these are old videos but..yeah

T̩͚̜͉̖͚̳̺͡h͏̵̥̰̼͟o̸͖̦̲͍̻̻͡u͉͉̮͈̮͚͙g̸͏҉̗̣͎̻ḩ̵̶̻̼͓̬̱͚͕t̼ ̧̻͖̼̟̲͇͓̟͝Ị̧̠̫̺̤ ̭̥͓̤̯̲w̷̜̣̳̙̰͟a͚̼͜͞s̭ ̶̢̧͓͕͎̤̻̩̗g̶̜̪̫̤̱͎̟͉̰o̷̝͉̗͖̤̠͟ņ̖̪̗̩e̵̩̠͉̤͙̲͢͟ͅ?̧̺̟̩̰̣̲̱̀ ̢̩̜̝̙͘T̢͉̱̗̲̟̯͜h̝̮̹͉̼̭̻͓ͅi̺͖̺̫̜͝n̢͏͎͓͖̭̼͙̼k̨͕̘̖ ̩͈͔̥̯ͅa̵̦̦͕̰̠̼g̢̯̖̬͎̣͚̫̫̀a̴̙̜̹̳͍͎̰̠ì̸̡̩̖̗̣n͔̣͉͔̻͠.͚͖̟


jonghyun smirking/smiling for anon


CLAMP talking about Sumeragi Hokuto from Tokyo Babylon.

 Ōkawa: “She was a character that I created with the intention to kill off from her first appearance.”


Neymar talking about his assist to Sergi Roberto in the Champions League game against PSG:

“My first thought was not to be a hero, but to kick. But I saw two Barcelona players moving: who were Messi and Piqué. I had not seen Sergi Roberto. So much so, that I played to both.

At the time, I thought it was Piqué who scored the goal. After that I saw Sergi Roberto coming in behind. I spoke to him (Sergi Roberto): “Enter the area; you will make the goal. Get in the area!” Because I was in his place on the rebound because he is taller. Then he came in and scored.”

(Translated via Google Translate so excuse any spelling mistakes)

Dan's Laugh

I love to watch old videos of Dan and Phil together, like the first PINOFs, the AmazingDans, stuff like that, and notice how Dan laughs: it’s almost always this stifled, sputtering, self-conscious little thing … a “Phil’s making me do this and I can’t help myself but please don’t stare because you’re supposed to think I’m too cool for this” kind of laugh.

And then I watch their modern-day videos, especially the DanandPhilGames ones, and I notice how Dan laughs: it’s this raucous, fearless, joyous laugh with his mouth wide open and his whole body moving with the sound. When Dan laughs now, he laughs like the happiest person in the world.

So yeah, I love to watch their old videos and see how Dan laughs, but only because I’ve gotten used to how he laughs now, and so when I watch those old videos I can’t help but notice how far he’s come in being able to relax and be himself on camera. And maybe not just on camera, maybe in his life in general. I like to think he’s happier now, probably happier than he could have even imagined back then.

I love to watch Dan laugh now. Just watching how he throws himself into it with every fiber of his being … just watching him laugh makes me happy.

the pmd discord server turns a year old today and i’m feeling really fucking emo about it. we’ve had our ups and downs, and we’re pretty infamous for being open to vore, but we’re more than that. though times have been tough for all of us, and we’ve lost members along the way, we’ve all been there for each other. i don’t know what i would do without you guys, you were my life support when it was especially tough for me and we’re the sole reason i kept going and i could thank you enough for that.

i know we hardly fucking talk about pmd in the first place but we’ve all managed to become great friends over our shared interest in it and i’m so glad this server was created.

happy birthday you fucking weirdos i fucking love all of you.

  • Jaune: Your eyes are like emeralds.
  • Ruby: Jaune, stop talking to that seven months old video if Pyrrha. It's getting creepy.
  • Nora: Yeah, seriously it's really-
  • (Alarm sounds)
  • Ren: That's the evacuation siren, we need to grab any civilians and run!
  • Ruby: Right! Jaune, go to the orphanage and get them to-
  • Jaune: (Running away with scroll in his arms) Don't worry Pyrrha! The badness can't hurt you!
  • All: ...
  • (Random explosion in the distance)
  • Ren: *sigh* That was the orphanage.

lillianfromaccounting  asked:

I love that the title of your fics are Goo Goo Dolls lyrics! ❤

Originally posted by o-rockstar

How could I NOT be inspired by this??  It’s one of my favorite songs ;)

Ironically enough, the next chapter fic I’m planning out (yeah, “planning” ha ha) will also be titled with a lyric from them…and significantly shorter than WEMtbB.  I hope.  Oh please God, not another 50+ chapter fic…

Somewhere in the distance I can hear my muse laughing hysterically.

So random tidbit - John Rzeznik was one of my first ever hardcore celebrity crushes.