs to be cured, nothing that people should be ashamed to have.

Another thing, Autism Speaks isn’t run by any actual autistic people. No one running the organization is autistic. An organization for autistic people, and you don’t have a single autistic person working with you? Now there’s a huge problem there, clearly.

Anyways, I found such a great article that breaks down and explains why Autism Speaks is so bad and why you shouldn’t support it, as well as gives you other autism organizations that you should support instead!

Really if you just talk to any autistic person here on tumblr they can pretty much explain to you why Autism Speaks is bad and why they despise it, and why they’re horrible representation for autistic people and do some crappy things in the background as well.

In conclusion, Autism Speaks demonizes autism and spreads fear by claiming autism is some sort of awful disease that’s “taking our children” and whatever else. They’re ableist pieces of crap and shouldn’t be supported.

* Now I’m not autistic so hopefully I didn’t overstep here, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about anything or add anything!

It Ends With a Pickup Line (Kim Seokjin)

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Word Count: 716

Genre: Crack, Drabble


Trying to write but honestly I have like 0 motivation and wayyyy too much studying to do all the time. Sorry if it’s crappy guys but I hope you enjoy this short drabble :)

“Honestly he wasn’t even interesting, he was pretty boring. Like if I’m going to say yes to going on a date with you then you could at least- you’re not listening, are you?”

“Hmm?” You responded, engrossed in whatever Instagram video you were watching and completely unaware of what your friend was talking about. The cafe was noisy as it was mid-day and people were either meeting for lunch or in need of their afternoon coffee. Frankly, the chatter of others and the clinking of coffee classes being set down on tables was more interesting to listen to than your friends dating endeavors.

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Challenge Time

Alrighty, so, I got a pretty cool idea. Take your favorite OC, Fanwalker or Creature, whatever. Got one? Good. Now, find their color identity. 

And build a Commander/EDH deck around them. (Don’t worry about the commander.)

No Staples. No obvious include cards.

Just build flavor. Throw in those crappy, crappy cards that have a fitting flavor in there. You have a Kor Walker? Look, finally a deck for Kor Skyclimber! Got a Kithkin? Straight up Kithkin tribal.

Let’s do this, I want to see what everyone makes up!

Christmas with Credence - HEADCANONS

Ohmygod I’ve been so excited to make this awe my bby Credence deserves everything. -Veronica

-the sleeves would be too long for him and he’d have sweater paws sushjsjwjw

-being really excited to spend Christmas with you

-him hugging you from behind and not letting go

-a few tears bc he never had such an amazing Christmas :’)

-him loving whatever the hell you get him even if it’s crappy he’d still be so grateful

-getting him a silver bracelet with both of your initials on it

-“you didn’t have to get me anything, y/n. I already have what I want.” “And what is that?” “You. ”

-credence getting you a really pretty necklace and writing you a poem

-that poem took him a whole month to perfect it because he couldn’t think of anything as perfect as you

-drinking hot cocoa and him geTTING A WHIPPED CREAM MUSTACHE

-nose kisses and cuddles


-getting each your own bowtruckles from newt

-Credence and Newt explore in the case

-you laughing at Tina’s annoyance with Newt

-going inside and seeing credence holding a niffler with a Santa hat on

-the niffler is trying to grab his bracelet


xx Veronica

anonymous asked:

Different anon here, but ... in continuation of the wedding dresses/suits HC, how about honeymoon headcanons for RFA/V/Saeran? Also good luck for the new blog! :)

Thank you!


  • Okay but baehee deserves a good honeymoon, and has never been on a vacation and has been saving up for so long!
  • So, you two get to go to (drumroll)… Savannah, Georgia!
  • Have you seen the pictures of that place?? It’s so pretty!
  • Like this?? Is so beautiful?? 
  • You two would take long walks and try out little cafe’s throughout the area and just be so cute!
  • Or maybe South Africa? It’s so beautiful there. There’s great beaches and amazing culture to learn about!


  • A cruise!
  • He’d get pretty sea-sick, though. But it’d be a nice experience. 
  • He’d want to recreate the scene from Titanic. 
  • He’d really like to spend time out on the deck in the sun with his shirt off, and who can blame him? It’s all clear skies!
  • They have a thing where you can swim with dolphins and!!! They are so cute!!! They have a lot to say and they are handsome good boys
  • He’d also like to watch whales jump out of the ocean.
  • You two eat so much ice cream and they make the towels look like animals and it’s so cool.
  • He’d dance with you on the deck in front of everyone, and wouldn’t care if they stared. He wasnt afraid to let everyone know that this is the person he loves!


  • You guys could literally go anywhere you want, and he’d let you choose the destination.
  • Probably will settle on some place really warm! Maybe Dubai or Rio de Janeiro or Bora Bora? 
  • You two can hang glide!! He’d be a scaredy-cat, but if you assure him he’ll be okay, you might just convince him.
  • He’d also like to take you somewhere that you can enjoy yourself and go to the beach.
  • Or, you guys might go to France!
  • Big boy probably knows French, but would speak in the most bland accent!
  • (If you speak French, please show this boy what he’s doing wrong).
  • But you’d visit all of the regular tourist attractions: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and so on.
  • Also, Paris is the city of love, so you’re bound to have a loving relationship for your whole lives if you honeymoon there!


  • MARS!
  • Just kidding. Maybe America? There’s a lot to do. New York or California would be best!
  • He’d want to see the Hollyweed Hollywood sign, but also would love to visit New York to see Central Park and Times Square!
  • It’d be up to you whichever you wanted. 
  • You two would stay in a nice hotel and make a pillow fort!!
  • Also, you’d get one that had two beds, then push them together to make a SUPER BED. IT WOULD BE SO BIG. SO MUCH ROOM!!!!
  • You’d go to parks and watch people who walked their dogs.
  • He’d be so tempted to steal a dog but you tell him that he is not going to get arrested in America on your honeymoon, damn it


  • He’d really want to take you somewhere nice! 
  • However, he’s just out of college and we all know how expensive that shit is, so you guys are going to have to go somewhere relatively close by and cheap.
  • So maybe the beach? You’d get a hotel room or camp out on the beach for a few days!
  • Also, going out for dinner some place relatively fancy would happen! 
  • Poor boy doesn’t really know how to act in a fancy setting so you two would get some weird looks from the rich people all around you, but it wouldn’t really matter to you. you two were having fun, and that’s what mattered.


  • Norway, to see the Aurora Borealis!
  • He’d gotten the surgery before you two were married, and was so excited to see them.
  • He’d even left his fancy camera in the hotel. He’d brought a Polaroid art hoe, and took little pictures of you two there.
  • It’s chilly up there in the winter, so you two will have to bundle up and cuddle real close while you watch them.
  • Also, there are really pretty train routes that go through places like Oslo and through the Hardangervidda moutain place, so that would be something fun!
  • AND the fjords are very pretty and you can dive or take a tour! 
  • Mainly, a lot of sight seeing in a really pretty country!


  • He would want to go somewhere private. However, since you guys aren’t super rich (aka not living with Saeyoung and the only source of income is his disability checks and your source of income, whatever that may be) you can’t do much. 
  • So, you take a road trip!
  • Old, beat up van, tank tops, you singing loudly and him listening along, taking turns driving.
  • From highways to back roads, you two get to see the world in a new way together. 
  • You’d stay in a few crappy motels and make out against the walls, leaving in the early morning to watch the sun rise on some back road, sitting in the trunk with the hood popped.
  • You’d go to diners in the mornings and drink really bad coffee and have some pretty tasty pancakes.
  • You’d break onto private property, skinny dip in a lake that said specifically not to, sit on train tracks and watch the stars on the hood of your car.
for him ;

Mark is so, so convinced that Donghyuck belongs on stage. Even if it’s a crappy high school performance. Donghyuck absorbs the light, kind of, and over the years Mark has seen the younger boy under spotlights so many times and the light always shines on his tanned skin like glitter. Mark might or might not love Donghyuck. A lot.
markhyuck / AU: high school / fluff / 943 words / warnings: - 

a/n: a response to this prompt: “CAN U DO "you’re breaking my heart, babe” FOR THE FIC THINGY???? i will actually lov u forever okay bye;;; also i know it’s not a headcanon,, more like a prompt but it still screams markhyuck @ u so!!“” 

ok but that sentence could be both angst or fluff so i went w the fluff bc…. i write too much angst.. but seriously if this isnt enough i can write another version bc i kind of slipped off of the prompt lol just hmu!! <3

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Driving w/Shawn
me lmao

IMAGINE: driving with Shawn (Use headphones IT’S 3D)

He’d always get annoyed whenever you changed the song mid-way but considering the reception was pretty crappy on this particular day, he let it slide. He just kept singing along with whatever song came on like a happy little nugget. He loved driving around with you and making little jokes, watching you dance in your seat and sing along with the songs (even if you were out of tune)

Alternatively, it’s also on soundcloud


Character Inspirations #1 - Alecto Carrow

  1.  Jessica Jones - Marvel’s Jessica Jones “They say everyone’s born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you’re the villain. Problem is, you don’t always know that you’ve crossed that line. “
  2. Octavia Blake - The100  “I don’t need protecting. I have been locked up one way or another all my life. I am done following orders. I need to have fun, Bell.”
  3. Mazikeen - Lucifer “Come on. Let Mazikeen Smith buy you a drink. Maybe I’ll devour your soul or something.”
  4. Elektra Natchios - Marvel’s Daredevil “I am Elektra Natchios. Not even the stars are safe in the sky.

anonymous asked:

for someone who claims to be bi you have a lot of het ships

this ask has been sitting in my inbox for so long because I wasn’t sure if I should reply with a gif, an image, some kind of joke or actually give my energy to seriously reply to this bullshit.

I’ve been harassed about this shit so many times and I’m pretty sure that anon is the same person who harassed me over the Suvi x Ryder x Peebee thing, but I’m not sure. (For those who didn’t know, I’ve received some lovely anons telling me that it’s gross to ship my bisexual Ryder and pansexual Peebee with Suvi because it seemed like I was “taking advantage of a lesbian” y i k e s)

The thing is; I’m allowed to have as many “het ships” as I fucking want. I’m not a producer of a TV show, a game or a movie or some kind of big ass public company that makes their money off pushing heteronormative bullshit or that tries to sell straight ships as the perfection or whatever. I’m a private blogger with an active audience of like 100 people and I don’t make money because I post crappy screenshots of my ships kissing or whatever, I’m not openly pushing an agenda nor do I advocate for some sort of heteronormative bullshit.

I also don’t have to justify myself in front of people who know jackshit about me and who hide behind internets anonymity, so let’s make that clear. I don’t have to pull out receipts how bi I am or do some kind of assessment tests. It’s pretty obvious that you don’t follow me or invested any time in actually checking my blog because if you had, you’d know how often I talk about bi-erasure.

But me shipping a dude with a chick, here on my blog doesn’t hurt anyone, it doesn’t push some stupid beliefs and it sure as hell doesn’t promote bi-erasure, something you lovely anon did by calling the ships “het-ships”, when neither Kaidan, Reyes, Iron Bull or any of my own fucking OCs are straight, so jot that down.

Again: I don’t have to justify myself because I am literally not hurting anyone with it. Go to the people who insist that all bisexual characters in video games are “playersexual” and send them stupid anons.

Also wtf is up with you trying to determine my sexuality by the amount of fictional people I like to see together? Do you like…go outside sometimes