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I've seen you say a couple times that you don't see or that you're disabled. Do you mind talking about it? I ask because I am an aspiring writer and it is really hard for me. I wanted to know how you managed or what it was like?

I don’t mind talking about it. It’s something that made me who I am.

When I was about 12, my health sort of started to eat itself. I suddenly had a ton of allergies, and there were days I couldn’t get out of bed. I got sick all the time. In freshman year of high school, I suddenly couldn’t see. For a long time a thing had been going on in my eyes, but I guess I didn’t think it was abnormal until it made it impossible for me to see. Basically this hole was kind of growing in my eyes, but it was more like a rainbow.

When I started having trouble with colors and detail vision, my mom freaked out a bit, because at the time, I was an award winning artist who had ideas of going to college for art. Then I started tripping over things, hitting my head, having trouble with depth perception. Then I got sick, and I mean sick.

I spent about 23 hours a day in bed. I had almost constant migraines. I had pain in my entire body. My skin turned yellow. I went to every kind of doctor you can think of and was tested for everything there is. One day, I had about 12 vials of blood drawn. No one knew what was wrong. The eyes weren’t that big a deal at first, because it seemed like I might have something really serious. The first couple of eye doctors I went to kind of looked at me and said “Oh it’s nothing big.” I actually had one guy tell me that my brain was just shutting off my eyes because I wasn’t using them properly. Yeah.

Then finally, my mom took me to a friend of our family who happened to be an eye surgeon. She did a free exam. I’ll never forget it because it was the first time anyone believed me. I’d been told by doctor after doctor that there was nothing wrong with me. I’d been referred to therapists, told I needed depression meds, told I was just going through a phase or needed attention. Then this doctor put on her head gear, looked into my eyes…took off the head gear…got new head gear…looked into my eyes…took off the headgear…got hand held tools…looked into my eyes…and then stared at me with her mouth hanging open.

“I can’t see the back of your eye,” she said. And suddenly the world simultaneously healed itself and flipped upside-fucking-down for me.

Then it was all about my eyes, the one symptom we could see happening. The one that was the most dangerous. But by then it was too late.

What happened is pretty simple: I apparently have some weird recessive DNA. It triggers certain bizarre immune issues at puberty. My immune system decided to attack my body. The eyes are a delicately balanced system. They show symptoms first. My immune system attacked them with a vengeance. They swelled up like balloons. Normal eye pressure is about 14-17. Mine was at a 22 at its best. It put a tremendous amount of pressure on my Retina, specifically my macula, cutting off blood flow like when you sit on your foot. You know those little shadowy things that float across your eyes? They’re called protein floaters. My eyes had produced so many of those that the doctor could not see through them. It was a fog.

They had to find a way to map my eye, to track the damage. Cue the eye exam from hell. I have always been, even before my autoimmune disorder, deathly allergic to melon. Any kind of melon. But now I was allergic to all sorts of shit, fruits vegetables, all kinds of crap. My dad is allergic to contrast dyes. So when the retinologist suggested this dye-based eye exam that is kind of like a CAT scan, my mom said “no”. See, they inject you with this dye and then they flash this weird light in your eyes. It causes the dye to glow, and then they can see the things through the fog. My mom told them I was too sensitive to stuff for that to be safe. The doc assured her they’d put a butterfly in my arm, meaning the vein would be kept open, and a syringe of benedryl was set on the counter. They’d never had anyone react, and they needed the pictures or there was nowhere to go from there.

So they put this dye into me, and it was like I’d been injected with fire, but there was no way around it, and to me, I knew they only had about 90 seconds to get the images they needed. So I sucked it up. finally the burning began to spread. Suddenly my back felt like I was being stabbed, and I suddenly couldn’t speak. I tapped my hands on my mom, then began sneezing spontaneously. My mom lifted my shirt, and I had quarter-sized hives. The nurse said “Stop sneezing on the camera”. Yeah.

My mom went ballistic. The doctor flew up the stairs and gave me the emergency meds. I slid into a dissociation state and nearly out of my chair. They had to prop me against the camera for the next couple minutes and reinject the dye. No other way, you see.

They did this test every few months for a few years.

But then there was treatment. Not much they could do, except try to get the swelling under control. Only way to do that was corticosteroid injections in the eye. Yup. A needle in the eye. No, they don’t knock you out. They numb the surface of the eye with the same numbing drops they give you for the exams and then they come at you with a needle, tell you to look down and to hold still. And you fucking do.

I was 15 when that started.

I went to experimental clinics, labs, and joined studies. I dropped out of those. Why? It’s pretty simple. The first day I came to the exams, I was kept waiting for over two hours. I was taken into a room. I was left there. No information, no talking. Suddenly a man came in followed by a group of people, all in lab coats. He started moving me around like I was a doll and talking like, “The patient presents with…the patient this, the patient that…”

I shoved him back and said, “The patient’s name is Kristina, and she is 16.”

He finished his exam, and when he left, after the students had gone, he took two Q-tips, dipped them in that pink shit your dentist uses to swab your gums before an injection, and SHOVED them under my eyelids with a cocky smirk.

The patient will never be an snotty little bitch again, I guess.

So yeah. Fuck those guys. They gave me two injections in one day, which no one had ever done before, because it was almost impossible to function with two pimple-like bubbles on your eyeballs.

Still my health was bad. Then all of a sudden, when my mom had given up, It just wasn’t anymore. Suddenly, I was fine, and all that was left were the eyes. I went back to school, except now I was blind.

In a few months, I’d lost about 80% of my perfect vision. I was photophobic. I got horrible and constant headaches. I walked with a cane. And not a single fucking teacher believed me, except my civics teacher, who had gone blind at a young age due to some other weird eye disorder, and my physics teacher who was deaf. I had teachers send me to the office for wearing my sunglasses (with a note on file). I had teachers get on my case about having an audio recorder and CD player for my books. I had teachers call me names, make fun of me, make me leave class to photocopy their notes larger, so that I missed the lecture the notes were on. I had teachers take my medications which had to be in my possession because of their time-sensitive nature and constant administration and hide them in their desks as punishment for asking questions or demanding help. I had classmates pick on me, but luckily, I was well-liked, and I was an officer in the ROTC. I even excelled there in spite of my vision, because my Captain believed in my leadership skills.

I always tell this story because I think it is funny. We had this special boot camp we got to go to if we were in the upper ranks of the ROTC. If you joined the military after high school (which I could never do) you got a higher paygrade for having gone through it. Almost like taking a couple JC classes in the military. It was grueling and all physical fitness, obstacle courses, PT, classes, guard duty…fucking blah. Our unit was allowed six participants. I sort of figured that it wasn’t really fair for me to go, even with my high rank (a company XO). To my complete fucking shock, my Captain recommended me to go, cutting out a classmate (and ex) of mine who was higher in rank. The boy went ape-shit. He went on and on about how unfair it was. He even went to the school board. My Captain made his reasons clear; he told them that the academy isn’t about military sponsorship. It’s about skills and quality. He didn’t care if I had a disability. In his eyes I had more innate ability than anyone there because I had worked so hard just to be where I was. The boy was angry. I told my Captain I appreciated the gesture, but honestly, we ought to make it fair. I told him that we should train to meet the PT standards, and that if this kid could make his, but i couldn’t make mine, he should go. I made mine. He didn’t. He complained about that too. At the last minute, we were told one extra person could come because another school had lost one. So he came anyway. The whole time he bitched about me being there. When I got there, the real military officers gave me shit like you wouldn’t believe, because they weren’t used to dealing with disabilities or recognizing that they can’t discriminate against high schoolers by law. The commander of the unit tried to dress me down in front of everybody for wearing sunglasses. I was pretty pleased with myself for telling him off but still sounding respectful. He kept saying “Take off my glasses”. I told him they weren’t his. They were mine, by law, and that if he had a problem with that, he could consult my attorney, the DOJ, and the doctor who prescribed them. He tried to fuck with me. I didn’t say anything except to ask him if he wanted me to have a migraine, because that’s what taking the glasses off means. He was so confused by me he walked away and called my Captain over. There were words. After that, he came up to me once or twice, almost like a test, to ask me if I needed him to slow down or if I was getting around alright. He wasn’t being nice. He was egging me in a condescending tone and with very bullying language. He’s a drill instructor, and you know what, that’s his job. I told him I was fine. But I made a decision: I wasn’t just going to make the female PT marks. I was going to test out of this fucking place at the male PT marks. And I fucking did. That boy…had an asthma attack on the track (I had asthma too, but I worked my ass off while he coasted on his “boyness”) and failed. At the certificate ceremony, the commander came up to me and said I had really impressed him, and that it was a shame I couldn’t enter the Navy. I thanked him, but what I wanted to say was, “Go fuck yourself and take the NAVY with you”. I ended up the Battalion XO Senior year. This would have given me a guaranteed spot in Westpoint if I could have taken it. My Captain cried when he told me he was sorry he had to give it to one of our Company XO’s. I told him that it was best for everyone, because I am not the type of person to enjoy taking orders. I had learned that about myself.

He laughed.

Around Junior year I got people to pay attention. My doctors got the DOJ and the Social Security people involved. A woman came to my school and enforced compliance in a tone of voice I’d never heard anyone but my mother use. She threatened to rain brimstone down on them if they didn’t give me what I needed, and things changed.

My parents wanted me to take a full scholarship to a local school, but I wanted to get away. So I did. I wanted to travel abroad, so i did. And when I was 19, they perfected one of the surgeries they had been working on the entire time I’d been struggling with this.

See, the injections had brought and kept the swelling down, but that meant that the fog was still there (since ocular fluid doesn’t replace), and the structures in the eye had been stretched all to shit, and were laying in my eye like melted plastic wrap. The old surgery was like a blind man hacking with a machete, but the new surgery used fluorescent dyes to track movement. Dyes that wouldn’t kill me. The old surgery had a 50-50 shot at complete loss of vision and made you lay on your face for three weeks. The new was fool proof and took 45 minutes. So, I got one eye done. They swapped out all the fluid and replaced it with saline. They peeled the distorted membrane off the macula. They stitched up my eyeball and gave me a sick metal eye patch. Looked like a fucking space pirate. It was rad.

But the blind spot is still there. The cataracts caused by the steroids are still there. The scars are there.

A few years later I had the other one done too.

My college was great. It took a lot of work getting all my reading done, about 500 pages minimum, per week, done via audio. I used to spend hours at the pool table in our residence hall, listening to my books and practicing. I got pret damn good too, at pool. It was difficult taking notes or working with a note taker. It was scary traveling by myself. It was hard to get people to understand there wasn’t anything WRONG with me. Just that my eyes don’t work even though it seems like I’m normal and fine, and like they should. People always think to be legally blind you have to be completely blind, and they think you’re not going to be able to defend yourself. I’ve been targeted by pickpockets. I’ve been followed by scary dudes. I’ve been treated like shit, laughed at, and accused by full grown adults of faking to get privileges, all because I can look at the place where their head should be and smile at the blank spot there. All because I can walk down a flight of stairs with a few neat tricks I know that have nothing to do with a cane.

But shit…you probably didn’t mean to ask for my life story. I’m going to get back to the point. My writing. What has it done for that? Like how can you be a writer if you can’t fucking see? Technology. It’s been amazing. I can use a computer same as anyone. The Kindle has been a fucking revolution for me because for the first time in a decade and a half I could read without pain and suffering. Just…all the things it does have made life so much easier than it used to be. It got me out of bad relationships with people who used my disability as a control. It gave me a little bit of confidence back. It helped me know I could handle myself.

And really, I think my vision loss had a lot to do with my writing. In some ways it gives me different perspective, sure, but it’s more than that. I was undeclared when I entered college. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I thought about history or sociology. My mom had a degree in that and she was an English teacher. I wanted art history, but what the fuck was the point in that? Couldn’t see a damn thing. And then I had a class in poetry, and shit…That made sense. I’d always loved language and writing. Always been okay at it. Dorte stuff but never thought about doing it for a living. But then it was like yeah…yeah I’m gonna fucking do that. Just like when I decided to meet the male PT standards.

If it is in you. If you love it. If it defines you and possesses you, it does not matter how fucked up you are. You will find a way. You don’t have a choice. You are that thing. And you’ll adapt. You just have to let yourself. You have to keep pushing. You have to learn how to handle frustration. you have to train yourself into stamina. You just keep going. I’m nowhere near as successful as I want to be. I’m still going. I hope I get even better. I hope I can say things that make truth more obvious, or that help people put words to things they have always wanted to say.

I don’t need my eyes to be a fucking firestorm. That’s just me. Eyes don’t mean shit.

So keep going. Keep doing whatever you need to. Do it better and better. Bend yourself around it. People who see you struggle will think they’re lucky, but you and I know the truth: they’re not even close to the kind of strong you are. Not even a little bit.

Drive Me Crazy

Bellamy X Reader: Angst, smut

Request? Yes:
(Idk if I sent this in or not lol) could you do a Bellamy X read could be an AU where they were FWB Briefly(but had secret feelings they didn’t share to w/ other) on the ark. when both are on earth he’s a huge player and doesn’t know Y/N is there until he sees her talking to Murphy, causing him to become a lot tougher(over the top mean bc he’s jealous) and it gets too much she runs away causing him to go mad, sending out a search party.(long one plz, your writing is great)

Author’s note: This is extremely long, so please be prepared. It’s not just a smut like most of the other things I write.

Italics=Ground flashback

Bold italics=Ark flashback

You scramble over broken twigs and mossy rocks, nearly tripping over your own feet. A brief glance behind you sends a fresh wave of terror coursing through your veins. The cloud of acid fog moves closer, reaching out in finger-like tendrils that claw over the ground. You turn your head forward again and your legs carry you faster. It won’t get you. You won’t just be another name crossed off the list of delinquents.

You feel like you’ve been running miles. The grounder horn you heard must have been blown an hour ago, at least. Every time you get the nerve to turn, sure that you’ve distanced yourself from the approaching mist, it seems to have gained on you. You’re desperate now, eyes scanning the woods for any place that might just shelter you from the worst of it.

Air whooshes from your lungs as you slam into something solid when your attention is turned. You grip the tree trunk for support as you try to force oxygen back into your bloodstream, but you continue wheezing. Maybe this is it. That’s what the chancellor sent you down here for after all, isn’t it? To die? Your will to keep going dissipates with every painful breath. You’re all but resigned to take what you’re given. This has to be less painful than seeing his face again anyway.

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Krasivaya-Chapter 12

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been friends for years. You are deeply, completely, in love with the super soldier, but he sees you as nothing more than a little sister. What happens when Bucky starts to date in earnest?

Powers: Think Jean with immortality and accelerated healing

Trigger Warning: There is mention of suicide. if this is a trigger for you please dont read. it’s only one line, but still give it a skip

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x OFC

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Self-Esteem issues, Depression, Anxiety. Violence.

Thank you to @tilltheendwilliwrite because i hit the worst wall, only had a shell of a chapter and she got me out of it. 

Song:Placebo running up that hill  I recommend listening to this while reading. it gave me chills. 

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Steve Rogers x Reader Fic

A/N: Once again I have been trolling Spotify instead of focusing on what I should be, and this is what comes of it. 

Summary: A dance party of Tony’s takes a turn when a joke is played which you don’t find funny, causing you to reveal a long kept secret.

Word Count: 3482  |  Warnings: Foul language, small angst, mostly fluff

Songs : Can’t Feel My Face by The Weekend, Sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony, There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes

Your heart pounded in your chest, racing in time to the music. The bass thudding, beat heavy, sultry lyrics floating through the air. Sweat glistened on your skin as you danced with Wanda and Natasha.

Tony always threw the best parties. 

Food, drinks, and music abounded. You got to dress to the nines, fabulous clothes and shoes which made your legs look divine. There was nothing like it, in your estimation.  

The only thing which would make your night better would be if the tall blond soldier standing by the bar would come dance with you, but Steve was being the stoic, brooding Captain you knew and loved.  

Not that he knew you loved him. Everyone else did, but not Steve. The man was oblivious.  

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To Fall (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: falling seems to be a common theme in yours and peter’s relationship, and that includes falling in love

warnings: none

words: 2.6k

pairings: peter parker x reader

a/n: um please make a dentist appointment in advance because this is so fluffy your teeth will hurt

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PROMPT: 3 times Gavin’s wings were the prettiest things Ryan saw, and one time Ryan’s were the prettiest Gavin saw. (King AU)

For @justisaisfine - thank you so much for your generosity and support <3 <3 <3


“So you’re the thief King Ramsey has so wisely decided to let into the castle.”

Ryan raises his eyebrows as Gavin jumps, whirling around from where he was perched on the edge of the castle’s tallest turret. His eyes widen, and Ryan fights a smirk. He knows he makes an imposing sight - the Royal Sorcerer, with his heavy black robes sewn with shimmering silver runes, his hood casting his face into shadow. Especially for an outsider, new to the kingdoms, who knows him only from rumour.

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Troll-hole adventures (Thorin x Reader)

Originally posted by thorinoakenshieldconfessions

Requested by Anon: “Hello! What about number 13 with Thorin or Fili ? :).”

Number 13 = “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while.”

Thank you very much for the request, anon and I’m sorry that it took me a few days to write it! But I had to change a lot to improve it and I still don’t like it very much… I bet y’all would have prefered if I had done something like them being locked up in a room by Kili or something, but I wanted to try something new, and well… let’s just hope you’ll enjoy it :)

I chose Thorin, because I did Fili not long ago, I hope that’s okay xx .

Word count: 3216

Warnings: Fluff and let’s just pretend that you and Thorin never feel the urge to go to the toilet and you aren’t that hungry while being locked in there

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I didn’t feel a Thing - [Eggsy Unwin X Reader]

[Damn okay, this one is long I’m sorry lol. Hope you like it though! As always, I planned something else but wound up here lol. I tried REALLY hard to accommodate all of your requests here, so I hope I satisfied you Nonny wherever you are!!! Hopefully this is good cause I spent so much time on it I can’t even tell anymore hahah <3

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader 

Words: 3.1… I’m hella sorry,  lol

Plot: You get shot and things are not looking good. Sweet babe Eggsy just doesn’t know what to do cause, he just likes you so much!!! XD As most of my stuff the name ‘Tristan’ has been adopted as your codename!

–Read on Ao3!]

If there was one thing you could say about getting shot, it was that it didn’t suck as bad as you thought it would. For having seen so many people be gunned down (and honestly doing some of it yourself) you’d have expected it to be a bit more painful, or dramatic even. But this experience, wasn’t really like that.

You didn’t scream, you didn’t cry… Actually, to be honest you didn’t even fucking notice it.

Which was about as reassuring as being shot in the fucking chest could be, but beggars can’t be choosers can they?

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Draco! ... Snape?

Warnings: No

Word Count: 1300

Pairing: Draco x reader 

Summary: Draco and Y/n are togather, but snape, who’s like a father figure to Y/N find out. 

Requested: HELL YEAS

Edited with little care because yall already know I’m the best writer around😂 jk I just got lazy 

Originally posted by imagines-for-the-lonely-soul

“Severus?” You singsonged as you walked into the empty potions classroom. It was just to the beginning of the year, and you wanted to see  Snape before class. You walked throughout his classroom looking at the neat room that would soon be a mess in 30 minutes. “Severus! Where are you!” You heard footsteps coming from his office and began to smile.
A man with black hair, no longer greasy peered over the corner. Severus was usually kind to you, but instead of being the kind man, his face looked eerily similar to the looks he gave Mr. Potter.
“What did I say Y/L/N, about using my first name?” His wand was pointed at you and his same mean face was painted on. You huffed and began to walk out of his class. But his voice stopped you. “Are you going to leave without giving me a hug Y/N?” You turned around excitedly and gave your favorite professor a hug. You laughed as you hugged him.
Snape was quite misunderstood, and you usually found yourself trying to keep him in line when it came to Harry Potter.  He found out your parents died when you were in year one and naturally, pitied you, and gave you love like any father would. With that came tremendous protection. You could never date anyone that didn’t pass acceptable in his class, and no Malfoy, Weasleys or Potter. But just like any daughter, you were one to go behind their back and date someone he did not want you too.
Draco Malfoy was your boyfriend, and you both kept it very secret. He didn’t want his parents knowing he was dating a half-blood, and Snape would not be happy finding you dating Malfoy. He always told you that he was bad, but he never said why.
“Oh dear god, Y/N! I must get ready for class. Get out of here,” He beckoned at the door, walking quickly toward his office.
During free period you walked into the library. You were still in denial. You had never lied to him, especially about something he forbid you to do. But you were a teenage girl, you were too tempted not to.
You were in the library, running your hands over the broken bonds of the stories. Dust collected everywhere while spiders and cobwebs collected on books that nobody read. Nearly broken lights hung by a wire from the cracked ceiling. The ground was a landfill of torn pages, glass and, books. Dust floated lazily in the air causing a difficulty breathing, and every step put more of it into the air. By now you realized you have wondered in the Restricted section of the library.
“Miss me?” You looked up cautiously to the voice. Draco. You smiled at him and brought him into a hug.
“What do you think?” You laughed at him quietly. You pulled away, and reached for his hand, pulling him down the shelves, weaving deeper and deeper into the restricted section.
“I think,” He stopped you abruptly “We need a proper hello.” He leaned you up against the bookshelf and brushed his lips against yours. He did it in one swift movement, but so slow and calm. And when he kissed you, it wasn’t innocent. It was a tease, a hot—passionate tease. You were both so seduced by each other’s touch you couldn’t think straight. He pressed his tongue to the join of your lips and didn’t ask for any grant of access. He pushed his tongue down your mouth. You haven’t seen each other in ages, and this was a perfect hello. Your arms reached up around his neck and held him closer to you. His hands held your waist, keeping you stable. You could feel his tongue roll off yours and seep down your throat with every push of your own.
Your lips felt so gentle so warm. Your hands begin to slide up his chest and encircle his neck, as the kiss began to grow heavy. You continued kissing him hungrily wanting more. And as Draco’s kiss continued down your neck a wave of pure pleasure ran through his entire being. Your perfume was intoxicating, and your body was just as addicting.  He kissed your earlobe first. It was soft but hungry. Then he worked down your neck to your collar bone before coming right back up for the lips.
All his and your secrets were laid bare, all that was left was the passion between you two.
He kissed you, and it felt like a January storm.
“We have to get to class,” you tugged on his sleeve. “As much as I love you in that black tux, We have to go.” He groaned at you and pulled you into his chest.
“Why can’t we skip class, head to my room,” He tried to reason with you although he knew he had no chance of winning. You looked up at him and saw a glimmer in his eyes. “I’ll make sure it’s worth your while,” he smirked. You laughed at him and pulled him down to the entrance of the restricted section.
“I bet you would. But you’ll have to wait until classes are over.” You peered over the exit of the section and saw nobody was there, so you quickly hurried out and down towards the library exit.
Before you both left, he leaned in a gave you a quick kiss. But as you pulled away you heard a cough. You both turned slowly and were met with a now pinched face, angery Severus Snape. You couldn’t believe your eyes. You had been caught.
“Malfoy, I see you have managed to get your vomitous, revolting lips on Ms. Y/L/N.” Malfoy wasn’t even going to help, he told you when the cats out of the bag, he would have no trouble showing you off.
“It appears I have,” He smiled devilishly.
“I would like to see both of you in detention tonight. No funny business either.,” He said firmly before walking away. You couldn’t believe that just happened, and you didn’t expect Draco you act like that.
“Look what you did,” You pouted at him. “Now Severus will never speak to me.”
“Nonsense,” He smiled, pulling you into a hug. “You are amazing..” You couldn’t help but smile meekly. “And that Snape knows, and you were the only one really worried about anyone knowing, I can show off what’s mine finally.”
“I guess you’re right.” And that was perhaps the only good thing you got out of this.

In detention, Severus didn’t even glance at you. He was spiteful to no end, that’s one thing you learned about him. If he was unhappy with someone he cared about, he would torture them and make sure they were unhappy as well. That’s what you and Ms. Lily Evans learned. But this time it was worse. You weren’t losing a racist friend, you were losing a father. But before long Snape walked over to Draco’s seat and was ready to give him a piece of his mind.
Grabbing him by the collar, he raised Draco high into the hair.
“If you so as for think of ever hurting my daughter, I will kill you just as fast as you could say mud blood.” He never called you daughter. “And if you think you’re ever going to pursue the task he gave you, and be with her, you will be killed.”
And although you had no idea what was going on, you sat back and watched. “But as you I can see,” Snape trailed off. “You love her.” He paused “You look at her the same way I looked at…”
“Lily,” you mumbled. And with Draco falling to the ground, he sauntered to his office, giving you permission to pursue the one you love most. Draco.

Will Byers had met Mike Wheeler in what you could call a rather unfortunate way. 

Well, the way in which the meeting took place was unfortunate. The union, itself, was one of the most wonderful things that Will would tell you had ever happened to him.

Schooling from second grade onward hadn’t been kind to poor Will. In first grade, no one cared if you were cute or pretty, short or tall, strong or weak. In second grade, that was all that mattered.

And Will Byers had received a rather short-ended stick.

He was short, and would always be short, he’d soon discover, with no real muscle mass to speak of. He had long eyelashes, and small wrists, and a high voice that had gotten him mistaken for a little girl too many times to count. Especially in his single digits, when every kid looked the same and anyone could be anything. He didn’t mind much.

The other kids did, though. They cared very much. Will soon learned to keep his head and voice low, to laugh seldom louder than he could whisper, lest someone heard and laughed back. Will Byers hated to be laughed at. Especially at eight years old.

So, he was hurt. He was knocked around and he was teased and pushed and shoved every which way, until he couldn’t tell right from left, and his eyes blurred with tears.  He could usually bear it until he got home.

But sometimes he couldn’t.

He’d been laying on the ground after a particularly awful day, his overalls dirty and his eyes pricking with tears. He’d learned that if he crumpled up, the bullies would go away faster. You didn’t kick a man when he’s down. It apparently was outside of even the most twisted morals, and so Will had learnt to go down easy. He sat up slowly, sniffing a little and wiping his eyes. He checked to make sure no one was around lifting his head to see a dark-haired boy standing in front of him. Will nearly leapt backward, but kept his ground, and instead cringed away from the boy’s outstretched hand.

“You okay?” The boy looked sideways at Will, his brow furrowing as he advanced his hand. “Do you need help?”

Will simply shook his head, his eyes glued to this strange boy’s scattering of freckles. They seemed to radiate light, and Will didn’t know why at the moment.

“You sure?” The kid shook his hand in front of Will’s face, trying to smile at him. He had a gap between his front teeth, and Will thought absently from some corner of his young mind that he’d like to have a gap between his teeth. Maybe if he could look like this boy, this beautiful, dark-haired boy, he wouldn’t have to endure this sort of treatment. “You look like you do.”

Will considered him for a minute. He finally frowned, puffing a cheek out and reluctantly taking the taller boy’s hand. “Thanks,” he mumbled, unsure as to why this boy was making his heart beat faster.

“No prob, Bob.” The boy giggled a little, setting off another round of butterflies in Will’s stomach. “But your name’s not Bob, is it? It’s something like… William.”

“It’s Will,” Will managed, still focused on how this stranger hadn’t dropped his hand. “And you’re… you’re…” he stuttered a little, before trailing off and just looking away.

“I’m Mike!” Mike grinned toothily, and his hair seemed to gleam in a halo when he raised his head up. “Mike Wheeler.”

“That’s a cool last name,” Will said, for lack of something else to comment on. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. He’d have loved to say something like, ‘your freckles are funny’, or, 'can you feel my heart trying to say hi to you?’. But instead, he said what he deemed the most appropriate. Boys didn’t say that to other boys.

Mike shrugged, dropping Will’s hand to put his own in his pocket. “Thanks! I got it from my mom. My dad’s last name was Richard, but he didn’t like it so he changed it.” Will nodded along, happy to just hear this chorus of a voice float around him. Mike rambled on, before Will saw the bullies approaching again, and tried to extricate himself.

“I need to go.”

“Where’re you going?” Mike followed Will as he tried to go inside. “What’s wrong?”

Will looked at Mike in borderline agony. “You don’t want to be friends with me.”

“Yes, I do!” Mike said it indignantly, almost more as a challenge than a truth. It is a truth, though. “You don’t gotta let those boys pick on you! You don’t!”

“I don’t?”

“Of course not!” Mike pouted, crossing his arms and sitting down on the ground. He had a temper, this one.

“But… they’re stronger,” Wil tried weakly. “What can I do?”

Mike didn’t say another word. He took Will’s small hand and ran. He sprinted on his little legs that were still somehow longer than the other boy’s, over the playground, across the field, behind the school’s baseball diamond. Behind the wooden backboard.

“Come on out!” came a sing-song voice, and the sound of beat up sneakers on dirt sounded from the other side. “You can’t stay there forever.”

“Yes we can!” Mike shouted, his thoughts clouded by his anger. “Go away, you jerks!” Will stifled a gasp at his new friend’s language, covering his mouth and grabbing for Mike’s hand.

“Be quiet,” Will pleaded. “Please, they’ll go away if we’re quiet-”

But Mike didn’t listen. Getting up, his rush of adrenaline still going, he ran out from behind the dugouts and stood, hands on his tiny hips, glaring at the fifth graders. He looked practically straight up at them, because despite how tall Mike Wheeler was going to be, he was still only an eight year old boy with a hero complex. The standoff seemed to last for ages. It ended just as quickly as an impulsive Mike Wheeler has started it.

“What’re you gonna do?” he taunted. “Beat me up?” The four older boys looked like they planned to do just that, but Mike’s next phrase- “there’s a recess teacher over there”- set them trotting in the opposite direction, eyeing the old woman and mumbling about payback and getting the two little fairies one day or another. Mike came back at the same, trotting speed, his little mind unconsciously emulating the bigger kids.

Will was crying again, from surprise and his sore bruises hurting from the run and how much pure, unfiltered gratitude he felt towards the other, angelic boy. He flung himself onto Mike, hugging him so tight Mike would feel it for days after (and not just because he wanted to.). Mike wasn’t crying, but he was close to it, so he said nothing and instead just hugged Will back.

“Thank you,” Will’s high little voice said from somewhere west of Mike’s ear. “Thank you, thank you, thank you-”

Mike pushed the other boy off, smiling sheepishly and brushing his sleeves of the dirt. “Aw, shoot,” he said. “It wasn’t a big deal, Will.”

“It was to me.” Will’s big doe eyes were dry now, his nose red and a little runny. He was looking solemnly at Mike, and he slipping his hand into Mike’s again. “Thank you, Mike Wheeler.”

Mike looked down at this strange, small boy next to him. He was so small, Mike thought. Is he really me age? He thought.

Can I handle this much love in such a little package, he thought, the little fragment far older than it’s owner and so powerful that Mike felt internally knocked off his feet. Could he?

And an eight year old Mike Wheeler smiled his wide, eight year old smile, and pecked Will on the cheek. Will touched his cheek instantly, reflexively, and flushed pink.

“No prob, Bob.”

Art of Seduction Epilogue (Hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Sorry it took so long but I’ve been busy with summer classes. I hope you enjoy the fic~ If I get a 100 comments I will write a prequel to Art of Seduction~


You watched with furrowed brows and pouting lips, waiting for Angelica and Eliza to stop their hysterical laughing.

“It’s not funny.” You spat.

“Sorry, you’re right. It’s not funny.” Angelica said, collecting herself before dissolving back into more hysterical laughter. “It’s absolutely hilarious!”

“Only you could do all that, then break your arm trying to get off the bed!” commented Eliza, who was laughing so hard that she was tearing up.

“Hahaha. Knock it off already!” You state dryly. “And stop hogging it, Peggy.”

“I can’t help that I want it all for myself. It’s so tempting~” The youngest Schuyler sister chimed.

“Well it’s MY arm you’re drawing on so knock it off already!” You said, snatching the marker from Peggy. She was taking up all the room on your cast with animal, rainbow, and flower doodles. “I promised John and Herc that they could decorate it.”

When Eliza and Angelica finally calmed down, all of you were able to get back to your coffee time. It had been a week since you tried to seduce your boyfriends.

“So how are things with the guys?” asked Angelica, saying what they were all thinking.

You blushed, taking a swig of your hot chocolate. “Well, besides the whole breaking my arm thing…Things have never been better sex wise. Turns out I just got the seduction techniques mixed up.”

“Oh, I gotta hear this!~” Peggy beamed as her and her sisters leaned in, wanting to hear all the juicy dirty details. “Lay all the dirty, depraved, nasty details on us, girl~”

You shyly smiled back at the girls and nervously tucked your hair behind her ear, not knowing where to begin. Now that you had gotten over most of your nervousness and shyness, all of you were to be a lot more open with each other. You were able to share fantasies and kinks that you had kept hidden, which lead to a lot of crazy good sex and experiences.

Every conceivable position had been explored after you overcame natural shyness. Your boys had taught you to ask for exactly what you wanted, no matter how strange it may seem; they saying how they preferred to know if there was anything they could do. The hardest part of all for you was to actually gather enough confidence and courage to make your fantasies a reality.
“Ready for dessert, mon belle?” asked Laf, nearly choking on his words. He watched as you swiped some whipped cream down the center of his six pack before dropping lower and pressing your lips to his skin.

“I always have room for my favorite french chocolat.” You purred, drawing a whipped cream heart over the delectable muscles of Laf’s chest, slowly licking him clean, savoring his godly chest.

You felt Laf shudder beneath you, aware of every movement your tongue made. He watched you move, feeling like he was floating on a giant marshmallow.

“That t-tickles…” Laf panted.

You muttered your answer, your tongue working over his warm skin as you licked at the cream, savoring the essence of him underneath the sweetness. You grabbed hold of his hips to balance yourself, grinning when you felt the bump of his cock becoming hard against your chest while your tongue kept on licking him clean. You felt his hands lay on your shoulders, admiring his expression, enjoying how his pupils were blown wide with desire. It seemed Laf had gotten hooked on being dominated as much you did.

“I see something even tastier right here~” You gently grasped Laf’s straining cock. Without a minute to squander, you wrap your lips around the tip of his smooth cock and sucked long and hard. He tosses his head once more into the cushions with a moan, and you take considerably a greater amount of his throbbing length into the depths of your warm and wet mouth.

You allow the flat of your tongue to keep running along the underside of his cock, inspiring more groans from him. You gulped his length, feeling his head touch and knock the highest point of your mouth, the back of your throat, and the muscle of your cheek.

“Merde…” Laf moaned, feeling like he was about to come at any moment.

Tapping your thighs with his fingers, you promptly comprehend what Laf implies. You delay with your ministrations so you can position your trickling folds to his face. Laf licks up your arousal, and you take that as your sign to proceed what you were doing beforehand. You take his cock into your mouth again and groan against him when he shoots his tongue inside your folds and strokes them.

Laf plays with your clit as you lick up the pearls of precum from his slit.

“Mon dieu!? Vous êtes parfait!? Je t’aime tellemnet!?” Laf compliments before diving his mouth into your entrance once more with more vigor.

You sucked harder on Laf’s cock, spreading more whipped cream over his hurting balls, and lapped that up as well. This pushed Laf over the edge, obviously he adored having that specific piece of his body attended to. Your climax hit, the vibe of his tongue pushing deeply into you, his cock jerking as he released his seed into your inviting mouth, your own particular body shaking over him as you hit rapture and clung to him before you went limp.

You cleaned up the remaining sweet treat just as Laf added a different and messier ingredient to the mix.

“Delicious~” You said, licking your lips as Laf panted in exhaustion. “You always fill me up, mon beau~”
“Deeper, honey, and relax more.” You pressed your hands over Herc’s shirtless back, easing out the tension, using your thumbs to smooth out the muscles along the sides of his spine as you straddled Herc’s lower back.

“Good, honey. Relax and take deep breaths. Let all your stress melt away.” You soothed, listening to the tranquil sounds of the ocean playing softly through the speakers as you rubbed more massage oil on your boyfriend’s back.

“How’s your injury?” You asked Herc, still feeling bad about accidentally breaking his nose.

Herc reclined his head to the side, so he could talk to you. “It’s fine. Besides I should be asking how your arm is. Is your cast—Ooooh, that’s nice…”

You pressed on his mid back as he exhaled. The effect on him was strong, feeling him melt under your hands. “I’m fine. Stop worrying and let me massage you. Let yourself be pampered for a change.”

After about ten minutes you had him roll over to his back. His face was smooth and relaxed, his mouth opened slightly as breaths came out shallow and slow. You smiled as you looked at the handsome tailor in deep trance beneath you.

Depositing more oil on your hands, you begin at his neck, gently working his tension out. Next you rub his large arm with both hands (doing best to work with the cast), giving extra devotion to his gorgeous bicep.

You actually have to stop yourself from drooling as your palms rub over his pecs. Your eyes glance up to see if Herc is enjoying himself and you meet his gaze. His eyes dart to the tank top that was tightly covering your breasts before falling to your center, which is more or less, spread and on display by your baby blue boy-shorts. It still doesn’t make you nervous somehow. You always felt the most comfortable with Hercules, there was just something about him that made all your nerves melt away.

When you started massaging his temples you were rewarded with a long sigh. You shuddered at the growing bulge in Herc’s pants that was pressing against your crotch.

“Mmm, babe that feel’s really good. Can you do my chest again? Don’t be afraid to press harder. I can take it really hard.” He replied with a smirk.

Your face flushed red but glad he can’t see it as you continued to stroke harder, building up the pressure on your palms against his bare flesh. You knead it harder like softening dough.

You gave a throaty laugh, reaching to pull down his sweatpants. His cock sprang freely from the confining fabric falling against your covered stomach, erect and hard. “I promised a full body massage~”

You reached for the tube of lubricant that was next to the massage oil on the nightstand and squeezed a fair amount on your good hand. Before Herc could react you had wrapped his cock with your hand and and covered him in lube.

“Y/N…” Herc gasped as you ran your hand up and down the length of his cock. You silently gazed at size of it, it fit with the rest of his body.

The muscles of Herc’s stomach contracted as you continued to stroke him.

“Does it feel good,honey?” You asked, leaning over him, giving him a good view down your shirt. You quickened your pace and tightened your fingers around his balls, pressure building.

Herc’s breath was coming out in short pants and had an adorable blush on his face. “Yes…it feels really really amazing…I don’t think—OH FUCK!!!”

His cum shot all over your tank top, boy shorts, and down your waist. Your hand was covered with his cum, smiling as you go up to get a towel. Herc’s head had fallen back, looking dizzy, his eyes closed and blushing in exhaustion.

“Hope that made you feel better.” You said, kissing him on the forehead.

“Uh-huh…” Herc mumbled as he pulled you back onto the bed, his body above you. “Let me help you clean up.”
It was date night and it was John’s turn to pick what the five of you would do. It was no surprise that he picked going to a new dance club that just opened.

You were having a fun time so far. Drinking, dancing, and sneaking kisses from your boyfriends. You had really enjoyed the sight of Alex and Laf dirty dancing with each other.

You saw John get out of the booth and motioning you towards the ladies’ bathrooms with his eyes. He had that lustful fire in his eyes. You quickly excused yourself saying how you had to go check your makeup to make sure it wasn’t running from all the dance sweat.

You opened the door to the ladies’ room and went inside. The pristine cream color of the bathroom tiles looked up at you.

“It’s so clean…Like it’s asking to get dirty,” You said to the unresponsive floor.

“Funny…That’s exactly what I was thinking about you. Looks like I was right~” John chuckled, crouched over one of the bathroom sinks as he splashed cold water on his sweaty face. He straightened and looked at you, smiling mischievously as you approached. His grin deepened as he wiped the remaining droplets from his face.

He was so handsome, about six feet tall, long-waisted, a toned swimmer’s physique, flushed face from arousal and all the dancing, and dripping with sex appeal. It didn’t help that he was wearing a sexy white dress shirt and those tight jeans that showed off his cute butt.

You licked your lips, seeing his cock twitching inside his pants.

“Are you hot?” You asked stupidly, distracted by his sexiness.

“I’d say I’m pretty handsome. I’ve never had any complaints.” John joked, grabbing your waist and pulling you to him. “What about you? Are you hot?~”

You felt the coolness from the water on John’s lips as he kissed you. You closed your eyes and kissed him back, trying to keep up with his fast pace. John, a cocktail of aggressive energy and creative action. He pressed his chest against your breasts and ground his swelling cock into your crotch. You could hear the rubbing sound of his pants against the fabric of your dress. Your panties were soaked. Your cunt swelled with anticipation.

He reached both his hands under your dress and lifted you up. You wrapped your legs around the small of John’s back. He carried you into the last bathroom stall and kicked the door closed with his foot. You could feel his hands firmly around the cheeks of your ass, squeezing and exploring. His fingers grazed your cheetah-print panties, the ones he loved so much (there were actually a gift from him), searching for more. Your panties felt squishy and wet. As his tongue probed deeper inside your open mouth, you felt John’s fingers dip inside your panties, touching your wet pussy lips and throbbing clit. You moaned at his touch.

The bathroom door opened and the click-clack of women’s heels crossed the tile floor. You and John opened our eyes and pulled back an inch from the other’s lips. John’s breath was hot. Your heart pounded against our chests. John continued to move his fingers around your cunt in reconnaissance as his eyes bore into you. You blinked heavily; trying to fight back the desire to moan loudly as his fingers rubbed back and forth across your inflated clit.

“Deb is drinking too much again and flirting with my boyfriend,” a woman said. “I hate it when she does that.”

“Oh, Sybil,” another answered. “She’s just trying to get attention. She doesn’t mean anything by it. She’s a totally butch ex-Army girl. Just ask her girlfriend.”

Click, clack, click, clack

Then the metal door closed one stall over.

Click clack, click, clack

The second woman took to another stall. Latches to both metal locked in unison. You put my head on John’s shoulder to steady my breath. Two of his fingers fucked you in a slow tease. You bit your tongue, trying to keep the moans in.

“God you’re wet,” John said in a low and husky whisper. “I want to fuck you.”

Both of you heard the flush of one toilet, then another. Both metal doors opened. The women’s shoes click-clacked back across the floor to the sinks. Water was turned on, soap was dispensed, and paper towels were torn, crumpled up, and thrown away.

“If you keep on doing that with your fingers,” You whispered, “I’m going to come.”

John got that cat-like grin on his face.

“Do you mean this?” He purred, and pushed his two fingers deeper inside you. Chills spread over my body. You wanted to scream.

“Can I borrow your lipstick?” She asked the other woman.

“Oh. Of course. Isn’t this a great color? It’s called Midnight Ride.”

‘Please finish!’ You pleaded silently. ‘So I can finish!’

John pressed his lips against yours again, muffling what he thought was a potential scream.

Click, clack, went the sound of the women’s shoes. The bathroom door opened and shut. Then, silence. John worked quickly. He placed you on top of the toilet seat as he unzipped his pants, freeing his long, hard dick. You pulled your sopping-wet panties down to the floor, reached inside the front of your dress, and pulled out a condom. John tore it open with his teeth and rolled it over his stiff cock. The fun was about to begin.

He lifted you back up and you wrapped your legs tightly around him, straddling him again. John pressed your back against the stall door. You slowly slid yourself down, inching your craving pussy onto his cock. He filled you up completely and deeply. John’s entire body rocked you up and down against the metal bathroom door as he thrust into you. The cold of the metal door seared into your back. The rows of bathroom stalls shook as you slid up and down; meeting every forceful plunge with a groan.

Beads of sweat pooled on John’s forehead. His head was buried into the loose sleeve of your dress. He thrust harder and you started to come. You held onto the back of John’s shirt, tearing and pulling it as your orgasm spilled over you. His fingers dug tightly into your ass as his cock erupted.

“I’m coming!” he panted.

Minutes passed before you finally moved and felt John’s cock seep out of you. Your legs were stiff and shaking. John slowly lowered you until your feet touched the tile floor. You reached for your panties, but decided not to put them back on. They were sopping wet. John removed the condom, flushed it down the toilet, zipped his pants, and followed you out of the stall. John wrapped his arm around your waist, supporting you as the both of you walked back to booth. Still loopy and sweaty from the bathroom quickie.

“Have a fun time, sweetness?” Herc asked, a knowing smirk on his handsome face.

You collapsed into the booth.“I’ll tell you when my legs stop shaking.”
Alex was so different at work. Sure, he was still the same short, lean and handsome man you loved, but he took on a whole new character when he was hard at work. His dark brown hair was pulled up, he walked with purpose in his stride, sure of his next step and his brown were serious-looking. Though you weren’t seeing any of that at the moment.

“So, why are you at my office again?” He asked, rubbing his hands together, looking nervous.

You looked around the large corner office with a panoramic view of the city and lake. Alex’s desk and chair were arranged so that his back was against the window and glorious view. He would never allow for any distractions when he was hard at work. That’s how he was able to climb to the top of his business mountain. You could practically visualize the late nights spending countless hours working and writing, ignoring the beautiful lights of the city.

You took a seat in one of the chairs facing Alex’s desk. He walked around his desk and sat in his leather armchair. He kept a distance between you, waiting for the inevitable to come. You see his excuse calculator turning in his head.

You crossed your arms at him. “You know why I’m here, Alex.”

“I’m not sure what your talking about, darling.” He said, tensely smiling from across his desk.

“Are you hungry?” You asked.

“Not really, I’m still full from breakfast.”


“Oh, of course! Where are my manners? I have a small refrigerator here. There’s bottled water, diet soda—”

“Stop lying, Alex. We both know the refrigerator is full of energy drinks and iced coffees.” You stated. “And I know you skipped breakfast so you could head into work early…again.”

“I can expla—”

“Luckily I’m such an awesome girlfriend that I took time from my BUSY schedule to bring my self-destructive boyfriend some food, so he doesn’t starve himself to death.”

Alex’s face softened, you stood up and walked toward his side of the desk. Alex’s eyes followed your every move. You walked around. You moved a little closer to his chair until your leg came in contact with the faux leather of his chair

“Alex,” You whispered. “I think you need some disciplinary action to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Alex gulped as he swiveled his chair around. “W-What sort of d-d-discipline did you have in mind?”

You smirked, motioning for him to come to you. “I think you know.”

He did as he was told, approaching you shyly. You reached up, placed a hand behind his head and pulled him down to you. You sat on his desk, as Alex’s hands traversed your body, unbuttoning your blouse, squeezing your breasts, lifting your skirt, and his fingers tickling your thighs. He nibbled your ears, neck, and shoulders.You breathed in deeply as his lips caressed your body like liquid. He sucked and bit into the base of your neck and kissed you submissively on the lips.

“Better get to work now, Alex.” You quietly command.

He sank through his knees and sat down in front of you. He touched your legs, but this time, he only laid his hands on your knees to spread them. On his knees, he shuffled closer to you. He leaned down and kissed your knee, looking at you from under his brow, he smiled.

He eagerly kissed his way up your leg. You could feel the tip of his tongue extend from his mouth. Alex paused for a moment when he reached the lace end of your panties, teasing you. You skin glowed in anticipation of his lips.

When they finally touched your leg, it felt like deliverance. Alex laid his hands on the edge of your leg, his fingers moving up and down slowly between your thigh and knee. He moved his lips to the inside of your leg. When the top of his head reached your belly, he shifted the way he sat and pulled you forward on the desk. He kissed your pelvis and looked up at you, as if to ask your permission to even think about touching your pussy.

“Lick me, Alexander. Kiss me, lick me, fuck me with your tongue, and eat me out thoroughly, I expect to be pleased.” You ordered. “Understand?”

“Yes, (Y/-”

You grabbed a handful of Alex’s hair, getting a cry from your boyfriend.

“What was that, Alexander?”

“Forgive me.” Alex apologized. “I meant Yes, Mistress.”

You smiled and patted his head. “Good boy. Now keep going.”

Alex took the sides of your panties in both hands and quickly pulled them down, enough to almost make you slip off the desk. You had to set your hands down behind you. Your pussy dangled over the edge of the desk and yearned for his touch. The fingertips that he moved over the insides of your legs made your insides bubble up. Alex sank down, stretching out his dress shirt beneath you. Surely he’d be able to smell just how excited you were getting.

You spread your legs a little wider and Alex’s hand met your crotch. You quivered. You were on his desk, on top of his important papers, and files. You could see his laptop screen glowing off to the side. You felt like the most powerful person in the world, having managed to pull Alex away from his business needs with sex.

He threw one last look up at you and then closed his eyes. The pointed tip of his tongue moved down from your pelvis to your clit. He licked past it, left and right. Then his fingers moved in too and he pushed back the folds of skin around it. He broadened his tongue and licked up over your clit. Just that one lick was enough to make your whole body shock forward. You almost slipped all the way off the bench, but caught yourself in time. That one lick made you melt like butter. And you knew there was plenty more to come.

Alex pulled his face back between your legs and sweetly smiled. Happy that he could please you. Alex was such a pleaser when it comes to sex. So much that he’ll sacrifice his own pleasure so as long as his partners achieve orgasms.

He set his lips over your clit, his fingers to the side, and licked quickly up and down. Each lick was like a little jolt of electricity that made your stomach contract. Your belly trembled with lust for him. You wanted more, you wanted to feel him inside you.

Alex’s licks slowed down. His tongue moved agonizingly slowly. But still fast enough to make your blood rise to boiling point. You knew your face was as red now as Alex’s had been when he was being lectured by you. Sweat rushed down your forehead and your legs tensed up. Alex used his hands to keep your legs apart, but even that couldn’t keep you from closing your legs around his head.

When he suddenly slipped a finger into your slit, without even the least bit of warning, your legs snapped shut around his head. Your thighs trembled against his ears and your ankles crossed themselves behind his back. Your legs simply weren’t hers to control anymore.

“Yes!” You moaned.

Alex could only use the one hand to try to push your legs apart, and you didn’t want his finger to ever leave your slit. You set both your hands on top of his head and pushed yourself away from him. But only when Alex pulled his tongue back into his mouth and removed his finger from inside you so you could relax your legs. He smiled at you now that he had room to breath again. He set both his thumbs against your pussy lips, his fingers against the insides of your thighs. Looking up at you, he slipped the tips of his thumbs into your wet slit again. A shudder ran up your spine, but you managed to keep your legs open for him. His tongue flashed out at your clit, very quickly.

You clutched the top of the desk. Everything that was happening was so intense. Alex’s thumbs tore your pussy open wide enough to make it feel like it could breathe. His tongue moved down from your clit to your slit and made your hips buck forward.

“Eeek!” You cried out.

He curled up the tip of his tongue between his thumbs, just far enough inside your pussy to make it feel like there was nothing else in the world but that strong tip of his tongue.


You slipped your hands off the edge of the bench and you grabbed the back of his head again. His next lick made your arms tense up and you couldn’t help pull up his head, away from your pussy. Alex’s tongue moved past your clit to your pelvis then up your belly as you fell backward. He had to take his thumbs out of your pussy to catch you.

Hanging back with Alex’s hands on the small of your back, you caught your breath. You threw your head back and tried to suck in as much air as possible. You were going to need it. Alex set his lips down on your belly and kissed his way up between your breasts. You tilted your head down and could only just kiss his forehead before he lifted his lips off your skin again and set them down around your left nipple. He sucked on it hard and teased it with the tip of his tongue.

“Aah!” You moaned.

From below, from behind Alex’s lips, a vague hum rose up. It felt like he was winding up your nipple, teasing up the tension and making the warmth in your chest rise. When he broadened his tongue and gave you one long lick, you instinctively knew that it was the last and that he’d pull his mouth away. Your nipple pulsated with desire for him.

“No…” You whined when his lips left your skin.

He looked up at you, very quickly, and then licked around your other nipple. His tongue drew small circles and never stopped touching your little nub. It felt like your chest rose a foot with every breath you took. You needed all that air to calm yourself down, to keep yourself from feeling like you were floating away from him.

You grabbed the back of his head and pulled him away. You brought your head down and caught his tongue for a kiss that felt like he had been waiting for it all his life. Alex held you in his arms, pulled you against his chest and kissed you like his life depended on it. His tongue swept through your mouth with such passion it felt like a battle. You moved yourself forward, over the edge of the desk. When you dropped down, your mouths slipped off each other and Alex suddenly opened his eyes.

As you gathered your breath, Alex sat back in his chair and an obvious and painful looking erection poking against his pants. You reached a hand out towards him, but he was just a little too far away.

“Go on, touch yourself,” You instructed. “I want to see your cute little cock.”

You blushed a little as you said it, because you still weren’t used to dirty talk, but at the same time you so much more confident and Alex obviously needed permission from his ‘Mistress’, so it was the least you could do. It did the trick too. Alex’s expression changed immediately and unzipped his pants before pulling them off. He pulled his cock out from the hole in his boxer briefs and started masturbating. Pre-come glistened against his fingertips as he ran his hand up and down the rigid shaft but avoiding eye contact now, focusing his gaze lower on your naked lower body.

You slipped out of your skirt; then unbuttoned your blouse and slipped it off your shoulders. You leaned against Alex’s desk in your bra, panties and heels.

You pushed yourself away from Alex’s desk, bent down, and kissed him as he rubbed his hand faster up and down his hard cock. You straddled his lap. The balls of your shoes touched the base of the chair’s legs below.

Alex’s cock pressed against your lower belly. He slipped his hand between your legs and his fingers met your slick, wet cunt. Using your toes as leverage, you slowly slid up and down, rubbing your clit up against the shaft of Alex’s cock.

The fucking condom, your mind raced. Where is the condom?

“Do you have a condom?” Alex asked. A lawyer and a mind reader, your boyfriend was such a catch.

“Yes,” You breathed between kisses. “In my purse. On your desk.”

Alex slid the chair across the plastic below and over to the desk. Still straddling him, you did a back bend over his desk and grabbed your purse. Alex was opportunistic. He moved his body over you. His mouth was between your breasts and sucking your nipples. You found the condom and ripped the package open.

Alex returned to his chair and leaned back as far as he could. You moved back to your straddling position and placed the condom on his dick through the hole in his underwear. He kissed you hard and you scooted yourself up closer to his cock, until the cheeks of your ass fit snug against the tops of his thighs.

You spread your legs for him, took hold of his stiff cock and placed it to your opening. Even with your hand on his butt, urging him in, he entered you only little by little, inch by inch. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide. A few strands of his brown hair had escaped from his hair tie and hung over his face.

“Fuck, Alex, more. Give me it all,” You moaned and he quickly obeyed, with one long slow thrust. He was touching you so deep inside, it ached deliciously, and you were caught between never wanting him to move from that spot and wanting to feel him pumping into you.

You lifted yourself up again and pushed down onto him, this time deeper. Alex groaned. You pulled back up; teasing both of you before plunging completely back down onto his stiff cock.

Alex had both hands on your hips and each thrust of his cock seemed to touch you somewhere inside that you’d never felt before. A sensation seemed to be growing within you, expanding, threatening to take you over. You reached a hand down between your legs and began to touch your clit. There was so much going on, so many sensations; your finger on your clit, Alex’s warm, firm hands on your hips and his rigid shaft in your pussy. It was overwhelming; you felt like your body was dissolving into a mass of pure pleasure.

You rode Alex hard. You pushed your hands against the top of the chair and lifted yourself up and down on his cock. You gyrated and rotated your hips, and pushed your clit up against his shaft. Alex penetrated you deeply. Your orgasm built. Alex closed his eyes. You felt his cock stiffen like a rod. He was about to explode.

Alex had gone tensely silent, his eyes closed and his expression desperate. You wanted more than anything to see him really let go this time.

“Alex, I want to hear you come,” You said, her eyes on his face. He inhaled sharply at that, and pounded even harder into you, still trying to remain as composed as possible.

You felt the muscles inside you tighten and knew your were about to come, but you wouldn’t let go until he did; you were too determined. The hand on your clit slowed so you could maintain some kind of control.

“Let me hear you, Alex, I need to hear how much you like fucking me,” You ordered.

Alex’s face melted into sheer blushing ecstasy and he cried out in a stammering voice, “Oh fuck, yes, I l-love it. A-and I love you so much! I w-want to stay like this forever! S-So please let me c-come! P-Please!”

Now he moaned and begged with abandon. He held your hips in place as his moved up and down in explosive pleasure. You squeezed your legs tight around Alex and arched your back in ecstasy as he rammed into you, over and over, causing your whole body to shake with an orgasm that seemed to have know no end.

Your pussy exploded at the sound of it, this hot, sweet man finally letting go and crying out as he came; it was more than you could take. Your shuddered in orgasm as your pussy glided against every pulsing ridge of Alex’s cock.

You opened your eyes and looked out at the view again while catching your breath. Your legs untangled from around both sides of the chair and you lifted yourself off Alex’s cock. You leaned against the desk again and reached for your clothes, smiling at him. He put his cock back into his shorts and stared at you for the longest time.

“How about that lunch?” he asked quietly.

You shrugged your shoulders. “After what just happened I kinda feel bad about getting you tacos.“

You snapped out of your tantalizing memories and went back to reality. Realizing you were still at the cafe, sitting with the waiting Schuyler sisters, who were on the edge of their seats to hear all the juicy details.

“Stop daydreaming and tell us already, (Y/N)!”

“Don’t keep us waiting!”

“How are things with the guys!”

You smiled at them. “Not telling. That’s between me and my sexy boyfriends and nothing you do will make me tell.”

The three let down sisters groaned, making you laugh as you finished off your drink.

“Gotta go. I gotta meet Laf and Alex to go shopping.” You waved goodbye, trying to calm down the heat between your legs. You were snapped out of your daze by a sudden text to your phone.

MonCrèmePie: We’ve found the slutty professeur costume!

AlleyCat: Should we get the matching paddle, yard stick, or both? ;)

Someone made a post in the tag today about how they want creators to stop making trans Fenris content. On an unrelated note, here’s a drabble I just wrote where Fenris is trans


“Oh, thank the Maker,” Isabela moans, undoing the clasps on her shirt and dropping it in the dry grass.

“You know what, that’s a perfect idea.” Hawke sheds his pack, grasping the hem of his own shirt and stripping it off over his head.

“What are you doing?!” Aveline squawks.

Fenris is inclined to ask the same thing. Isabela’s brassiere is next, and she flings it gaily behind her. It lands on top of Aveline’s head. She has excellent aim, Fenris muses.

“Going for a swim,” Hawke answers, opening up the tie on his trousers. “I’m bloody melting.”

Evident by how his tan, freckled back shines with sweat, droplets running down his spine, winding in rivulets between his taut, powerful muscles…Fenris fixes his gaze instead on the wide, blue-black lake opening up from the stream they’ve been following. It is impolite to stare. He is also quite hot, but after the chokingly humid, mosquito-clouded jungles of Seheron, heat like this hardly merits notice.

Isabela kicks her smallclothes off and runs, bare feet dashing through the grass, letting out a whoop as she flings herself off a rock and splashes into the water below.

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Reasons to see Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets:

- It defies sexist tropes in a mind-blowing way; I have never seen a mainstream sci-fi action movie where the male lead spends most of the movie just going on and on about how much he adores and wants to marry the female lead, while the female lead GETS SHIT DONE and has amazing development as a character and stands on her own as a fully fleshed-out character, it’s normally almost always the other way around

- Sure Valerian needs to rescue Laureline at one point bUT SHE HAS TO RESCUE HIM FIRST IT’S FANTASTIC!!!!

- Laureline is never once objectified by the characters or the camera’s gaze not even in her very first scene when she’s wearing a bikini


- Both leads are super likeable despite the somewhat minimal amount of development they get and are superbly acted (seriously I don’t think Valerian would have been nearly as endearing a character if he hadn’t been played by Dane DeHaan, he makes him super charming and funny) and you get genuinely invested in them and their relationship


- The Emperor of the Pearls has a distinctly female voice (whom you may recognize as Ayesha from GOTG2) and the Pearls in general defy gender roles and it’s AMAZING


- Rihanna in general holy damn she doesn’t have much screentime but she darn near steals the show

- INCREDIBLE visual effects, alien character designs, and score

- Seriously it’s just a gorgeous movie visually all across the board

- Bob the submarine pilot

- Da and his mama


- Space Oddity by David Bowie plays over the opening credits what more do you need than that 

- John Goodman as an Unkar Plutt looking motherfucker

- Ethan Hawke as a piano-playing pimp for two minutes




- Laureline’s speech towards the end about love reminded me so much of Wonder Woman in the BEST OF WAYS


- Basically it may not be groundbreaking but it’s a lot of CGI-heavy sci-fi action fun and it made my nerdy little heart SO HAPPY please give this movie a shot if it looks like it’ll float your boat!!


Prompt: Keith leaves Lance handcuffed to a thing on a planet again, as a practical joke. What he didn’t know is that it was nighttime on the surface of the planet, and the sun was rising, and it’s about to get HOT. While he only leaves Lance there for about half an hour, it’s enough for him to come back to a nearly passed out, super dehydrated, boiling hot blue paladin.

“What was it you wanted to show me?” Lance asked, following Keith onto a semi-deserted planet. It looked as though the surface had been hit by some kind of asteroid and left only remains of trees and a strange terrain behind. But that was decades ago, if the thin sheet of grass covering the ground was anything to go by. The trees had new life growing out from their destroyed stumps. But there were no animals to be seen.

Keith led the way toward what used to be some kind of lake. It was all dried out but there was still a little foliage at the bottom. Just at the edge of the has-been lake, Lance leaned against a tree to peer down into the ditch. “Wow, it’s kinda cool. But we travelled a whole galaxy away from the castle on our day off for some dried-out lake?” He turned an unamused expression to Keith.

Without saying anything, Keith whipped out a pair of handcuffs and slapped them to Lance’s wrists and snapped them to the tree he was holding onto. A glowing blue chain zipped around the tree and connected Lance’s two cuffs. He blinked and looked down, pulling experimentally. “Seriously? Again?” He asked in a whine. Keith chuckled.

“Don’t worry you whiner. I’ll be back in a little bit. Just uh, gonna get some food. Maybe go to the space mall again,” he turned away from Lance to hide his smirk. No, what they were really planning was a surprise party for Lance. They had found out that his birthday was coming up and needed to get him away from the castle so the others could decorate. Keith volunteered to distract Lance. But his idea of a ‘distraction’ was a bit restrictive. Keith didn’t see anything wrong with it though. The planet was more or less cool, there was enough light to be able to see easily, and there was a nice breeze. Lance’s oxygen wouldn’t run out and he could survive for less than an hour if Keith were to go back and help decorate for a little while, then come back to get him. Lance would complain about it the entire ride back to the castle, but when he sees what a great job they’ll do decorating, Keith knows he’ll forget all about his anger.

Lance tugged more desperately on the handcuffs. “Keith, come on buddy! Don’t leave me here! Who set you up to do this, huh? Was it Hunk? Did he dare you to do this and see how I’d react?” He started rambling, getting louder when he saw Keith start to walk back to his lion. They had carpooled in Red, so Keith didn’t have to worry about trying to transport Blue away from the planet. “Wait! Don’t leave me! Keith!” Lance pulled hard on his handcuffs, but Keith didn’t listen and the cuffs didn’t give way. Then Keith was getting into his lion and taking off.

Groaning, Lance slumped. So he was going to be there for a while, he figured. Whatever, it wasn’t the end of the world. He just wished there were some kind of nature to watch. A bird or squirrel. He wished the lake was full of water and he could watch some fish.

He readjusted his position and settled onto his knees, hands to his face like he was praying. But he turned his face to the sky. It was a nice day on this planet! Nice and warm. After basking in the heat of the sun, Lance turned his eyes to the grass. It swayed ever so gently in the cool breeze. It didn’t look exactly like normal grass, but it looked close enough to it. There was a white stripe down the center of the blades, and they were a lot softer than grass on earth. Almost mossy in texture. But they had the appearance of grass. It was green and everything, which was rare, Lance had learned from their expeditions.

Lance shifted again, unsticking the back of his knees from his uniform and rolling his shoulders to try to loosen the fabric around his neck. A trickle of sweat beaded on his temple and tickled his neck. “Eugh, I’m sweating a lot,” he realized. Turning his face upward again, he was surprised to see a very bright, very large sun much closer than it had been less than a minute ago. His eyes widened. “Oh quiznak…” he breathed. Shuffling, he tried to scoot to the other side of the tree he was tied to, but the cuffs wouldn’t budge, keeping him on one side of the tree. “No no, come on!” He begged to no one, trying to see if he could break the cuffs or hack them off. But he wasn’t a tech wizard like Pidge or Shiro, or strong like Hunk or Keith. No, he was stuck here until Keith came back to unlock him.

With every passing second, the sun grew hotter and hotter, brighter and whiter. Soon Lance was panting for breath, sweat making the inside of his suit damp and humid. It was getting hot, but heat wasn’t something Lance wasn’t used to. Back home, it would get up to the 100’s on a particularly bad day. It was uncomfortable but it wasn’t unbearable. He pulled on the memory of spending time with his younger siblings and cousins, playing in the sprinklers while his mom served them all ice-cold lemonade…

Just the thought of something cool on his throat made him feel better. But he was still sweating up a storm. He pressed his eyes closed, trying to ignore it. But it was getting very bright and he could see red behind his eyelids, like he was looking directly into the sun rather than down into the grass.

His skin started to burn and a part of him wondered if the paladin armor had SPF in it or if he’d be affected by the light. It definitely started to hurt, and Lance’s breaths came in ragged gasps. It didn’t help that the breeze had completely stopped.

“Hello?” He called into his comm, hoping Keith was still online. “Keith, do you come in? It’s getting really hot out here, please man. Enough, come get me.”

No answer.

“Keith, please! Come in, Mullet, get me out of this death trap!”

Still no answer.

Panic started to set in. Lance felt himself start to hyperventilate and he tried to scoot into his own shade. But the white stripe on the blades of grass reflected the sun right back up at him and made it nearly impossible to hide in shade. He whimpered, feeling his hands and feet getting clammy and wet. Sweat was dripping off his nose every few seconds, and his hair was soaked at this point.

Vaguely, Lance wondered how long the days on this planet were. He suddenly realized why there was no life other than the nature. They had been killed by the immense heat from the sun. The plants developed their white stripe to reflect the sun that way they wouldn’t burn from the power. The planet hadn’t created its protective ozone layer yet, but the plants were working on it. But Lance had the unlucky chance to be stuck there before it had its protective atmosphere.

His legs felt like jello and he felt so uncomfortable and wet just sitting there in full blast of the sun’s dangerous rays.

Suddenly, he felt the wetness start to evaporate. The inside of his suit was still slightly damp, but his skin wasn’t making any more sweat. While he was relieved for a moment, a fresh wave of panic seized him. It wasn’t getting any cooler, but he wasn’t sweating? That’s gotta be bad. Heat exhaustion? Something like that. His mind was too muddled and unfocused, he couldn’t really assess his symptoms. But he knew that it was bad.

“Keith,” he rasped through a dry mouth, feeling the world spinning around him. He pressed his eyes shut tight and felt himself gag as the dizziness only increased. When nothing came up, he continued in a strained voice, “Come on man, it’s not funny anymore…”

Lance’s mind fuzzed out completely and the overly bright light dimmed to a pinprick.

Then it went out.


Smiling to himself, Keith hurried back to the castle. When he walked in, Shiro gave him a strange look. “Where’s Lance?” He asked. “I thought you were distracting him for us?”

Keith smirked. “Yeah, I’d say he’s pretty distracted,” he folded his arms. “I just chained him to a tree like Nyma did. I’ll go get him after we’re done. The more hands we have helping, the better, right?” Shiro seemed reluctant, but eventually nodded. Keith hopped up onto a chair next to Allura’s and started hanging up the streamers. Or…the Altean equivalent of streamers, with a bit of a human twist. Coran and Pidge had gone to the mall to get some balloons. Hunk was busy in the kitchen trying to bake a cake. Shiro was using his cybernetic hand to slice up a large colored piece of tissue paper into small strips for Keith and Allura to hang up.

They continued working for a while. Hunk finished baking the cake and was starting to ice it when Coran and Pidge returned with levitating colored orbs that could pass as balloons if you didn’t look too closely at them. Pidge started stationing them over everyone’s seats at the table with Shiro’s help, and Coran started making more Altean streamers for Keith and Allura.

Finally, it was more or less done. Just a few final touches. But the whole dining room looked like it was ready for a major party; balloons floated around the room, streamers hung cheerfully from the ceiling, there was a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner hanging on the wall, the smell of cake filled the room and Hunk’s masterpiece sat as the table centerpiece. Overall, it looked pretty decent for the strange resources they had.

“I think we’re ready for him!” Hunk announced, a proud look in his eyes. “Where was he again?”

Keith had already started to suit up once more, having taken off his armor while he was decorating. “Just a planet not too far from here. I pulled a Nyma on him and left. Thought he’d enjoy the reference.” Everyone rolled their eyes at the mention of Nyma. Lance had a habit of getting himself into compromising positions fairly often, didn’t he? Keith shrugged on the last of his armor and fastened his helmet to his head. “I’ll go get him. We’ll be back in less than ten minutes.”

As he started flying back to the planet, he opened his communication link with Lance. “Hey Lance, miss me?” He asked snarkily. But there was no reply. Keith rolled his eyes, thinking Lance was just too angry to answer him. “Come on, don’t be this way. Trust me, you’ll like what we have planned for you.” But there was still no answer. Keith frowned. “Lance?”

An alert startled him. Flashing on Red’s screen were the words, 'WARNING: SYSTEM OVERHEATING’ and he had to reread it a few times before it really clicked. System overheating? Sure, the sun was really bright, but— Oh god.

“Oh no, no no…” Keith swore darkly under his breath and pushed his lion toward the planet he had left Lance on. He thought it was far enough away from the sun that it wouldn’t affect him. But apparently the orbit was more elliptical than he had thought, and now the sun was nearly right on top of it. And Lance didn’t have a lion, just his jumpsuit and armor.

Keith landed the lion and tried to use his bio scanner to search for life. It was too bright to see clearly, with everything reflecting back up at him. But the scanner wasn’t working. He tried to reload it a few times, but it never finished scanning. The sun must have been overloading the scanner. Looks like he’d have to do this the long way. So he urged Red into a run, and together they searched for the blue paladin.

The search was in vain for a little bit, but then Red sent a warning through Keith, and when he looked where she was focusing on, he saw that there was a small splash of blue against the blinding white background. Without thinking twice, Keith unbuckled himself and leaped out of the cockpit and rushed to Lance, who was slumped to the side, hands still tied to the tree.

Keith released the handcuffs instantly and Lance fell into Keith’s waiting arms. “Lance! Oh my god, Lance come on, wake up!” But Lance laid motionless and limp. Keith was about to rip off his helmet to see if he was breathing, but thought better of it when Red sent a rumble through his mind. Right, do this in the lion. He hooked his arms under Lance’s knees and behind his back, hoisting him up bridal-style and rushing back to Red, who had her mouth open and ready for the two paladins.

She made a worried whine when she sensed that only one of her two passengers was awake, and immediately took off and started to fly back to the castle while Keith tended to Lance. He pulled off their helmets and put his ear down to Lance’s mouth. A wave of relief washed over him when he felt a tiny, ragged puff of breath on his cheek. But his hand hovered over Lance’s forehead. Heat radiated up through his glove and Keith’s mouth pressed into a line.

Ripping off his gloves, Keith pressed his hand to Lance’s forehead and recoiled like he’d been burned. Which he honestly thought had happened. He looked at his hand and saw no visible burns. But Lance’s body was definitely overheating. Keith carded his fingers through Lance’s hair to get it off his face, and was surprised to feel that his hair was stiff from moisture, but it felt completely dry to the touch. He had even stopped sweating. Keith was no stranger to heat. Living in the desert, he had had his full share of heat exhaustion and bouts of hyperthermia. He knew all about it. But he had never reached heat stroke status. But it seemed Lance had.

Quickly, Keith pulled Lance from his suit, laying him out on the cool metal of the floor of the lion. His mind was short-circuiting. What did he have that he could give Lance to help him feel better? Water? No, he only planned on being in the lion for a little bit. He didn’t bring anything other than his armor. He had literally nothing to help Lance with.

Keith chewed on his lip and crawled up to Lance’s head, supporting his upper body on his lap. He looked up to Red’s view screen and squinted at it. “How much longer?” He growled in agitation. Red growled back and sent him a calming vibe shortly after. “We don’t have a few more minutes, Red! Hurry! Full thrusters, Lance isn—!”

A sudden intense pressure on his lap made Keith look down. Lance’s eyes were screwed shut and his back was arching, head trying to throw itself back but being blocked by Keith’s support. Then his arms and shoulders tensed up and Lance began to convulse. Keith cried out, trying to keep Lance from bashing his head into the metal floor but not knowing what to do. Lance’s jaw worked and then a bit of blood trickled down his cheek. Keith felt useless, supporting Lance’s head on either side as the seizure continued. His hands ached from where they were touching Lance, his skin felt like it was on fire. But Keith held on until Lance was done, the jerking motions slowing down to nothing. Then he was limp again in Keith’s lap, breaths labored and shallow and fast.

Keith just continued to hold onto Lance’s head, heart racing as he tried to figure out what to do. There was still a bit of blood coming out of Lance’s mouth, and his breathing sounded painful. Keith gently pushed Lance to his side and stood up on his knees to see how much longer. Thankfully, the hangar door was open and Red was flying in. Thank god, Keith would be getting help soon.

He looked down to Lance and saw a small puddle of blood and foamy spit pooling at his mouth. Keith  was about to lay him on his side again, but heard Lance breathing just the tiniest bit easier. He also felt like it was good that whatever was in his mouth was coming out, so he kept him on his side and just rubbed circles on his back to soothe him, trying to ignore the heat radiating off him. “Hang in there Lance, help is on the way.”

On cue, the door to Red opened and the others rushed in with Shiro in the lead. “Keith, what’s going on? You didn’t answer us when we tried asking where you were, and— Good god, what happened?”

Keith gathered Lance in his arms again and stood, looking remorsefully at his team. “I-I didn’t realize the planet got so hot during the day. He’s got heat stroke, we have to get him in a healing pod NOW!” Hunk ran forward without asking any questions and took Lance from Keith, rushing him to the infirmary.

Shiro watched as Pidge ran with Hunk, then placed a reassuring hand on Keith’s shoulder. “It’s alright, don’t worry. He’s going to be fine. He’s been through worse.”

“But it’s my fault… This was supposed to be a fun day for him. Not for him to get heat stroke, of all things…”

“Maybe, but I know he won’t blame you. He’ll understand that it came from a good place. And when he sees what an awesome job we did decorating, he’ll forget all about it. You’ll see.”

Keith sighed, slumping to the ground and gripping his head in his hands. “I really hope so…”

Shiro squeezed Keith’s shoulder, but then frowned, raising his human hand up to Keith’s forehead. “I think you’ve got a bit of heat exhaustion yourself, Keith.” He said worriedly. Keith was about to argue, but felt a wave of nausea rise up and send a full headache bursting through his head. He winced.

“Maybe you’re right.” Keith leaned on Shiro, who helped him to the pods. While he just had one arm around Shiro at first, with every step he grew more and more exhausted and his brain became slower and slower.

But eventually they made it to the infirmary. Just before he climbed into his own pod, Keith caught eye of Lance’s pod. His temperature was 105.7 and he looked very flushed and tired. But at least he was in a pod and he was healing. Keith slumped into his pod and started to relax.

They’d both get better.

And then they’d have Lance’s party.

A/N: So it’s not EXACTLY like the prompt, but it’s very close to it ^^ I hope you enjoyed! Sorry for any errors, I just wrote it and sent it as fast as I could. No rereading or editing xD


pairing : regulus x petunia
word count : ~3.1k
prompt : summer fling
for : the anon who requested it and @petuniaevans who i know loves this pair

she didn’t know. of course she didn’t know. she wouldn’t let herself know.

here was this perfectly polite and handsome boy, this funny and intelligent and charming boy and he was interested in her.

she should have known.

the summer of her sixteenth year was hotter than usual. the clouds had all ran away and left the sun free to cook the streets of cokeworth. just like lily had ran away to spend the summer with her school friends and left her there all alone.

her sundress stuck to her back as the tall grass bit at her chins. she wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her wrist and pushed her hair off of her face. the lake seemed closer last year. had she come to the right spot? just as she was starting to think she’d made a mistake, she crested the hill and saw her glistening salvation.

the air was hot but the water was cool. the sun hit her face as she floated along on her back, the rest of the world slowly fading out of existence. the water lapped at her chin and birds called out overhead. it was so peaceful that she almost forgot how unfair her life was.

“watch out!”

she almost forgot how sad her life was.

“hey! girl!”

she almost forgot how horrible her life was.


she startled, breaking the water tension and taking in a gulp of water. upright and treading in the water, she looked around to find a dark haired boy waving frantically at her. he pointed to her left; she was a meter away from his fishing line. she sighed and wiped the water from her face.

“it’s too hot to fish!” she called. he fiddled with what she now saw was a very expensive looking rod, struggling to reel his line in.


she rolled her eyes and swam in towards him. “it’s too hot to fish,” she repeated when she was at the bank. she pulled herself up but stayed sitting on the bank, keeping her distance.

“maybe that’s why i haven’t caught anything.” his accent was too polished.

“what are you using for bait,” she asked, looking around and seeing no tackle box or anything that could be holding bait.

“that might be another reason.” with his bait-less line finally out of the water he set rod down.

“haven’t you ever even fished before?” she scoffed.

his face fell for a moment before he shrugged. “no, but it looked like fun. have you ever fished?” she nodded but didn’t say anything. there was a silence between them before he stretched a leg out and dug around in his pockets. “do you want a peppermint?” he asked, holding a hand out to show three wrapped candies in his palm.

she shrugged. “sure.”

he stood and walked over to her, then sat down beside her, careful to leave a generous gap between them, then handed her a sweet. she pulled her legs into her chest and hugged them, resting her chin on her knees and unwrapping the peppermint in front of her legs.

“i’m regulus,” he finally said, the candy affecting his words. her face scrunched.

“that’s a funny name,” she said before thinking. she flinched. it was a mean thing to say. she’d found that lately everything she’d say would be mean, and she didn’t know how to stop herself.

but regulus just laughed. “yeah, i guess. but it’s a family name.”

she looked at him, really looked at him. she took in his odd clothes and his posture and his nails, his new rod with zero experience, his odd and stuffy family name. “you’re not from around here, are you?”

a big smile spread across his face and his bit his lip. she knew then she was in trouble. “it’s that obvious, huh?”

she had to leave, and she had to leave now. she’d only end up embarrassing herself if she stayed any longer. she’d only end up hurt. she pushed herself up with her hands and then wiped them together to clear them of dirt. “maybe next time you should leave the fancy loafers at home, regulus.”

he jumped up as she walked into the water and shoved off from the bank. “where are you going? you didn’t tell me your name! wait!”

“petunia!” she called, unable to help herself. she swam backwards, farther away from him. “it’s petunia!”

“i’ll be here tomorrow petunia! right here, right at this time!”

she took a breath and dived, turning around under the water and swimming away as fast as she could. when she came up for air he was a small dark blob against the green grass of the bank, standing there with his had shading his eyes, watching her swim away.

she should have known.

it had been a week of meeting almost everyday, right there by the lake. most days they just swam around, racing each other, splashing each other, seeing how long they could hold their breaths, and when they grew too tired to swim they laid out on the beach towels she’d brought and let the sun dry them off. more often times than not, they fell asleep, if only for a few minutes.

this time he’d brought a picnic basket, full of sandwiches and fruit and fizzy drinks. “i can’t keep living off of crisps,” he laughed as she looked at it all in amazement.

“yes but how have you kept it all cool?” she asked, popping a grape into her mouth. she didn’t see his face, she was too excited about the food.

“uh, fancy new basket,” he said, pushing the empty, plain wicker basket back with his foot. “try the sandwiches,” he hurried, “they’re delicious.”

they spoke as they ate, all about petunia and her family, her school, her hobbies. he was so interested in her that she hadn’t even realized that he’d never given up any information about himself. it was so rare that anyone wanted to hear about her and her thoughts and ideas and now that he’d opened the gates she couldn’t stop.

“i think i’d like to open up a little bakery one day,” she gushed. “with yellow awnings and little tables outside.”

regulus smiled. “you like to bake?” she nodded. “well then you’ll have to bake me something sometime.”

she blushed and finally decided that it was too hot to continue sitting in the prickly grass. they stripped to their swimsuits and raced to the water’s edge, laughing as they each kept trying to pull the other back so as not to lose. the day continued on just as the days before it. they swam until their skin was pruned and their legs cramped up and then they crawled on to their towels and stretched out in the sun.

only this time, just as she was nearly asleep, he reached out and rested his hand in hers.

when they woke up, still holding hands, they didn’t say anything for a long while. they turned and faced each other, their cheeks sunburned and their fingers dancing together between them. he looked into her eyes, memorized by their honeycomb color. she blushed.

“you’re getting freckles,” he finally said, his voice barely audible.

“well your hair’s getting lighter.” she retorted. they laughed.

they laid there even longer, until the air cooled off and the sun started hiding behind the trees, their sign that it was time to part ways.

“let me walk you home,” he said suddenly. they’d been quietly packing up their things and petunia almost dropped her towel.

“that’s probably not a good idea,” she said, reaching for the towel regulus had rolled up.

“it bugs me every time to think of you walking all that way alone.”

she was quiet. the last thing she wanted was for this to all be spoiled. she felt like if they never left this spot everything would stay perfect forever. she didn’t want her parents to know, didn’t want them asking questions or ruining everything like they always did. and if her sister ever found out? well that would be the end of everything. lily would be so excited and happy for her, would want to know every detail, would never stop smiling every time she looked at her. it would be horrible.


she looked to him. his concerned face morphed into a small smile. but oh! if he walked her home that was just more time to spend with him. “fine,” she sighed. “but not to my door. i don’t want my parents to see you.”

he smiled and took the rolled up towels from her, putting them into the empty basket, then held out his free hand for her to hold.

“what about you? won’t you have to walk twice as far now?”

he shrugged. “i’ll just send for my brother. he has a motorbike.” he smiled, like he was proud.

she should have known.

there was a ping on her window. she put down her book and looked around, and then another one sounded. concerned, she threw back her covers and went to the window between her bed and lily’s, which stood empty and perfectly made. just as she pushed the window up, another ping sounded right above her.

“oh! sorry!” 

she looked down to see regulus smiling up at her. it had been a week since he first walked her home, and he’d done it everyday they met since. “are you honestly throwing rocks at my window?” 

when he didn’t respond she closed the window and changed from her pajama bottoms into jeans and put her shoes on. she opened her door and peeked into the hall, the clock on the wall read half past ten. her parents would be sound asleep, even so she crept quietly down the stairs and out of the front door. 

“what are you doing here?” she asked when she met him on the street.

“i just wanted to see you,” he stammered.

she eyed him, then looked around. “how did you get here? did you walk the whole way?”

“my brother dropped me off,” he said quickly, then took her hand. “want to go for a walk with me?”

she eyed him carefully again before agreeing. it wasn’t until they passed under their first streetlight that she saw how puffy and red his eyes were, how rough his cheeks were. “reg, what happened?”

he tried to shrug it off, tried to keep walking. “just some family stuff. honestly, i’m fine.”

petunia stopped them and turned to him. “you know, i don’t know anything about your family. aside from the fact that you’re well off and have a brother with a motorbike.”

regulus sighed and sat down on the curb. petunia sat next to him. “i don’t really have a good home life. my father’s never around, and when he is he and my mother are fighting. my brother’s a bit of a family disappointment and because of that i have all these extra high expectations on me.” he stopped and she could see that he was trying not to cry. “but when i’m with you it’s like, none of that exists, i’m just a fifteen year old kid enjoying the summer. it’s just us and the lake and the sun. it’s just you.”

and there, in the middle of a summer night, sitting on the side walk under a street light, next to chain link fence, with a boy whose last name she didn’t even know, petunia evans had her first kiss. his lips were salty but soft, and his nose was pressed into her sun-burnt cheek but she didn’t care. her arms were still at her sides, gripping the pavement as if she might float away at any minute, but his hands moved to her hair, pulling her closer as his tongue slid across her bottom lip.

the light above them burst with a loud pop, leaving them startled and in the dark.

she should have known.

the next few weeks passed in a hazy and sticky sweet blur. they spent more days at the lake, but petunia would also occasionally led them into town where they got ice cream and sweets and once they even went to the cinema.

“that was amazing!” regulus gushed as they walked out, hand in hand as they nearly almost always were. petunia laughed.

“you act like you’ve never seen a movie before.”

he laughed too, but his was more nervous. “my mum’s really strict. it’s all books as far as she’s concerned.” he was quiet for a moment before he turned to her. “want to see another!?”

she should have known

it was the middle of august. the heatwave had finally broken and cooling off in the lake wasn’t quite as satisfying as it had been, so they laid on the bank, sprawled out on a large quilted blanket.

“you’ve been so quite all day,” regulus said, playing with the ends of her hair. he was on his stomach, propped up on his forearms, and she was on her back with her arms folded over her eyes to block the sun. “what’s the matter?”

she sighed dropped her arms to look at him. “my sister’s coming home tonight.” regulus didn’t say anything, he knew what a touchy subject her sister was. “it’s all my parents have been talking about for days, it’s all they’re going to talk about for ages. she’s going to have learned all this new-” petunia caught herself about to say the word magic. that would have been horrible, it would have been the end of her and regulus. he would have thought she was insane and run away screaming. “i wish she’d just stay there.”

he kissed her, sweetly, slowly, in the way that always calmed her down when she got upset. “i wish we could just stay here,” he said.

“the summer’s coming to an end,” she said, holding back tears. “what’s going to happen then?”

“we’ll figure something out.” he said, pressing his forehead to hers. but she pulled away, sitting up and looking down at him.

“i don’t even know where you go to school! how are we going to figure it out?”

he sighed. “it’s just some dumb old private school. it’s embarrassing really.” he paused, then when he saw her skeptical face he added, “i can write to you!”

she thought about the offer for a moment, thought about how romantic it could be. maybe in the letters he’d open up more, they’d could share more and be even closer next summer. “we can trade addresses,” she said hopefully. her heart dropped, though, when she saw his face. “what?”

“i don’t really know the schools address, is all.”

there was something in his voice that told her he was lying and her heart broke. “you ass!” she cried. she pushed him away and stood up and began to hunt for her sandals. “what, do you have a girlfriend at school or something? was this all just some joke to you?”

“petunia, no!” he said, struggling to get to his feet. “of course not! i’ve never even had a girlfriend before. please, just stop!” he took her by the arms, stopping her from gathering up her things.

“why are you lying to me?” she pleaded. she saw that he was just upset as she was.

“there are just, things i can’t tell you.” he said. she scoffed. “i can’t. i’m scared to, but i want to, but i just can’t. i would be in so much trouble if i did.”

she crossed her arms. “oh, you’d be in big trouble if you gave me your school’s address?” she asked. “please.”

“it’s just complicated, okay?”

“it seem’s like you’re the one who’s making it complicated. can’t you even tell me the name, then? if you can’t give me the address? or do you just really not want me to write you? how about a phone number?”

there is no address!” he exclaimed, and half empty can of fizzy drink that had been sitting on the ground next to them exploded.

petunia shrieked and froze, hands up, fingers splayed, legs covered in syrup. and then, as if a sports highlight reel was playing behind her eyes, everything came together. how out of place he was, the odd name, the mysteriously cold picnic basket, the streetlight, his amazed reaction to nearly everything she showed him, how he never talked about his life, the school…

you-” she started, pointing a shaky finger at him. he reached out a pleading hand, but she pulled back.

“it’s not what you think, i can explain.”

“you’re one of them,” she mumbled, tears streaming down her face, eyes focused on th ground behind him. she was too heartbroken to move.

“please petunia,” he begged, “let me-”

“hogwarts,” she croaked. this time regulus froze. she looked to him, saw the confusion in his face. “that’s it. you go to hogwarts, don’t you? don’t you!”

“h-how do you know about hogwarts?”

“my sister, you idiot!” she slapped at his arm. “my sister’s a witch! and her friends are witches! and you-you’re-” she finally broke down and her knees gave out. his arms latched around her, catching her and guiding her do the ground. “you’re a freak, just like her!” she sobbed, pushing away from him. she stumbled to her feet.

“petunia wait!” regulus cried, but she was already running.

“just leave me alone!” she yelled, she ran until she hit the street nearest the lake, until he was clear out of sight, and then she walked home, crying and cursing herself.

she should have known it was too good to be true.

petunia watched as her father slammed the boot of their car shut, lily’s school trunk snugly inside. her mother was already in the front seat, and as her father opened the driver’s door he called for her sister. lily stepped on to the step behind her.

“are you sure you don’t want to come with us, tuney?” lily asked, nudging her shoulder.

petunia shook her head. “i’m still not feeling well,” she lied. lily nodded and hugged her, petunia hugged her back but only just. she watched as the early morning sun bounced off of her lily’s shining red hair and for the first time since she was twelve, petunia wanted to follow after, to go to the station and get on the train and go to school with her.

“lily, wait,” petunia said, her voice surprising even herself. lily turned and took a few steps back.


petunia bit her lip. “do you… do you, maybe, know a boy named regulus?”

lily looked at her with amazement. “sirius has a brother… but how-”

“does sirius have a motorbike?”

lily stepped even closer. “petunia how do you know all of this?”

petunia took her sister’s hands. “please. i’ll tell you everything when you come home if you just- just tell him that i’m sorry.” lily opened her mouth to speak but petunia kept going “please. just tell him that i’m sorry and that… he can write me, if he still want’s to.”

Coincidence Pt. 3 (Jimin x Reader)

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Admin: Mimi

Description: After your break up with Jimin, you do your best to try to move on from him. Emphasis on ‘try’. It is kind of hard to move on when you have to see him nearly every day. After all, he is your professor.

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Angst, fluff

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Warnings: language, slight anxiety/discomfort

Word Count: 5318

Authors Note: This is the final part of Coincidence! My first series! (Well, mini-series, I guess, but I hadn’t even planned on making it a series, everyone asked for more parts and I gave in lmao) But yes, it’s been a fun ride :’) I hope everyone enjoys this part, and happy reading as always.

 - PART 1 -

 - PART 2 -

 - BONUS -

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A Sky of Stars

Created for Voltron Whump Week

Prompt: Day 8- FREE day (Intoxicated)

Summary: Lance was having a good night. Then the next thing he knows, he’s lost in the woods, slightly intoxicated and bleeding.

Notes: So humorous whump? Kind of. This one definitely has a much lighter tone. I think I needed the change in tone after a week of all the damage I did to the team. Anyway, prompt came from a friend. Sorry, I don’t think I did it justice. Warnings for so much vomiting, underage drinking, intoxication, blood and injury.

A Sky of Stars

It was a celebration. The first one they’d had in a while. They had successfully freed a planet from the Galra and the team had been invited to take part in the party. The food was amazing. The inhabitants were incredibly friendly and, according to Lance, the ladies were absolutely beautiful.

The people of this planet were known as the Dorveen. Their skin was a gentle brown and the hair on their heads was a shining silver. They were very tall and thin, much like the trees that completely covered this world.

The celebration was in the huge lodge that sat at the edge of the main city. Everyone seemed to be there and it was absolutely packed.

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Green: A Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine

Requested: yes

In this imagine, the reader is in a hedge maze of confusion. Childhoods are remembered, old friends make appearances, feelings surface, and things are changing at Hogwarts. As the Tri-Wizard tournament continues, the school and its visitors pause for the Yule Ball where green tendrils of jealousy seep from the walls and ice blue eyes.

Warnings: cursing, flashbacks

Y/N - your name
Y/N/N - your nickname
Y/C/N/N - your childhood nickname

~ - used to indicate the beginning/end of a flashback
~~~ - used to show passage of time

Word count: 2,419


“There goes Malfoy again.” Harry’s head jerks towards the platinum-haired boy. I can’t help but look down and feel a little guilty. “What Y/N?”

“Oh it’s nothing.” When I glance up, Draco looks away, passing down the hallway with long strides. I don’t know how we managed to grow so distant when we were once so close. Our families were always together when we were younger, but after we were split during the Sorting first-year all communication ceased. Since, he has soured, treating everyone around him like dirt under his perfectly polished shoes.

“Don’t lie to me. What’s wrong?” Harry’s green eyes are full of concern.

“It just amazes me how much people can change.”

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