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Stealth Caretaker Grif Headcanons

Manipulates Sarge and Simmons into participating in Donut’s first few Wine and Cheese Hours because Grif gets being over the top when you feel insecure.

Knows when Sarge has been awake for too many hours and gets into circular arguments with him until Sarge thinks retiring to his room for the night is his idea, and he’d better keep watch, dirtbag. 

Accidentally leaves precious snacks near Simmons when Simmons is in hyper-focus with some report or other, and only bitches the requisite amount when Simmons eats them. Nerd needed the calories anyway.

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Have you ever been to a BTS event? If so how many times and what was it (Concert, Fan meeting, etc)

Yes I’ve seen them 2 times at mcountdown while they were performing no more dream in 2013 (this might not count but still lmao) and then I’ve seen them at like a showcase/concert (?) in Sweden. It’s been such a long time, I really want to see them again ://

Fun fact, if you watch the performances in mcountdown when I were there, you can actually see me and my brother haha. I’m like the only one with blonde hair (or at least one of few) and my brother has a green cap, you can see us sometimes when the camera is on the audience. 😂

I’m honored to be in the same video as them tbh 😭

If anyone is interested in seeing it:

being open about your fandoms is so worth it.

i used to be super guarded when it came to being a fander, solely because of the often negative connotation surrounding fandoms. but the moment i started to open up about it, i realized that there are only a few types of people you’ll come across when the topic is brought up. and believe it or not, not one of them is world-shattering.

there are the people who don’t know anything. like at all. my grandma asked me about thomas a while ago because she knew i met him. she didn’t know what a youtuber was, she didn’t know what a fandom was, she didn’t understand how people can make a living making videos. but the mere fact that she actually asked, and wanted to know about this passion of mine made me so happy and i had no problem explaining it all to her. i think there’s a benefit to encountering one of these people, and that’s the fact that you can present everything the way you want to. they have no preconceived ideas or biases. so i was able to talk about writing fanfiction without the “YOU WRITE SMUT” question, and so on, because that isn’t something that she’s been conditioned to think. because she just doesn’t know anything about any of this. (she does now!! i’m happy to say i’m 90% sure i explained everything in a way she understood.)

then there are those who do have preconceived ideas or biases. usually where the “YOU WRITE SMUT” question comes in. when i told a friend of mine that thomas sanders told me he appreciated me, he said “he’s a youtuber, he has to say that. he only appreciates you because you make him money.” (i love him and i know he wasn’t trying to be mean. he even said it with a laugh, like he was just teasing. he’s a good pal, dont worry.) i do make him money, that’s true. but i know that this community is different, and he is different, and so i dropped it because he didn’t get it, and wasn’t completely willing to sit and chat about “that vine guy” for an hour. the same friend saw me writing on my phone and asked what it is and i said fanfiction. and i was immediately accused of writing smut, even though it was completely sfw. again, i dropped it, we never talked about it again, and it was fine. he didn’t get it, and that’s okay, because there are gonna be people who don’t get it. but he wasn’t mean, because it’s not a big deal.

then there are the people who are in the fandom too! and you never really realized it until you started to become more open, but the boy down the street from you? he’s a clique member! the person in your science class who doesn’t really talk much? a fander! you thought those doodles looked an awful lot like jake peralta and amy santiago? you were right! and then you’ve found your people, and you get to bond and geek out and have the best conversations like OMG did you see phil lester’s new video i LOVE HIM

and… that’s about it. for me at least, i’ve only ever encountered variations of these three people. and literally


nobody gives a shit.

even if they’re an asshole about it, like,

they’re probably fans of something! everybody’s a fan of something! so we’re all on the same page, and it really doesn’t matter!!!

embrace it. make your lockscreen some cool clique art, or set your ringtone as the glee theme song, or tell all your friends to subscribe to dodie clark on youtube. get rid of every item of clothing you own and replace it with harry potter merch. attend every ed sheeran concert possible. put up pictures of the sanders sides all around your room.



i promise. it’s worth it.


Geez, I hate Tumblr because I’ve been trying to post this all weekend long and it hasn’t been cooperating with me… so I hope this finally works. Because this is super SUPER duper cool. I got some things from Chris Battle (@chrisbattleart)!

I PROMISE I’ll take some more pics of it later (since I only got to snap a few pics before I had to motor!) but the comic booklet thing is a rare and cool thing that Craig did about Mojo kidnapping the Apples in Stereo and holding them hostage… on the MOON! What a jerk (well, not just because he’s a jerk… there’s a reason why and Craig actually explained the reason and the origins of the comic in this post)! But it’s honestly super amazing! And has Craig drawings! AND IT ALL RHYMES! I love it so much!

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malec + dancing 💕💕💕

@malecbane-wood said: Hello! Malec + slow dancing? 😊

“A first dance?“

“Yes, it’s a mundane tradition, that at the reception the first dance is only for the newlyweds, most often to a song that holds some significance to them.“

Magnus feels Alec hum against his chest, and it’s quiet for a few moments as Magnus continues to play with Alec’s hair, and then Alec says, “I don’t really know how to dance.”

“That can be solved very easily.“

A flick of the wrist, and soft music fills the loft as Magnus nudges Alec to his feet. He then gets up as well, stepping away from the couch where there’s more room, and gestures for Alec to join him. Alec steps into place opposite Magnus, and lets his hands be placed on Magnus’ waist and in Magnus’ own hand. Magnus gives him a basic rundown of the steps, and Alec nods along, committing them all to memory.

“And if you feel like you’ve lost your footing, just follow my lead.“

“I always do,“ Alec says, blunt and honest in the most heartfelt way, and Magnus kisses him softly before starting to move his feet, guiding Alec gently. They bump into some furniture, and Alec steps on Magnus’ toes a few times, but soon enough, they find their rhythm, dancing around the loft, the soft music and rustle of the city outside serving as a backdrop for the quiet sounds of their dance.

Magnus slows them down after a bit, stepping closer and wrapping his arms around Alec’s waist, although he doesn’t stop gently swaying to the music.

“I can’t wait to do that at our wedding.“

Alec’s arms wrap around him, holding him tight, and Alec buries his face against Magnus’ neck and whispers, “I can’t wait to do that for the rest of our lives.”

francy’s pre semester fic fest

Baby Galra prompt

((Keith/open to any other character, including Lotor or other galra if you wanted to include them! Possible a/b/o dynamics, but that can be excluded if it’s not your tastes! My email is!))

It had only been a scouting mission, something routine and simple and completely ordinary. He was just to check out a few planets where galra activity had been noticed recently, see if there were any signs of them still in the area, and check inhabited planets to see if everyone was alright. But barely half way through his mission, an unidentified object had blipped onto his radar, and when he checked it out closer, he saw it was an escape pod. At first, he had thought it had been empty, but then a slight ruffling of blankets and a gentle cry proved otherwise. It was a sad scene to come across, one that hit all too close to home for Keith. It was a young child- probably not even a year old, and.. galra, by the looks of it, with big fluffy ears, and he had immediately been taken in by the little crying ball of fluff. Maybe it was because of their shared heritage, or because Keith had suffered the fate that the baby would be left to if Keith abandoned it, or perhaps he felt it was a chance at something he had been robbed of many years ago- But Keith knew he had to do something, he wasn’t going to let this baby be another causality of war.

He had wrapped the baby up in the blankets in the pod, bouncing him close to his chest as he tried to calm him down, whilst checking him over. He was shaken up, obviously, but… Physically, he seemed fine.

Keith knew that taking on the baby was a huge responsibility, and that he was probably way in over his head here. The weight of the baby in his arms was an unfamiliar one, but… It was also a sweet one. Keith had always wanted a family of his own, even though he had practically grown up without one- maybe because he grew up without one. Of course he had come to consider all the other paladins his family now too. But now he mind was wandering. He had no idea how his lover would react- they had barely talked about children, let alone having one in the middle of a war, but Keith couldn’t help but consider taking in the tiny thing as his own. Maybe he was getting soft these days, or nesting instincts were flaring up, but he had already grown attached to the child, and Keith was anything if not stubborn, and would see this out.

Which lead him to the present moment, landing Red in the hanger after flying back in, the lion letting out an appreciative rumble. She had seemed unsure at first when he had brought the baby on board, but now she was… Almost proud. He just hoped everyone else felt the same.

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What are your five favourite sansan fanfictions and why?

Just five!?!  There’s so many though!  Okay, well here’s a few that come to mind in no particular order.  All of them have qualities I admire about the writing or the writer themselves.  

  • Marching Song by @kimberlite8.  Out of all her amazing fics, this is my personal gold standard of fan fic that I can only aspire to.  I love the epistolary style and I’ve learned so much about writing from it.  I’ve re-read it several times and every time I get swept away.  She’s a master of creating a unique voice for her character.  Every turn of phrase is distinctly Sandor and it comes off natural and seamless.  I’m not exaggerating when I say I keep what I learned from this fic in mind when I write.     
  • The Sword in the Darkness by @naturesinmyeye.  It’s so crazy good and just so unique in it’s premise.  The otherworldly imagery and magic depiction is so deliciously creepy and it’s impressive how nature can sustain the fever pitch every time it happens.  And it’s nestled in a much more satisfying telling of of the show-verse so much I wish it was the actual script.   
  • Gods and Monsters by Dr_Supernova_Dragon_Cat.  Modern AUs don’t usually do it for me.  I really prefer the canonical setting; however, this is one of those few great exceptions.  Makes wonderful use of fully fleshed out original characters existing alongside the book characters.  Nothing feels forced into the scene.  The plotting and pacing are great.  If this were a movie and even if it didn’t use Sansan specifically, I would watch the shit out of this movie.  And don’t expect just a fun modern au romp.  It’s an emotional roller coaster.  It will wreck you and leave you begging for more.
  • Under a Silent Sea by @squidproquo-ink.  To categorize it as an explicit sexytimes one shot is selling it short.  It’s a one shot that kicks you right in the feels with a level of intimacy that makes the sex that much hotter.  We’ve seen the basic elements before.  They are well loved and recycled for good reason, but squid tweaks it and builds it better in a neat little package.  It’s transcendent. Like what Martha Stewart would do if she got her hands on a box cake mix.   
  • In the Wood by Walter Gilman.  The legendary epic uncompleted work that is so good if you saw it updated now after so many years you’d pee yourself.  My God, it’s poetry.  The author is like the Keyser Soze of fanfic writers.  Creates this one mythical masterpiece, slays anyone that reads it, and then *poof* disappears.  Don’t let it’s incomplete status turn you off.  Read it.

Honestly, Sansan has an embarrassment of riches in it’s fanfic writers.  There’s so many more that bring something unique to the table it makes me feel bad for not being able to list them all.  I also highly recommend works by @ladytp @thefeatherofhope @chaouenmadrid @asimplylucia @azraelgfg @maroucia @redcandle17 @pasansansan just to name a few off the top of my head.

More than friends

Originally posted by imdancingintherain07

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Hvitserk x Reader, Ivar x Reader


A/N: Thank you for reading this story there is only one part left after this one!!! 😊

Summary: AU

Reader and Hvitserk are friends with benefits and they are both alright with that, but things will start to change when Ivar moves in with them.

Warning: cursing

˝No…˝, you looked at him suspiciously  ˝…that’s not possible.˝ You furrowed your brows not believing him.
˝It is.˝ He insisted.
˝Halfdan, that is just not possible. ˝ You sat on the couch with Halfdan while Floki and Helga were in the kitchen. You took your vacations days and luckily Floki offered you to stay with him. Just a few days after, Halfdan and his brother came to visit.
˝Yes it is. I have pictures.˝ He started pulling his phone out and you laughed at him.

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Any good historical romance set in Scotland? Craving a sexy man in a kilt!

  • My fave Scot story is When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare, which is highly recommended by others in the community as well.
  • A Scot in the Dark by Sarah Maclean is set in London, but Alec is such a wonderful hero in a kilt that it deserves a mention anyway.
  • Suzanne Enoch has a series called Scandalous Highlanders, which are some of the first romances I ever read and they are still some of my favorites.
  • To Beguile a Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt fits the bill and is one of my favorite romances of all time. 
  • Jennifer Ashley’s Mackenzies & McBrides all have Scottish heroes and I believe at least a few of them take place in Scotland (maybe?).
  • Ravished by a Highlander by Paula Quinn was great and is part of a big series you could get into.
  • Karen Ranney has written a bunch of Scot stories X, and I usually enjoy her, although I only read her before I started rating things on Goodreads, so I am just speculating.  
  • Karen Hawkins as a series (Maclean Curse), but I didn’t overly enjoy the books, so while I don’t recommend them personally, you can check them out for yourself. 

Currently on my To Read list:

  • Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn
  • Seduced by a Highlander by Paula Quinn
  • Tamed by a Highlander by Paula Quinn
  • Highland Unchained by Monica McCarty 
  • Seduced by the Highlander by Julianne MacLean
  • The Bride and the Beast by Teresa Medeiros 

There is a great big list here and another here.

As always, feel free to add your favorite Scottish setting/Highlander rec!

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I'm in a angsty mood (´;ω;`) and you're perfect for that- so if I may could I please get a scenario with Bakugou who has a S/O whose quirk allows them to 'dream hop' but if they get hurt in the dream they get hurt in real time and they get stuck in a nightmare? Thanks in advance lovely ヽ(;▽;)ノ

I made it so the s/o can only get out of the nightmare if someone wakes them up. Hope that’s okay, and I hope you like it. Angst, good, good angst.

In the dream you were just walking around town. It was calm, and it definitely didn’t feel like a nightmare. You sat down in a cafe, and ordered a drink. Your dream world looked nice today. All of a sudden it got darker, and you felt something menacing in the air. All the people around you were gone, except for one. Few tables over, there was a man. He was wearing a hat and a long trench coat. He raised his head, and looked at you. You froze. Suddenly, you were bound to a coffee table, wearing only your under garments. The man started whipping you. You could feel every strike ripping deeper to your flesh. You were screaming, but you couldn’t hear your own voice.

Bakugou woke up to you screaming. He noticed the blood staining your shirt.

“Shit, fuck, fuck!”

He started to shake you awake. Your eyes opened and you sat up, still screaming, and now waving your hands everywhere. Bakugou wrapped his arms around you and trapped your hands to your sides.

“[Name], you’re awake, it’s okay. Calm down.”

Your breathing started to get steadier, and you stopped struggling against him. You were crying and bloodied, which alarmed Bakugou.

“We gotta do something to these fucking things. Come with me.”

You were relieved that Bakugou had woken you up. Luckily, the man didn’t have time to whip you for too long, but it still hurt like hell. Bakugou tended to your injuries. He was muttering and cursing, but you weren’t paying much attention. You hated this. The torture, in your dreams. How long could you deal with this? Did you even want to dealt with this?

“Cut that shit out.”, Bakugou growled.

“What do you mean?”

“I know what you’re thinking. Cut that shit out right fucking now.”

“How the hell you could possibly know what I’m thinking?”, you spat.

“I just know, and you are not giving up because of these shitty dreams.”

“They are not just shitty dreams Katsuki. They are nightmares, and they affect my actual body. Case in point.”, you exclaimed, pointing at your wounds.

“I know, and I fucking hate it. I fucking hate it that I can only help you when it’s already happened.”, he shouted.

You were surprised by his sudden outburst. You had no idea it had been bothering him so much. He was on the floor, just sitting there and hanging his head. You knelt down, and embraced him. He buried his head to your chest.

“I don’t wanna lose you to some fucking dreams.”, he said quietly, his voice cracking a bit.

You couldn’t say anything. You couldn’t promise him anything, because it wouldn’t be true. You could just hold him, and tell him, that somehow, it would all be okay.

Mr. Unicorn Hair (Woozi x Reader)

Originally posted by sevixxteen

A/N: Hello everyone~ I’m back with a Woozi scenario! I’m not very proud of this one but I hope it’ll do :( To the anon who requested this elementary school teacher AU, I’m sorry if it isn’t like what you had in mind. After this scenario, I’m going to post a story about my experience in Diamond Edge JKT real soon! Please bear with my jam packed schedules (◕︿◕✿) [Request box is open]

Genre: Fluff, but kind of a platonic relationship.

Plot: Adorable elementary students keep talking and telling stories about Mr. Unicorn Hair to the new elementary school teacher a.k.a. you.

It was the first day of your job and so far, you’ve been enjoying every second of it. Being an elementary school teacher was hard they said, but the adorable smiles of the students in class 3-A told you otherwise. It has only been a few hours spending time with them, but they all treated you like an older sister they’ve known for life. Being a very young graduate, you had always been nervous about actually teaching in the classroom someday, about actually interacting with children. But today, the students cleared up your anxieties and you couldn’t be happier.

“Ms. _____! Ms. _____!!”

You turned around to see a group of girls chasing you down the hall. Smiling, you waited for them to catch up.

Adjusting yourself to their height, you asked the crowd. “Can I help you girls?”

“Can we eat lunch with you, Miss?” They sang and giggling, you nodded.

“Let’s go!” You said and the girls cheered, jumping up and down, running around until all of you arrived at the canteen. You sat together with them and ate lunch while listening to their stories. One of them told you about their pet goldfish, then the other told you about her favourite season. Just when you thought your table couldn’t get any noisier, a girl in ponytails ran to your group, her hands clutching onto something.

She stopped abruptly and took a deep breath before waving her clenched fists. “I got it! I got it! He let me have it!”

The other girls waited for her to show them what she was talking about and when she did, they all went wild. You took a peek at it and didn’t understand why they were all so hyped about it. It was… a strand of hair? A strand of pink hair, to be precise. The girl who had them showed it to you and asked if you wanted to hold it.

“Whose hair is it?” You asked them while observing the pink hair.

One of them immediately replied, “It’s Mr. Lee’s unicorn hair!”

“He said that if we got one hundred for our test, we can ask for anything!!”

Then they started going on and on about this Mr. Lee and his… pink hair. Since you just started today, you haven’t officially introduced yourself to the rest of the teaching staff. You haven’t known any Mr. Lee in the school but just from listening to what the girls have to say about him, you learned a lot. He’s a music teacher who, you quote, ‘can play any kind of instrument in the world’. Apparently, he has pink hair and the kids love it so much, they started asking him if they could have it. Without realising, lunch break was over and you took the girls back to their classroom.

“If you meet Mr. Lee, you can always ask to touch his hair. He’s really friendly!”

You giggled at their words and bid them good bye before wandering around the school to kill your free period. The building was surprisingly huge for an elementary school. They had a very spacey gym, an indoor swimming pool, three science labs, and a two-story library. You were walking down a hall when you heard someone playing the piano.

Curious, you tiptoed to reach the small window on top of the door to take a peek. You noticed the one playing the piano had a very soft pink hair, not needing to think twice, you knew that it was the infamous Mr. Lee. He played for awhile, then stopped to write down scribbles on the music sheets, then played again, and stopped again. It was a beautiful melody he was assembling.

The next day, you had been assigned to help Mr. Lee since his assistant went for a short trip back to his hometown. You had already been escorted to his music room before he arrived so you didn’t take it personally when he nearly dropped his coffee mug seeing you in his room. He gave you a shy smile when you introduced yourself, stuttered when saying his own name.

“What can I help you with?” He gave you a confused look, half asleep even. Then he looked around and replied.

“I guess the kids messed up the music sheets there on top of the piano, can you help me arrange them back?”

“Sure thing!” And with that, you went to do what he told you to do. You smiled when you saw that the music sheets were actually handwritten easy songs with a lot of doodles and colourful flowers around it.

The rest of the day was exciting. You had classes come for their music period and you watched how Mr. Lee taught them to play the instruments they are interested in. The boys had fun playing the drum and strumming the guitars, the girls practiced singing and danced around. They had so much energy inside their little bodies, at the end of the day, the two of you are worn out.

“Here, I brought you coffee.” He said as he placed a cup of warm coffee on your small desk.

You smiled at his understanding gesture, “Thank you, Mr. Lee-“

“Just call me Woozi. You know, most of the time the kids don’t even call me that. They just call me ‘Mr. Unicorn’ or ‘Mr. Pink hair’.” He chuckled tiredly and you did too.

“They seem to love you so much. The girls talk about you like you’re a superhero.”

He looked almost sad, “It’s just because of the hair.”

“No, of course not,” You shook your head, “They kept going on and on about how you’re so talented, how your voice is so nice, how you’re so nice to them. I’ve spent two days with them and you’re all they talk about.”


“You’re a great teacher, Mr. Lee- I mean, uh, Woozi.”

“Thank you.” He replied and sipped his coffee. “I needed that.”


Have a character in mind? Want me to draw them? Sure thing!

Back at it again with those commissions. I’m still going to only restrict them to a few slots, since I am now attending school full time. This time however I’ll be opening two extra slots, for a total of 7. If you’re interested in commissioning me I have this handy dandy step-by-step process right here:

1. Email me at ‘’ with your tumblr username, what commission type you’re lookin’ at, what your commission will be, and any reference material that I can use for your character

2. From there, I’ll send you an invoice and once it’s paid I’ll begin your commission. During the process I’ll be sending you progress shots for any critiques that you might have!

3. Once finished I’ll send you the full resolution image, and post it on Tumblr (with your permission, of course)


        1. TAKEN - @andromedasfolly
        2. TAKEN - @wizard-of-waz
        3. TAKEN - @peachu11
        4. TAKEN - @hierophantacolyte

Payment will be in USD through Paypal only. I’ll be signing your artwork (I’m very sorry about this but its a precaution! I’ve recently been catching people stealing my art and claiming it as their own and that is not okay.)

If you have any questions feel free to message me! Thank you!

just like heaven (reddie)

Richie told Eddie he had something to show him.

Eddie didn’t know what to expect; when Richie had asked if he was free later, Eddie expected the question to come with a remark, a joke about his mother or about himself, but it never came. When there was a lack of jokes with Richie, Eddie had learned to take those situations seriously.

Eddie rode his bike over to Richie’s house, curiosity emerging from his questioning thoughts. Why does Richie want me over? He never invites me over. He never invites anyone over.

Maybe I’m not anyone.

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pray for bts

these boys are overworking themselves. they’re getting only a few hours of sleep and claim they’re eating well but they are losing so much weight😓they need to take a rest. they shouldn’t put their work or us before their safety and health. on stage tae had jin hold him so he could stay upright, and rap monster looked like he had trouble breathing. ik they try really hard, but i do not want them to suffer any health problems because of their performance. this seems like the toughest of their albums yet, and i hope bighit treats them better. (also apparently rap monster fell and landed on his knee?? so jin was worried about him too aw😇)

~admin jhoe

attention: Barduil writers!

hey guys, I have a proposition for you! 

I’m sure you guys have noticed that the fandom hasn’t been super active lately. and if you’re like me, you’re super bummed out about it. you also may know that I’m planning on writing four Barduil stories for my NaNoWriMo project this year (similar to my 30 Days of Barduil project from two years ago). 

I’m thinking of creating a collection on AO3 for other writers to add their own November Barduil projects to! it would be completely up to you what to write— you would set your own goal and your own schedule. you could write a single fic or do a few shorter pieces, or even a fic a day—anything! my only hope would be that you’d post your stories when you’re done with them so we could all enjoy them! 

what do you guys think??
I’ve tagged the fandom writers I could think of, but please feel free to tag others if you think they’d be interested! 

and if you’re not interested in participating but still have an idea for a story you’d like to see written, send me a message or leave me an ask!

@evansluke, @ecthelions, @northerntrash@silvergrasp, @crushing83, @secretproblemsihave, @dollylux@kesstiel, @shadyanne

I know I’m probably the only one that feels this way, but the empty parental lineage of G1s is kinda…… Depressing? With a normal dragon, that slot has their parents. They have a history, and through looking back at their parents and their grandparents i can begin to get some idea of what that history was. I can spend hours tracing back through to their original progen ancestors, or looking down the lines of their siblings just to see where they’ve gone, seeing how different they can become in just a few generations. How many people have had them before i did. I love to see little bits of history like this.

But a g1 doesn’t have that. No parents, no history, no family for me to trace back. They came from nowhere with nothing for a past, blank slates in every way possible. I can’t find their siblings because they have none. The blankness is so complete, and just thinking of their genetic isolation from the world makes me feel strangely claustrophobic and sad.

I’m not dead! Tagging @hetaliagirl24  for notification!


  • hi isn’t a principal anymore
  • H E   I S    A   M O D E L 
  • does many poses for you
  • catches you off of guard and accidentally takes off his clothes when you’re taking a picture
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Besides that, he often glances through your pictures
  • some of them he hangs up on walls in his house


  • is so happy!!
  • but very shy as a model
  • so the best way to the pictures of him is when he doesn’t expect that
  • these beautiful smiles jesus help me
  • recommends you to probs all students in the academy so you usually have some work to do


  • Yuki-chan often denies your propositions of photoshoot
  • but when he’s in a good mood 
  • “Uhh, okay, but only a few pictures please”
  • also, pics when he doesn't look at the camera = perfection
  • likes having some of your pictures of landscapes

fandomhop  asked:

[I feel like, after he meets the mongooses in the first cycle, Taako kinda actually gets a little interest in studying those little critters. He reads whatever books he finds on them. He knows all of the different kinds of mongooses, including the ones that only exist in certain cycles. It's one of his few fascinations other than cooking and himself. Maybe even after The Day of Story and Song, he considers maybe getting one as a pet.]

I mean, he must?? There’s that scene in Petals to the Metal where he rattles off mongoose facts, so he knows a good deal about them - and at the time, I assumed he had an interest because of their connection to poison/venom and Taako’s own history with poisoning.

But it couldn’t have been that originally - that didn’t happen until years later. I think a combination of things piqued Taako’s interest. For one thing, there’s the fact that he could actually talk to them; a lot of his information about them comes straight from the source. There was no reason yet for Taako to distance himself from that family because the routine of the Hunger following them hadn’t been established yet. And I think something about a mongoose, that looks cute but can be vicious and dangerous if provoked, would be appealing to someone with a past like Taako’s - when Taako was young he was probably underestimated often, and just as dangerous when he needed to be.

So yeah, I could see this! It’s an unusual interest, but it’s also kind of nice when they end up on a world where the mongoose exists. It’s a sort of consistency that they don’t always get with the kind of life they live. It’s something that sticks around when Taako loses his memories - there’s no risk in having a favorite animal - and he can’t really explain it, but eventually he has a new reason for the interest. And when the mongoose is still his favorite animal after everything, Ren gets into the habit of gifting him with little mongoose figurines (hard to find but worthwhile because Taako is always secretly delighted).

jumpybox  asked:

Sup guys! You two are just the best couple I've had the pleasure of meeting ♥♥♥♥ A few lil questions if ya dont mind! Do you have pets? And if yes, what are they? and if not, would you like to have one?

“I mean, we’ve got the pet rock.”

“Yes, and I’m the only one who ever takes care of it.”

“Well, there was an outdoor cat that would come by the house sometimes, back in mine and Red’s home universe. I really enjoyed when they were around. I don’t know that I could call them a pet, though, because they were really quite independent.”

“Yeah, I kinda liked that old cat, too. It’d be nice to have another one around, but they’re actually pretty rare to see, and Blue wouldn’t like it sheddin’ around the house anyways. If we come across one after I move outta this place, I’d probably take it in.”