these are pretty bad but its ok

You are not predatory.

Your attraction to girls is not inherently creepy.

Your attraction to girls is not wrong.

If your first thought when you see a pretty girl is “damn, she’s hot” you’re not objectifying her.

You, as a female, do not have the male gaze.

Your attraction to girls not bad.

You are not dirty, or too open about it.

Your attraction to girls is not something that should remain in the bedroom alone.

You deserve a society in which you are free to express your love for girls exactly as you please.

Your love for girls is not impure. It’s the purest, most wonderful thing in the world.

Girls who love girls deserve the world.

Your attraction is okay.

Your attraction is right.

You are not predatory.


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Sawa-San’s ‘Terminator’ AE86

You may have seen some shots of this AE86 on its roof being posted around the net recently. Unfortunately, the car known as the ‘Terminator 86′ and its owner Sawa-San had a pretty bad accident at Gunsai Touge, ending with the car upside down and a substantial amount of damage. Luckily Sawa-San is OK, despite a few hefty looking scuffs on his helmet! 

This car was pretty well-known on the drift circuits in Japan. Sawa-San is a very active drifter and gets to a lot of events. The Terminator style headlights also made it a very distinctive car. 

Here are some shots I took of it back in Spring at the Ebisu Drift Matsuri. 

R.I.P Terminator 86.

anonymous asked:

Is it bad that I feel like I'm a mistake because of the fact that I'm a lesbian? God intended for men to love women but I'd never be able to conform to that. I've been feeling this way a lot recently and I don't know what to do

hi anon

its a pretty normal feeling to have but to be honest you’re not a mistake. God loves all his children, and that includes women who love other women. its ok not to be able to conform to heteronormative standards. 


Imagine one of the three have a really bad day, and it’s obvious they aren’t in a good mood, so Iwaizumi gently forces them to lay down on the couch or bed and he curls up with them, and the thing that soothes them the most is that he sings softly in their ear, and his voice is very smooth and nice so it always helps them to relax uwu

i got out my dollar store acrylics to start practicing again and i realized how much i missed using acrylics in general. There’s something about the overlapping that i realized was secretly integral to some of my art style and its something i can’t achieve with watercolour anyway. My brushes are from high school and in pretty shabby condition, sadly…

they looked pretty bad while i was doing them but actually on screen they look pretty ok. 

On the left we have Clodius Pulcher, Cicero (with googly eyes), and Antonia Minor

Center are some random people i was going to paint but whoop

angsty etienne at the bottom and anne and matthew cuthbert in the corner because i just started watching the new series and i was going to be meh about it but im in love and crying a lot thanks cbc for catapulting me back into lucy maud hell

blue sushi

this is a silly reychel thing i wrote instead of doing my homework. it’s pretty bad but love it anyway,, @ rick pls make them canon ok? ok

“A month,” Reyna groaned, staring glumly at her leg, which was propped up on one of the many pillows scattered on Rachel’s couch. “I have to wear this stupid cast for a month.” 

Rachel, a few feet away, stuck her brush into the watering can, which she’d been using only half an hour ago for its intended purpose on the plants crowded at the entrance of the cave before switching to using it to clean her paintbrushes. It made no sense to Reyna - an artist thing, she supposed. 

She herself could barely scribble out a stick figure with an angry face, which made several appearances at the top and margins of Frank’s papers and reports since she could never bring herself to mess up her own. 

“Uh huh,” Rachel said. She didn’t sound annoyed at all, which was impressive, considering Reyna had Iris-Messaged her twice to grumble about stupid consuls and had been ranting on and off for the past hour. 

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 @attackedastoria I have a lot of different ones but mostly boring stuff like shales and limestones? A ton of sedimentary rocks because I think they’re really cool. But OK here’s some of my weirder/rarer ones that I LOVE (the pics are bad because its 2 am and its my phone camera)

This one’s a type of banded iron! It’s really heavy and has some really cool wave patterns

This one is Amazonite which is a Microcline variation and it’s teal and really pretty

This is my fave rock I have it’s Labradorite and it’s gorgeous because you can only see the colors at certain angles or in the light and it’s blues and greens and SO pretty, also my test good luck charm

Opal bits! They were a gift from my partner and they’re so pretty for being so small and I cherish them 

This one could have killed me according to my professor, it’s Azurite and Malachite ore! Really cool, slightly poisonous, I’m not sure why the Azurite hasn’t destabilized but there you go

And I just love this one because it’s just a big ass amethyst point 

I’ve also got a lot of cool fossils I dug up last spring, really cool chalcedony bits, calcite, wulfenite, aventurine, serpentine, all sorts of stuff I love rocks so much 



im not really disappointed but kinda dissatisfied by it i was using filmora i mean its pretty ok considering it was made with filmora
Im gonna keep it do in th future when i progress in my editing skills i can remake it.

btw if you were wondering why it was suddenly night time it was just to make it more creepier but it kinda flopped.

its finished and it pretty bad, but non-the less i hope you enjoyed it!

dragonie  asked:

Fallout for the least favourite character! (it's Elijah, isn't it)

Honestly, since I have too much work, I haven’t made it to Dead Money yet (and I am honestly scared to ) but given what I know about Elijah, yeah it’s most likely and most definetly Elijah. 

Also from FNV I mean I hate the obvious which are like Cook-Cook and the woman from Novac but they are dead, also I really hate Caesar. I mean I understand him as a character and the way he was written and he is a pretty ok villain, but I hate him. And I know I might get some mutuals to block me edit: my mutuals agree and i am glad cause he is bad - but I am not overly fond of that masked dude L.anius because of what Ulysses tells you also I mean I understand the Legion are slavers but I straight up hear about him specifically so its even more disturbing.

 From Fallout 4, I don’t particularly hate or highly dislike anyone and like M.axon gets on my nerves but he is my age so If he really wants to and tries I am sure he can be a better person, but he is testing my patience and its a long way down from the Prydwen, just saying. Okay also every scientist at the institute that refers to synths and coursers as an “it” and also Shaun, who is not my son, I disowned him and got more, better sons.