these are only a few of what i have downloaded

underused fcs y’all are still ignoring in 2017

it’s the year 2017 and y’all still use the same old fcs so show the fcs below some love and idk.. start making resources for them/use them instead of the same 10 everyone uses

*before anyone wants to send hate, i ain’t hating on any fc. i’m just letting people know that alts and other fcs are available and if you do wanna send hate, i’ll block your ass faster than the speed of light so think about it.*

  • elliot fletcher - i know trans people are barely used in the first place but he’s got so many resources? what’s the excuse? oh that’s right there are none.
  • dylan sprayberry - he’s 19 now and teen wolf 6b was shot when he was 18 so start whipping out the icons, gif icons and gif packs out now. i’ve started but… i’m so busy #rip
  • hailee steinfeld - scream favouritism all you want at me but she’s not used much despite her numerous resources????? she’s gorgeous, fits the 18-25 age bracket the rpc loves, can act and sing (genuinely)
  • chis pine - he’s being appreciated more but he’s still the most underappreciated chris. he’s got plenty of resources and quite honestly he’s probably the best chris ever. so let’s all appreciate and use him more
  • paris berelc - she’s being ignored in 2017???? sad. she’s gonna be the star of a netflix show coming out in 2018 so rpc i expect gif icons upon gif icons and packs upon packs when it releases. and in the mean time, a quick look in her gif icons and gif hunt tag will tell you she has plenty of resources
  • any k-pop/c-pop/j-pop fc that isn’t bts, blackpink etc - there are directories dedicated to them and a lot of helpers/gif packs as well… so what’s y’all excuses here?
  • scott eastwood - … … … i don’t understand why he’s underused… he’s white, good looking, cis male and has plenty of resources. he’s pretty much rpc clickbait???????????? and before y’all cry “but aGE1!!!!!111!!!11″ yes that’s true but rpc fave matt daddario is a year and a half younger than him. don’t believe me? look it up.
  • kelli berglund - she’s so pretty. and i’ve made 1,025 gifs of her. no that’s not an exaggeration and that’s not counting others in her tag. so once again, start using her.
  • luca hostelle - she’s a beautiful redhead with a decent amount of resources who should be appreciated as much as kat and madelaine. and if you’re tired of the token redheads then luca is a brilliant option
  • olivia holt - my wife and actual queen lenora aka @oliviaholtz has made so, so many gifs of olivia holt and yet… y’all are fixated on using nicola peltz, gigi hadid and dove cameron as your blonde fcs????? sad. anywho, she’s gonna be in cloak and dagger so….. you know the drill
  • vajen van den bosch - not only has lenora spent hours upon hours giffing olivia, she and alexis over on @alexcsofrp having spent hours upon hours iconning, gif iconning and gif making stuff for her. so like………… 
  • the descendants cast minus dove - y’all ate up dove so quickly but the rest of the cast??? like i see sofia used sure but the others. zilch. and china anne mcclain is gonna be black lightning and the others have plenty of gif packs you can use.
  • mateus ward - peel your eyes away from co/le sp/ro/use and look at him. he’s got a few independent movie projects coming out so like if his disney gifs aren’t doing it for you then look somewhere else. look his filmography up and see what you can download and start making resources
  • keke palmer - rpc, zendaya isn’t your only black fc option. keke (and china) are beautiful alternatives that should be used more often. she was huge when scream queens came out but now… zilch.
  • alberto rosende - somehow him and harry aren’t used in rps??? which is shock considering the popularity of their shadowhunters’ cast mates???? that should change asap honestly
  • harry shum jr - another fc y’all are sleeping on!!!! everyone calls m/al/ec amazing and all that (which they are) but when it comes to playing him *crickets chirp* 
  • cody christian - any native needs to be played more but he’s someone i can think off right now. he’s really good looking and he’s been in a whole bunch of things too and is a cinnamon roll

there’s probably more but this is all my tired brain can think off right now. 

Ways to get in shape pretty quickly!

Disclaimer: I’m nowhere near an expert on nutrition or exercise, this is just what I do and what I believe works. Just remember everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you!

So earlier someone messaged asking if I can make a post on exercise ect. And I thought about it, the more I thought it was a good idea!

Like i’ve said before you only will truly look good if you take care of yourself first. And I am NOT saying you have to be skinny to look good! But all of us want to feel good so if dropping a few pounds makes you feel good then do it!

This is what works for me!

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Devil In Me | Finn Bálor

Title: Devil In Me

Pairing: Finn Bálor/reader

Summary: Can you see him?


The man with the Devil in his eyes.

Word Count: 2,380

Warnings: A LOT OF DIFFERENT MYTHOLOGY BECAUSE IM A SUCKER FOR IT. (im trying to keep the mythology true to who they are not only with their WWE personality, but the gifted beings I think would fit them well).

Tagged: @ortonaholic <3

A/N: Hey guys! I got the idea for this fic after re-watching THIS video, creating the summary out of thin air, and then downloading an entire Celtic Mythology book. I know I have a few other two parters I need to finish but I’ve had this in my notes for a long time now and it needed to be shared! I hope you all enjoy! 

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You think you know someone

I have had nothing but friendly non-sexy interactions with the tumblr men being called out right now, so I can’t speak to the current accusations. I do want to state the obvious, which is that people aren’t what you see on the surface. That applies to all of us. We discover it in our “real life” relationships and probably more so here, where we only see what others care to share with us.

I (along with plenty of other people) was catfished here several years ago by a woman (?) claiming to have cancer. I donated and reblogged and never had a doubt, but someone more clever than I discovered that all her photos were downloaded from google, and there was no there there.

I myself feel complicit in some of the “underbelly” of tumblr I see discussed. Here is one woman’s very idiosyncratic experience of sexting on tumblr. After I had been on tumblr quite a while, I started exchanging pics and sexy mesages with a few men here. It started subtly, but built up steam pretty quickly. There was no coercion, my emotions were never involved, and I had Nick’s permission, so I didn’t feel guilty, but it still ended up being problematic for me.

As my long time followers know, I was raised in a cult, and I was repeatedly raped between about age 5 and 7 by a man who lived with us. I was on tumblr when I finally started processing and dealing with the trauma. So while I appeared to be a nice woman who was willing to get nasty in messages, in reality it was a symptom of how fucked up I was. I felt my only value was in being sexual, even if it made me uncomfortable. I willingly participated, and I was good at it, but I can’t tell you how much it felt like an obligation. To this day, I still want validation that I’m desirable, but I get so irritated by men that want me-except my husband. I’ve worked through a lot of my issues, but I don’t know that I’ll ever be 100% over it.

I gave up sexting almost entirely several years ago. I don’t remember exactly when, because it wasn’t a conscious decision. Sexting made me feel empty and worthless, and I became stronger and more able to not do things that hurt me. In my experience, everyone was polite. And you might be surprised, but a couple of guys I was messaging with got girlfriends and told me we needed to stop. I respect that a lot.

And I’m happy to say I respect myself more. I’m not saying all women who sext are wounded, but in my own experience, most are. I think it’s a strong indictment of our culture that women become “oversexed” due to trauma and abuse, but it’s almost expected for men. Wouldn’t it be nice to hit control alt delete on that shit?

In the long run, I’ve had way more positive than negative experiences here. But I only crush on the girls now.

Let’s all try to be kinder and more honest with each other and ourselves.

soulmate!au taeyong

Originally posted by dovounq

a/n: umm this is long but :)))) 

  • ok i think you’ll be able to tell this is the first time im doing a soulmate au dont murder me
  • so. TY TRACC
  • ok lets say here that you meet ur soulmate through….. music
  • like you could be anywhere listening to music and if your soulmate is in the same area as you, you’ll know because the song changes to something you’ve never heard before. and you wouldn’t know the name of the song because it nevER SHOWS WHERE ITS PLAYING FROM?????!!!
  • like you can’t stop it until the song is over or until the soulmate leaves the area.
  • does this make sense shiT
  • yeah but usually these moments usually come with bad luck
  • as in you can hear the music but you can never look for the other person because ya know. life situations
  • so thats how it is with taeyong
  • youre waiting for the train for your morning commute and it’s particularly very packed today, on top of that its hella cold and the train is late
  • people are starting to raise their voices
  • so ur like nah f this and put ur headphones in (at this time you heard about the soulmate thing but didn’t have the will to believe in it)
  • and you start playing lil uzi vert idk whatever ur into
  • like it’ll be going hard as hell nd ur dazing out watching the world fall apart in front of your eyes
  • so you dont even notice the song suddenly changing to something more soft and dreamy until u were a few seconds in
  • “wait i never downloaded this boi what the fUC”
  • you have flashbacks to ur friends screaming abt their soulmates and the music thing and ur like soRRY whAT???
  • u had no idea where the song was coming from either but aware it was from your phone only 
  • u closed all ur apps and it still didnt go away
  • and at first you’re apprehensive like haaaa…. nooo… this isnt real…. its ight its a phone problem probably i need a new one anyway
  • u didnt need a new one u just got the newest update
  • you start to look around the station secretly hoping this soulmate thing was true and ur future person was also looking for you and you could swear you did see another set of frantic eyes with headphones in their ears looking around but then quickly looking down
  • u notice they have fading pinkish hair 
  • interesting i got myself a rocker???
  • alas, u are shoved in the train car and a disappointed sigh leaves you when the song starts fading away
  • so from then on you always have your headphones in whenever you can, listening to the literal sweet song of your soulmate being in the same place as you and slowly believing the concept of the whole thing
  • you hear it several times and always look for that pinky hair but :( whomp
  • you get held up at your job and end up leaving late and the train ride back home is quite empty.
  • ahhh, SOLITUDE
  • as per your new habit, your headphones are plugged in and you’re thinking 
  • at a stop a dude with messy faded pink/blonde hair and a face mask walks in the train and uR MUSIC CHANGES
  • you were about to knock out but even hot pockets right out of the microwave couldnt wake you up that fast
  • the guy also has headphones but he’s not wearing them, (are u sRS)
  • you glance at the guy and he’s still kinda sitting there not putting his headphones and ur like fuckiNG SHIT DO I REALLY HAVE TO LEAVE WITHOUT KNOWING HIM
  • ur stop is getting closer and youre literally praying that he puts his headphones on
  • finally hE DOES
  • you watch as he puts it on and his eyes get wide and looks around
  • and then. the eye contact (u were probably crying in ur head by now he looked so cute even wiTH MASks) 
  • u shyly wave at him and are about to go up to him but ur stop is coming up so SHIT GOTTA NARUTO RUN
  • you run to him instead and ask for his phone
  • the dude, still in a daze hands it to you and you quickly punch ur number in and leave ur name
  • “y/n… im taeyong” he says as he pulls his mask down nd ur like WAIT HE NCT DUDE THE OPEN UR RICE GUY !!!!!!!!!! c?????DD
  • “yeah i wrote my name in there already but hi im literal putty and can u stop holding my hand bc im sweating bc i saw u on youtube good GOD”
  • he laughs and u swear u heard the angels singing from above
  • unfortunately ur stop comes and u gotta get off so ur all puppy eyes and pouting 
  • “bye :((((( taeyonggggg”
  • “bye literal putty :’)))))” cue ur heart yelling
  • well yeah you know what happens next. date at amazing coffee shop umm yes pls

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm so sorry for asking such a basic thing, but... could I ask how you make gifs? The whole process, starting from downloading the episode, torrenting or whatever, etc... I can't even do that much so no matter how many tutorials I read or watch, I can't even open it in Photoshop or download it correctly. >.< Thank you!

Hiya!! No no don’t be sorry!! It took me a while to figure it out too when I first got started so I’m happy to help you! I will mention that I have a pc, not a mac, so I can only show you what I have. Also I’m super sorry for this late reply!

Tutorial: How To Make A Gif (Extremely Detailed Version)

Difficulty: Easy
Time Allocation: ~1 hour
No Prior Understanding Required

What You Will Need:

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I downloaded Neko Atsume and i’ve basically been going “OMG KITTIES” for the last few hours.

I have a paper bag, the game shell thing, the green macaroon bed, and zebra grass toy.

One cat just,, sits there with his ass out the whole time. Only thing he comes for aside of food. I love him.

Idk what the power levels are or what they’re for, but i love them

Hello! this is the new and improved Daily-Homestuck requirements and application! if you’re not familiar with Daily-Homestuck, it’s basically a Daily Blog, but each person who becomes a mod draws and answers for their own character (that they chose). Here are the few requirements:
1. you must be 13+
2. you must be active
3. you must own discord (if you don’t have it, download it and figure out how it works, before contacting us)
here is the application:

1. what character do you want to be answering for:

2. what would you like your mod name to be? (keep it short and simple):

3. are you 13+?(if not please do not apply.) I am:
**examples of your best art here**

If you are copy and pasting this to share, please include the above requirements.
you can only have one character.

Please contact AggressiveFlyingPizza#7651 (discord tag) with your application. thank you for your time. ^^

a list of all the currently available characters (as of 8/22/17) will be listed below the read more

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We are not alone in the universe...I found proof on the dark web.

“It’s said that evil prevails when good men do nothing.” Those were once words that comforted me.

I don’t know how much time I have left, all I know is that in the face of uncertainty, an even greater fear exists in knowing that I alone shoulder the weight of knowing the truth….

I’d like to tell you that these words come from a place of analytical stillness, instead of the harsh reality that scares me beyond words. now, The fear that plagues me is very real, justified by earth-shaking implications that accompany Its looming presence.

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So this happened in my English Class

My first language is not English. I am greek. This is why I take a course of English lessons after school. Today, we wanted to do a listening exercise.

“Does anyone happen to have a USB stick on them?” asked my English teacher.

My class has 8 people in it - as I said, we are in a course so the students are few. I was the only one with a USB. The reason I carry one with me or well, I actually had 3 but that’s another story is because we use it to listen to music in my mom’s car. I have songs downloaded in there and we connect it with the car and tadaaaaa! Music!

Anyway, my teacher downloads the file in the USB and we connect it to the music player. The first song that plays - at full volume - is Sean Chiplock’s version of “Bird is the Word” sung in Revali’s voice

Everyone started laughing. Of course, they had no idea what it was but it was still funny, to hear something that random in the middle of the lesson. I am still chuckling, it was hilarious!

I forget that Dio is suppose to be dead by now so new technology will surprise him cuz in the latest episode he says “These automobiles.  Such power, such speed.  In my day, we only had horse-drawn carriages.”  I imagine Pucci listening to his ipod while reading and Dio is like “What in hell blazes is that!?”
and Pucci will be like “This is an Ipod you connect it to your laptop and download songs” and after a few hours of he would probably have all of the ABBA songs ever!! and he would be like “Jonathan would enjoy this” and Pucci just looks and smiles at him

100 120 Followers Gift - 21 Base Game Recolours

OMG, this took soooo long, but here we are finally!.I’m so over editing thumbnails it’s unreal..

This was supposed to be a 100 Followers Gift, but you guys are too amazing! I’ve recoloured 21 CAS items from the Base Game. (There are 2 recolours that aren’t shown on the picture, because I forgot to include them, sorry!)

I chose to do only base game, so you can all download everything without needing a mesh or EA pack. I hope you guys like it, and thank you for the amazing support you have shown me over the past week!

All items come in @soaringsparrows‘ fab colour palette.

Before you download anything, please take a few seconds to read my TOU, which you can find HERE.

Also, if there are any problems, please let me know.

Downloads are below the cut

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SPIDER-MAN 2 w/Tom Holland and YOU! (Part V)

Short info at first: DM me that you want to subscribe to the story and never miss an update. Thanks for showing support, it really motivates me to write more :) Any requests are welcome, as always!

“Since I’ve had the idea I can also start the game right?” Harrison laughs and spins the bottle and it stops… right between Zendaya and me. “Truth!” says Zendaya immediately. I agree, so Harrison gives us the task to talk about what our first kiss was like. Zendaya responds first: “Wet. That’s all I have to say.” Even after some convincing her she doesn’t want to talk more about it, so it’s my turn now. “My first kiss was … interesting. I was probably one of the late ones, most others have already kissed someone else and had their first “very-serious” relationships, but one day we played Truth or Dare at a birthday party and I had to kiss a boy I didn’t like because he was so arrogant, but a friend of mine found it funny to do this to me, so I had to… And it turned out he almost wouldn’t want to let go off me. As I said… interesting… But maybe not the best memory I have” I really just told that embarrassing story? I have sworn to myself I would just ignore it and live as if it never happened. Harrison is the first to break the silence “I think it’s okay with everyone that (Y/N) can give the next one a task, because sorry Zendaya, but (Y/N) beat you with her story!” I spin the bottle and it stops exactly in front of Zendaya. “And it’s you again, what should it be, Truth or Dare?” I say. “A Dare this time, but please be nice to me” “Okay. I’m nice to you when you are… Make a short poem of appreciation to me” After a short while to think about good rhymes Zendaya performs her poem in front of us. She stands up and starts:

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About this blog

Please keep reading, I promise it’s funny.

 At least I tried to be!

(names withheld to protect the witnesses, some editing done)

(originally submitted to back in 2014, but meant for all the owners of blogs that post stuff I like) 

Greetings and long letter from a fellow collector


This is a very long letter of appreciation for the wonderful job you do in this site. No, I regret to tell you in advance that I am not sending you a cheque as a token of appreciation, so you can delete this message now and read no further. However, if you have trouble sleeping or have two hours to spare with nothing better to do, like watching the paint dry, read on.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a connoisseur of art and a man of taste. The quality of said art and taste may be debatable, quesitonable even. By the way, I am not an American nor a native English speaker, but come from Spain, if you are American, that’s in Europe, not south of Mexico, Google maps is your friend. So please forgive any spelling and grammar errors and be thankful I don’t grate your ears with my horrible accent.

Over the last few years I started collecting, retouching and posting in forums military and battle paintings to use as wallpapers and screensavers. If for no other reason that I had lot of time in front of the screen and I wanted to stare at something else than the dull Windows background. Oh, and because since I got married I couldn’t have naked girls on the screen anymore like normal guys do. Everybody needs a hobby. Until I find one, collecting and photochopping paintings for desktop will do.

At some point I got a bit jaded of the monotony of images of war, death, destruction and the implements of it,  so for a change I started collecting images of art I like and find cool. So I turned to the hobbies of the age most mentally retarded of my life, that is my teenage and wasted youth years, and added to my art galleries the themes of roleplaying games, fantasy illustrations and computer games from the 1980s box art. Then I dug deeper and started with the genre of movie posters: the more lurid and trashy the better. adventure, sci fiction, horror, action, sexploitation.. etc.

But my craving for bad art eye porn wasn’t satisfied. I wanted more, more!

So one day in the bookshop I came across a book about the “Men’s adventure” magazine covers. A Taschen brick, coffee table size. Since it was too big to conceal, even under my trenchcoat, and was on discount sale, I bought it.

I hit bottom with that one. I loved the pulp art. Being a World War Number Two freak, I specially enjoyed the Nazi and BDSM themes. That probably is Too Much Information… relax, I am kidding. In fact I was repelled by those covers. I like the whole “damsel in distress” theme, but trivialization of Nazi attrocities and the outright sadism of those covers were quite sick. One thing is being kinky, being sick and twisted is another entirely different thing. What was wrong with the American people who bought that? In the same way never liked gore movies.

Anyway, the rest of the pulp covers I loved. Such great art technique! And such gorgeous women they had in the 50s and 60s, curvy and with slim waists! (just like my beloved wife).

But there was a problem, the pics were either too small, or couldn’t get decent wallpapers of the full size covers because the book was a bitch to scan, being so heavy and thick, and I loathe taking a razor to it.

So having hit bottom, I started to dig. I searched the internet for pulp covers of those masters. And found your site.

From somebody that shares the same obsessive compulsive collecting disorder, I have to tell you that I can fully appreciate the work, no, the labour of love involved in finding all these wonderful pieces of art, collecting them, and sharing them.

I spent days, weeks going through the archives downloading images I liked. Frankly, a lot of the images are rubbish, but what to one is trash, to somebody else may be a treasure, so please keep posting indiscriminately, we all have our own tastes. You probably don’t share my unhealthy obsession with sharp things or things that spit hot pieces of metal and things that go boom.

I spent days arranging the images you posted, retouching them for better fit or improvement, and making collections for them. I use an old Webshots desktop application, wich was responsible for this  obsession with wallpapers. The sotfware allowed downloads of pretty photographs for wallpaper, and you could add your own images. It’s dated but it works, and allows me to manage my collections much better and has better settings than simply use Windows default screensaver.

So thanks to you, my wallpaper galleries have now about 3 Gigabytes in size, numbering eight thousand images in several dozen cathegories. As I said the pulp covers are a welcome break from the images of tanks, airplanes, warships, soldiers and battles.

It’s not just the pleasure of viewing the images when I am taking  a break, I switch on the screen saver and watch the paintings cycle on the screen for a few seconds, it’s just that the search for suitable images became an end to itself, I get a thrill when after hours of tedious internet search I stumble upon a source of good images. A gallery like this is a godsend. We are not worthy!

Come to think of it, if you are a god, then I would have to send you some offering more suitable than a mere cheque, but I am afraid that sacrificial virgins are in short supply nowadays.

In addition to the images you supply, the links you provide to other insane collectors like ourselves are very valuable. I bookmarked the 80s and 90s stuff site, and the Back in the Dungeon gallery. Even if the pics in itself are not good enough, they give a lead for finding other artists images.

Over the years of posting war paintings at forums I have become frustrated and bitter about the lack of recognition and appreciation from people. Seems only a few freaks have the artistic sensibility (or the shared bad taste) to appreciate them. I got very few rewards in return for my effort to disseminate these paintings. I thought that after so much effort, it would be a waste that those images would die with me, and I want to share them with more people than just a couple close friends.

Well, there really a lot of people interested in this stuff, judging by the thousand of views the paintings threads have. I was bitter that forum admins didn’t thank me for my contribution, but I no longer care about that. What kept me going was the encouragement and appreciation from some people that enjoyed my postings and thanked me. But alas, those faitfhul were few and far in between. Most people just click on the thread, download image and say nothing. No comments, not even a simple “thank you” message or “I liked this one”. Ungrateful bastards.

So eventually I got fed up and burned up with forums. I only got aggravation from them and no respect. And some subjects are exhausted after retrieving and posting every painting of that theme, from museum galleries to book scans to box art. I had only kept going for the past couple years by inertia, and because the forum served as a backup of my images. I have lost a lot of work a few times due to computer crashes, despite precautions and periodic backups. Now that imageshack killed my old accounts, I have given up totally in messageboards. Their loss not mine.

All this self pitying bitching and moaning is just to tell that if you ever feel unappreciated or get frustrated with posting the images in your blog, I know how you feel and want to know how much I value and appreciate your effort in this blog, and how thankful I am that you gathered all these pieces of art and preserved them for fellow enthusiasts and future generations.

With every cool painting you posted that I liked, you gave me a little pleasure and made my life a little happier, and for that, I give you a big heartfelt thank you. I am sure I am not the only one that feels the same.

Your example is also inspiring. I had posted my images in forums because it was easier. It never occurred to me that you could do a blog on illustration. I thought it was too much work, but everybody is doing it, so I can too.

Once more, thanks again for your effort, and I hope this letter made you smile and feel good.

Very best regards.


If you wonder about the name of this blog is because it’s an off topic gallery of  all the paintings that I like and are not war paintings. And “outer”, because is a nod to sci-fi B-movies that had the “from outer space” in the title

My main gallery:

So, friends, let’s talk embarrassment. How about the first time I was invited to red carpet event, and assumed I’d have to like, rent a tuxedo for the event? Had a few people look at me like I was crazy. Or even worse, having to watch the surviving members of Queen watch a video of me singing one of their songs as part of a tryout for their upcoming Freddy Mercury biopic. Talk about mortifying. I had no idea I was gonna have to be there when they saw it for the first time, and it was only because they didn’t download it right the first time. What’s the most mortifying thing that’s happened to you? Let’s commiserate. 

I got a sex offender arrested.

(warning: long story)

About a year ago I finally decided to get out on my own for good and true because living with other people causes me unending stress, but the only way to get into a place quickly was to take a unit on the edge of the not-so-nice district of town. I figured since there was a police station literally across the road I would be safe. Needless to say, I don’t live there any more.

At first everything seemed fine. I got all my stuff moved in, started learning how to cook stuff more complicated than chicken soup, it was all good. Most everyone in my row of units tended to keep themselves to themselves. Apart from my neighbour on one side having noisy shower sex at two in the morning, everyone left me alone.

Except this one dude. He was in the unit on the other side from the shower sex people, and he was, in retrospect, way too enthusiastic to have a single lady moving in next door. He was constantly coming over just to ‘say hi’ and 'see how I was settling in’ and often had to be physically pushed out the door. He often stank of booze and took advantage of the summer weather and sealed windows (no shit, this place had locked windows and tenants didn’t get keys to them) to come wandering in when I was working. He drove me nuts, but seemed relatively harmless.

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Holy crap ya’ll I actually finished something!..I have severe adcd (attention deficit creative disorder) meaning I start a projects..think of something else I want to do start that project before I know it I’ve got eleventy billion and one works in progress lol anyhoo not this time!

I present my wedding collection, I thought our simmies were severely lacking suitable wedding attire so I whipped up a few gowns, thank you to NotEgain I used her magnificent Crows-Nest dress mesh, I don’t believe you need her gown for mine to work but if you do have issues just go ahead and get’s gorgeous anyway so your simmies will thank you ^_^

well I think that’s about it, the top are from CAS and bottom are in game, I did not edit or alter lighting or anything I only scaled (i’m hopeless at previews), so what you see is what you get… I may do a prom you can see my creations are few and far between..I’m all about quality over quantity lol, anyhoo I hope you like them and enjoy!


somerandomflamingo  asked:

What do you use to edit?

I use a few different websites. I would love to get photoshop but I don’t have the money and any free programs I ever try are free trial only so it doesn’t really work.

Anyway, here’s the sites I use. It all depends on what effect I’m going for, so I just upload the photo and go through the effects until I find something I like.

They’re all free to use and you can just download the end result when you’re finished :)

anonymous asked:

ahh any good rpgmaker recs? that aren't like ib or off, or the mainstream ones, maybe some that have been released recently if its ok? ^^

YOUVE COME TO THE (sorta) RIGHT GUY FRIEND! heres a few i think stand out (with links to where you can download them!)

hylics: this one is a personal favorite of mine. it has a cool and unique visual style! story wise you kinda have no idea whats going on because the game is very surreal but its fun to explore around! however, this is the only game on this list that costs money to download. but if you have 3 bucks to spare give it a shot! it is also available on steam if you have that (link)

space funeral: surprisingly, has nothing to do with space but great nevertheless! this is a fairly short game and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. would recommend if a game with a mindbending plot and great humor sounds up your alley. it has simple graphics, but a great soundtrack! (link)

middens: ok confession: i havent actually played this one yet because i am very bad at starting to do things. but, i have heard great stuff about this one! like the others, this is a very surrealistic game and has a unique visuals with a strange world to explore. ive also heard it is a social commentary of sorts. also check out the prequel/sequel gingiva! (which i HAVE played) and the other companion game that was released very recently, where they cremate the roadkill! (link)