these are only a few of them!

don’t think about:

  • dan and phil looking for their new place together and making that decision together for the third time
  • them deciding together which things should be left behind or gotten rid of
  • them sitting down and packing up their rooms together, finding little trinkets and reminiscing about the past
  • them finding pictures from old conventions and meetups and thinking about how far they’ve come because they used to only have a few people show up to see them and now they have to limit how many people they can meet
  • them packing up items from their various tatinof shows and thinking about how far they have come over the past few years and that they did it all together
  • dan and phil finally moving all of those boxes and items into a truck to be sent off to their new place
  • dan and phil closing the door to their flat for the last time and standing outside on the curb, holding hands, and saying goodbye to the place they called home for 5 years
  • them knowing that they have so much more to look forward to at this next place and how they’re going to do even bigger and better things in the coming years

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Hey I have a question to ask you; I've noticed over the past few months people are only asking you to draw scenarios and certain subjects. How do you feel about how your ask blog is not longer truly an ask blog anymore for people are no longer ASKING the characters?

I prefer drawing scenarios. I actually avoid answering questions directly and would rather draw a scene that will answer the question instead. Why tell the audience something when you can show them?

Boyfriend Tag - Jeff Atkins

Request: Reader is a youtuber who is doing the boyfriend tag with her boyfriend, Jeff, when he decides to pop the question 

A/N: The reader is in BOLD || Jeff is in Italics || They were friends for 2 years and have been dating for the last 5, just for clarification.

“Hey guys, it’s (y/n) and today I’m doing the boyfriend tag with my boyfriend, Jeff!”

“I’m very nervous for this.” Jeff said, letting out a chuckle.

“You shouldn’t be, the questions are fairly simple. Okay, so I have a list of the questions on my phone. There’s 30 questions but we aren’t doing all of them. We’re only doing 17, since we’ve known each other since we were 17.”

“Alright, so you’re going to read a few and then I’ll read a few?”

“Yep! Besides some of them are for me and some of them are for you.”

“What’s the first question?”

“First question is…when and where did we meet?”

“Oh, that’s easy. We met the beginning freshman year in high school in biology class.” You smiled at the fact that he remembered. The last 7 years with him had been magical and scary, but you had never been happier with anyone else.

“Wow, I’m impressed you remembered the class. Nicely done.” Jeff smiled, looking down at his hands. You were lucky. “Okay, next one. When and where was our first kiss?”

“We had our first kiss after we won the championship game for baseball. I think it was the end of junior year.”

“I remember that day like it was yesterday. You hit the home run that made you guys win. You and two other guys scored.” You tell him, kissing him quickly. “Question three: When did you meet my parents?”

“I met your parents right after we started dating junior year. Your mom loved me and your dad talked to me about baseball.”

“I met your parents at the championship game actually. That’s when you told them we were dating.” You looked up into his crystal blue eyes, grinning at him. You considered yourself lucky that he survived his accident during his senior year, you never took anything for granted ever, but you really made sure to be grateful everyday. “Question number four: what is the first thing I do in the morning?”

“You roll away from the window and pull all the blankets with you.” You laugh, slapping his arm playfully. “But if we’re being serious, she usually gets out of bed and makes coffee.”

“When the alarm goes off, you groan and roll over. Once you actually get up, you make breakfast while I pour you coffee.”

“I don’t want to sound cocky, but I do make pretty good waffles.”

“That’s so true. They could be chocolate chip, banana, blueberry, and they all taste amazing!”

“Time for question number five. Who is my BFF?”  You couldn’t help to burst out into laughter. “What’s so funny?”

“You sounded like a girl.” Explaining it to him made you laugh even more.

“Okay, let me rephrase the question. Who is my best friend that isn’t you?”

“Probably Clay. He tutored you in high school, he helped you get me. I think you guys have a lot of history together. What about me?”

“I think Hannah. She was there for you the entire time I was in the hospital after my accident. She was there when I couldn’t be. I think that that’s an important quality in a friend.”

“Aw, Jeff you’re not supposed to make me cry.” He looked down at you as you looked up at him. His arm wrapped around you tightly, pulling you into his side before he gently kisses the top of your head. The questions continued for several minutes and consisted of very different questions like your favorite animal or his favorite food. Eventually you reached the 16th question. “Okay, question number sixteen. Complete this sentence: My girlfriend is __________”

“My girlfriend is…my everything.” You grab his hand and intertwine his fingers with yours.

“My boyfriend is…the one person who completely understands me.” Jeff looks down at your hand and squeezes it lightly.

“I’m making up the last question. I promise it’ll be a good one.”

“Go ahead, Atkins. I trust you.”

“Okay,” He stood up before getting on one knee, pulling the ring from his back pocket of his jeans. “My question is…will you marry me?”

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it pisses me off so much when customers joke about how it's past closing time. just shut the fuck up and let me go home

We make our closing announcements to say “if any employee wants to make a purchase please do so now as the store is closing in 15 minutes.” We do 15, 10, 5, and “the store is now closed” announcements. If people are still there I will say “last chance employees the last register will be pulled in five minutes. This is your last chance to buy anything.”

If the selfish customers are still wondering (and believe me there are always a few) and don’t check out after ten minutes I will kill all the stores lighting leaving the lights on only on the front end. When the customers complain I will apologize and tell them that they are controlled by corporate and we can’t control them. That usually gets them the fuck out. Every so often you get the bitch that fucking pulls out her phone and uses the flashlight to keep looking for shit. Only twice have I just said fuck it and pulled the last register and told them to get out and they can buy their shit in the morning. I got a call from the DM because they complained but I reminded the DM it was the end of the week and most of my crew was on O/T and he said he would have done the same thing and that was the end of it.


How adorable, right?

My favorite part of the “moving out” video was the little flashback (just a few seconds!) to the two of them building the wardrobe when they first moved in. They looked like little tiny babies! With such “interesting” haircuts! And that was such a funny, iconic video! With Phil stroking the piece of wood up and down until Dan stopped him. That made me laugh so hard. I think that was the only part of the video that made me really nostalgic.

Shame on those 5 noisy phandom cynics who insisted that they would be moving out separately. Why would a 25-year-old man and a 30-year-old man who are very special friends ever want to live independently of each other?

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:o! do you have any portfolio pieces you can post?

uuuuh i have a few concentration pieces at home rn (only like 4 of them are finished) and they’re kinda boring bc i had to restart halfway through this semester but…..i’m painting the planets? (forgive the absolute shit quality i have an android phone) 

this is venus








i also have saturn and the sun (i know that’s not a planet but i needed one more hfjkhsj) but i don’t have them with me rn

Not to be depressing since tomorrow is lesbian visibility day, but it’s insane how much society makes no room for us to exist and does not want us to not exist. I remember being on Tumblr a few years ago before I deactivated for a while and following so many lesbian bloggers only to see that the majority of them are with men now. We already know how much  lesbians are no longer calling themselves lesbians due to liberal homophobia, queer activist homophobia, feminist homophobia, etc.  There are articles and stories and videos that are countless that literally tell us that if lesbians don’t exist for the sake of others we should not be able to exist as authentically ourselves, as if we are indebted to others just by being lesbians. We are made to feel selfish, suffocated and abnormal so that we can be coerced into abandoning our authentic sexuality and our boundaries.  I’m just sad with how much that has worked.

We aren’t extinct. We aren’t going away. We are not sexually fluid and need the ‘right dude’ to change us just because some women either find out they are actually bisexual or call themselves lesbians while knowing they are attracted to men for their own fucked up homophobic reasons. We are not fucking outdated. We are real. You can’t manipulate lesbians out of existence just because we don’t exist for other people and their bullshit politics and bullshit aesthetic. 

Anniversary Drabbles

With a few anniversaries coming up for me, I figured why not throw the Chocobros into some lovely little romantic situations. 



Dating the next Crown Prince does have its perks, you never really had to so much as ask for something, prior to it appearing in your apartment less than 30 minutes later. Like a pizza delivery service, but of gifts.

So on your and Noctis’ anniversary of dating, you didn’t really want to be spoiled, yet instead wished to show just how much you didn’t need all those artificial things, despite enjoying them greatly since they all served memories of precious times together. You just want to spoil your Prince the only way that you could.

You had awoken your sleeping beauty by littering a few kisses over his forehead, and cheeks, as he held you close in his sleep. It was already well beyond noon, and if you left it to him, this is how the entire anniversary would go.

“Y/n, five more minutes.” Noctis muttered, as he pulled the covers over both your heads.

You gave a laugh as you begun to lazily draw figures across his cheek, “Wake up, Noct. Are you gonna sleep the entire day away?”

Noctis gave a yawn, as he grabbed your hand pulling it to his face as he gave a soft nibble at your hand prior to placing a kiss to it. “That was part of the plan.”

You gave an over dramatic pout as you rolled over, moving from the bed, “Fine, I guess you won’t get that nice gift I slaved over.”  You call as you moved into the bathroom.

Somehow you managed to get the Prince out the bed, and in a shower with you, prior to getting dressed. Nothing too out there, he was always so use to being dressed by the others, and having to suffer from stuffy suits, today, he was able to get away with a simple shirt and short set, while you placed on a nice summer dress.

You grabbed a late lunch, being sure that no vegetables came within reach of the Prince’s lips, with silent apologies to Ignis. It was getting dusk, by the time you were ready to reveal your grand prize.

“Y/N, where are we going?” The now blindfolded Prince inquired as you lead him through a thick forest area, that Gladiolus told you about.

“We’re almost there, just a little bit longer.” You called, back, firmly holding onto the young man’s hand so that he didn’t run into a tree, again. Having to hid a giggle, as he almost tripped on the sudden change from dirt to wood.  “Wait here.”

Noctis waited in the dark, as he heard the slight heels of your shoes, echo across the wood. Hearing you shuffle around, before calling for him to remove the makeshift blindfold, his eyes adjusting as he stared ahead.

You stood, holding a new fishing pole in an over glorified box,  in the middle of a gazebo set in the  middle of a very secluded lake. The rod was perfectly cast and balance, at least you hoped, you and Prompto spent 2 hours testing out rods.

“Happy Anniversary, Noct.”  You call, as Noctis stepped forward, reaching out, as he plucked the rod’s box from your hands. Confusing you as he turned placing it down on the railing, before gathering you in his arms.

“Y/N.” He muttered against your hair.

Being with Noctis for so long, you knew how he was about these kinds of things, and that he was super happy with the gift, as you returned the hug. “You’re welcome, come on let’s test it out!”

Noctis slowly released you from the hug, when he began digging in his pants pocket trying to find something, only to pull out a small box. At first you thought it was a ring box, yet suddenly realized that it was too wide and long, as he opened it showing a tennis bracelet that matched the colors of his eyes perfectly.

“I…I knew you were saving up for it.” He muttered, glancing away from your before looking at you beyond his eyelashes.

A giggle escaped you, prior to pulling your boyfriend close, as you leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips. Only pulling away so that he could clasp it to your wrist, brushing his bangs from his face so that you could compare the blues, amazed at how well they matched, your other hand grabbing his as you pulled him forward.

“Come on, we can stay as long as you want.” You smiled, walking over to his new fishing rod, as you removed it from it’s box, as you held it toward your prince. Only to gasp as his hands found your waist, picking you up, as he placed you on the wood railing, before leaping up next to you.

A nice cast sent out, as he wrapped an arm around your waist, allowing you to rest your head on his shoulder. Both of you watching the sun set on the lake, as the stars begun to appear.

“I love you, my Prince.”

Noctis pressed a kiss to your temple, “I love you, my Princess.”


You honestly had no idea where your adorable sunshine of a boyfriend managed to find all this unlimited energy. Last night when he came home from his Kingdom duties, you had surprised him with matching Chocobo carnival t-shirts to go to the amusement park that had opened, for your anniversary.

The noise he made was very similar to the large yellow bird yet more pitched, before he gather you in his arms and begun littering your face in kisses. He than proceeded to keep you both up until 3 am showing how excited and grateful he was, that you set aside a four day weekend for the two of you to spend at the amusement park together.

“What do you want to try first, y/n?” Prompto beamed, as you both entered the gates, his large blue eyes shining in the sun.

“Whatever you want to do,” You smiled back, his smile still held that charm that made you beam back just as hard as when you first started dating. Almost regretting giving him free rein,when he took off in a fast pace leading you through the small early morning crowd.

Four roller coasters, three spinning rides, and a water ride later, you both found yourselves  getting hungry as you found a nice little stall that you split some food between the two of you. Only noticing the strange look on the blonde’s face as he stared at something across the square.

“What’s wrong?”

“Stay right here.” He smiled, placing a kiss to your cheek, before bounding across the square rather quickly.

By the time you had finished the last of you drink, the blonde had returned with a large bag, as he fished inside before producing two very goofy but adorable hats, that had a chocobo design in the front and a moogle on the back. All you could do is stare, as he handed the hat to you, realizing that he had also gotten them embroidered with your names.

“Prom,” You giggled, as you noticed the shine begin to fade from his eye, only to quickly reach up removing you high ponytail as you pulled it on. “How do I look?”

“So cute!” Prompto beamed, as he put on his matching hat.

“That’s no fair, you look so much cuter.” You pout playfully, only to break into giggles, as he begun littering your cheeks with kisses.

The actual day of your anniversary fell that Saturday, so you made sure to schedule the most important part on that day. Instead of going to main park, you instead provided the blonde with a matching jacket, knowing the blonde didn’t believe in sleeves, not that you didn’t mind. Handing him, his camera, and dawning you matching hats, having to laugh at the fact you had become that embarrassing matching couple.

You lead him to another part of the park, as it was split into three different areas, and you had spent all of yesterday in the amusement park, today you’d be going to the adventure trails and judging by how giddy the blonde had become he knew exactly where you were leading him.

The second he saw the Chocobos you knew that you had lost him, and he of course picked the black one by the name of ‘Cupcake’ and picked you out the cute purple one by the name of ‘Muffin’. Everything in you knew he had picked them mostly because of the silly names.

“Y/n! Look at that!” He pointed toward the large horned animals currently drinking from a watering hole.

“Super cute!” You called back, “Turn left up ahead, Sweetheart.”

The large birds led you up the trail to look over a cliff side, both of you dismounting as you got a much closer look to the overview of the park.

“Sweetie, I have to get a picture of you with this background!” Prompto called, as you moved to the area where he was currently focusing his camera.

“Don’t you think that it would be better with the two of us together?” You coo, as he balanced his camera on some rocks, setting the timer, as you both begun your own own impromptu photo shoot, which was of course just became more ridiculous as it went on, only to stop as you felt your phone vibrate.

“Who’s that?” Prompto asked.

“I’ve got one more surprise for you, but we have to head back to the hotel.”

A quick rush back to the hotel, found that dinner was waiting for you which was enjoyed with light laughter, and soft hand holding and reviewing the pictures of today’s hike. As dessert was being cleared, you were surprised when Prompto’s hand rolled over as he pushed something cold in your hand, only to gasp at the small ring. Obviously not an engagement ring, yet a promise ring.

“I know we haven’t talked about it a lot, but I know that one day…one day i’m going to see you down that aisle.”

Tears pricked at your eyes as he slipped the ring on your right ring finger, as you moved the candle from between you, you didn’t need another repeat of that incident, as you pressed your lips against his. Pulling away, as you whispered against his lips, “Meet me in the room in 15 minutes.”

By the time you heard your boyfriend slide his card into the lock, you had time to jump onto the bed hopefully in a very sensual pose.

“Y/n, are you…Holy Six.” Prompto gasped, as he stood in the doorway.

A smile tugged at your lips, as you glanced over you shoulder, wearing what only could be described as bunny girl costume that had a baby with a chocobo, shaking your large tail feathers at your boyfriend, as you cooed softly. Prompto finally took a step within the room, his  eyes trained on your’s before glancing to your breasts  enhanced by the push up in the top, down your sides, to your bare legs, large “feather”s covering your butt as you gave a wiggle, giving a giggle as his eyes followed the movement.

“Prompto,” You cooed, moving rather graceful from the bed, considering how heavy the tails were, as you moved across the room putting an extra sway in your hips.

“Bab..holy…just shit.” Prompto muttered, as you stopped just outside his reach.

You reach out to his hand holding his camera, as you raise it, ““Why not take a picture, it will last longer.” You had to bite your lip to stop yourself from giggling at how entranced he was at you, his eyes never leaving your own as he began snapping picture after picture. Giving him your own private show, as you used almost every inch of the room as your photo shoot, and the looks Prompto kept giving you over the lense just seemed to fuel your fire.

After about the 20 minute mark, you reached forward plucking the camera from the blonde’s hands, setting it on the desk behind him. Wrapping your arms around his neck, as you gave half lidded eyes, pulling him forward, as you hummed softly to the tune of the Chocobo march.

“Please ride your chocobo all day.”

Prompto’s face lite up, as his freckles disappeared into a blush, as he moved forward pushing his lips to your own, wrapping his arms around you tightly. Picking you up with ease, as he stumbled to grab purchase under your tail feathers, as he stumbled to the bed, both of you falling to the bed as he proceed to do just that.


Today was suppose to be perfect! Today was suppose to be so freakin’ perfect! But no, some deity of nature had it against you!

You had finally managed to get Gladiolus, your big lug of a boyfriend, to take the weekend off to go do his favorite thing in the world, that wasn’t you of course. Yet NATURE had it out for you, you personally! It was suppose to be a relaxing weekend to celebrate your anniversary, that actually happened a few weeks ago, but life happens.

Your trip started super early in the morning about 6 am, so you could both drive out to the mountain areas surround Insomnia. You had got to the camping ground and set up camp, prior to Gladdy, suggesting to go on a morning hike to watch as nature came alive, super romantic!

Not being a huge fan of nature to start with, you enjoyed a nice walk in the park, but sleeping in a tent on the cold hard ground, was always a fight between you and the big nature lover that you fell for, yet somehow you always compromised, by you sleeping directly on top of the big guy. Not that either of you complained as you both did it at home too.  

“Y/n! Come look at this!” Gladdy called so cheerfully, already up the incline you were currently marching up. He never went out of sight, but the guy’s long legs, and eagerness allowed him to scale it much easier than yourself.

While you trailed behind him, wheezing softly about how Mother Nature was a whore! Almost as if she was a jealous girlfriend trying to steal him back, yet you were determine to enjoy this weekend!

Reaching the top, as you grabbed ahold of his strong arm to balance yourself, you both went on morning jogs together every morning, but this was torture to you, only to realize why.

You saw all the flowers surrounding you, and you prayed to the Six that you remembered to take your allergy pill.

“Isn’t this great!” Gladdy boomed, “My favorite things, nature, and…”

You’re not entirely certain why you jumped, you should have been used to it, as he grabbed a large hand full of your ass. “Gladdy!”

The tall man chuckled as he gave the cheek a swat before leaning down to place a kiss to your cheek, as you both gazed out to the wilderness before you. Even you had to admit, Mother Nature may have been a whore, but at least she was a very high class whore.

Yet that was quickly forgotten, when after Gladdy had suggested you guys keep going and seeing how far you could get before you settled down for a picnic lunch. Which just so happened to be in a field, that was quickly inhabited by a huge woolly creature that you didn’t get to identify as it charged toward the both of you obviously upset that you both decided to enjoy a romantic early lunch together.

You knew you had nothing to worry about,  as you were with the King’s Shield, but when 3 of them are charging at the two of you it was rather difficult not to let a few shrieks escape as you ducked and dodged out the way of the attacks, not wanting to hurt the animals as in all rights you were invading their home. While you lovely boyfriend, seemed to be having the time of his life, laughing and evening goading the beast on as you were fighting for your life!

The two of you made your way back to you campsite, covered in mud and sweat, and Gladdy just had to take a shortcut, which of course in Gladdy-nese meant the longest way possible. So about a quarter of the way there you were suddenly caught in a downpour! No warning, just rain!

“Looks like we won’t need a shower tonight.” Gladdy chuckled, as stared angrily at the sky.

When you reached you campsite, you wanted to shriek, you were cold, you were wet, and your campsite was in tatters, because a roost of random Chocobos decided that they did not agree with your choice of camping supplies and destroyed everything!  At least the cooler full of food lived.

“Well that’s no good.” Gladdy muttered before walking over to the cooler, easily moving it to his shoulder as he took your hand in his other. “I saw a cabin a little further back, let’s go see if it’s empty.”

You couldn’t do anything but allow the big guy to pull you along to the cabin, it was luckily empty, and seemed to be part of the park as a honeymoon location, that you wanted to spend the perfect anniversary with your boyfriend and as luck would have it, currently unlocked and fully stocked.

You managed to towel off, but found that your frizzy wet hair was beyond saving without any haircare products. All you wanted to do now was climb into your Gladdy’s lap, and stay there until this horrid weekend was over.


“Out front babe!”

You head out front to the porch, surprised to see the man had actually found a hammock and it managed to support his weight without bringing down the support beams. What you wouldn’t have given to see him struggle to get in it.

“There’s plenty of room.” He chuckled, patting his chest, knowing that you couldn’t say no to cuddling up with your favorite bed.  His laughter only becoming louder as you clamored to get in, before curling up in his arms. “Well today was eventful.”

You gave a soft pout as you nuzzled into his chest, listening to the sound of his heart and the rain falling around you. “It was suppose to be perfect.”

“It wasn’t?”

You gave a full pout as you buried your head in his chest, feeling frustrated tears trying to escape, “Everything was suppose to go smoothly, but everything kept getting ruined, my allergies, those large animals, and the tent.”

“Babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize your allergies were acting up. Are you okay?”

You quickly buried your head in his chest, as tears began falling, it wasn’t like you to cry, but you were so frustrated and angry at this point, “They weren’t that bad…” You cry weakly, hoping that he didn’t realize your tears were falling, only to gasp as a large hand found it’s way to the back of your messy, rain frizzed hair causing you to look up at him.

“Y/N, any moment I spend with you is perfect. I wouldn’t trade you for anything.” He chuckled, giving you a large boyish smile.

You want to pout, you wanted to, but his smile was so genuine and so reassuring, you had to bury your head back into his chest to avoid the embarrassing schoolgirl giggle that fell from your lips as the tears turned to joy.

“But a cup of ramen wouldn’t hurt.”

A loud bark of laughter left you, only to turn into a shriek of surprise, as he managed to pick you up and leap out the hammock all in one motion without a stumble. Had you tried alone, you would have easily landed on your ass.

“Where we going?” You ask, as he held you in the crook of his arm, before fishing around in his pocket, pulling out a necklace very similar to his own. You often toyed and batted at it, when you laid cuddled on his chest.

“Hope you don’t mind if we’re one of those dorky couples with matching jewelry.”  He replied, as he sat you down, before securing it around your neck. “Perfect.”

Standing on the tips of your toes, you reached up, singling that you wanted the tall man to pick you up. Allowing you to sit on his forearm the other arm, keeping you from toppling backwards, facing him, you arms securely around his neck, legs braced against his sides as you placed a kiss against his lips, “Just like you.”

“Now why don’t we go find a way to warm the both of us up.” He smirked, as you rested your forehead against his. “You ever did it in the rain?”

“No,” You muttered, “But I’d like to give it a try.”


It wasn’t often that you managed to sneak out of bed, as well as get up early enough to surprise Ignis. You often joked that the sun couldn’t rise without the man to wake it up, yet today you managed to do so. Smiling through a yawn as you shuffled the eggs around the skillet before you, it was suppose to be an omelet, but something happened and now you have scrambled eggs.

“Good morning, my love.” Ignis’ deep voice echoed in your ear, as felt a thrill go down your spine, the husky voice made even more so as he was still shaking off sleep.

“Good morning,” You whisper back, as he wrapped his arms around your waist holding you close, as he rested his chin against your shoulder. “I have some ebony on the table for you.”

“What would I do without you?” He smiled, placing a kiss to your cheek, as he sat down at the small two seated kitchen table.

You coo softly, as you load two plates, walking over to the table, setting his down as you swept his bangs aside placing a kiss to his forehead.

The two of you often didn’t talk through breakfast, instead choosing to enjoy it in each other company. You had already started the day off rather late, at least late to the two of you. Since you begun dating the tall sandy blonde, you knew he was a man of schedules, and this was the only day he ever requested off.

Well not so much requested, as Noctis forced him to take it off, explaining that nothing he, Prompto and Gladiolus did could be so bad that he couldn’t fix it when he got back. Aside from the Chocobo incident which still brought a chuckle from the two of you.

“What are our plans for the day?” You asked, picking up the empty plates as you deposited them in the sink.

“As it’s so nice outside, why don’t we enjoy the weather?” He suggested, as held out his hand, leading you to the bathroom, where the two of you enjoy a nice warm shower together.

“Where to, dear?” You asked, as you both exited the house, linking your arm in his. He wasn’t much for public shows of affection, which worked for you, simple hand holding, or linked arms allowed you to get  what you needed. Besides in private you got all the Ignis you could want.

“I plan to spoil you, my darling cupcake.”

You gave a playful pout, “Iggy, we’re suppose to share this day.”

“I’m honored to do so, and by seeing my love spoiled, means everything to me, my love” He replied, as he lead you toward the shopping area of Insomina.

You had to admit the man was poet with his words, no man so tall, suave and handsome should be real, yet here he was leading you in a boutique.

“Iggy!” You gasp, as he released your arm, pulling you hand to his lips as he gave a kiss to your knuckles.

“I’ll shall return in about 2 hours time, enjoy yourself, my heart.” He stated, before whisking himself out the door.

You wanted to be upset, and you want to pout, but found it so difficult to be upset when he called you those adorable pet names. Noctis, Prompto, and Gladiolus often joked that he only did it because he forgot your name and was to embarrassed to ask you. Yet you knew deep down that the man knew more about you, than you did yourself. Yet as your relationship blossomed and bloomed, you realized he did it so that he could always know when something was wrong.

“Mrs. Scientia, your husband has everything picked out, all you have to do is relax.”

“My husband…” You mutter softly, only to feel your face burn at the thought, yet couldn’t bring yourself to tell her any different as you were lead through the boutique.

Just as he agreed, Ignis had arrived in time to pick you within 2 hours, wearing a very suave black suit and matching burgundy tie to go with the dress he had picked out for you.

“My dear, you look absolutely, radiant.”  Ignis smiled, taking you hand in his, as he lead you to the nice restaurant down the street.

Of course the meal held nothing to the type of dining you received from Ignis everyday, yet it was nice to enjoy a sweet candle lit dinner with the perfection that was the man before you. A bright smile on your ruby lips never seemed to linger, as the man linked his fingers with your own.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, no simply admiring you, my love.”

You may have just been emotional but you felt your eyes perk with tears as you grip on his hand tighten.Only to realize that he had shifted his hand to find something cupped under his hand, realizing it was a small red box, leave it to him to have that slight of hand.

“I wish I could provide you the moon, yet all I can do is give you this small little rock.”

“Iggy.” You smiled, as you opened the box, showing a rather decent sized pendant hanging on a necklace. Looking closer to see it had your and Ignis’ initials around it.

“So that you know you are always within my heart.” He replied, moving to stand behind you to put the necklace on you. It rested the perfect length to never  get caught in your clothing. “Shall we retire home for the evening?”

Linking your arm into the tall man’s, you balanced in your heels to stand tip toe as you pressed a kiss to his cheek, being certain to avoid  leaving a red kiss mark against him.

The dark evening air was perfect as he lead you home, providing you his jacket at the soft wind that blew through the streets. You we’re upset that the walk seemed so short, yet couldn’t control your joy as you entered the house, seeing he had planned dessert for the two of you to share together at home, all of the living room furniture moved out the room.

The atmosphere lite by fake candles, as a soft waltz echoed through the stereo system, wondering just how exactly that he could set all this up. Gasping as he removed his suit jacket from your shoulders to hang up before gracefully turning to you.

“My love, may I have this dance?” He asked, holding out his hand, at a slight bow.

You turned placing a manicured hand within his own large strong hand. “I would love nothing more.”

Pulling you to the center of the room, Ignis pulled you in a soft waltz, putting you in a spin, as he pulled you closer to himself than the dance required. Resting your head against his shoulder, you closed your eyes, imagining nothing more than being in this perfect moment. Gasping as he gave you a slight dip, opening your eyes when you noticed that he at some point within the dance had removed his glasses so you could stare in those beautiful green eyes undistrubed, as he leaned forward into the dip, pushing his lips against your own.

“Happy anniversary, y/n.”

“Happy anniversary, Ignis.” You smiled, back as he pulled you back up, into another waltz as the next song came on. “Should we get to dessert?”

“My dear, I have something else in mind for dessert.”

The Paradoxical CommandmentsPeople are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.Love them anyway.If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.Do good anyway.If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.Succeed anyway.The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.Do good anyway.Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.Be honest and frank anyway.The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds.Think big anyway.People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.Fight for a few underdogs anyway.What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight.Build anyway.People really need help but may attack you if you do help them.Help people anyway.Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.Give the world the best you have anyway.
Spirited Away And I

Im not sure if i am the only one who has experienced this;

One of the first films i ever watched was Spirited Away (I am 14 and have recently finished my journey through every single Hayao Miyazaki film) and a few years after watching it i had lost almost all memory of doing so. But through out my primary school life i had recurring dream/nightmares involving the character Noface and Yubaba’s bath house. I passed these dreams off as my imagination and thought nothing more of them. However i constantly had the vaguest idea that what i was dreaming about was a film i had watched when i was younger. With this thought in mind i questioned my Dad about the film he said he had no idea about what i was talking about. (my description must have been very poor as he too is a huge fan of the film and can easily identify it when its being described) Due to my Dad’s shared cluelessness i gave up my search for the source of my mysterious dreams once again. However a year or so later when sorting through my families colossal DVD collection i found the box for spirited away. At the time i did not realise this was the film which contained the material my childhood dreams were based off however i did have an interest in the film. So i put the disc in and watched the film. Upon the realisation that this film had been in the back of my mind for so many years i began to cry with joy. It is very rare that i do cry in happiness but this film made me. I remember vividly i watched Spirited Away every day for a week after being reunited with it and each time i discovered a new layer to the film. 

Spirited Away is a true masterpiece and is by far my favourite film ever created. Not only is it an astonishing cinematic experience it dragged me on an almost decade long journey to rediscover it and for that it earns bonus points for sentimental value.  

Eternal {Byun Baekhyun}

Description: “I can’t promise you forever forever, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep that promise.”

Genre: Angst/slight fluff?

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Word Count: 1,509

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Quilt covers stretched up the expanse of your body until they almost covered your chin. Relentless icy wind couldn’t be thwarted by your protective cocoon, however, and you wished that Baekhyun would get home soon to snuggle under the covers with you, ceasing your endless shivers.

The two of you weren’t quite high-school sweethearts, but after a few bad relationships you let yourself realise there were better options right in front of you, if you’d only give them a chance. So you did. Something always bothered you though, and from the moment you started dating you could never shake the feeling. It felt temporary.

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alipiee  asked:

51! :D (for the prompt thing)

51) things you said as we danced in our socks

“Do you like it?”

By now, Yuuri knows Victor well enough to notice the tightening of his smile after he asks that question, as though he’s bracing himself for impact. He tightens his grip ever-so-slightly on Yuuri’s fingers, lets his feet skid to a stop on the wooden floorboards.

Yuuri glances around Victor’s apartment, which he’d entered for the first time today. The old record player that they’d found in a dusty drawer quiets to a dull roar in the background, songs in Russian that Yuuri can only translate a few words of. His toes brush against Victor’s on accident but he keeps them there, inviting every possible point of contact.

“I don’t like it,” Yuuri says. Before Victor can react, Yuuri dips him with one hand supporting the small of the back, leaning over him and staring into his eyes, trying to convey meaning that words cannot provide. “I love it.”

Last Weekend (Coming Out to Classmates)

So this past weekend when I was down in Grinnell for my reunion planning I made the decision to present female and by extension come out to a wider circle of people. College was when I really started to solidify my trans identity, but it wasn’t until late in college that I felt more confident in that, and there were only a very few close friends who knew about me at that point. So while some of my college classmates have learned about my identity since that point (as I’ve come out more fully, including on social media), some of them who are less connected with me didn’t know, and none of the folks who were back had interacted with me presenting female up to that point. Ditto (on the latter point) the staff who were my former colleagues that I got to work with.

As coming out/being out goes, not only was this a fairly low stakes environment, but given my college’s liberal/progressive values, and the group of people involved, I knew it would be a total non-issue. Still, it felt really good to just be able to walk into our first gathering at dinner on Friday night and just be myself and be welcomed in. The weekend (as I’ve already shared) was a great one, and productive, and everyone was fabulous about things. My classmates had no hiccups with name/pronouns, and my former colleagues were all great about it as well. What’s maybe more notable was how much of a non-issue it was in small-town rural Iowa. Yeah, it’s a college town, and much of the space I was interacting in was with college folks, but even outside of that things went totally smoothly. We bumped into a bunch of other folks we knew from there as well and it was all comfortable/easy. Awesome.

Funniest little anecdote on that from the weekend. Our group had wandered over to a local ice cream place on Saturday evening. I had the kids along with me and went up to the window to place my order. The lady behind the counter said “what can I get for you ma’am.” Well, after the order was finished and we stepped aside, Minky looked up at me and asked (with a confused look on his face) “did she call you man?” I laughed and explained that, no, she had called me ma’am and then explained how that was a term some people used, much like “sir” when addressing women. He looked up at me again and asked “doesn’t she know that you’re a little bit of both?” (something I’ve told him as we talk about my gender), I explained that no, she probably didn’t, but also that, seeing as I was dressed this way I was totally comfortable with her calling me ma’am. He nodded and responded, “well, I’m a boy.” I laughed.

It was a good weekend for plenty of other reasons, but being able to come out and be out without any issue sure helped.

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Hii! I'm just wondering what are your thoughts about the Caestridge panel? how do you saw them answering about the fitzsimmons future? ps. how adorable are Iain and Elizabeth? I died. Have a good day!

Hi Anon!

Oh my goodness!  I am SO jealous of those of you who were there in person and i just grinned the whole time watching it.  I have to say after seeing a few panels at Wondercon the AOS cast is simply a delight no matter how many of them are there. 

Originally posted by stydiaislove

For me it solidified the good vibes I’ve got for Fitzsimmons as we head into the end of the season, tonight is likely going to suck but after that we’re getting the pay off…just hang in there guys.  

In the theorizing and building the wise and powerful timeline (hail the timeline) I feel like myself and the others on the CTT have gotten really good at reading the cast.  And its not only in interviews but silly things like on Social Media.  Lil is so polite but you can tell when she doesn’t like a story.  IE the whole Will thing.  See the AIDA thing, that CLEARLY upset her (same Lil same I would have preferred creeper Dadcliffe not letting him go).  Even if you go back and look at her interviews from SDCC this year.  She wasn’t as excited about things as she had been over hiatus, and we know why now.  Fitzsimmons were hardly together in A.  At Wondercon and the panel last week, But both she and Iain were super happy, bubbly, positive, and were very much hiding something.  Lots of knowing looks, especially at Wondercon and they had the read for 22 under their belts at the very least by then.  I still feel really good about engagement….with elopement and WAY left field Baby Bomb all being on the table.  Other options that I can see is them stepping back from Shield (as I predicted a long time ago) or moving into the Love Nest.  

That being said…everyone BRACE YOURSELVES for tonight.  

Originally posted by pink-and-dreamy

Because there is a good chance Fitzsimmons come face to face finally and its going to hurt like HADES.  

Something huge is going down, I can feel it!   We’re going to learn AIDA’s plan, and likely the extent of what she’s done to Fitz, that AIDA is watching/meddling from the outside, and why…not to mention I bet a huge plot twist or five. Maybe a death.  Jemma also learns or sees enough that she knows to go for Papa Fitz in 20 (we are pretty sure that is who she’s gone after in the promo pics anyway).  Because right now she has no idea that snake is in his life.  

I also won’t be surprised if we get to the point to mirror The Laws of Nature, where Fitz was the only one left trying to save Jemma (Bobbi was helping her her own way)….Jemma might be alone in trying to save Fitz (bonus if Bobbi or Hunter help Jemma go rouge and run down Papa Fitz…just saying).   Where the rest of the team has given up or been forced to work on something else. Tonight will be a big Daisy ep…next week is Jemma’s “Purpose in the Machine” and she is getting her Fitz back!

So no matter how bad things look after tonight know that after this we are heading for the light again.  Lil was very happy again about the time they were filming 20.  And I personally don’t feel either of them would be as bubbly and as secretive as they have been if something horrible was coming our way in the finale.   

Okay sorry that got away from me with some theory time but hope i answered your question too!

okay but the thing about dan and phil moving out that really made me emotional is that only a few nights ago i dreamt that they found me after my last suicide attempt and they took me in in a new apartment and they helped me to recover and dan would slip memes under my door and phil made sure my room was filled with plants and it was just the most wholesome thing and i hope this new place brings them as much comfort and happiness as they did to me in that dream

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Please can you do 17 with Derek. Your writing is amazing and you are such a inspirational person. Xx

You’re so sweet, thank you!!! Oh my gosh, what a lovely compliment…that is just one of the kindest things I’ve ever been told!

#17. “Ignore me, I didn’t see anything”

“Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygoooooooooosh,” I groaned, dancing around outside the bathroom door in a desperate attempt to not pee my pants. Pounding on the door once more, I only waited a few seconds before deciding ‘to hell with it’ and bursting in.

“Y/N!” Derek cried, sticking his head out from behind the shower curtain. 

“You’re taking forever and I’m gonna pee all over your hallway, I’ll only be a minute,” I replied, my voice full of urgency as I rushed to the toilet, fumbling with the button on my jeans before quickly shoving them down. Relief washed through me as I was finally able to empty my full bladder, sighing happily. 

It was then that I looked up to meet Derek’s annoyed glare.

“Dude!” I said, widening my eyes. “Can you please not look at me when I’m going to the bathroom?” 

“Ignore me, I didn’t see anything,” he grumbled, getting back to his shower. “You only burst in on my shower.” 

We fell into silence after that, each of us going about our own business, once I was finished, I put my pants back in place and turned on the faucet to wash my hands. The water in the shower went off at the same time, half of Derek’s body emerging as he searched for his towel.

I let my eyes wander in the mirror, smiling a bit at how he was poorly attempting to hold the bottom half of the shower curtain to maintain his privacy as he reached for the towel. Deciding to take pity on him, I dried my hands and turned to grab the fabric, handing it to him with a grin.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, stepping back behind the curtain. 

“No problem.” As I opened the door to leave, I paused, looking over my shoulder just as he stepped out, towel wrapped around his waist. “Der, you really didn’t see anything when I was…ya know?”

“No,” he shrugged. “You were moving so fast and my eyes were trying to stay on your face. Why?”

“Just curious. I can’t say the same, though,” I told him, smirking over my shoulder as I pulled the door shut behind me. There was just enough time for me to catch his face turning bright red before I headed down the hall laughing.

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Could you write some jonny taking care of sick patrick?

Dear anon, the story kind of run away from me. I blame it partially on the fact that I have written a similar fic before & I was struggling to come up with something entirely new. The other part of the blame falls on this that has been stuck in my head for a few days.

So it became an almost 3500 words of Jonny and de-aged, sick Patrick -mess.

I’m not sure it’s what you were looking for but I hope you’ll still enjoy it and maybe I can make it up to you another time.

My askbox will be open for prompts for the foreseeable future. 

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Headcannon that Clay has a daddy!kink and he lowkey loves to call Tony daddy, in and out of bed to fluster him in a good way. If this request makes you uncomfortable I apologize and feel free to 100% ignore it. But if you are comfortable thank you!

1. Neither of them discovered this secret kink until a few months into dating. Clay, after doing some research, read about it and wanted to see how Tony would react. So the next time that they were having sex, Clay groaned out ‘daddy’ into the side of Tony’s neck and it only made him thrust faster - seemingly liking the phrase.

2. Clay calling Tony ‘daddy’ became something natural between them, a silent agreement that it was enjoyable on both sides. It was also one of the guaranteed ways to get Tony flustered if Clay said it to him in public, which was starting to become often as he gained more confidence.

3. During the time between classes, Clay would lean against Tony’s locker and wait for him to come and exchange his books. After catching up with one another, Clay would give him an innocent kiss on the cheek and say, “see you later, daddy.” before walking off to class. Tony could barely sputter out a response then.

4. If there were times where Clay and Tony couldn’t see one another due to their busy schedules or vacations, Clay would tease him over text. Tony’s phone would beep out of nowhere with a new message from Clay, “I’m missing my daddy very much right now :(” and Tony would curse out in frustration because fuck, Clay shouldn’t be allowed to tease him.

5. There were also instances where Tony would be the one to remind him who 'daddy’ was. No, he wasn’t possessive - but some people didn’t know the concept of personal space. If they were out at a club and someone seemed a bit too cozy with Clay, Tony would stroll over and pull him aside. And after mumbling, “daddy wants to get out of here, baby.” they found themselves in the backseat of Tony’s mustang with their clothes off as quickly as possible.

6. During nights where Tony was an absolute tease, (biting his nipples, kissing his thighs, preparing him nice and slow) Clay felt like he would burst with all the anticipation. That’s when he would start moaning out “oh God, daddy please fuck me…” Tony loved it when Clay begged before, but him whimpering out 'daddy’ gave him the exhileration to fuck Clay with enough passion and drive to make him scream.

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Hello!! By full 8 you mean 8 hours ? So it's "normal" in America that regular shift has 8 hours too? Btw sending you energy!

Andy: Yeah, 8 hours and after that it’s overtime but only in a few states. In the US, there’s unionized states like CA and then there are Right To Work states like VA.
In VA I could work a 14 hour shift without overtime as long as I work under 40 hours that week, and I could also be fired at any time without them having to tell me why. It’s the mentality that “you have a right to come in, but private business can do what they may” as long as federal guidelines are followed

A unionized state says 8 hour shifts are more than enough work for a person. I also am required by law to have a 10 minute break every 2 hours and a 30 minute lunch every 4. After a 90 trial period, I cannot be fired without tons of paperwork and the company proving they have a reason to fire me.

It’s all complicated and annoying but I’d rather be in California than VA

Leo took a breath and seemed to brace himself, the only sign of any discomfort since Takumi had seen him that evening. “I love you, Takumi. More than any kingdom. More than any supposed responsibilities or duties.” His words were earnest, although his eyes showed some apprehension. Was he… worried?

Takumi tried to grasp at some of his earlier resolve. “Oh yeah?” He felt his heart beat in his chest in protest and in anticipation. “And what if I don’t accept your apology? You think you can just send an array of… of disorganized and unrelated letters and everything will be back to normal?” Takumi remembered the hurt he’d felt only a few hours ago, when he realized Leo had not actually shared any of these sentiments or memories with him. Or worse, the hurt from a few weeks ago when Leo argued against them being together like it wasn’t even worth the discussion.

Leo leaned in slightly, tilting his head closer, closing some of the space between them. “Then I will court you. Mercilessly, without a thought of anyone and their opinions except yours.”

This, like many other things this evening, caught Takumi off guard. “C-court me?”

“Mercilessly,” he repeated. “I will take you hunting in the forests to the North, where there are deer twice as large as the one we caught last autumn. I will buy you the nicest meals from all the restaurants Nohr or Hoshido have to offer –we’ll eat in a private booth all to ourselves. I’ll use my telescope and find a new star. I’ll name it after you. We’ll attend all the Hoshidan festivals, and then, invent some for us to attend in Nohr.” He leaned in even closer, so his lips were almost tickling Takumi’s ear. “I will take you to my bed, for you to do whatever you like with me.” He leaned back again, in time to see Takumi’s blush (although his expression remained firm). “You were the best thing to ever happen to me. I pushed you away, and if you can’t forgive that, I can understand. But then I will start from the beginning. I intend to do everything properly, this time.”

It’s finally done everyone! Read Formalities HERE!

(Or start with Part 1, Frivolities, HERE)