these are not the rational actors you are looking for

“This poster is insulting to other shippers!!”
Okay, if you are so invested in a show that you find it insulting that the promo department focuses on the actual canon ship and not your fanon ship…… stop. Pet a dog. Plant a tree. Do yoga.
The promo department owes you nothing. I don’t care what your sexuality is or the impact said ship had on your life….. The promo department (and the writers and actors for that matter) owe you nothing. Promoting CS’s wedding (ie the wedding of the main character that is happening very soon) is NOT ABC attacking you and intending upset you. Its their JOB to promote what’s canon and what brings viewers.
I get it. Your ship won’t become canon. Half your ship is dead. It didn’t go the way you hoped. You don’t like CS. That sucks. But don’t throw fits or find it “insulting” that ABC are doing their damn jobs. And frankly I feel bad for the mature, rational people in these fandoms who are made to look bad by a minority made up of toddlers throwing fits left right and centre.
CS is canon and ABC will promote it. Cry yourself a river, build a bridge, cover the bridge in glitter and GET OVER IT.

perfect representation of what this fandom looks like every time one of the actors says sth about a certain ship that you don’t agree with

Newsies “Show Business Is Gay” AU:
  • an alternate universe inspired loosely by personal experience

  • Okay so basic premise: Medda Larkin is the owner of a somewhat questionable, rundown theatre known for one thing, and that thing is a specialization in hiring young queer people to fill the cast and crew

  • Medda is like a trans mother duck and all the newsies +Katherine and Sarah are her queer backstage children

  • Jack does sets of course
  • Katherine is stage manager and Les is assistant stage manager and they will put the fear of god in you - Medda’s theatre has the quietest wings and the smoothest-running set changes of any theatre in New York.

  • If you’re supposed to be off book and you still don’t know your lines, Katherine will come back to your apartment with you after rehearsal and run them with you until you could recite them in your sleep.

  • Les is - occasionally more of a hazard than an asset because the ‘close eye’ he keeps on the techies more or less equates to getting underfoot and it’s hard to move set pieces around when you’re always worried about tripping over a nine-year-old. Boy pulls his weight though - he’s got Kath and Medda’s coffee orders memorized, and everyone is happier when those two have had their coffee.
  • Davey does sound or lights or something technical. He’s really good at it, but if you get him started on explaining what he does, you’ll be there forever. There are a lot of buttons and levers and such on that board, and he will tell you, in detail, what each and every one of them does.
  • Crutchie is props master. He’s very good at coming up with ways to refurbish old props or to find or make new ones for cheap, which is good, because the theatre has an annual budget of like ten bucks. You wouldn’t expect it, but that boy is also viciously protective of the props table. You are not getting your hands on so much as another actor’s pocket watch, because Crutchie sees everything, and he shows absolutely no mercy.

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the sense8 au you never asked for (1/2)

the ones in the cluster are all the same age because sense8. Victor/Chris are 27, while Yuri/Yuuri/Otabek/Phichit/Guang-Hong/Mila/Sara/Isabella are 23. (Guang-Hong is a trans woman in this fic.)

I. Yuuri Katsuki

One year ago, Yuuri was a simple physical therapist living in his family’s inn. He had a simple life. He was content. And yeah, he had given up on his childhood dream of becoming a figure skater, and he was settling for the less glamorous life in this small town, but he was helping people. He was helping his family. It was good.

Now though… Now, his life was the most complicated it has ever been.

First, he started seeing hallucinations of people and places. He saw a man begging him “help me, find me” before disappearing in a flash of light. Then, he saw a boy his age wearing a hamster costume and dancing some kind of calisthenics. Days later, he was suddenly in a gun range, watching an Italian woman angrily shoot straight at the target.

It got worse from there.

Overwhelmed by the stress of the hallucinations, he sneaked into Ice Hasetsu Castle, the only ice skating rink in town. It was owned by his best friends so they gave him full access, especially when he was sad or confused about something. Being on the ice calmed him down.

He started skating slow circles, warming up. In his head, he could hear music he was very familiar with. He could imagine Victor Nikiforov skating one of his gold-winning routines, the one for the song Stay With Me.

He skated to the middle of the ice, and let the music in his mind silence his other worries. He danced the routine and poured all of his feelings into it: his longing for the ice, and for the dream he had long given up.

And then, when it came to the jumps, despite not knowing how to do any quads, his body moved on its own. It was as if his body learned it without his knowledge. A toe loop. A flawless jump combination. A quadruple lutz with a perfect landing.

He performed the routine from start to finish, including all the jumps that he should not have been able to do anymore. Not after years without practice.


Days later, Victor Nikiforov himself appeared in Hasetsu Yutopia, naked in the hot springs, hands outstretched towards him like some sort of dramatic protagonist in some cheesy drama.

“Yuuri Katsuki,” he said. “Let me be your mentor!”

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[TRANS] The Musical - ‘In the Heights’ Jang Dongwoo: A Bright Source of Energy That Never Dies

The second musical produced by SM Culture & Contents, ‘In the Heights’, gained a lot of attention from the start even before announcing the cast. And Dongwoo of INFINITE was casted for the musical. Was that unexpected? We think not. It’s not so surprising that Dongwoo, who is the main rapper and dancer in INFINITE and also a part of the hiphop unit ‘INFINITE H’, was casted as the main character in this musical, which is heavy with rap, hiphop, and street dance. On July 14th, which was the day after INFINITE’s new album came out, we had the opportunity to meet with Dongwoo, who was busy with comeback promotion and musical preparation.

First Try at Acting

Yesterday was your comeback. Already, you’re getting good reviews for your new song.
It’ll feel different from INFINITE’s usual style. The style that we’ve shown until now was more lyrical and vintage sounding, but the title song for this album, ‘BAD’, is an electronic dance song. It’s really good to dance to. In addition, I also want to show a different side of me; I was more of a mischievous jokester in our team, but for ‘BAD’, I want to show a more mature side. If I were to say it, maybe an aloof concept? (Laugh) I don’t know if I’ll succeed, but I’ll try because life is all about challenges!

It must be crazy with comeback promotions AND your debut in musical.
I wish I was busier; so busy that I have no time to think about other things. My company was actually sorry that they scheduled an interview on the day right after the comeback, but I told them that I still want more! You probably noticed during the photoshoot (During the photoshoot, he wandered around the studio for additional props, and as result, a bicycle was used), but I have a tendency to make more work for myself. I hang out with people after work, and go to work right after getting up. I think I’m more energetic than other people.

When do you officially start practicing for the musical?
Starting in August. I got the script first, and I’ve been teaching myself through performance videos from abroad.

How did INFINITE members react to you being casted for your first musical?
Since I’ve never acted before, all the members were surprised when I told them that I got casted for a musical. They asked me if it was for real again and again, and they congratulated me. They said Jang Dongwoo finally gets to shine. All the members tried acting at least once before, except for me. It was a little funny to me to see them acting, since I know how they are in real life, but (laugh) it looked fun to show a new side of yourself through acting.

So it’s your first musical, and your first time acting. Do you feel burdened?
I’m not really burdened by the acting itself, because even though I’ve never acted formally, I think expressing your emotions on stage and in music videos are also a type of acting. But one thing I’m worried about is that I’ve never worked with this many people in this type of setting. Since the actors and actresses are professionals, they’ll probably act a little differently on stage each time depending on the situation, and I’m worried that I’ll get flustered. I personally want to respond smoothly each time that happens but (laugh) first, I’ll have to work hard during practice.

Your member Sunggyu is also on this musical. As a sunbae who has performed in ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’ and ‘Vampire’, did he give you any advice?
He said that the real practice doesn’t start until you start practicing with other people. He told me a lot that no matter how much I read the script and imagine in my head, that’s only my imagination in the end, and that I really need to focus once we start practicing for real. He also told me to stop thinking ‘But I’m still a singer, five years into my career!’; he said the more I empty myself, the more I’ll be able to accept.

Aren’t you scared since you have to practice in a foreign environment away from your members?
Oh, I’m used to it. There were times when I had to practice in different teams by myself for end of the year award stages, you know. I’m not scared at all. I’m nervous, in a good way.

Have you met other actors and actresses from the musical?
I met Oh Soyeon sunbae, who plays Vanessa, once during the photoshoot for our poster. I heard that she’s really famous in this field, but I was surprised how down-to-earth and innocent she was. She was complaining during the photoshoot about how she didn’t look skinny standing next to an idol when she was starving herself to lose weight. (Laugh) Vanessa is my character’s love interest in the musical, so I’m looking forward to see how she is when we act together. I also met YDG sunbae-nim, who also plays Usnavi, on that same day. I’m just really astounded by the fact that I get to act with a sunbae-nim that I’ve always liked. And I’ve met Jung Wonyoung hyung-nim, who also plays Usnavi; he’s close with Sunggyu-hyung, so I’ve drank with him before.

What are you looking forward to from your meeting with other musical actors?
I hope they reprimand me a lot. I was reprimanded a lot as a trainee, so I prefer that they tell me what I need to fix clearly, rather than praising me. People have this psychological tendency to protect themselves and rationalize their mistakes, so I hope they point out a lot of the flaws that I can’t see myself. I’m actually looking forward to that.

Happiness From Everyday Life

Do you like watching musicals usually?
Of course. I like musicals, plays, everything. I even put on a face mask and to go watch a performance in Daehakro (T/N: known for its theatre district), you know. I watched ‘Gwanghwamun Sonata’, the one that Sunggyu-hyung and Woohyun were in, of course, and I’ve also watched videos of other works like ‘Notre Dame de Paris’ and ‘Cats’. The musical that I enjoyed the most was ‘Wicked’ with Ok Joohyun and Jung Sunah sunbaenims! I really liked the character Glinda, because she’s so cheeky but lovely, and funny but bold; she is so three-dimensional. I want to try acting a character like that. I also really like the song that Glinda sings called ‘Popular’. I think switching back and forth between head voice and falsetto in that “popu~lar" part sounds very pretty.

Have you listened to the songs from ‘In the Heights’? Are they to your liking?
Yes, very! I’ve always liked hiphop. If there is one thing that I’m disappointed about, it would be that I don’t have a singing part. (Laugh) Usnavi’s parts are all in rap, but they are different from how I usually rap. My lyrics tend to express my thoughts about love in a very indirect and abstract way, but Usnavi speaks his mind in a very straightforward way. I think in that way, it will be very different. I also like that there are street dances in the choreography. Actually, I was so excited and enthusiastic after watching the performance videos that I told my company that I’ll go learn some b-boy dance; they told me that I was overdoing it though. (Laugh)

What was your first impression of the musical?
The productions that I’ve watched before, like ‘Cats’ or ‘Wicked’, had this magical charm in that they allow us to indirectly experience these worlds that we don’t get to experience in our everyday life. But ‘In the Heights’ is refreshing because the musical is based on an actual place called Washington Heights and the immigrants living in it. You can see that there are little joys in everyday life. More than anything, I was really impressed by how it makes you rethink ordinary things like relationship with your neighbors and family love, which are often easily forgotten about.

Was there a particular scene that left a strong impression on you?
The first scene of the musical, where Usnavi opens his store in the morning and sells coffee and newspaper. In a way it’s really nothing impressive, but I got the impression that Usnavi is the type of person who announces the beginning of a day and gives energy to everyone by greeting everyone ‘Good morning!’ Greeting is the start of every conversation, right? I think it’s very meaningful of Usnavi to be that someone who’s always there to talk to the lonely, weary people of Heights. Even though he is also in a difficult situation, I think he tries to be cheerful and humorous for other people. I’m also the type of person who always approaches and talks to people first, so even though it’s not particularly a special scene, it really touched me.

But when it comes to love, Usnavi can be pretty timid.
I’m like that too. I’m the type of person who really takes care of the other person when I’m in love, but I can’t express my emotions directly. Usnavi also makes coffee for Vanessa, but he doesn’t ask her out. I can kind of understand how he feels. Another thing I’m also looking forward to from this musical is how I’ll get to express love in it. I’ve always sang love songs, but how would I express it in a musical? And how would I approach it? I’m anticipating it. But I’m a little scared that I’ll fall in love with my partner though. (Laugh)

Usnavi always wants to go back to his home country, Dominican Republic, right? Do you ever think something like that, Dongwoo? Like you don’t belong here?
We’re different when it comes to that. Maybe the me back in middle school would have agreed. My parents wanted to me to study abroad back then and I thought, “No way, I won’t leave. This is my only home.” But now, I think people should be able to adjust and live wherever they go. It’s not necessary to leave your comfort zone and live somewhere else, but if the situation is unavoidable, I will think of it as a gift. Usnavi also realizes how precious his current life and the people around him are, and ultimately accepts Washington Heights as his home, right? So you need to open your mind quickly and avoid unnecessary stress!

In the song ’96,000’, all the characters sing about what they want to do if they win the lotto. What do you want to do if you won the lotto?
First, I want to buy a building. I’ll get a five story building and build a restaurant on the first floor and a bar on the second floor. So I’ll have a meal with my friends, go up to the nice bar on the second floor and drink a little, rest in the jjimjilbang on the third floor, and play games at the PC Bang and the billiard room on the fourth floor! And my house will be on the 5th floor. I want to have my own safe house, invite people, and have fun. Oh, I should have a BBQ party on the rooftop too. I think I need to win like 10 billion, actually.

Translated by: togetherinspirit7

anonymous asked:

this tom glynn-carney situation was my tipping point. i unfollowed almost all my 1d blogs except yours and a few others. with the slow pace everything is moving, i'd encourage other people who have been stressed out to do something similar. distancing oneself from sources of negativity is healthy. thanks for keeping your blog a place of rational thought for those of us watching from the sidelines. hope you're doing well and looking out for number one ✌️

Well good for you for getting your dash under control and knowing what’s best for you as a fan. And thanks for the kind words. :)

Fortunately, none of this mean girl stuff was on my dash. But to recap, a few idiot fans were upset by Harry talking to and being touched by Tom, who’s an actor working on Dunkirk.

So some left threatening and insulting comments on his Instagram. Of course, Larries were blamed.

Even though some of the ugly comments just seemed to be bored, jealous, fangirls being dramatic assholes and not specifically Larrycentric.

Official narrative pushing bottom feeder Unreality jumped at the opportunity to take a shot at the fandom for clicks.

But some fans actually apologized on behalf of the trolls.

And Tom graciously accepted. End of. Just another day in the fandom.

I will bless the day when 1D can offload these very entitled, very foolish, very disrespectful, younger fans. They’re more of a curse than a blessing these days and they help contribute to the notion that 1D is a passing fad and purely kid stuff. Can they please just move the fuck on and leave the right and tight 1D fans who aren’t here just because they’re horny for Harry? Geez…


Now that I’ve had multiple cups of coffee and I’m not the bitch I was this morning, I can rationally convey my thoughts.

First, I take Sam and Cait out of this picture ( I know this won’t make sense at first) and all you have are two actors. They play the parts, on tv, of a couple eternally in love through life and problems. Let’s take that off the screen. They do interviews have pictures together and they show the world they are a couple and in love. Why would you think that? Well if it looks and walks like a duck it must be a duck. No?

After not one year, but over two, the world is told everything you saw and thought of these two actors being together in real life was all acting. No not the tv version, the real life version. So we are suppose to not believe what was said, shown and confirmed by these actors. If we believed it we were ridiculously out of touch with reality. Wow real life acting a new concept.

Why would someone do this? Well the actors get paid for the tv version of acting, but the real life version isn’t suppose to be as good if not better than the tv version. It distracts from the show. ( yes Ron said something to this affect during on of the panels during Season 1). Also, if you want to sell the male actor as a good looking sexy guy that every woman would want, he can’t be in a permanent relationship. Multiple women and the catch me if you can and if you do……wow what a lucky girl you are, scenario would sell better. You will want to see the show and any interviews, movies and relationships that spring up with this guy. Following him would be great. Yep that would sell

“Actors are assets”, not people ( just quoting Albrecht).

For some reasons, 🙄, a group of shippers have not let the actors real life relationship go. Well that’s not good. So into the picture comes an old actor who is going to help this younger actor with his problems of real life seeping into the tv version. No more shippers. If they can be removed from this picture then the male lead actor can be the man about town with anyone that the studio feels fits. They can switch people and places and wow won’t this be fun. Only problem is it didn’t work with a few previous girls. They get the old actor to bully, harass and just be a nasty guy to every shipper and drive them out of the fandom.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, they find Blondie. Another actress who is finding fame is not coming her way and getting better at acting isn’t an option, but being with the male actor of this scenario will bring new publicity and exposure for the show and everyone will be happy. It’s even better since Blondie belongs to the same studio as the tv production. Wow what luck. This becomes the new selling product. Push this out there and make it believable.

Wait, some of this seems familiar. Wasn’t Taylor Swift sitting on the rocks at e beach with her new love interest, Tom Hiddleston and somehow was spotted doing this? Lots of pictures of them, holding hands and just being together were all over SM.. they even went to meet her mom. Well it must be serious if that happened. Because the selling of that relationship flopped. It just disappeared, never to be seen again on radar. What a rare thing right?

Back to the new scenario. Are the shippers gone yet? Some people are doubtful this whole shit storm could or would be orchestrated and why? It must be a new real relationship. Which scenario is real if any?

Wait, again, weren’t we told this is only acting and why in the world would you believe otherwise with the first costar and actor relationship? Why not believe the story now with girl number 4, or was it 5? We got our ducks in a row. Here we are with the fucking ducks again. It looks like a duck……..right?

I don’t know about you, but when someone tells me they fed me a whole shitload of lies and what I’m being fed now is ok, I really find it hard to believe any of it. I don’t care if could be real. Yes, Hollywood does shit things and uses actors for their own gain. I don’t make up the rules here, they are known for this way of business.

So what do i believe? Am I still a shipper, because, that dam old actor is still trying to sweep the fandom clean so other shit being put out can come into it. This is why all the crap stinks so badly.

I believe that sometimes in all the mess of Hollywood, studios and BS promotional shit, once in a while love is really there. If I am wrong about Sam and Cait, then I’m wrong, but meanwhile there is no other reason that trying to remove people who believe in this relationship, other than selling a new one, is the truth.

Showing the private relationship, dating and get away trips etc., methodically on SM with a new girl every few years doesn’t make it real. You don’t sell a real life relationship, it sells itself. It’s sad to watch all these girls try and prove they are the number one girl in this actors life. It isn’t the job of any woman to sell the idea that some guy is crazy about her…….that’s his job. So some idiot guy would think this shit up, yep.

The old farty actor, well he will always be just who he is, but I’m not going to let him mess with my thoughts and what I believe. So fuck Hollywood, I’m still here on this dam ship.

Oh and it will get worse before it gets better. They are doing a hard sell here. Be prepared. The used car salesmen are practicing their pitches. If this is real than the male actor needs to have a friend set him straight.

If it’s real I’ll eat a KALE salad, yuck.


JOC in Studio Cinéma Live Mai 2014.

Translation (feel free to correct any mistakes) :

This young man is way too serious for his own good. He won’t smile for the pictures (he’ll prefer to have a mysterious look ) but in between takes he is singing and boxing. He wants to be taken for a calm and rational individual . He has obviously thought about this.

At first, it’s a bit hard to take him seriously since you can see his white boxer … His press attaché will tell him to hide it with his mustard shirt. A shirt that is one size too small for him and doesn’t hide one of his four tattoos  : «  I like it’s symbolism : today you’re laughing and tomorrow you’re crying. And I’m an actor. Today, I can count 28 movies in my filmography. Last time I checked it was 10. The last years have been blurry . I just remember that I felt emotionnally and physically tired. I fully commit myself in each one of my projects. I believe in hard work ».

He’s sitting deeper in his seat and lowers his voice to talk about his father who died in 2009. « He worked as a railway worker and rarely took a day off in his life. He is my inspiration. I wish he could see where I am now. I ’m proud of my filmography. The only thing I’d like to improve is it’s diversity. The people that know me can tell you that I can do it. I love taking risks and I know where I want to go now ».

Jack la fripouille ( = Jack the lad )

It seems like he always knew where he wanted to go . At 15,he left school to be on the set of This is England where he played a skinhead. Then he played (too many ) bad boys, « Jack the lad » type of characters. « Jack the lad » is his surname and his first tattoo which he has since he’s 16. «  I spent most of my childhood trying to show this tough guy image. It was mandatory where I come from. So I really know what bravado is and I also know the feeling of being a worthless bastard. Drama was my escape ».

He discovered it at school where that subject was mandatory and free. He never could have paid for a drama school. But thanks to his father’s work, he could go to the auditions without having to pay for the train ticket which was too expensive for him. He speaks about how his family was poor but he’s not looking for pity. But everything has changed now. He says God might have a part in this sudden change before saying it’s just good luck. He was raised as an Irish catholic but lost faith which he choose to symbolize by the tattoo of a damaged cross on his left side . He always has his family on his mind. «  I’m not doing this job for the fame. I just want my mom and my sister to have a nice life. And eventually me too. If I can do that then it will be my biggest win ».

Quiet,or almost.

When he says that, he take his hat off and run his hands in his messy hair. He doesn’t seem to miss the shorter hair that he usually have on screen like in Starred Up. Again in this movie, he’s playing a young offender . That part might be in his confort zone but will soon be his last. «  I’m getting what I worked for. I always was limitated in the choice of the parts that were offered to me because I had to use to my advantage what the casting directors were expecting from me. So I started playing angry and violent teenagers  ». There’s no regret in his voice. He always knew he had to play those characters so he could show his talent and play other type of characters. His strategy payed off : Jolie chose him to play Louis Zamperini in Unbroken. A real challenge for him.

JOC takes his hat which was on his knee, plays with it before putting it back on his head. « I always had a really clear idea of who I was. I was very different from the other young british actors because while they were learning drama in school, I was learning life and you can see that in my work. At 23, I feel like I saw the best and worst of what life can offer. I feel very mature. » And then, he starts laughing .

Danny is a hero in canon (musings on the finale)

The season finale is a good episode, well done, It has rhythm and the story makes sense (not to be taken for granted lately).

Danny is magnificent through it all: the beautiful scene on the plane, his face during the ambulance ride, the way he springs into action once Steve is out of his sight at the hospital to go getting the bad guys….

How he acts in midst the chaos as soon as he identifies the guy from the helicopter is wonderful, it really shows what’s Steve for him, it is a *huge* *Love* declaration: they didn’t just show Danny recognizing him from the helicopter, they showed us Danny seeing Steve bleeding and in pain! That’s what Danny has in his mind all the time.
Danny was tempted to shoot him in revenge for Steve, but I think he also didn’t do it for the very same reason: for Steve.

No words for the OR scene… Just that song says it all. Everything is quite perfect <3

Then the final scene comes after all that and it looks deeply dumb and embarassing to watch for the first part with the cards thing and quite odd in the second part with the boys alone.
I have to thank Alex and Scott for making it at least watchable: particularly in the first part while Danny complains about being ignored Alex/Steve’s eyes are amused but so full of love and smiling.
While the second part where they ‘bicker’ doesn’t make any sense… Danny saying Steve wouldn’t have given him his liver because he’s cheap? Steve didn’t thank Danny for saving his life twice in an episode risking his own?!
Maybe it’s just the way Scott and even more Alex didn’t give a serious tone to that words making the whole scene seem very different from the one in the couple retreat episode for example, but I feel like I missed something, maybe a rewatch (or three) will help me, because this is actual the only episode in the whole season I want to watch again and again.
It’s quite clear that the authors felt the need to lighten up in the end but I’m afraid they showed a bad lack of writing talent here: the scene is unbalanced and disconnected from the rest of the episode.

I don’t know what season 7 will bring us, the latest news from Lenkov aren’t encouraging at all, but even if I am almost sure I’ll have to create my own headcanon version of the series finale (I think S7 will probably be the last one) I hope to have some more episodes like this one (except for that final scene) to enjoy.

The funny thing is that I was waiting for the finale hoping to have some useful scenes for my next fanvid, based on a song called 'no hero’, and after this episode my vid will have everything I wanted!
Danny is the greatest badass: they often show him whiny for futile things but when it really matters I think not even Steve has his resolve.
We never saw Danny really shedding a tear but his emotions are so clear, they shine through his eyes, voice, every movement of his body.
On the plane scene his feelings are undeniable, but still Danny keeps the ability to think and act rationally, he’s a great man, able to balance reason and heart like no other and Scott is a great actor who gives Danny his beautiful soul.
After that he reacted with rage like looking for revenge but still he didn’t cross the line (and if you are thinking he did it with Reyes don’t forget he threatened Grace, it was not simple revenge, he was protecting her!)
Then almost nonchalantlyp he told everyone, leaving no space for objection: now, stop messing around, I am the one who’ll give a part of his body to Steve so he can live.
Danny is the strongest character in the show, we never saw him really crumble, who knows if someday they’ll surprise us going there and what could make it happen… It’s a fascinating and scary idea…

To all of us (yes, me included) who hated TPTB for that final scene… Let’s not forget that all I wrote here about Danny is not fanon, it is actually *canon* and some silly comic relief scene can’t delete it.
The authors made Danny who he is and I love him so much, almost as much as Steve loves him ;)

Is he trying to kill Outlander?

Sam’s behavior has gotten so ridiculous that a part of me genuinely wonders if he thinks he’s such hot stuff right now that he wants out of Outlander to move on to do all these other ‘mythical’ projects he’s always talking about that somehow never seem to come to fruition. What man of any sort of reasonable intelligence or character would fall for this Shatner BS that has been going on for a YEAR?!! Truly what kind of person would put on their social media that William Shatner is the bullied and not the bully? Victim blaming is absolutely disgusting and make no mistake that is what is happening here. My opinion has been that Sam has been engaging in some problematic things for a while now but I always convinced myself that I was the one being unfair and maybe too hard on him but this? This is the final straw. I’m truly baffled as to how not one of his bosses has slapped him upside the head or taken his social media privileges away for a while. I am genuinely starting to believe OL is going to suffer for his negative behavior. This is not a show that’s watched by upwards of 10 million people; the show has a pretty small viewing audience and they should be trying to retain every last member of their viewing audience; not driving them away in the name of a man that doesn’t even watch the show and has a reputation for wreaking havoc on fandoms! Did William Shatner contribute all that money towards your MPC, Sam (did he even contribute a dime?) or was that your fans that did that for you? Is it any coincidence that Sam hasn’t been able to win any fan polls or awards for a while now? I genuinely believe he has turned a lot of people off and not just shippers. I am truly sorry to everyone that has been sticking their necks out to defend and rationalize his behavior. May I suggest as a palate cleanser go look at pictures of Ryan Gosling, Stephen Amell, Joshua Jackson or Chris Evans. There’s a lot of talented, generous, good looking actors out there that conduct themselves with intergrity, just saying…It’s pretty easy to move on, Sam. 

Thor 3: Destruction of Ovaries (Chapter 1)

FANDOM: Tom Hiddleston RPF

CHARACTERS: Tom Hiddleston and Faith (Original Female Character)

SUMMARY: Faith has an impossible mission to fulfill: Go through the whole production of Thor: Ragnarok without letting Tom know she is one of his crazy fangirls. A task of Herculean proportions, because she is the set costumer for this fic.

RATING: Explicit

TYPE: Multichapter (Work in Progress, find other chapters of this fic here)

Find everything I have written here.

Author’s Note:  I know nothing about filming and production, etc. I am making the internet help me, but in case you know more than me and find something weird in my fic, please tell me and I will change it.


Ever look at a video of people meeting Tom Hiddleston and get jealous, entirely certain that the giggling fangirl in the video is the luckiest person alive? Ever wished upon a shooting star (and even tons of regular stars) that you get to meet him too?

Yeah, it’s hardly fun when the stars hear your prayer. It is fucking terrifying as all fuck, because you are supposed to behave like a rational human being and not make your favourite actor cringe with your antics. Which will be all the more difficult if you have to work with the tall drink of sexy everyday.

I am Faith, of Midgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose. I am responsible for dressing up the cast of Thor: Ragnarok. I am new here, because my job used to be sitting back at the office instead of being on set. I made some of the clothes for the extras, and other odds and ends, but never set foot on set. That job was reserved for the more elite people of our group, namely Ben Allard, Jason Airey, and a few others.

Until the very start of the negotiations for Ragnarok.

Apparently, quite a lot of people were unhappy with quite a lot of things, they left, and before I knew it, I was next in the hierarchy to be on set. It was weird. Very wierd. Technically, Alexandra Byrne was the costume designer. I, however, was to be on set, leading the team. Being set costumer for a Marvel project was going to do wonders for my career.

If I didn’t freak out in this meeting.

Alexandra and I had a major task on our hands–Loki, being ruler of Asgard now, was more front and center in the movie. Among other things, we were tasked with creating an entire wardrobe based on an unpolished version of the script. This was one of the first concept meetings, just to get things started and pick one another’s brain. The actual costume display meetings with the rest of the crew would be later. Alexandra had already chatted with the director, Kenneth Branagh. I had a couple of ideas to pitch to Alexandra, but we had only met for a couple of minutes here and there, and I wanted to try and pitch them here. Besides that, we were taking Tom’s new measurements today.

“Hello,” said Tom as he entered the conference room, looking a bit harried. “Sorry I am late. I swear I really did get stuck in traffic.”

“Oh, stop it,” said Alexandra, laughing. “You are barely five minutes late.” She accepted his buss on the cheek.

Tom turned to me. “Faith? Hi, I am Tom.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Hiddleston,” I said, then let out a very undignified squeak as Tom bussed my cheek too. Holy fucking horseshit!

I sat there blinking rapidly like an idiot while Tom sat and exchanged some small talk with Alexandra, then we got down to business.

“Right,” said Alexandra. “You know we are absolutely going with the asymmetrical thing still. The costumes, no matter what setting they are in, need to have an essential tone of nonconformity.”

“Yes,” said Tom, nodding. “I get that. So, are we going with the same colors again? Black, green, gold?”

“Brown leather was good last time around,” I spoke up, insanely glad my voice was not quivering. If my hands were, well, at least they were under the table. “We were thinking of sticking to that.”

“I was also thinking,” said Tom. “What about nightwear? Sleepwear? Or does he sleep naked?” Once the words were out of his mouth, he laughed, embarrassed by his own words. “I mean…”

Stop your stupid blushing and act like a woman grown, you stupid fangirl! Speak up! “Well, I don’t think so.” Alexandra looked at me, wanting me to elaborate. I did. “Well, think about that moment in the last one when Thor visited him in his cell. Loki was devastated, and he looked it. But what did he project to Thor? Perfect hair, perfect poise. That is what he wants people to see.”

“Yes, but no one is going to see him when he is sleeping, Faith,” said Alexandra. “It is a great opportunity to display him without worry and relaxed. What he would like to wear if people weren’t looking.”

“I know,” I replied. “But all I am saying is, he can’t wear a Marvel T-shirt and sweatpants to bed. Because he isn’t relaxed at all. Asgard is not home anymore, not really, because everyone hates him. He said so, when Thor talked about home. He said, “I don’t have it.” He knows it is no longer his. But he still hopes.” Tom’s eyebrow winged up, and I suddenly realised I had said Loki’s dialogue in his voice and tone. I fumbled a bit, then continued. “Besides, his costume is important. Because it is not just an expression of who he is anymore. It is also an expression of who he is supposed to be.”

“Supposed to?” asked Tom.

“I mean, he wants to be that person. The God who doesn’t give a flying–” I caught myself at the last minute. “–damn what the world thinks of him. Screw Odin, screw Thor, I am a god in my own right. This is who I am. So his clothes cannot have a radical change–be red or pink or yellow. Because his clothes, and their stark difference from everyone else’s, tells him he is different from everyone. That he will not be loved, so he has to stop caring. Besides, as long as he is posing to be Odin, he is always going to be alert, always on guard. There are no deep sleeps for him.”

By the end of my impassioned speech, my inner fangirl was yelling at me to just shut the fuck up. So I did. Abruptly.

“You’re right,” said Alexandra. “We can’t give him proper jammies. And no naked sleeping.”

Tom shook his head. “No, he’s not going to be that defenseless. What did Kenneth think?”

“Faith wasn’t there, so the idea was colors you would probably never see him in. But Faith has an interesting point.” Alexandra opened the portfolio we had brought with us. “These are some of the rudimentary designs we are working on. Anything you want to add to the practicality or the wearing side of it? More zips? Extra something? Less something?”

Tom laughed. “Less swamp water in my chest cavity?”

We laughed too. It was hopeless. Then I pitched the second thing I had thought about. “If we can’t show vulnerability in broad costume choices, can we make little changes that hint at loneliness and vulnerability?”

“Like what?” Alexandra’s eyes were sharp.

“Like… I don’t know. Open collars? I remember looking at Adam in the open robe and thinking that he looked lonely and miserable. But then again, that was Adam.” Since I could hear my voice degrading to the really fast and exciting cadence of fangirl-talk, I stopped.

“Who’s Adam?”

Uh-oh. Freak behavior. Stop that! “Um, sorry. I speak like that sometimes. Sorry. Adam is just a character Mr. Hiddleston played. He was in OLLA. Oh, um, Only Lovers Left Alive. Great movie.” I was so flustered, I just wanted to hit myself over the head with a hammer and be done with it.

Tom was looking at me a little more speculatively now. Something I said? I looked away before it became hard to breathe. “So, open collars?”

“Let’s keep it in the mix,” Alexandra agreed. “I am going to give you some of this stuff as homework, Tom.” She cheerfully ignored his put upon groan as I envied her easy camaraderie with him. “Nothing major, just a little outline of what themes are important to show at what points in the script. Make whatever notes you want, and we will discuss it at the next meeting.” Her phone rang, and she whooped. “Fucking finally. Sorry, I have been waiting for this call for centuries. Faith? Could you measure him?”

Without waiting for an answer, Alexandra left me alone with the man I had once thought about very briefly while masturbating. What? I was ridiculously drunk. It was comic con. Yes, that comic con. Admit it, you did too.

Silently, I took out the one of the standard charts everyone in the costume department had. Then I turned to him. “Please take off your shoes, Mr. Hiddleston.”

“Tom,” he corrected silently. “You have a tendency to stop talking abruptly, Faith.”


“Nothing, sorry. Carry on.”

Yeah. Keep calm and carry on. “Your jacket too, please. Stand against the wall for a second?” I marveled at how good he could look trying to get out of his boots. I looked like a hippopotamus on crack if I tried to do it standing.

I took a deep, fortifying breath. Without a word, I walked forward, small sticker in hand. I reached up and stuck it where the top of his head lay against the wall. He moved away, and I measured his height. “Well, you are still six feet two.”

“I am shocked beyond words. I have been drinking my milk too.” When I looked up from where I was making a note on my page, he grinned at me. I couldn’t stop my answering grin.

I walked over to him again, sorely wishing for someone else to write down the measurements I took. I slipped the measuring tape behind him with one hand, catching it with the other to measure his chest. It was a bit like an awkward hug. Tom, however, was being absolutely professional. I liked that.

“Umm…” I wondered how to say this one. “Could you maybe sit for a bit?”

He smiled as he sat, and his amused eyes locked on mine while I took the measurement of his head. With the tape around his head he looked a bit dorky. He looked a bit like he did when he wore his headtorch so proudly–the one that flashes. I debated whether or not to tell him that. I didn’t.

“That’s done,” I muttered, moving on to the neck. And if my eyes stuck to his Adam’s apple a bit, well, it was just proof that I am a woman. Besides, at least I wasn’t staring into his eyes like a loon. Or throwing up with excitement.

“So tell me about you,”he said.

“Tell you what about me?” I countered distractedly as I measured from the top of his arm to his wrist bone down the outside, slightly bending the arm.

“Why you need to measure your words so much.”

I sighed, deciding the truth will shut him up. “Because I talk too much. Usually about things other people have no interest in, or are appalled by the amount of unnecessary knowledge. I am a fangirl, that’s what fangirls do.”

“Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven,” he said promptly.

“Brevity is the soul of wit,” I countered. “Listen to many, speak to a few. I can quote the Bard too.” We smiled at each other as I motioned for him to stand. “I am not hiding anything, Mr. Hiddleston. I am simply trying very hard to act like an adult, and a professional.” I wrapped the tape around his waist, his arms out to his sides.

“I have gotten fatter, haven’t I?”

I snorted in a very unladylike manner. “Fatter, my ass. You couldn’t if you tried.”

His eyebrow winged up as he took my non-verbal cue to thrust his leg out. “Really?”

“I mean, I am not saying there was no difference between Oakley and Coriolanus, cause there was,” I said as I recorded his outseam measurement. “All I am saying is, it is going to take a very big lifestyle change for you to grow fat.”

“Ah,” he said. Then he smiled again as I fumbled a bit awkwardly over the next bit. Well, at least someone was having fun.

“Inseam,” I said as way of explanation, handing him the starting end of the tape. He held it at his crotch while I knelt in front of him, trying to take an accurate reading at his ankle bone. My head was mere inches from his crotch, a fact I was very aware of. “You have ridiculously long legs, Mr. Hiddleston.”

“You know what? I have heard ‘Tom’ has a lot less syllables.”

“Okay, Tom,” I said, then frowned as I noticed something. “You are holding it wrong.”

Tom looked down at his crotch and back at me. “No I am not.” He looked genuinely perplexed. “Am I?” He looked again.

“Hold it at that seam there,” I pointed to the inseam of his jeans. “You are like an inch away.”

He adjusted. “Okay?”

I nodded, then looked away as I realised I was kneeling before him and staring at his crotch. I hurried through the hip measurement. His hip measurement hadn’t changed at all either. I was a little jealous.

“Um… Tom? Kneel.” Do not grin. Do NOT grin. Be professional.

He laughed first, so I was off the hook for grinning. He sank to his knees, making me wonder how someone that tall could do this so gracefully. I took the waist-to-knee measurement without worries, and he clambered upright again. “How does it feel to make Loki kneel?”

I grinned. “If I had said that to him he would have choked me to death, Loki’s army or no.”

“So you are my fangirl,” he deduced. I stopped my scribbling. His voice sounded a lot less amused and a lot more satisfied now, and I wondered why. He knew he had legions of fans, and I guess I would be super glad to meet my fan too. Mentally shrugging, I took the next series of measurements–nape to floor, nape to waist, and shoulder to shoulder.

This time when the measuring could have become awkward, I didn’t let it. To measure the girth, I passed the tape end one hand to the other between his legs, and held them both ends at the shoulder. Getting on my tippy-toes, I got the reading, then slid the tape beneath his crotch again and back in my hand. I handled it very professionally, and I was proud even if I do say so myself.

“What is that?” Tom suddenly asked, pointing to the measurement sheet I was writing in.

“Sorry?” I looked back at him. “It is the sheet where I write all the measurements, Mr. Hiddleston.”

“Are we back to that again?” he groaned playfully. “I meant the symbols on top of the page.”

I looked. I had jotted down the character name, as was the norm, on top. But without realising, I had used the Elder Futhark. I answered as I knelt to take the thigh measurement. “Loki’s name. In Runic. Sorry.”

“Oh,” he said. Grabbing the sheet off the table, he studied the four symbols. “That’s how to write his name?”

“Yep,” I said, popping the p. Then I took the calf measurement. “I am all done! May I have the page? I need to write the last two down.”

He obediently passed them back.

Alexandra hurried back into the house, still having an animated discussion on the phone. She made a beeline for the chair and said, then yelled, “Fuck you too!” into the phone before slamming it on the table. Both Tom and I winced. “All done?”

“Yeah,” I said as I showed her the sheet. “Just shoe and suit size left.”

I got sprung pretty quick after that. I spent my afternoon roaming around London, enjoying the sunshine and the last few hours of my freedom before pre-production schedules turned hectic. As I window-shopped my way home, I looked back at my meeting with Tom. After physically cringing at my fangirling a little, I realised what Tom had been doing the whole time.

He was trying to put me at ease.

He must have noticed how tense I was, and that was why he made so many jokes and got me comfortable. I felt a surge of gratitude for him, and took pleasure in the fact that I was going to work with such a nice, considerate man.

Fun fact : I am writing the second chapter, and just spent around six minutes looking at a picture of Loki, trying to decide what order his costume goes on.

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