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RTX London is 8 months away, but I’m so excited ever since I started working on this cosplay…

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If you have time, could you do a continuation of your AU fanfic from prompt 7 (as a thank you)? It's the first fanfic that has really stuck with me. I absolutely love your writing and the story and would love to read more of it

so i continued and it’s just as long as the original but over a shorter amount of time

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So today Chris posts a tbt pic of himself as a child and then Darren does the same with one of himself (w/ Chuck so it’s not too obvious?) Darren posts a tweet about being in NYC today. Doesn’t Chris have promotional stuff coming up for STFF in NYC next week? He would probably go early to meet with ppl and get ready right? It’s so obvious it’s right there!

First Kiss - Haechan

A/N: First Haechan scenario on here!

Word Count: 227

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“It’s shorter-” Donghyuk remarked, gawking obnoxiously.

Grinning, you ran a hand through your tresses.

“It’s cute,” he mused, toying with the ends of your hair tantilizingly.

He smiled, his gaze sweeping over your soft features in adoration. His gaze halted as your pink tongue darted out to wet your supple lips. He mimiced the action, his lips suddenly feeling dry.
You cleared your throat, noticing his attention was elsewhere.
His gaze darted to the floor in response, embarassed he was caught ogling.

“Tie your shoes!”

You grimaced at his obnoxious order, rolling your eyes playfully.

“I don’t want you falling,” he paused, his lips stretching into a thin grin, “-for anyone else but me.”

Playfully, you shoved his shoulder, letting out a weak chuckle.

“I’m serious.”

His features turned placid, his eyes conveying his sincereity. Gently, he leant in, his gaze darting to your lips once again causing you to swallow thickly.

“Are you going to kiss-”

He interupted you, flailing childishly.

“Don’t interupt the scene like that, we were about to have a moment,” he whined.

Your eyes fluttered shut, your lips puckering childishly.

“This will be our first kiss,” Donghyuk whispered frantically.

“Why are you whispering?!”

Letting out a deep breath, Donghyuk leant in, gently letting his lips meld with your own. Time seemed to halt as blood rushed to your cheeks.

Awkwardly, he broke away, a gentle smile illuminating his features.

“Say something,” you whispered.

“Your lips are soft,” he murmured quietly, making you giggle.

He rest his forehead against your own, his eyes shining in contentment. His hands found your sides, making you squirm in his grasp.

“One more,” he bargained, stilling.


so. as far as i’ve seen, most people don’t much care for the greener variety of shiny pokemon (if they’re not outright scorned lmao)

but did you know that that bright green coloration can occur naturally??? like. this thing looks fake, it looks like a puppet or like it was dipped in ultra green v10 glow-in-the-dark paint

but it’s real. it’s called the green broadbill and i love its stupid face

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hell yes! thanks to the movie we got a far much better glimpse of him than in the game, where he barely appeared lol. also more luna, more regis, more insomnia, more king of the lucis, more about the wall, a better fight with the final boss...

Listen, I am not sure what you are trying to pull here. But honestly I don’t really care about the things you are saying. I love the game and it’s characters and the movie and it’s characters. What is it with you people constantly bashing characters or story elements etc. It’s really sad and beyond lame. If you don’t have anything rational to say, or nice then don’t say anything at all please.

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What do you look for in a girl?

On a basic level I really value a person’s intellect when dating them? Sounds pretentious as all fuck but I think seriously being able to sustain a good, deep, challenging conversation with someone makes the grounds for a really good, healthy and fun relationship.

I also don’t know what it is but girls who are incredibly obnoxious and rude are like my weakness could someone pls tell me why

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Story title game: Hold my drink and watch this

Hold My Drink and Watch This

Laura Barton’s niece, Darcy Lewis, is more like a younger sister to her.  An annoying and obnoxious younger sister, but a sister all the same.    Everyone thinks Clint is the messy Barton, prone to getting kidnapped and tied up more often than not, but those people are not privy to the Lewis/Barton family reunions, where Laura and Darcy try to out-idiot each other most of the time.

The Lewis women always find their match.  Clint and Laura both have a sort of reckless haplessness and sarcastic nature.  

Clint knows he’s found Darcy’s match for her.  Sassy, trolly and a humor so dry it’s technically a desert.  He’s just waiting for the right time to introduce them.  The Lewis/Barton family reunion is on an all inclusive cruise trip.  Steve needs a ride.  Darcy needs to meet her match.  It’s time for Clint to kill two birds with one arrow.

The question is whether the actual left can coalesce and provide a powerful challenge to the populist right once the Democratic party is in ashes, and I’m so sorry to say this but with the petty, stupid, obnoxious squabbles I see happening on here every day over nonsensical and completely unimportant shit and the same squabbles I have seen take place between us in person, I have to say that we are not nearly as ready as we need to be, as we have needed to be for years. That isn’t to say it is impossible but we’ve set ourselves back immensely. If I didn’t think it was possible I’d give up politics, so don’t think I think that. But there is work to be done. Now.

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U like tsunderes

Not… really? I find the tsundere “I DON’T LIKE YOU BBBBBBAKA” thing to be endearing to start with but I imagine it’d get super old after a while. I’m not saying they need to pretend not to like me I just enjoy people who’re blunt, obnoxious, have a very who-cares attitude, that kinda shit