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Out of curiosity, do you like fake relationship tropes? What's your favourite thing about them?

Oh my goodness YES, I love fake relationships.

So some of my favorite things are….

  • forced proximity like room or bed sharing, SIGN ME UP
  • When they’re say at a ministry ball and Harry wraps his arm around Malfoy, pulling him closer and “wait, why the fuck does Malfoy feel so good pressed up against me
  • Or when Draco does the same, pulling Harry close and whispering in his ear and “Fuck me, Potter still smells as good as he did at Hogwarts
  • When they have to get to know each other to help further along the relationship farce and in the process they learn all kinds of stuff about each other that they didn’t realize
  • The vulnerability it takes to show someone a side of you that they might have known
  • The fact that they are essentially dating without the pressure of dating because they think its fake so they’re both free to be themselves and its so beautiful watching them each realize how in love with the other one they are
  • That moment when you know with utter certainty they’re both head over heels but they’re just both on the cusp of something more afraid the other one has been pretending and you know its gonna end ok but damn your heart still does flip flops wondering anyway

You ever dream about an old thing you were interested in and suddenly get, like, attack of the feels?

Like time to revisit some of my old fics and maybe do some art later


So I went to Disneyland Paris for 3 days about a week ago

My first time ever and I loved it. Also nearly cried like, 3 or 4 times? It’s really emotional when you see your all-time favorite disney princess up close, alright? Also spent quite a lot of money. And only slightly regretting not getting any of the Beauty and The Beast pins, but Belle’s eyes looked really creepy on them. 

I really want to go back sometime, but even though we found a really good deal (just over 600 euros for 3 days and 2 nights for 4 people!), it’s just so expensive. 

Still, I don’t regret spending all that money at all. My little sister and I wanted to go there since we were little, and by convincing our parents to come along so we could take the car there and by splitting the total cost in two, it ended up being so much more easier to finally realize this dream. 

Whenever I’m sad I like to think about chanyeol singing I wanna hold your hand by the beatles to me and then I feel better.