these are only small scale lies

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So did Ouma enjoy telling lies? I remember reading one of your older metas saying that lying wasn't something he necessarily enjoyed, but him doing it as often as he did made me sorta think otherwise? Also could you go into detail about "gentle lies"?

I’ve been getting quite a lot of questions about this particular subject later, so I thought I might answer them altogether like this!

The short answer to “did Ouma enjoy lying” is—well, yes and no. The long answer is a bit more complex, because it all depends on what kind of lies, who he’s lying to, and his own desire to construct and maintain a very carefully crafted façade so that no one would ever get close to him or figure out “the real him.”

One way to put it might be that Ouma very much liked the idea of lying, as long as it was used the right way, for the right purposes. He’s very much a prankster at heart, and like any good prankster, he’s pretty open about enjoying deception in the small scale. Tricks, jokes, pranks—all of these things when done right are relatively harmless and they’re all various forms of lies. And most importantly, from Ouma’s perspective, they’re all fun.

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11x04 “Baby”
“I had it coming” - Revisited

It just really really pains me how 11x04 “Baby” picked up right where 11x03 “The Bad Seed” in terms of Dean’s mindset left off. There were multiple callbacks to how Dean refused to be healed by Cas - and Sam only accepting to be fixed up by Cas if Dean agreed to be too - and with that highlighting how Dean felt like he deserved what he got (You didn’t, Dean! ;___;). Throughout this entire episode we see Dean be subjected to a massive amount of physical violence, all of which Dean to a large extent almost seem to brush off as if it was nothing.

In my opinion this shot above and the way Dean lies in the backseat does not only callback to 11x03, but also majorly to 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper” when he wakes up on the floor in the motel room after passing out. To me it almost seems that Dean, after he started in the small - letting himself be beaten to a pulp by Cas as his way of atoning to what he did to him - he now is sort of atoning or “welcoming” the violence he is subjected to on a bigger scale. It’s almost as if he accepts and welcomes this physical pain as a sort of twisted “eye for an eye” to how he had indulged in violence so immensely towards the season 10 finale.

The bloody machete on the floor in any case at least reminded me too of how out of control Dean had become in 10x23 “Brother’s Keeper” and it just makes me physically sick to see how Dean is so okay and so welcoming of physical hurt and violence because he thinks he deserves it.