these are only a few of what i have downloaded

Have you ever wanted to make your own icons, only to face how every tutorial out there seems to be based on photoshop and expects you to have it? Have you figured out a way to make them even so, but are looking for something that can make the job just a tad bit easier?

Hopefully, you can take a few tips from here!

Now, what is GIMP? It’s a free image editing program. Sold yet? Well, it is also expandable and has a bazillion (a round up) of scripts to be downloaded for whatever it is your editing needs… need. In fact, even in this one tutorial where I’ll be teaching you the basics, I’ll tell you to download one script which will make saving the icons we’ve made way, way easier. 

So, under the cut, I will explain some things about tumblr and dimensions, what script you’ll be needing for this, how to set up your working area, how to make icons and how to save them.

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We are not alone in the universe...I found proof on the dark web.

“It’s said that evil prevails when good men do nothing.” Those were once words that comforted me.

I don’t know how much time I have left, all I know is that in the face of uncertainty, an even greater fear exists in knowing that I alone shoulder the weight of knowing the truth….

I’d like to tell you that these words come from a place of analytical stillness, instead of the harsh reality that scares me beyond words. now, The fear that plagues me is very real, justified by earth-shaking implications that accompany Its looming presence.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm so sorry for asking such a basic thing, but... could I ask how you make gifs? The whole process, starting from downloading the episode, torrenting or whatever, etc... I can't even do that much so no matter how many tutorials I read or watch, I can't even open it in Photoshop or download it correctly. >.< Thank you!

Hiya!! No no don’t be sorry!! It took me a while to figure it out too when I first got started so I’m happy to help you! I will mention that I have a pc, not a mac, so I can only show you what I have. Also I’m super sorry for this late reply!

Tutorial: How To Make A Gif (Extremely Detailed Version)

Difficulty: Easy
Time Allocation: ~1 hour
No Prior Understanding Required

What You Will Need:

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100 120 Followers Gift - 21 Base Game Recolours

OMG, this took soooo long, but here we are finally!.I’m so over editing thumbnails it’s unreal..

This was supposed to be a 100 Followers Gift, but you guys are too amazing! I’ve recoloured 21 CAS items from the Base Game. (There are 2 recolours that aren’t shown on the picture, because I forgot to include them, sorry!)

I chose to do only base game, so you can all download everything without needing a mesh or EA pack. I hope you guys like it, and thank you for the amazing support you have shown me over the past week!

All items come in @soaringsparrows‘ fab colour palette.

Before you download anything, please take a few seconds to read my TOU, which you can find HERE.

Also, if there are any problems, please let me know.

Downloads are below the cut

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I forget that Dio is suppose to be dead by now so new technology will surprise him cuz in the latest episode he says “These automobiles.  Such power, such speed.  In my day, we only had horse-drawn carriages.”  I imagine Pucci listening to his ipod while reading and Dio is like “What in hell blazes is that!?”
and Pucci will be like “This is an Ipod you connect it to your laptop and download songs” and after a few hours of he would probably have all of the ABBA songs ever!! and he would be like “Jonathan would enjoy this” and Pucci just looks and smiles at him

I got a sex offender arrested.

(warning: long story)

About a year ago I finally decided to get out on my own for good and true because living with other people causes me unending stress, but the only way to get into a place quickly was to take a unit on the edge of the not-so-nice district of town. I figured since there was a police station literally across the road I would be safe. Needless to say, I don’t live there any more.

At first everything seemed fine. I got all my stuff moved in, started learning how to cook stuff more complicated than chicken soup, it was all good. Most everyone in my row of units tended to keep themselves to themselves. Apart from my neighbour on one side having noisy shower sex at two in the morning, everyone left me alone.

Except this one dude. He was in the unit on the other side from the shower sex people, and he was, in retrospect, way too enthusiastic to have a single lady moving in next door. He was constantly coming over just to ‘say hi’ and 'see how I was settling in’ and often had to be physically pushed out the door. He often stank of booze and took advantage of the summer weather and sealed windows (no shit, this place had locked windows and tenants didn’t get keys to them) to come wandering in when I was working. He drove me nuts, but seemed relatively harmless.

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what are your favorite sims skins?

hiii…My favorite skins are definitely by @kurasoberina​. They’re so HQ and smooth I loooove them. I would also check out @theothersim​‘s Noir skin, sims3melancholic has good quality skins, @cakenoodles also has really realistic and hq skins! :)

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Can I ask what this arcnea game is all about? How does one play? Is their a backstory? Is it like an rp game? Can anyone join or only a select few? Do you like it? Have you played anything with it yet or is everyone still working on their ocs?

The Arcana Game is a phone app that’s totally free! It’s like a visual novel, and it’s still under development, and I’m not sure how steady it’s updates are, so you’ll have to wait till then (it just had it’s update today!). Anyone can join, you just gotta download the app c: I love the art, the characters, the ability to choose your pronouns and freedom to romance any character no matter gender. People that’re working on their ocs, like I am with Arnel, are just doing it for fun and to share it with others that like playing the game! :D 


Holy crap ya’ll I actually finished something!..I have severe adcd (attention deficit creative disorder) meaning I start a projects..think of something else I want to do start that project before I know it I’ve got eleventy billion and one works in progress lol anyhoo not this time!

I present my wedding collection, I thought our simmies were severely lacking suitable wedding attire so I whipped up a few gowns, thank you to NotEgain I used her magnificent Crows-Nest dress mesh, I don’t believe you need her gown for mine to work but if you do have issues just go ahead and get’s gorgeous anyway so your simmies will thank you ^_^

well I think that’s about it, the top are from CAS and bottom are in game, I did not edit or alter lighting or anything I only scaled (i’m hopeless at previews), so what you see is what you get… I may do a prom you can see my creations are few and far between..I’m all about quality over quantity lol, anyhoo I hope you like them and enjoy!


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hey adrian, where did you download the sunny eps to use for amvs?

most of my sunny downloads came from torrents on the pirate bay! it’s pretty easy and safe to use as long as you know what you’re doing there (but feel free to let me know if you need help!), and there’s a bunch of entire season torrents there, too. like you can get the entire first 6 seasons of the show along with all of their dvd extras in a single download, so that’s good if you want to have a LOT to work with. (there are also full-season downloads for s7-9, although i haven’t seen any for s10-12 yet)

if you only want to use a few specific episodes, though, (another pirating site) has individual episode links, all of them in pretty high quality! you might have trouble finding older episodes here, though– i’ve only ever used it to download s12 episodes, so i really don’t know.

finally, if both of these options have failed you, you can check out the individual episode links at and download from the sites linked there. unlike the other two, this is probably your best bet if you only want one or two older episodes to use– last time i checked this site, a lot of its newer episode links are broken

again, feel free to ask if you need help with any of this!

linamuro  asked:

Hi there. I stumbled on your Zuatara metas earlier, and after a little digging started seeing commentary on things that Bryke and Ehasz have said since the series (and LoK) ended. Do you have links to their comments? Google gave me nothing. (Loving the metas, btw. I could never quite place why Kataang sat so poorly for me, and why I wanted Katara with Zuko, but your meta of the mirrioring of their character arcs really enlightened me.)

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed the metas. :)

As for the info. Sure thing! Bryke’s comments are pretty easy to find, since they speak publicly and have a tumblr, etc. Basically they said that there were only going to ever be 3 Books of Avatar and that Katara and Aang’s romance was planned from the beginning and was “in the DNA” of the show. I highly doubt they would be honest and say they cancelled a future season of the cartoon for the dreaded Shyamalan movie. That would get them a lot of hate. lol

Most fans on other forums I’ve talked to dismiss this info from Ehasz or other staffers because it contradicts Bryke, but all of it is very consistent, and it fits extremely well with the Avatar Extra that said Zuko was originally Katara’s love interest, and ATLA’s plot holes as well, like the chakras. 4 seasons makes more sense anyways, I always hated how there were only 3.

As for Ehasz. Here is all of the info I have stumbled across in the last few months. He gave a class at UCB, and there is proof of that. You can even download the syllabus. He also tweeted about the unfinished fourth season:

All of this info is actually what kinda got me back in the fandom. 

Now the info. This is the biggest one. A former staff member named zephyrita’s collection on Avatar and Book 4 info:

Here is more info on Book 4 and some of Ehasz’ thoughts on Legend of Korra:

More info on what Ehasz had wanted to do with the story:

A little more info; at the end of how Ehasz didn’t want Zutara to be forced like Kataang:

Some more info about how Ehasz influenced the story:

A commenter on Deviantart with good info on Book 4, who claims to have spoken to some of the staff. Read Cherryue’s comments:

Another person who talked to Ehasz who says the same thing:

And one more:

A little more on Kataang, and how there was an episode about Aang and Kuzon scrapped for it:

This is everything I’ve been able to find.

Also, here are some more links courtesy of @anti-kataang:

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STOP DO YOU KNOW MY LIFE OR WHAT (this is a story i’m willing to share but only if you ask lmao and it does not have to do with seb)

you downloaded tinder for shits and giggles. you didn’t expect much out of it. you got on there every once in a while when you were bored and you got quite a few matches but half of them never messaged you and the other half of your matches would send you “wanna fuck?” as the first message.

today, you were bored and found yourself on the dating app again. you swiped left and right here and there and sometimes laughed at the stupid bios you read.

this particular guy who showed up on your phone screen caught your attention. there wasn’t much information in his bio, the song he chose from Spotify was some 80’s pop song and all the pictures he chose for his profile were kind of obscured - you couldn’t really make out his face but his name was Sebastian.

You shrugged and swiped right. To your surprise you matched with him. You kept swiping for a couple of minutes before you put your phone down and got up to make yourself something to eat.

When you came back to grab your phone you had a notification that Sebastian had sent you a message. You quirked an eyebrow, preparing yourself for your typical message but instead you were surprised with a corny pick up line. One that made you laugh out loud.

You replied back and that went on for a couple of days before he asked you out. You said yes, albeit nervous about meeting up with a stranger but you made sure to let multiple people know where you would be.

You headed to the hole in the wall coffee shop and he spotted you first. He walked up to you and your heart stopped. Not only was he beautiful in person but you had seen this man on screen too many times before.

“Oh my god.” You gasped. “You’re… Youre Sebastian Stan. What the hell are you doing on Tinder?”

He laughed and licked his lips. “Decided to try it out. Didn’t think i’d actually find someone worth my time though.”

“That makes two of us,” you blinked.

“You still want to have coffee? I get it if you’re freaked out or whatever.”

“No, i’m fine! I’m not freaked out… just a little surprised is all.”

He smiled sheepishly and you felt bad. He most likely didn’t expect you to react like this. You reached out and placed your hand on his arm cautiously, shooting him a reassuring smile.

“Sebastian, it’s okay. I won’t treat you any differently now that i know who you are. You’re just Sebastian from Tinder. Someone i want to get to know better.”

He stood up straighter and nodded. “Thank you.”

“By the way, thanks for not making the first message ‘let’s fuck.’”



Hello everyone! After reaching 150 followers, I was thinking really hard about what to do for a gift. Inspired by @ddeathflower‘s maxis-match hair, I decided to have a go at making a few! So, to thank everyone for following my blog, I present six clay-ified hairs!

Each hair is enabled for both females and males, and they do not include the mesh, so please make sure to download the original mesh of the hairs for them to work properly. Here is a tutorial to delete the original textures so my version of the hairs will be the only ones to show up. 

DOWNLOAD (Maxis-Match Versions)

Original Meshes (REQUIRED): Roulette | Serenity | Danity | Vapor | High Life | Vivacity

Note: The braid that comes with Roulette isn’t available for males, apparently. I couldn’t figure out how to enable that accessory for males.

Credit: Stealthic (Creator), Cazy (Creator), S4S, Toshimam (Update: Textures)

Dear Readers

Why do you hit my stories but not leave a kudos?

Am I shit?

Are my stories shit?

Were you given a certain number of kudos to use over your lifetime and when you use them all up, you die?

Are you afraid of awakening a horrible curse?

Were you scared by the kudos monster?

Do you just forget because the pure genius of what you read has swept you off to heaven on a cloud of angel dust?

Do you download and can’t be arsed to come back?

Is it that you tried to wank and didn’t come?

Did a mean writer break your finger once when you only clicked on the button and didn’t comment too? (I won’t do that, promise!)

Please, my pets, my darlings, my treasures - just click that button if I have given you more than a few seconds of pleasure! Or anon DM me and tell me why my fic is too shit to click that tiny little button!

:) [hand begging emoji]

soliloquy-of-nemo replied to your post: Well I was GOING to play bioshock, but my xbox…

what a rude xbox. I can play BioShock and download the update while playing on my PS4 and it only takes a few minutes to install and update on my PS4. Did I mention that I have Horizon Zero Dawn, on my PS4.

Which is exclusive for the PS4, and I have a PS4.


So I can play Horizon Zero Dawn on my PS4, which is exclusive on my PS4 and I have a PS4.

:P :P

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The BTSF (BTS x Mystic Messenger) [1]

A/N: Allllllright, as promised, here is the first chapter to bts x mm!! I was very much inspired to write this because of @lets-go-north‘s vine! So a big thank you for this inspiration!! tagging the lovey @niemandswalzer

Genre: Humor? I guess and eventual angst

Pairings: BTS x Reader

Word count: 1.1k

Member profiles: Taehyung | Namjoon

     You scroll through the app store with innocent intentions, only to find yourself tapping on a chat room app. With fancy italic letters saying “Chat with hot guys!?”, you giggle to yourself and think, ‘Why not..’

     Pressing the install button, you patiently wait for it to finish. The small notification at the top of your screen lets you know that you officially have this silly app. Tapping on it, it opens up. Its features are modern and dark and you laugh at yourself for downloading it. You’re about to exit and delete the app when a message pops up on the screen.

[Unknown]: ..Hello?

[Unknown]: Can you see this?

    You pause for a moment before typing your reply.

[You]: ..Yes? Who are you?

[Unknown]: Oh, good. I’m finally connected.

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“I distribute newspapers. I only planned on working for a few months after I graduated high school, but that turned into three years. I don’t want to be stuck in a dead end job my whole life. I should go to college. I just have a hard time following through. The moment any little thing goes wrong, I just put it off. I don’t know, maybe I’m depressed. When I was a kid, I’d stay up all night messing with software. I’d download a program, change the source code, and try to run it. I just wanted to see what would happen. If it didn’t work, I’d keep trying. I loved it. It was fun. Sometimes I’d stay up all night. Recently I tried to do it again, but nothing felt fun anymore. Everything just feels like work.”

chippyroh  asked:

I have a request please!! How about a scenario with polyReaper76 and an s/o who has narcolepsy? S/o just had their first narcoleptic episode and just collapsed asleep? Please and thanks!! You're one of my favorites!!!

Thank you <3
I took a few liberties with this prompt, as with narcolepsy you don’t really collapse asleep, but rather either sleep or collapse separately. I drew mostly from my work experience at the hospital but if you find any inaccuracies don’t hesitate to tell me :)

Requests are closed.

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Don’t have the money to buy AVSR? Haven’t had the time to watch? This giveaway is for you! The admins wanted to give something back to the 1,000+ followers we have gained since starting this network. So we decided to do a giveaway!


  • Please don’t enter this giveaway if you already own AVSR. We really want this to go to someone who does not own this and has not seen this. There will be other giveaways for you in the future!
  • You MUST be following this blog. This giveaway is for our followers, so we will be checking!
  • You don’t have to follow us admins, but it would be nice if you did! (Sam and Kayla)
  • Reblogs only! Likes do not count.
  • You can live anywhere in the world to enter this giveaway! All you need is an email!
  • If you win, we are asking you do not give this to anyone else. Starkid works hard at what they do and they give us a lot of things for free. This is one of the few things up for sale to benefit both Starkid and UofM.
  • To be clear, Sam and I are purchasing this digital download for the winner. So we are not ripping our DVD or giving away another DD link that was already purchased.
  • This digital download will not include the bonus features/cast interviews. If you wish to purchase that if you win, you can purchase that yourself on Ann Arbor T-Shirt’s website.
  • Giveaway ends April 9th

Good luck and thanks again for continuing to follow us and prove that the starkid fandom is not gone!